Looking for videographers who love photography and people.

Looking for people who love people, videos and presentation.

Many Seniors love to take pictures and video clips. Many would like to extend this interest, and go into video presentation, combined with text, pictures, logos and interviews which are then uploaded to Youtube Facebook, combined with Zoom.

Successful candidates will have a 3 mths trial. After that, the persons will be on paid projects.

Initial projects will cover SHC members events. We aim to provide this service outside SHC.

If you have the time, energy and interest, plse whatsapp me 9489 4360.

Terence Seah

Job vacancies for F&B Industry

Vacancies in F&B catering industry. Do you have anyone who is interested to join?

Catering co in Payar Lebar/Aljunied hiring urgently, available to start immediately. 6 days/wk. Meals provided.

1) Driver
2) Sous chef
3) Commis Chef
4) Dishwasher

Those interested members, please contact Liv directly at 81119209 for more details as this lobang was passed to me from another SHC member.

Cheers… Dolly

Life of a Taxi Driver

It was the last thing on my mind to become one. Being past 60 and unemployable I have decided to take up taxi driving. It probably the only job we can work to age 75 and only for Singaporean. Just started on a 10 days training course I look forward to the day I get a license. It was quite a while since I get to attend class. The problem is if the air-con get too cold I tend to become a ‘sleeping beauty’. Now I worry whether I will pass with flying colors. With nothing to my name I am just happy to be alive and kicking, to drive, to teach chess in school and play badminton.

The course I am taking now seem very heavy and it was meant for us to pass out as professional taxi driver. How many are taxi drivers or aspiring to be one. What are your grievance or joy, share with us.


Forum Moderator Wanted

Forum Moderator Wanted.

Why the need for a Forum Moderator?

We never had one before, why now? The answer is yes, we had but he was called Fairy God Mother. With his magic wand, he can deny access or remove membership quietly.

Now we have Lily Ho, the beach, the lunatic, the f…k… Goddess Almighty who has to be seen to do the job or else the chief will text reminder to do this or act on that. Not only it is a thankless unpaid job but a role people love to hate and call names in the face and behind the back.

Nobody likes to be moderated. Am I stupid to take up the role? Yes, but according to the chief, someone has to do it.!

So, if you are interested in taking over the role from me, please contact Admin immediately. Until then, you have no choice but to put up with me till I am being replaced or the 2 years term is up whichever come first.!

Duties encompasses but not restricted to :

1) Daily checking of the forum to ensure no taboo subjects, tel numbers, offensive or name calling of fellow members.
2) If necessary, post reminder or warning to offending member.
3) Full authority to delete or edit posts or comments of the above.
4) Ensure EO and EC events have date and time indicated on the subject title.
5) Ensure all general post to be in Forum General and/or relevant categories but not on Main Bulletin.
6) Review all posts, comments and links that came under moderation and release them when deemed non offensive and within compliance to club policies.

Requirements :
Must be prepared to spare the time, be thick-skin and dare to challenge.

Sincerely look forward to your application soon.

Lily Ho

Home-based marketing as a secondary source of income?

Mention MLM and there will be a lot of people screaming ‘no no’! Can a taboo be broken? I know I am treading on the precipice but I feel that this is something that need to be discuss.

Multi-level marketing utilises a combination of direct marketing and franchising. MLM have an image problem because of difficulties in distiguishing between legitimate network marketing and illegal pyramid selling, "ponzi scheme" or scam.

Life is about choices, then came MLM, work hard for three to five years and then you never have to work again. Is this possible? The answer lies in the one word "leverage". MLM is also about personal development and and business education.

A new and powerful trend is emerging, the marriage of MLM and internet maketing to connect with their distributors. The internet is a 24/7 and accessible anywhere and anytime. Physical contrains is no longer an issue. Cross borders business are now possible so is overseas recruitments

The questions now is why, is it because we worry most will take advantage of free advertisements on this post or? Most MLM distributors have their own websites, they can tap on Facebook, Twitters and so many other blogs to promote their ware.

I hope we can have a lively discussion here and should there be any qualms, let put is down here. Why deny us an opportunty to earn a secondary source of income in our twilight years?

Desperate Dan

Update on ServiceWorks’ Job Briefing on 1 June 2012, Friday evening

We had a job briefing last evening, 1 June 2012, Friday for SHC members who
have sent us their resume.  We are glad that all the 75% SHC members who
responded to the invite turned up.  At the briefing, we also have our own
friends, trainers and associates.

Our 2-month old SHC member, Jimmy Lim, delivered an overview of the
Innovation & Capabilitiy Voucher (ICV) launched by SPRING Singapore on 1
June 2012.  The evening’s highlight was on the various available job
options and related matters.  The audience was spontaneous during
the  Q & A session and they were invited to join the individual job
interest groups which were facilitated by our Consultants after the

Main Interest:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Training and Consulting
  • Mystery Audit and
  • Focus Group Facilitating

It was a fruitful gathering and we know that we have injected a reasonal
level of excitement into the atmosphere.  Some attendees moved around
after obtaining information about a different job scope.  Most of the SHC
attendees joined the Mystery Shoppers/Focus Group Facilitating groups for

We hope to engage more SHC members to be part of ServiceWorks Pte Ltd. 
If you are keen to be a mystery shopper, a marketing consultant, etc, please
write to us for an application form.

Members who have attended the job briefing, would you care to share your
thoughts or anxiety with us?  You may post it here or write to

a)  hr@serviceworks.com.sg

b)  maylee@serviceworks.com.sg

We would love to hear from you.



Job Opportunities at ServiceWorks Pte Ltd

Since ServiceWorks Pte Ltd
became a Corporate Member on 11 May 2012, we have received a few enquiries on
the job opportunities available in the company.

Some enquired on the type of training and consulting work that we do, and
some asked about the criteria of the candidates that we are looking for.

We specialise in Service Consulting work and training in Service
Excellence.   Check it out at http://www.serviceworks.com.sg/index.php

Many companies know the importance of Service Standards and want to achieve
them through corporate training.  Unfortunately, they may not have the
‘know-how’ or the resources to do it.  We work with companies to develop
and sustain Service Excellence.  Companies who have sent their staff for
Service Standards coaching through us found that their staff diligently
practice the company’s corporate Service Standards at their


If you are a self-motivated individual with a positive attitude, integrity,
good communication skills and a customer-focused mind for

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Training
  • Service Consulting
  • Mystery Shop

you are probably the person that we are looking for.


Please feel free to send us your CV or drop us a line if you have some
experience in any of the above-mentioned areas or keen to learn but have
no prior related experience.  We will be shortlisting
candidates by 29 May 2012 (Tue) for a briefing on 1 June 2012
(Fri) and hope that you will be one of the shortlisted

Please write to

a)  hr@serviceworks.com.sg
and mark ‘Job Application’
(SHC member) or

b)  respond through this post with
your email address.  We will send you an
application form for your prompt completion and return.

We offer full-time and part-time positions and we look forward to hearing
from you real soon. 

Note:  We will keep you posted (one way or another) whether you
are shortlisted.  We will NOT keep you in suspense nor do we keep you
waiting for a reply that will never come.  Finally, all applications will
remain highly confidential.  We take pride in protecting the privacy
of all applicants.

Warmest Regards

May Woo

for  ServiceWorks Pte

Monthly Walk-Labrador Boardwalk/Keppel Bay

This is posted on behalf of Ms Lydia Soh, she will be back next Tuesday.


If you love Sunset, Plants, Small Animals, Waters, Swamps, Mangroves, Boats, Clippers, join us
for our second Walk of the year as we ‘creek’ down the natural & historical LABRADOR PARK.     emoticon

Date         :      Saturday, 10 March 2012

Time         :       4.15pm        

Meeting Place      :    Labrador MRT Station – Exit A, near but away from the top of the escalator

Getting There      :    Circle Line (CC27)
                                 Bus Nos. 10, 30, 57, 61, 93, 97, 100, 143, 166, 176, 188, 963
EOs        :    Lydia Soh & Charles Wee

Come in your walking gears, with umbrella/cap, drinking water and an open mind to explore.
Do sign up and we see you there.

Our Walk Team EOs: Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Joyce Tan, Veronica Wong and Conrad Tang, ChristinaCL Chan and me,  Lydia Soh,,,,, signing off


1. Winnie K-Tan
2. Gabriella Chua
3. Margaret Chua
4. Eddy Lee
5. Long Ai Ling (presently ?)
6. Grace Goh (presently ?)
7. Tang Cheng Luang (presently ?)
8. Tan Aik Hua (presently ?)
9. Danny Lye
10. June Tan
11. Charles Chua
12. Johnny Pow
13. Annie Tan
14. Jane Chua
15. Pauline Chew
16. Abu Bakar Abrahim
17. Oi Cheng
18. Jimmy Tsin
19. Goh Seow Yong
20. Suzhang
21. Lee Ah Nee
22. Lina Ng
23. Lee Hou Chong
24. Angie Ng
25. Alice Seah
26. Evelyn Ong
27. Catherine Chong
28. Karen Thio
29. Sally Kang
30. Pauline Choo
31. Daisy Yeo
32. Maureen Lee
33. Lilian Teo
34. Lydia Soh
35. Charles Wee
36. ChristinaCL Chan
37. Peng Peng
38. Arthur   (can’t recall your surname!)
39. Peggy    (Arthur’s wife)
40. Christina Pan
41. Janis
42. Annie Lim
43. Julie Toh
44. Jimmy Chew
45. Sally Chew
46. Wee Chin
47. Steven Yuen
48. Victor Chee
49. Janet Ng
50. Cheryl Ho
51. Gingko Tay
52. Irene Poh
53. Leong Kum Hong
54. Rosalind Soh
55. Dorothy Lee
56. Caroline Gee
57. Grace Ng
58. Richard Lim
59. Evelyn Yeo
60. Vincent Lim
61. Sockie
62. Joy Chuang
63. Lee Keng Seng
64. Ann Lim
65. SK Chua
66. Josephine Yap
67. Angie Chiaw

CLICK here to view photos

Installer wanted… Anyone interested

Hi All,
The company I am working for right now, is working for installer for Telco providers on a case to case basis.  No prior experience is needed as basic training will be provided.  However, it will be good if you have some knowledge of installation of telco equipment, no worry, all these equipment are not bulky types.

Additional info : Job is for installing of cables, cable modems and ONT.  Must have possess some basic computer knowledge and laptop (needed for configuration at customer’s site)

However, you must possess your own transport.

These vacancies are open to everyone, eventhough you are 50+.  So long you are willing to try to learn, our Senior installers are willing to teach.

If anyone here is interested and will like to know more all about this job nature, please feel free to contact me at dlgummy@hotmail.com and I will make arrangement for you to meet up with my superior.

Hope to hear from you soon… Cheers… Dolly

Position Vacant

Silverhair members are welcome for this position.

My company located in Jurong has a vacancy for admin assistant for 3 months. Transport available at designated MRT stations.

Job scope :
To assist Admin department to do filing and keying in data into the computer system.
Working hours : 8.30 am to 5.35 pm
To start work immediately.
Applicants to e-mail : chrischanwh@gmail.com
Christina ChanWH

Marketing Assistant (Part-time job)

Hi Silver Hair Buddies

If you have spare time, wish to do something meaningful from home, likes to talk on the phone and yet have the flexibility of choosing your work hours, this is the job for you.  Minimum 20 hours per month.  

Industry : Beauty n Spa

The job description of the marketing assistant is as follows :

  1. Email and fax product brochures to potential clients.
  2. Follow up with phone call to make appt on behalf of field sales person.

Attributes of an ideal candidate :

  1. Possess good communication skills.  Members who have performed Sales, Marketing or Customer Service roles are ideal.
  2. Able to handle rejection
  3. Ability to follow through on an assigned task with the end in mind
  4. Bilingual in both English and Mandarin preferred
  5. Has basic computer skills on usage of email, web browser and Microsoft Office applications
  6. Prefers someone who owns a fixed line phone and computer

If interested, please email to me at "hjwong29@gmail.com" and leave me your contact.  I will call you back as soon as possible.

Batik Painting for Beginners

Hi All

This is prompted by Jassmine’s post on Barter …… and the suggestions that she raised. I believe that some had shown interest in my earlier post of opening my place for learning activities but then changed my mind. The reason was chiefly I spend very little time in Singapore and therefore unable to manage any activities held there. I hope to be able to manage this better with some help and my longer presence back.

Those who wish to visit my place to see if they like to conduct things there can let me know.

To kick off this is the first activity:

Course: 4 hr Batik Painting for beginners

Dates: Nov 8 & 15 ( 9 – 11 am) or Nov 22 (  8am – 12nn)

Fee: $40



Venue: my condo flat

Afternoon classes can be arranged instead.


Barter, Swop, Hire, FOC…

Members interested in the idea of learning or receiving through an exchange scheme may be wondering how the idea can be implemented without fuss. Here I suggest two main ways:

1. Direct approach – state/explain your interest(s) e.g. to learn the cha2. Then state/ explain the skill(s) or service(s) you are offering  for the exchange/swop.

2. KIV approach – (a)state/describe your interest(s) e.g. learn to bake pineapple tarts and indicate your willingness to barter or to make payment. Then wait for interested parties to approach you.

(b)state/describe your skill area(s) or the service(s) you are able to provide, e.g. teaching craftwork, language, etc and indicate your interest to barter or to be ‘hired’.  Then wait for interested parties to make their offers.

If there is a ‘match’ of mutual interest, the two parties carry out their negotiation, etc. in private and they will be solely responsible for any agreements reached or decisions made.

Of course you can offer your service(s) for FREE. That’ll be the icing on the cake. I’m sure the recipient will be very grateful.

Feel free to offer your suggestions, feedback, etc, as these will help to shape the exchange scheme. Because it’s a win-win situation, I hope ‘barter trading’ will become a feature of the SHC.


One of my clients, a shipping company, needs an Administrative Assistant.

Computer literate.
Five days work week.
Filing, faxing,emailing and answering phone calls.
Basic accounting knowledge preferred.
Office, 5 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station.
Able to start work immediately.
Salary negotiable.

Interested candidates, please contact Francis via email to : francisemail@yahoo.com

Helper needed!

Hi hi, Adonaid needs helper to man the stall on Saturdays and Sundays for short hours both days from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. Would recommend that preferably anyone residing in the East to make their trip worthwhile as Adonai is situated at Roxy Square. Help is needed if you know of anyone who does not mind working short hours and not so much needed the dollrs but just to pass time as Adonai may not be paying alot…..duties just to take orders and serve. You may email to me at everson_theblueplace@hotmail.com for further clarification. Thanks you and best regards, AnneC

Job Opportunity

I am looking to employ a lady who can drive an 87 year old lady arround and keep her occupied during office hours. The older lady has mild dementia and need constant care.

This is a full time job. Vehicle is provided but not allowed to take home. The place of employment is at Lim Chu Kang road. Send you resume to ecofarm@singnet.com.sg

Teaching positions in Bandung

Attention: Former or retired MOE teachers,

A school in Bandung (2 hours from Jakarta) is looking for teachers who can teach subjects in the upper primary and are willing to be posted to Bandung for two years. Interviews will be held in Singapore at the end of April. If you are interested, please contact me for details at: kdaae2005@hotmail.com

Jassmine Teo

Another idea on education centre

Hi All SHCians

This is an afterthought from an earlier post by Terence on Education centre as a source of income. Just wish to share my thoughts and welcome your views.

From what I read surfing the net, there appears  to be a need for babysitters for toddlers and even afterschool care. I wonder if so, can childminding or afterschool care as a SHC business activity, with the objective of conducting enrichment activities for the children, work? Do you think, among the SHCians, there are some with the experience and interest in getting together to form a parents/grandparents/uncles/aunts playgroup or education centre or and running activities eg teaching EL/CL through songs, rhymes,computer aided learning, guitar playing, dance and drama etc.

If the group is small, we can use our homes. I will volunteer my flat for this as I’m a grandma with a toddler grandson whom I would like to see in a playgroup. I don’t really see this as a moneymaking business, more perhaps as giving assistance to working mums and dads.



Laundry helper needed in Nursing Home

A Nursing Home in Geylang East is looking for a laundry helper.  
Daily morning collection of soiled linen from wards.  
Sorting and hand rinsing of soiled linen before putting them in washing  
Soaking infected linen prior to laundering in the washing machine.  
Sorting and folding of washed linen before personally sending them back to the  
Daily ironing of linen.  
Maintaining the cleanliness of washing machines and laundry area at all times.
Daily vacuuming and cleaning of the Admin Office.  
Minor repair works when called upon by the Maintenance Supervisor.  
Physically fit and healthy.  
Able to work on public holidays and weekends.  


I have in mind for members to share a range of useful tips that SHC  members can find useful.No I am not talking about horse racing,soccer tips(which are my areas of interest)

An example is that my mother says when I do the washing I must  be turn the clothing inside out,zippers must be zipped up and buttons unbuttoned.How many of you out there who does not do it this way please own up and share how this advice has proven useful.

I have 3 travel tips to share ; when traveling always take the name card of the hotel when you go out as taxi drivers have a bad habit of sending you to the wrong hotel and then apologise profusely for hearing wrongly.With the card and name of the hotel written in the local language they will have less excuse of doing so.

The other tip when taking the MRT , METRO, MTR , the TUBE or the UNDERGROUND especially if the language is foreign as in France is to look for the end station when changing lines and not look for directions for the station you intend to go to.For example when going to Dover when coming from the airport do not look for directions to Dover but look for directions to Boon Lay,Of course you need a station guide or map as well!

Another tip is to learn a few useful phrases in the local language eg in France "ou er de toilette?(where is the toilet? How much? Where is the —— ?

If you are a sushi fan please take note that certain outlets(not restaurants) offer a 50% discount 30 mins before closing time.

I used to leave my battery in my laptop even when I was using the power plug connection.Now I know that u should remove the battery when using the power connection.You should also drain the battery as much as possible if u use the battery.In this way your battery life will be much longer.

When I find my notes I will share how certain stains are removed.

Members  can also  share survival tips ,camping tips cooking tips,how to get nice phone numbers without paying extra like 93833883 or 96998511,tips on weight reduction,how to stave of the onset of  wrinkles,special diet or healthy food programmes,cosmetic tips,travel tips,foodie tips on where the best is for certain types for certain types of food,how to travel with children,investment tips,business tips,where to get bargains,household tips,how to keep food fresh for a longer period  in the fridge,how to make things last longer,where to buy the best durians or where to get tasteful durians at decent prices,how to cut down your handphone bills when overseas.I cant possibly cover every subject so I leave it to members to create new ideas

Tips can also be negative: how to avoid getting ripped off,how to avoid bad situations,share bad experiences or knowledge of bad experiences so members can avoid falling into the same traps.

One tip when buying a car or something similar make sure before you sign  read the receipt  or contract as to whether it includes the GST or excludesand state so clearly.One conman try to con my friend out of an extra GST payment after the deposit was paid.Luckily she got out of a tight spot when I advise her to call their bluff as the road tax was expiring soon and they backed off.

Let this post also be an avenue for members to get advice on issues not related to friendships and relationships or personal issues.(this we can cover in another agony uncle post that I might initiate soon).So if you have a non personal problem or dilemna you can ask fellow members for advice!Caveat Emptor clause applies…use it at your own discretion.

I hope SHC members are willing to share and sometimes in the process embarass themselves(you can always say you were told by a friend…) and help each other by sharing our wealth of Silverhairs experience.

Illuminate each other with your glow , light the candle  and lift the darkness upon us!


Guides needed

We have an Organic Vegetable farm in Singapore. Apart from growing and selling vegetables we give educational tours to schools and the public.

We are looking for gudes to help show visitors round the farm.  If you are retired and interested to pass on your knowledge of nature to children and the public. This may be a job for you. It is a free lance and part time engagement. After training and acceptence we will call you as and when we need help.

We pay a small allowance of $50 for for half days work. For location and information about the farm go to www.greencircle.com.sg. We are accessble by bus.


  1. Must have keen interest in environmental issues.
  2. Have some knowledge of vegetables and plants.
  3. Physically healthy.
  4. Likes interaction with people from 3 to 70 years old.
  5. Use to speaking infront of groups.

This is not a career, we are only providing outlet for socially conscious senior citizens who wants to leave behind some knowledge for future generations.

Tian Soo

Job Vacancies

Leading French Manufacturer in Interlinings seeks :

1)     Shipping Co-ordinator

  • Handling of shipping transactions and documentation.
  • Experience in import & export procedures.
  • Proficient in computer skills.
  • At least 3 years relevant working experience.

2)     Secretarial Assistant (Sales Department)

  • Assist in general office duties & sales co-ordination.
  • Proficient in computer skills.
  • Good command of English & Mandarin.
  • At least 3 years relevant working experience.

5 days + alternate half Sat. 

Location : Pandan Crescent, UE Tech Park.

Interested candidates please apply with full resume and salary expected to : geoktin@chargeurs.com.sg

Do you think SilverHairs in Singapore need jobs?

Immediately after 1997, when Asia was faced with the financial crisis, many people over 45 years were concerned with jobs.

But, nowadays, it seems that there is lesser concern for jobs for SilverHairs over 45.  Maybe we don’t have many job offers in recent months, but from response to the Blue Helmet project, and job topics, the response is cool.  In my discussions with some SHC members, we are now wondering if we should make jobs as one of our focus.

On the other hand, there appears to be more interests in small business and online trading.

Can you share your thoughts, and what you think, so that we can all get a good feel of what is happening?  Every comment is a personal viewpoint.  There is no bad view point.  So, let’s respect each others opinion.

I look forward to hear from as many members as possible. 

Terence Seah

Call Centre job

 If you know somebody who need a job, pls consider this opportunity:

  •              Call Centre ( Customer service Rep. ).
  •              No restriction :   age / sex
  •              5 day work week- Town office.
  •               Initial 1 year contract, $2000 p.m.
  •               Education:  G.C.E or Diploma.
  •               Must be able to read Chinese characters and converse in Cantonese.

              Pls contact 96728300  for application.

              Rgds, KK