Saturday and Sunday Morning Breakfast LIVE on SHC Zoom 7.30am

As we move into the new Normal, SilverHairsClub (SHC) will continue to host Morning Breakfast. Here, members meet other members, have your breakfast and share updates on the latest happenings.

** Every Sat 7.30am, Catherine Ho is the EO on Saturday Morning Breakfast. A SHC member since 2007, Cat is a relief teacher, fluent in Malay and Chinese dialects and someone with life experiences. A regular participant during the weekday Morning Breakfast and Lunch time chat.

** And every Sun 7.30am, Sally Foo is EO on Sunday Morning Morning Breakfast. Sally is an active member of the Cooking and Baking goup where she shares her experience on cooking, receipes, where to find food items and all the fine details in the kitchen.

SallyF loves singing. She has powerful vocals and great with Chinese dialects. A joy to listen to as she switches from topic to topic. A good start to a beautiful Sunday.

Come make Morning Breakfast your regular date every day 7.30 am.

Terence Seah

A Visit to Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Date : March 5 2020
Time : From 12noon till 4.00pm – You can leave anytime you like..

Planning to go for Sembawang Hot Spring Park since it last re-opened for public but always no time to do so. But for now, it seems to be a fairly good idea to pay a visit to enjoy natural hot spring.

Those members with the same mindset as I, are welcome to join me to have a dip in the hot spring water for 10 – 20mins, boil eggs? and etc…

What to bring?
Towels, swimsuit, extra clothings, footwear and umbrella and not to forget drinking water. You may also need to bring plastic carriers to keep those wet towels, swimsuit and clothings.

Then after soak/dip followed shower, we can proceed to have tea with cakes.

See you when I see you there.. Cheers… Dolly

Sometimes we have unwanted stuff in our homes, and we want to give it away or sell it off

If you have some items close to your heart which you have kept for many years, but have now found the same items taking up space and looking pretty in a corner or your storeroom, you may like to give them away or sell them off.

Perhaps, some members may like these items. Consider inviting our members to come over at a specific date and time, we can have a look and perhaps take them away or buy them from you.

Simply let me know, a date/time, and we can open the event to members. You can also write a new post to inform the club.

Feel free. This is a great way to know other members, besides keeping your home light and breezy.

Terence Seah

SHC monthly gathering Sat 10 Aug 2019 SRIVILLE RC

Besides being a regular monthly gathering, the Aug 2019 event will be a get-together for members who wish to present and demo their craft skills. This will be a great opp SRIVILLE opportunity to pick up a new hobby or craft.

This is a big venue. Come meet new and old friends.

* Event date: Sat 10 Aug 2019 (day after National Day)

* Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Scheduled program as follows
6.00 -7.00pm Craft demonstration
7.00- 8.30pm Line Dances lead by Sockie and listed below are those that she prepared for us to boogie on…  If more add on – Another update will be given out soon…

1. Take the first step
2. Electric slide
3. Little thumbs
4. Simply mine
5 wherever you may wander
6 silver threads
7 back track
8 magic cha cha
9 JB Waltz
10 stroll along cha cha
11 rock around the clock
12 waltz across Texas
13 bossa nova
14 sweet joanna
15 hit me

* Venue: SRIVILLE RC-Blk 2 Geylang Serai Multi Carpark #07, Roof Garden, Singapore 402002

(bus 154 from Eunos bus interchange 2 stop at Joo Chiat complex n use the overhead bridge to cross over to the hawker center

* Charge: $5/pax – collection at the registration table upon signing in.

Activities- $5 collection is only for rental of the place n the hot drink – not inclusive of demo craft which is $5/set (optional)

** craft demo by Karen Thio – beginner pack at $5/full set

** line dance : lead by Sockie.

** pls have your dinner b4 u proceed to the monthly gathering (coffee n tea will be provided.

Karen Thio – EO
Dolly Lim : Co-EO

Registration : Pauline Khoo

Craft sale : Anne Chee

Registered Members

  1. Karen Thio – EO
  2. Dolly Lim
  3. Anne Chee- sale of craft
  4. Pauline Khoo- registration table
  5. Sockie Neo- line dance lead
  6. Caroline Gee
  7. Yoong Chin- admin
  8. Howard Yong
  9. Terence Seah – SHC Founder
  10. Angeline Tong
  11. May Lee
  12.  Agnes seow (will be late)
  13. Thomas Loh
  14. Doreen Chan
  15. Joan Ang
  16. TaiLor / YKK /Loh yew kwong
  17. Sally Kang
  18. Evelyn Ong
  19. Patrick Sin
  20. Stella Sheng
  21. Dan Huang

Hope to see more members coming forward for registration.. Cheers..

Countdown to our CNY Tea Dance on 24 February, 2.00pm to 6.00pm at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road

Dear All

Just a gentle reminder to
bring two oranges to “Bai Nian”;
come dressed in your Chinese New Year best (and your dancing shoes);
come and register by 2.15pm for the very important “Lou Hei” which starts at 2.30pm sharp ; and
most importantly, come with a healthy and happy spirit and mind and be ready to have loads of fun!

Club doors open at 1.45pm.

No fixed programme timing except for the “Lou Hei”. Its a free and easy afternoon!
Just eat any time you like, dance any time you like, have tea any time you like and play game when we like.
So looking forward to see you all soon!!!
Hugs to All!

Caroline & Dolly

24 February 2018, Saturday (9th day) – Chinese New Year Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road, 2.00pm to 6.00pm

Dear All

The information about the Tea Dance is as follows:

Date: 24th February 2018, Saturday (9th day of the Chinese New Year)
Time: 2.00pm to 6.00pm
Venue: Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road
Price: $33 per pax (the extra $ is because of special dish of Yu Sheng “Lou Hei”)
Food: Yu Sheng Lou Hei, Ngo Hiang, Stir fried “Mi Tai Bak” special, mini Quiche, Assorted Nonya Kuihs, Bubor Cha Cha and Assorted Cut Fruits.
Drinks: Free flow of hot and cold tea
Music: Dance music by DJ Armstrong – you can request for songs too. There will be some Line Dance music too.
Attire: Anything “Cheena” – anything festive – Cheong sam(qipao), Samfoo, etc for the ladies and the guys can come as Shanghai Tang mafia or in Changshan etc.
Highlights: Door Gift, Lucky Draw, Game(s) and a Best Dressed Lady and Gentleman contest.
Account: Please make payment to POSB Savings Account 067-00687-9 – Caroline Gee

We shall close registration when we reach 56 pax or 31 January (whichever comes first) with 50 pax as minimum for a closed door event.
Your seats will be confirmed once payment is received. We would appreciate it if you could make payment soon so as not to be disappointed.
If anyone feel generous, we appreciate sponsors or donors for the event. Many thanks in advance.
Also, we would like to thank all members and friends who have supported us for the events we have organised and we look forward to having a great time together again.
Everybody “HUAT AH”
P.s. its free seating except for the two long seats which are reserved for the two big groups. Many thanks for your kind cooperation and understanding.

Registration List
1. SS James – paid
2. Eve Choy (SS) – paid
3. Edwin (SS) – paid
4. Loh (SS) – paid
5. Loh’s Partner(SS) – paid
6. Mei Mei(SS) – paid
7. Helen (SS) – paid
8. Fang (SS) – paid
9. Rosa (SS) – paid
10. Liz(SS) – paid
11. Peggy (SS) – paid
12. Boon(SS) – paid
13. GB Leong (SS) group – paid
14. J Howe (SS) – paid
15. Bobby Bok(SS) – paid
16. Caroline Gee – paid
17. Dolly Lim – paid
18. Stella Sheng – paid
19. Gingko – paid
20. Gabriella Chua – paid
21. Veron Chee – paid
22. Holly Lim – paid
23. Michelle Sim – paid
24. Michelle (friend) – paid
25. Lydia Poh – paid
26. Judy Lim – paid
27. Steven Chan – paid
28. Alice Liang – paid
29. Angeline (Alice) – paid
30. Ivy (Alice) – paid
31. Ann (Alice) – paid
32. Sato (Alice) – paid
33. Louis (Alice) – paid
34. Karen Thio – paid
35. Karen Thio helper – paid
36. Peter Loo – paid
37. Jennifer Lim – paid
38. Jennifer Lim Partner – paid
39. Jeffrey Gan – paid
40. Irene Gan – paid
41. Andrew Tan – paid
42. Catherine Tan – paid
43. Catherine Group (Ann) – paid
44. Catherine Group (D) – paid
45. Catherine Group (C) – paid
46. Catherine Group (Ann) – paid
47. Catherine Group (Ann) – paid
48. Catherine Group (Diana) – paid
49. Catherine Group (Betty) – paid
50. Catherine Group (Feng Ling – paid
51. Mega – paid
52. Shirley Lai – paid
53. Joan Ang – paid
54. Doreen Chan – paid
55. Yoon Yoke Lin – paid
56. Peggy Seet – paid
57. Beatrice – paid
58. May Lee – paid

Waiting List
59. Doris Tan
60. Sally Ang
61. Sally Ang (hubby)

p.s. Closing date for payment is 29 January 2018.

Caroline aka Carly

Monthly coffee chat in September 2017

The hi              Hi kopi kakis of Shc,

It’s time for our next coffee meet.  It will be held on 20 September 2017. Details are as follows:

Date:                                   Wednesday, 20 Sep 2017

Time:                                    2.30 – 4.30 pm

Venue:                                  Raffles City food court, Level 3 (nearest mrt: City Hall)

Cuisine:                                 All types of delicious food and beverages available

Topics:                                  Everything under the sun except SHC taboos (viz: sex, politics, religion, sale of MLM product);  discussion on the taking of photos and videos during Kopi chat events and posting on social media (Just discovered today (7.9.17) that there’s a fb account under Fairy Godmother with more than 1000+ members… )… 

This coffee meet has been going on for the last couple of years.  In case, you’ve not heard of this event before, do come and join in the fun and laughter over a cuppa on the above date.  Rather than staying at home alone, do come and fellowship with like-minded retirees or the semi-retired.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  Please indicate your interest by registering here.

Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella
  2. Veronica Wong
  3. Stella Sheng
  4. Pat Oei
  5. Mok Chun Weng
  6. David Low
  7. Martin Han (+ 1 friend)
  8. Lim Tiang Soon
  9. Amy Yu (+2 friends)
  10. Christine Neo
  11. Friend (R)
  12. Friend (KN)
  13. Friend (Reg)
  14. Jimmy Longpoetih
  15. Tony Ang
  16. Alan Ang
  17. Doreen Chan
  18. Frank Kaw
  19. Clara Chay
  20. Bessie Neo
  21. Peggy Ho
  22. Sarah Ahmad Kassim
  23. Lee Weng Cheong (Bruce)
  24. Nina Choo
  25. Lina Tan
  26. Winnie Tan
  27. Peter Loo (+1 friend)
  28. Christine Teo
  29. Joan Ang
  30. Leon Lau

Quotable Quotes

“Friends are the fruitcake of our lives.  Some are nutty, some are soaked in alcohol, some firm, some sweet, but altogether, they are great to have in your life.”

“Surround yourself with people who:

Empower you

Believe in you

Support you

Uplift you

Motivate you

Appreciate you”


Thank you very much for your support at the kopi chat today.  30+ ppl attended the event. Everything was fine and a success except for a little misunderstanding.  Nonetheless, this has been resolved and the matter is now closed.. we’re all good friends again.. nothing unusual .. the teeth may sometimes bite the tongue because of their close is too short to be bothered.. we want to enjoy our remaining years.  CHEERS! 


Tea Dance at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road on Saturday, 21 October 2017- EC Event

Dear All,

We have received many positive feedback from members and friends who attended our last tea dance and also many asking when we will be organizing another one.

To all the happy people and those who missed the last one, we are pleased to announce that we shall be organizing another tea dance soon.

For this time round, the management of the club has informed us that we could have the place exclusively for our party if we hit 40 pax.

Date:             21 October 2017 (Saturday)
Time:            2pm to 6pm
Price:           S$25 net

Mini Buffet:  Comprising one fried item (prawns or samosa or onion rings or spring rolls)
assorted mini cakes and pastries, one fried noodles or fried rice, one dessert (green bean soup or bubur chacha or cheng tng or bubur hitam) and fruit platter.

Drinks:          Free flow of hot or cold tea (other drinks at your own expense)
Music:           DJ Armstrong – one of the best DJ in town.  You can make song requests.
Account:        Payable to Caroline Gee – POSB savings account 067-00687-9

There will be a game or two and a lucky draw.  So if members feel generous and would like to sponsor some prizes, please contact me via and it will be very much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

P.S.  Club 5 at Park Royal on Kitchener Road has informed me that they will be sponsoring several prizes which will include dining vouchers and one or two bottles of wine.

Registration starts now and the closing date is 2 October 2017 so please save the date and get ready to party through the afternoon. We shall close registration at 45 pax (paid up). However, if the response is good, we may close at 50+ – (for paid) up by the closing date or if we reach our targetted number, whichever comes first. For the comfort of our guests, it should not be more than 53 pax.

If you don’t know how to dance, you could learn a step or two from other members or just be there to soak in the atmosphere and chill out.

1.     Caroline Gee (Paid)
2.     Stella Sheng (Paid)
3.     Maria (Paid)
4.     Maria’s friend (Paid)
5.     Michelle Sim (Paid)
6.     Dolly Lim (Paid)
7.     Jennifer Lim (Paid)
8.     Jennifer’s partner A (Paid)
9.     Joan Ang (Paid)
10. James (Paid)
11.    Reserved (Paid)
12.   Reserved (Paid)
13.   Reserved (Paid)
14.   Reserved (Paid)
15.   Reserved (Paid)
16.   Reserved (Paid)
17.   Reserved (Paid)
18.   Reserved (Paid)
19.   Reserved (Paid)
20.   Reserved (Paid)
21.   Reserved (Paid)
22.   Reserved (Paid)
23.   Reserved (Paid)
24.   Reserved (Paid)
25. Rosalind Lee (RL) (Paid)
26. Rosalind Low (RL) (Paid)
27. Geraldine Ting (Paid)
28. Gingko Tay (Paid)
29. Steven Chan (Paid)
30. Li Hong (CG)(Paid)
31. Friend (CG) (Paid)
32. Friend (CG) (Paid)
33. Friend (CG) (Paid)
34. Friend (Anne) (CG) (Paid)
35. Friend (Diana) (CG) (Paid)
36. Friend (CG)(Paid)
37. Friend (CG) (Paid)
38. Friend (CG) (Paid)
39. Catherine Tan (CT) (Paid)
40. Andrew Tan (Paid)
41. Friend (Annie)(CT) (Paid)
42. Friend (CT) (Paid)
43. Friend (Anna)(CT) (Paid)
44. Friend (CT) (Paid)
45. Friend (CT) (Paid)
46. Doreen Chan (Paid)
47. Friend (Doris)(CG)(Paid)
48. Friend (Janet)(CG)(Paid)
49. James SS (Paid)
50. James SS (Paid)
51. Richard Wong (Paid)
52. Friend (Dolly) (Paid)
53. Susan Tan (Paid)
54. Philip (Susan Tan)(Paid)
55. Molly (Susan Tan) (Paid)
56. Roger (Susan Tan) (Paid)
57 Alice (Susan Tan) (Paid)
58. Cath CT (Friend)
59. Friend (CT)
60. Friend (CT)
61. Friend (CT)
62. Friend (CT)
Full amount paid by James and his reserves. Waiting for name list from him to update.

Monthly kopi chat on 23.8.17

  Time for our next kopi chat!  Details are as follows:

Date:                                          Wednesday, 23rd August 2017

Time:                                          2.30 – 4.30 pm

Venue:                                       Our usual haunt viz: Raffles City food court, L. 3 (nearest mrt:   City Hall)

Food and Beverage:                 All types of cuisine at reasonable price

Agenda:                                    Chit-chat over a cuppa on all topics except the SHC taboos viz: politics, religion, sex and mlm

Do come and join us for an afternoon of fun and laughter.  Please register here if interested.

Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Gabriella’s Friend (JL)
  3. Daniel Chan
  4. Stella Sheng
  5. Cheng WK
  6. David Low
  7. Pat Oei
  8. Nina Choo
  9. Nina’s friend
  10. Martin Han
  11. Lim Tiang Soon
  12. Richard Kwok
  13. Ron Lai
  14. Alice Lai
  15. Hou Chong (will deliver his famous kumquat jam to those who place orders with him and wish to collect at this Kopi chat)
  16. Mok Chun Weng
  17. Tony Ang
  18. Steven Chan
  19. Charles Wee
  20. Laura Wee
  21. Frank Kaw
  22. Yoon Chin (tentatively)
  23. Wendy Lum
  24. Peter Loo
  25. Silas Yeo
  26. Peggy Ho
  27. Bruce Lee Weng Cheong
  28. Christine Teo
  29. Freda Lim
  30. Shawn Soh
  31. Ng How
  32. Lina
  33. Amy Yu (and friend ~ applying for Shc membership)

Many thanks to all who came today for an afternoon of fun, laughter, chit chat and good fellowship.  We had a wonderful time.  Also thank you Hou Chong for your cookies for the kopi kakis and the  special delivery of your famous kumquat marmalade (yummy, yummy)…..

Stay healthy and happy

Till we meet again next month.


Kopi chat on Wed, 19 July 2017

  Hi kopi kakis

It’s time to arrange for our next kopi chat.  Details are as follows:

Date:                                         Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Time:                                         2.30 – 4.30 pm

Venue:                                        Raffles City food court (nearest mrt: City Hall)

Cuisine:                                      All types of food and  beverages at reasonable price

Topics for discussion:                Anything under the sun except the shc taboos… viz: sex, politics, religion, direct selling and MLM selling. 

Don’t stay at home ~come and join in this kopi event for a hearty chit chat, fun, laughter and sharing of views.  We can agree to disagree ~ no ‘fights’ encouraged over differences of opinion.  HeeeHaaa….. Please register here if interested.

Let me end with a quote:

“Happy people are always happy, not because everything is right in their life.  They are happy because their attitude towards everything is right.”

Those coming are:

  1. Gabriella Chua (EO) (+ 2 friends Lulu & Bee Chin)
  2. Stella Sheng
  3. Martin Han
  4. Veronica Wong
  5. Michael Yeo
  6. Daniel Chan
  7. Edward Lim
  8. Dave Chong
  9. David Low
  10. Richard Kwok
  11. Lim Tiang Soon
  12. Mok Chun Weng
  13. Cheng WK
  14. Alan Ang
  15. Steven Chan
  16. Tony Ang
  17. Peter Loo
  18. Pat Oei
  19. Christine Teo
  20. Lily Boon
  21. Jimmy Longpoetih
  22. Amy Yu(+ Friend Margaret Koh)
  23. Christine Neo
  24. Joan Ang
  25. Hew Lee
  26. Nina Choo (+ Friend Catherine)
  27. Lee Weng Cheong
  28. Seng Kim
  29. Sam Huat ah
  30. Cat Yeo
  31. Grace Wong
  32. Maria Tan
  33. Maria’s friend


Thank you to all who came for the kopi chat this afternoon. We had an afternoon of fun, chit chat and laughter as well as meeting old and new friends.

Cheerio till we meet again…..


Coffee Gathering on 17 May at 2.30 pm ~EC event

  Hi friends

Our next coffee gathering is here again. Details are as follows:

Date:                           Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Time:                            2.30 – 4.30 pm

Venue:                         313 at Somerset …… Food Court on L. 5 (nearest mrt: Somerset)…..we shall be sitting opposite the chicken rice and hot pot stalls … Long tables in a cosy corner…

Cuisine:                       All kinds of beverages, food

Come and join us for an afternoon of fun and laughter. Don’t stay at home alone ya?

Register here if you’re coming.

Thank you,


Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Veronica Wong
  3. John SC Chua
  4. Martin Han
  5. Cheng W K
  6. Richard Kwok
  7. Daniel Chan
  8. Silas Yeo
  9. Tony Ang
  10. Lim Tiang Soon (+ 3 friends)
  11. David Low
  12. Lily Boon
  13. Friend(CL)
  14. Friend (NN)
  15. Friend (R)
  16. Friend (S)
  17. Friend (R)
  18. Doreen Chan
  19. Peter Loo
  20. Stella Sheng
  21. Christine Teo
  22. Hew Lee
  23. Nina Choo
  24. Martin’s Friend (E)
  25. Joan Ang
  26. Edward Lim
  27. Grace Kang

“Forgive what you cannot forget, forget what you cannot forgive  ~

LIVE  every moment

LAUGH every day

LOVE beyond words”

Thanks to all who came for the coffee chat this afternoon .. an afternoon of fun, laughter and good fellowship. I’m sure everyone had a great time… :-)

Kopi chat on Wed, 19th April 2017… EC Event (CANCELLED)

  Hi friends,

It’s time to arrange our next kopi chat.  Details are as follows:

Date:                 Wed, 19 April 2017

Time:                2.30 – 4.30 pm

Venue:               Raffles City food court (next to City Hall mrt station)

Cuisine:            All types of food, beverage and dessert

Topics:              Anything of interest among kopi kakis except shc taboos (sex, MLM, politics and religion)

Come and enjoy the company of fellow friends who may be retired or semi-retired.  Have fun, be happy!  You never know how much time you have left.  Let’s make this sector of our life the best in our life……  Like birds, let’s leave behind what we don’t need to carry … Grudges, sadness, pain, fear and regrets!  Fly light ~ LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Remember ~ A day without laughter is a day wasted….

Please register here if you’re coming.


Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella
  2. Martin Han
  3. Alan Ang
  4. Lim Tiang Soon
  5. Veronica Wong
  6. Cheng WK
  7. Richard Kwok
  8. Friend (K)

My apologies: The Kopi chat on 19 Apr has been cancelled due to poor response. Will keep you informed should there be another one. Thanks!

Tea Dance on Saturday, 8 April 2017, 2pm to 6pm at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road – Update

Dear All.

Thank you to all who are coming to the event for your kind support.
My Committee members have got the lucky draw prizes, game and prizes all ready.

For those who are driving, I have attached the location map and car park facilities within walking distance to the club.

Map of Parkroyal on Kitchener Road – car parks
So if you get to the carpark at 1.30pm, the rates will be as follows:

Park Royal Hotel
1.30pm to 3.30pm (2 hours)- free with complimentary coupon
3.31pm to 5pm (one and a half hours) – $4.50
After 5.01pm – 6.59am (per entry) – $4.90
Total payable = $9.40

City Mall Square
1.30pm to 6pm (4 and a half hours) – $7.20
6.01 to 3.59am (per entry) – $3.50
Total payable = $10.70

However, there is one open space car park just on the left of the hotel (direction if you are facing hotel from the road) and there are many roadside parking lots on Sam Leong Road and several other roads near the hotel which is outside CBD so its $1.20 per hour.

If you go by MRT, its the purple line and alight at Farrer Park Station.

Doors to the Club open at 2pm sharp. Its free seating. However, there are two big groups who registered together so I hope you don’t mind, I have asked the club to reserve the two long sofas for the two groups of 10 pax each.
Don’t fret! All the seats are very comfortable and usually the tables are set for 2, 4, 6 and 8 pax so take your pick.

Lucky draw coupons will be given upon registration so remember to go and chope your place after registration then fill up your card and drop it into the lucky draw bowl.

So see you all soon! Yay!
Caroline aka Carly

Coffee chat on 24th March 2017, EC Event

  Coffee-time is here again!  How time flies… we are now in the month of March 2017~~  Please note our coffee appointment time.

Date:                    Friday, 24th March 2017

Time:                    2.30 – 4.30 pm

Venue:                  Our usual haunt viz: Raffles City Food Court (just at City Hall mrt station)

Cuisine:                 Various types of food and beverages at reasonable rates

Agenda:                 Fellowshipping and having fun over a cuppa (just avoid touching on the shc taboos – sex, religion, politics and MLM)

All are welcome to this coffee session on a lazy Friday afternoon – this is a good platform for making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones. Friendship is very important at this stage of our life.  Don’t be Home Alone.  Register here if you’re coming.  Pl bring yr friends too since this is an EC event.

I also organise makan sessions for friends ‘hatched’  at these coffee meets. We had our Katong laksa gathering on 17.3.17.

Thank you.

Gabriella Chua, EC

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Friend (NN) + Friend K
  3. Cheng W K
  4. Lim Tiang Soon
  5. David Low
  6. Steven Chan
  7. Peter Loo
  8. Friend (JL)
  9. Veronica Wong
  10. Friend K
  11. Joy Chuang
  12. Sally Foo
  13. Graham and
  14. Doris Smith
  15. Grace Kang
  16. Weng Cheong
  17. Friend (CL)
  18. Lily Boon
  19. Hew Lee


Thank you friends for coming this afternoon.. we had lots of fun, laughter and good fellowship.

See you all next month….


Coffee chat on Wed, 22.2.17 at 2.30 pm

   Please be informed that the next coffee chat will be held on 22.2.17.  Details are as follows:

Date:                    Wednesday, 22.2.17 from 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Venue:                  Food court at Raffles City (nearest mrt: City Hall)

All types of food and beverages are available at this food court.  Do come along and join us for an afternoon of fun and laughter over a cuppa of coffee.

Pl register here if you’re coming.


Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Martin Han
  3. Richard Kwok
  4. Alan Ang
  5. Silas Yeo
  6. Lim Tiang Soon (+ 3 friends)
  7. Michael Yeo
  8. Veronica Wong
  9. Philip Chia
  10. Ron Lai
  11. Alice Lai
  12. Daniel Chan
  13. A friend  (JL)
  14. Frank Kaw
  15. A Friend (CL)
  16. Irene &
  17. Michael Ong
  18. Joo Tian
  19. Lily Boon
  20. Peter Loo
  21. Lee Weng Cheong (v old SHC member..not an active member for some time)

Thank you v much for your wonderful presence today at our monthly Kopi chat. We had fun, laughter and many shared experiences about themselves.. great! A good platform for meeting old friends and making new ones.

Look out for the next Kopi chat in March 2017~


Tea Dance on Saturday, 8 April at Club 5, Park Royal on Kitchener Road – EC Event (means you can bring your friends who are non-members)

Dear All,

I am organizing a Tea Dance.
If we can get at least 50 pax, we can have a closed door event where the venue will be exclusive to us.

The regular time for the Tea Dance at the club is from 2 to 5pm. However, I have spoken to the person in charge of the Club that if I can get the minimum number of 50 pax, we can have the event from 2 to 6pm.

Tea Dance

Date: Saturday, 8 April 2017
Time: 2 to 6pm (or 2 to 5pm)
Price: S$25 nett
Mini Buffet comprising: One Fried item (shrimp, onion rings, chicken nuggets, spring rolls or samosa)
Assorted mini cakes and pastries
Fried Noodles or Fried Rice
One Dessert item (bubur hitam, bubur chacha, cheng tng, banana in coconut milk or green bean soup)
Fruit platter
Drinks: Free flow of hot or cold tea. The cold tea is fruit infused and very refreshing. Other types of drinks – pay your own.
Music: DJ Armstrong – who plays awesome dance music and you can request for the songs or music you want to dance to.
Payable to Account: 067-00687-9 POSB Savings Account – Caroline Gee (due to time constraint, we have not identified the treasurer yet so I am “one leg kick” at the moment.)

So save the date!

Registrations start immediately as we have to give ample notice to the club for them to make the necessary arrangements.

New registrations closing date is on 20 March 2017 and payment has to be made by the closing date too. P.S.The club has given me extra time to get back to them on the numbers.
Registration List
1. Caroline Gee + 10 – Paid
12. Dolly Lim – Paid
13. Geraldine Ting – Paid
14. Rosalind Lee – Paid
15. Gingko Tay – Paid
16. Michelle Sim – Paid
17. Charles Wee – Paid
18 Joan Ang – Paid +
19. Thomas Loh – Paid
20. Doreen Chan – Paid
21. Judy Lim – Paid
22. Anna Choi – Paid
23. June Lim – Paid
24. Rina Tan – Paid
25. Sockie Neo – Paid
26. Lee Ah Nee – Paid
27. Steven Chan – Paid
28. Dan Huang – Paid
29. Catherine & Andrew Tan + 5 – Paid
36. Dolly’s friends 6 pax – paid
42. Peter Loo – Paid
43. Joo Tian + two friends – Paid
46. Martin Han – Paid
47. Jennifer Lim & Partner – Paid
49. Joan Ang’s friend – Paid
50. Ashley – Paid
51. Jeffrey Gan – Paid
52. Bobby Bok – Paid
53. Maria Tan – Paid
54. Mega – Paid

In the event that we do not make the minimum number of pax required for the closed door event, we will still go ahead and have fun at the Tea Dance.
So lets make it happen!

Calling all the dance enthusiasts, do try to support the event if you are available on that day. Doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, or learning to dance or a dance expert, come and join in the fun. We hope to have the dance floor all to ourselves. Even if you do not dance, you can come and eat and chat and chill out!

We are looking at the possibility of a lucky draw and one or two games to have some fun and to laugh our heads off! I can assure you the games will be loads of fun and we can do this only if we have the club to ourselves. So try to make it happen. Looking forward to more people signing up for the event!
Many thanks!

Caroline Gee

Kopi chat for December 2016

The deckopi1   deckopi2

Hi kopi kakis

Time for our next kopi chat which will be held in December 2016.  Details are as follows:

Date:                                       Wednesday, 7th December 2016

Time:                                      2.15 pm – 4.15 pm

Venue:                                    Raffles City Food Court, L. 2

Nearest mrt:                            City Hall mrt station

Food & Beverage:                  All types of cuisines… just order your own drinks and food

Topics:                                    Anything except the shc taboos viz: MLM, sex, politics, religion and selling of investment products

This will be our last kopi chat for 2016.  Hence, I hope more members will join in the fun, laughter and immersion into the Christmas mood.  Christmas is the best time of the year! Fellowship and making friends are very important in this final lap of our life.  Let’s enjoy and be merry ya?

“Forgive what you cannot forget”

“Forget what you cannot forgive”

Live every moment

Laugh every day

Love beyond words!

Please indicate your names here if you’re coming.  Thank you.

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Jimmy Longpoetih 
  3. Cheng W K
  4. Friend (MH)
  5. Peter Loo
  6. Lim Tiang Soon
  7. Friend (ET)
  8. Alan Ang
  9. Friend (JL)
  10. Grace Wong
  11. Loong Say Meng
  12. Friend (CA)
  13. Joan Ang
  14. Friend (HC)
  15. Daniel Chan
  16. Michael Yeo

Thank you for all your support and coming for the kopi chat this afternoon.  We had an enjoyable time drinking coffee, fellowshipping, chatting and playing Rummikub…

Kopi Meet on Wed, 2nd Nov 2016

novcoffee1  novcoffee2Dear kopi kakis,

Our next kopi meet will be held on Wednesday, 2nd November 2016.  Details are as follows:

Date:                                                         Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

Time:                                                         2.15 – 4.15 pm

Venue:                                                       Usual haunt – Raffles City food court

Nearest mrt:                                              City Hall

Cuisine:                                                     All types of food, beverages and dessert

Topics for discussion:                               Everything under the sun except the SHC taboos (viz: sex, politics, religion, selling of MLM and investment products)

Come and join in an afternoon of fun and laughter among like-minded retirees and the semi-retired.  Chatting and fellowship with friends will keep dementia and depression at bay.  Leave the ’empty nest’ and enjoy yourself over a cuppa.  Just indicate your interest by registering here.


Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella
  2. Alan Ang
  3. Cheng WK
  4. John SC Chua
  5. Veronica Wong
  6. Friend(MH)
  7. Michael Yeo
  8. David Low
  9. Lim Tiang Soon
  10. Christine Teo
  11. Nina Choo
  12. Richard Kwok
  13. Friend (JL)
  14. Jeffrey Gan (tentative)
  15. Joan Ang
  16. Tony Ang
  17. Peter Loo
  18. Grace Wong
  19. Lily Boon

Thank you dear friends for coming to the kopi chat this afternoon… without your presence, there won’t  be any event ya?  See you all next month – with Christmas in the air.

Kopi Kakis meet on Wed, 5 Oct 2016

octkopi1      Dear kopi kakis,

Our next meet will be held on 5th Oct.  Details are as follows:

Date:                            Wednesday, 5th Oct 2016

Time:                            2.15 – 4.15 pm

Venue:                          Raffles City Food Court

Nearest mrt:                 City Hall mrt station

Topics:                          Anything of common interest to chatterers

Food & Beverage:         All types of drinks and food available at this food court

Come and enjoy an afternoon of yakking, fellowshipping, fun and laughter.  We are a bunch of happy-go-lucky people who just wanna take care of ourselves and be happy!

Please indicate your interest by registering here.

Cheers :-)

Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella
  2. Friend (MH)
  3. Alan Ang
  4. John Chua SC
  5. Friend (AC)
  6. Veronica Wong
  7. Lily Boon
  8. Michael Yeo
  9. Lim Tiang Soon
  10. Ron Lai
  11. Alice Lai
  12. Friend (JL)
  13. David Low
  14. Jimmy Longpoetih
  15. Joan Ang
  16. Tony Ang
  17. Richard Kwok
  18. Christine Teo
  19. Susan Chong
  20. Daniel Chan (TBC)
  21. Grace Wong (tentative)
  22. Sam Goh
  23. Silas Yeo
  24. Cheng WK
  25. Loong Say Meng
  26. Yoon Chin (thanks for registering the new member Cheng)


Coffee Chat – 17th Sept (Saturday)

This coffee chat is for those who believe in lifelong learning. Do you know no one is excluded in this “Digital Inclusion” – An Initiative by IDA. All you need is your mindset that You can do IT (Information Technology). The rest will be taken care of if you qualify for the “Home Access” programme.

Free lessons are always available. One such venue is in Bukit Merah Library (lessons conducted by me). Details of coffee chat are as follows:

Date: 17th Sept (Saturday)
Time: 6PM to 8PM
Venue: 313 @ Somerset (Food Court at Level 5)

Do drop by if you have the time.

hew lee (EC)



Next Coffee Chat ~ Friday, 2.9.16

coffeesep1  coffeesep2  coffeesep3

Hihi kopi kakis

Our next kopi chat will be held on Friday, 2.9.16. Details are as follows:

Date:                    Friday, 2 Sep 2016

Time:                   2.15 – 4.15 pm

Venue:                 Raffles City food court, Level 3

Nearest mrt:         City Hall mrt station

Topics:                  Anything under the sun except sensitive subjects viz: sex, religion, MLM, politics (SHC taboos)

Cuisine:                All types of food, drinks and dessert (just order for yourself)

I’m glad that our kopi chat gathering is still going ‘strong’ and that many of you are now my regulars :-)    I’m giving ample notice for our next event and I hope that those interested will register asap.   It’s an opportunity to meet up with old friends as well as making new ones.  We need friendship at this stage of our life ~ most of us are facing the ’empty nest syndrome’.  We should be very happy that we’ve raised a new generation for Singapore.  Now is the time to enjoy our life since we’re free of the burden of looking after our children .. This is the stage wherein we can enjoy without feeling guilty of neglecting the family.  Ya?  haha.  Such events will help us keep in touch with friends of our age, and keep depression and dementia at bay.  We should also not impose too much  on our children and infringe on their privacy, since most of them have set up their own homes with their spouses/children.  It’s time to cut off the apron strings and not to ‘destroy’ the marriages of our children with too much interference into their way of life ~ I’ve seen with my own eyes of some (esp mothers) who never let go of their sons after marriage!

“When you hold the bird too tightly, you will smother it and it will die, hold it too loosely, it will fly away but if you hold it just right, it will thrive”.

We must keep ourselves busy with our own activities with friends.


Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Friend (MH)
  4. John Chua SC
  5. Richard Kwok
  6. Veronica Wong
  7. Alice Cheong (did not turn up)
  8. Lim Tiang Soon
  9. Michael Yeo
  10. Friend (JL) (sick)
  11. Ron Lai
  12. Alice Lai
  13. David Loh
  14. Lily Boon (sick)


Note of thanks! Tks to all who came today. It was indeed a good gathering .. Small cosy group of  11 .. Cheers ..see you all next month !


Coffee chat on Wed, 3rd August 2016

coffee1   coffee august2

Dear friends

Quite a few members have enquired about my next coffee chat. It’s so heartening.  Hence, I’ve decided to put up this posting early to keep our kopi kakis informed.  Details of the next chat are as follows:

Date:                               Wed, 3.8.16

Time:                              2.15 – 4.15 pm

Venue:                            Same viz:  Raffles City food court, 3rd Level

Cuisine:                            A wide variety of food, drinks, desserts are available

Topics for chat:               Anything under the sun except the shc taboos viz: sex, politics, religion, mlm

Do come and join in an afternoon of chit-chatting, joking, exchanging views over a cuppa.  We have so much fun and laughter during all our kopi meets.  Socialising and meeting old as well as new friends are enjoyable and drive away depression and  dementia.

Please register here if you’re coming.


Gabriella Chua


  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Friend (MH)
  3. Loong Say Meng
  4. Friend (FL)
  5. Lim Tiang Soon
  6. Richard Kwok
  7. Alan Ang
  8. A friend of Alan Ang (AC)
  9. Michael Yeo (just recruited during the kopi chat with Yoon Chin’s help)
  10. Tony Ang
  11. Ron Lai
  12. Alice Lai
  13. Jimmy Longpoetih
  14. David  Low
  15. Magdalene Phey
  16. Hew Lee
  17. Charles Wee
  18. Veronica Wong
  19. Myra Chia
  20. Silas Yeo
  21. Yoon Chin

augcoffeethank you  A big thank you for all those who came for the kopi chat this afternoon.  We had so much fun yakking over a cuppa, joking and simply relaxing.  I’m glad that more than 20 came this afternoon.

Cheers & take care,

Till we meet again in September 2016.

Dumpling Festival Celebrations 2016

Hi fellow SHC members

I’m having a Karaoke event on stage.  Yes, you will get a chance to sing on stage!  No prior registrations, hassle free.  Just bring along your KCD and go up stage and sing.

Yes, and there will be an audience.  This is an EC event, organised by Pasir Ris East CC, and open to members of the public.  Tickets are priced at $5 each.  For a princely sum of $5, you will get buffet food served as hi-tea, 2 pcs of dumplings, take part in chinese tea appreciation, take part in a game with prizes to be won, a dumpling competition, sing on stage, dance, drama and a lucky draw too.

Date : 19th June 2016 (Sunday)

Time : 2:00pm till 5:00pm

Venue : Pasir Ris East CC, Multi-purpose Hall.  Pasir Ris Avenue 1 (pls google for directions there)

Pls let me know if you’re coming.  I need to reserve a ticket for you.  Let me know too, if you’re singing.


Lydia Chin

Monthly kopi chat on 17 June 2016

coffeejune3  coffeejune2  coffee march 3

Hi friends

Time again to arrange the next monthly kopi chat.  Details are as follows:

Date:                              Friday, 17 June 2016

Time:                             2.15pm – 4.15 pm

Venue:                          Raffles City food court, Level 3

Nearest mrt:                  City Hall mrt station

Cuisine:                         A wide variety of food, drinks and dessert

Topics:                          Anything under the sun ~ except MLM, politics, sex and religion (shc taboos)

Come and enjoy an afternoon of chitchatting over a cuppa, fellowshipping and meeting old and new friends.



Gabriella Chua

Those coming (Please register here or apps me):

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Daniel Chan
  3. Friend ~ MH
  4. Jimmy Longpoetih
  5. David Low
  6. Friend ~ FL
  7. Loong Say Meng
  8. Lily Boon
  9. Susan Chong
  10. Lim Tiang Soon
  11. Dave Chong
  12. Fida
  13. John Chua SC
  14. Richard Kwok
  15. Kenneth  Tan
  16. Joan Ang
  17. Magdalene Phey
  18. Mega
  19. Angeline Ong
  20. Lily Boon’s friend
  21. Friend ~ RY

dec kopi thanks  A BIG thank you to all those who attended the coffee meet today.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  We had a good fun chat, laughter therapy and good fellowship. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

Stay healthy and happy till we meet again next month :-)

Let’s bring the Baycity Rollers to SHC

The Bay City Rollers are a Scottish pop band whose popularity was highest in the mid 1970s. They were worldwide teen idols.

In 1973, “Saturday Night” was produced for the band. By early 1975, The Baycity Rollers saw a successful UK tour, which prompted newspaper headlines about the rise “Rollermania”.  Bay City Roller fans had a distinctive style of dress,comprising calf-length tartan trousers and tartan scarves. In 1976, the group released “I Only Want to Be with You” which I am sure many Silverhairs have heard and danced to.

Where were you then?  In school, just finishing your National Service, dating your first love or feeling sweet 16.  Let’s bring back memories of the mid 70s.  English songs, pop music, London, Edinburgh, top UK charts, SATURDAY night and I only wanna be with you.

Yes, we should have a band and teeny idol singers to match.  And an English setting at the British Club to bring back the atmosphere.  And, our guests will be anybody and everybody over 45.

This is still a dream.  And if you share in the same dream, please share your thoughts.


Terence Seah

Retiree Club (East)

retirement2  retired1  retired2

Calling all retirees in the East

I have formed a retiree club in the Kembangan area wherein active retirees can:

  • gather for coffee chats in the nearby coffee shops/joints in the east
  • makan in the hawker centres/markets in Bedok, Paya Lebar and Tampines in the east
  • morning walks at 5.30 am or late evening walks at 6.30 pm when it’s not too hot
  • introduction to ukulele fun
  • yak yak on anything (ranging from current affairs, in-laws, grown-up kids to anything under the sun)
  • help and seeking advice from one another
  • cycling in the parks (I need a trike or tandem rider though)
  • ….. and so on…. the list is by no means exhaustive

The 24-hour sarabat stall at Jalan Lapang (Kembangan) may be a good venue to be considered.  It’s just a stone’s throw from the Kembangan mrt station.  Those staying in this area may be familiar with this eating place.  It’s rustic, nostalgic and gives the ambience of Singapore in the early 60s or a typical Malaysian sarabat stall of today.

These are only ideas on the drawing board and can be finetuned as we gather momentum.  A chatline has been set up for those who have indicated interest so as  to keep everyone in the loop on activities or good sharings.  As we’re retirees, we’ll keep to thrifty thrills/fun…. no lavish spending.

So far, some 20 of my friends (mostly shc) have already indicated their interest in joining this retiree club as and when they’re free.  It’s good to form friendships now before it’s too late.  One’s spouse may not be with you forever and depression may set in (if you’re too close or dependent on your beloved) and especially when you’re already facing the empty nest syndrome.  We must rely on ourselves for our own well-being and happiness.  There’s a saying:

“No one is born happy but every one is born with the Ability to create HAPPINESS”.

Just leave a message here or apps me (if you have my hp number) if you are interested in joining the Retiree Club (East). A very important requirement is no quarrelling, hitting below the belt  or gossips on my chatline (taboos for the retiree club).   We want everyone to be happy and get along well.  Any recalcitrant member will be deleted from my chatline   :-)

Thank you.

Warmest regards,


Those Interested:

  1. 23 members in my Retiree Club  (East)
  2. Just leave your name on this forum page or apps me …. tks

retiree group4  retiree group2

Coffee Chat on Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Maykopi1  maykopi2  maykopi3My dear coffee kakis

Our next coffee meet will be held on 4th May. Details are as follows:

Date:                     Wed, 4th May 2016

Time:                     2.15 pm – 4.15 pm

Venue:                   Raffles City Food Court, 3rd Level (Long table near the window)

Cuisines:               All types of food,  beverages and desserts

Topics:                  Anything under the sun except politics, religion, sex, MLM (shc taboos)

Come and join in an afternoon of makan, coffee drinking, fun and laughter.  Maybe, I can throw in a uke sing-along for two songs only (as we do not want to be too boisterous since it’s a public area).  The coffee chat provides good fellowship and camaraderie among active aging pals :-) .. Keeping dementia and depression at bay.    Do not stay at home alone (empty nest syndrome) ~ come and spend an afternoon here.

Hope to see as many of you as possible.


Gabriella Chua


Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Friend (MH)
  3. Loong SM
  4. Friend (FL)
  5. Jimmy Longpoetih
  6. David Low
  7. Dave Chong
  8. Fida
  9. Lily Boon (will attend if free)
  10. John Chua SC
  11. Joan Ang
  12. Mary Chan
  13. Tony Ang
  14. Charles Wee
  15. Kent Chan
  16. Richard Tan TT
  17. Lim Yoon Chin
  18. Ronald Lee

A gentle reminder that the Kopi chat on 4.5.16 is on … See you all at Raffles City foodcourt at 2.15 pm

dec kopi thanks  Thanks to all who turned up today.  We had a great time. There are also plus points in having a smaller group.  We could mingle and communicate better.  Looking forward to meeting up in June 2016.    Cheers :-)


Coffee Chat on 6th April 2016

Aprilkopi1   Aprilkopi2

Hi friends,

The next kopi chat will be held on 6th April 2016. Details as follows:

Date:              6th April (Wednesday)

Time:             2 – 4 pm

Venue:           Raffles City food court, L. 3

Nearest mrt:    City Hall mrt station (next door)

Topics:            Anything under the sun except MLM, sex, politics, religion (shc taboos)

Do come and join in an afternoon of fun, laughter and fellowship.  Friendship is critical at this stage of our life.  It keeps dementia and depression at bay. Leave the empty nest and join us on 6th April.  Be lonely no more!   :-)

Aprilkopi4  Aprilkopi5



Gabriella Chua

Those attending:

  1. Gabriella
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Lily Boon
  4. Alan Ang
  5. Jimmy Longpoetih
  6. David Low
  7. Friend (MH)
  8. Dave Chong (if work schedule permits…+ Fida)
  9. Friend (FL)
  10. Tony Ang
  11. Charles Wee
  12. Philip Chia
  13. Philip Chia’s wife
  14. Joan Ang
  15. Lim Tiang Soon (+ 1 friend  PL)
  16. John Chua
  17. Richard Kwok
  18. Friend (JL)
  19. Sam Goh Huat Ah
  20. Vivien Ler
  21. Mary Chan
  22. Roy Koh
  23. Lilian Koh
  24. Linda Chan
  25. Daisy Yeo
  26. Steven Yuen
  27. Dan Huang
  28. Bobby Bok
  29. Lim Yoon Chin
  30. Magdalene Phey

Ooh la la ~  Total of 25 (9 ladies, 16 men) attended ….Ah ha ~ Terence will be glad to know that the number of men have exceeded the number of women in his shc event!


dec kopi thanks  Thank you to all supporters of the coffee chat today. A whopping 25 turned up for an afternoon of laughter, yakking, drinking and FUN!  As ‘promised’, it was an afternoon well-spent with senior active pals.  See you all again at the May coffee chat!