“What’s next after the corona virus?- A SHC Whatsapp group video chat LIVE

All of us are concerned with COVID-19. Our movement and  our attitudes  have changed.  This affects our lives, work, family and friends. What’s next after the virus is over?

This evening 22 Feb 2020, we shall initiate a whatsapp video groupchat for upto 4 members.  The topic: “What’s next after the virus is over?” – a look ahead discussion.

To participate:
1.  Able to do whatsapp video chat on your mobile.
2.  Are connected to WIFI.
3.  Willing to share our thoughts and participate in this video conference.
4.  Stick closely to the topic.
5.  Whatsapp text 9489 4360 to join.  Max 4 pax.
6.  21 Feb 2020  Starts: 2100hr. Ends: 2200hr.

Terence Seah

38 Oxley Road, a memory for most of us

The home of our ex Prime minister LKY will remain a memory for many of us.  It is currently the most talked about topic in Singapore; and today, Parliaament opens with a ministerial statement from PM Lee as well as other ministers.  The whip has also been lifted. MPs are free to ask questions and  express their views.

SHC members are free to discuss the issue on this post.  Please stay away from politicising the issue.  No name calling; and plse respect every member points of view.

Admin reserves the right to remove unacceptable content.

This post closes on 31 Jul 2017 midnight.

Terence Seah


Pound had dropped since Brexit. Now, USD has climbed since Trump.

By now, many of us know that the MYR has fallen painfully for out Malaysian friends against the Sing dollar and the USD.

Further away, the Indian govt has just made 500 and 1000 rupee noted illegal tender.

Share what you think? And where will all this turmoil lead to?  Is this the Trump effect?

For members who have an interest in currency, impact of USD against the SGD, MYR and major currencies, feel free to join SHC WhatsApp discussion at 9489-4360.  Strictly on this topic only. This post and WhatsApp group will close 31 Jan 2017.

Please introduce yourself when joining WhatsApp.

Terence Seah

Donald Trump attracts more Facebook readers than any other presidential nominee in American history

I  have been following up on Donald Trump since his name was first raised as a Presidential nominee.  He has raised many controversial topics and ideas but the latest and most talked about issue is “Locker room talk”.  There are more and I am sure most of you must have read something about them.

He makes sense on some issues which will change American history and global relations.  He worries the world with his TPP objection.  He talks across oceans with Russia, China, N Korea and Mexico.  He was blunt on sensitive subjects like race and religion.  He attacks previous and current Presidents.  Because of his enormous exposure to the business world, observers do think he can make America richer and wealthier.  Despite his seemingly positive outlook, his personal views on women have caused many supporters to drop supporting him as a Presidential candidate.

What’s your view?  Share your thoughts.  But please do not attack one another personally.  You can challenge the views or comments, but not the person.  Be sensitive when raising issues on race and religion.  As moderator of this topic, I will reserve the right to de-publish any comments on race and religion.

This post closes on 10 Nov 2016.

Terence Seah

Farewell to Ex-Prime minister Lee Kuan Yew

lky2    lky3Ex-Prime Minister LKY passed away early this morning.  He had contributed immensely to what Singapore is today; and is indeed the founding father of our island home.  Usually, SilverHairsClub forum does not dwell on political or government issues; but ex-PM Lee passing is a significant and important event in our lives.

Let’s open this post to members to offer their comments, opinion and wishes to the man who made Singapore and  gave us the life we have today.

Farewell ex-PM Lee.

Terence Seah

Our CPF; not your CPF


One of the most current affairs stories today is “Our CPF”.  It’s about letting Singaporeans decide how much we need during our retirement. I think it is good we have a discussion here. Perhaps you know everything; but some of us have questions and comments.

If you have questions, do ask; and anyone can respond.  If you have comments, great.  Keep your response short, so we enjoy and understand you better. Please keep short your response to 1-3 paragraphs.  I have questions too.

In the case or we turning 55 in 2016, and the options are:

  1. Basic retirement sum (with property):  A monthly payout of $650 – 700 for life, for basic needs.
  2. Full retirement sum (without property): A monthly payout of $1,200 – 1,300 for life, for basic needs.
  3. Enhanced retirement sum $241,500:  A monthly payout of $1,750 – 1,900 for life, if we choose to put more in the retirement account.

If you wish to rate your thoughts and share it with fellow members, use the scale of 1-10 (10 is excellent), avoid using I dont like it or it is a good idea.

Please share your thoughts.

Terence Seah


Can SHC help socially isolated elderly folks?

Foods for thots for fellow SHCians who are still looking/thinking/searching for something worthwhile to do or contribute back to society…appended is an article from the ST Papers dated Tuesday, 01April2014 for your reading…and this is NOT an April’s Fools Joke – OK! Good Luck!


SHC Freetorecycle

Hi All Members,
Some of the members here had joined the group called SG FreeCycle in Facebook including me.  I had been blessed by others for some items that I need for free and vice versa also.  I hope that this idea can worked out for SHC here also.

I hope that SHC can achieve a same goal to reduce waste by connecting SHC members who are giving goods to others who are seeking the same goods.  This should be entirely a non-profit movement of people who are giving and/or getting stuff for free.  We are looking for goods, eg. computers, furniture, clothing, magazines  – all these said items must be in working and/or useable condition.  These items must be 100% free and not subjected to exchange or sale.

All members are welcomed.  But any forms of advertisements, or posts that are deemed unrelated to this group by moderator, will be removed.

This is how we can make it worked:

  1. Member to post what they want to give away free.  Items that can be included are clothings (must be at least  6/10 condition), working used electrical applicances, costume jewelleries, shoes and many others – either new or hardly used
  2. It can be self collection at the convenient of the givers, paid postage and SAE (self addressed envelope) for those small items – All arrangements made must be agreed by both parties.
  3. Once item is being posted online, there is no such things as FCFS (First come First Served) basis and the giver had the final say as to how the item will be given
  4. However, the receipent, upon receipt of the item, concluded that item received is not required anymore, can re-blessed again within this group to re-cycle this item to bless to other members whom might have the use of this item.

Would appreciate your comments for this….


A little about barter of knowledge

This idea started in New York in 2010. The ‘class’ runs on barter. “Anyone can teach and pupils sign up by agreeing to meet the barter requests of teachers”.

Named Trade School, the concept has gone global. It came to S’pore last year, brought by three young, energetic ladies. They ran the first round of activities last year, and this year, they plan to run the second round.

We, the silver generation, can adapt the ideas from the Trade Schools around the world. The silver generation is a large resource pool for skills and knowledge and is well-placed, in my opinion, to contribute to the nurturing of an ethos of generosity and trust in our community.

The challenge is how to adapt. Hmmm…Any ideas from the SHC community? :)

Jetstar Grant for Funding a Community Project


This may be of interest to some of you.

Perhaps Hew Lee, you may want to get it for your IT outreach project in SHC; specifically to/for group 2 and 3 in your IT Interest Group…

For Funding A Community Project.
Jetstar Grant For Funding A Community Project.

For more details on how to apply etc for this funding, please check out the below link:


Cheers & Good Luck!

Silver Writing……………

May be some of the senior folks here will be interested in this:

Silver Writing

If yes, please check out the details at their website (www.theartshouse.com.sg) or call their hotline number (Tel: 6332 6919) to register for it etc…….

I have NO vested interest in this and neither have the time yet to go for this course…….

But thot that some senior folks here can kill some of their boring time with it…….lolzzzz!


What i like to see happening at the Club?

We may have voice this before but I feel it time to hear it again and better still if someone take the initiatives.

A matter close to my heart is to start a Mandarin speaking session for those wanting to improve their Mandarin conversation with one another.

The other idea is to start a Book Club for those avid readers who want to share their passion for reading and to encourage one another with setting goal to read more books.

As with any concern, just to put up a post can be life threatening. We worry for the responses, we worry how is the reaction and we just worry worry.

Give your encouragement here and if there is enough show of hands I will buck up and do something.


Just Wondering


Yes Terence. I was writing this post and some visitors pop-in so I quickly erase whatever I was writing and try to look distinguish. They are gone now, so here it is again.

Last week we read news of these  2 Chiefs of our government security agencies being investigated for practicing IT with one married women and paying for their enjoyment by favouring her with job contracts. Than today, an MP has to go on enforced leave because of his liason  also with a married women. I was thinking if they are sharing this same women.

 I also wonder :

1.  If married women are the vogue this season.

2.  Are they all looking to have Dragon babies?

3.  Are good experienced women so scares that they have to share?

4.  Should  they be encouraged, so as  to preserve an intelligent gene pool?

5.   Is these just a tip of an iceberg?

6.  When can we get to see this Wonder woman and how others can learn from her skills.



Silverhairs Club Charity Lunch – February 18, 2012 (Sat)

It’s time we do our part for charity. With Terence’s encouragement, we have fixed this date for the event. Trying to find a charity home to help is no mean task as there are too many to look at. I have identified the Queenstown Community Club as they have a special department looking out to the underprivileged in the vicinity.

It’s always more blessed to give so let us take this opportunity to play a small part. The Queenstown area comprises the lower income group from Tanglin Halt to Mei Ling St to Stirling Rd. Most are rented flats. Those who live here are the older folks. Our target are those 60 years old and above.

Venue: Queenstown Community Club, Commonwealth Avenue (Air-conditioned hall, can accomodate up to 300pax and has a big stage)

Time: 11.00am-2.00pm


Cost: $5.00 per pax (Each member who signs up must sponsor one or more elderly residents)

Menu: Food catered by Sin Kee Famous chicken rice includes white and roasted chicken, an egg dish, a toufu dish and a vegetable dish. We need a sponsor for soft drinks.

A medical point will be set up from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm for those coming to check their glucose level, foot scan and blood pressure.

Programme : 11.00am – 12.30pm Karaoke Singing (Judy assisted by Jeffrey)

                     12.30pm-1.30pm     Stage singing by our singers led by Jeffrey and Irene and opera singing by  the CC Opera Troupe.

We need ushers and helpers to make the event a success!

Joy Ah Long will be on standby. Please pay to Joy’s POSB Savings Account: 159-131645.

Please register early.


Generous donors :

  1. Tian Soo ($500)/received 10 Jan
  2. Rosalind Lee ($50)/received 9 Jan
  3. Pauline Ho ($100)/received 10 Jan
  4. Irene Poh ($50)/received 8 Jan

  5. Judy Lim ($50)/received 8 Jan (manning the karaoke selection)

  6. Kenneth Tan ($50)/received 9 Jan

  7. Peggy Tan ($100)/received 8 Jan

  8. Lam Hoy Tzee ($88)/received 13 Jan

  9. Bee Gek ($50)/received 13 Jan

  10. Wong Wai Kheng ($50)/received 11 Jan

  11. Gabriella Chua ($50)/received 9 Jan

  12. Caroline Gee ($50)/received 10 Jan

  13. Janie Leong ($100)/received 10 Jan

  14. Aaron How ($100)/received 10 Jan

  15. Angela Straaten ($300)/received 10 Jan

  16. Bira ($100)/received 10 Jan

  17. Richard Wong ($100)/received 10 Jan

  18. Clara Chay ($50)/received 10 Jan

  19. Daisy Yeo ($50)/received 11 Jan

  20. Jane Tan ($100)/received 12 Jan

  21. Boon Liang ($60)/received 12 Jan

  22. Susan CH Tan ($50)/received 13 Jan

  23. Mega ($50)/received 18 Jan
  24. Patrick Oei ($118)/received 17 Jan
  25. Lisa Ong ($100)/received 17 Jan
  26. Lilian Teo ($50)/received 19 Jan
  27. Josie Yow/Allison ($50)/received 20 Jan
  28. Grace Wong ($50)/received 4 Feb
  29. Jassmine Teo ($50)/received 22 Jan
  30. Lydia Soh ($32)/received 26 Jan
  31. Susan Tan SW ($20)/received 29 Jan
  32. Jane Ong ($20)/received 29 Jan
  33. Dolly Choo ($200)/received 31 Jan
  34. Terence Seah ($200)/received 9 Feb
  35. Felice Lim ($50)/received 10 Feb


 Kind helpers coming on the day itself :

1) Dorine Tan #9 tbc

2) Peggy Tan #12/medical team/drinks

3) Janie Leong #32/thermos flask/tea and coffee bags

4) Caroline Gee #36/cookies

5) Dolly Lim #48/help

6) Gabriella #49/help/sing

7 )Winnie #51/help/cloth bags

8 ) Joan Ang #56/help

9) Daisy Yeo #63/help

10)Boon Liang #70/help/photographer

11)Susan CH Tan #74/help

12)Bee Gek #78/help

13)Judy Lim #14/drinks

14)Dan/event coordinator/help

15 )Joy/usher

16)Kristy Quek #81/help

17)Lily Ho #83/help

18)Wong Wai Kheng #84/help

19)Janet Chan #90/help

20)Audrey Wong #99/help

21)Lilian Teo #103/help

22)Josie Yow #105/help

23)Allison Ong #105/help

24)Lydia Soh #118/help

25)Susan Tan SW #141/help

26)Jane Ong #141/help

27)Jane Tan #79/help

28)Thomas Loh

Kind contributors in kind :

1) Jeffrey Gan, music

2) Irene Gan, music

CLICK here to view PHOTOS 


Another Pioneer Member Gone – Roger Lim Leong Hoo

Hi All SHC Members,

I got a SMS today informing me that one of pioneer member, Mr Roger Lim had passed away due to heart attack at age of 55.

From what I gathered, Roger was once a very active member in Y2008 to Y2009.  He had contributed many valuable comments on topics related to stock, investment, shares and trading.  He also participated in the monthly walks and even attended the 3rd SHC D&D organised by Francis M.  I believed there should be much more about him which some of you might had known.

For those who wish to pay Roger the last respect, I was told by his family members that they are only planning to have a 2-days wake (ie 25/10 & 26/10) and funeral scheduled to be on 27/10 Thurs at 5.15pm.

Roger’s wake is located at Block 94A, Whampoa Drive.

Those going and need further contact of Roger’s family member, pls write to my email dlgummy@hotmail.com or post your comments here and I will liaise with you directly.

Best regards,

Special Interest: Civic activities

Hi all,
In the spirit of breaking new ground, SHC is reaching out to members who have a civic bent and are interested in doing civic work. We would like to form a civic group with the goal of helping to improve our society/environment etc

Members in this group will have roles and responsibilities thus making involvement in civic activities challenging and a learning experience for the individual.

If you are interested in civic work, please indicate in the comments box. Include your e-mail contact and I will contact you with regard to a meeting.  Alternatively you could inform me through my e-mail: kdaae2005@hotmail.com

Thank you.

Comments and feedback are welcome. :)