Ride for Rations – A Charity Event

Hi SHCians, pls lend a hand…TQ!

On 26th to 28th August 2016, I will be cycling a distance of about 250km from Malacca to Singapore to raise fund for a registered charity organization, Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.

This is my first time participating in this particular charity ride. The aim is to provide monthly food rations worth S$70/- or monthly breakfast rations of S$25/- for needy residents living in 1 room flats in Chai Chee, Hougang and Marsiling. 100% of the funds raised will be use to help them as all cost of this event is covered by us, the volunteers.

Please join me in making a difference. No amount is too small. To make a monetary donation, please click on the following link. Donations of S$25/- and above qualifies for tax deduction. To facilitate this, provide your official name, address, tel and tax reference (NRIC/FIN/UEN).


Or you can share out on your FB timeline etc using the below link:


Looking forward to your support. Thank you again!

Ivan Lim

(Note: Terence Seah had asked that I post this Charity Fund Raising Event on SHC Website.)

Introducing iShop@SHC, a SilverHairs Enterprise project 2015

buy online3  buy online2  buy online1

Background:  To enable some members to sell their personal items on the SHC forum, we had started the SHC online Fleamart.  This Post begins each month, and members can sell their personal items.  Jassmine Teo was leading this project.  We started with no picture, and the IT guys have added picture capability to the Posts and later t the comments.  The usage of this service varies from one to 5 items per month. Corporate or business items were excluded in the month online fleamart.  The online fleamart had stopped recently due to inadequate response and lack of members volunteering to lead and follow up each month.

There was good interest among members for the physical Fleamart.  From feedback, we had a few fleamarts, and the result range from so so to successful.  The last fleamart was held at Civil Service Sports Club.

Last few years, we had feedback to set up and gather a group to buy and sell in bulk.  The ideas toyed around, but there was insufficient interest.  I guess the thinking was that it is easier to buy from the suupermarket, than to harnesss a group to buy in bulk.  Maybe there is the logistic difficulty.  But, we keep this idea fresh and on-going, and if the item is workable, let’s pick it up again.

There has always been interests by some members to sell their corporate items.  The items vary.  The members who are interested are those with products and services, ideally suited to seniors and their elderly family members.  Various groups within SHC have met to discuss online selling; setting up a website, use of available shopping portals eg eBay, gumtree, etc. There were talks on delivery difficulties, collection of payment, and the type of products and services to be offered.  But, I guess the various groups did not take off their ideas, due to varied interests, concerns with starting an online business as most of us are no long as young as we thought, funding and fear of the long process in setting up an online shopping business.

iShop@SHC, a SilverHairs Enterprise project for 2015

We are all still dreaming, even though we may be young.  Well, if you have still the idea of running an online shopping business, dont give up.,  I think there is sufficient interest among some members, and I have asked my India guys to help set up a simple online shopping service called “iShop@SHC”.   Due to the legality and business nature, “iShop@SHC” will be operated under SilverHairs Enterprise Pte Ltd.  iShop@SHC will be a project of SilverHairs Enterprise, and is not intended to be a money losing project, unlike events and activities under SilverHairs Club which usually loses money.

Our India IT guys have just completed iShop@SHC.  The project starts with Adult diapers, and today, it has only 4 items.  The online shopping will be promoted in SHC and in newspapers and other media in Singapore.  It features payment collections via paypal, credit card, ATM transfer and internet banking.  The delivery portion is still in progress and limited; but I hope it will grow as we go along.  URL SilverHairs-Enterprise.org.

A few members, who have their own products and services, have been discussing with me to use iShop@SHC.  If you are interested to sell your products or services as a business, especially to seniors and elderlies, please contact me via Whatsapp.  Think about your products or services, pictures, pricing, your competition, payment, banking procedures, storage of your products, orders handling, delivery and modes of communicating with your buyers and delivery team.

diaperslaunch   For a start, we have started with adult diapers, and the product identified is CERTAINTY Adult diapers, from Thailand.  This is an operational service.  If you like to run your own online shopping services under iShop@SHC, please understand the workings of the portal iShop@SHC.

Thank you to the members who have helped to test the service and offered ideas on test iShop@SHC.

Terence Seah

Darryl Koh (Corporate member)

fei yue

My name is Darryl KOH.

I work with Family Central, a service by Fei Yue Community Services. I am enjoying my role here at Family Central, liaising with organisations who work with seniors (50 years & above) and helping seniors to enrich themselves through the various programmes brought by this organisation.

I have enjoyed the manner these programmes help equip seniors with knowledge and skills in an interactive mode. They usually end these sessions motivated, encouraged and longing for other such training.

Darryl Koh

(Darryl Koh has been approved to be a Corpoprate member of SilverHairsClub)

Terence Seah

Virtual SHC Co-operative ( Part II )

After my posting on above, discussion review the necessity to disclose how share allocation on the Incorporated SHC Co-operative. The basic and formulae are as follow :

Using the illustration of Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour package. Assuming we manage to generate a sales of 10,000 units over the period. This will generate a value of 10,000 x 88= 88,000. Out of this 88,000 , 7,000 will be awarded to participated member drivers; 4400 (5% sales commission to members generating the revenue) 2640 (3% to SHC enterprise) We will take 88000 ( value varies depending on performance) as a basis point for share units. The share value will be determind on various factors- e.g magnitude of growth, market capitalisation,etc ) Lets assume a figure of $20.00 per share. Thus the registered issue capital for will be 88,000 units x $20 =  $ 1,760.000 .

The piioneer share holders registered capital will be

SHC enterprise                                   $   52,800  but only pay S 2,640 to acquire                the Participated member drivers        $ 140,000 but pay only S$ 7,000 to acquire            the  Sales Members                           $   88,000 but  pay only S$ 4,400 to acquire         the  Balance 73,960 belongs to the management team and the existing  members who constribute to the purchases. A convincing reports base on actual allocation will be discuss. All unalocated share will be open to new members/inactive member ( non-constributors) to subscribe at $ 20 a unit.

I look forward to the day to pay passive income through yearly declared dividend to member shareholders, generate silver hair employblities and other benefits.

I cannot be a oneman show to term a management team. Invitation is open to members to volunteer as Accountant, Auditors And records Adminstrator and trustee for Fund collection. I am looking into other programme that are beneficiary to SHC and at same time can constribute revenue to our venture.

I wish the car owners will volunteer to constribute to the success of my first Travel Package . Other forms of human resources ( e.g out of box ideas, contacts ) are highly appreciated if you suggest. You can email me at ang_tonio@yahoo.com.sg if you like to clearify before posting on blogg.

Tony Ang


Virtual SilverHair Co-operative

When I first retired from my full time job age 50 with NTUC, I wanted to set up a co-operative for Seniors but was put off as I had an attractive offer to work in China. Now that I am jobless and believe time in on my side .

I believe in pooling  members ‘ existing resources  to work for the success of this co-operative. I do not believe in asking members to contribute money towards this set-up. No body is to bleed for the failure of this misadventure.

Many retirees spend on all forms of necessities- which forms the revenue of  this co-operative. As this co-operative taps on the facilities provided by SHC enterprise- a 3% on revenue sales is provided as a constribution. All resources provided by members will be awarded in monetary gains. Details of rewards will be outlined as we roll out programme.

I have plans for  Tour programme -(A) Spore-Pengerang-Spore (B) Spore-kukup-Spore. we will develop other packages as times go by. The details of (A) as follows :

Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour 1                          Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour 2     

8.30 am – Assemble at pick-up point                   8.30 am – Assemble at Changi Ferry T 8.45 am – Cars leave via causeway                    8.45 am – By Boat to Tg Pengelin Ter 10.00am- Arrived lago land/shoppingComp       10.00am – At Pengerang walk  around 12.30am -Lunch at Farm house/others              12.30pm – Lunch at Kg Sungai Rengit 2.30pm  – Tour around Sungai Rengit                                  and tour around                  3.oopm  – drop passengers at Jetty to                3.15 pm – Pick up Tour 2 passengers                       ferry home                                                           heading for  JB shopping         By 5.00pm –  Those intend to stay a night           6.00 pm –  Dinner is optional at own

The resources require to make this tour successfully depends on members car pooling, as well as salesmanship. Sales commission 5%. Car driver get  $ 140 ( travel by Taxi to kampong Sungai Rengit from JB is S$ 70).

I intend to price this tour package at S$88 (all inclusive except Lago Land entry fee) per pax..Any suggestion to charge higher are welcome. Under this win-win arrangement. As participant- you have the comfort of travelling in private car. As a participated Driver-you have ( S$140-88 ) S$ 55.00 appreciation fees.

Opinion poll : How about each passenger pay S$ 75 transport to Participate Driver for Genting / Malacca Trip ?

Tony Ang

Update on ServiceWorks’ Job Briefing on 1 June 2012, Friday evening

We had a job briefing last evening, 1 June 2012, Friday for SHC members who
have sent us their resume.  We are glad that all the 75% SHC members who
responded to the invite turned up.  At the briefing, we also have our own
friends, trainers and associates.

Our 2-month old SHC member, Jimmy Lim, delivered an overview of the
Innovation & Capabilitiy Voucher (ICV) launched by SPRING Singapore on 1
June 2012.  The evening’s highlight was on the various available job
options and related matters.  The audience was spontaneous during
the  Q & A session and they were invited to join the individual job
interest groups which were facilitated by our Consultants after the

Main Interest:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Training and Consulting
  • Mystery Audit and
  • Focus Group Facilitating

It was a fruitful gathering and we know that we have injected a reasonal
level of excitement into the atmosphere.  Some attendees moved around
after obtaining information about a different job scope.  Most of the SHC
attendees joined the Mystery Shoppers/Focus Group Facilitating groups for

We hope to engage more SHC members to be part of ServiceWorks Pte Ltd. 
If you are keen to be a mystery shopper, a marketing consultant, etc, please
write to us for an application form.

Members who have attended the job briefing, would you care to share your
thoughts or anxiety with us?  You may post it here or write to

a)  hr@serviceworks.com.sg

b)  maylee@serviceworks.com.sg

We would love to hear from you.



Job Opportunities at ServiceWorks Pte Ltd

Since ServiceWorks Pte Ltd
became a Corporate Member on 11 May 2012, we have received a few enquiries on
the job opportunities available in the company.

Some enquired on the type of training and consulting work that we do, and
some asked about the criteria of the candidates that we are looking for.

We specialise in Service Consulting work and training in Service
Excellence.   Check it out at http://www.serviceworks.com.sg/index.php

Many companies know the importance of Service Standards and want to achieve
them through corporate training.  Unfortunately, they may not have the
‘know-how’ or the resources to do it.  We work with companies to develop
and sustain Service Excellence.  Companies who have sent their staff for
Service Standards coaching through us found that their staff diligently
practice the company’s corporate Service Standards at their


If you are a self-motivated individual with a positive attitude, integrity,
good communication skills and a customer-focused mind for

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Training
  • Service Consulting
  • Mystery Shop

you are probably the person that we are looking for.


Please feel free to send us your CV or drop us a line if you have some
experience in any of the above-mentioned areas or keen to learn but have
no prior related experience.  We will be shortlisting
candidates by 29 May 2012 (Tue) for a briefing on 1 June 2012
(Fri) and hope that you will be one of the shortlisted

Please write to

a)  hr@serviceworks.com.sg
and mark ‘Job Application’
(SHC member) or

b)  respond through this post with
your email address.  We will send you an
application form for your prompt completion and return.

We offer full-time and part-time positions and we look forward to hearing
from you real soon. 

Note:  We will keep you posted (one way or another) whether you
are shortlisted.  We will NOT keep you in suspense nor do we keep you
waiting for a reply that will never come.  Finally, all applications will
remain highly confidential.  We take pride in protecting the privacy
of all applicants.

Warmest Regards

May Woo

for  ServiceWorks Pte

May Woo * (ServiceWorks Pte Ltd) accepted as a Corporate member

Hi May,

I am pleased to accept you as a Corporate member of SilverHairsClub.  You joined SHC in July 2008 as an individual member.  As a corporate member, you are welcome  to invite members to participate in the activities of your company, and have the support of the SilverHairsClub.

Thank you and I look forward to the creative initiatives from yourself and the company.

Terence Seah 


"Dear Terence,

We spoke briefly on the subject of Corporate Membership during the March Monthly Gathering at Hans Cafe, ParkMall. 

We are writing to introduce ourselves, ServiceWorks Pte Ltd. 

ServiceWorks Pte Ltd is a local company in the business of service consulting and training.  We are a company of professionals, each specialised in our own fields to provide a comprehensive slew of consulting, training and coaching services in the area of Service Excellence.  Our consultants specialise in formulating service strategies, developing service systems, crafting integrated service roadmaps, designing and delivering comprehensive Service Excellence training programs. 

We will be embarking on an exciting journey to help boost service standards and raise productivity of SMEs with government fundings that will be launched in June 2012.  

As a Corporate Member of the SilverHairsClub, we hope we would be able to offer short term or regular job opportunities for your members. 

Looking forward for a favourable reply. 

For more information on ServiceWorks Pte Ltd, please log in to http://www.serviceworks.com.sg/aboutus.php

May Woo 

Ivan Lim * (DMGI Pte Ltd) accepted as a Corporate member

DMGI PTE. LTD. specializes: 

  • in the Design, Supply and Installation of Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration Plants; including Project Brokering
  • in the Trading of Major Industrial Refrigeration Equipment
  • in the Sales of Quality Spare Parts for Industrial Refrigeration Compressors
  • in the Sales of DMGI Energy Saving LED Lights for the commercial and industrial refrigeration fields

For industries such as:

  • Seafood, Fish, Poultry & Meat Processing and Cold Storage Plant
  • Potato, Onion, Ginger, Vegetables & Fruits Processing and Cold Storage Plants
  • Beverage, Dairy and Ice-Cream Freezing Plants
  • Marine Vessels and Offshore Platforms (supply basis only for this market sector)

We also provide supervisory services and spare parts for the overhauling and servicing works of all kinds of industrial ammonia refrigeration compressors.

Singapore is our base to launch our business development and marketing efforts in ASEAN, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. We also have a partnership in a manufacturing/fabrication business in Vietnam.

My company is always looking to expand our business portfolio beyond our present boundaries.

Ivan Lim



Jeffrey Gan & Irene Lee * (EZ4U Music and Dance) accepted as a Corporate member

Hi Terence,

Myself  and my wife, Irene, would like to join as corporate member as stated in the SHC Forum.

I am currently running EZ4U Music and Dance
whereby I conduct training for singing and dancing.  Irene also conduct training  for stage
showmanship and personal grooming/presentation.  Another related 
organisation, Glamour Danzfit run by
Irene, specializes in retail and wholesale of dance apparels, shoes 
and accessories. Both organisations run events
on a regular basis such as anniversaries, theme parties, 
festive celebrations, corporate functions,
community club events, just to name a few……………

We also undertake projects with organisations
such as National Park, SCCCI for special appearances and ongoing trainings.

We look forward to your favourable response.

Jeffrey Gan/Irene Lee

Malcolm Chen * (MMVC Network) accepted as a Corporate member

Hi Terence
I am writing in response to the registration of
corporate member.

Briefly, MMVC Network is a firm founded and operated [OMO] passionately
by yours truly Malcolm 66 years young. It is said age is like rubber
tire….it is not the mileage that counts but the threads remained. Well I
still have fairly good threads. Since 2002 is passionately involved in
promoting, marketing and organizing diverse events / projects such as
experiential education; ethnic music & culture; master classes;
equestrian; adventure races and sports tourism, community-involvement tourism,
corporate incentive group & niche programs; and MICE.

We will be launching a free e-magazine AGELESS Travel Log www.agelesstravellog.com
in December 2011 owned and managed by MMVC Network. The website is currently
under construction, meantime the front page is loaded.
contest; active-ageing events (local & overseas) will be organized. In fact
there will Travel Escapades Contest when the website is launched – WIN FREE
TRIPS!!!! Amongst the objectives of organizing this contest is to initiate a
campaign for the best writers to be included in the pool of
agelesstravellog.com “Media Ambassador” to future media trips and/or
Sincerely look forward to be included in the list of
corporate members that we may synergize for mutual benefits and the
Warm Regards
Malcolm Chen
Entreprenuer/Managing Editor
MMVC Network