Most of us have a phone, some phones are smartphones. But, there are so many features in these phones. Tues 21 Jan 2014 (1700 hrs – 2030 hrs)

handphone6    handphone3  smartphone1

As the subject heading goes, most of us have a telephone.  And,some are smartphones. Many of these smartphones have so many features, that we rarely use all of them.  But, many of us use the phone to communicate, in voice or in text.

I had chanced upon a few members during the Yangon trip, and they know so many features that I found valuable.  Bobby Bok introduced me to the talking dictionary which helps to translate one language to another in audio.  I had checked with Hew Lee, and he felt a gathering where we share smartphone experiences would be useful to members. There is whatsapp, viber, talkKao and line.  These applications are broken down by the type of systems eg Androids, Iphone, etc.  Mine is the Blackberry; I refuse to give it up.

I also appreciate Yew Kwong, who thinks a gathering of smartphone users sharing and chatting about its features, and applications would be useful too.  I know there are many things for all of us to learn; but I was thinking of smartphones.  So, how about a gathering strictly for smartphone users.  We can break down by Android users, IPhone users, Blackberry users, and others.  And we can break down by the phone brands eg Nokia, Samsung, HTC, etc.  Each group sits around a table, and try to show one another what we have, what we know and what applications we have.

Once you put your name down here, we know which group you can join, and put you together.  Let’s max it to between 4 to 10 persons per group.  But, we leave it to you.

We can call this a gathering of Smartphone users.  Details of the meeting are as follows:

  • Date:     Tuesday, 21 January 2014
  • Time:     5 – 8.30 pm
  • Venue:  Han’s Restaurant, Upper Pickering Street
  • EO:         Bobby Bok

So, if you are game, let us know your smartphone brand, model, and we will try to arrange you by groups.  Each group can have a leader; you can raise your hand later.

A great way to know one another better, and learn something which we may not know.

Terence Seah

Registration List: (Grouped according to brands of smartphones used)


  1. Terence Seah
  2. Daisy Yeo
  3. Charles Chua
  4. Bobby Bok
  5. Rosalind Lee
  6. Maureen Lee (tentative)
  7. Lawrence Lee
  8. Angie Ng
  9. Peter Lim
  10. May Woo
  11. Evyonne Chew
  12. Becky
  13. Gingko Tay
  14. Kristy  Quek
  15. Daniel Chan
  16. Marg Tian
  17. Peggy Yap
  18. Arthur Yap
  19. Steven Chan
  20. Winnie Tan
  21. Tan Li Li
  22. Rosalind Soh
  23. Theresa Seow
  24. Ann Lim
  25. Ng Meng Wai
  26. Evon Lim
  27. Maria Tan
  28. Paul Kong
  29. Peggy Kong
  30. Nina Choo
  31. Pat Oei
  32. Lisa Ong
  33. Fred Heng
  34. Peri Liew
  35. Dolly Lim
  36. Sock Cheng
  37. Leow Soon Huat
  38. Andrew Koh
  39. Susan C H Tan
  40. Hou Chong
  41. Lina Ng
  42. Caroline Gee
  43. Judy Lim

Apple Iphone

  1. Hew Lee
  2. Gabriella Chua
  3. Annto
  4. Barbara Lim
  5. Zara
  6. Mega Abdullah
  7. Johnny Pow
  8. Helen Yeo
  9. Lin Chuah
  10. Dan Huang
  11. Ronald Lam
  12. Freda Lim (for future mtg if any)
  13. Kenneth Tan
  14. Wee Chin
  15. Grace Kok
  16. Doreen Leong
  17. Thomas Loh
  18. Norlinda
  19. Susan Chang
  20. Lily Ho


  1. Charles Wee
  2. Frisna Tan
  3. Amy Ko


  1. Christina Pan
  2. Malcolm Chen


  1. Anne Chee
  2. Annie Loh


Are You a Victim of the Digital Divide?

I am one of the recipients of Silver Infocomm Wellness Ambassador (Ref: C3A –Ageing Well) award 2013. Not quite sure what I am supposed to do.

Anyway, for those who have a passion on smart devices, Information Technology (IT) and the like but do not know how to get started or get involved and challenge yourself, you now has a friend (or ambassador) to come to.

Do you know any senior (or PR) over 50 years of age can now go to any public library and make use of the computers there free of charge (I think for the first hour per day. For longer time, there is a nominal charge).

There are three kinds of seniors … those who know IT and enjoy every minute of it. Those who understand what IT are about but do not know the good and bad about IT and the Internet. I call this group as “driving blindly through the Internet” and many have got their fingers burnt. This is the second kind. The third kind of seniors is those who heard about the usefulness of IT and the smart devices (smartphones, tablets), never use the Internet and do not know how or where to start.

Cha bau wo eng (after eating, still have time) – Do you know, on a monthly basis, I do organise an EC event or IT Interest Group (ITIG) gathering where the above-mentioned three groups have a chance to meet, make friends, get involved and challenge yourselves more. As photography is now also IT related, I do also conduct Photo Walks like yearly Christmas Walk along Orchard Road, Sculpture Hunting in Singapore and places of interests. So far, I have captured about 80 odd. View link to see my on-going project.

For those in the first and second groups and would like to learn more about your iPhones, smartphones or IT related topics, you can contact me through my email address

For those in the third group who don’t even have an email address of your own, you can come to our monthly ITIG gathering and make yourself known. See what we can do for you. As the saying goes …

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (“?????????”).

Most of us still do not know the usefulness of being connected to the Internet. I only have one comment to these people … As we enter the group we call ourselves silver hairs or white, brown or no hair, we are becoming less mobile, we tend to stay at home more often. Knowing how to surf the Internet, we can still keep ourselves updated, be in touch with our friends and love ones through emails and video conferencing (Skype, Facetime, etc.), see movies, view videos on things some crazy people do, see magic shows; things we think are impossible but proved us wrong right in front of our eyes, etc. Most of these things are FREE.


How to start your own Club or blog, using the example of

The SilverHairsClub was not started as an intended organisation by the original founders.  However, it has progressed itself to be a stable social group, using the internet to gather friends.

There are many ways to start a blog, and making it into a Club.  We use the WordPress application software, host the Club at a major home in Singapore and manage SHC to what it is today.

I intend to show you how this SilverHairsClub is started and taking you through the steps in detail.  This includes buying a name, a space, determining the size, protecting it and making sure it runs every year.

Due to my limited time in Singapore, the course will be for serious members.  Conducted over 3 days during weekends, 4 hours per session.  The workshop will cost no less than $150 per member and $300 per non-member.  This excludes cost of domain names, hosting fees.  Experts will be invited to ensure you get a fully running blog or Club.  Those who wish to learn, without getting a name and hosting, pay only the min $150.  At the end of the couse, you will know what makes SHC ticks and what does it costs to run SHC as a Club.

The course starts in Nov for 3 consecutive weeks.  Those who registers and pays before 31 Aug 2013 gets a 15% discount.  Those who cancel by 31 Oct gets a 80% refund.  No computers provided.

Covers venue, trainers, lunch, tea and training materials.

Interested, please register here.

Terence Seah

Feedback on our Club software upgrade

Sometimes, you may find your dashboard too cluttered, as you just need to read the comments.

Do look at your screen options.  See arrow below.  You can choose what appears on your screen, especially if you just want to read the comments.

We have the latest version of WordPress.  This software is used by millions of users around the world.  It is also highly recommended by many hosting companies, including Network solutions, which manages global domain names.

For some reasons, some of you may have difficulties finding yourself around the software.  Others may find the new upgrade cumbersome.  Please keep trying.  Where we can find a solution, we definitely will.  No software is perfect.  Any changes we intend to make or improve do cost us time, money and effort.

I have come to be aware that some members complain behind the forum, and feel that we should not have gone ahead with the upgrade, without testing.  These members felt that we should have done complete tests before upgrade.  A lot of tests have been done. Unfortunately, these members do not offer any feedback during the test period.

These members also complain that we do not organise seminars to help members understand how to use the Club’s software.

It is interesting to hear that members complain that the upgrade is a waste of money, and that the costs should have been channelled to other uses.  At this stage, it is important that I highlight that members do not pay for the upgrade.  The upgrade was the result of feedback from members. is maintained, hosted and managed at no charge to members.  Such words are not necessary.  To these members, please do not incite other members into using this example as to how badly the Club is being run.  I do not need to highlight who these members are; but you definitely can do a part for the Club.

Terence Seah


If you find your dashboard too cluttered

Applications on your smartphone – What are you using?

Recently, I was playing with my mobile phone, and suddenly while fiddling with the phone, I came across an application which I could download free.  I think a number of you are already using a couple of applications which you can share with fellow members.  Hew Lee, i am sure, you are very experienced with mobile phone applications.  Guess, Yew Kwong, if you are around, I am sure you too must have loaded some applications. Many are free.

Well, let me tell you about the little application which I loaded.  It’s called Anti Mosquito.  It takes less than one minute to download it to my phone.  When I launch Anti mosquito, it emits a high frequency sound which I could not hear.  But it is effective.  The sound chases away mosquitoes; and as I am sensitive to mosquitoes, this application works well for me.  Now, whenever i go near plantations, I activate the application.

Calling all IT savvy members, do let us know what applications you have downloaded to your phone, share with us how you use it and its usefulness especially to SilverHairs.

I look forward to you sharing.  It may turn out to be fun, or it may turn out to be useless.  But, less hear it from you.

Terence Seah 

SHC Balloon Interest Group, Long Hair Princess, 8 Oct 2012

SHC Balloon Interest Group

Advanced Balloon Workshop

Long Hair Princess
Fee  : $8 includes material
Date : 8 October 2012, 730 pm to 930 pm
Venue : Tiong Bahru Community Club, conference room

67A Eu
Chin Street S1697151, 
(Before Tiong Bahru Market/Hawker Cenre/near the Park)

Map to
Tiong Bahru Community Club

Please bring black marker (from Popular Book store), balloon pump, scissor, big
plastic bag or laundry basket to put balloon. Camera or mobile to take balloon
All are welcome to attend.
(Please rsvp or email sylvia ang at, in advance as we need to prepare for material. No walk in please).

CLICK here to view photos 

September 2012 Balloon Interest Group

September 2012
Balloon Interest Group
Workshop #8
Theme : Big Octupus and Butterfly Hat
Materiial fee $4
Date :10 September 2012, Tuesday, 745 pm to 945 pm
Venue : Tiong Bahru Community Club, conference room

67A Eu
Chin Street S1697151.

(Before Tiong Bahru Market/Hawker Cenre/near the Park)
Please bring black marker (from Popular Book store), balloon pump, scissor, big
plastic bag or laundry basket to put balloon.

All are welcome to attend.
(Please rsvp or email sylvia ang at
in advance as we need to prepare for material. No walk in please).

CLICK to view photos

SHC Live! Sat 1 Sep 2012

This Saturday o1 Sep 2012, we shall have another SHC Live! session.

  • Date:  Sat 1 Sep 201
  • Venue:  Your own home PC, IPAD or notebook.
  • Time:  2130 hours to 2300 hours.
  • Charge:  Free, strictly for SilverHairsClub members.
  • Dress:  As comfortable as you like.
  • Program:
  • 2125 hrs Please be seated.
  • 2130 to 2200 hrs (Getting to know one another)
  • 2200 to 2300 hrs (Members with ideas for SHC to adopt and consider)
  • 2300 to 2300 hrs
  • Notes:
  • To avoid noise interference, please OFF your radio and TV.  Also OFF your SKYPE video.  Do sit down for a few minutes.  Poor internet may not be disconnected during the meeting.
  • Always say "My name is …… , before speaking, so we know you.
  • Before you join us on Skype, please do make sure you have a picture of yourself.
  • You can textchat one another anytime.

To participate, do let us know if you are coming.  Your registration is important.  Please contact swift_squirrel on SKYPE to register so that we know you are a SHC member.

Terence Seah

Home-based marketing as a secondary source of income?

Mention MLM and there will be a lot of people screaming ‘no no’! Can a taboo be broken? I know I am treading on the precipice but I feel that this is something that need to be discuss.

Multi-level marketing utilises a combination of direct marketing and franchising. MLM have an image problem because of difficulties in distiguishing between legitimate network marketing and illegal pyramid selling, "ponzi scheme" or scam.

Life is about choices, then came MLM, work hard for three to five years and then you never have to work again. Is this possible? The answer lies in the one word "leverage". MLM is also about personal development and and business education.

A new and powerful trend is emerging, the marriage of MLM and internet maketing to connect with their distributors. The internet is a 24/7 and accessible anywhere and anytime. Physical contrains is no longer an issue. Cross borders business are now possible so is overseas recruitments

The questions now is why, is it because we worry most will take advantage of free advertisements on this post or? Most MLM distributors have their own websites, they can tap on Facebook, Twitters and so many other blogs to promote their ware.

I hope we can have a lively discussion here and should there be any qualms, let put is down here. Why deny us an opportunty to earn a secondary source of income in our twilight years?

Desperate Dan

Announcing the launch of SHC Live!; use of SKYPE, Sat 4 Aug 2012

Dear members,

  • is a good way to meet new friends and keep in touch with SHCians.
  • The monthly gatherings are another way to keep in touch regularly, meet new friends.
  • The Interests groups are another way to share common interests, and meet friends.

As we get older, we become less mobile and less willing to leave our house.  We may also be busy, got grand children to look after or just back from a wedding dinner or dance.  We may be somewhere else in the world.

But, we still need to meet friends, keep in touch, and not feel lonely, just because we are house bound.

Let’s have another way to meet friends, old and new, keep in touch via SHC Live!

Technology has made this possible.  Singapore is going to have one of the fastest broadbands.  Most HDB flats and houses are going to be connected.  We can be connected from anywhere in Singapore.  See one another.  SKYPE is one of the applications we can use.  Go into and sign up for an account online.  If you are not sure, ask online and someone can help you.

  • Venue:  Your home, anywhere, your own PC, note book  or IPAQ, your own SKYPE
  • Day of the month:  First Saturday of each month
  • Time: Gathering starts starts 2200 hrs and ends 2300 hrs.  This time is chosen, because this is the most popular time SHCians come online.
  • Moderator:  Terence Seah (Initially for a few meetings, and after that volunteers appreciated).  I am also pretty new; but I dont think you want to wait until I become an expert.  My account name is swift_squirrel.  Please invite swift_squirrel to your skype contact list.
  • We can also have group video, and I am hoping we can introduce ourselves during the first part of SHC Live!
Those who are good or comfortable with SKYPE, please help and advise.  Let me know if you can help me. I need a time keeper, so that we can keep to schedule.  I need someone to help chair so that those who wish to speak gets a chance.  Everybody wants to speak too.

Next and first SHC Live! is on Sat 4, starting 2200 hours.  We will connect you 10 minutes before 2200 hours. So make sure your SKYPE is on.

Terence Seah

Please register here.

  1. Charles Wee
  2. Susan Chan
  3. Terence Seah
  4. Janet Ang
  5. Li Li Tan
  6. Oi Cheng
  7. Jenny Lee
  8. Vivian Lai
  9. Dorine Tan
  10. Steve Seah
  11. Patricia Low
  12. Low Ah Sze
  13. Eve Sim
  14. Debbie Oh
  15. Christopher Choo
  16. Doreen Cady
  17. Elsie Tay
  18. Janet Ang
  19. Jonathan Ong
  20. Lawrence Lee
  21. Lee KT
  22. Susan Tan
  23. Jeffrey Lim
  24. Peter Tan
  25. Phang Thean Liew
  26. Grace Chan
  27. Geraldine Ting
  28. Eliana Seow
  29. Winnie Tan
  30. Alan Ang
  31. Kheng Lim
  32. Feztus Lim
  33. Melissa Khng
  34. Hanniah Chiang
  35. Mike Tay
  36. Josephine Ong
  37. Kittie Lee
  38. Alan Ang
  39. Patricia Low
  40. Terry Tang
  41. Lynn Tai
  42. Molly Quek
  43. Please register here so that you can join SHC Live! at any of the meetings. 


Looking for ideas on how to train those with little internet knowledge

Many members who can access have at least the basic knowledge on how to use the internet, for emailing and searching for the information they want.  Of course, there are always alot to learn, and some members have more than working knowlede of the internet.  Others find that the internet is frightening to them, and do not use the internet for the daily use.  Many do not use the net, because their children do not allow them to use the home computer, or they do not have one PC to use.

The area that may be of concern is the lack of computer knowledge and use of the internet.  Many just are too frighten to use the internet. Some may be worried about messing up the data inside the computer, if they press the wrong button.  For others, getting the mouse to move is mind boggling.

Today, without the internet, some of us can be lost.  We either queue up at the bank counter, or we do our transaction online.  We either buy newspapers or we read the news on the IPAD or a smartphone.  We may be still sending Christmas cards, while for many, they no long send cards nor receive cards.  What’s happening?

I think that internet training may be a good project to undertake.  We had courses before, but they are no longer pursued.  For some, we prefer senior trainers and not some 25 year old telling us what to do.  We dont want to attend classes with other 25 years old, less we may appear odd.  Yes, many members are good enough with the internet.

As this is the new year, I am thinking we can revisit the issue of internet training and PC training.  We have tried, but we were not able to continue.  Do you think this is a cost issue?  Or is the fact that we cannot have courses, due to lack of venues or lack of computers?  Or, we have no trainers, or enough members willing to share?  Or are the rates charged too high, even if they are the same rate charged by the venue operators?  Or should trainers be paid?

This is the beginning of the year.  I hope you can share your thoughts on how we can get internet training going on, on a continuous basis.  Have you a suggestion or idea?  Dont worry about feasibility.  An idea or suggestion is still an idea.  Share it with us.  We might pick up these ideas for implementation.  Please respect other members ideas, whether you think workable or not.  Even if running internet courses or IT training is your line, say something so we can hear you too.

How to  provide internet knowledge to those who would like to know more about the internet and PC? Including those with no knowledge at all.

Terence Seah 


Event Web Calendar Update

Hi All,
It would be quite a while that I am able to update the Event Web Calendar as my laptop ‘kaput’ liao.. Currently at the Service Centre and hopefully, they are able to salvage as much as they can.  If not, will hv to re-format the hard disk.

Your patience would be much appreciated.  Hopefully, I can do these updates soonest possible.

Cheers.. Dolly 

Use of Avatar image in

Last week, I activated the use of Avatar images in  This is a little picture, that appears on the left of your comment.  I understand you can choose from one of the many freely available images.  You can also have a picture of yourself or pick one from your computer. 

Here’s how I manage to create an Avatar image, next to all my comments.

1. Go into
2. Put in the email address which you use in
3. You can choose one image that is available, or browse from your computer.
4. Within 15 minutes, the Avatar image will be activated. You will see it next to all your comments.

Have fun.

Terence Seah

Desktopdating – Beware of hackers!

Dear friend,

I just received an email supposedly from Thomas Loh and Richard Wong. Thomas denied it is from him.

They request to know my whether you are male or female, the next request is for your password. Dun, dun ever disclose, danger ahead! I was once caught because I was gullible. They use Thomas and Richard email to contact me, be careful they want your password and the next thing you know all your friend in your email list will receive an email.

It said in the email ‘I was robbed in London, all my monies and credit cards are gone. Can you do me a favour, wire me a certain amount of money and I will return you when I am back, appreciate a lot!’

I was a sucker once, dun want to be caught again, you too!


Learning Microsoft Excel – Sat, 14 & 21 Nov 09

In May 2008, SHC collaborated with YWCA to conduct learning sessions on computer for its members. At the same time, SHC members can participate in these learning sessions.

In the coming weeks, our member, Mr Chan Kwong Wah will be conducting Microsoft Excel 2007 (beginner) –

Date : Sat, 14 & 21 Nov 09

Time : 10 am to 12 pm

Venue : YWCA, Outram Road Centre

No of Sessions : 2 (Parts 1 & 2)

Fees : $12 (for 2 sessions)


p/s : we need minimum 8 participants to start the session otherwise it will be cancelled

Max intake : 12. YWCA : 6 persons registered. SHC : 6. 

  1. Patrick Lee S J
  2. Susan Tan Seok Wah
  3. Thomas Lau

Class is now full. Interested members please wait for next class tba. Thank you.

Patrick Lee SJ – Profile

 Hello everyone at SHC, I am Patrick, 63 years old, retired.

Extrovert, volunteer at CC events, do volunteer work with SAGE.  I meditate, travelled, read and write on the net, and walking with nature.

Gracious ageing is another journey in our Silver years.  As we reminisce  our youthful days of joy and happenings, we know we will never rewind back the march of time.

And time is of the essence.  I will live my silver years with bountiful energy.  With time at our disposal, I am fortunate to come across SHC. I hope I can make more friends and acquire more knowledge and experience from the vast personalities in SHC.



Promotion of IT knowledge and skills among SilverHairs

Yew Kwong, whom everybody know very well, leads and conducts IT knowledge and training skills among our membership.  He appeared today on 938 LIVE, 0810 hrs this morning.

During the interview, Yew Kwong elaborates and addresses the importance of picking up more IT skills.  With basic IT knowledge, YK sees that seniors can get more information easily.  At entry level, YK teaches computer appreciation, besides surfing the net, how to be safe and secure, as well as online internet banking. 

Thank you Yew Kwong for representing the SilverHairsClub.

Terence Seah


Members’ Got Log Out

Of late, there seems a good number of members, both new n golden, had encountered logging in issues.  Hair pulling, head banging n nail biting were what they get out of frustration. I believe the only way to resolve this is to find appropriate solutions. Let’s come 2gether, especially the I.T. n computer savvy members, to help iron out this teething issue. May we?

Then we shall start here!!!

Members who have problems pls post comments.

Members who have soltuions pls post comments.

Members who wish to provide I.T. services or lessons on private basis pls post comments. It means employment for you.







I have in mind for members to share a range of useful tips that SHC  members can find useful.No I am not talking about horse racing,soccer tips(which are my areas of interest)

An example is that my mother says when I do the washing I must  be turn the clothing inside out,zippers must be zipped up and buttons unbuttoned.How many of you out there who does not do it this way please own up and share how this advice has proven useful.

I have 3 travel tips to share ; when traveling always take the name card of the hotel when you go out as taxi drivers have a bad habit of sending you to the wrong hotel and then apologise profusely for hearing wrongly.With the card and name of the hotel written in the local language they will have less excuse of doing so.

The other tip when taking the MRT , METRO, MTR , the TUBE or the UNDERGROUND especially if the language is foreign as in France is to look for the end station when changing lines and not look for directions for the station you intend to go to.For example when going to Dover when coming from the airport do not look for directions to Dover but look for directions to Boon Lay,Of course you need a station guide or map as well!

Another tip is to learn a few useful phrases in the local language eg in France "ou er de toilette?(where is the toilet? How much? Where is the —— ?

If you are a sushi fan please take note that certain outlets(not restaurants) offer a 50% discount 30 mins before closing time.

I used to leave my battery in my laptop even when I was using the power plug connection.Now I know that u should remove the battery when using the power connection.You should also drain the battery as much as possible if u use the battery.In this way your battery life will be much longer.

When I find my notes I will share how certain stains are removed.

Members  can also  share survival tips ,camping tips cooking tips,how to get nice phone numbers without paying extra like 93833883 or 96998511,tips on weight reduction,how to stave of the onset of  wrinkles,special diet or healthy food programmes,cosmetic tips,travel tips,foodie tips on where the best is for certain types for certain types of food,how to travel with children,investment tips,business tips,where to get bargains,household tips,how to keep food fresh for a longer period  in the fridge,how to make things last longer,where to buy the best durians or where to get tasteful durians at decent prices,how to cut down your handphone bills when overseas.I cant possibly cover every subject so I leave it to members to create new ideas

Tips can also be negative: how to avoid getting ripped off,how to avoid bad situations,share bad experiences or knowledge of bad experiences so members can avoid falling into the same traps.

One tip when buying a car or something similar make sure before you sign  read the receipt  or contract as to whether it includes the GST or excludesand state so clearly.One conman try to con my friend out of an extra GST payment after the deposit was paid.Luckily she got out of a tight spot when I advise her to call their bluff as the road tax was expiring soon and they backed off.

Let this post also be an avenue for members to get advice on issues not related to friendships and relationships or personal issues.(this we can cover in another agony uncle post that I might initiate soon).So if you have a non personal problem or dilemna you can ask fellow members for advice!Caveat Emptor clause applies…use it at your own discretion.

I hope SHC members are willing to share and sometimes in the process embarass themselves(you can always say you were told by a friend…) and help each other by sharing our wealth of Silverhairs experience.

Illuminate each other with your glow , light the candle  and lift the darkness upon us!


I.T. Learning – Sep & Oct 08

Hi Guys

We know u had waited long time for this. These classes are confirmed n opened to members of SHC & YWCA (in collaboration) –

(1) Venue : YWCA, Outram Road premises.

(2) Day & Time : Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

(3) Fee : $6 per participant per session of 2 1/2 hr. Example, 2 sessions of Movie Maker (1 & 2) = $12.

(4) Maximum Enrolment per class : 12 persons subject to 1st come 1st serve. Minimum 8 participants to start a class.

(5) Payment : By IB/ATM transfer to POSB Current A/C 796-03473-4 (Loh Yew Kwong)

Dates & Contents

1.   6 Sep 08 : Multimedia & Digital – Downloading of songs n video from Youtube through online conversion via Zamzar. Plus simple photo editing if time permits.

2.   13 Sep 08Class cancelled

3.   20 Sep 08 : Multimedia & Digital – Movie Maker Part 1 of 2 – Putting all your photo 2gether to make a movie.

4.   27 Sep 08 : Multimedia & Digital – Movie Maker Part 2 of 2 – Putting all your photo 2gether to make a movie.

5.   11 Oct 08 : Cancelled

6.   18 Oct 08Cancelled

7.   25 Oct 08 : Multimedia & Digital – Movie Maker Part 1 of 2 – Re-run.

8.   1 Nov 08 : Multimedia & Digital – Movie Maker Part 2 of 2 – Re-run.      

SHC I.T. Volunteer Group

6 SEP 08 – James Tan, Sally Kang, Shirleen Kao, Wee Chin, Aaron How, Lin Chuah, Ella Tan, Jennifer Lim, 3 (YWCA) Class Full House 

20 SEP 08 – James Tan, Jennifer Lim, Wee Chin, Lin Chuah, Ella Tan, King Seng, 2 YWCA (Left 2)

27 SEP 08 – James Tan, Jennifer Lim, Wee Chin, Lin Chuah, Ella Tan, King Seng, 2 YWCA (Left 3)

25 OCT 08 – Sally Kang, Judy Lim, Clara Chay (Left 9)

1 NOV 08 – Sally Kang, Judy Lim, Clara Chay (Left 9)

I.T. Learning at YWCA (Aug 08)

I.T. workshops at Y.W.C.A., Outram Road premises

  1. Sat. 2 Aug 08 – PowerPoint (basic) – lesson 2
  2. Sat, 23 Aug 08 – Word (basic) – lesson 1
  3. Sat, 30 Aug 08 – Word (basic) – lesson 2

Time Schedule : 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

1) Helpers Wanted – If our gals n guys can spare the time, pls join us to assist or teach.

2) Participants – If our gals n guys wish to join the workshops, please let us know. Fee for the workshop is $6 per lesson payable to YWCA on actual dy.

Please post ur comments here if u guys are keen in one or both.

TQ, SHC I.T Learning Volunteer Gp

Members coming 2 assist –

  1. Chan Kwong Wah
  2. Yew Kwong (30 Aug 08)
  3. King Seng
  4. Dora Lim
  5. Andrew Yeung (23 n 30 Aug 08)
  6. Seok Cheng

Short beginners course: “How to move around” Sun 27 July 2008

This week, I am in Singapore; and thought it would be nice if I do a short beginners course on "How to move around this website called".  Other experienced members who are familiar can also conduct a session like this, from time to time.  I would appreciate this.


  • How does operate as a club or a blog?  Concept and design.
  • How to write a Post or a Comment?
  • How to get a new password, and change it from time to time.
  • Security and access levels of the SHC forum, especially EDIT.
  • How to start a similar website, similar to  In case, you are thinking of starting one for your own needs.
  1. Venue:  ScoreBot, 18 Bali Lane, near Arab Street.
  2. Date and Time:  Sun 27 July 2008, starting 3pm sharp.  Finishing 5pm.
  3. Equipment:  Course is simple, and you dont need to bring your laptop; just take some simple notes.
  4. Fee:  No charge, just your time.
  5. Attendees:  Limited to 15 pax.  Have fun.

Terence Seah

You have raised your hands:

  1. Andrew Yeung
  2. Lin Chuah
  3. Dan Huang
  4. Catherine Ho
  5. Maureen Lee
  6. Mary Tan
  7. Ronald Lee
  8. Andrew Koh
  9. Agnes Seow
  10. Shirleen Kao
  11. Peng Peng
  12. Patsy Lim
  13. SK Chua
  14. Lilian Teo
  15. Seok Cheng
  16. Ron Lai
  17. Juliana Kok
  18. Tim Liu – up on the  tree
  19. Florence Ho
  20. Alice Lai – do come, but only on the durian tree, just planted.

Participation close for now.  Shall look at another date for another session.

I.T. Class at YWCA – Jul 08

Project wif YWCA continues –  

1.  Sat, 5 Jul 08 from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. – Internet & Email

2.  Sat, 12 Jul 08 from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. – Powerpoint Basic (Lesson 1)

3.  Sat, 19 Jul 08 from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. – Powerpoint Basic (Lesson 2)

4.  Sat, 26 Jul 08 from 10 a.m. to  12.30 p.m. – Powerpoint Basic (Lesson 1)

5.  Sat, 2 Aug 08 from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. – Powerpoint Basic (Lesson 2) 

We would like 2 invite u 2 come n assist in the classes. If u wld like 2 take on the role of a trainer, we are always ready 2 gv u our full support 2. 

SHC members who are keen to learn can register for 2 seats allocated (available on 1st come 1st serve) @ $6 per session. 

U can register here or drop an email 2 :

TQ, SHC I.T. Volunteer Group

Who Are Coming –

  1. Kwong Wah
  2. Yew Kwong
  3. King Seng
  4. ChristinaCL Chan
  5. Karen Thio
  6. Mollie Tan
  7. Alicia Soh
  8. Jade Phua
  9. Dora Lim
  10. Boon Liang

I.T. Class at YWCA – Helpers Wanted

Project wif YWCA continues –  

1.   Sat, 28 Jun 08 from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. – Computer Appreciation

2.   Sat, 5 Jul 08 from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. – Internet & Email

We would like 2 invite u 2 come n assist in both classes. If u wld like 2 take on the role of a trainer, we are always ready 2 gv u our full support 2. 

Please let us know if u are coming by dropping an email soonest 2 :

TQ, SHC I.T. Volunteer Group

Who are coming –

  1. Kwong Wah
  2. Yew Kwong
  3. King Seng
  4. Jade Phua
  5. James Seah
  6. ChristinaCL Chan
  7. Alicia Soh
  8. Mollie Tan
  9. Boon Liang

SHC Monthly Meeting

Hans is an OK place to have our monthly meetings but I yearn for a place with notebook computer access. For lack of a better place I am recommending our members to do an online petition to persuade our founder to use Scorebot for our next meeting as it has internet facilities. While it’s seating capacity is limited it has enough standing capacity to create an informal  and cosy atmosphere.  Our founder is reluctant to do so because of conflict of interest but if members can persuade him in this thread I am sure he may reconsider! Our founder feels "pai sei" or awkward as he has a vested interest in the prosperity of the outlet but as long as we get a fair and good deal I strongly feel its a win -win situation for all parties.If unconvinced I would suggest we use it as a base and hangout for members until we are able to find other suitable places with internet access and than we can rotate and come back to Scorebot on alternate months or use it in lieu of unavailability of suitable locations."What say you fellow SHC members?"…support a good cause!

In the meantime any suggestions for other suitable locations with internet access? Is anybody a member of any country club who can negotiate use of one of their outlets or unutilised ballroom for one of their slow nights since it is a weekday usually.

I.T. Learning Continues (1) Updated

We confirm –

I.T. workshop for :

  1. How 2 convert normal songs into mp3 format.
  2. How 2 record songs onto blank CD.
  3. How 2 rip n make copy of DVD of size below 4.7gb.
  4. How 2 rip n make copy of DVD of size exceeding 4.7gb (aka Dual Layer)
  5. How 2 download songs from YouTube’s website 2 your PC.

On Dates :

  1. Tue, 24 Jun 08, 7 pm to 9.30 pm
  2. Sun, 29 Jun 08, 2 pm to 4.30 pm

At Venue :

Paya Lebar Kovan CC located within walking distance from Kovan MRT station (North East Line). MRT : NE Line. Bus Services : SBS 80, 81, 82, 101, 107, 107M, 112, 113, 115, 119, 136, 153.

Registered members :

  1. King Seng (29/6) PAID
  2. Steven Chan (29/6) PAID
  3. Susan Chang (24/6) PAID
  4. Pauline Khoo (24/6) PAID
  5. Caroline Gee (29/6) PAID
  6. Karen Thio (24/6) PAID
  7. Ann To (24/6) PAID
  8. Alice Seah (29/6) PAID
  9. Linda Chang (24/6) PAID
  10. Rene Leong (24/6) PAID
  11. Patrick Khoo (24/6) PAID
  12. Bernadette Chung (24/6) PAID
  13. Janet Chan (29/6) PAID
  14. Grace Kang (29/6) PAID
  15. Ah Nee (24/6) PAID
  16. Elaine Kong (29/6) PAID
  17. Grace Kok (29/6) PAID
  18. Peng Peng (29/6) PAID
  19. Catherine Chong (29/6) PAID
  20. Agnes Tan (24/6) PAID

On Waiting List :

  1. Annie Loh (24/6)
  2. Ann Lim (29/6)

  3. Alicia Soh (29/6) 
  4. Amy Ko (24/6)
  5. Payment of $15 Via IB or ATM Transfer to : POSB Current A/C No. 796-03473-4 (Loh Yew Kwong) by Fri, 13 Jun 08. Monies received after this date will be returned n seat will be given to members on waiting list.

    What 2 Bring On Actual Day :

    1. One Authentic Audio CD (one wif song only not Karaoke or VCD type or mp3).

    2. One Authentic DVD Disk (movie/karaoke/mtv type).
    3. Thumb drive (optional).
    4. Previous thread :

C U guys soon.

YK, Kwong Wah & SHC Volunteer Gp

TQ 2 all u guys 4 your enthusiaism, responses n payment of fees.

Coming Ur Way : 

1.     The same class will be repeated most probably in Jul 08 at Kovan Paya Lebar CC.

2.     Another 2 classes in Jul & Aug 08 at Henderson CC, 1) simple photo editing n uploading of photo 2 free photo album website n 2) buy n sell stuff on internet.

Dun register now but do watch out 4 coming annoucement in last wk of Jun 08.