Tea Dance on Saturday, 2 September 2023 (EC)

Updated 29 August 2023



Date:  Saturday, 2 September 2023

Time:  2pm – 6pm

Place:  Bailemos Studio

44 Pasir Panjang Road, Block G, Singapore 118504

About 5 minute’s walk from Pasir Panjang MRT Station

Music:  One of the best DJs in town – Armstrong

Refreshments:  Plain water from water dispenser, Hot Coffee or Tea – Free Flow

Kuih/Cake (items may change) – Banana Cup Cake, Samosa (or curry puff), Spring Rolls, One type of kueh and sandwiches (may get surprises)

Cost:  $27 per pax

Maximum pax:  50 pax – Target met

There will be a lucky draw, a game, dancing and loads of fun!

If you are unable to attend it after payment has been made, please look for your own substitute and inform us of the change.

As of today, the confirmed list of attendees is below:

Registration List:D

  1. Dolly Lim
  2. Caroline Gee
  3. Caroline – Friend (J )
  4. Janie Leong
  5. Lynn Miao
  6. Janie Leong – Friend
  7. Lydia Poh
  8. Ronald Lam
  9. Lynn Miao – Friend (C Q)
  10. Caroline Lee
  11. Rosalind Lee
  12. Caroline’s Friend -WAT (MW1)
  13. Angie Loo
  14. Angie Loo Friend – (L S)
  15. (E W)
  16. (C G)
  17. Gingko Tay
  18. Joan Ang
  19. Mary Ho
  20. Mary’s Friend – P L
  21. Mary’s Friend – M N
  22. Vicky Wong
  23. Geraldine Ting
  24. Judy Lim
  25. Benny Low
  26. Caroline Friend (M W 1)
  27. Sarena Teo
  28. Susan Loh
  29. Vinna Tay
  30. Vinna – Friend (HY)
  31. Audrey Wong
  32. Audrey – Friend (AL)
  33. Rina Tan
  34. Caroline Friend
  35. Caroline Gee Friend – PT
  36. Mega
  37. Jane Tan
  38. Albert Tye
  39. Thomas Loh
  40. Sue Chan
  41. Wong HJ
  42. Lynn Miao Friend – LSK
  43. Muna Lim
  44. Marilyn Tay
  45. Caroline Gee’s Friend – AC
  46. Jane Chang
  47. Susan Choo
  48. Caroline Gee’s Friend – EG
  49. Ivy Lim
  50. Lynn Miao Friend – LW

Look forward to see you at the party!

Caroline & Dolly


December 2022 (Xmas) Monthly Gathering – CLOSED


EXTRA !!!! EXTRA !!!!

I am sure that everyone know who is she – yes yes..super active 1) will bring her love of gift  for every members attending this event.
It’s a lab product (HSA Approved) soap which can help to reduce freckles , fairer skin , smooth skin and for Eczema problems too. The gift is in smaller heart shape , made by my 2 partners (both are retired Dr) Hope everyone like it. Click on the below AM Soap to see more info ya… Thank you for the kind generosity
AM Soap
Dear All,
Y2022 coming to the end and we will be organising our last monthly gathering for Y2022 with joyous theme for Xmas. Come dressed up in Red/Green/White or better still, as Santa Claus or others… Details as follows:
Date: 18 December 2022 (Sunday)
Time: 12noon – 5.00pm
Venue: Artbites Cafe, TRCC Republic Poly
All new and old members from different interest groups eg dancing, crafts, walking, cooking, gardening, cycling, travel, Batam, Thailand, JB and makan.
Venue Artbites Cafe, a cosy cafe, right in the relaxed setting of TRCC Republic Polytechnic.
MRT: Woodlands MRT, followed by Bus# 169 from Woodlands Interchange and alight at 2nd bus stop.
Western Menu – Food certified halal as listed
– salad
– french onion soup
– mala pasta
– chicken chunk
– garlic butter prawn
– broccoli w oyster sauce
– fish & chip
– potato curry puff
– mini cake
– cut fruit
– coffee/ tea
– jug of Water
Extras : Xmas log cake
Strictly no outside food is allowed to bring into the Cafe also
No liquor and/or beers are allowed too
Price: $ 25 nett / pax, payable to Treasurer Dolly Lim.
Paynow 9815 9363.
Limited seating : 80 first registered/first paid SHC Ordinary members only
Refund if cancelled before 10th December 2022. Seat will be given to next on waiting list.
Volunteers super required to the committees, kindly whatsapp
EO – Mia – 89388253
Co-EO -Joanne – 93697268
1) Gift exchanges among the members tagged a minimum $5.00 (own expense)
2) Ice breaker games : Anyone games to do this?
More to add ons to be list… Any one keen to help out, let us know your program, we will defnitely get back to you..
Come to register early and enjoy the fun of Xmas…. Cheers… Organising Committes
Registered and Paid
1) Mia Cheong – EO (19/11)
2) Joanne Khoo – Co-EO (19/11)
3) Stewart Chu 19/11
4) Emily Woo 20/11
5) Joy Tang 20/11
6) Margaret Wong – 20/11
7) Yvonne Loo 20/11
8) Rosalind Choon 20/11
9) KC Loh 20/11
10) Vincci Lee 20/11
11) Maggie Loh 20/11
12) Gingko Tay 20/11
13) Katherine Wong – 20/11
14) Ivy Lim 20/11
15) Caroline Gee 20/11
16) Dolly Lim 20/11
17) Calvin Chow 20/11
18) Iris Lim 20/11
19) Vincent Hee 20/11
20) Aminah Bee 21/11
21) Sandra Chuah 21/11
22) Henry Cheong 21/11
23) Katherine Yap 21/1
24) William Heng 21/11
25) Maureen Lee 21/11
26) Susan Shiu 22/12
27) Irene Ng 22/11
28) Pattiya 22/11
29) Jean Kwek 23/11
30) Yew Kwong 24/11
31) Joan Ang 24/11
32) Frank Poh 24/11
33) Joanna Lee 24/11
34) Sue ChanWN 25/11
35) Dorothy Loh 25/11*
36) Terence Seah 25/11
37) Jean Lim 25/11
38) Aunty Miao 25/11
39) Thomas Loh 25/11
40) Helen Chiew 26/11
41) Lydia Poh 26/11
42) Jerry Han 26/11
43) Joyce Bong 26/11
44) Peggy Goh 26/11
45) Eileen Tan 26/11
46) Daisy Phua 26/11
47) Fong WC 27/11
48) Sindhu Missy 27/11
49) Jessie Ong 27/11
50) Doris Tang 27/11
51) Jasmine Wong 27/11
52) Christina Chan 28/11
53) Sarene Teo 28/11
54) Leon Lau 28/11
55) Amy GraceNg 28/11
56) Michael Woodworth 28/11
57) Loh KM 28/11
58) Cola Tan 28/11
59) Julie Khoo 28/11
60) Teresa Tng 29/11
61) Frederick Hu 29/11
62) Marie Chong 29/11
63) Pauline Soh 30/11
64) Hilda Lim 30/11
65) Florence Ching 30/11
66) Chan Nai San 30/11
67) Teo Tian Boo 2/12
68) Christina Quek 2/12
69) Koh Chai Hoon 2/12
70) Audrey Ang 2/12
71) Betty Liang 2/12
72) Winnie Tan 4/12
73) Lawrence Lee 4/12
74) Jessie Khor 4/12
75) James Tan CL 4/12
76) Angela Chia 5/12
77) Marilyn Koh 5/12
78) Jennifer Kan 5/12
79) Vincent Siew 6/12
80) Sheema Conde 10/12

Eating, shopping and dancings in KL 12-14 Nov 2022

Now confirmed, SHC is preparing a free & easy trip to Kuala Lumpur 12 – 14 Nov 2022.

1. Exact Place of stay will be suggested. Members get to book directly. Update: Our suggested hotel is Hotel Royal Bintang.

Members can also book directly at other nearby hotels.

2. Transport:

Members can drive, on your own to/fro Spore/KL and back.

Transport will be arranged for those who do not drive. Cost will be shared and advised before 1st Nov 2022.

No transportation will be arranged in KL. Use local taxi, GRAB or trains. Get your GRAB app.

Tours to Genting and nearby attractions to be arranged privately.

3. Common meeting places for lunch and dinner will be advised.

4. Dancing may be arranged on Sun night 13 Nov 2022. An optional evening event.

Pls put this date in your diary, if interested

Strictly for members.


We are starting planning. If you like to join the committee, pls whatsapp 9489 4360.


A. You know KL, not PJ, esp the hotels and great eating places.

B. Public transport – trains and taxis.

C. Those who knows eating and shopping places will be invited to join committee on 1st Oct 2022.

This event encourages social networking among members. You are encouraged to participate.

Terence Seah

Registration of interest only:

1. Alan Ang

2. Terence Seah

3. Jean Lim

4. Karen Thio

5. Karen’s maid

6. Jessie Ow

7. Vincent Hee

8. Iris Lim

9. Francis Mangalam

10. Kulvindet Kaur

11. Jimmy Tsin

12. Catherine Tan CY

13. Susanna Lim

15. Terence Tan x 4 (2 rms)

16. Sherry Wong



19. Cheng WK

20. Cola Tan

Hotel is your own booking.

You may withdraw from this list before 1 Nov 2022.

Disco night, every Fri, doors open 10.45 pm to 11.45 pm, while Covid-19 still around

  • The years:  1975 – 1985.
  • The place:  Leicester Square Mega disco, London.
  • Opening hours:  Fri 10.45 pm to 11.45 pm
  • Entrance fee:  5 British pounds, 2 drinks included.  Students: Free.
  • Dress:  Proper
  • Open to members, colleaques, and friends.

We open this 1st May, but the place is not completely renovated.  At the entrance, please buy your ticket, and simply walk in.  Doors open automatically for you,  Nobody checks you.  Music is already on.  Free seating.  You can go to the dance floor anytime, whenever your feet gets hot.

Meantime, Club is recruiting a volunteer DJ.  As Club DJ, you get to play all the songs throughout the night.  The bouncers will open the doors at 10.45pm every Friday.  The police will take away our licence if we stay open after midnight.

Music is loud.  Can’t talk but you can scream.  Let’s dance and enjoy.  Textchat is open.  Once we have a DJ, you can make your song request to him/her.

This event has no recording.

Terence Seah

SHC LINE dancing event, date not decided yet, 2019

If you would like to join the committee to host this event, plse whatsapp +65 9489-4360. Ideas welcome.

Venue: NA, near/at a MRT station.
Date: NA, 2019
Time: NA
Participation: 40 pax min
Music: suitable for different LINE dancing types
Cost: NA
Participation: Strictly SilverHairsClub members.

Terence Seah

Sexy Salsa Beginner Dance October Workshop -No Partner & No Experience Required

The September Salsa Dance Workshop was successful with 38 participants including a lot of dancers from Silverhairsclub. Some of Silverhairsclub members went out with other new friends made in the workshop.

I am EC(Event Co-ordinator)
Sexy Salsa Beginner Dance Workshop & Practice Session:

Date : 13/10/2018

Day : Saturday

A: Registration and Mingle with dancers Part 1

Time: 7.15pm – 7.30pm

B: Salsa Workshop

Time 7.30pm-8.30pm

No partner nor experience required!

During the workshop, there will be rotation of dancers so that you will have an opportunity to dance with all the dancers of opposite sex.

It is possible to learn enough steps and moves in this dance workshop to make you feel that you could go to a club and dance the night away.

C: Dance Practice Session & Mingle With Dancers Part 2

Time : 8.30pm- 9.15pm.

After meeting all the members of the opposite sex in the workshop, it is right time to mingle with others to make more friends, go for a movie, supper or clubbing.

It is a golden opportunity to practice the dance steps, learned during the workshop, with other members. The instructor and his assistants will be there to help you and answer any queries.

Fees: S$12/- per pax (in cash)
Sexy and Hot Salsa

There is no doubt Salsa is one of the most rewarding dances you can learn. So what is it? It is a brilliant, hot and spicy dance that will inspire Latin rhythms in everyone.

The steps are super-easy to pick up. So the time it takes you to learn your first few steps and be able to dance Salsa is far, far shorter than you might think.

It’s probably the easiest and quickest dance to pick up.

That makes it the perfect dance for complete beginners.

It’s a great dance that’ll make you smile and give you confidence, all set to a hot Latin beat.

Coming this way early 2019, a late night out together

In the last 6 months, I have been thinking how I can make myself younger; at least feel younger. Even until today, I enjoy going out for different kinds of late night entertainment, from India to Vietnam to Cambodia, China and Bangladesh. Basically, I cannot sit still. The feeling of going back to the hotel after 1 or 2am with the heart still pumping at 90 beeps per min makes me feel satisfied after a day of dining and meeetings.

Guys and ladies, many of us are retired. Some of us are busy helping our chldren with their kids. Of course, some of us are still working. But, the Club has also numerous members enjoying a good night out dancing and singing.

SilverHairsClub has organised many dance events since 2005. We have our “One night in different cities” each year, and theme events. Very often, we have social dancing, a couple of ballroom dancing and line dancing. I am definitely a non-dancer, but I love a good night out. For many years, I find pleasure in bringing SHC members together. Music makes the world go round. And dancing and music always come together hand in hand.

Unfortunately, I find social dancing too slow for me, maybe too complicated for the body to cordinate with the hands, hips and legs. Sometimes, I get very jealous watching dancers twist and turn. And if I ever try dancing, I finally get myself all tangled up. I appreciate Line dancing; but I have never been able to understand line dancing. But I will still support Line Dancing, as long as someone raises his/her hand to be the EO/EC.

I like something hotter and younger. The above music video clip is just the beginning. If you like it, let me know. We will have a night out together. Let me know your thots and opinion.

Please regster ypur interest here. Dont be shy.

Terence Seah

Sexy Salsa Beginner Dance Workshop -No Partner & No Experience Required

I am EC(Event Co-ordinator)

Sexy Salsa Beginner Dance Workshop & Practice Session:


A: Salsa Workshop

Date : 15/09/2018

Day : Saturday

Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm

No partner nor experience required!

During the workshop, there will be rotation of dancers so that you will have an opportunity to dance with all the dancers of opposite sex.

It is possible to learn enough steps and moves in this dance workshop to make you feel that you could go to a club and dance the night away.

B: Dance Practice Session:

Time : 8.30pm- 9.00pm

It is a golden opportunity to practice the dance steps, learned during the workshop, with other members. The instructor and his assistants will be there to help you and answer any queries.

Fees: S$12/- per pax

Sexy and Hot SalsaSalsa Dance

There is no doubt Salsa is one of the most rewarding dances you can learn. So what is it? It is a brilliant, hot and spicy dance that will inspire Latin rhythms in everyone.

The steps are super-easy to pick up. So the time it takes you to learn your first few steps and be able to dance Salsa is far, far shorter than you might think.

It’s probably the easiest and quickest dance to pick up.

That makes it the perfect dance for complete beginners.

It’s a great dance that’ll make you smile and give you confidence, all set to a hot Latin beat.

Room reservations at KSL IN 23 Apr OUT 24 Apr 2016

We have now almost completed our target of 80 pax for our D&D Cabaret Night 3 on 23 Apr 2016.

Hotel room bookings are now open.  Closing date and payment:  30 Mar 2016.  All bookings with KSL hotel will be handled by SS James who is our liaison man with KSL hotel.  Our corporate rates are:

Room category
OPTION 1: Superior (Double/twin) RM 258 Nett per room, per night (with 2 breakfast)

OPTION 2: Superior (Double/twin) RM 208 Nett per room per night (without breakfast)

* Room guests have free access to dinosaur water theme park.

* Members may stay in any other hotels of their choice. Members can also book through any other channels.

* If booking through SHC, payment will be in cash and in RM only.
Bookings and payments closed on 30 Mar 2016.

Booking confirmation:

  1. SS James           6 + 1 rooms (all without breakfast)
  2. Andrew Koh        1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  3. Terence Seah     1 room (without breakfast)
  4. Judy Lim             3+1  rooms (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD200)
  5. Ann Lim              2 rooms (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD100)
  6. Daniel Chan        1  room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50) 
  7. Rose White         1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  8. Cecilia Lim          1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  9. Lydia Chin           2 rooms (without breakfast) (Will pay in cash to Terence)
  10. Bobby Bok          1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  11. May Woo            2 rooms (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD100)
  12. .    23 rooms todate.

Please hurry to do your hotel rooms booking now.  If you are lookiing for a partner, please make your reqest here. A number of members will be staying 3 pax per room, altho the hotel will only provide for 2 pax only.

Entrance to Dinosaur theme water park is free, for hotel guest.

Dinosaur Water Theme Park

Terence Seah


Farewell to Daniel Ong

Daniel Ong Teck Hock had passed away at 2.45 pm today.

Daniel Ong was known to us as one of a few SHC members who dedicated his own time and finance in teaching other willing members. He spent every Saturday evening for more than a year in sharing his dancing skills and knowledge with a group of SHC friends at the Braddell Height Club House. We hereby wish to bid him farewell to a journey well travelled.

The wake will be held at Telok Blangah Tower, Street 31 Block 80-D. Funeral on Saturday.

BH Dance Group

Line Dance Jamboree at Kovan CC – 6 July 2014

I will be holding a line dance jam at Kovan CC and would like to extend the event to members who may be keen to come join in the fun to dance or watch others dance and listen to 4 hours of (practically) non-stop music or just to mingle. Details are as follows;

Date : 6 July (Sunday)

Tim : 2pm – 7pm
Place : Kovan Paya Lebar CC
Price : $4 with mineral water

Dance list : now accepting request and full list will be published later


1) Sockie – EC cum DJ

2) Karen Thio (first Supporter)

3) Susan CH TAN (One that Sockie don want to thanks – hehee)

4) Andrew Yeung (The Greedy Man)

5) Lily Ho (Bring along Koropok to share with Lumut)

6) Bira (Tentatively Yes)

7) Judy (Tentatively Yes)

8) June Chan ( Food Sponsor)

9) Rina Tan (join in the makan & new to Line Dancing)

10) Eileen Thean ( at last – U can make It)

11) Any more Kaming !!!!!

Saturday night disco coming up on Sat 17 May 2014 (6 – 11 pm) ~ Oxford Hotel, Skylight Cafe .. changed to Monthly May meeting from 6 – 9 pm

disco9disco3disco2disco5disco6disco1Dancing has definitely changed since our childhood days.  I am not sure what your first disco night was like, and whether you rmembered who you dance with.  Well today, we have social dancing, ballroom dancing and line dancing, all sorts.  Our days of disco dancing were fun.

It’s time again to go disco dancing. And, our schools are selling tickets, and everybody is encouraged to buy at least two tickets.  Organisers volunteer to put up balloons, and very likely we have a live band.  Not so sure if we can afford it, although in this disco, we wont have a live band. It’s alright if the speaks sqeeks, or goes bomm bomm bomm. Never mind if there is a blackout. Everybody gets excited, who can we dance with?  What if we get rejected.  Toughest part, is what we wear?

We have a few details:

  • Date:  17 May 2014
  • Time: 1700 – 2300 hours.  Our parents want us to be home by midnight.
  • Place:  We have to find.
  • Food: Yes, the school teacher is still working on it.
  • Drinks:  Orange punch, water melon punch.  Ours may be different.
  • Program: Let the boys and girls across the other class come up with it.  Please help and come up with ideas.  Tie one leg with someone else leg.
  • Birthday: Are you borned in May?
  • Number of pax: 30
  • Charge:  Cannot be expensive, our parents gave us $0.50 a day.

This event can also be a chance for you to dream and bring your friends and classmates together. And, if your class wants to EO this event, why not?  Hands-up?

Terence Seah

EC event – Play about Love (Sat, 19 Oct 2013, 3pm to 4.30pm)

Dear all

The Ageless Theatre presents Faces (Phases) of Love, a play about the power of love and the search for that special someone. It comprises four short skits, including one about a lonely widow’s love for her deceased husband, and another about four mahjong buddies reminiscing about love and loss.

The venue is the Marine Parade Community Club Theatrette. Each ticket costs $15. As contact numbers of the organisers cannot be displayed here, if you wish to join a couple of us for this performance, you may transfer funds to my POSB Savings Account 159-13164-5 and I can purchase the tickets on your behalf.

What is interesting is that the Ageless Theatre comprises people aged 43 and above.

Any play enthusiasts?

Joy :)

EC Event – Line Dance Class – Starting 15 Sep (Sun) 4 – 5.30 pm

Dear all

Hope to have some of you join me in the line dance class starting this Sunday :)))

Course : Line Dance (Upper elementary/12 lessons)
Period/Day/Time : 15 Sep 2013 to 8 Dec 2013/Sun/4pm to 5.30pm
Venue : Bukit  Batok CC (near West Mall/Bukit Batok MRT station)
Fees : $53.90 for Passion Card holder paying with Passion Card
$55.00 for Passion Card holder paying with cash or ATM card
$60.00 for non Passion Card holder

See you this Sunday!


Dinner & Dance at Marine Parade Community Club, SAT 31 August 2013

Hello hello everyone, good and great lobang, want to join some of us and  me for the below event:
Dinner and Dance at Marine Parade Community Club on
Date: 31 August 2013 (Saturday)
Time : 1730hrs
Band: Live Band (but hor.. .cannot list the band’s name lor)
Tickets : $12 per head (inclusive of dinner)
Where to buy the ticket: Marine Parade Community Club
The price is too good to be true but do come and have an evening of good dancing and getting to know people you have not met before.
Tickets will be reserved based on early registration and first paid basis hor.. Currently I had already reserved 1 table liao.. so let me know here and pay first if you are interested hor…
This lobang is informed by Michelle Khoo – SHC member but not sure if she got re-register bo and this will be an EC event.
So far registration as below:
Table 1 – Closed
1 Dolly Lim – Paid
2 Lily Ho – Paid
3 Lilyy Ho x 1 –  Paid
4 Caroline Gee – Paid
5 Ah Nee – Paid
6 Thomas Loh – Paid
7 Per – Paid
8 Karen Thio – Paid
9 Sally Kang – Paid
10 Bira – Paid
Table 2 – Closed
1 Grace Kok – replaced by Geraldine  – Paid
2 Yat Sing – Paid
3 Yat Sing x 1 – Paid
4 Douglas – Paid
5 Richard Wong – Paid
6 Gingko – Paid
7 Bobby Bok – Paid
8 Andrew Yeung – Paid
9 Shirleen Kao – Paid
10 Lina Tan – Paid
Table 3 – Closed
1 Lilian Teo – Paid
2 Pauline Khoo – Paid
3 Boon Liang – replaced by Arthur – Paid
4 Janet Chan – replaced by Peggy – Paid
5 Sockie – Paid
6 Marg Tian – Paid
7 Judy Lim – Paid
8 Helen Kuek – Paid
9 Helen Wong – Paid
10 June Koh – Paid
Table 4 – Closed
1. Catherine Ho – Paid
2 Eunice – Paid
3 Irene Poh – Paid
4 Vincent – Paid
5 Shirley – Paid
6 Debbie Oh – Paid
7 Audrey Wong – Paid
8 Richard Lean – Paid
9 Bessie Lam – Paid
10 Andrew – Paid
Table 5 – Closed
1 Mega – Paid
2 Lydia – Paid
3 Barbara – Paid
4 Jane Wong – Paid
5 Paul Kong – Paid
6 Peggy Kong – Paid
7 Nina Choo – Paid
8 Susan Chang- Paid
9 Daisy Phua – Paid
10 Dorine Tan

Good, All 5 Tables full liao so I can siew kang liao…. I will let all of you know the arrangement of ticket pass over come nearer to the function date… … :)

Dolly – EC

July’s Dance Nite Out …. 26th July 2013 (friday) .. Union Square Amara Hotel

Calling all dance enthusiasts.. music lovers… or those who just want to hang out on a Friday night…

July’s Dance Nite will be at Union Square – Ntuc Club – Amara Hotel.

This club has a cuban band playing mostly latin music like merengue, salsa, bachata, samba, rumba, cha cha. Band start from 9.30 pm. All the way till the wee hours of 2.30am!

For the early birds, the DJ will spin music to your request, as early as 7pm. So if you want to do your style of dancing, come by at 7pm.

Drinks at 40% discount before 9 pm for ntuc members and after 9 pm 20% discount.

This is a very cosy place, nice ambience and a good size dance floor.

There are many buses plying along Tanjong Pagar road, and the nearest MRT station is Tanjong Pagar Station, just a few minutes stroll away.

Please respond by 20th July so that we can make the necessary table reservations.

(Event co-ordinators : Janet Loo, Lydia Chin)

Beginner Line Dancing Class – Mondays 1pm – 18 Feb 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen of Leisure –

Come for a fun-filled afternoon of ‘beginner class’ Line Dancing.  

Venue:  East Coast Siglap CC  –  6 Palm Road. 

Date   :  18 Feb 2013 /  Mondays.

Time  :   1pm to 2.30pm

Fees  :    $65 for 10 lessons. Passion Card members pay $55.

Interested participants & enquiries please email me:  aunty.pearly@gmail.com

Be There!!

EC: Pearl Wong. 

Line Dancing Interest Group, Fridays 18 Jan 2013

Calling those who want to learn line dancing………

I am organizing a line dance interest group for those living in Siglap and Bedok,  who do not know how to dance and have always want to learn.

Come learn and dance to country music, latin, blues or pop, you’ll love……..one of the most fun ways to exercise and at the same time make new friends.

This is not strictly a SHC activity, if your friends are interested they are also welcomed to join.


  • Venue : Siglap CC, Bedok South Ave 3 (opposite Bedok Court)
  • Date : Weekly on Fridays
  • Time : 8pm to 9.30pm
  • Cost : For 12 weekly sessions – Passion card members $36 and non Passion card members $46


For those who are interested to join, meet me at Siglap CC on Friday, 18 Jan 13 

See you there!

EC : Mary Tan

Christmas Jamboree 23 Dec 2012 @ Paya Lebar Kovan CC

Post on behalf of

(Sockie is away and will return on 21 Dec.)

  • Venue: Paya Lebar Kovan CC, Hougang Street 21,
    Multi-Purpose Air-con Hall
  • Date/Time :  23 Dec 2012 from 2 – 7pm
  • Cost :  $5 (with Refreshment & Lucky Draw)
  • Nearest MRT :  Kovan MRT
  • Bus no. 136, 153, 321, 80, 81, 82, 107, 112, 113, 119

EC – Sockie

Dance List :

  1. Rocking Good
  2. Come dance with me
  3. Guantanamera
  4. Tragedia
  5. Marimba
  6. Mom’s good look
  7. Back again
  8. D.H.S.S.
  9. Vertical Expression
  10. Flying High
  11. Seal Our Fate
  12. Tennessee Waltz / NDA Waltz
  13. Wherever you may wander
  14. Addicted to You
  15. Dancing in Line
  16. La Chico
  17. When I need you
  18. Summer night cha cha
  19. Zumba
  20. I like it, I like it
  21. Black coffee
  22. Magic cha cha
  23. Perhaps
  24. Tango with the sheriff
  25. The way you look tonight
  26. Bee-Bop N Boogie
  27. Bang bang
  28. Just a kiss
  29. Open arms
  30. Still love me tomorrow / Will you still love me
  31. Shalala
  32. Once upon December
  33. All my heart
  34. Electric slide / Tush Push
  35. Body in Motion
  36. Fanilow’s Eyes
  37. Pepito del bo
  38. The same star
  39. D.N.T.O.
  40. On the straight and narrow
  41. Caballero
  42. Romantasy
  43. Who did you call darling
  44. Chill Factor
  45. Don’t cha wish / Freak like me
  46. Enchantment
  47. Na Mara
  48. Live it up
  49. Who else but you
  50. Whole again
  51. Muevelo cha cha
  52. Rock n Roll Bride / Rock around the clock
  53. The Belle of Liverpool
  54. Amame
  55. RIO
  56. Hot Tomales
  57. Quanto Amore
  58. Eagles Rock
  59. Heart of an Angel
  60. Fresh
  61. Not like that
  62. Dancing party
  63. Wherever you come back to me
  64. My father and me
  65. La Luna

Time permitting :

  1. Little runaway
  2. Rainbow’s end
  3. Island in the stream
  4. Shame and scandal in the familly
  5. Holding on to yesterday

3rd Line Dance Jamboree on Sunday 2 Sep 2012

Hi All,

Firstly I would like to thank all those who turned up at the last jam on 15 Jul. Though most of you do not do line dance on a regular basis and some don’t even dance but you still turned up to give support, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now it’s time again for another 5 hours of non-stop dancing at Kovan CC and I hope to see all of you again.

Andrew ‘Young", you need not wait a 1000 years or more….the dance will be on the list so hope you can dance to your heart’s content …. that is if you are no in HK on that day…then you may have to wait for the next 1000 yearsemoticon

Pauline, since you were so hardworking learning the Shy Waltz from your ‘sifu’ I will also include this dance for you if you are coming

For the ‘E Sliders’ there will always be 1 dance at least for all of you and maybe a few more easy to follow dances.

As usual I will be putting up the dance list in a day or 2, so if anyone of you has an special request, pls drop me a line at my e-mail address at sockie_sg@hotmail.com.

Details of Jam as follows :

  • Date : 2 Sep , Sunday from 2.00 to 7.00pm 
  • Place : Paya Lebar/Kovan CC – Multi Purpose Air-Con Hall
  • Charges : $4/- per pax with a bottle of mineral water

Nearest MRT : Kovan MRT (buses 136, 153, 321, 80, 81, 82, 107, 112, 113 & 119).

Dance List :

  1. Eating Right, Drinking Bad
  2. Bossa Nova
  3. Electric Dream
  4. Tenessee Waltz
  5. Bump ‘N’ Grind
  6. Ghost Train
  7. Multiplication
  8. Footloose
  9. Hit Me
  10. Evergreen Waltz
  11. Cinco De Mayo
  12. JB’s Waltz
  13. Amarillo in the Morning
  14. Back Track
  15. Silver Threads n Golden Needles
  16. Addiction
  17. Hip to be Square
  18. Summer Night Cha Cha
  19. Flying High
  20. Rocking Good
  21. Blue Mountain Waltz
  22. 1000 Years or More
  23. Somebody Like You
  24. Country Club
  25. Stroll Along Cha Cha
  26. Invincible
  27. Seal Our Fate
  28. Kiss in The Dark
  29. Live It Up
  30. Little Rhumba
  31. Dancing Party
  32. Brokenheartsville
  33. Cowgirl’s Twist
  34. Na Mara
  35. On the Rocks
  36. You and Me in the Country
  37. Dedicated Drinker
  38. Down Louisiana Way
  39. D.H.S.S.
  40. Red Hot Salsa
  41. 2001 BC Coaster
  42. On the Promise
  43. My Heart is Your Heart
  44. Mom’s Good Looks
  45. Eagles Rock
  46. Wherever You May Wander
  47. Shy Waltz
  48. Guajira
  49. What’s Your Name
  50. Give Me Back My Bullet
  51. Mucara Walk
  52. Tango with the Sheriff
  53. I’m Moving On
  54. Sweet Joanne
  55. Vertical Expression
  56. Lover’s Hideaway
  57. Perhaps
  58. Sway Me Now
  59. Pizziricco
  60. Sube Amor
  61. Some Beach
  62. Bullseye
  63. Dancing in Line
  64. Fanilow Eyes
  65. Strait Dancing
  66. The Last Dance
  67. Eruption
  68. Lady in Red
  69. Life is a Roller Coaster
  70. Madelaina
  71. Freak Like Me
  72. Getcha Good
  73. No Matter What
  74. My Guy
  75. American Pop

Additional Dance ( Time Permitting )

  1. Black Coffee
  2. Just A Kiss 2
  3. Quanto Amore
  4. D.N.T.O.

Sockie (EC cum DJ) 

Time to Get in Line(dance) again……. 15 Jul 2012, Sunday

Calling all Line dancers (and non-line  dancers too)

Time again to put on your dancing shoes and bring a few friends to join us for 5 hours of non-stop line dancing on a Sunday afternoon.

For those who do not dance, you can bring your bottle of ‘lethal’ or ‘non-lethal’ liquids, some snacks, kick off your shoes, sit back and relax to some good old music (mostly country western) and watch people dance (if you want to)

Details are as follows :

  • Date : 15 Jul 2012, Sunday
  • Time : 2pm to 7pm
  • Place : Paya Lebar/Kovan CC (air-conditioned hall)
  • Cost : $4.00 (with a bottle of mineral water)

I will put up the dance list after I have collated all the requests, so if you have any favourite dances you want to do then please send me a request via e-mail or through this thread and I will try my best to put them on the list. For non-dancers I can take requests if you have any favourite songs of yours you want me to play too ….that is provided I can find a dance to the songs and there are at least 10 people who can do the dance.

As this is not a strictly SHC event, you can bring your friends along  and have some fun too… yeeehaaaa

As usual for those who have forgotten the steps or want to learn a few more dances for the jam, you are welcome to come to my classes for some practice sessions starting this week for a nominal fee of $5.00 which will cover all the practice sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Participants list (Target 150 pax)

  1. Sockie (EC)
  2. Andrew Yeung – tentative, hope can shuffle back in timeemoticon
  3. Karen Thio – only know ‘electric slide’ but will support and scout for ‘shampoo’ modelemoticon
  4. Lily Ho – bringing a few with heremoticon
  5. Caroline Gee – zero knowledge on line dancing but may be talent scouted for shampoo modellingemoticon
  6. Lai Fong – will support and join ‘electric slide’ club and bring (wonder what is ) XYZ emoticon
  7. Patricia Sin – will join ‘electric slide’ club – will be late emoticon
  8. Bobby Bok – Welcome and bringing your kaki bo huh?emoticon
  9. Rosalind Lee – time to bring them dancing shoes again emoticon
  10. Dolly Lim – MIA for a while, welcome backemoticon
  11. Evelyn Ong – most of your requests will be in the playlist emoticon
  12. Melissa –  – Another new face, welcomeemoticon
  13. Pauline Ho – maybe another shampoo model emoticon
  14. Malcolm – Cannot run from me emoticon
  15. Eileen Thean – Wants to do Wild Wild Westemoticon
  16. Annie Tang – Shuffling in with Eileen emoticon
  17. Janie Leong – will be late and hopefully bringing in a whole gang with heremoticon
  18. Thomas Loh – hope he does not disappear half way like he always does emoticon
  19. Peri – ticket already taken liao
  20. Agnes Seow – no worry just look out for ‘markers’ and follow them emoticon
  21. Susan Tan – Yeah she is Kambing daun emoticon
  22. ………anymore coming?

Dance List as follows


1 Dancin in the Dark 45 Love Me A Little Bit Longer
2 Wherever You May Wander 46 Come Dance with Me
3 Vertical Expression 47 Hot Tamales
4 The Shake/Shaking All Over 48 Poor Boy Shuffle
5 Addiction 49 Just a Kiss 2
6 Stitch It Up 50 Rock & Roll Bride/Rock Around the Clock
7 Delilah 51 I said I Love You
8 Silver Threads 52 Repose Waltz
9 Caballero 53 Smokey Places
10 Body In Motion 54 Write this Down
11 Holding On to Yesterday 55 Jai du Boogie
12 Chilli Cha Cha/Magic Cha Cha 56 Romantasy
13 Kiss Me Quick 57 Tango With The Sheriff
14 Quanto Amore 58 Catch This Moment
15 Lady Cha/Sex Bomb 59 Whole Again
16 Wild Wild West 60 Cowboy Cha Cha
17 Martini Moments 61 Whenever You Come Back to Me
18 Bug in My Magarita 62 My Father & Me
19 Step Back/Walk Right Back 63 Shy Waltz
20 Chill Factor 64 Tragedia
21 Pepito Del Bo 65 Two Shades of Blue
22 Cha Cha Cha D’armour 66 TGIF
23 Who Did You Call Darling 67 Patient Heart
24 Electric Slide/Tush Push 68 La Luna
25 The Way You Look Tonight 69 Corazon Espinado
26 Triggered 70 Ain’t It Funny
27 I’ve Been Better 71 Evergreen
28 Rhumba & Roses 72 Here we go Again
29 What You Mean to Me 73 Kiss On My List
30 Radio Dancing 74 No Matter What
31 Cherry Blossom Cha Cha 75 Shame and Scandal in the Family
32 Back Again    
33 Such A Night    
34 Quando When Quando   Additional Dances (Time Permitting)
35 Live It Up    
36 Be Bop N Boogie 1 Rainbow’s End
37 Cruel Bear 2 Por Ti Sere
38 Loosing the Love 3 Be Mine Tonight
39 Enchanment 4 Fresh
40 RIO 5 Have you ever Seen the Rain
41 Red White & Blue 6 Eternity Ring With Love
42 Champagne On Ice 7 The Long & Short of It
43 Eagles Rock    
44 Twistinacha   CLICK HERE to see photos

Braddell CC Social Dance Sat 12 May 2012 (6.30-10.00pm) $5 per person

Dear Friends

There will be a Social cum Line Dancing Nite at the Braddell CC.  Come join in the fun in dancing or fellowshipping with other SHC members.

This is a EC event, non-SHC members are welcome!       emoticon

  • Venue :  Braddell CC (behind Serangoon MRT)
  • Date  :  Saturday, 12 May 2012
  • Time  :  6.30 – 10.00 pm
  • Cost  :  $ 5.00 per person (include entry fee and light refreshment)

Live Band "Evergreen" led by Charles Cher – a fellow SHC member.

You may purchase your ticket at the entrance on that night or register here to reserve tickets.

Registration :

  1. Lily
  2. Dolly
  3. Ah Nee
  4. Thomas
  5. Peri
  6. Mega
  7. Jane Tan
  8. …………. any more?

EC – Lily & Charles Cher      emoticon

Dancing at Kovan Jam this Friday, 27 Apr 2012

Dear all………

See you at Kovan Nite.!     emoticon

***Tickets for the event are available on the very evening***    emoticon

  • Date: Friday, 27 Apr 2012
  • Time: 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm
  • Fee: $3.00  with Mineral water
  • Venue: Paya Lebar Kovan CC (Multi-purpose air-cond Hall)
  • Blk. 207, Hougang Street 21

Ah Nee, Event Co-ordinator   emoticon

Those coming :

  1. Ah Nee
  2. Lily Ho
  3. Dolly Lim
  4. Janie Leong
  5. Laura Wee
  6. Thomas Loh
  7. Peri
  8. Gingko Tay
  9. John Howe
  10. Yatsing
  11. Eileen Thean
  12. Bobby Bok
  13. Lydia Chin
  14. Richard Hee
  15. Gabriella Chua
  16. Patrick Oei
  17. Linda
  18. Molly
  19. Joe Leow
  20. Bessie Lam
  21. Terry Tang
  22. Anymore coming ……

“Strictly Line Dance Jam” at Paya Lebar Kovan CC – 2 Oct 2011

Hi all

I am doing a strictly line dance jam at Paya Lebar Kovan CC for  my student groups and the public and would like to extend my invitation to all the line dance enthusiasts in SHC to come join us for 4 hours of non-stop dancing. For those who do not dance, you may want to bring your wine/beer/makanan then sit back relax and listen to the songs (about 60 to 70 songs) and watch people dance.

Date & Time : 2nd October, Sunday from 3 to 7pm (Walk through of some dances from 2.30pm)

 Place : Paya Lebar Kovan CC multi-purpose hall (Air conditioned)

Cost : S$3 per pax (with a botlle of mineral water)

Dance list :

1 Out & Jump
2 Radio Dancing
3 Lady Cha/Sex Bomb
4 Dancing Party
5 Kiss On My List
6 Electric Slide/Tush Push
7 LDC Express/Take The First Step
8 Martini Moments
9 Doing Alright
10 Bootscootin’ Boggie
11 Honey Honey
12 Pepito Del Bo
13 Dreamer Weaver
14 Rhumba & Roses
15 Vertical Expression
16 No Scandal
17 Red Hot Salsa
18 Little Rhumba/New Romance
19 Alabama Slammin’
20 Who Did You Call Darling
21 JB Waltz
22 Waltz of the Wind/Waltz Across Texas
23 Catch This Moment
24 My Little Runaway
25 Ghost Train
26 Getcha Good
27 Cowgirls’ Twist
28 Breakaway
29 Whenever You Come Back to Me
30 Lamtarra Rhumba
31 Back in My Arms
32 La Luna
33 Cowboy Cha Cha
34 Island in the Stream
35 Sway Me Now
36 Bossa Nova
37 Sweet Sweet Smile
38 Chilli Cha Cha/Magic Cha Cha
39 Silver Threads
40 Wild Wild West
41 Quanto Amore
42 Rock The House
43 Simply Mine
44 Step Back/Walk Right Back
45 Chill Factor
46 Repose Waltz
47 One Step Forward
48 Stroll Along Cha Cha
49 What You Mean to Me
50 Romantasy
51 Country Walking
52 Body In Motion
53 Honky Tonk Stomp
54 Kiss Me Quick
55 Cowboy Charleston
56 Dancing In Line
57 Country Girl
58 Back In My Word
59 Come Dance with Me
60 Sweet Joanna
61 Love Me A Little Bit Longer
62 Wherever You May Wander
63 Kiss In The Dark
64 Holding On to Yesterday
65 Burlesque

How to pay – you confirm your attendance, I keep the ticket, you show up and pay at the door emoticon(Note : All proceeds will be paid over to the CC)

Event Co-ordinator & MC – Sockie

Members coming to the jamboree

1) Lai Fong- I believe you can do more than slide and drink kopi-c emoticon

2) Tian Soo – offering his bare hands to help hold/support anything that is falling/droopingemoticon

3) Geraldine – may fly in from Hong Kong to offer her bare hands to hold…. different things from TSemoticon

4) Karen Thio – wanna slide with Lai Fongemoticon – mai lai liao, unless Ah Kou can kncok her with the racket and drag her hereemoticon

5) Gingko – another slideremoticon

6) Andrew Yeung – offer to buy kopi-c but not for me ………emoticon PAID

7) Elieen Thean – Wild Wild West is her cup of teaemoticon

8) Cat Ho – my beloved ‘Ah Ko’ skipping her bed(minton) to come support me emoticon

9) Ann Giri – one more slider coming to the party emoticon

10) Susan Tan – already marked her calender liaoemoticon

11) Caroline – coming to listen to music and watch us gelekemoticon PAID

12) Lina Ng – so excited over La Luna and Back in My World…forgot to po mia…kenna humtum  emoticon

13) Lily Ho – bring jacket hor, cuz I am giving you the Chill FactoremoticonPAID

14) Dolly Lim – Give some Magic and you will cha cha cha like there is no tomorrowemoticonPAID

15) Janie Leong – Bringing her keropokemoticon PAID

16) Audrey Wong – The elusive one…you know what I mean ya emoticon PAID

17) Hou Chong – coming with a bottle in 1 hand and the other (bare hand) to hold the nuts emoticon

18) Laura Wee – Welcome, welcomeemoticon

19) Susan Chang –  This Golden Girl will add some sparkle to the jamboree…no need gold bar but gold dust will do emoticon

20) Agnes Seow – Your Vertical Expression just made it to the listemoticon

21) Roland Lam – One more guy to ‘balance’ the yin emoticon

22) Marg Tian – Long Time so see, glad you could comeemoticon

23) Lina Tan – Ditto emoticon

24) Eliza Chua – Double ditto emoticonemoticon

25) Judy Lim – You ‘ponteng’ work to come dancing ?emoticon

26) Lilian Teo – From Full-moon party in Thailand to Line Dance Party in KovanemoticonPAID

27) Anne Lim – Was wondering where you’ve been, welcome, welcomeemoticon

28) Jacqueline Han – No worry I will slide next to youemoticon

29) Bobby Bok – Glad you can come join usemoticon

30) Yatsing – Not only you can slide, nor you can also do the Charleston liao nehemoticon

31) Boon Liang – Am sure our John Terbotak can groove to the music lah…but where is Sandy huh?emoticon

32) Janet Chan – Still over the moon after ‘One Night in Chinatown" ……now you can relax liao no more rehersal emoticon

33) Thomas Loh – Make sure you cancel all your other appointment on that day hor emoticon

34) Cat Yeo – Can help jaga Thomas and make sure he does not do his ‘ disappearing’ act hahahahaemoticon

35) Eyvonne Chew – You did say yes tiok bo huhemoticon

36) Judy Tay – still in tme to slide in emoticon


Anymore ‘sliders’ coming….and  of course ‘non-sliders’ (with bare hands) are welcome too :0)


BTW I will be teaching and revising some of the dances during my various classes from now till the event, so for those who need to refresh your memories or learn a few more dances, do feel free to drop by when you are free.  If you need info on my class schedule, do drop me a line

Ladies Fashion Show Interest Group.

Hi Ladies of Leisure – This Fashion Show Interest Group is open to SHC Lady members who are 57yrs old onwards and are not working as I intend to have weekday afternoon sessions. Day & time depends on majority participants. My intention is to organise fashion show to entertain SHC members who attend our lunch or high tea. Those who can commit do respond. I love to hear from you.  Cheers,  Pearl Wong.    

Kovan Jam…….TGIF, 22 Jul 2011

Dear all………

See you at Kovan Nite!    emoticon

***Tickets for the event are available on the very evening. No need to transfer $$$ to my account, just pay on that day.    emoticon

Date: Friday, 22 Jul 2011

Time: 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Fee: $3.00 (Curry Puff + Mineral water)

Venue: Paya Lebar Kovan CC (Multi-purpose air-cond Hall)            

             Blk. 207, Hougang Street 21

Ah Nee, Event Co-ordinator   emoticon

Those coming are:

  1. Ah Nee
  2. Lilly
  3. Dolly
  4. Janie
  5. Carly
  6. Yat Sing
  7. Gabriella
  8. John Howe
  9. Richard Wong
  10. Thomas Loh
  11. Sam Huat
  12. Bobby Bok
  13. Agnes Low
  14. Francis
  15. Catherine Koh
  16. Andrew Yueng
  17. Judy Tay & her SHC buddies
  18. Daniel Ong
  19. Lai Fong
  20. Debbie Oh
  21. Lydia Chin
  22. Eunice Tay