Stars-in-Concert #3, early Aug 2020 evening over SHC Zoom

In 2009 and 2013, SHC organised two 2 Stars-in-Concert respectively.  These two events bring out the singing and entertainment talents of our SilverhairsClub members.

This year 2020, we have set the dates for Stars-in-Concert #3.  The event is open to all SilverHairsClub members, SHC Ordinary and SHC Facebook members.  There will be prizes for both singers and home audience.   You are encouraged to participate.  This event will be held LIVE over SHC Zoom.

  • Date:  1st week of Aug 2020
  • Time:  after dinner, approx 3 hours.
  • Venue:  SHC zoom.  New password will be issued after registration.
  • Judges:  3 members plus audience participation.
  • Singers and Audience open to all members, Ordinary and Facebook members.
  • Requirements:  All singing participants are required to use their own Desktop PC, with Windows 10, speakers and an external microphone.  You should also have a singing or song application.  You can choose to have lyrics if you wish.  Ideally, you have  5mm from the microphone, for best results.
  • Top 5 winners will be judged based on voice clarity, music and vocals broadcast stabilty and entetainment.
  • Practice sessions:  regularly from now to 15 Jun 2020
  • Registration closes 27 Jul 2020.  Enough time to practise before registration closes.

More updates from organisers.  Keep in touch.

Terence Seah


“SilverHairsClub has singing talents”

Hi fellow SHC members,

Many members love to sing in karaokes, with a live band, in bathrooms, alone or with friends. Members are invited to send in their video clips to participate in “SilverHairsClub has singing talents”.

Again, we keep our rules simple.

1. Duration of singing video: 3.5 to 4.5 mins. Can be full height, waist height or face height.
2. Song can be in any language.
3. Music can be from a Karaoke system, a band or any music system.
4. Can be solo or duet.
5. Maximum singing videos per person: 2.
6. All video clips will be uploaded to Youtube, and published in SilverHairsClub and SilverHairsClub related social media.
7. Prizes are in plan, and will be announced later.
8. There will be members participation.

More updates soon.

Terence Seah

SHC Facemask Singing competition, Aug 2018 (new)

The 1st Face Mask Singing competition is restarting in a new format. We are keeping the rules simple. Singers are invited to participate. Simply wear a mask (any mask), sing in front of your mobilephone, video yourself 3.5 to 4.5 mins and send the video to +65 9489 4360. Participants must be SilverHairsClub members, and the whatsapp tel number registered with the Club.

All songs can be in any language, can be accompanied by CD music, Karaoke or live band environment. If you wish, you can introduce yourself, but stay anonymous. Videos can be full body height, waist height or full face. All videos will be published in YouTube and SilverHairsClub website. All participants are anonymous. The FIRST 4 Facemask participants with a complete song, gets a prize of SGD 50 shopping voucher. Closing date: 31 July 2018.

The judges will be you, the audience. The FIRST 4 member participants guessing the most correct names get a shopping voucher of SGD 30. To keep your answers to yourself, please submit the 4 Facemask singers’ first and last names between 1 Aug and 7 Aug 2018. Please use this post to submit your entry.

Results are announced on 15 Aug 2018.

Terence Seah

Facemask 1st participant:

Facemask 2nd participant:

Facemask 3rd participant:

Facemask 4th participant:

SHC Facemask Singing competition, Aug 2018 (amended)

Come 2018, the SilverHairsClub will be organising a Facemask Singing competition. If you love singing, like to entertain a crowd but shy to sing in front of an audience, this singing competition may be just right for you. Please note participants need not be good singers.

1. Finals of venue, date and time: not confirmed. Likely period: Aug 2018 evening.
3. Participants should start planning their songs now.  Participants should also prepare their own CD with music to accompany.
4. Lyrics, scripts, tv monitors not allowed.
5. Participants should start looking for a Facemask.  You will need to buy and wear the facemask before you start singing. And you would be required to remove your facemask after exiting the venue. You can wear a wig, any shirt, blouse, dress, pants, jacket or gown.
6. Participants are required to maintain absolute confidentiality on their song title, language or dialect, original singer name, your name and your participation. Only one person in SHC will know of your participation. Even the judges and comperes will not know who you are.
7. Participants are required not to use their regular, normal voice and accent when responding to comperes and judges.
8. Attractive prizes are being planned, for both Facemask singers and audience.
9. Participation strictly for SilverHairsClub members only.
10. More details will be provided after mid Feb 2018.

Terence Seah

SHC’s first Teresa Teng sing-alike activity, Sun 15 Feb 2015

teresa teng   Teresa Teng lived during our time. Unfortunately, she has already left us. Her heart is still with many people in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. Her songs are varied, wide and memorable. Some of us sing just like Teresa Teng, either in Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese or English. Music makes the world go rund. Music brings people together, and I hope this program will bring Singaporeans and PRs (esp members of SHC) together.

Some of you have suggested on this forum to have a Teresa Teng sing-alike activity. The idea of this event is still vague. However, I see this event as an opportunity for those who love to sing Teresa Teng’s songs on stage. If you sing like Teressa Teng, or at least close to Teresa Teng, and would like to sing for us, we would create a registration list here for you to let us know..

If you like to compere this event, please let me know here. For comperes, you may write to me via email or Whatapp.

The date of this event has been set for Sun 15 Feb 2015. Singers will have to be SHC members only. As long as your songs have been sung by Teresa Teng, the song will be accepted. Although Teresa Teng is a lady, men are encuraged to participate too.

We shall have Daniel Chan who has kindly volunteered to be the compere.

Some ideas include a “What you know about Teresa Teng” quiz.  You suggest and if we can create the idea, why not?

  • Date:  Sun `15 Feb 2015
  • Time:  1400 – 1800 hrs
  • Venue:  Le Danz, 222 Queen Street #01-01/02, Singapore 188550.
  • Music:  Minus one, provided by KJ musican.  Singers bring own VCD
  • Cost:  $15 (Open to all members and singers)
  •            $12.50 (early birds and non-contestants).  Register, pay before 31 Jan 2015
  •            $15.00 (late birds and non-contestants). Pay after 31 Jan 2015.
  • Include:  coffee, tea and finger food.
  • MC:  Daniel Chan.
  • Music (minus-one) provided by Jeffrey Gan.

Please pay to POSB CURRENT ACCOUNT 951-00428-6 (ref number and date of transaction to be indicated on this blog


  • 1400 hrs – Registration
  • 1400 hrs – 1500 hrs – Social networking
  • 1500 – 1630 hrs – Teresa Teng Sing-alike slot
  • 1630 – 1800 hrs – audience participation
  • 1800 hrs – Event ends

Closing date for registration is 15 Nov 2014 or when the first 20 members are registered.

Terence Seah

Singers registration list:

  1. Sally Tan                      )
  2. Helen Wong-Pow         )   Pl advise whether you’re coming and singing on 15 Feb
  3. Lydia Chin                    )   (new programme indicated above)
  4. Catherine Koh              )

Terence Seah

Those attending:

  1. Terence Seah, EO
  2. Daniel Chan, MC (Pd)
  3. Jeffrey Gan (music provider)
  4. Susan C H Tan
  5. Jane Ong (payment due)
  6. Susan S W Tan (payment due)
  7. Ann Lim (Pd)
  8. Lilian Teo (Pd)
  9. Judy Lim (Pd)
  10. Esther Mok (Pd)
  11. Anne Chee (Pd)
  12. Theresa Seow (Pd)
  13.  Ann Giri  (Pd)
  14. Gabriella Chua
  15. KK Yeo        )   singing (Pd)
  16. Peggy Low  )    singing (Pd)
  17. Sally Tan     )    singing (Pd)
  18. Catherine Koh ) singing  (Pd)
  19. Thomas Loh  (Pd)
  20. ?? Who else…. come and join in an afternoon of singing and fun

teresa teng event


Third SHC Dinner & Dance 2009- Update 3


Most of our members have some skills or talents. SHC TALENT SHOW 2009 aims to showcase their less known skills and talents to the club in third SHC Dinner and Dance 2009 on 4th April 2009. The show will encourage the participants to improve and master their skills and talents to their best.

The show will be in 4 segments

  1. Dance Performance.  In addition to Social, Latin, Ballroom and Line dances, the show encourages our members to show their skill in 1. Indian (Bollywood) dance 2. Malay dance 3. Chinese dance 4. Perankan dance 5. Folk dance 6. Others. The dances may be solo , couple  or group dances.
  2. Song Rendition (to Disc music): Members, wanting to sing, have to bring their songs in disc. Normally singers sing to Cha Cha beat. In order to have variety of music beats and also to encourage the members to groove the music, we request members to sing to O/B cha cha, Disco, Rock&Roll, Jive, Square Rumba, Rhythm, Latin Rumba, Samba, Waltz, Tango etc beats. The songs may be solo, duet or group songs.
  3. Games: The members can organise games of their own choice or they can choose the games, our committee is having.
  4. Talent Show:  Playing any musical instruments, mimicry, stand-up comedy, magic, juggling, play, story-telling, demonstration of Yoga etc.

If there are more responses from members in one or more segments, the decision of the committee is final.

Only members who had registered and paid the D&D cost in full will be eligible for selection to participate in the segment when there is overwhelming response to participate in that segment.

In order to encourage more members to participate, preference will be given to group (three or more members) participation for example group dance, group singing.


1.Francis Rajaratnan Mangalam – Dance Performance

2.Catherine Koh – Dance Performance

3. James Tan – Dance Performance

4. Edwin Tan – Talent

5. Bernadette Chung – Song Rendition

Third SHC Dinner & Dance 2009, The One and Only SHC MEGA Event of 2009

Dear SHCians,

Your have been eagerly waiting for the announcement of Mega Event of the year 2009. Now the long wait is over.

  • Date: 4th April 2009 (Saturday)
  • Time: 4pm to 12 am
  • Price: S$45 per pax nett (same price, charged by Hotel per pax nett)
  • Venue: Mercury Ballroom, 5th level
  • Hotel Furama Riverfront, 405, Havelock Road, Singapore 169633.
  • Nearest MRT Station: Tiong Bahru. From the station, take bus no: 123 and get down at River View Hotel Bus-stop.
  • Bus numbers: 51, 64, 123, 186, 608 and more.
  • Some Highlights of the Mega Event 2009

  • Sit-in Dinner (round table setting for 10 pax each)
  • Your choice of 2 menus – Halal/Vegetarian. Free flow of soft drinks from 4.00 pm to 12.00 pm. Free serving of peanuts during pre-dinner activities from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm. Beer only from the hotel, chargeable. For duty-paid wine, corkage waived.
  • Live Band: Live band with a vocalist. You can groove your bodies to the music of live band alone, with your partner or with a group.
  • Professional photo-shoot sessions, for members willing to pay. Arrangement is being made to bring a professional photographer from a prominent photo-studio (subject to good response from members). He will be stationed only at the counter in the venue to take pictures. Mercury Ballroom commands sweeping views of a lush tropical forest on one side and a resort-style swimming pool on the other side. Please see the map above in venue. Hence please do not lose the wonderful opportunity to take good pictures of you with your friends with nice scenery as prop for everlasting memory by using your own cameras.
  • Informal chit-chat during the intervals:  Hotel has agreed to allow our members to use the chairs near the swimming pool on the side of the Mercury Ballroom for informal chit-chat. Hence, members need not be sitting  inside the ballroom in their chairs during the entire duration of the event in a formal way. There will be intervals during the Mega Event of 8 hours. During the intervals, members can go out, get fresh air, and take lovely pictures with their friends and chit-chat with their friends
  • SHC TALENT SHOW 2009. A rare opportunity for the members to showcase their talents in this mega event. Talent Show will be in 4 segments. 1. Dance Performance 2.  Song rendition (to CD music) 3. Organising Game shows 4. Other Talents like playing any musical instruments, mimicry, stand-up comedy, magic, juggling, demo of yoga, play, etc. Another post will come shortly inviting members to participate and showcase their talents.
  • Make-over for members participating in the mega event. A beautiful and cheerful SHC member has kindly agreed to do the make-over.
  • Dance Workshop: Members having dancing experience or not, will be taught simple dance steps of popular dances.
  • Free parking at hotel car park (limited coupons only. First come , first serve policy)
  • BEST DRESSSED GUY AND BEST DRESSED LADY:  The dresses should suit the theme of the Nite.
  • Others: Dancing floor to dance away.
  • Luck draw, games and prizes etc.

    We are appealing to the generosity of fellow SHCians to sponsor as much as possible to meet the incidental expenses like prizes, decoration, display expenses, etc. We also welcome sponsors for corporate gifts as well. They can be in the form of :

  • Gift/Spa/Movies/Book vouchers
  • Lucky draw prizes, won at other events
  • Electric appliances
  • Stationery
  • Bought and forgotten items.
  • Cash/ cash vouchers
  • Any other good items which you do not mind disposing of  like Handbags, wallets, perfumes, cosmetics, lady/men products etc.
  • Registration is open. Limited Tables. To avoid disappointment, please register now. If any member wants to have vegetarian food, please indicate your preference at the time of registration.  Thanks for your kind cooperation and understanding.

Committee Members:

  • James Tan: Marketing
  • Norhayati:  Venue, Menu and SHC TALENT SHOW 2009
  • Ann Lim :  Registration and administration
  • Catherine Koh: Dance workshop, decoration and live band
  • Bernatte Chung: Treasurer, Song rendition
  • Dans Huang: Photography
  • Gea Ban Peng: Game

Patrick Lee SJ – Profile

 Hello everyone at SHC, I am Patrick, 63 years old, retired.

Extrovert, volunteer at CC events, do volunteer work with SAGE.  I meditate, travelled, read and write on the net, and walking with nature.

Gracious ageing is another journey in our Silver years.  As we reminisce  our youthful days of joy and happenings, we know we will never rewind back the march of time.

And time is of the essence.  I will live my silver years with bountiful energy.  With time at our disposal, I am fortunate to come across SHC. I hope I can make more friends and acquire more knowledge and experience from the vast personalities in SHC.



SHC Talent-Time pictures, 24 Nov 2007

Dan Huang has sent us the photographs for the Talent-Time.  If you have other photographs of the evening, please email them to me.  We will publish them too.

Click here.  Enjoy.  Which pictures do you see as interesting. Hope you can count all 79 turn-ups.

On behalf of Susan Chang, EO for SHC Talent-Time.

Overview of our Talent-Time held on 24 Nov

Firstly, I must apologize for my tardiness in posting this overview of event after 2 days…… Could have been too tired and so need 2 days to recuperate….ha…ha…..nay, just an excuse… that’s all.

Before I go on, let me say a very big "Thank You" to all my working committee, KJ Ronald, the two comperes and our judges for last Saturday’s Talentime held at the Oxford.   Hey, you guys were fantastic and a great help ! Without you, the talentime wouldn’t be so successful.  I can’t deny that there were little hiccups along the way….. nonetheless, the overwhelming response and fun throughout, was all worthwhile.  emoticon

For those who have missed the fun, here’s an overview/summary :

We have an overwhelming response of 81 pax registering for this event. Out of that, only 2 did not show up due to personal reason.  Thus, we have a 97.5% attendance that night.  I must admit all the 16 contestants (7 females & 9 male singers) did their best and performed much better than expected. 

Results : 1st runner up : Dan Huang sang "Your Cheating Heart".  2nd runner up was Ronald Wie who gave us a number "Don’t forget to Remember".  Caroline Gee who sang "I Only Want To Be With You" was the champion who walked away with 3 prizes.  Besides being the best singer, she was also voted the most popular and  most comical performer by the audience. Congratulations Caroline. You deserved the winnings ! emoticon 

After the contest, Ronald took in requests from some of them who wanted to sing just for fun. Many were also very sporting when Lily and Ron started their little line-dance jam. Some who are new to line-dance was curious to learn and was following steps instructions from Lily, while others were just enjoying their dance.  Eventhough it’s a little disorientated, all were just merely having fun..  Hey, you’ll be surprised that many SHCians were actually young at heart……even though we are known as silverhairs…..he..he..

Next, we have Ron Lai leading us in the "Chicken Dance". As the place cannot accomodate everyone, the group was split into 2 and most did joined in this fun dance. In a way, it helps to warm up everyone as we need the ball rolling for dancing…… and most continued dancing the night away with Ronald’s specially selected music of cha-cha, disco rock, rock & roll and even waltz.

The Talent-time came to a close with Terence giving out the prizes for all the contestants. Everyone of them walk home with something… thanks to all the sponsors. emoticon 

Lastly,  we wish to thank all contestants for their participations and hope to see you again next year.  We also wish to thank all those who came for this event….. you make a difference too as without your support and enthusiasm, this Talentime will not turn out to be what it is… lively & fun !! emoticon   We hope to see you guys next year !

The committee wishes everyone happy holidays ahead !! emoticon



SHC Talent-Time – 24 Nov 2007

Hi everyone,

SHC 1st Talent-time was held on Nov 2006 at the Oxford Hotel.  The last Talent-time was really fun.  Click here to see the pictures.

Hey, time to countdown to our Talent-Time……..we are all waiting for the moment when we shall see the most promising singers of SHC on 24 Nov.  All to be seen and heard.  Meanwhile, practise hard all singers –  Jia-Yu !! Who knows, you will be spotted and there goes your dream… one of those Singapore Idol !  Prizes awaiting for you..

Please note details for this year event :

Cost of buffet, confirmed at $17. 

  • Payment is non-refundable

    Prizes:  Appreciate all those sponsors who will be bringing their gifts that day to be at Oxford earlier, so we can have time to sort out the prizes accordingly.

    Committee :

    • Compares – Ron Lai & Joy Chuang
    • Judges – Lily Ho & Daniel Kang
    • Registration – Oi Cheng & Christina Chan
    • Managing the Karaoke machine, and queuing of songs – Ronald Lee
    • Prize committee – Rene Leong & Molly Chua
    • Fun committee  – Dolly Lim
    • Event organiser – Susan Chang
    • Bouncer – Tim Liu
    • Photographer – Dan Huang
    • Decor – Lee Ah Nee & Nor (with special help from Veron Lee)

    Prize Sponsored by :

    1. Gary Loke – one brand new hair dryer (Collected – bringing that day)
    2. Terence Seah – one handicraft sling bag, from Mae Hong Son, Thailand (bringing that day)
    3. Kaushal – Mr Beer Home Brewery Deluxe kit – (Collected)
    4. Esther Wong – flirty 40s, fabulous 50s, sentimental 60s Karaoke VCDs
    5. Edwin Chen – a $25/- Hard Rock Cafe voucher (With Molly)
    6. Steven Chan – 1 carton of Guinness Malta (Non-alcoholic) malt Energy drinks (Pls bring on that day) 
    7. Grace Kok – a set of baking ware & 3 bottles of wine (collected)
    8. Ron and Alice Lai – A new set of “5 in 1″ Power Handy Kit (consist of mini fan/vacuum cleaner/massager/ torchlight with compass with seperate holder). (collected)
    9. Sophia Lim – Oriental cook book (5) (Bringing that day)
    10. Dan Huang – a set of tupperware (Bringing that day)
    11. Robert & Kristy Quek – Takashimaya Cash Voucher worth $50 (with Terence)
    12. Rosalind Koh – A Japanese Figurine Doll
    13. Grace Wong – 1 Lady handbag
    14. Eileen Lee – 1 table lamp & 1 hair dryer (Collected – with Molly)
    15. Benson Koh – Evening Bag (collected – with Rene)
    16. Norlinda – one outdoor hat & bag from Bangkok (bringing that day)
    17. Tim Liu – $68 angpow


    To all the singers (guess this is what you have been waiting for) :

    We have finalised the line up of the singers for that evening.  These was specially drawn by Terence and changes will not be entertained.   We would appreciate everyone to adhere to their Q number.  We don’t encouraged changes as this will disrupt the sequence of songs that has been programmed. All participants, please feel free to come in earlier to have your trial/practise (1 song per participant) but subject to timing and on a first-come-first serve basis.  We hope to see everyone by 3:30pm latest. During the actual Talent-time, if you miss your turn, it will be considered disqualified.  emoticonWe seek your understanding.  Have fun!! emoticon

    1. M1 – Tim Liu
    2. F1 – Sophia Lim
    3. M2 – Philip Ong
    4. F2 – Bernie Chung
    5. M3 – Ronald Wie
    6. F3 – Jane Wong
    7. M4 – Dan Huang
    8. F4 – Gwyneth Lee
    9. M5 – Terence Seah
    10. F5 – Esther Wong
    11. M6 – Andrew Yeung
    12. F6 – Clara Chay
    13. M7 – William Wong
    14. F7 – Caroline Gee
    15. M8 – Anthony Lee
    16. F8 – Rosalind Koh
    17. M9 – Steven Chan
    18. F9 – Annie Loh
    19. M10 – Loh Yew Kwong

    Attendees and/or participants :

    1. Annie Loh – PAID              (Singing :"????", Singer : ???)
    2. Caroline Gee – PAID         (Singing : "I Only Want To Be With You")
    3. Linda Chang – PAID
    4. Dolly Lim – PAID (Fun Committee) 
    5. Lily Ho – PAID (Judge)
    6. Clara Chay – PAID      (Singing : "There’s a Kind of Hush”)
    7. Molly Chua – PAID (Whisky pourer /prize committee)
    8. Susan Chang – PAID(Event Organiser)
    9. Oi Cheng – PAID (Registrar)
    10. Esther Wong – PAID          (Singing : "My heart will go on")
    11. Andrew Yeung – PAID        (Singing : "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas)
    12. Terence Seah – PAID         (Singing : "Daddy, Don’t you walk so fast")
    13. Tim Liu – PAID                    (Singing Mandarin song "???”by ???)
    14. Steven Chan – PAID          (Singing : "Edelweiss")
    15. Venika Leong – PAID
    16. Dan Huang – PAID             (Singing : "Your cheating heart")
    17. Lee Ah Nee – PAID (Decor)
    18. Norlinda – PAID (Decor)
    19. Anne To – PAID
    20. Dennis Wee – PAID
    21. Wendy Goh – PAID
    22. Ron Lai – Lead compere, PAID
    23. Alice Lai – PAID
    24. Eyvonne Chew – PAID
    25. Veron Lee – PAID (Offer to help)
    26. Joy Chuang – co-compere, PAID
    27. Alice Teo – PAID
    28. Ann Lim –  PAID
    29. Bessie Lam – PAID
    30. Ronald Lee – KJ, PAID
    31. Agnes Tan – PAID
    32. LH Jie – PAID
    33. Eileen Lee – PAID
    34. Lisa Ong –  PAID
    35. Christina Chan – PAID (Registrar)
    36. John Howe – PAID
    37. Jane Wong – PAID       (Singing Canto :  ????? by ??? )
    38. Rene Leong – PAID (Prize Committee)
    39. Grace Kok – PAID
    40. Bernie Chung – PAID   (Singing : "Do you know where you’re going to" by Diana Ross)
    41. Philip Ong – PAID        (Singing : "Blue Hawaii") by Elvis Presley
    42. Anne Ng – PAID
    43. Lee Peng Peng – PAID
    44. Catherine Chong – PAID
    45. Rosalind Koh – PAID        (Singing canto : "??????")
    46. Grace Wong – PAID
    47. Boon Liang – PAID
    48. Dee Ang – PAID
    49. Lina Ng – PAID
    50. Gwyneth Lee – PAID    (Singing Hokkien song :"Ah Bu Ay Chew")
    51. June Chin – (confirmed by Terence)
    52. Eliza Chua – PAID
    53. Nina Gan – PAID
    54. Benson Koh – PAID
    55. Gingko Tay – PAID
    56. Chin Kim Seng – PAID
    57. Michelle Siew – PAID
    58. Lina Tan – PAID
    59. Ronald Wie – PAID       (Singing : "Don’t Forget to Remember") by BeeGees
    60. Anthony Lee – PAID     (Singing Hokkien :"??")
    61. Nora Chia – PAID
    62. Lilian Lee – PAID
    63. Patricia Lim – PAID
    64. Zahriah – PAID
    65. Dorothy Shem – PAID
    66. Ang Ann Siong – PAID
    67. Angie Ng – PAID
    68. Cheryl Ho – PAID
    69. Elizabeth Hwang – PAID
    70. Janet Ng – PAID
    71. Loh Yew Kwong – PAID (Singing : Malay song titled “Si Jantung Hati”) Wei, SweetHeart
    72. Sophia Lim – PAID    (Singing : "Getting To Know You")
    73. Daniel Kang – PAID (Judge)
    74. Kee Sze Ping – PAID
    75. Mary Tan – PAID
    76. Roland Tong – PAID
    77. Chian Wah – PAID
    78. Janet Heng – PAID
    79. P H Liu – PAID
    80. Margaret Chan – PAID
    81. William Wong – PAID (Singing : Canto "????? –???")

    Looking forward to seeing all of you on 24 Nov…. Participants – do come in earlier to try out your song. Thanks everyone for your support & cooperation.

    Susan & committee


    This event is strictly for SHC members only.

    Regret this post will be closed for comments.

    SHC Annual Talent-Time – Sat, 24 Nov 2007

    The last Talent-time was held Nov 2006 at the Oxford Hotel.  It’s time to work on this event again.  The last Talent-time was really fun.  Click here to see the pictures.

    • Date/Place: Sat, 24  Nov 2007.  Confirmed at Oxford Hotel.  Can be difficult to find car parks.
    • Time: 1500 – 1700 hrs (preparation, if you want to practise your throat, your partners or steps).
    • Getting to know one another or the judges:  1700 – 1800 hrs
    • Dinner (Buffet, coffee, tea, orang juice):  1800 hrs. 
    • Talent-Time competition:  1900 – 2030 hrs.
    • For those who are crazy and just want to sing, dance and perform, and couldn’t care about how good they are or what others think (Join the gang):  2100 – 2300 hrs.
    • Announcement of winners (very fun and serious): time, up to the judges, after 6 beers.
    • Cost of buffet, confirmed at $17.  Closing date for payment 31 Oct 2007.  Registered names, but not paid after closing date, will have their seats given to the waiting list.

    And, to get things moving, please register here. If you are planning to sing, as a competitor, please give us the song title and the orginal singer’s name.

    And, if you have ideas or suggestions on how the talent-time should be run, come and throw open your thoughts.  We like to hear from you.  The SilverHairsClub is intended as a platform for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends.  So, come along and join the fun.

    Prizes:  Usually, we avoid buying prizes.  So, if have some some nice and cute things, sitting pretty somewhere, let us know.  We do appreciate it.  Once formed, the prize committee will manage the prizes.

    Committee:  We are looking for the following key positions.  Feel free to raise your hands.

    • Comperes – Ron Lai, Joy Chuang
    • Judges – 2 (Lily Ho, ?)
    • Registration desk (name labels and payment) – 2
    • Managing the Karaoke machine, and queing the songs – Ronald Lee
    • Prizes committee – 2
    • Event organiser – Susan Chang
    • Bouncer – 1

    Prize donations:

    1. Gary Loke – one brand new hair dryer
    2. Terence Seah – one handicraft sling bag, from Mae Hong Son, Thailand
    3. Kaushal – Mr Beer Home Brewery Deluxe kit
    4. Esther Wong – flirty 40s, fabulous 50s, sentimental 60s Karaoke VCDs
    5. Maria Tan – will think of something.
    6. Edwin Chen – a $25/- Hard Rock Cafe voucher
    7. Steven Chan – 1 carton of Guinness Malta (Non-alcoholic) malt Energy drinks
    8. Grace Kok – a set of baking ware
    9. Ron and Alice Lai – A new set of “5 in 1″ Power Handy Kit (consist of mini fan/vacuum cleaner/massager/ torchlight with compass with seperate holder).
    10. Sophia Lim – cook books
    11. Dan Huang – a set of tupperware
    12. Robert & Kristy Quek – Takashimaya Cash Voucher worth $50

    Registered participants:

    1. Annie Loh – loves to be the 1st one to sing, yeah, PAID
    2. Rosalind Koh
    3. Caroline Gee – singing, PAID
    4. Joseph Yap Josephine Yap
    5. Gwyneth Lee – going to sing a song, but not sure which song.
    6. Linda Chang – coming to support, PAID
    7. Dolly Lim – offers to help, PAID
    8. Lily Ho – PAID
    9. Sam Goh
    10. Alice Goh
    11. Gingko Tay
    12. Linda Chang Clara Chay – PAID, "Just to tell me you love me".
    13. Molly Chua – Whisky pourer, PAID
    14. Susan Chang – Decoration, making the venue look soft and casual, PAID
    15. Oi Cheng – offers to help, PAID
    16. C J Ang
    17. Janet Riverine
    18. PH Liu
    19. Esther Wong – singing "My heart will go on", PAID
    20. Daniel Kang – Judge.  Sorry Daniel, we keep secret until closer the date.
    21. Andrew Yeung – Singing "Dust in the wind", by Kansas, PAID
    22. Bernie Chung – I can see clearly now by Johnny Nash.
    23. Terence Seah – Song "Daddy, Don’t you walk so fast", PAID
    24. Tim Liu – Thinking of contributing a Mandarin song “Sui Lai Ai Wo” by Luo Shi Feng. PAID
    25. Steven Chan – Edelweiss, PAID
    26. Robert Quek – PAID
    27. Kristy Quek – PAID
    28. CY Lee – offers to help
    29. Lee Ah Nee – offers to help, and cheer the participants, PAID
    30. Benson Koh
    31. Yew Kwong Mani Megalai Palanisamy
    32. Edwin Chen
    33. Norlinda
    34. Anne to – PAID
    35. Dennis Wee – PAID
    36. Wendy Goh – PAID
    37. Richard Lee
    38. Ron Lai – Lead compere, PAID
    39. Alice Lai – PAID
    40. Eyvonne Chew – PAID
    41. Cheryl Ho
    42. Elizabeth Hwang
    43. Janet Ng
    44. Veron Lee – PAID
    45. Mary Tan
    46. Joy Chuang – co-compere, PAID
    47. Aileen Ang
    48. Alice Teo – cheering the participants, PAID
    49. June Chin – confirmed, Not paid
    50. Ann Lim –  PAID
    51. Bessie Lam – PAID
    52. Julie Guan
    53. Ronald Lee – 2 shifts of Karoake manning machines, PAID
    54. Agnes Tan – PAID
    55. KT Wong – KT, you planning to come and sing?
    56. LH Jie – PAID
    57. Kaushal Srivasatava – coming to support
    58. Patrick Yeo – Japanese or Hokkien song
    59. Ronald Lee
    60. Eliza Chua
    61. Nina Gan
    62. Anthony Lee – will be singing too.
    63. NoraChia
    64. Maria Tan
    65. Lum Fook
    66. Chin Kim Seng
    67. Michelle Siew
    68. Eileen Lee – supporters, PAID
    69. Lisa Ong – supporters, PAID
    70. Shirley Wong –  Bridge Over Troubled Water
    71. Limited to 70 pax.  So, if you are planing to sing or support your friends, please raise your hands early.  This is the waiting list line.  The organisers will figure out how to manage the waiting list.
    1. Daniel Chan – likes to sing a Chinese Song
    2. Sophia Lim – one Chinese song coming up.
    3. Dee Ang – likes to support friends
    4. Christina Chan – PAID
    5. KK Yeo – Singing " Walk Away"
    6. Peggy Low – Singing Theresa Teng " Chinese song."
    7. Grace Kok
    8. Lina Tan
    9. Dan Huang – "Your cheating heart", and checking on the food and beverage.
    10. Randy Lee – "You make me feel brand new"
    11. Jennifer Lee
    12. Anne Chee – supporter
    13. Janet Chan – going to croon
    14. Sophia Lim
    15. Mary Chan – supporter
    16. Lee Peng Peng – supporter
    17. John Howe – supporter, PAID
    18. Jane Wong – supporter, PAID
    19. Lillian Lee – supporter
    20. Patricia Lim
    21. Philip Ong – may be singing
    22. Anne Ng
    23. Judy Lim – cheering
    24. Boon Liang – coming to support

    Terence Seah

    Talent-Time pictures

    Good fun last night at the SilverHairsClub Talent-Time.  There are more pictures comiing in.  These are just some of them.  Click here for pictures.

    Any comments, good or bad, advice or suggestions, please share with us here. Tell us what you think, and all of us can organise another big one next year. A big thank you to Susan, Molly, Elsie, Christina, Oi Cheng, Laura, Patrick, Candy for the wonderful success and cordination.  And, to all participants too.

    Terence Seah