Treasure Hunt 23 Jan 2021 (Sat)

Treasure Hunt Season 2
EO: Vincent Hee

Date : 23 Jan 2021 (Sat)
Venue: Clementi Mall
Time: 9.00am to 6.00pm

Prizes: $10 x 4 NTUC vouchers for the winning team. Runners – up get premium chocolate bars.

To participate :

1) Register : Form groups of two or four and WhatsApp names to

  • Vincent Hee : 9186 8698
  • Anne Choi
  • Jasmine Wong

2) Report : On site in front of Clementi Mall and WhatsApp your group photo with backdrop to receive the 10 locations photos from the official of your choice. Following your findings, all ten photos should be send back to the same official. This is to ensure smooth tabulation.

3) Please note, the start time will click off right after you received all the ten photos.

4) Last or final photo must be taken with your whole group. All the participants must be in the picture to qualify for the end time.

5) Happy Hunting. Good luck.

Vouchers contributed by Daniel Chan, chocolates by Vincent, and Zero Coke from Terence.

Thanks to Daniel and Vincent and Terence for encouraging participation with the prizes.

SHC Treasure Hunt – Saturday, 28 November 2020 – FINAL RESULT

Now, the results of the Treasure Hunt. In order of merit…

1st Place               WATERMELON – leads the race to finish in 1 hr 8 minutes

2nd Place              KIWI – just after 4 minutes to end it in 1 hr 12 minutes

3rd Place              AJIV – was slowed down on their 9th item but manage to finish 1 hr 21 minutes

4th Place              BANANA – last but not least though exhausted managed to clock 1 hr 41 minutes

Kudos to All TEAM MEMBERS for all the effort and positive thinking. We don’t think this race would have been possible without your true participation. You Guys n Gals deserve a treat!

Looking forward to more great adventures from SHC Members…

Sally Foo

SHC Treasure Hunt – Saturday, 28 November 2020

Our very first physical race on a lovely Saturday.  In total, we have 4 Teams of 4 participants each – namely, AJIV, WATERMELON, BANANA and KIWI – a combination of male and females.

This activity was created to encourage walking as a form of exercise cum teambuilding – as we see quite a number of energetic and enthusiastic members doing such walk on a regular basis.

Feeling energetic is a key to happiness and studies do show that you will feel much better not only about yourself but when you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and blue – a completed task DONE will probably gives you the sensation of relief.

Treasure Hunt is a game organized by Terence who prepares a list of 10 images taken at Marina Barrage.  Being a tracker myself, upon arrival on site, these images will be forwarded to the respective Team Leader to start their Hunting Race – the goal is to be the first team to complete the list.  Players take photographs of the listed items and post it back to me.  In return, I will take note of each treasure found and recorded the timing from my mobile and compile it to get the total time taken to complete their task.

Feedback from the Hunt Racers – fun with laughter and engaging as a team but sweaty and tiresome.  At the end of the race, some continued to enjoy the serenity of Marina Barrage with kite flying and thereafter a wholesome dinner – isn’t that what we call ??…

The HUNT has been set for 3 days and we still have up to Monday to complete the race and result will be announced on Tuesday noon, 01 December 2020.

Sally Foo


Starting Aug 2014, we launch “Boom Boom”, a monthly online game on this forum


Starting Aug 2014, we shall have a competition in the Club each month.  It’s easy for members to participate.  Simply answer two questions, and if you are the first to answer the two questions correctly, you will get to win a prize.  The winner is decided, based on the first person to respond correctly.  Only one prize per member per year.

  • One of the questions is likely a general or current affairs question.
  • The other question is related to the Club and the answer can likely be found in the Club or in the Club forum.

We have a number of prizes which have been kindly donated by members, responding to our requests.  They are mainly vouchers, which can be sent to the winner via registered Post.  Some are entry tickets, perfume vouchers, restaurant vouchers, etc.  Winners will be asked to send their address to Thank you for the gift donations.

So, watch out for the first game.  It will be announced as a Post on this forum.  You are invited to help me organise this game.

Strictly for members.

Terence Seah

Badminton on Thursdays at Bukit Gombak

Hi All, the badminton group has been quite regular – since April/May 2012. It is steadily growing with the regulars and not-so-regulars, from East to West (and all over Singapore), congregating at Bukit Gombak Stadium on Thursdays from 10.00am to 12.00 noon. We have increased to 2 courts, that means a total of 4 hours of play.        For the coming weeks, we will have coaching sessions for the weaker players. This is to improve the standards of play – but it is OPTIONAL. We welcome players of ALL skills/standards. Our routine is to play, chit-chat, laugh, play, CHEER/JEER – then shower (bring your own hot water and soap)- then lunch (at your own expense) across the road. Sometimes, we have more elaborate ones (thanks to the drivers amongst us.) Come join us, get to know us – players /non-players – or just have coffee/lunch. Latest Attraction – meet our handsome COACHES emoticon who will teach you new badminton tricks…

BOARD GAME, 4 August (Saturday)


Dear Members

Next "Board Game Day" will be held at:

MEDZS: Orchard Central #B2-01 (across Centre Point)
MRT: Sommerset
Date: 4 August (Saturday)
Time: 3-6PM
Cost: a) may order any drink
          b) $8.50 High Tea (3-6PM) or
          c) have dinner there after the game (mediterranean style)

For those not on my mailing list but would like to play, please register here (please don’t just show up in case there’s last minute changes…)

The Westerly wind beckons – July 27, 2012

Another opportunity for the Westerlies to meet again. This time round we hope to introduce more activities for you, Swimming as usual from 10:00am follows by lunch and bowling from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and karoeke from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.emoticon

We hope to order nonya foods for lunch, those in favour please indicate early as prior booking is required. We  have booked a room from 12:00-4:00pm, after lunch we can play games, and chit chats. I will share about a trip to Penang and will be getting Pat to share on his experiences as a senior Toastmaster member.

Kaoreke will be another exciting time for us as the room is free of charge and we only need to order a soft drink or beer at $5.50.emoticon

There is fun for anyone, we look forward to your participation.

Venue:   Singapore Polytechnic Graduate Guild, Dover Road, enter by gate 4, nearest MRT Dover Station

Parking is free!

Time: 10:00am Swimming/12:00pm Lunch/2:00pm Bowling/Karoeke 4:00pm.

EOs, Dan & Patemoticon

Those coming"

  1. Dan
  2. Pat
  3. Susan Tan
  4. Terry Tang (No lunch?)
  5. Barbara Lim
  6. Tan Seok Wah
  7. Lim Tian Soo
  8. Gabriella Chua
  9. Charles Wee
  10. Ron Teo
  11. Tan Li Li
  12. Peng Peng
  13. Goh Ah Lam
  14. Gingko Tay
  15. Cat Yeo
  16. Richard Kee
  17. Jane Kee
  18. Primrose Kok
  19. Angela Kok
  20. Shawn Soh
  21. Grace Wong
  22. Feztus
  23. Jacqueline Han
  24. Evelyn Ong
  25. Johnny Pow (No lunch)
  26. Annie Pow (No lunch)
  27. Caroline Gee – tentative
  28. Simon
  29. Pearl
  30. Bobby Bok
  31. Lydia Soh

A “Family Day” in the thinking, before end 2012

Ever since the Club started, we have always maintained that all its activities can only be attended by members, and that attendees must be 45 and over.  This rule will continue to be adopted.

However, many SHC members are still young, and may have young children or grandchildren to look after. There are also cases where their brothers and sisters are still young, below 45.  And, of course, there are the grandfathers or grandmothers who are not able to participate in SHC; but from time to time, may want to enjoy a family day, with other grandparents.

The objective of the Family Day is to provide an occasion and place whereby family members get to meet other family members over a 2D1N or 3D2N affair.

  1. First, as a rule, we will continue to maintain the over 45 age and events can only be attended by registered members.
  2. Second, after some feedback from senior members, I am thinking that we can have a Family day.  This will be held once a year; we can have a committee.  Venue and price will have to be approved, prior to the acceptance of a Family Day.  In principle, the cost should be reasonable and low. Activities will be organised by an organising committee.  Every item or event must be organised by a SHC member, no external individuals or company.
  3. Third, the Family day will be open to members of SilverHairsClub, their brothers, sisters, grandfather and grandmother, children and grandchildren.
  4. Fourth, where possible, during the Family Day, there should be events for SHC members who come along and want to meet up with other SHC members only.

To set the ball rolling, and to set the concept right from the beginning, I would take the lead in the first Family Day.  Future EOs of family day will be appointed.  So, let’s get the ball running.

  • The first event will have to be held where there is a seaside.  There should also be a swimming pool.
  • The dates should cover a (Fri, Sat or Sun) or (Sat, Sun or Mon).
  • The venue should have accommodation, twin, family or dorm.
  • Food and drinks should be provided by the venue; or organised by the committee.  Eats can include BBQ, buffets, and cooking sessions.
  • Accepted young activities should include beach and water games, ball games, swimming pool, athlete sports, walks, card and indoor games.  An event will only proceed if there is an organiser or activity leader.
  • Accepted adult activities can include karaoke, talentime, meditation, talks, grooming, dancing, fishing or snorkelling.
  • There should be no plans for shopping or city tours.

We will take the next two months to work on the following:

  • The location, which would be outside Singapore, maybe in Johore.
  • We would target 80 pax in two coaches or even 120 pax in three coaches.
  • Preferably outside rainy season.
  • A target price would be SGD 100 or lower per person, twin sharing.  A discount for participants staying in shared accommodation.
  • The date should be this year, before end 2012.
  • If you like to volunteer to organise an activity, feel free to raise your hand.

Let’s crack and brainstorm, from now to 15 Aug 2012.  Thank you to members who did the initial groundwork and discussion.

Terence Seah



  1. Members can pool car resources and drive to the Family day.  The coach fee will be taken off. Do share the petrol and toll fees.
  2. The most likely venue for now is Desaru area.


GAME DAY 2nd June 2012 (Sat)

Dear All

Our first board games day is confirmed to be held this Saturday (3-6PM) at:
Eastern Lagoon II (function Hall)
Upper East Coast Road

Buses to/from Upper East coast are 10, 12, 13, 14 & 16
Buses to/from Bedok South Ave 1 – 31, 196, 197, 43, 48

(Or google direction for better map)

For those who didn’t register on my thread published on 6th April 2012 but would like to join this one, you are welcome to just put your name here and show up!


Dear All

For the purpose of:
1. Enhancing Mental Flexibility
2. Socialising in a fun and meaningful way

I would like to organise games day on a regular basis. They are boardgames including SCRABBLE, BACKGAMON, REVERSI, RUMMIKUB, SNAKE & LADDER, CARD GAME etc ( fun and short games)

For those interested please sign up here.

Venue: will change from time to time (confirm later once the group is formed)
Day & Time: choose either one (both also can)
a. Thursday 4pm or 4.30PM (starting time)
b. Saturday 3pm or 4PM (starting time)

you may also suggest best time/day that suit you.

1. Pearl Wong (sat 3pm)
2. Inez Lim (weekday)
3 .Angie Ng (sat – scrabble)
4. Gingko Tay (sat)
5. Tan Seok Wah (sat)
6. Gabriella Chua (sat 3pm)
7. Constance Wong (sat)
8. Alice Seah (late morning, anyday except wed)
9. Tan Chor Suan (sat)
10. Mary Chan (thursday – scrabble etc)
11. Lydia Soh (sat – scrabble)
12. Lydia Chin (anyday?)
13. Annie Tan (sat)
14. Maureen Lee (sat)
15. SK Chua (sat)
16. Joy Chuang (sat 4PM – scrabble, rummikub etc)
17. Peng Peng ( sat afternoon -rummikub)
18. Terry Tang (sat)
19. Dan Huang (any time?)
20. Johnny Pow (sat)
21. Wee Chin (sat – scrabble)
22. Barbara Lim (any day?)
23. Seok Cheng (sat – scrabble)
24. Doreen Ho
25. Christina Pan (scrabble)
26. Daisy Yeo (sat – rummikub)
27. Dorine Tan (weekday evenings)
28.Josie YOW (sat – rummikub)
29. Nina Choo
30. Doreen Cady

Swimming, anyone?

The doctor give me six weeks to improve my diet and bring down my glucose level from 13 to 7 otherwise I will go on the needle. This is a challenge to myself whether I can avoid it.

Last night I dream of the dread needle and break out in cold sweat and this morning I pull myself out of bed and headed for Safra Mount Faber for 10 laps of freestyle and breast stroke. I reckon I will need to do it every morning from 8:00am to 8:30am. No more late nights as I normally sleep at about 2:00am, have to hit the sack before midnight. 

I need moral support here, anyone with similar concern would like to join me? We will have it here at Safra and if there is any other venue convenience do let me know. We may consider any other day of the week or other timing.

Swimmingly yours,



Dear SHC Members & Friends,

In keeping up with the tradition, me and my co-EOs are going to organise a ‘GAME DAY" during Chinese New Year:

DATE: 3 Feb 2012 (Friday)

TIME: 2PM onward (till the next morning for those who want to stay)

PLACE  Home Team chalet, Pasir Ris Park, unit A1

Nearest MRT: Pasir Ris (you may take bus 403 from Pasir Ris bus interchange and alight at the stop after the round about. walk a bit to chalet)

Although the main thing is playing ‘banlak’ (card game) but this gathering is meant for everybody (including our Malay/Indian friends) to have fun and enjoy the spirit/atmosphere of CNY. 

You may just come in for a chat,  take a leisure stroll at the beach or sip tea, drink beer at the balcony…

So for those who are interested to come, please register here as soon as possiblel

When you sign up, please indicate:

a. whether you prefer potluck or BBQ (If potluck, what’ll you bring)

b. about what time you will be there

c. whether you  are going to stay overnight (there are 4 bedrooms, twin beds. visit

Don’t worry about the cost, if anything else, the EO will pay for the chalet. As long as everybody happy, I’m happy!!



1. Frisna Tan (EC) – spaghetti bolognaise + soup prepared by Master Chef Peter Tan

2. Thomas Loh (co-EC, in charge of new comers or whoever needs help) – ice cubes + drinks + boxer prawns

3. Dan Huang (co-EC in charge of Mahjong booking/tables, photographer)- share BBQ + lots of fruits

4. Sam Goh Ah Huat (tong cheng and $$$ yeh) – bring 2 cans of fruits+ mandarin + paper utensils

5. Charles Wee (short while only)

6. Bira L (early?)- fried rice

7. Dolly Lim (come with chai shen yeh) – can’t bring $$$ or herself anymore

8. Rosalind Lee (early) – Kong bak bee hoon

9. Andrew Yeung (after 7PM) – now can’t bring himself anymore

10. Catherine Yeo (about 5PM) – share BBQ + tidbits

11. Norlinda (evening) – bring halal mee goreng

12. Lee Ah Nee (evening) – bring "food"

13. Peri Liew (early evening) – home made muffins

14. Bobby Bok (5 PM) – share BBQ/bbq helper

15. Hua Bee Gek (about 7pm) – tetrapak drinks+ share BBQ

16. Lam Hoy Tzee (bout 7PM) -share BBQ

17. Eunice Tay (abt 7pm) – share BBQ

18. Catherine Ho (after 7PM) – share BBQ 

19. Ann Lim (3PM,mj) – share BBQ

20. Lilian Teo (abt 7PM?) -share BBQ

21. Sarah Zahriah (7PM) – food?

22. Ithminah Zainal (7PM) – food?

23. Audrey Wong (mj) – share BBQ + cheese prawn

24. Susan Tan (about 4pm) + Ian – yew png & fried bee hoon

25. Marilyn Tay (coming with Nor)

26. Helen Wong (7.30?) – share BBQ

27. Ann Chee – hae bee hiam + a loaf of bread & french baguette 

28. Molly (Nor’s friend) – tidbits/snacks+ share BBQ

29. Ivan Lim (whenever available) – breads+ paper utensils 

30. Peggy Tan (for a while)

31. Christina Pan – CNY snack/orange

32. Kheng Lim (afternoon) – curry puff + share BBQ

33. Maggie Teo  (after work) – share BBQ

34. Albert (come with Maggie) – share BBQ

35. Pat Oei (2pm-4pm+)- share BBQ

36. Freddy Liu (just come to chit chat for a while)

37. S.K. Chua (mj) – share BBQ

38. Peter Goh (mj) -tau sar piah fr famous Balestier shop

39. Francis M (pop by only)

40. Juliana – share BBQ

41. Esther Mok – share BBQ

42. Tan Seok Wah (Susan) – japanese jelly

43. Dorine Tan + husband – share BBQ

44. Lydia Soh (about an hour) – share BBQ

45. Doughlas the cyclist (cameo appearance)

World Cup games and draw results 2010

I am useless when it comes to football. But, I do know that the World Cup draws the attention of half the world.

Spain has not been beaten in 26 games.  Only 7 teams have ever won the World Cup.  They are Uraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany, England and France.

Current holders are Italy.  Best African team is Ivory Coast.  Best team never to win the cup is Holland.  Worst is New Zealand.

Please see if you can think and work out a World Cup game for us to follow through.  I think it will be enjoyable.  Then, we can all play.

Calling the TimL and the HenryY.

Terence Seah 

SHC Flea Mart & Games Day September 26,2009 (Tentative)

Dear fellow members of Silverhairs Club, in response to Terence’s dreams of things to happen, i am planning a flea mart and games day.

The place: Safra Mount Faber

We will have a flea market on this day, the cost per booth is $35.00 for Safra members and $40.00 for non- member.

Other activities:

  1. Swimming – from 10.00am – 12.00pm                Member free/Non-member $3.20 per entry
  2. Bowling    –  from 2.00pm – 5.00pm                   Member $3.80 per games
  3. Dancing    – from  7.00pm – 12.00am                 Social and Latin Night/$15.00 with 2 drinks
  4. Mahjong  –  from  10.00am – 1.00am                Per table at $5.35 per hour/4 tables booked
  5. Flea mart  –  from 10.00am –  7.00pm              GS table provided
  6. Karoeke   –  7.00pm  –  1.30am                        7.00pm – 1.30am/Every 4 hours $19.00 with 2 drinks

I need helpers and if you are a Safra member it would better to take  charge of each activities, I will overseas the flea market. Joy will help with the dancing session.

There is a common mahjong room which have four mahjong tables which I planned to book on that day. We intend to have a  mahjong competition!

Please indicate your interest, more detail will be given once we have member willing to participate to make this event a success! Whether this ideas get off the ground will depend on Terence, Dolly and Yew Kwong’s recommendation and support!


Dan & Joy

Third SHC Dinner & Dance 2009- Update 3


Most of our members have some skills or talents. SHC TALENT SHOW 2009 aims to showcase their less known skills and talents to the club in third SHC Dinner and Dance 2009 on 4th April 2009. The show will encourage the participants to improve and master their skills and talents to their best.

The show will be in 4 segments

  1. Dance Performance.  In addition to Social, Latin, Ballroom and Line dances, the show encourages our members to show their skill in 1. Indian (Bollywood) dance 2. Malay dance 3. Chinese dance 4. Perankan dance 5. Folk dance 6. Others. The dances may be solo , couple  or group dances.
  2. Song Rendition (to Disc music): Members, wanting to sing, have to bring their songs in disc. Normally singers sing to Cha Cha beat. In order to have variety of music beats and also to encourage the members to groove the music, we request members to sing to O/B cha cha, Disco, Rock&Roll, Jive, Square Rumba, Rhythm, Latin Rumba, Samba, Waltz, Tango etc beats. The songs may be solo, duet or group songs.
  3. Games: The members can organise games of their own choice or they can choose the games, our committee is having.
  4. Talent Show:  Playing any musical instruments, mimicry, stand-up comedy, magic, juggling, play, story-telling, demonstration of Yoga etc.

If there are more responses from members in one or more segments, the decision of the committee is final.

Only members who had registered and paid the D&D cost in full will be eligible for selection to participate in the segment when there is overwhelming response to participate in that segment.

In order to encourage more members to participate, preference will be given to group (three or more members) participation for example group dance, group singing.


1.Francis Rajaratnan Mangalam – Dance Performance

2.Catherine Koh – Dance Performance

3. James Tan – Dance Performance

4. Edwin Tan – Talent

5. Bernadette Chung – Song Rendition

Third SHC Dinner & Dance 2009, The One and Only SHC MEGA Event of 2009

Dear SHCians,

Your have been eagerly waiting for the announcement of Mega Event of the year 2009. Now the long wait is over.

  • Date: 4th April 2009 (Saturday)
  • Time: 4pm to 12 am
  • Price: S$45 per pax nett (same price, charged by Hotel per pax nett)
  • Venue: Mercury Ballroom, 5th level
  • Hotel Furama Riverfront, 405, Havelock Road, Singapore 169633.
  • Nearest MRT Station: Tiong Bahru. From the station, take bus no: 123 and get down at River View Hotel Bus-stop.
  • Bus numbers: 51, 64, 123, 186, 608 and more.
  • Some Highlights of the Mega Event 2009

  • Sit-in Dinner (round table setting for 10 pax each)
  • Your choice of 2 menus – Halal/Vegetarian. Free flow of soft drinks from 4.00 pm to 12.00 pm. Free serving of peanuts during pre-dinner activities from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm. Beer only from the hotel, chargeable. For duty-paid wine, corkage waived.
  • Live Band: Live band with a vocalist. You can groove your bodies to the music of live band alone, with your partner or with a group.
  • Professional photo-shoot sessions, for members willing to pay. Arrangement is being made to bring a professional photographer from a prominent photo-studio (subject to good response from members). He will be stationed only at the counter in the venue to take pictures. Mercury Ballroom commands sweeping views of a lush tropical forest on one side and a resort-style swimming pool on the other side. Please see the map above in venue. Hence please do not lose the wonderful opportunity to take good pictures of you with your friends with nice scenery as prop for everlasting memory by using your own cameras.
  • Informal chit-chat during the intervals:  Hotel has agreed to allow our members to use the chairs near the swimming pool on the side of the Mercury Ballroom for informal chit-chat. Hence, members need not be sitting  inside the ballroom in their chairs during the entire duration of the event in a formal way. There will be intervals during the Mega Event of 8 hours. During the intervals, members can go out, get fresh air, and take lovely pictures with their friends and chit-chat with their friends
  • SHC TALENT SHOW 2009. A rare opportunity for the members to showcase their talents in this mega event. Talent Show will be in 4 segments. 1. Dance Performance 2.  Song rendition (to CD music) 3. Organising Game shows 4. Other Talents like playing any musical instruments, mimicry, stand-up comedy, magic, juggling, demo of yoga, play, etc. Another post will come shortly inviting members to participate and showcase their talents.
  • Make-over for members participating in the mega event. A beautiful and cheerful SHC member has kindly agreed to do the make-over.
  • Dance Workshop: Members having dancing experience or not, will be taught simple dance steps of popular dances.
  • Free parking at hotel car park (limited coupons only. First come , first serve policy)
  • BEST DRESSSED GUY AND BEST DRESSED LADY:  The dresses should suit the theme of the Nite.
  • Others: Dancing floor to dance away.
  • Luck draw, games and prizes etc.

    We are appealing to the generosity of fellow SHCians to sponsor as much as possible to meet the incidental expenses like prizes, decoration, display expenses, etc. We also welcome sponsors for corporate gifts as well. They can be in the form of :

  • Gift/Spa/Movies/Book vouchers
  • Lucky draw prizes, won at other events
  • Electric appliances
  • Stationery
  • Bought and forgotten items.
  • Cash/ cash vouchers
  • Any other good items which you do not mind disposing of  like Handbags, wallets, perfumes, cosmetics, lady/men products etc.
  • Registration is open. Limited Tables. To avoid disappointment, please register now. If any member wants to have vegetarian food, please indicate your preference at the time of registration.  Thanks for your kind cooperation and understanding.

Committee Members:

  • James Tan: Marketing
  • Norhayati:  Venue, Menu and SHC TALENT SHOW 2009
  • Ann Lim :  Registration and administration
  • Catherine Koh: Dance workshop, decoration and live band
  • Bernatte Chung: Treasurer, Song rendition
  • Dans Huang: Photography
  • Gea Ban Peng: Game

SHC Annual Swimming Day – 19 Oct 2008 (Repost)

This year 2008, instead of the regular Games Day, we shall be having  "SHC Swimming Day" in an Olympic size and chidren’s pool.  We had tried a Sunday and Saturday morning.  For many, waking up on a weekend is a problem.  So, we shall have a relaxing Sunday morning at Kovan Melody, courtesy of Ah Nee.

Now that the date is coming close, next month, it is our usual style to appoint an Event Organiser.  She is Lina Ng, a great swimmer, able to do at least 20 laps and tall enough to stand at the deep end of the pool.  Lina is assisted by Suzhang and Ah Nee.  Thank you ladies, and I am sure we shall all have a lovely Sunday.

  • Place – Kovan Melody, next to Kovan MRT.
  • Date and Time, Sun Oct 19, 2008 from 0900 – 1500 hrs

Those driving please give your vehicle number so that you can be registered with Kovan’s gate security.  Food is being catered.

Registration list:

  1. Lina Ng – Event Organiser                                 
  2. Susan Chang                                                               
  3. Lee Ah Nee
  4. Terence Seah
  5. Molly Chua
  6. Ronald Lee
  7. Bira
  8. Tim Liu
  9. Charles Wee
  10. Oi Cheng
  11. Caroline Gee
  12. Norlinda
  13. Rene Leong
  14. Celia Wong
  15. Maureen Lee
  16. Dan Huang
  17. Joy Chuang
  18. John Howe
  19. Lydia Chin
  20. Thomas Loh
  21. Ronald Wie
  22. Caroline Sit
  23. Mary Chan
  24. Ann Bok
  25. Alan Bok
  26. King Seng Lee
  27. June Lim
  28. Catherine Chong
  29. Tan Chin Boon
  30. Bernie Chung
  31. Doreen Ng
  32. Eleanor Chan
  33. Lum Fook
  34. Melissa Khng
  35. Catherine Ho
  36. Jessie Teo
  37. Roger Lim
  38. Marg Tian
  39. Rosna Rauaee
  40. Catherine Yeo
  41. Pearlynn Tan
  42. Shirley Wee

          REGISTRATION CLOSED  emoticon

Click here to view photos

SHC Annual Swimming Day – Sun, 19 Oct 2008

This year 2008, instead of the regular Games Day, we shall be having  "SHC Swimming Day" in an Olympic size and chidren’s pool.  We had tried a Sunday and Saturday morning.  For many, waking up on a weekend is a problem.  So, we shall have a relaxing Sunday morning at Kovan Melody, courtesy of Ah Nee.

Now that the date is coming close, next month, it is our usual style to appoint an Event Organiser.  She is Lina Ng, a great swimmer, able to do at least 20 laps and tall enough to stand at the deep end of the pool.  Lina is assisted by Suzhang and Ah Nee.  Thank you ladies, and I am sure we shall all have a lovely Sunday.

Terence Seah

  • Place – Kovan Melody, at Kovan MRT.
  • Date and Time, Sun Oct 19, 2008 from 0900 – 1500 hrs

Members who can swim and can jaga the non-swimmers.  Please get to know them, especially if you do not know how to breathe under water.

  1. Dan Huang – can swim too, provided depth is less than 2m.5m
  2. Tim Liu – can jaga the non-swimmers
  3. Patrick Yeo – tall lifeguard, can jaga the swimmers.
  4. Lina Ng – also a great non-stop swimmer

Registration list:

  1. Ah Nee
  2. Terence Seah
  3. Dan Huang
  4. Karen Thio
  5. Jane Wong
  6. Patrick Yeo
  7. Tim Liu
  8. June Lim – coming with water games ideas.  Hi June, as Lina is the EO, please liaise with Lina for clearance.  Games are restricted as this is a private pool.
  9. Steven Chan
  10. Caroline Gee
  11. Dolly Lim
  12. Charles Wee
  13. Ronald Koh
  14. Lina Ng – Event Organiser
  15. Suzhang
  16. Ronald Lee – request Nasi Lemak
  17. Yew Kwong
  18. Molly Chua
  19. Bira Lupolo
  20. If you are driving, and intend to bring your car along, and need to park in the premises, please do make sure your name is here, together with your car number.

This registration closes Sun 12 Oct or when 40 pax reached.  Strictly for those who would come in their swimming trunks or swimming costumes.  Not for observers.

Terence Seah

Annual Games Day, 20 Oct 2007


All SHC Members…. SHC Games 2007 have finally closed its curtain with many smiles and lots of laughters from those who attend the event at CSC @ Bt Batok.  Despite of the heavy downpour, turnout was almost 90% and some of those not registered also turned up to support this event.

Games Day started as early as 8.00am as the committee members busy to do up the banner to officiate the event at the foyer area.  It was later raining dogs and cats and most of us were quite doubtful if we can expect a 50% turnout.  To our relief, we saw group of member arriving around 8.30am thus making us very happy indeed.  By 8.45am, registration hit a good 70% turnout. 

5stones, scrabble and chaptek competition started off.. Both 5stones and chaptek had more players than original registered players as many members signed up to take up the challenge on the spot.. It was a indeed a great fun playing the games of our day… More members turned out as rain quietly left us to enjoy  :)

Bowling started off abit late as amendment of names need to be corrected but nevertheless members got their hands on bowling.. Wow wow.. so many hidden talents but also lots of fun and laughters as many members are first time bowlers (especially in the ladies’), rolling away in longkang but still happy cos they really enjoyed this…  Games ended around 12.45pm.  After that, all members proceeded to the foyer area for the Grand finale and prize presentation.

Limbo rock music was on the air and members were encouraged to limbo their ways thru.. of cos, to certain height level only la.. if not, alot of cracking sound can be heard.. hehehehe… Participation for this event was spontaneous and one can see that almost everyone was taking part in this… Prize presentation was conducted after the limbo rock event and the winners in each categories is summarized as below:  

Champion for Scrabble : Joyce Tan

Champion for Chaptek : Molly Chua      Runner Up : Ronald Lee

Champion for Bowling (Men)  : Tim Liu       Runner Up : Philip Puspalm
Champion for Bowling (Ladies) : Ann Chee     Runner Up : Evelyn Ong

Champion for 5 Stones : Kwong Wah (Never knew that Guy can played this better than Ladies leh)

Longkang Queen winner from Cycling Group : Susan Chang

Most Popular Limbo Rock Member : Rene Leong

The organising committees would like to express our greatest thanks to members who have sponsored gifts
1) Dan Huang
2) Grace Wong
3) Terence Seah
4) Tim Liu
5) Yew Kwong

Till we will meet again in next SHC Games Day… Bye Bye :)emoticon  

More photos can be viewed thru this link

Patrick Yeo (Event Organiser)/Dolly Lim

SilverHairsClub Annual Games Day – Sat, 20 Oct 2007

In 2006. Patrick Yeo was the Event Organiser for the SHC Annual Games Day, held at the Changi Beach Club.  This year, we will hold the same event on a Saturday.  Whether it will be held on a morning or afternoon depends on the venue.  We are looking for a Country Club with facilities to hold this event.  Likely, located near reservoir grounds.

Soon, we will look out for this year’s Event Organiser.  Meantime,  please put this date in your diary.  And we will start to create the registration list.

  • Venue:  Not confirmed, but likely a Country Club facility. You are welcome to suggest.
  • Date/Time:  Sat, 20 Oct 2007, Time: morning/afternoon (not confirmed)
  • Concept:  Entrance fee:  Free.  Simply share and pay for the game.
  • Event Organiser:  The person has not surfaced yet.  Let’s look out.
  • Committee members: Welcome volunteers.
  • Games:  (a) Mahjong, (b) Bowling (c) Scabble.  Other games can be
  • Registration:  Starts now.  Please use this forum to register.  No emails please.

Participants:  Patrick Yeo, Loh Yew Kwong, Joy, Terence Seah, Clara Chay, Suzhang, Mary Tan, LH Jie, Lisa Ong, Steven Chan, Lee Ah Nee, Dolly Lim, Shirlena Tham, Molly Chua, Fong Cheong Kong, Maureen Tay, Sue Chan, Catherine Yeo, Eileen Lee, Caroline Gee, Jessie Tan, Leong Kim, Catherine Yip.

Patrick Yeo has volunteered to be 2007 SHC Games Day Event Organiser.  All those, who would like to help, please raised your hand.  Thank you.

Closing date: 31 July 2007.

Sept gathering – Games day at Changi Beach Club

Pictures of Games Day: click here.

The SilverHairsClub aims to provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet new friends.  Look forward to a wonderful time soon.  If for any reason, you have forgotten to register, please call Terence at 9489-4360 asap.  If you have a digital camera, do bring one along.  We need your help for photos.  emoticon

  • Venue: Changi Beach Club.  Location, click here.
  • Date/Time:  Sun, Sep 17, registration starts 0800 hrs.
  • Dress:  bright colours, sunglass, swimming or sporty
  • Entrance fees – no charge if registered below. Strictly for SilverHairs only.
  • F&B – Pay at counter for breakfast (Nasi Lemak – dont know how much) and lunch ($8 for buffet).  Club does not allow outside food and drinks.
  • Prizes – 2 for scrabbles, 3 for bowling and 2 for mahjong.  Door prizes by Changi Beach Club.
  • Parking – first come basis.  Plenty of carpark, just outside the club entrance.


  • 0800 hrs – registration at CBC upper deck dining area, for attendance and games.  Free and easy, get to know one another.  Breakfast Nasi Lemak (Pay at counter).  Games registration closes at 0900 hrs.
  • 0930 hrs – Games preparation,  games in session.
  • 1100 hrs – Games wind down, results tally, gathering at CBC upper deck dining area.  Please put your name on the label stickers.
  • 1230 hrs – Prize presentation.
  • 1315 hrs – End of SilverHairsClub Games day.

Registered list: (Club entrance fee waived for registered participants)

  1. Patrick Yeo (Games Day Event organiser)
  2. Terence Seah (Swimming team leader)
  3. Margaret Lee (Prize presentation)
  4. Charles Wee (Main Registration desk)
  5. Linda Chang (Registration desk)
  6. Margaret Cheo (Registration desk)
  7. Loh Yew Kwong (Mahjong team leader)
  8. Benson Koh (Bowling team leader)
  9. Ronald Lee (Scrabbles team leader)
  10. Ang CJ
  11. Boon Liang
  12. Chan Eunice
  13. Chan Rosanne
  14. Chan Sig Yam
  15. Clara Chay
  16. Chua Veron
  17. Fong Cheong Kong
  18. Giri Ann
  19. Goh Pheng Sok
  20. Ho Lily
  21. Khoo SB
  22. Kwok Richard
  23. Lau KC
  24. Lee Lesley
  25. Lee Peter C C
  26. Lee Siew Moi
  27. Lee SM
  28. Lim Brenda
  29. Lim Jacqy
  30. Liu Timothy
  31. Loh Annie
  32. Loh KK
  33. Lum Oi Cheng
  34. Mimi Norza-Sarah
  35. Ng Angie
  36. Poh Alice
  37. Seah KC
  38. Seah Teik Song
  39. Tan Cecilia
  40. Tan Dave
  41. Tay Siew Gek
  42. Tay Maureen
  43. Tham Janet
  44. Wi Ronald
  45. Wong Simon
  46. Wu Margaret
  47. Yip Catherine
  48. Yeo Catherine

Games Bowling, mahjong and scrabbles – please register upon arrival, and meet up with the Games team leaders.

Swimming – Free to swim at the Olympic size pool or the sea.  Bring your own towels and swim gear.

SHC Games Day – Sun Sep17 (Registration)

The planned SHC Games Day is ON ie Sun, Sept 17 0830 to 1300 hrs. For all SilverHairs, whether participating or not participating in the games.  Please register by putting in a comment here.

This gathering is not intended to be competitive sports.  It aims to provide a channel for SilverHairsClub members to get to know one another better in a relaxed environment, away from the city.

We estimate a crowd of 50 participants, and if it turns out to be a 100, so much the better.  Strictly for SHC members only, no kids.  For registered SHC members, there is no entrance fee charges and and the use of the swimming pool.  So, everybody is encouraged to bring his trunks or her swimming costumes.  We would encourage casual swimming in the Olympics size pool.

The surroundings of the Changi Beach Club is suitable for walking and cycling.  But, this is left to you.

Tentative schedule:
*  0800 – 0830 hrs – registration.
*  0830 – 0930 hrs – free and easy, getting to know each another.
*  0930 – 1000 hrs – Preparation for the Games.
*  1000 – 1100 hrs – Games in session
*  1100 – 1130 hrs – Games wind down and results, and gathering at the beach front open-air cafe.
*  1130 – 1300 hrs – Games awards, lunch, knowing one another.  Prizes will be organised by Terence.

Simultaneous on-going:
0930 – 1100 hrs – Olympic size swimming pool, free and easy, and getting to know one another.

* No charge to registered SHC members.  Attendance before 0900 hrs.
* Club entrance fee will be charged for non SHC members and late comers.
* Small club fees for bowling, mahjong.

* Small breakfast available at beach front cafe
* Simple Buffet lunch available.
* No external food.

* Outside the club, along the road.
* At 1315 hrs: Walk to Changi village for those without own transport.

Event organiser (main) – Patrick Yeo

And, if you like to assist in member registration, event organiser (Games) and match-makers (getting others to know others), please drop a comment here too.

Terence Seah  9489-4360

Olympics renamed SHC Games Day

On 16 Jan 2006, we held a brainstorming session. Headed by Patrick Yeo.  The brainstorm team consists of Ronald Lee, Evelyn Tan, Shirley Wong, Margaret Lee, Terence Seah, Elsie Ho, Charles Wee.  Instead of calling SHC Olympics, the group decided we shall now call the activity the SHC Games Day.

Activities to start with include scrabbles, mahjong, monopoly, walking, bowling.

SHC will send out an invitation to find out who would participate in the different activity groups.  Closing date – end Feb 2006.

Date: Sunday, 17 Sept 2006.

First brainstorm meeting on the SilverHairsClub Olympics

Patrick Yeo has initiated the first brainstorm meeting on January 16 at the SRC.  The following people have volunteered to be part of this team.  Besides Patrick as team leader,the others are Charles Wee, Evelyn, Shirley, Margaret and Terence.

Get ready to join the fun next year.

Terence Seah