Sharing/Giving @ Zoom

Since there is no taker here, I will be giving them away thru FB now.  I will be deleting this post by April 23 2020 by 5pm.  Thank you

Dear Members,
I have numerous ‘white elephants’ which is my trash now but someone’s treasures to be shared here. But I would like to share these giveaways during the Zoom session. Pictures will be added in later

However, I would prefer these to be given away to those members that I can see them via Zoom even though I might not have meet you in person before. If any members see anything you like here, you may want to consider to meet me in Zoom. I have yet to plan a date for this. But my preferred timing will be after 7pm weekdays. I will definitely choose a day whereby most members can meet me lor.. These giveaways will be mailed out once you are selected, however, you will need to pay for postage and other expenses incurred. Rest assured there will be no overcharged as I gave away very often thru my FB page. But for this time, I decided to give a try at SHC instead

Till then… Cheers… Dolly

An Eco thai community project combining cow breeding, rearing chickens to fruits and vegetables farming in North East Thailand

Last year, in one of the poorest and remote provinces, in Nan province, close to the Laos border, initiated an eco project to train the local thai communities on cow breeding, chicken rearing to fruit and vegetables planting.  The project started on bare land. The projects aims to bring the local thais together.  Mr Seri, in his mid 50s whose background is in agriculture, speaks excellent English, hopes to bring this meaningful project together and bettering the lives of the less fortunate people in Thailand

To have an idea of where NAN province is, Map, click here. 

The projects starts from bare land.  There was nothing when he started last year. Today, he has managed to pump water from underground, build the sheds for dried hay to feed the cows, divide the land for vegetables, plants, chickens and cows.  And, you may not believe it, he has convinced the local authorities to provide the area with broadband internet.

There is so much work to be done to make this eco project succeed.  The project is still developing.  I visited the project last year, and have since been keeping track of its progress. For me, I have always wanted to help in meaningful projects in Thailand.  I like to invite you to learn and see how this project will develop in the years to come.

And, for members with a background in fruit trees, vegetables, chickens, cows and agriculture land, I look forward to your ideas and suggestions.  I shall also update you from time to time with pictures of the progress.  II am also ready to invite Seri and his wife to join as part of SilverHairsClub, Thailand.

EPIC 1000km KDF Millennium Ride 2017 – A Charity Event participation by Ivan Lim

Hi SHCians,

A charity ride a year helps keep the doctors away…

Hahahaaa! No lah! It’s just my coined saying only.

But seriously, for 2017, I am back to the EPIC 1000km Charity Ride.

Had a shoulder injury (non-cycling related) in late 2015 and had to drop out of the EPIC 2016 Charity Ride in January last year.

Like my previous efforts with the EPIC Cyclists, do note that for every SGD10/- of contributions you make through my profile for this EPIC 1000KM Charity Ride 2017, I will pledge SGD1/- from my own pocket, up to a maximum of SGD500/- …… just doing my $$$ part too and giving forward.

Hope to count on your support again! TQ in advance!

Lastly, wishing all SHCians, A Healthy, Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year 2017!

Ivan Lim

To find out more details of this Charity Fundraising Event or to donate online, please go to this link:

For other details/queries and/or off-line donations in Cash or Cheques, please let me know by commenting here. Will try my best to answer them.

AIC (Agency For Integrated Care)

Hi everyone, it had been very long time since I last written post here.  So now, I am writing and hope this article will be of some help to others too as these had helped me.

When my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer during Oct ‘2013 and we were totally clueless as to what were the grants that we can apply to ease our burden.  Eventhough during that period of time, many emphasizes were on Pioneer generation but unfortunately, was time was not on my dad’s favor.  Well, that was history now.. so we will  skip this part.

My dad passed on Oct 2014 and shortly after that my mum’s health deteriorated and from then till now, she had been through 1 stroke and 3 seizures attacks which lead to totally bedridden now.  But this time, we were much well informed thru news, community centres and hospital on the AIC grants.

Through all these info given, we are told that we can apply for the following grants

  1. PioneerDAS : For Pioneer born before Year 1950 -$100/mth till as long as alive
  2. Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) grant – Cash assistance of $120/mth for family who hires a FDW to care for patient
  3. FDW levy concessions for persons with disabilities (PWD) – Lower monthly concessionary FDW levy of $60 instead of $250
  4. Interim disability assistance programme for the Elderly (IDAPE) – Cash assistance of $250 or $150/mth for up to 72mths for disabled elderly

More information can be found at, and  related to all these grants.  FYI, we applied and we got approved for these grants.

AIG also provide

  1. Care at home : Eldersitter Service, Home care and Senior home car – As we did not used these services, I am not sure and cant provide much info too.
  2. Centre-based care : Day rehabilitation, day care and dementia day care : We tried a few times but my mum was not so cooperative with the social worker and she prefered to stay at home hence, we also dropped out 2mths later.
  3. Caregiver Training Grant allows we to tap on an annual $200 subsidy to attend approved training course for better : This was very good as we send our domestic help to attend on managing an elderly’s day-to-day and preventing falls and home safety.  Both my sister and our helper had benefited from this training to be able to attend to my mum’s daily needs.
  4. There are some basic necessities, such as wheelchairs, air mattress, commode, walking sticks – All can be purchased at 10-50% discounts depending on feedback from the medical social worker assigned to access the patient’s condition – For my mum’s condition, we only paid 10% of the total cost.  Diapers also can be purchased at their designated stores.
  5. Even patient with permanent catheter, they even assigned qualified nurse from SNF to attend at patient’s home every 2 to 3mth interval at subsidised rate.  Cant remembered how much we paid but I am sure it was less than $30.
  6. Given my mum’s condition, we also applied for home medical care which mean that we can request the Doctor to attend my mum at our home once her medication is below 2 weeks’ usage at $25/trip except for CT and MRI  as these need to be performed at site.

I am sure that there are other services that AIC provided – but just that, we only took these options so I can only share these info.  Our encounters (my family members and me) with AIC had been a very fruitful as we had some financial help and other services/training given to 3 of us, i.e. my sister, me and our helper.

Hope some will find this useful when needed.

Regards… Dolly


Ride for Rations – A Charity Event

Hi SHCians, pls lend a hand…TQ!

On 26th to 28th August 2016, I will be cycling a distance of about 250km from Malacca to Singapore to raise fund for a registered charity organization, Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.

This is my first time participating in this particular charity ride. The aim is to provide monthly food rations worth S$70/- or monthly breakfast rations of S$25/- for needy residents living in 1 room flats in Chai Chee, Hougang and Marsiling. 100% of the funds raised will be use to help them as all cost of this event is covered by us, the volunteers.

Please join me in making a difference. No amount is too small. To make a monetary donation, please click on the following link. Donations of S$25/- and above qualifies for tax deduction. To facilitate this, provide your official name, address, tel and tax reference (NRIC/FIN/UEN).

Or you can share out on your FB timeline etc using the below link:

Looking forward to your support. Thank you again!

Ivan Lim

(Note: Terence Seah had asked that I post this Charity Fund Raising Event on SHC Website.)

Sponsoring handicap and disabled children to attend our Cabaret Night

Sam Goh has always been supporting and helping out at Charity homes in Johore Bahru.  The children comes from orphanage and handicap homes.

He has requested the Club to sponsor a table of 10 for these children to attend the early part of our Cabaret function.  The children will also be giving a performance during registration time. And they will also be joining us for dinner. But will leave our ballroom when dancing proper starts.  Sam will organise all the logistics to bring the children to and fro the homes.

SHC invites members to sponsor each child at SGD 50 each. Besides the dinner, we shall also give the children a gift.

Partaicipants as well as non-participants are invited to sponsor these children to our D&D.  We also look forward to their performance.  Thank you Sam for arranging this activity.

To kickstart the sponsorship for the handicap and disabled children, we have our first sponsor Peggy and Arther Yap.

Kindly register here.  An account will be set up, please let us have your transfer reference  Thank you,.

Registration list:

  1. Peggy and Arthur Yap – 1 child, SGD 50. (paid)
  2. Anonymous LY – 1 child, SGD 50 (paid)
  3. Anonymous LB – 1 child, SGD 50 (paid)
  4. Bobby Bok – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  5. Charles Wee – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  6. Yoon Chin – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  7. Anonymous LB – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  8. Holly Lim – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  9. Frisna Tan – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  10. Vander Straaten Angela – 1 child, SGD 50  (Paid)

Max sponsorship for 10 pax from the handicap and orphanage.  This sponsorship is now closed.  Thank you for your support.

Terence Seah

A Christmas Hope…… For someone….

Dear Members,

Both Karen and me had shared this in our Facebook but I think that we still wanted to share her request here in Silverhairs website to garner more hope for this little girl during this Christmas session.  I believed many might already had seen this request if you are a facebook user but is still worth a try here, right… Thank you.

Not sure if this request is even permitted to post here but will give a try – Admin, if you think that this is not appropriate, feel free to delete..

Cheers… Karen & Dolly


We shouted , we chanted, we clapped ,we jumped and then we jogged out to the field and waved to about 55.000 strong audience watching the 28th Sea Game closing ceremony last night!

It was a bit chaotic with only 10min rehearsal but it was fun and exciting!
I am glad to have volunteered for the Sea Game and have a memorable experience. The Game will come back to Singapore again in 22 years time but where will I be then? Only God knows…

By chance I found out another fellow SHCian Shirleen Kao also volunteered, so last night we sticked together chasing all sort of athletes to take picture with. And in the process hit by the big balloons several times ha ha!

Wonder if any other members have volunteered as well? (Either this or other national scale events). Perhaps you would like to share your experience with us too?

Hooray Team Singapore for achieving 84 record Gold Medals!

(PS. I volunteered for youth Olympic too in 2010.another memorable experience dealing with media.officials.athletes and had a close encounter with prince Albert of Monaco)

Sharing a day with the Batam kids, Sat/Sun 27/28 Jun 2015.


nnbatam1  batamkid1  batamkid3 batamkid2

This trip is cancelled as Hari Raya falls during our intended trip.

Ong Lin Khim, whom some of you have met, has been a regular resident and visitor to Batam for many years.  For almost 10 years, I have noticed his interest in helping young children with their education and day-to-day living.  Batam was the place, because he has some very close Indonesian friends living there.

He has  a small two-storey house, perched on a slight hill.  From here, his staff does some work, and Ong organises help programs for a number of villages and kids.  He loves to see kids who wants to study.  Sometimes, I joined him when he and his staff buy groceries from the shops and distributes eggs, rice and dailies to villages and kids.  I was impressed as he has been doing this activities for many years.

Recently, he helped fund the setup of a Warong, a stall with a beautiful facing of the sea, and close to where he works and stays.  Some of you may know that a Warong is a small stall, selling coffee, tea, some snacks and food.  I had been there to his house, which has a balcony and a living room where he and me can sleep on the floor.  It wasnt a luxury, but there was airconditioning and bathroom. This house is not in the city but it is about 20 minutes from the ferry Sekupang.  It’s quiet and relaxing.

I have asked Ong if some of us could stay at his 2-star house, oops, no swimming pool overnight, participate in his charity work and that after the next day’s breakfast, we could venture into town and have dinner there, before catching a boat to Singapore.

He was reluctant because he thinks that his place and warong would not be up to SilverHairs expectations and standards.  But, finally, he agrees to give it a go and try.  He will provide free on-the-floor accommodation at his house, and participants will pay for the marketing which his staff will cook Indonesian style ie lunch, dinner and breakfast.  We talk about transport, and I have asked his Indonesian staff to look out for a van and motocycle taxis.  I did request for female motorcycle taxis.

The purpose of this activity is to partipate in “Meeting the Batam kids”.  Participants can bring their unused clothes, pens, pencils, balloons, toys, etc, as seen appropriate to young kids and adults.  For groceries, we can contribute a token to buy some stuffs from the local market.

I have set the following activity details.  If you would like to spend an overnight in Batam, one day on charity, overnight at Ong’s place, having food cooked by local Indonesians,and finally spend the following afternoon in Batam city, do let me know.

  • Date:  Sat/Sun 27/28 June 2015.
  • Meeting point at harbourfront: 1st boat out
  • Return point at Batam:  last ferry
  • Costs:  Everybody pays for own ferry.
  • Accommodation: At Ong’s 2 Star residence, complementary
  • Food – Lunch, Dinner, breakfast – we share and pay the local cooks
  • Giveaways to the villages and kids – we bring along during the trip
  • Number of pax: 6 to avoid us falling through the floors.

If you would like to participate, please register your name here.  If you cannot make this date, you can also register here, and let me know the weekend you are available.

Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Tony Ang
  3. Andrew Koh
  4. Moon Wong
  5. Lilian Teo
  6. Ron Teo
  7. Pauline Chew
  8. Gabriella Chua (tentatively the July one)
  9. Daisy Yeo (July)
  10. Caroline Gee
  11. Dolly Lim
  12. Joan Ang
  13. Lai Fong
  14. Inez Lim
  15. Susan Sia (June)
  16. Jane Chua
  17. Sockie
  18. Maria Tan



RSVP Flag Day 2015

I am participating in the RSVP fundraising event.  RSVP. the Organisation of Senior Volunteers successfully balloted for a fundraising event, Flag Day 2015.

Date: Sat 4 April 2015
Time: 9.30am – 5.30 pm

I am appealing for SHC members to be Flag Day bearers and assist with island-wide street collection. Time -slots and collection centres will be worked out later. Please indicate your interest to help out by writing your name in the list below:

1. Joan Wong (EC)

Joan Wong

Charity and social projects

charity1charity3 charity2Some members spent a lot of their time and also money doing charity work. They could be working in a home or ophanage or an old-age home, looking after kids or older folks.

For others, it could mean support a building project for a library, cooking for a self-help kitchen or teaching language at a local village. All these charity and social work could be in Singapore or any of the nearby countries. It could be in the Philippines, Batam, Thailand, or in a disaster zone.

I think it is nice to hear what you are doing or had done offering charity work and social services. Be it paid or volunteer, share with us. The more detail you tell us, the more others will get to understand. Some of us may be interested to join you in your charity projects. Charity is very personal.

Terence Seah

Can SHC help socially isolated elderly folks?

Foods for thots for fellow SHCians who are still looking/thinking/searching for something worthwhile to do or contribute back to society…appended is an article from the ST Papers dated Tuesday, 01April2014 for your reading…and this is NOT an April’s Fools Joke – OK! Good Luck!


SHC Freetorecycle

Hi All Members,
Some of the members here had joined the group called SG FreeCycle in Facebook including me.  I had been blessed by others for some items that I need for free and vice versa also.  I hope that this idea can worked out for SHC here also.

I hope that SHC can achieve a same goal to reduce waste by connecting SHC members who are giving goods to others who are seeking the same goods.  This should be entirely a non-profit movement of people who are giving and/or getting stuff for free.  We are looking for goods, eg. computers, furniture, clothing, magazines  – all these said items must be in working and/or useable condition.  These items must be 100% free and not subjected to exchange or sale.

All members are welcomed.  But any forms of advertisements, or posts that are deemed unrelated to this group by moderator, will be removed.

This is how we can make it worked:

  1. Member to post what they want to give away free.  Items that can be included are clothings (must be at least  6/10 condition), working used electrical applicances, costume jewelleries, shoes and many others – either new or hardly used
  2. It can be self collection at the convenient of the givers, paid postage and SAE (self addressed envelope) for those small items – All arrangements made must be agreed by both parties.
  3. Once item is being posted online, there is no such things as FCFS (First come First Served) basis and the giver had the final say as to how the item will be given
  4. However, the receipent, upon receipt of the item, concluded that item received is not required anymore, can re-blessed again within this group to re-cycle this item to bless to other members whom might have the use of this item.

Would appreciate your comments for this….


Jetstar Grant for Funding a Community Project


This may be of interest to some of you.

Perhaps Hew Lee, you may want to get it for your IT outreach project in SHC; specifically to/for group 2 and 3 in your IT Interest Group…

For Funding A Community Project.
Jetstar Grant For Funding A Community Project.

For more details on how to apply etc for this funding, please check out the below link:

Cheers & Good Luck!

Silver Writing……………

May be some of the senior folks here will be interested in this:

Silver Writing

If yes, please check out the details at their website ( or call their hotline number (Tel: 6332 6919) to register for it etc…….

I have NO vested interest in this and neither have the time yet to go for this course…….

But thot that some senior folks here can kill some of their boring time with it…….lolzzzz!


Thanksgiving open house cum charity carnival in JB Sat/Sun 31/8 & 01/09

Brothers & sisters ,

I am helping out this disable centre in one of their Branch in johor. This 31/8 ( sat ) & 01/09 ( sun ) is their Thanksgiving open house cum charity carnival day. Time 1000 hr To 1600 hrs both days.There will be clown ,games and zumba dance , Maybe some western dance too…lastly not forgetting plenty of foods On sale too.please take note of the followings :

Tickets at s$100 with transport two way pick up & back only at Jb city square shopping centre.come with s20 coupons for meal or games.  If time permit us , i will also pamper u with shopping & massage.

On saturday ,dat if time permit we hit one of de johor biggest nite market
In skudai… So here right now i am looking for a treasurer to help me.. Any kind soul can help bo ?

Those who re not free to come ,may help me to buy the coupon at s10 each.
Thanking you in advance.
Brother Sam Goh

Entertainment for Hospics Home in Jurong May 1st. 2012

Dear Freinds,

Calling all Volunteers

Time flies. THe Silverhairians did a very good job for two years, by entertaining the old folks in with Dancing and Karaoke. They loved it very much and brought them cheers and laughter . This year they are looking forward to this event again. The musicians can bring their instruments.

It would be great, if someone can head this event.  Many thanks.  God Bless.

EC – Nelly Soh & Jane Chua

So far, those signed up to help are :

  1. Nelly
  2. Dolly
  3. Sam
  4. Jane Chua
  5. Lena Wang
  6. Lily Ho
  7. Tian Soo
  8. Charles Cher
  9. Charles Chua

Silverhairs Club Charity Lunch – February 18, 2012 (Sat)

It’s time we do our part for charity. With Terence’s encouragement, we have fixed this date for the event. Trying to find a charity home to help is no mean task as there are too many to look at. I have identified the Queenstown Community Club as they have a special department looking out to the underprivileged in the vicinity.

It’s always more blessed to give so let us take this opportunity to play a small part. The Queenstown area comprises the lower income group from Tanglin Halt to Mei Ling St to Stirling Rd. Most are rented flats. Those who live here are the older folks. Our target are those 60 years old and above.

Venue: Queenstown Community Club, Commonwealth Avenue (Air-conditioned hall, can accomodate up to 300pax and has a big stage)

Time: 11.00am-2.00pm,103.801590

Cost: $5.00 per pax (Each member who signs up must sponsor one or more elderly residents)

Menu: Food catered by Sin Kee Famous chicken rice includes white and roasted chicken, an egg dish, a toufu dish and a vegetable dish. We need a sponsor for soft drinks.

A medical point will be set up from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm for those coming to check their glucose level, foot scan and blood pressure.

Programme : 11.00am – 12.30pm Karaoke Singing (Judy assisted by Jeffrey)

                     12.30pm-1.30pm     Stage singing by our singers led by Jeffrey and Irene and opera singing by  the CC Opera Troupe.

We need ushers and helpers to make the event a success!

Joy Ah Long will be on standby. Please pay to Joy’s POSB Savings Account: 159-131645.

Please register early.


Generous donors :

  1. Tian Soo ($500)/received 10 Jan
  2. Rosalind Lee ($50)/received 9 Jan
  3. Pauline Ho ($100)/received 10 Jan
  4. Irene Poh ($50)/received 8 Jan

  5. Judy Lim ($50)/received 8 Jan (manning the karaoke selection)

  6. Kenneth Tan ($50)/received 9 Jan

  7. Peggy Tan ($100)/received 8 Jan

  8. Lam Hoy Tzee ($88)/received 13 Jan

  9. Bee Gek ($50)/received 13 Jan

  10. Wong Wai Kheng ($50)/received 11 Jan

  11. Gabriella Chua ($50)/received 9 Jan

  12. Caroline Gee ($50)/received 10 Jan

  13. Janie Leong ($100)/received 10 Jan

  14. Aaron How ($100)/received 10 Jan

  15. Angela Straaten ($300)/received 10 Jan

  16. Bira ($100)/received 10 Jan

  17. Richard Wong ($100)/received 10 Jan

  18. Clara Chay ($50)/received 10 Jan

  19. Daisy Yeo ($50)/received 11 Jan

  20. Jane Tan ($100)/received 12 Jan

  21. Boon Liang ($60)/received 12 Jan

  22. Susan CH Tan ($50)/received 13 Jan

  23. Mega ($50)/received 18 Jan
  24. Patrick Oei ($118)/received 17 Jan
  25. Lisa Ong ($100)/received 17 Jan
  26. Lilian Teo ($50)/received 19 Jan
  27. Josie Yow/Allison ($50)/received 20 Jan
  28. Grace Wong ($50)/received 4 Feb
  29. Jassmine Teo ($50)/received 22 Jan
  30. Lydia Soh ($32)/received 26 Jan
  31. Susan Tan SW ($20)/received 29 Jan
  32. Jane Ong ($20)/received 29 Jan
  33. Dolly Choo ($200)/received 31 Jan
  34. Terence Seah ($200)/received 9 Feb
  35. Felice Lim ($50)/received 10 Feb


 Kind helpers coming on the day itself :

1) Dorine Tan #9 tbc

2) Peggy Tan #12/medical team/drinks

3) Janie Leong #32/thermos flask/tea and coffee bags

4) Caroline Gee #36/cookies

5) Dolly Lim #48/help

6) Gabriella #49/help/sing

7 )Winnie #51/help/cloth bags

8 ) Joan Ang #56/help

9) Daisy Yeo #63/help

10)Boon Liang #70/help/photographer

11)Susan CH Tan #74/help

12)Bee Gek #78/help

13)Judy Lim #14/drinks

14)Dan/event coordinator/help

15 )Joy/usher

16)Kristy Quek #81/help

17)Lily Ho #83/help

18)Wong Wai Kheng #84/help

19)Janet Chan #90/help

20)Audrey Wong #99/help

21)Lilian Teo #103/help

22)Josie Yow #105/help

23)Allison Ong #105/help

24)Lydia Soh #118/help

25)Susan Tan SW #141/help

26)Jane Ong #141/help

27)Jane Tan #79/help

28)Thomas Loh

Kind contributors in kind :

1) Jeffrey Gan, music

2) Irene Gan, music

CLICK here to view PHOTOS 


A charity idea and potluck. Will this work?

Sometime, in 2012, we should do something simple and yet feasible for sme charities in Singapore.  In the past, some members have embarked on visits to homes and providing some food and entertainment for the day.  In some cases, some monies were collected and given to the selected charity.

I had the privilege to spend some time discussing with some SilverHairs other options or ways of giving monies to charities.  This good deed may be debatable to some people, for various reasons.

Many members are keen to support charities, but this act has to be sincere, genuine and support a good cause.  i hope I am not starting a debate on the why’s of giving to charities.

The discussion caught my attention, and I was hoping to find some way of giving to charities.  This is a big potluck event where participants contribute a potluck item to the event.  Those wshing to try and buy an item pay, say 2 dollars, for one item. Let’s say we open this event to the public.

All proceeds, we donate to charities.  And, if the idea is good, we do this event once ayear.  We may even combine this event with another event.

Let’s take some time to discuss.  What do you think?  Please do not trash any ideas or suggestions.

Terence Seah

spring time cleaning in office & your home sweet home

Halo SHCians, Buddies, hiah ti ji mui ( bro & sisters )

With this weekend xmas coming & 1mth 2days to go for lunar chinese new year..

1st & foremost allow me sam huat huat huat 2 wish each & everyone merry xmas & happy new year.

I, also like to thks Richard Wong, Janet Chan, Frisna, Pauline Kong, Daniel Ong, Richard & Jane Kee, Hou Chong, Bira,  Susan Chang, Lily Ho, Boon Liang, Jway & many others dat ve respond to my pte email

As, I am helping out for a long time charity project for de orphanages home, hence,  I would like to request, if you have de followings items dat it been a white elephant & a chore to you,  pls do let me know by dropping a line here or send to my email

these are the barangs dat we are looking at;;

1) old or new clothings from 2yrs old to 30yrs old

2)soft toys,books of any ages

3)old or used electrical appliances

4)aluminum, iron, copper dat which my car can slot in only.

5)bottles, plastic …same also ..only small size that which my car can slot hor.

6)paper of any type…

PLS take note …. no furniture , no expired food stuffs

There is no cut off date as i fill up my house and once full ..will send to them lor.

Lastly , I also want to thks  the other group of SHCians who wrote to my email with regards to me asking for 2012 calendra…many thks & they dun nid anymore liao…

It was a great tremendous respond from de pte email…with some dat we ve not meet b4..

So buddies, pls check if yr storeroom have any things to give away bo ?

sam huat huat huat

“Rise in demand for eldersitters” in Today’s Straits Times

For some of us, we are still fit, healthy and mobile.  For some of us, we probably have difficulties leaving our house, and may be seriously feeling lonely at home.  ST reported that more households seek services that provide companionship for elderly members.  I am sure some of you have relatives and friends who are lonely at home, and in need of company; someone to chat with, share TV dramas together, need help with feeding or maybe just at home waiting for their sons and daughter-in-laws to return from work.

Even those with maids and family members at home may need to take some time off to go off for short errands and attend to children’s qactivities, thus leaving the senior at home.

Providing companionship to seniors can also include playing cards together, helping to prepare an afternoon tea or helping with simple basis exercises. It is interesting to read that most seniors who require companionship during certain day hours, prefer Singaporeans, as we have a better understanding of languages, dialects and culture.  Another preference reported was the age range of 35 to 55, as this group understands seniors better.

Such services will increase in demand, as the baby boomers get older in Singapore.  Service rates are around $20 per hour.  With many family adults working today, our aging population will definitely need companionship and some home care in our homes.  Like in our Asian culture, we looked after our children when they were young.  For some families, we may have the luck to have our children looking after us.  For others, we may want to live our SilverHairs years alone.

I hope to read your feedback and comments on this story.  It is in the STraits Times, Home, Part B.  Some of your feedback, thoughts, ideas and suggestions may be beneficial to government and institutional bodies.  We may be able to pick up some good follow up ideas from here. Please respect the views of other members.


From your feedback, there is a niche demand for eldersitters or elderly companionship services, on a one-to-one.  We also need to gauge if we have sufficient numbers to start an eldersitter servoice from within SilverHairsClub.  If you would like to be an eldsersitter, under the umbrella of SilverHairs Enterprise and SilverHairsClub, please send me an email at, expressing your interest.  We would initially work on a first come basis. 

Terence Seah 

3rd charity visit cum shopping, massage & makan at JB, 26 Oct 2011 Wed

halo bro & sister ,

dolly & me we are EO for this 3rd msia charity cum makan ,shopping & massage.

dated 26 oct 2011 wednesday.

it maybe a day or 2days 1 nite trip…i am still sorting out.

we shall hit there with our own hong chia ( personnal car )

gather your own kakai & driver..but ve to register here hor….

just let me see your show of finger (no middle finger  1 hor )

who n who in each for the very simple 1 lah…

toll charges, petrol watever $$$$ each car owner handles yr own $$$$$ lah…

i will only collect RM$100 for de 3 makan…any balance of it either with split or buy 4d lor….

okay a serious note …i ve just get to know a new & pitiful orphange home in johore..

the other 2 orphanges home i am still helping out..we will only visit de new 1 which i ve encounter lor.

which ve about 50 over kids…it run & de founder it a husband & wife team.. over de 8 yrs of his homes ..he ve shifted 4 times… still pending ..kiv 1st lah……


DEAR SHC MEMBERS,  I’m going to participate in a charity event in Batam on 21st May 2011 (sat). If you are free and would like to join me, please leave me a note here. We will depart from Harbor Front Ferry Terminal at 10.40AM.  The event is in aid of:
1. Aini Orphan Home,
2. Lions’ Center for Learning.

Both are located in Kampung Nelayan, Sekupang, Batam.

Fund raising will be held on 21st May at the KTM Resort, Sekupang. 

Highlight of the day:

-Visit to the Learning Center to meet with the orphans (There will be a short Chinese Orchestra performance from Singapore, games and gifts for the children), to be followed by a visit to the orphanages.
– Tree planting at 4PM- Charity Dinner (Chinese Orchestra & Singers from Singapore, Indonesia) -Sing for Charity Karaoke Session.

Sunday: free & easy.
  Total cost S$90 (include
Hotel stay 1 nite @ KTM Resort, breakfast, dinner and ferry return tickets).  I hope you can join me.  For more details and information please contact me here or email:       REGISTRATION LIST: 1. Frisna (EO)  2.Tim Liu 3. Lilian Teo 4. Grace Kang

A Visit to St Joseph Home – Volunteers needed

I hope that some of pioneer members remembered that back in Y2009 on May 1, SHC did organized an charity activity at St Joseph Home.  This year, we hope to organize another entertaining event for these folks staying there to give smiles on their faces.

As Nelly is currently out on a mission trip and will not be back in 2weeks’ time, I am putting up this post on her behalf. 

Date of Visit: 8th May 2011 (Sunday). Time: 9.45am to 12.30pm.

Location: St. Joseph’s Home. 921, Jurong Rd, S’pore 649694. Tel: 62680482. Fax: 62684787.  From Boon Lay Interchange, take Bus 157 and alight 4 bus-stops away at back gate. Those going by car are requested to car-pool due to shortage of parking space; about 8 lots only.


It is always a blessing in helping the less fortunate in society.

At this moment, there is nothing more than getting the SHCians to entertain these Residents of St Joseph’s Home with our karaoke singing and/or any kind of performances are also welcome to share with the joy with these Senior on that day.

Like-minded SHCians can come forward to volunteer their time as they had already got a sponsor for the good although thru’ self-collection.  Not sure if extra transport will be needed.

Chit chat with these seniors, helping in serving the food, feeding them for those less mobile and entertaining them with songs and others…

Members keen to help out, pls register here:

  1. Nelly Soh
  2. Geok Suan
  3. Dolly Lim
  4. Thomas Loh
  5. Yat Sing
  6. Charles Chua
  7. Janie Leong
  8. Debbie Oh
  9. Jane Tan
  10. Jane Ong
  11. Susan Tan SW
  12. Jeff Gan
  13. Irene Gan
  14. Lily Ho
  15. Chris Ng
  16. Linda Leong
  17. Goh AL
  18. Winnie Tan
  19. Richard Wong
  20. Thomas Lau
  21. Mega
  22. Steven Chan
  23. Sam Huat

Special Interest: Civic activities

Hi all,
In the spirit of breaking new ground, SHC is reaching out to members who have a civic bent and are interested in doing civic work. We would like to form a civic group with the goal of helping to improve our society/environment etc

Members in this group will have roles and responsibilities thus making involvement in civic activities challenging and a learning experience for the individual.

If you are interested in civic work, please indicate in the comments box. Include your e-mail contact and I will contact you with regard to a meeting.  Alternatively you could inform me through my e-mail:

Thank you.

Comments and feedback are welcome. :)

Lunch for Opinion – The SG Association for the Deaf

Sorry to inform that this event will be postponed till further notice as while Karen is liaising with them on our proposed event and was told that the school is having exam and will be closed till next year.  Hence, I will be closing this post for further comment.  Thousand apologies… and we will check with them again Y2011 to activiate this event. 

Hi Fellow SHCians,
Couple of weeks back, I was invited by Karen, June to have lunch at the above.  I remembered the cost is around $10 inclusive of GST. 

The purpose of this lunch is provide valuable info for those that service us right from ordering, awareness and quality of food.  U may surprised at their request but pls dont as I m going to explain further.

This group of service staffs are from the SG Association for the Deaf, which the School mission is to assist the Deaf to achieve a better quality of life and to enable them to intergrate and contribute to society for what they have learnt from those volunteers.

The Lunch days and hours available are Mon to Wed, from 12noon to 2pm.  Thurs n Fri are those days that they are required to have their lesson in house.

Both Karen and I are trying to gather around 20paxs for the lunch session on:

Date : 2 Nov 2010, 12noon onwards
Venue: Mountbatten Vacational School, 225 Mountatten Road, Spore 397997
Cost : Around $10 to $12 (Set meal will include soup, main course, coffee/tea and dessert). However ala-carte will be charged differently.

However, for those that are willing to attend this event, kindly be advised that you will need to have alot of patience with the service staffs due to their handicap resulting in slow in ordering, need to verify details maybe a couple of times as well as presentation of food in wrong manner ok, kind understanding would be much appreciated to encourage them.. :)

This place have a very nice ambience and cosy in its own way which I felt that it is a nice way to hv a meet up session for SHCians.

FYI, our 2 SHCians, Kazay (not sure if I got her name spelt correctly, if not, sorry hor) and Billy Loh are volunteers for this Association – Very impressed the way that they are able to communicate with them via sign language – Bravo….

Those interested, pls start register from here:  The registration will automically ended at 20paxs and once committed, pls try your best to attend and not to cancel at the 11th hour as we will need to liaise with the Chef on the total headcount attending in order to avoid wastage of food over-prepared.

  1. Dolly Lim
  2. Karen Thio
  3. Sam Goh – need to confirm attendance due to current commitment.
  4. Bira
  5. Lilian Teo
  6. Ann Lim
  7. Anna Seet
  8. Richard Wong

Hope to see more members sign up… Dolly/Karen

Silver Platter Event

Dear SHC Members

I am organsing an event on June 11, 2010 (Friday) at SpaBoutique ( from 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.  I would like to invite fellow SHC members to come grace our inaugural Silver Platter event where you will be treated to an evening of food, knowledge & entertainment.  Also a place to network and meet other Silver friends.  Entertainment includes a "Silver" fashion show by Mother and Child Project, trial head & shoulder massages, yoga as well as taijigong demos.  Cocktails & light refreshments will be served.  I am offering 10 of our exclusive entry passes, complimentary to fellow SHC members, so if you are interested, please email me at  First come first served!

Diano Loo

Video DVD for Year 2010 SHC Activities

Dear SHCians,

Happy New Year 2010 !!! emoticon

Time passed very fast. One year has passed and another has begun.

As I reflect on the numerous activities organised by SHC, how I wished I can attend every single
activitity as they are filled with fun, education or bond-building.

However, like many members, my time is limited and I can only attend a handful of events.

As such, how I wish I can cherish those moments I was there and if I was not present, someone
can record these events and organise them in one form or another for everyone to share.

So starting this year 2010, I wish to offer my service to put together pictures, videos and
anecdotes of as many events organised by SHC as much as possible. I will create a Video DVD,
one in the middle of the year and another at the end showcasing the humorous, exciting and
human aspects of you participating in those regular or ad-hoc activities from time to time.

To succeed, I would need the cooperation of EO/EC to send in the pix or short video (< 2min)
(can ask a photographer in place) and write a short summary of the event for my compilation.

Possible (and not limited to) events are:

Regular Features

Monthly meetings
Monthly Cycling
Monthly walk
Dance Lessons / performance
Annual Dinner and Dance
Travel Trips
Games / Sports
Educational Talks

Ad-hoc Programs

Potluck / makan sessions
Cabaret Nite / Star-in-Concert
Movies / Picnics
Special Talks (eg: on jewelry)

In short, any event which you think is of value, please send them to:

So EO/EC for various events and members in general, please feedback your input whether you support
this idea for the benefits of the whole SHC club and any suggestions you may have.

Note that this is not going to give you much additional work other than writing a good summary
and send the video separately as Oi Cheng can only accept photographs (need not send
separately to me).

I await to offer my humble service.