Dance & Song party, Tanglin community, Sat 19 Nov 2022 “The young hearts”

Jeffrey Gan is organising a Dance & Song party at Tanglin Community club on Sat 19 Nov 2022.

Jeffrey Gan and Irene Lee joined Silverhairsclub in Dec 2007. Both are strong supporters of SHC and have provided us with great music and entertainment. They will also be providing our club wirh music and entertainment during the coming “One night in Tokyo”.

I intend to form a SHC group to attend “The Young Hearts”.

If you are interested to join the SHC group, plse register here. We will advise payment early Sept.

Terence Seah

Registration list:

1. Terence Seah

Jeff sold all tables.


ONE NIGHT IN TOKYO – SHC Annual Dinner & Dance

Saturday, 20 August 2022

SRC FoodMenu / Beverage List 1 / Beverage List 2

SRC Seating Arrangement (rev)

Good morning, countdown to SHC DND @ Singapore Recreation Club.

We are publishing the food menu and alcoholic drinks’ price list for your info.

Kindly note that there will be a corkage charge of $30++ per bottle imposed for every bottle that will be brought in on August 20 2022.  However, AhNee has graciously agreed that all drinks ordered will be chargeable and payable to SRC to individual account but at member’s price, ie, the 10% service charge waiver.


“One night in Tokyo” – a Dinner & Dance SRC 20 Aug 2022



We are starting planning. “One night in Tokyo” is a Dinner & Dance. It is part of a series of SHC cabaret nights overseas. We had organised One night in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Batam, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, johor Bahru, Chinatown and Taipei last 15 years.

Key activities about this year “One night in Tokyo” include
* Songs, singing, food, dress, drinks and the bartenders all ready to serve the guests.

* All up to our dreams.
* Every guest must be dressed up, made up.

The Club is recruiting mamasans, bartenders, Japanese singers, kimono singers, bouncers, cashiers, Japanese VJs, a HR manager and two Japanese/Mandarin comperes M & F.

The owner of the Cabaret is now asking help to find a suitable cabaret name. Preferable not the regular dance places.

We will decide a date after a brainstorm session to dream about our Tokyo club opening ceramony.

1. Place in Singapore : Singapore Recreation Club
2. Target 80 – 100 pax
3. Prefer Japanese and Singaporean food. Can be catered or by venue location.
4. Live Band or programmed music.

5. Japanese songs priority.
6. 1st segment – 1 hrs Japanese. 2nd segment – international.

First step, we find a venue with dance floor first.

Second, date Sat 20 Aug 2022

Pls help find a place. Preferably asap. Various members have offered to look out for the venue. Thank you.

Terence Seah

A. Venue SRC confirmed.
B. Date Sat 20 Aug 2022.
C. Early birds $65/pax for first 80 members paid. Late Birds $70/pax thereafter from 81 onwards

Registered and Payment @ $65/pax till we hit the 80 payments.

Registered and recd paymentpf $65/pax on 2 June 2022
1) Terence Seah – EO
2) Jean Lim
3) Lydia Poh – Registration Help
4) Dolly Lim – Treasurer
5) Caroline Gee
6) Lesley Low
7) Alicia Lim
8) Petula Chak
9) Gabriella Chua
10) Tony Ang
11) Lee Ah Nee – Co-EO & Liaising Member on SRC issues
12) Nelly Soh
13) Irene Poh
14) Michelle Sim
15) Cola Tan
16) Bobby Bok
17) Rosalyn Khoo
18) Ann Lim
19) Bira
20) Maria Tan
21) Ronald Lam
22) Shirley Wee
23) Theresa Seow
24) Thomas Loh
25) Frisna Tan
26) David Low
27) Lina Ng
28) Lee HC
29) Susan Chang
30) Alice Liang
31) Charles Wee
32) Violet Choo
33) Winnie Tong
34) May Lee
35) Juliet Say
36) Karen Thio
37) Diana Ng
38) Pattiya – Registration Help

Registered and recd payment of $65/pax on 3 June 2022
39) Jessie Ow
40) Debbie Oh
41) Helen Kuek
42) Alfred Ang
43) Wong HJ
44) Sue Chan
45) Judy Lim
46) Gingko Tay
47) Cat Yeo
48) Marlene Yap
49) Barbara Ong
50) Cat Soon
51) Sally Tan
52) Jasmine Wong – Decorations/Backdrop Designer
53) June Peh
54) Doreen Chan
55) Helen Chiew
56) Josephine Wong
57) Rina Tan*
58) John Chua
59) Sherry Wong
60) Audrey Wong
Vincent Hee
Iris Lim
61) Douglas Chan
62) Mega
63) Jane Tan
64) Linda Chua

Registered and recd payment of $ 65/pax on 4 June 2022
65) Jennifer Soh
66) Angeline Ong
Rene Leong
67) Bobby Yee
68) Steve Seah
69) CH Teo
70) Peggy Ho
71) Kelly Ng– Replaced by Frank Poh
72) Shirleen Kao
73) Alex Chan
74) Catherine Lim
75) Anne Choi
76) Sally Foo
Rosemary Lim

Total collected $65 X 75paxs = $4875.00 + $70 = $5010

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 5 June 2022
77) Francis Mangalam

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 6 June 2022
78) Roy Ong
79) Simon Wong
80) Maggie Loh

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 6 June 2022
1) Louis Siah – Refunded on 16 June 2022
2) Rosalind Cheng – Refunded on 16 June 2022

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 7 June 2022
3) Daisy Wee – 5) Continue to support despite of this setback.. cheers..

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 8 June 2022
4) Henry Foo – Refunded on 20 June 2022
5) George Chew – Refunded on 20 June 2022
6) Lydia Chin – Refunded on 20 June 2022

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 10 June 2022
4) Dan Huang – Replaced by Pauline Khoo  6) Joining despite of this setback.

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 12 June 2022
5) Helen Han – Joining despite of music sound setback

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 13 June 2022
9) Susanna Lim – Refunded on 15 June 2022
10) Maggie Loh – Refunded on 16 June 2022
11) Josephine Loo – 1) Joining despite of music sound setback
12) Lee Ah Moi – 2) Joining despite of music sound setback

Registered and recd payment of $70/pax on 15 June 2022
6) Sandra Chuah – 3) Joining despite of music sound setback
7) Eve SQ – 4) Joining despite of music sound setback

Registration closed.

All refunds done and we will be not accepting registration for DND with immediate effect.

A Fancy Dress Dinner and Dance 2020

I am sure most of you must have been missing the Dinner & Dance which we have in previous years. Yes, they were great fun. Let’s start the year, to plan a Fancy Dress Dinner & Dance. I guess we can identify a suitable ballroom, a date and work on the concept. You can come come in an elephant costume, a sweet kimono dress, a masked Egyptian warrior or in a Trump golf suit.

The first stage is to identify a location. A great place with a band, plus a dinner buffet. Price is always difficult, but I am thinking of a budget of $50 per pax. Once we determine the venue, date and price, we can put things in motionP

Please do not call or WhatsApp me. Send all your thots and suggestions here. You can also discuss with your GL Group leaders, if you are shy. Meantime, please think of the role you like to play in this Fancy Dress Dinner and Dance.

I shall be travelling but will watch out for your input here.

Terence Seah

“One night in Batam” Rooms IN 30 June 2018

This list is maintained by Christine Teo. All requests for single supplements can be made in the main “One night in Batam” Post. No comments accepted on this Post.

Rooming twin Sharing/Single supplement/Triple sharing list:

1. Terence Seah/Howard Yong
2. Christine Teo/Christina Pan
3. Stella and friend
4. Francis Mangalan/Simon Ng
5. Han Swee Boon,Janis/Soo Guek Ngoh, Margaret
6. Bobby Bok/Chng Ghim Seng Sunny
7. Johnny Tan/Annie Ho
8. Marie/Andrew
9. Sue Chan – single supplement
10. Wong Hong Jeng – single supplement
11. Mega A/Jimmy Tsin
12. Lydia Chin/George Chew
13. Low Wai Choo/Peh Siew Choo
14. Jolly Chua/Evelyn Tang
15. Lynda Lee/Bill Kwan
16. Angeline Ong/Jennifer Soh/Judy Chia – triple
17. Loh Ah Lung/Tang Siew Yong
18. Wong Liang Min/Jacqueline Chan Lai Yoke
19. Loke Siew Meng/Koh Swee Fong
20. David Sim/Florence Kuan
21. Alvin Tan/He Min
22. Sin Fook Heng/Chen Kim Chow
23. Eddie Goh Lian Hua/Chris Lee Lan Yin
24. Sam Goh/Thomas Loh
25. Peri Liew/Lily Lim
26. Lilian Teo/Dorine Tan
27. Ann Lim/Bessie Lam/Doreen Ho – triple
28. Dolly Wong/friend
29. Susan Tan/Irene Poh
30. Ong Ah Ang/Toin Cheng Hiang
31. Josephine Koh Chui Fung/Poh Soh Hiong

Christine Teo

“One night in Batam” 2D 1N Sat 30 Jun – 1 Jul 2018

SilverHairsClub and members have organised a series of “One night Dinner and Dancing” with themes set in Taipei, Shanghai and JB. These activities help support a platform for members to get to know more and new friends.

This year, we had planned to hold our Dinner and Dance with the theme “One night in Batam”. We are able to create this event when Christine Teo, a keen dancer, volunteered to co-EO the dancing night, together with two days of sightseeing, lunches, shopping and a dinner at the M1 Hotel.

We will theme our event with Batam Indonesian culture and tradition. Members are encouraged to attire Indonesian style. Your room is just a lift away.

There are plans for music for dancing from disk/USB. We have a VJ in place, not karaoke or live singing.

A team of members BobbyB, ChristineP, DaisyY, YeoES, StellaS joined a recce event on Sun 10 Jun. We review the 10th floor of M1 hotel, surrounded by glass top to bottom, with a breezy view of the nearby area. This venue is bare, and will be redeveloped into a roof top restaurant in July. Christine has arranged for some seating out the glass walls so that a few of us can enjoy some moments of quiet, during dancing and dinner time.

The rooms are new and well set with clean bright bathrooms. The recce group love the M1 hotel.

Venue: M1 Hotel.
Dinner and dance venue: M1 hotel 10 floor

Period: Sat/Sun 30 Jun – 1 Jul 2018
ETD Singapore Harbourfront ferry: 0920 hr. ETA Sekupang.

ETD Batam Centre: 1710 hr.

Package for twin-share:
SGD 138 per pax (SHC members)
SGD 140 per pax (SHC members family and friends). All participants must be 45 or over). Participants need to find their own room mates.

Seating during the dinner will be done in groups of 6. Members may book and register in groups of 6.

Package include ferry tickets, lunches, transfers, sightseeing, room and dinner and dance. Details will be announced as ongoing comments.

Participation limited to 40 pax.
Registration starts now.
Final payment date: 23 Jun 2018.

Payment to POSB Savings  542-10756-1, Treasurer ChristinA Chan.

Committee: Christine Teo (co_EO), Terence Seah (EO), Christina Pan (Desk registration and showing you to your table), Christina ChanCL (Treasurer), Susan Tan (Registration list), Yoon Chin (Creative support), Mega Abudullah (Master of ceronmony 7pm to 7.30pm).

We are moving with progress planning fast as we have 20 days left to the event. If you like to volunteer to help, talk with Christine Teo. You can also contact me at +65 9489-4360.

Start getting your group together now.

Terence Seah

Registration list:


  1. Terence SEAH (EO) (pd)
  2. Christine TEO (Co-EO) (pd)
  3. Howard YONG (pd)
  4. Stella SHENG (pd)
  5. Francis MANGALAM (pd)
  6. Susan SIA  (pd)
  7. Susan LEE & (withdrawn)
  8. Betty ANG (withdrawn)
  9. Christina PAN (pd)
  10. Bobby BOK (pd)
  11. Johnny TAN  & (pd)
  12. Annie HO (pd)
  13. Sue CHAN (pd)
  14. HJ WONG (pd)
  15. Mega ABDULLAH (pd)
  16. Jimmy TSIN  (pd)
  17. Lydia CHIN (pd)
  18. George CHEW (pd)
  19. Lynda LEE (pd)
  20. Bill Yew Kwong KWAN (pd)
  21. Wai Choo LOW  (pd)
  22. Siew Choo PEH (pd)
  23. Jolly Kim Teow CHUA (pd)
  24. Evelyn Siew Leng TANG (pd)
  25. Angelina ONG (pd) &
  26. Jennifer SOH (pd)
  27. Ah Lung LOH (pd)
  28. Mdm Siew Yong TANG (pd)
  29. Janet THAM &
  30. Peter LEE  &
  31. Siew Meng LOKE (pd)
  32. Swee Fong KOK (pd)
  33. Marie Lin (pd) &
  34. Andrew Loh (pd)
  35. Simon NG (pd)
  36. Dolly WONG  (pd)
  37. Gina KO  (pd)
  38. Sam GOH  (pd)
  39. Thomas LOH  (pd)
  40. Lilian TEO (pd)
  41. Peri LIEW  (pd)
  42. Lily LIM  (pd)
  43. Doreen HO  (pd)
  44. Dorine TAN (pd)
  45. David Ah Kheok SIM (pd)
  46. Florence Mee Kian KUAN (pd)
  47. Alvin TAN (pd)
  48. Fook Heng SIN (pd) &
  49. Kim Chow CHEN (pd)
  50. Eddie  (pd) &
  51. Chris Lee  (pd)
  52. Josephine Chui Fung KOH (pd)
  53. Janis HAN (pd) &
  54. Margaret SOO (pd)
  55. Ah Ang ONG (pd)
  56. Soh Hiong POH (pd)
  57. Cheng Hiang TION (pd)
  58. Susan CH TAN (pd) &
  59. Irene POH (pd)
  60. Ann LIM (pd)
  61. Bessie LAM (pd)
  62. Lina TAN (tentative)
  63. Judy CHIA (non-member) (pd)
  64. He Min (non-member) & (pd)
  65. Ghim Seng CHNG (non member) (pd)
  66. TK POW &
  67. Helen WONG
  68. Liang Meng WONG (pd) &
  69. Jacqueline Lai Yoke CHAN (pd)

Join our 2017 SHCians Guest stars and dancers

Hi, those Interested please click below:

Register early.  Closing 25 June 2017

For D & D buffet dinner: @ S$40 member S$45 non member

Payment to a/c Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct  542-10756-1.

Payment handle by Christina Chan

For Hotel Rooms S$78 with two breakfast and Coach S$32 with tour:

Payment to a/c Chan Lian Tin DBS Saving Plus Acct  029-2-021094

Payment handle by Doreen Chan



Dinner & Dance “One night in JB” KSL Resort+Transport on 8-9 July 2017

Update on 5 July 2017

We have now a total of 84 guests joining our “One Night in JB”

Thank you for your support

Hotel Rooms and Coach are still available:

Please make your payment to Chan Lian Tin DBS Saving Plus 029-2-021094

Payment update will be handled by Doreen Chan

Hotel Room @ S$78,00 per room per night including 2 breakfast

Coach @ S$32.00 two ways including tour

Room Reservation

  1.  Terence Seah
  2.  Francis
  3.  Christine Teo  & Karen Ong
  4.  Loh & Woo
  5.  Woo Kwai Kuen & Woo Kwai Yee
  6.  Christine Teo & ??
  7.  Caroline Gee
  8.  Daisy Wee
  9.  Rose White
  10.  Lydia Chin
  11.  Bobby Bok
  12.  Steven Chan & Dan
  13.  Dickson & Jefferson
  14.  Jeffrey Gan
  15.  Leon Lau
  16.  Doreen Ong – & Joan Ang
  17.  Jeffrey Gan’s brother
  18.  Judy Lim & Rina
  19.  Chua K T Jolly & Evelyn Tang S L
  20.  Lynda Lee & Kwan Y K
  21.  Ken Cheong
  22.  Ong Huat Siong & Tan Dee Hoon
  23.  Doreen Chan


  1.  Terence Seah
  2.   Lydia Chin
  3.   Sally Tan
  4.   Doreen Chan
  5.   Rose White
  6.   Leon Lau
  7.   Dickson
  8.   Jefferson
  9.   George
  10.   Christine Teo
  11.   Francis
  12.   Eileen Loh
  13.   Woo Kwai Kuen
  14.   Woo Kwai Yee
  15.   Woo Kwai Kheng
  16.   Karen Ong
  17.   Lily Lim
  18.   Pauline Toh
  19.   Doreen Ong
  20.   Joan Ang
  21.   Evelyn Tang
  22.   Lynda Lee
  23.   Kwan Y K
  24.   Chua Jolly
  25.   Ong Huat Siong
  26.  Tan Dee Hoon


Doreen Chan


Introduction to the World of Acrylic Painting

Hi everyone,
Let me first introduce my humble self – Adeline Yeo – have never written to silver hairs club besides attending a few get together. I am wondering how many of us have always wished to give personalized yet relatively affordable gifts to people whom we get in touch with. Well let me introduce you to the world of acrylic painting, which both young and old, with or without artistic ability can learn easily.

When I first picked up acrylic painting 15 years ago, I had no idea that it would not only bring much joy, creativity, freedom of expression, more friends and best of all extra monetary gains. Acrylic can be painted on most surfaces such as: fabric, paper, cards, fiberboard, wood, plastic and even stones. Thus I hope to share this skill and interest with others who are equally passionate about learning crafts.

The internet, schools and books expose you to a world of both knowledge and confusion about acrylic. Here I list just some of the few subjects:
• Different objects: sceneries, birds, flowers, still life, portraits, landscapes, etc
• Different family of colors within the colors, burnt sienna, raw umber, etc
• Different types of mediums: Retarders, glaze, etc
• Different types of brushes: flat tipped, round, ferrule, liners etc
• Different types of surfaces: Paper, plastic, wood, etc

Internet Links like this:

Schools that teach basic acrylic painting:

Books: Acrylic Painting for Dummies, Acrylic Painting with Passion
The list above is not exhaustive as you can always google or even borrow books from the library. As I was fortunate in the sense that I blindly followed what was taught because I was attracted to the final product that my colleague introduced. So questions like, what should I paint, what kind of brushes should I use, How do I start? These did not hinder my passion. It was much later that I learnt from Arts of Crafts (a school at Orchard Road) and Spotlight that I further increased my interest, but I should add I am still in the process of fine tuning

So without much further ado, let me show you some of my completed artworks, which were ordinary looking pieces of wood and stones which I had them painted as decorative items, given as personalized gifts and some that helped me make some extra income.

I hope this helped in your decision in taking up a hobby that is both therapeutic, relatively cheap and an enjoyment with your kids and a favorite past time.
Adeline Yeo





Dear Members,
Hi everybody, I am Calvin Low.  I was introduced by James SS Tan to this wonderful club.  So far, I had attended a monthly gathering at Hans Chinatown and the recent D&D in JB.

So, in return, I am organising an EC event on Wine and Dance.  Details as follows:

Time : 7.30pm till 11,00pm
Cost : Buy own drinks at the counter  (Happy hour, before 8pm 1 for 1)
Indicative drink price as follows:
1) $15++ for single drink
2) $20++ for double drink

As for dinner, feel free to try to their seafood buffet inside the hotel, otherwise,  there are many other eateries outside the hotel too.  You will be spoilt for many choices of food.

Kindly register your interest here if you are keen to join me for this event.

PS: Those like dancing, there is a dancing space to spin your nite through.

  1. Calvin Low – EC
  2. James SS Tan
  3. Terence Seah
  4. Susan Lee
  5. Betty Ang
  6. CMChan
  7. Yat Sing
  8. Edward
  9. Connie
  10. Boon
  11. Bee
  12. karen lim
  13. John Howe
  14. linda
  15. Judy Tay
  16. Robert Ong
  17. sue chan
  18. Hong Jeng
  19. mega abdullah
  20. Jane Tan
  21. Sam Huat
  22. more to come to join in the fun????

One night in JB, 8/9 July 2017

A video cotribution by MegaA as a kickstart to “One night in JB”.

We had a Dinner and Dance at KSL resort, JB some months ago.  The feedback was generally good, and this time again, towards the year-end, we shall have another event in JB, over a Sat/Sun.

Feedback from members suggested that transport from Singapore to the event is an important consideration for many members.

Feedback from dancers suggested that the dance floor needs to be big enough and suitable for dancing.

We had good feedback on the food, the rooms and the event proper, although some fine tuning is required to make the event more fun and enjoyable.

Feedback also indicated we can consider a venue change.  Besides KSL, we may consider the Double Tree Hilton hotel.  We are now confirmed to use KSL hotel and resort again.

Again,”One night in JB” promises lots of dancing, singing, good food and good companionship. This time around, the Club will target 40 pax, with a possibility of up to 200 participants.  We shall leak out more details as we form the committee.

You are invited to contribute your ideas and suggestions. The date has not been set but it will be Nov or Dec 2016 be around mid 2017. Transport from Singapore will be provided from Singapore via the 2nd Link, though optional if you wish to drive yourself or go on your own via the causeway.

If you like to join the club committee for this event, plse WhatsApp me at 9489-4360.

Terence Seah

Sponsoring handicap and disabled children to attend our Cabaret Night

Sam Goh has always been supporting and helping out at Charity homes in Johore Bahru.  The children comes from orphanage and handicap homes.

He has requested the Club to sponsor a table of 10 for these children to attend the early part of our Cabaret function.  The children will also be giving a performance during registration time. And they will also be joining us for dinner. But will leave our ballroom when dancing proper starts.  Sam will organise all the logistics to bring the children to and fro the homes.

SHC invites members to sponsor each child at SGD 50 each. Besides the dinner, we shall also give the children a gift.

Partaicipants as well as non-participants are invited to sponsor these children to our D&D.  We also look forward to their performance.  Thank you Sam for arranging this activity.

To kickstart the sponsorship for the handicap and disabled children, we have our first sponsor Peggy and Arther Yap.

Kindly register here.  An account will be set up, please let us have your transfer reference  Thank you,.

Registration list:

  1. Peggy and Arthur Yap – 1 child, SGD 50. (paid)
  2. Anonymous LY – 1 child, SGD 50 (paid)
  3. Anonymous LB – 1 child, SGD 50 (paid)
  4. Bobby Bok – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  5. Charles Wee – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  6. Yoon Chin – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  7. Anonymous LB – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  8. Holly Lim – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  9. Frisna Tan – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  10. Vander Straaten Angela – 1 child, SGD 50  (Paid)

Max sponsorship for 10 pax from the handicap and orphanage.  This sponsorship is now closed.  Thank you for your support.

Terence Seah

Song and singing registration list – Cabaret night 3

Cabaret Night 3 “The Last One Night” will have both dancing and singing. If you would like to sing during the night, plse register your name and the song title on this Post personally.


1. Songs suitable for dancing, popular, in line with the theme, and from within the 60’s – 70’s period.
2. Can be in any language, in line with the theme.
3. Singers can be male, female or duet.
4. Time allocated for singing and dancing is 4-5 hours, subject to programming.
5. During to limited time, each singer is limited to one song, duet to two songs.

This song list is created.  To participate, simply register on this post personally with the song title, dialect/language. We will close the singing list on 31 Mar 2016.

Terence Seah/Judy Lim

Singing and song list:

  1. Sally Tan
  2. Judy Lim, song and music coordinator
  3. .
  4. This list closes on 31 March 2016.

The Last One Night – Cabaret Night 3

cabaret3a   cabaret3c   cabaret3b

For some of us, we had sad memories in our lives.  We tried to forget the good times and then the bad times, and then we remembered the good times again.  We tell ourselves life must go, and that we must try to forget the good and the sad memories. Many sad memories are painful and they are difficult to shake them off.

Songs bring back time, sorrows and hurt.  And to kick start “Cabaret 3  The Last One Night”, I like to dedicate this song to those who have been hurt and wish to move on with their lives.

Terence Seah


  1. Date: Sat 23 Apr 2016
  2. Venue:  Ballroom, KSL Hotel, Johore Bahru City
  3. Recommended hotel:  KSL hotel IN 23 Apr OUT 24 April 2016. Members can stay at any hotel.  Corporate rate will be advised soon
  4. Time:  6pm to midnight
  5. Dinner:  Round table, seating, Chinese menu.  Halal dinner on request.
  6. Price:  SGD 40 per pax (members only).  SGD 50 per pax (non-SHC members)
  7. Price per dinner table of 10 pax:  10% discount, if registration on this post before 6 Mar 2016 1200 hrs.  There is a * against your name in the list.
  8. Payment to:  POSB Current:  951-00428-6.  Please indicate your name, transaction reference, date and amount. Last day for payment:  31 Mar 2016.


  1. Mainly a night of songs, singing and dancing.
  2. Will be advised.


  1. EO:  Terence Seah
  2. Hotel venue and F&B Liaison:  SS James
  3. Song and music coordinator:  Judy Lim
  4. Compere:  Sam Goh (Ah Huat)
  5. Co-compere: Lily Ho
  6. Welcome Registration desk: Lydia Chin
  7. Mamasan:  Vacancy open.  Likely no mamasans for the night.
  8. Gifts and sponsorships: Terence Seah/Andrew Koh

Dinner menu (subj to change by the hotel kitchen):

  • Unity Combination of Five Varieties
  • Sichuan Hot & Sour Soup with Fish Maw & Assorted Shredded Mushrooms
  • Boneless Almond Chicken with Orange Sauce
  • Steamed Sea Bass Hong Kong Style
  • Sauteed Shrimp & Squid with Broccoli in Nest
  • Braised Mushroon & Bean strip with Cabbage & Garlic
  • Fried Spicy Rice with Dried Shrimp, Ham, Mushroom & Long Bean
  • Chilled Longan with Sea Coconut or Chilled Sichuan Rolls

Registration List:

Table 1: (Table complete)

  1. Yew Kwong *  DI
  2. Judy Lim * (Paid)
  3. Lily Ho * (Paid)
  4. June Ho (Paid)
  5. Sally Tan * (Paid)
  6. Lydia Chin * (Paid $40)
  7. Lydia Chin’s partner * (Paid $40)
  8. Shirleen Kao * (Paid)
  9. Andrew Koh * (Paid)
  10. Sam Goh Ah Huat – Compere * (Paid)

Table 2: (Table complete)

  1. SS James – Hotel and Venue liaison * (Paid)
  2. Yee Chee Kong * (Paid)
  3. Jennifer Wu * (Paid)
  4. Gracie Gingko * (Paid)
  5. Robert Ong * (Paid)
  6. Molly Chua * (Paid)
  7. Susan Chang * (Paid)
  8. Charlie Teo * (Paid)
  9. Cynthia Phua * (Paid)
  10. Terence Seah – EO * (Paid)

Table 3: (Formed by James Tan) (Table complete)

  1. Lee Kow Muay * (Paid)
  2. Tan Lay Hue * (Paid)
  3. Koh Yean Hong * (Paid)
  4. Ang Gek Liang * (Paid)
  5. Betty * (Paid)
  6. Neo Ah Koon * (Paid)
  7. Soi Ai Ling * (Paid)
  8. Karen * (Paid)
  9. Ng Soh Chye * (Paid)
  10. Chan How Mui * (Paid)

Table 4: (Table complete)

  1. Mega A * (Paid)
  2. Jane Tan * (Paid)
  3. Christine Poh SH * DI
  4. Sue Chan * (Paid)
  5. Wong Hong Jeng * (Paid)
  6. Bobby Bok * (Paid)
  7. Karen Lim*  (Paid)
  8. John How *  Evon Lim (John How Paid – will be refunded) (Evon Lim Paid)
  9. Dan Huang *Ng Meng Wai (Dan Huang Paid – will be refunded) (Ng Meng Wai Paid)
  10. Stella Sheng (Paid $36…. should pay $40  ~ not early bird)…extra $4 paid 

Table 5:  (Table complete)

  1. Ann Lim * (Paid)
  2. Lilian Teo * (Paid)
  3. Bessie Lam * (Paid)
  4. Andrew Tan * (Paid)
  5. Mary (Irene Wong’s friend) (Paid)
  6. Doreen Ho * (Paid)
  7. Rose White *(Paid)
  8. Cecilia Lim (Paid)
  9. Cecilia Lim’s friend (non-member) (Paid)
  10. James (Irene Wong’s friend) (Paid)

Table 6: (Table complete)

  1. James Tan * (Paid)
  2. Susan Tan * (Paid)
  3. Alex Woo (Paid)
  4. May Woo (Paid)
  5. Adeline Tan
  6. Rina Tan (Paid)
  7. Mike Tay (Paid)
  8. Kent Chan (Paid)
  9. Joe Choo (Paid)
  10. Veronique Lee (Paid)
  11. Daniel Chan* (Paid $40)

Table 7: (special sponsored guests from the Homes)

  1. 10 Altogether 10 pax.

Table 8: (Table complete)

  1. Ben Teo          Barbara Ong (Paid)
  2. Bart Teo          Karen Phoo (Paid)
  3. Henry Lum (Paid)
  4. Anna Chai (Paid)
  5. Janie Leong (Paid)
  6. Janie Leong’s partner (Paid)
  7. Irene Wong (Paid)
  8. Irene Wong’s partner (Wilbur) (Paid)   
  9. Maria Oh (Paid)
  10. Corrine Pereira (Paid)

Reserved List:

  1. Evon Lim
  2. Ng Meng Wei
  3. Barbara Ong (Paid)   (see table 8)
  4. Karen Phoo (for  table 5 if approved)   (see table 8 – table 5 is full)


  • For members who are looking for groups or share in transport arrangements, do join the Whatsapp group “Going to KSL on 23 Apr”.  You can also look for room partners on this group.  Whatsapp 9489-4360.
  • All early birds have a * besides the name.  You are entitled to a 10% discount off the D&D ticket.  Last day for payment – 31 Mar 2016.
  • All later birds ticket price is SGD 40 per pax.
  • 8 tables completely filled

A singer and entertainer, and a non-professional

singer1   sing2  sing1

If you can sing, love to sing, in English, Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, Hindi or just about any language, comfortably and with your own music media, we would like to hear from you.

Continuously 4-5 songs, dont have to be a professional.  It is ok to fumble once in a while but can get out of it and laugh at oneself, this would be great; I am looking at an entertainer and singer.  I dont expect your entertainment to be free.

Songs, memorable, love, known, evergreen, songs that most of us know, male or female.  Romantic also can.  Hatred also ok.

I dont need you to have a good professional voice, but if you can carry through throughout the 4-5 songs, without looking at the scripts all the time, you are the person.  Sure, you can have a partner.

You know who to contact: +65 94894360.

Terence Seah


Let’s organise the year end ball; now called the New-Year Ball

hawaiian gal  hawaiian gal2  shc-logo

Let’s start dreaming our year end event of the year.  You can be a part of it; simply by raising your hand and agreeing that you will work with everybody in the team, whoever they are.  This should be the spirit for this and all our events.

What the event will be, it will be up to all of us.  But, it can be a ball, a big ball.  I can make the following guess.  We should aim big, and hit 150 pax.  Music, songs and dancing should be the theme.  Food, well, it is a must; for without it, many members will be unhappy. So, we want to be happy.  Seriously, we should have a balance of the sexes.  Let’s have all ears.  Maybe, if you have a great idea in mind, yes, why not?

Let’s start looking for a band; either a live band or a musician without a good sound system.  We dont need a pro, but someone who can make us feel young again.  Let’s go all way out to look for new bands or musician, that SHC has not used before.  Consider songs and music that we have not heard off for many many years, but were popular during our younger days.  Let’s make a decision by end July 2015.  We should pay for the music.

And, for the venue, why not a nice hotel venue.  This time, it need not be at a country club.  If you have great contacts with the hotels, and if we can have a good package of between $40 and $50 per pax, we can look at it.  Food, cannot be too different, international, Chinese or even simply a 3-course Western.

As for the date, somewhere towards Nov/Dec, it can be fun.  If not, we hold it in Jan. That should work too.

For a change, we can have corporate sponsors.  Probably, a company to sponsor a couple of pairs of airtickets or cruise tickets to Alaska, another company to sponsor the beer and drinks, we can consume.  Other ideas can be a company to sponsor SHC t-shirts for all attending members. , the latest Iphone or the latest smartTV.  Great, let’s see what we can come up with.  We should have other prizes too.

Activities and program for the ball.  How much we will charge is still open.

Hope we can all start the thinking process.  And, I am looking for a committee to handle (1) Venue, Decor and backdrop and F&B (2) Program and activities (3) Prizes (4) tickets and seatings (5) Registration and accounts.  And importantly, a co-EO.

Terence Seah


SilverHairsClub Dinner and Dance, Sun 21 Dec 2014 at Singapore Recreation Club

src2     src3  dd1 d and d1  Christmas1  Christmas wreath

Dear members, We can now safely confirm this year’s D&D will be held in Dec. It will be themed along “Prehistoric Times” during the Flintstone era. Please watch this Post for updates.

  1. Venue: Singapore Recreation Club SRC
  2. Date/Time: Sun 21 Dec 2014, 1800 hrs to 2330 hrs
  3. Theme: Anything Goes.  Christmas is Here”
  4. Ticket price: $55 per ticket (inclusive of an international buffet)

Team committee:

  1. Event Organiser – Terence Seah
  2. MC – Pat Oei
  3. Co-MC – Lynda Chua
  4. Band – Charles Cher and band.
  5. Venue Coordinator – Pat Oei
  6. Gifts and Prizes  – Peggy Yap
  7. Gifts and Prizes – Judy Lim, Susan Tan, Bessie Lam and Ann Lim.
  8. Reception desk – Daisy Yeo, Linda Oei
  9. International food buffet desk – SRC F&B
  10. Game item 1 –  Confirmed.
  11. Game item 2 –  Confirmed
  12. Hats, whistles – Rosalind Lee
  13. Danny Lye – Photography
  14. New SHC song – Sompho and Caroline

Please make payment to POSB current account 951-00428-6.

Number of pax: due to space limits, 80 pax. Strictly SilverHairsClub members only. Tickets are sold, subject to registration on this Post, and subject to ticket availability. **

For the first time, this event will be organised by SilverHairs Enterprise PL. It will be the first test case for SHE. Members who like to participate as a committee member of this project are invited to contact

Terence Seah

Registered List:

  1. Dolly Lim                         )       Dolly’s table  (Fully paid)
  2. Rosalind Lee                   )      
  3. Alice Yap                         )
  4. Dorine Tan                      ) 
  5. Eyvonne Chew                )
  6. Sarah Kassim                  )
  7. Patrick Oei                       )
  8. Linda Oei                         )
  9. Lilian Teo                         )
  10. Caroline Gee                   )
  11. Gabriella Chua  (Pd)       )      Gabriella’s table (Fully paid)
  12. Kuah Siew Tin (Pd)         )
  13. Susan Tan  (Pd)              )
  14. Philip Yeo Tiang Hui(Pd) )    
  15. Edwin Tan (Pd)                )
  16. Sue Chan  (Pd)                )
  17. Wong Hong Jeng   (Pd)   )
  18. Ronald Lam (Pd)             )               
  19. Veronique Lee (Pd)         )     
  20. Joe Choo (Pd)                 )
  21. Ah Nee                             )      SS’s table  (Fully paid)
  22. Judy Lim                           ) 
  23. Lina Tan                           )
  24. Jazz Soh                          )
  25. Rina Tan (new member)  )                                   
  26. Michael Tay (  ”    )           )
  27. Andrew Koh                      )
  28. Jeffrey Wong                    )
  29. Robert Ong                       )
  30. S S James                        )
  31. Terence Seah (Pd)          )      Peggy’s tables (Fully paid)
  32. Sompho Homjumroon(Pd)     
  33. Richard Wong  (Pd)         )
  34. Daisy Yeo (Pd)                )
  35. Molly Chua (Pd)               )
  36. Charlie Teo  (Pd)             )
  37. Jennifer Lim  (Pd)            )
  38. Aloysius Ng (Pd)             )     
  39. Mega Abdullah (Pd)        )
  40. Joy Chuang (Pd)            )
  41. Danny Lye   (Pd)            )
  42. June Tan (Pd)                )
  43. Hamidah Ishak (Pd)       )
  44. Angela Straaten  (Pd)     )
  45. Arthur Yap (Pd)              )
  46. Peggy Yap  (Pd)            )
  47. Christina Chan (Pd)       )
  48. Irene Poh  (Pd)              )
  49. Bobby Bok (Pd)             )
  50. Jimmy Ibrahim (Pd)       )
  51. May Yoon                      )       Ann Lim’s table (Fully paid)
  52. Leon Lau                       )
  53. Dave Chong                  )
  54. Fida                               )   
  55. Anne Chee                    )
  56. Esther Mok                    )
  57. Irene Tan                       )
  58. Barbara Ong                  )
  59. SK Chua                        )
  60. Ann Lim                         )
  61. Eileen Thean (Pd)         )     Eileen’s table
  62. Gerry Ong (Pd)             )
  63. Lily Ho  (Pd)                  ) 
  64. Charles Cher  (Pd)        )
  65. Ben D Silva  (Pd)          )
  66. Steven Chan (Pd)         )
  67. Dan Huang  (Pd)           )
  68. Ong Lin Khim  (Pd)       )
  69. Angeline Ong (pay cash at the event)

Registration is now CLOSED.

Please note registration after 23 Nov 2014 will be put on the waiting list. – Terence Seah


Waiting List:

  1. Doreen Tay
  2. Doreen Tay’s friend (SHC member?)


Planning our year-end do at Scarlet City, AMK Hub on Fri 5 Dec 2014







Couples dancing a tango  shcdance4  shcdance5

Latest:  This venue may be changed.  Please refer to

We had an earlier plan to have a D&D at CSC Tessensohn in Dec 2014.  However, for various reasons, we are unable to hold the event there.

A few members have recently recee’d Scarlet City at AMH Hub and found the place suitable for our year-end event.  We do like to have your feedback before deciding further what to do. It is expensive to find a venue during the month of Dec when corporations and individuals are looking to celebrate the year end.  Prices are also steep, and especially when we are looking to have the event on a Friday evening.

Well, Scarlet city has a slot for us, if we are interested.  The place is well setup for night entertainment.  We can have the place from 6.30pm, and enjoy ourselves until 2 – 3am.  Scarlet city will put up a buffet dinner, with free flow of soft drinks.  The plan is to have our own program from 6.30 pm to 9.30pm; followed by Scarlet City’s own music, entertainment and star performances from 9.30pm to 2am. During the second segment, there will be other guests who will come for dancing, music and performances.  We will continue to stay until 2am.  Cover charge included.

We need to guarantee 100 pax, so your feedback would help in our decision.  As Scarlet city requires a deposit to be made, in view of the busy period, we like to hear from you.  It is likely that the evening will cause us $65 per head, if we meet the minimum number of heads.

Terence Seah


Tai Tai Nite DnD 2014 & Mr SHC and Miss / Mrs SHC 2014

Tai Tais and darlings

Another idea for next year.

We have had 2 cabaret nites so it’s time for we women to have a Tai Tai Nite.  What does it mean?

Am thinking we ladies will be there in our finery and diamonds, of course, and this time we shall have our HOT MALE MEMBERS on hand to pamper us etc.

The climax of the evening will obviously be Terence performing in his G-string on the pole.  We will have our US dollars ready………..

Let’s partayyy!!
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *


This idea just popped in my mind.  Our very own Mr SHC and Miss/Mrs SHC 2014.

Anyone cares to organize this? Obviously, I would like to be invited to be one of the Judges. Heeeheee.

I will not be able to EO this due to my duty calls besides my other commitments.
There are many awesome event organizers in our club, so let’s hear from you.

We can narrow down to Prejuding (Q&A) and the Grand Finals to simplify the pageant.

Let’s do something exciting in 2014!!

Dinner and Dance for Y2014

Hi All Members,
Y2013 is coming near to end soon… so we will be looking forward for Y2014…

I know that I had been very inactive these days despite the fact that I am in the committee due to personal matters at home.  Thankfully, all my other buddies/ committes are very understanding and help me to cover all these area of responsibilities which I did not fulfil…. Thank you very much

So Y2014, I must start the ball rolling liao…

Anyone keen to volunteer to be EO for Y2014 D&D.  Any good lobang for venues to host this event… we want to hear from you also….  Of cos, not too expensive would be ideal and at least can take up to 100paxs minimum.

Any themes that come in your mind, please share with us also….

Want to be in the D&D working committees, we welcome you also… just put your names here that we will contact you directly in due course…

I wont have full access to internet till mid December 2013 as they are undergoing some repair work here so if my responses are slow, please be patient with OK

Thus, your comments and/or any proposals are very important to us.. let us hear from you soon…

Cheers,… Dolly

EC Countdown Event – Dinner & Dance at The Ritz Carlton, 31 December 2013

Dear Members

We would like you to join us at a year-end Countdown Party. It will be a ‘value-for-money’ event with dinner, door gift, games, entertainment, music and dance.

Date:    31 December 2013, Tuesday
Time:    6.00 pm to 1.00 am
Venue: The Grand Ballroom, Level 1, Ritz Carlton

Special Rate: $105 nett per person
Note: For the first 10 SHC members who register and make payment before closing date

Guests’ Rate: $120 nett per person  (revised to special rate of $105 nett per person on 11 Oct)
Note: For the next multiple of 10 persons who register and make payment before closing date

We will only make the table booking/s after the closing date (upon registration and receipt of payment). If you are keen to participate in this EC event, please register here.

Pay to Alex’s POSB Savings Account: 017-06127-5

Closing Date of Registration: 15 Oct 2013
Closing Date of Payment:       18 Oct 2013, 1800

Registration for this event is now closed.

(For those who are not able to attend the event after payment, please arrange for your own replacement, preferably a SHC member and advise us. Thank you)

Looking forward to your participation!


Table 1 @ $105 nett per pax (10 members)

  • 1   Alex Woo – paid 16/10
  • 2   May Woo – paid 16/10
  • 3.  Alyn Lee – paid 14/10
  • 4.  Tan Boon Liang – paid 15/10
  • 5.  Geraldine Ting – paid 15/10
  • 6.   Peri Liew – paid 17/10
  • 7.  Thomas Loh – paid 17/10
  • 8.   Edwin Tan – paid 22/10
  • 9.   Eileen Thean – paid 22/10
  • 10. Susan Tan – withdrew on 14/10
  • 10  Lin Chuah – paid 20/10

Table 2 @ $105 nett per pax (10 members)

  • 11   Arthur Yap – paid 15/10
  • 12   Peggy Yap – paid 15/10
  • 13  Judy Lim – paid 12/10
  • 14   Susan CH Tan – paid 12/10
  • 15   Theresa Seow – paid 14/10
  • 16   Ann Lim – paid 14/10
  • 17   Daisy Yeo – paid 16/10
  • 18   Teresa Lee – paid 14/10
  • 19  Annie Pow – paid 16/10
  • 20  Johnny Pow – paid 16/10


  • Phillip and Molly Yeo – 7/10
  • Susan  Tan – 14/10

ECs- Alex Woo and May Woo

Cabaret night 2013 (Taipei) Sat 20 July 2013 – tickets and sitting updates

Hi fellow SHC members,

Meeting musician Edwin with Judy Lim, Janet Chan with Mega and Terence.

Updates: We have the latest change with our  plan to have Edwin Chen as our musician.  Instead, we are now having Jeffrey Gan who will play the live music for us during the Cabaret night.


Janet Chan


Judy Lim






The latest updates include the sitting arrangements and the payment updates.

1.  Payment:  Barbara Lim has accepted the role of Treasurer for the Cabaret Nite event. This is her  first time taking on a role in SHC and she looks forward to members for support and encouragement.  Here are her comments:

The following are some of the ways you can help to make my task simpler:
* Make payment as early as possible, starting from tomorrow. You can make
payment to my account, details as follows:
Account Name: Tan Wah Cheng A/c # 020-013689-8
Bank: DBS Account type: Autosave
* Pay through Internet transfer, ATM or Quick Cheque deposit
* Please notify me through this blog once you have transferred payment so that I
can confirm receipt. Pl indicate the amount and mode of payment.
* If you are making payments on behalf of your friends, please inidcate all their names in your notification. Pl indicate if there are any non-members.
* Finally consolidated payments are preferred as it mimises the number of bank transactions.

Please feel free to highlight if I have omitted any pertinent points. Thank you for
your cooperation.

2.  The map of the lounge will be provided by Gabriella soon.  Details will appear soon.


Payment registration (By Barbara):

  1. One-eye Terence Seah (Table of 9) (Paid)
  2. Patrick Oei (Paid)
  3. Linda Chua (Paid)
  4. Joe Choo (Paid)
  5. Veronica Lee  (Paid)
  6. Pearl Kwan (Paid)
  7. Simon Lee (Paid)
  8. Jonathan Ong (Paid)
  9. Eileen Ong (Paid)
  10. Gabriella Chua (Table of 11 for The Swingers) (Gabriella Paid)
  11. Edwin Tan (Paid)
  12. Philip Yeo Tiang Hai (Paid)
  13. Catherine Lee (Paid)
  14. Susan CH Tan (Paid)
  15. Myra Chia (Paid)
  16. Dan Huang (Paid)
  17. Susan Tan (Paid)
  18. Charles Wee (Paid)
  19. Ann Lim (Paid)
  20. Jeffrey Gan (Paid)
  21. Tycoon Big Eyes Tan Boon Liang (1st Table of 12) (Paid)
  22. Alice Teo (Paid)
  23. Sunny      (Paid)
  24. Bee Gek (Paid)
  25. Lam Hoy Tzee (Paid)
  26. Andrew Yeung (Paid)
  27. Geraldine Ting (Paid)
  28. Ronald Lam (Paid)
  29. Perilla Liew (Paid)
  30. Thomas Loh (Paid)
  31. Paul Kong (Paid)
  32. Peggy Kong (Paid)
  33. Karen Thio (Table of 12 for The Eastern Beauties/Handsome)  (Karen Paid)
  34. Janie Leong (Paid)
  35. Sally Kang (Paid)
  36. Pauline Khoo (Paid)
  37. Evyonne Chew (Paid)
  38. Lilian Teo (Paid)
  39. Helen Kuek (Paid)    Unable to attend
  40. June Koh (Paid)
  41. Catherine Ho (Paid)
  42. Pauline Ho (Paid)     Replaced by Richard Wong
  43. Malcolm Chen (Paid)
  44. Steven (non-member)  (Paid)
  45. Pearl Wong (1st Table of 11) (Paid)
  46. Frisna (Paid)
  47. Catherine Koh (Paid)
  48. Richard Ong (Paid)
  49. Shirleen Kao (Paid)
  50. Sarah Kassim (Paid)
  51. Freddie Liew (Paid)
  52. Tan Sim Seng (Paid)
  53. Robert Ong (Paid)
  54. Dennis Tan (Paid)
  55. Ronnie Sow (Paid)
  56. Tycoon Big Eyes Tan Boon Liang (2nd Table of 12) – Ann To (paid)
  57. John To (non-member) (Paid)
  58. Iris Leet (non-member) (Paid)
  59. Vincent Leet (non-member) (Paid)
  60. Mike Tan (Paid)
  61. Alicia Soh (Paid)
  62. Lai Fong  (Paid)
  63. Ivy Lim  (Paid)
  64. Ten Choy Leng (Paid)
  65. Janet Chan (Paid)
  66. Nina Choo (Paid)
  67. Lim Tian Soo (Paid)
  68. Suzhang (Table of 10)  (Paid)  Replaced by Sam Goh
  69. Lina Ng (Paid)   Unable to attend
  70. Jane Tan (Paid)
  71. Hou Chong (Paid)  Unable to attend
  72. Mega (Paid)
  73. Rene Leong (Paid)
  74. Lydia Poh (Paid)
  75. Lily Ho  (Paid)  Replaced by Peggy Yap
  76. Jway (Paid)  Replaced by Arthur Yap
  77. Chua Seng Chong (paid)   Unable to attend
  78. Pearl Wong (2nd Table of 12) ~ Judy Lim (Paid)
  79. Johnny Pow (Paid)
  80. Annie Pow  (Paid)
  81. Dorine Tan (Paid)   Replaced by Doreen Cady
  82. Catherine Yeo (Paid)
  83. Sally Tan (Paid)
  84. Doreen Lau (Paid)
  85. Ann Low (Paid)
  86. Jose Chew (Paid)
  87. Ron Wei (Paid)
  88. George Chew Paid)
  89. Lim Hoe Seng (paid)
  90. Pearl Wong (3rd Table of 11) ~ Lydia Chin (paid)
  91. Ronald Swee (Paid)
  92. Grace Wong (Paid)  Replaced by Robert Cady
  93. Bobby Bok (Paid)
  94. Bernie Chung (paid)
  95. Peng Peng (Paid)
  96. Bira (paid)
  97. Clara Chay (paid)
  98. Christina Tan PG (Paid)
  99. Calvin Chow (Paid)
  100. Barbara Ong (Paid)
  101. Tan Seow Mai (Table of 10) (Paid)
  102. Vincent (Paid)
  103. Theresa Seow (Paid)
  104. Audrey Wong (Paid)
  105. Terry Leow (Paid)
  106. Barbara Lim (Paid)
  107. Lynn Tai (Paid)
  108. Moly Quek (Paid)
  109. Kent Chan Yuk Lun (Paid)
  110. Christina C L Chan (Paid)
  111. Bessie Lam (Table of 6) (Paid)
  112. Andrew Tan (Paid)
  113. Vinna Tay (Paid)
  114. Hudson Swee Yew Siong (Paid)
  115. Richard Lean (Paid)
  116. Peter Tan (non-member) (paid)


                       ~ ~ ~      R E G I S T R A T I O N     IS    NOW     C L O S E D     ~ ~ ~

CLICK HERE to view photos  (part 1)


Charges: SHC members who sign up by 31.5.13 ~ $20;   SHC members who sign up after the closing date (31.5.13) ~ $25

Non-members will pay $30     


Seating Plan (approved by Terence Seah) ~ Click on the plan for a full view


Seating Plan 1



Cabaret night 2013 (Taipei) – refurbished and new renovated, a sequel to Shanghai night

Cabaret Night can come alive again this year.

I wonder whether those who attended the last “Shanghai Cabaret Night 2010” still remember the event of glamour and nostalgia. Well, perhaps we can revive the occasion.

The owners of the last SHC Cabaret Jeffrey and Geraldine have just sold off their stakes to a rich tycoon couple.  Together, the couple run a few nightclubs in Shanghai. Hongkong, Singapore and Taipei.  The guests are mainly the rich and well-to-do and those who love drinks and songs.  Each night, limousines and rolls royce would stop at its main entrance.  A MRT train runs by the Cabaret.  Elegantly dressed ladies and huge pouch men, accompanied by body guards would turned up nightly at its doors.

There is fun and lots of money roll around each night. The stage is well set, with Chinese decor and dimmed lights.  Beautiful singers come on stage each night and they would sing songs to bring out memories of love, the past and nostalgia. There are also free lance ladies and guy dancers who can dance with the guests, for USD 5 per song.

Cabaret Night 2013 is a sequel to Shanghai Night 2010.  This is an evening of drinks, dancing, chit chat and business deals.  It’s also an evening to entertain your clients, whether you are a rich business tycoon or a lady boss running a chain of restaurants.

Of course, there is room for those who want a night out for drinks only, so as to forget the world of saddness, revenge and love loss.  Guests can end the evening with more drinks and Taiwanese porridge at the night market.

Guys and gals, this Cabaret night is a theme event.  The city is Taipei. Most Taipei people speak Mandarin, Min Nan (Hokkien) and some English.   This event is strictly and exclusive to SilverHairsClub members. The cabaret serves drinks, no food.  Tips of one USD is common to all service staff.  Mainly there will be songs, drinks, dancing and anything the worldly earth brings us.  Strictly no line dancing. Songs are mainly Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and a few English.  The era is 1970s.  Bouncers will be at the door, so good behaviour, proper dressing.

Please note this event is themed around a nightclub cabaret, and not intended to support perceived negative morals.  The idea is to bring back the good old days, listen to old songs, good fun and enjoy the company of fellow SilverHairsClub members.

No details of the event yet.  Let’s plan together,perhaps over the next two months, and make it an event to relive past memories of the 70s.  Nothing has been set yet.  There is a likelihood this event will be held in June or July 2013, at the previous place where Shanghai Night 2010 was held.

Shanghai Night 2010 was held without conducting a single meeting, except for a couple of live singing trials. I look forward to Cabaret Night 2013 being conducted without a single meeting too. The exact date of the event will be announced, once the place and date are confirmed. All discussions will be held at the Club  You are invited to participate.

Terence Seah

Latest updates:

  • Date:  Sat 20 July 2013
  • Venue:  The Tanjong@One-North, Nanyang Technology University Alumni Club, #08-02, 11 Slim Barracks Rise (Off North Buona Visa Road), Singapore 138 664.
  • Time:  6pm to 1am
  • Co-owners – Lim Tian Soo and Chee Lai Fong.
  • Price charge:  $20 per pax (if registered before closing date), $25 per pax (if registered after closing date).  Non-Members $30 per head.

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah – EO
  2. Mega Abudullah – Co-EO and coordinator with The Tanjung, and dancer.
  3. Lim Tian Soo –  Owner of the new Taipei Cabaret Club, No 12A, Sec 21, Tun Hwa South Road, Taipei
  4. Chee Lai Fong – Co-owner of the new Taipei Cabaret Club
  5. Lee Ah Nee – making a contribution to the cabaret opening, ribbon-cutting ceromony
  6. Gabriella Chua – Allocation of seats/tables, based on priority.  Read the criteria in the comments.
  7. Patrick Oei – Co-stage manager )  Talented husband and wife team ~
  8. Linda Chua – Co-stage manager)   Sure crowd-pullers
  9. Live Music – Edwin Chen
  10. Song and music coordinator – Judy Lim ensuring songs meet the theme, criteria, and schedule.
  11. Treasurer:  Barbara Lim
  12. Registration desk manager – Gabriella Chua
  13. Mamasan (Wild flower team)
  14. Mamasan (Moon over the lake team)
  15. Max: 100 pax.  Strictly members only. 

Participants registration list (Names must be available asap or by 31 May 2013)

  2. Patrick Oei
  3. Linda Chua
  4. Joe Choo
  5. Veronica Lee
  6. Edwin Chen
  8. Edwin Tan
  9. Philip Yeo Tiang Hai
  10. Catherine Lee
  11. Susan CH Tan
  12. Myra Chia
  13. Dan Huang
  14. Eilean Thean
  15. Charles Wee
  16. Ann Lim
  17. Jeffrey Gan
  19. Alice Teo
  20. Sunny
  21. Bee Gek
  22. Lam
  23. Lin Chuah
  24. Janet C
  25. Ronald Lam
  26. Peri
  27. Thomas Loh
  29. Caroline Gee
  30. Janice Leong
  31. Sally Kang
  32. Pauline Khoo
  33. Evyonne Chew
  34. Lilian Teo
  35. Helen Kuek
  36. June Koh
  37. Catherine Ho
  38. Pauline Ho
  39. Malcolm Chen
  41. Frisna
  42. Catherine Koh
  43. Richard Ong
  44. Shirleen Kao
  45. Sarah Kassim
  46. Freddie Liew
  47. Tan Sim Seng
  48. Robert Ong
  49. Dennis Tan
  50. Ronnie Sow
  52. John To (non-member)
  53. Iris Leet (non-member)
  54. Vincent Leet (non-member)
  55. Mike Tan
  56. Alicia Soh
  57. Lai Fong
  58. Ivy Lim
  59. Ten Choy Leng (not a member of SHC yet)
  60. Margaret Tian
  61. LILY HO (TABLE OF 13)
  62. Ah Nee
  63. Lina Ng
  64. Suzhang
  65. Norlinda
  66. Jane Tan
  67. Molly Chua
  68. Jway
  69. Hou Chong
  70. Michael Tan
  71. Mega
  72. Rene
  73. Bira
  74. PEARL WONG (2ND TABLE OF 12) ~ Judy Lim
  75. Johnny Pow
  76. Annie Tan
  77. Dorine Tan
  78. Catherine Yeo
  79. Sally Tan
  80. Doreen Lau
  81. Anne Loh
  82. Jose Chew
  83. Ron Wei
  84. George Chew
  85. Lim Hoe Seng (not a member of SHC yet)
  86. PEARL WONG (3RD TABLE OF 10) ~ Lydia Chin
  87. Barbara Lim
  88. Grace Wong
  89. Bobby Bok
  90. Bernie Chung
  91. Peng Peng
  92. Janet Loo
  93. Clara Chay
  94. Christina Tan PG
  95. Calvin Chow
  96. TABLE OF 5 (MAKING A TOTAL OF 100 Guests) ~ Tan Seow Mai
  97. Vincent
  98. Theresa Seow
  99. …..
  1. Please reserve your table asap.  Price charge:  $20 per pax (if registered before 31 May 2013), $25 per pax (if registered after closing date).  Non-Members $30 per head.


ARABIAN NITE – 28 JULY 2012, SATURDAY (Final Update)

Hello Everyone,


  • Theme :  ARABIAN NITE
  • Venue :  Kensington Ballroom, Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Heliconia Wing 
  • Date :  Saturday, 28 July 2012
  • Time :  6.30pm – 12 midnight (Registration starts at 6.00pm)
  • Cost :  $45 per pax

Committee Members :

  1. Treasurer – Dolly
  2. Music Director – Caroline Gee
  3. Programme – Lily Ho
  4. Deco – Karen & Boon Lian
  5. Games Master – Sam, Karen, Janie & Dolly
  6. Registration – Marg Tian, Judy Lim & Lillian Teo
  7. Emcees for the nite – Thomas Loh & Peri Liew 
  8. Photographers – Sockie, Boon Liang & Karen
  9. Venue and F&B – Molly Chua

There will be NO CORKAGE CHARGE – so feel free to bring your own bottle.

Programme highlights, we have the following:

  1. Line dance workshop by Hamidah & Team – title "Habibi" ("My Love/Darling" in Arabic)
  2. Belly Dance moves demo by Veronique Lee
  3. Belly Dance Performance – by Belly Dance Instructor
  4. Games by Sam, Dolly, Karen, Janie (There will be lots of laughter for sure.)
  5. A skit — title "I want" ??— directed and performed by SHC members.  A comedy.  Who are the performers?  Mystery till the nite itself lor . . . . . 

But wait that is not all, YOU will be the one to vote for the best dressed (authentic to the theme) Mr. & Mrs. Arabian Nite.  There will be lucky draw too!  Attractive prizes awaiting you if you are 1 of them lor…. interesting rite …..?

  • Please take note :

Registration is now closed as we have already hit the 100 pax.  We will continue to accept late sign ups but from no. 101 pax onward, the price will be $55 per person.

So if you still wish to join in the fun, hurry and transfer payment to: POSB Saving A/C# 146-00513-6.  (No registration without payment.)

For those already paid, please note that there will be no refund.  You may find your own replacement by another SHC member.   But please drop a line here to inform us so that we may up date the registration list.  As with SHC tradition, ALL attendees — please wear your name tag.

Members who have paid

  1. Daniel Ong  Paid  Replaced by Dan Huang
  2. Lily Ho – Paid
  3. Dolly Lim – Paid
  4. Molly Chua – Paid
  5. Janie Leong – Paid
  6. Caroline Gee – Paid
  7. Marg Tian – Paid
  8. Audrey Wong – Paid
  9. Terence Seah – Paid
  10. Karen Thio – Paid
  11. Judy Lim – Paid
  12. Pauline Khoo – Paid
  13. Sockie – Paid
  14. Sam Huat – Paid
  15. Bobby Bok – Paid
  16. Gabriella – Paid
  17. Pauline Ho – Paid
  18. Thomas Loh – Paid
  19. Lilian Teo – Paid
  20. Peri Liew – Paid
  21. Johnny & – Paid
  22. Annie Pow – Paid
  23. Boon Liang – Paid
  24. Janet Chan – Paid
  25. Shirleen Kao – Paid
  26. Alicia Soh – Paid
  27. Mike Tan – Paid
  28. Winnie Tan – Paid
  29. Dennis Tan – Paid
  30. May Woo – Paid
  31. Alex Woo – Paid
  32. Alyn Lee – Paid
  33. Pearl Wong – Paid
  34. Barbara Lim – Paid
  35. Jway – Paid
  36. Richard Ong – Paid
  37. Catherine Koh – Paid
  38. Steven Chan – Paid
  39. Eyvonne Chew – Paid
  40. Pharis – Paid
  41. Karen Wong – Paid
  42. Helen  Quek – Paid
  43. Veronique Lee – Paid
  44. Joe Choo – Paid
  45. Anne Seet – Paid
  46. Sue Chan – Paid
  47. Martin Lee – Paid
  48. Wong HJ – Paid
  49. Bernard Chan – Paid
  50. Hamidah – Paid
  51. June Koh – Paid
  52. Joanne Ang – Paid
  53. Angela Straaten-Paid
  54. Norlinda – Paid
  55. Bira – Paid
  56. Marilyn Tay – Paid
  57. Rene Leong – Paid
  58. Lina Ng –Paid
  59. Hou Chong – Paid
  60. Suz Chang – Paid
  61. Janet Loo – Paid
  62. ANee – Paid
  63. Joe Leow – Paid
  64. Rosalind Lee – Paid
  65. Lam HT – Paid
  66. Bee Gek – Paid
  67. Mega – Paid
  68. Jane Tan Paid  Replaced by Richard Yee
  69. Edwin Tan – Paid
  70. Philip Yeo – Paid
  71. Catherine Lee – Paid
  72. Helen Wong – Paid
  73. Nina Choo – Paid
  74. Sally Kang – Paid
  75. Rose White – Paid
  76. Billy Loy – Paid
  77. Eileen Thean – Paid
  78. Annie Thean – Paid
  79. Robert Ong – Paid
  80. Susan Tan – Paid
  81. Eliza Hee – Paid
  82. Grace Tay – Paid
  83. James Tan – Paid
  84. Koh Aye Leng – Paid
  85. John Howe Paid   Replaced by Kate Lee
  86. Yew Kwong – Paid
  87. Rishan  – Paid
  88. Molly Quek – Paid
  89. Lynn Tai – Paid
  90. Kristine Leong – Paid
  91. Joan Low – Paid
  92. Geok Suan – Paid
  93. Irene Goh – Paid
  94. Charles & – Paid
  95. Cynthia  –  Paid
  96. Abel Tan – Paid
  97. Selena Lee – Paid
  98. Andrew Yeung – Paid
  99. Geraldine – Paid
  100. Debbie Oh – Paid

CLICK here to view Arabian Nite                                                                                                                  See you soon…..    emoticon

From : Organising Committee…….

ARABIAN NITE – SHC D&D ON July 28 2012 – Update II

Hi Everyone,
Wait till neck long long liao.. At last, 2nd update for D&D is here liao… emoticon  

·  Theme :  ARABIAN NITE
·  Venue :  Kensington Ballroom – L3 Serangoon Gardens Country Club, Heliconia Wing Function Room 
·  Date :  Saturday, 28 July 2012
·  Time :  6.30pm – 12 midnight
·  Cost :  $45 per pax

Tentative Programmes (Subject to change) :
6.30pm – Start registration
7.15pm – Welcome speeches
7.30pm – Start buffet dinner (Dance music throughout dinner)
9.00pm – 1st Game segment
9.15pm – Special performance by SHC members
9.30pm – 2nd Game segment
9.45pm – Special performance by SHC members
10.00pm – Dancing thru to midnight  

Committee Members :
1.       Treasurer – Dolly
3.       Music Director – Thomas
4.       Programme – Lily Ho
5.       Deco – Karen, Boon Lian, Sam Goh & Lily Ho
6.       Games Master – Sam, Karen, Boon Liang, Thomas & Peri
7.       Registration – Marg Tian, Caroline Gee & Judy Lim
8.       Photographer – Feel free to bring your camera.

Venue and F&B – Molly Chua.

NO CORKAGE CHARGE – feel free to bring your own bottles.

For Programme Segment, we had already planned for the following:

  • Line dance workshop Hamidah and Team, Dance title "Habibi" meaning "My Love/Darling" in Arabic.
  • Belly Dance move demo by Veronique Lee.
  • Belly Dance Performance – by a Belly Dance Instructor
  • Games by Sam, Karen, Boon Lian, Thomas & Peri.  (There will be lots of laughter for sure.)
  • A skit – directed and performed by SHC members.  A comedy.  Who are the performers? Hahaha, It will remain a mystery till the very last minute hor..
Wow, so enticing and interesting already rite… We will be looking around for the best authentic dressed to the theme Males and Females – Attractive prizes awaiting for you if you are 1 of them lor.. No worry lah, committee members will be excluded for this segement…


Those who still wish to join, please transfer payment to: POSB Saving A/C# 146-00513-6.  No more registration without payment.

Members who have paid :

  1. Daniel OngPaid but not attending
  2. Lily Ho – Paid
  3. Dolly Lim – Paid
  4. Molly Chua – Paid
  5. Janie Leong – Paid
  6. Caroline Gee – Paid
  7. Marg Tian – Paid
  8. Audrey Wong – Paid
  9. Terence Seah – Paid
  10. Karen Thio – Paid
  11. Judy Lim – Paid
  12. Pauline Khoo – Paid
  13. Sockie – Paid
  14. Sam Huat – Paid
  15. Bobby Bok – Paid
  16. Gabriella – Paid
  17. Pauline Ho – Paid
  18. Thomas Loh – Paid
  19. Lilian Teo – Paid
  20. Peri Liew – Paid
  21. Johnny & – Paid
  22. Annie Pow – Paid
  23. Boon Liang – Paid
  24. Janet Chan – Paid
  25. Shirleen Kao – Paid
  26. Alicia Soh – Paid
  27. Mike Tan – Paid
  28. Winnie Tan – Paid
  29. Dennis Tan – Paid
  30. May Woo – Paid
  31. Alex Woo – Paid
  32. Alyn Lee – Paid
  33. Pearl Wong – Paid
  34. Barbara Lim – Paid
  35. Jway – Paid
  36. Richard Ong – Paid
  37. Catherine Koh – Paid
  38. Steven Chan – Paid
  39. Eyvonne Chew – Paid
  40. Pharis – Paid
  41. Karen Wong – Paid
  42. Helen  Quek – Paid
  43. Veronique Lee – Paid
  44. Joe Choo – Paid
  45. Anne Seet – Paid
  46. Sue Chan – Paid
  47. Martin Lee – Paid
  48. Wong HJ – Paid
  49. Bernard Chan – Paid
  50. Hamidah – Paid
  51. June Koh – Paid
  52. Joanne Ang – Paid
  53. Angela Straaten-Paid
  54. Norlinda – Paid
  55. Bira – Paid
  56. Marilyn Tay – Paid
  57. Rene Leong – Paid
  58. Lina Ng –Paid
  59. Hou Chong – Paid
  60. Suz Chang – Paid
  61. Janet Loo – Paid
  62. ANee – Paid
  63. Joe Leow – Paid
  64. Rosalind Lee – Paid
  65. Lam HT – Paid
  66. Bee Gek – Paid
  67. Mega – Paid
  68. Jane Tan – Paid
  69. Edwin Tan – Paid
  70. Philip Yeo – Paid
  71. Catherine Lee – Paid
  72. Helen Wong – Paid
  73. Nina Choo – Paid
  74. Sally Kang – Paid
  75. Rose White – Paid
  76. Billy Loy – Paid
  77. Eileen Thean – Paid
  78. Annie Thean – Paid
  79. Robert Ong – Paid
  80. Susan Tan – Paid
  81. Eliza Hee – Paid
  82. Grace Tay – Paid
  83. James Tan – Paid
  84. Koh Aye Leng – Paid
  85. John Howe – Paid
  86.      emoticon Cheers.. From the Organizing Committees.

ARABIAN NITE – SHC D&D ON July 28 2012

Hello All Members,

That’s right, the "Abrabian Nite" is the theme for the coming SHC D&D.  Full details as below:

·         Theme :  ARABIAN NITE
·         Venue :  Kensington Ballroom – Level 3 SGCC Heliconia Wing 
·         Date :  Saturday, 28 July 2012
·         Time :  6.30pm – 12 midnight
·         Cost :  $45 per pax

Tentative Programmes (Subject to change) :

6.30pm – Start registration
7.15pm – Welcome speeches
7.30pm – Start buffet dinner (Dance music throughout dinner)
9.00pm – 1st Game segment
9.15pm – Special performance by SHC members
9.30pm – 2nd Game segment
9.45pm – Special performance by SHC members
10.00pm – Dancing thru to midnight  

Committee Members :
1.       Chairman – Daniel Ong
2.       Treasurer – Dolly & Serene
3.       Music Director – John Howe
4.       Programme – Lily Ho
5.       Deco – Audrey Wong, Yatsing & Lily Ho
6.       Games Master – Janie Leong, Audrey Wong, Yatsing & Daniel Ong
7.       Registration – Marg Tian, Lina Tan, Chew Peng & Andrew Yeung & Caroline Gee
8.       Photographer – Richard Wong, we will need another volunteer, if any.

What is the dress-code?,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=bca5e06e6083780b&biw=1280&bih=687

Any belly dancers, among the members, want to give us a demo.. please let us know so that we can arrange a time slot for this – Should be very interesting, right?

So hurry, wait no more and start register your attendance now:

  1. Daniel Ong
  2. Lily Ho
  3. Dolly Lim
  4. John Howe
  5. Molly Chua
  6. Janie Leong
  7. Yat Sing
  8. Caroline Gee
  9. Marg Tian
  10. Lina Tan
  11. Chew Peng
  12. Richard Wong
  13. Robert Tan
  14. Serene Leow
  15. Audrey Wong
  16. Suzhang
  17. Lina Ng
  18. Hou Chong
  19. Tian Soo
  20. Eyvonne Chew
  21. Geraldine
  22. Mary Chan
  23. Terence Seah
  24. Norlinda
  25. Bira
  26. Veronique 
  27. Joe Choo
  28. Karen Thio
  29. Judy Lim
  30. Pauline Khoo
  31. Helen Quek
  32. Sockie
  33. Sam Huat
  34. Bobby Bok
  35. Ivan Lim
  36. Lynn Tai
  37. Molly Quek
  38. Lim Geok Suan
  39. Gabriella
  40. Pauline Ho
  41. Rosalind
  42. Andrew Yeung
  43. Thomas Loh
  44. Lilian Teo
  45. Marilyn Tay
  46. Peri Liew
  47. Johnny &
  48. Annie Pow
  49. Janet Loo
  50. Nancy Teng
  51. Rene Leong
  52. Boon Liang
  53. Janet Chan
  54. Richard &
  55. Jane Kee
  56. Kristie Quek
  57. Shirleen Kao
  58. Susan Chan
  59. Bernard Chan
  60. Wong Hong Jeng
  61. Martin Lee
  62. Patrick &
  63. Linda Oei
  64. Lydia Chin
  65. George Chew
  66. Alicia Soh
  67. Mike Tan
  68. Bee Gek
  69. Lam
  70. Lai Fong
  71. Kristin Leong
  72. Winnie Tan
  73. Dennis Tan
  74. May Woo
  75. Alex Woo
  76. Alyn Lee
  77. Rose White
  78. Laura Wee
  79. Ann Lim
  80. Pearl Wong
  81. Debbie Oh
  82. Hamidah
  83. Grace Gan
  84. Angela Straaten
  85. June Koh
  86. Joanne Ang
  87. Irene Poh
  88. Karen Wong
  89. Anna Seet
  90. Robert Ong
  91. Doreen Cady
  92. Dobert Cady
  93. Dayal Mulchand
  94. Frisna
  95. any more to come… 

Cheers.. From the Organizing Committees.

SHC D&D – June 30, 2012

Hi All members,

This year’s D&D will be organised by the SHC Braddell Hill Dance Group (BH in short) on June 30, 2012.  Pease log into your calendar this date not to be missed.  As we are in the planning process, the BH group would like your views with regards to theme, venue and cost?

Please feel free to post comments, if you have the following to share with us:

  1. Venue ? Preferably near to some MRT or convenient for public transport
  2. Cost : We are looking at $40 – $45/pax inclusive of dinner, if you are able to provide cheaper source, we would be glad to reconsider.
  3. Theme? – Pls give us some idea on this

    Any info given to us would definitely be a great help to us for planning… so we would like to hear from you …. 

Cheers… Dolly

National Day Line/Social Dance Jam – 6 Aug 2011 (Sat)

Dear Dancing Frenz     emoticon

In celebration of the forthcoming 46 National Day, there will be a Mixed Dance Jam (Line & Social) organised by the Yio Chu Kang CC.  

For those taking public transport, use the following guide (just key in the address you will be travelling from) :

  • Date  :  6 Aug 2011 (Saturday)
  • Time  :  4.00 – 10.00 pm
  • Venue :  Yio Chu Kang CC, 50 Ang Mo Kio St.61 (Nearest MRT, Yio Chu Kang). Lots of carpark in the vicinity
  • Cost  :  $ 6 /- per person

Program :     emoticon

  • 4 – 6.30  :  Line Dancing (Music by DJ)
  • 6.30 – 7 :  Dinner  (Light refreshment with Chicken Rice)
  • 7 – 10   :  Social Dancing (Live band by Charles Cher & Co)

Limited number of tickets available, so please hurry your registration here.  Currently, manage to secure only 20 tickets.  Will request for more pending demand.  Registration without payment will not confirm your reservation. 

Kindly take note :

  • Payment by ATM transfer to Dolly’s POSB Savings Account No. 146005136. 
  • Tickets will be reserved on a first pay first served basis
  • This is an EC event and non SHC members are welcome (non-members’ name not required).

So, come join in the fun.

EC – Dolly & Lily   emoticon

Tickets issued / reserved :

  1. Dolly – paid
  2. Lily  –  paid
  3. Yatsing – paid
  4. Yatsing’s friend – paid 
  5. Caroline G – paid
  6. Thomas Loh – paid
  7. Dolly’s friend – paid
  8. Eileen Thean – paid
  9. Janie Leong – paid
  10. Bessie – paid
  11. Andrew – paid
  12. Ah Nee  –  paid
  13. Rose Chuang – paid
  14. Francis M – paid
  15. Cath Koh – paid
  16. Lina Ng  –  paid
  17. Chew Peng – paid
  18. Judy Tay  –  paid
  19. Eunice Tay  –  paid
  20. Andrew Yeung – paid
  21. Robert Tan – paid
  22. Serene Leow – paid
  23. Daniel Ong – paid
  24. Bobby Bok –  paid
  25. Peng Peng – paid
  26. Lina’s friend – paid
  27. Terence Tan – paid

See u all at the dance.  Let’s have fun.       emoticon

Update of SHC 4th D&D “Pyjamas Nite”

Please make your payment by 12 July.  We have to confirm no. of pax with hotel.

We have closed comments to the 1st post & registration, table reservation & sponsors of items will continue on this post.

Except for Table 1 & 2 reserved for EO, Committee Members & Advisors, you may make reservation for a table of your choice provided your table of 10 have ALL made their payment.  So wait no more, gather your friends, make the payment to Oi Cheng’s POSB Savings A/C. 117-00132-6 and reserve your table.  Please see layout plan :

For those who are unable to form a table, we will allocate base on first pay first serve.  From the list, you will see once you have paid, yourname will automatically move up the list.

Menu for the buffet dinner :

Additional Information :

  • No corkage charge for hard liquor
  • No corkage charge for 1st bottle of wine per table.  Subsequent bottles will be charged $10 per bottle
  • Beer is chargeable @ $38++ per jug;  or $11++ per glass at own expense

Donors & List of Items : 

  • Dan & Joy  –  2 bottles of wine
  • Ivan Lim  –  1 framed gems art / picture from Myanmar
  • Rosalind Lee  –  1 made in Sicily 3 pc kitchen towel, 1 made in Italy glass tray & cover, 1 wood-crafted book holder, 1 4-pc Japanesr tea-cup set, 1 set of 3 travel pouches, 1 Boh tea gift set, 3 pair of assorted thriller novels, 1 made in France baking mitts & towel, 1 portable stove, 1 handbag organizer, 5 made in USA men’s magnetic belts
  • Sam Goh  –  RM88 worth of 4D tickets ( RM1 & RM1.80 each )
  • Terence Seah  –  Kama Sutra book
  • Tian Soo  –  Mopiko
  • Pauline Ho  –  1 bottle of Japanese sake
  • Ah Nee  –  1 framed embroidery artwork from Vietnam
  • Eileen Thean  –  6 pcs of document pouch, 4 pcs shoe bags
  • Ann Lim – 5 pieces of dripdry polo Ts
  • Richard Wong – 1 Philip blender
  • Grace Wong – 1 bottle of Courriene French Brandy XO Extra
  • Lily Ho – 2 bottles of wine, 2 photo frames, 1 eau de toilette, 1 set of 5 hand painted sake cups and 1 set of 5 hand painted side dishes both from Japan
  • Anonymous – 1 bottle of Wincarnis
  • Bessie Lam – 100 pcs memo ball stick notepads, 1 27" umbrella with J-handle, 2 jackets, 6 polo T-shirts, 3 tote, 1 toiletry bag, 1 hand-sewn beads handbag, 1 linedance cowboy hat with 2 pcs USA design scarves, 1 shawl, 11 golf caps, 1 big brown teddy bear, 1 small brown teddy bear, 4 aromatic rose ball candle, 2 pcs of musical jewellry box, 1 pack playing cards, 1 mini photo frame, 1 pc foldable haversack, 1 set bath and hand towel, 1 pc hand towel and 1 bottle of Bols-Peppermint liqueur, 1 pc 30" umbrella, 2 pcs USB Flask Disk, 1 bottle lavender bath crystals, 1 pc ERP cash card shield, 1 pc porcelain jewel container, 1 set vanity wooden mirror, brush & comb set, 1 pc mini night light, 5 pcs fashion watch, 2 sets golf polo T-shirt & golf cap set, 1 pc mercury table light, 1 pc leather keychain, 1 pc leather wallet, 2 leather card holder, 1 pc water proof card holder, 1 pc carabiner, 10 pcs mousepads, 8 pcs clock with calculator, 3 pcs color tumbler with handle, 2 pcs tyre table clock, 1 pc 7 colors LED table clock,  1 set nonya porcelain container with cover, 2 pairs painted wooden chopsticks. 2 pcs scarf, 4 pairs 5-toe unisex sock, 1 box of 2 pcs byford gents brief
  • Gabriella – 1 moulinex electric jug and 1 pc sheep skin rug
  • Dolly – 1 massage stick, 5 mini sets of hand/body lotion for 5 sexy ladies
  • Yat Sing – 1 pc men’s polo T-shirt and 1 pc necklace with pendant
  • Lin Chuah – 2 bottles of wine, $100 ntuc cash voucher
  • Norlinda – $100 ntuc cash voucher
  • Lim Beng Teik – 1 bottle of wine
  • Andrew SP – 2 bottles of wine
  • Peggy Wee – Silk-flower table arrangement (personally designed by Peggy)
  • Frisna Tan – 20 boxes of jewellery set
  • Pearlynn Tan – 1 pc handbag
  • Anna Seet – 4 necklaces and 4 pairs of earrings
  • Linda Khoo – 1 towel gift package, 1 tupperware hamper

Registration starts now ( targeting at 120 pax ) : 

  1. Sam Huat3  –  EO  ( Paid )
  2. Dan Huang  –  Co-EO  ( Paid )
  3. Rosalind Lee – CM – Secretary  ( Paid )
  4. Oi Cheng – CM – Treasurer & Table Allocator  ( Paid )
  5. Norlinda – CM – MC  ( Paid )
  6. Joy Chuang  –  CM – Prizes  ( Paid )
  7. Molly Chua – CM – Prizes  ( Paid )
  8. Caroline Gee  –  CM – Ursher ( Paid )
  9. Susan Chang  –  CM – Registration  ( Paid )
  10. Lina Ng – CM – Registration (Paid)
  11. Eileen Thean  –  CM – Games ( Paid )
  12. Ah Nee  –  CM – Games ( Paid )
  13. Thomas Loh  –  CM – Music ( Paid )
  14. Jane Tan – CM – Music & Programme  ( Paid )
  15. Mega  –  CM – Bouncer ( Paid )
  16. Karen Thio  –  CM – Photographer ( Paid )
  17. Sockie  –  CM – Photographer ( Paid )
  18. Lin Chuah  –  Advisor  ( Paid )
  19. Terence Seah  –  Advisor  ( Paid )
  20. Dolly Lim  –  Advisor  ( Paid )
  21. Margaret Lee – Paid
  22. Rebecca Lim – Paid
  23. Matthew Tan – Paid
  24. Janet Chan  –  Paid
  25. Judy Lim  –  Paid
  26. Irene Poh  –  Paid
  27. Eyvonne Chew  –  Paid
  28. Hyacinth  –  Paid              TABLE 12 (24 – 33)
  29. Catherine Ho  –  Paid      
  30. Tan Boon Liang  –  Paid
  31. Rosna Rauaee  –  Paid
  32. Bira  –  Paid
  33. Henry Yip  –  Paid
  34. Gabriella  –  Paid
  35. Hamidah Ishak – Paid
  36. Angela Straaten – Paid
  37. Richard Wong – Paid
  38. Rosalind Soh – Paid          TABLE 11 (34 – 43)
  39. Maureen Lee – Paid
  40. James Tan  Linda Khoo – Paid
  41. Susan Tan Richard Kwan – Paid
  42. Karen Wong – Paid
  43. Pharis – Paid
  44. Pauline Ho  –  Paid
  45. Peggy Wee –  Paid
  46. Venika Leong – Paid
  47. Bessie Lam – Paid
  48. Andrew SP – Paid              TABLE 6 (44 – 53)
  49. Yat Sing – Paid
  50. Jennifer Lim – Paid
  51. Xiang Xiang – Paid
  52. Veronique – Paid
  53. Ann Lim – Paid
  54. Rene Leong  –  Paid
  55. Lai Fong  –  Paid
  56. Hou Chong  –  Paid
  57. Ronnie Sow  –  Paid
  58. Andrew Yeung  –  Paid      TABLE 3 (54 – 63)
  59. Kristin Leong  –  Paid
  60. Lily Ho  –  Paid
  61. Ivan Lim – Paid
  62. Yew Kwong – Paid
  63. Janet Ng – Paid
  64. Cheryl Ho – Paid
  65. Steven Chan  –  Paid
  66. Gingko  –  Paid
  67. Fred  –  Paid                      TABLE 8 (64 – 73)
  68. Lisa Ong  –  Paid
  69. Eileen Lee  –  Paid
  70. Shirley  –  Paid
  71. Sarah Zariah – Paid
  72. Grace Wong – Paid
  73. Lydia Chin – Paid  
  74. John Howe – Paid
  75. Catherine Koh – Paid
  76. Francis K Mangalam – Paid
  77. Anna Seet – Paid              TABLE 10 (74 – 83)
  78. Rita – Paid
  79. David – Paid
  80. Bobby Bok – Paid
  81. Lilian Teo – Paid
  82. Weng Hon – Paid
  83. Lim Beng Teik – Paid
  84. Kuan Cheow Khuan – Paid
  85. Pearlynn Tan – Paid
  86. Wana Tay – Paid
  87. Catherine Chan – Paid      TABLE 4 (84 – 93)
  88. Jennifer Ong – Paid
  89. Cynthia Ong – Paid
  90. Janet Low – Paid
  91. Michelle Khoo – Paid
  92. Ben DeSouza – Paid
  93. Joseph Chan – Paid
  94. Florence Chue – Paid
  95. Richard Kwok – Paid
  96. Frisna Tan – Paid
  97. Doreen Cody – Paid           TABLE 7 (94 – 103)
  98. Jean Kiang – Paid
  99. Dayal Mulchand  – Paid
  100. Tim Liu – Paid
  101. Rosalind Howe – Paid
  102. Doreen Ho – Paid
  103. Lim Geok Suan – Paid
  104. Nelly Soh – Paid
  105. Annie Goh – Paid
  106. Lorraine Chia – Paid
  107. Alice Teo – Paid                  TABLE 9  (104 – 113)
  108. Jenny Lim – Paid               
  109. Harvey Campbell – Paid
  110. Peggy Teong – Paid
  111. Christina Wong – Paid
  112. Jennifer Wong – Paid



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