An unusual experience taking trains in Singapore

I think this is a good intro to Terence Seah. And, I encourage all of you to share more about yourself. I shall start. The story is embarassing.

Two days ago, I went to Bukit Batok station to meet a friend. From Hougang, I took the NE line to Outram Park and then connect EW line to Jurong East and then take the NS line to Bukit Batok station. It was easy.

After my meeting, I went back to Bukit Batok station to go home. I got into the train and sat down. 10 mins later, I realised that I just past Kranji station. Aiyah, I decided to carry on the journey passing Yishun and AMK. I was bored and fell asleep.

When I worked up, I realised my train had stopped and there was no one else inside. I got out and found that I was at Marina South Pier. The station look like a beautiful modern “ghost town” station. I waited and waited and finally a train arrived.

I took this NS line, connect at Dhoby Ghaut and then via the NE line to Hougang.

This is where I start to think about myself, train stations, and what it feels to have crossed 60. My purple card hit an error at the gates, so I went to info counter. The officer looked at me and asked me where I came from, and I reply “Bukit Batok”. He also asked me what I was doing inside the trains all the while. I thought this was a “trick” or “trying to be funny” question, but I calmly replied “waiting for trains at Marina South Pier”.

Then, the officer smiled and said “No problem, I shall reset your card”. As he led me to the gate, he asked me, “Sir, have you taken train before?

I was confused there and then. Did I really spent 2 hours inside the train network? Still unsure.

Terence Seah

Leisure Bowling, 20/01/2013 (Sunday)

Dear friends/bowling kakis,

I miss you emoticon … Let’s meet and have our 1st bowling session for year 2013 *

I’ve reserved three lanes for this session (max 5 pax to a lane)

Do register if you are keen. Am looking forward to the fun session again.


Venue  : Planet Bowl, (Civil Service Club), 60 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217664

Date     : 20/01/2013 (Sunday)

Time     : 3pm to 6pm

Reference :

Charges : CSC members ($3.20/game), Public Officer/Passion Card Holders ($3.60/game), Public ($3.80/game)

Rental of bowling shoes ($1.20/pair), Purchase of socks ($1.20/pair)


See U !

Clara (EO)

The Westerly wind beckons – July 27, 2012

Another opportunity for the Westerlies to meet again. This time round we hope to introduce more activities for you, Swimming as usual from 10:00am follows by lunch and bowling from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and karoeke from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.emoticon

We hope to order nonya foods for lunch, those in favour please indicate early as prior booking is required. We  have booked a room from 12:00-4:00pm, after lunch we can play games, and chit chats. I will share about a trip to Penang and will be getting Pat to share on his experiences as a senior Toastmaster member.

Kaoreke will be another exciting time for us as the room is free of charge and we only need to order a soft drink or beer at $5.50.emoticon

There is fun for anyone, we look forward to your participation.

Venue:   Singapore Polytechnic Graduate Guild, Dover Road, enter by gate 4, nearest MRT Dover Station

Parking is free!

Time: 10:00am Swimming/12:00pm Lunch/2:00pm Bowling/Karoeke 4:00pm.

EOs, Dan & Patemoticon

Those coming"

  1. Dan
  2. Pat
  3. Susan Tan
  4. Terry Tang (No lunch?)
  5. Barbara Lim
  6. Tan Seok Wah
  7. Lim Tian Soo
  8. Gabriella Chua
  9. Charles Wee
  10. Ron Teo
  11. Tan Li Li
  12. Peng Peng
  13. Goh Ah Lam
  14. Gingko Tay
  15. Cat Yeo
  16. Richard Kee
  17. Jane Kee
  18. Primrose Kok
  19. Angela Kok
  20. Shawn Soh
  21. Grace Wong
  22. Feztus
  23. Jacqueline Han
  24. Evelyn Ong
  25. Johnny Pow (No lunch)
  26. Annie Pow (No lunch)
  27. Caroline Gee – tentative
  28. Simon
  29. Pearl
  30. Bobby Bok
  31. Lydia Soh

Bowlers Reunite! 8th April 2012 (Sunday)

Hi Bowling Kakis,

Guess you’ve been looking forward to the session again :)

March weekends (Sundays) are booked with events, therefore I’ve made reservation for two lanes.. (max 6pax to a lane) at :

 Venue     :   Planet Bowl @ Civil Service Club

                    60, Tessensohn Road,

                    Singapore  217664

 Date       :    8th April 2012 (Sunday)

 Time        :   2pm to 5pm

 Charges  :    CSC members    …..     $3.20/game

                    Public Officer/Passion Card Holders  …..    $3.60/game

                    Public   …..   $3.80/game

                    Rental of bowling shoes $1.20/pair

                    Purchase of socks $1.20/pair

Most likely we will play 3 games :)

How to get there : alight at Farrer Park MRT stn, use exit B, the clubhouse is just 5mins walk the road..

Do join me for leisure afternoon start registering your names now.. I am looking forward to the fun session with all again.


Clara (EO) 

Participants :

1.     Clara Chay

2.     King Seng

3.     Yoon Chin

4.     Evelyn Ong

5.     Zahriah Kassim

6.     Josephine Yap

7.     KC Lau








Flea Mart cum Monthly Gathering – October 31, 2009 – Update!

Hi fella SHCians,

We are just two weeks away! More vendors needed for the flea mart – each table space at $20 and floor space at $10. Three mahjong tables have been taken, with one more to go, for fun and learning.

How do get there :-

There must be something that interests you:

10.00am to 6.00pm – Mahjong

1.00pm to 5.00pm – Badminton and Pickle Ball

1.00pm to 7.00pm – Flea mart

5.00pm to 9.00pm – Monthly gathering – (Dancing, karaoke, meeting new friends) Being Halloween Night, members may come in an outfit. Do share with us what you intend to wear!

9.00pm to 11.00pm – Bowling (so far, Dan, Joy, Boon Liang, Lor Si Leng, Maggie Teo, Janet Chan and Bira, King Seng, Peng Peng, Frisna are coming.  Who else?)

Flea Mart Vendors:

  1. Terence Seah – Marmalade flavour  condoms (ITR paid 26 Oct)
  2. Terence Seah – Dating service.  Interesting combination.  Do you need a tent space or floor space? (ITR paid 26 Oct)
  3. Joy/Boon Liang/Jie – Membership booth (Booth and two banners sponsored by Nina Choo. Cash paid  17 Oct)
  4. Jassmine Teo – Books, clothes, computer screen (Paid)
  5. James Tan/Jonson Tan – Health supplements, books cds (Cash paid received from Dan 24 Oct)
  6. Anna Seet – Clothes, jewellery
  7. Frisna Tan – Jewellery, keychains, handicrafts (Cash paid 24 Oct)
  8. Rosalind Lee – Assortment of unused stuff at lelong price (Cash paid 17 Oct for two tables)
  9. Diana Gee/Alice Teo – Books, clothing, barang2 (Cash paid to bank account 30 Oct)
  10. KK Yeo – Tupperware, laser discs (ATR paid 21 Oct for two tables)
  11. Joyce Kwik/Lydia – Some barang2 (Paid)
  12. Jennifer Teo – An assortment of stuff
  13. Boon Liang – Xmas gift items (Cash paid 24 Oct)
  14. Emil Henrik Gereke – Health supplements (Pulled out)
  15. Katherine Soh – Clothing, bags, books, barang2 (Pulled out)
  16. May Soong – Kimchi & other goodies
  17. Betty Ho –  ?
  18. Evelyn Chong – Limited edition handmade accessories (Paid)
  19. Richard Lee – Emu oil, pain cream (Paid)
  20. Richard/Jane Kee – ‘White Elephant Store’ (ATR paid 20 Oct)
  21. Jacqueline Han/Lydia Chin – Women clothing, evening wear (New), accessories, handbags,  Brand new mugs with cover, travel hot flasks, travel tote bags, laptop bag etc, etc
  22. Karen Thio – Bookmarks, Crystal butterfly, Angel phone accessories (Cash paid 24 Oct)
  23. Sockie – Sister and nephew to clear (Cash paid 24 Oct)
  24. Constance Wong – Achar2 (ATR paid 28 Oct)
  25. Thomas/Marg – Gift items
  26. Hou Chong – Marmalade jam

Those who have yet to make payment, please do so before this Saturday at

Joy’s Posb Saving Account: 159-131645, thanks folks!


Click here for photos

“If you fancy BIG BALL game….happening from 22/3/2009

Hello fellow SHC members, if you fancy BIG BALL game……..


We intend to start a Sunday Bowling Session.

It is going to be for two groups.

Group A – for regular bowler and “in” for a competition and friendly game.       If things work out fine, may form a SHC Bowling Ladder later.      So, bowlers…. are YOU in for a game?

Group B – for beginner and “L” plate holder’s bowler.

Calling all SHC awarded “Long Kang” Bowling King or Queen, and persons who like to take up this game for fun and leisure, to join in. For those who wanted the “L” plate, we have Richard Yee who is happy to coach and guide you with a push, a tip or hold your hand to get the ball off the “Long Kang”. In no time you may even get yourself upgraded to Group A. It is a matter of how keen and serious you are. Bowler will agree with me that in bowling, the SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT is there whenever we HIT A STRIKE and when our average score hits the 170 marks!

So…… All are welcome to join in and enjoy the SHC spirit – having GREAT FUN TOGETHER.

It is going to happen on every Sunday starting from 22nd March 2009,

from 3.00pm to 5.00pm,

at Planet Bowl, Civil Service Club, 60 Tessensohn Road.

(Free parking on Sunday along the road and around the estate outside the club)

Nearest MRT station is Farrer Park – NE8

The cost is $3.00 per game (Special Peak Hours Rate).

Bowling shoes are available for rent at $1.00 per pair.

Please bring your own socks or buy it from the bowling counter at $1.00 per pair.


Let me have a show of hand first from those that show interest and coming… so that we can book the lanes.

Please indicate your group…..A or B.

Looking forwards to your participation.


EOs –  Dan Huang, Richard Yee,Ronald Lee  (Bowler /Coach/ Admin)

Those in Group A                        Group B                       Group C

  1. Tim Liu                               Susan Tan                  Joy Chuang
  2. Alice Seah                         King Seng Lee            Neo Sock Cheng
  3. Yoon Ching                       Sue Chan
  4. Boon Liang                       Bira
  5. Dan Huang                       Anne Chua
  6. Richard Yee                     Kristen Leong
  7. Molly Chua                       Lydia Chin
  8. Janet Chan                      Shirley Wee
  9. Maggie Teo                     Jothi Dumont


Florence Ho – Profile

Born year of the Rabbit (1951). Returning S’porean – have lived in Jupiter, Florida from 1988. 2004 lived in Belgium till return early this year.

While in Belgium, joined the Singapore Association for Belgium/Luxemburg – enjoyed activities like Chinese New Year & Hawker Fare (so shiok – brings back lots of memories of home – esp local FOOD). While abroad, did some Arts related activities. Beaded jewelry. Quilts/patchwork. 

Would love to take up golf – again. Is there a golf pro in this SilverHairClub?

Would love to meet up with members who lived in Florida (Jupiter area?) & Belgium.