Collecting commision from advertising, promoting, introduction or selling products or services to SHC members

It has come to my attention that some members get a commission when introducing other members to external courses including skills development or skill credits courses.

In concept, it sounds like “Why not?” when the cause is good.

SHC was developed as a free platform. It incurs costs in operating the Club.  However, some members are unwilling to contribute to a SHC startup operating fund. And they use our members and forum to advertise and collect monetary benefits in return.

The club will be reviewng this situation. 

Terence Seah

Forum Moderator Wanted

Forum Moderator Wanted.

Why the need for a Forum Moderator?

We never had one before, why now? The answer is yes, we had but he was called Fairy God Mother. With his magic wand, he can deny access or remove membership quietly.

Now we have Lily Ho, the beach, the lunatic, the f…k… Goddess Almighty who has to be seen to do the job or else the chief will text reminder to do this or act on that. Not only it is a thankless unpaid job but a role people love to hate and call names in the face and behind the back.

Nobody likes to be moderated. Am I stupid to take up the role? Yes, but according to the chief, someone has to do it.!

So, if you are interested in taking over the role from me, please contact Admin immediately. Until then, you have no choice but to put up with me till I am being replaced or the 2 years term is up whichever come first.!

Duties encompasses but not restricted to :

1) Daily checking of the forum to ensure no taboo subjects, tel numbers, offensive or name calling of fellow members.
2) If necessary, post reminder or warning to offending member.
3) Full authority to delete or edit posts or comments of the above.
4) Ensure EO and EC events have date and time indicated on the subject title.
5) Ensure all general post to be in Forum General and/or relevant categories but not on Main Bulletin.
6) Review all posts, comments and links that came under moderation and release them when deemed non offensive and within compliance to club policies.

Requirements :
Must be prepared to spare the time, be thick-skin and dare to challenge.

Sincerely look forward to your application soon.

Lily Ho

Advertisement: Esplanade – A Date with Friends from Nov 7 to 10 2013

Hi All

The 4-day (3 ticketed and 10 free programmes) festival is jam-packed with performances including Yesterday Once More II, Unforgettable Theme Songs, Relax and Joget and the festival closing item is an open invitation for mass line dancing.

Check out the link for more information.

Have a date with friends and take a walk down memory lane…………..



Advertisement: The Esplanade presents JERRY AND THE NEUFACES with hits from the Rolling Stones

The Esplanade presents a wide variety of programmes including music, dance, theatre and more for everyone.  It has a regular series called Coffee Morning and Afternoon Tea specially for the seniors. Held every first Monday of the month, this series features an hour of timeless evergreen hits with a different nostalgic themes each month.

On 1 July 2013, there is a performance Satisfaction Guaranteed – A Tribute to The Rolling Stones by JERRY AND THE NEUFACES.

Join in the revelry as JERRY AND THE NEUFACES bring us a nostalgic hour of hits like Satisfaction, As Tears Go By, Jumping Jack Flash and more from The Rolling Stones – one of the greatest surviving Rock and Roll bands!

  •  1 Jul 2013, Mon, 10.30am / 3.00pm
  • Esplanade Recital Studio
  • $12 (Coffee and tea will be provided before each show)

Tickets available from SISTIC.

Liner advertising accepted from 1 Jan 2013

The forum can now accept liner advertising from members and non-members from 1 Jan 2013. Liner ads will be made simple to publish.

1. Liner ads are req’d to use the category "Advertisement". Only plain regular text are permitted.
2. Each line will be charged $5 for non-members. SilverHairsClub members will only pay $2.50 per line. Liner advertisers should optimise their space.
3. Max number of lines per liner advertisement: 10.
4. All Liner ads have no expiry dates, except as determined by the publisher. There is no limit to the number of liner ads or frequency.
5. Contents should not related to religion, politics, race, sex or MLM.
6. All liner advertising will go into the moderation queue, and advertisers need to give at least 24 hours for payment processing before publication. Ads may be released earlier.
7. Advertisers should enter their email address for response. No tel number.
8. Comments are to be switched OFF; ie no discussion of products or services. Strictly advertising only.
9. Payment is pre-paid, via paypal/credit card at to No cash payments. All payment will be handled by SilverHairs Enterprise Pte Ltd. A receipt wll be emailed to the advertiser.  In the event of non-publication, a admin fee of 2.50 will b charged.

10. Advertising by members in the Online Fleamart will continue to remain free. T&C apply.

I hope that liner advertising will meet the requirements of members who need to advertise their services or products to other members, for ether personal or corporate.

Terence Seah