Surviving SpinalAVM in Singapore!

Growing up in sunny Singapore in the Katong School by the Sea, I’m a free-spirited Patrician born in the post independence era. Life’s been pretty good to me despite the usual twists & turns for most part in the first 54 years of my existence.

After returning from Cambodia, my last teaching stint in SCIA as a pioneering Gr 1-9 faculty, I started experiencing difficulty in my bladder & bowel; & walking became a laborious task even as I strive to work in HopeHouse with the De Lasalle Brothers of St Patrick’s Community where I was nurtured.

It was a scary, dark phase and it did occur to me to make my alma mater my resting ground. Yet the love for my family & friends kept me going. In early Feb 2020, I lost all confidence in walking safely and sought out my eldest to bring me for a lumbar x-ray ordered by my endocrinologist.

I am fortunate he was in office early and I got to see him. Thus began my metamorphosis into a SpinalAVM Warrior @55, joining a 1% in the world with this very rare genetic and crippling condition.

A battery of major medical tests culminated in a T4-7 opened surgery to dissect 3 AVMs out. Took 20 months of physiotherapy amidst channeling on the Healthcare Conveyor belt of SGH (5weeks), OCH (5weeks) & a Chinatown Care Home (2.5 years) before I was discharged in untidy manner home with my walker, wheelies and my scooter!

It was a major psychological, physical & financial battle (on-going), to reintegrate back into the Land of the Living, after a 3 year absence from family, Church and society in Kg Glam where we’ve resided for 33 years!

Sheer grit, silent contemplations & patient love became my mainstay even as I continue to be stronger & better with the help of pain meds, mindfulness methods, acupuncture, continued rehab twice weekly and even weekly chiropractic treatment session, managing family, mobility, bladder & bowel as well as chronic fibromyalgia issues.

The alternative option would have been an easy return to a nursing home, have assisted living and fade away. Such is not for me! I have much to do, to surmount the living environment for wheelies, to regain respect & dignity even as a PwD and live life meaningfully with dreams of travel, a SpinalAVM Foundation to assist fellow warriors & their families to alleviate life’s pains a little and live to a 100! I’m on my way!


Join the Diabetic, high BP, hypertension, cancer and Stroke support groups

Having a headache, a stomach ache or a flu may be easily cured after visiting the GP.

At our age, what does it mean when we are striked with a major sickness. We turn to our hospitals. There is excitement. Will we ever be cured? How do we overcome the costs of medication, doctor visits and hospital stays. What medication or treatment do we go through?

I am a diabetic for 20 plus years. I thought medication, diet and exercise would help or cure. But recently, my TTSH doctor told me I have to undergo dialysis. So, I am looking forward.

Unfortunately I didnt have the experience to slow kidney failure. I felt I should have started a diabetic support group for members who are diabetic. This group is not for advisors.

I have allocated every 1st Thur 2100 – 2200 hrs for diabetics to gather together. Join us from your home on Zoom. If u are diabetic, rsvp “Diabetic”.

2nd wk Thur 2100 hr High BP, Stroke, hypertension.

3rd wk Thur 2100 hr Cancer.

4th wk Dementia and Parkinson.

Closing date for RSVP 10 May 2021. Zoom link will be sent after.

EO Jean Lim. Recording is for the benefit of members unable to attend or who have sick relatives.

Terence Seah

New SHC whatsapp group “Careshield”

The Ministry of Health has announced a new long term care insurance to be launched in 2020.

SilverHairsClub has a discussion group starting 26 Feb 2018 for members on CPF life, Medishield and Eldershield. The group discussion is now closed.

The new Whatsapp Careshield discussion starts 15 June 2018. This topic will end 15 Aug 2018. To participate, please register with whatsapp +65 9489 4360 with the msg “Careshield”. Registration closes 12 June 2018.

1. Strictly for SilverHairsClub members only. Participants are required to introduce your name and interest.
2. No URL, video clips, pictures.
3. No copy and paste.
4. Screenshots allowed.
5. No unrelated topic, except eldershield, medishield. A star * will be given for unrelated topic. A second star * means automatic exit.

SHC discussion on CPF life MediXXXX and health insurance, Sat 28 Apr 2018

The SHC WhatsApp group on CPF Life, MediXXC and health insurance has 49 participants. The top topics are CPF payouts, MediXXX and Health insurance. Other topics are CPF Life payouts, retirement acct and related retirement costs.

As these are important topics for many of us, and I would like to organise a live session for us to share information, ask Questions and hear what other members have to say about these topics.

Plse note this is a member sharing activity.  You are advised to contact CPF directly for the information you require.

The WhatsApp discussion is excellent, as it has allowed members to share with one and all. This will continue and you are invited to join. We shall taken in new participants until closing date 15 Apr 2018.

The live discussion will be 3 hrs. One hour for speakers, one hour for Q&A and one hour for group discussions.

The date and time is now fixed as follows:

  1. Date: Sat 28 Apr 2018.
  2. Time: 2.30 – 5.30pm
  3. Venue: 78 Shenton Way, Spore 079120.  Behind M Hotel.  Nearest MRT Tanjung Pagar.  31st floor.  Use of place, complementary from member Raymond Wong.
  4. A security pass will be required to enter the building.
  5. A projector is provided for speakers and USB presentation
  6. No food is provided. Only drinks.
  7. Cost: SGD 4.50. Payment to POSB Savings  542-10756-1, Treasurer Christina Chan.


  1. If you would like to speak on a topic, you have 15 mins. Please contact Terence Seah with topic briefs at WhatsApp +65 94894360.


  1. For those unable to attend this session, feel free to continue to join the Whatsapp discussion which is ongoing.

This event is strictly for SHC members. Closing date for registration: 17 Apr 2018.

Terence Seah


  1.  Raymond Wong
  2. James CL Tan
  3.  Terence Seah
  4.  Caroline Gee (pd)
  5.  Dolly Lim (pd)
  6.  Ronald Lam
  7.  Doreen Ong
  8.  Gingko
  9.  Lydia Chin
  10.  Steven Chan (pd)
  11. Stella Sheng (pd)
  12. Susan CH Tan
  13. Marge Tian

Drink coffee!

Drinking ordinary coffee is a simple pleasure, but now the latest studies on coffee show a strong association between coffee drinkers and longevity! (ST 12/7, pg A18. )Yes, coffee drinkers appear to live longer compared with non coffee drinkers.

For decades coffee was considered an unhealthy drink.  I was drinking coffee regularly and of course was worried. However a colleague pooh poohed the whole thing. She said her father-in-law was a coffee addict and drank coffee every day like water. He passed away at age 88years!

My favourite brew is kopi-O lightly sweetened with raw sugar. Sip it hot. Refreshing!  If at coffee shop I will order coffee sweetened with condensed milk.  Delicious!

Great news about coffee prolonging life.

 coffee berries

Got a surprise. I got myself admitted into the hospital

Some of you have called me, i shall share a fun story with you.

I went to Hougang polyclinic yesterday morning for a routine blood test. Staff was efficient and I got out within 1 hour.  Have to wait one week to follow up with doc for results. Sometime in the afternoon, I received many calls from a number I was unfamiliar.  Late yesterday, I returned the call, and it was from the critical results doc. She asked me to repeat my blood test at any A&E as my potassium level was critically high at 6.5.

So, I went to TTSH, my favourite hotel.  Even though I did not make an appointment with TTSH, the hospital already knew of my coming. I just showed them the hospital SMS, to make sure it is me.

Dracula took some blood and I was put on an ECG. To wait for the results, the nurse put me on a trolley and wheeled me to a waiting room.  An hour late, the doc explained that my potassium was still high and need to repeat. Test repeated and an hour later, it was confirmed potassium at 6.5.

The doc welcome me to stay at TTSH hotel for the night for further review.  Two giant tubes of medication injected into my blood stream. Gosh, it was painful, size of a large colgate toothpaste.

And the staff wheeled me to my room. Two hours later, I was sweaty and faintish. I pressed the button and my blood test now showed sugar level at 2.5. The hospital gave me some biscuits and my black coffee opium. Plus a cup of glucose water to bring up the sugar level which went back to normal at 6.5.

Had a good sleep, and now I have bread and coffee for breakfast.  Morning doc saw me and just told me I can stay one or two nights more at a discount. Good value, I couldn’t say no.

I shall update u on this post. My WhatsApp is 9489-4360.  No need to visit me, as technology is just as good.  I welcome you to communicate with me on this post.

Have a nice Sunday.

Terence Seah

Healthy at 90!

Queen E2 is 90 and a picture of good health! She joins the rank of the greatly blessed.


Old age –

Visons of tottering, of illness, pain

And a wheelchair near by.

But the blessed nonagenarians

Debilitating diseases and second childhood

Are spared and active remain


A special tea set for the Queen on her 90th birthday ( President’s gift)

Long live the Queen!

(How beautiful she looked as a young queen in 1953)





Integrated Shield Plans

I had no clear idea when people talked about integrated shield plans (IP) until recently when I had to give advice to a relative who was wondering whether he should downgrade to the new standard IP  which will come into effect in May.

I went to read up about medisave, medishield, integrated shields etc… and  I realized having MediShield Life is enough health coverage with affordable premiums paid from Medisave if we do not mind being in class B2 or Class C wards.

I asked my relative ( an ordinary employee) why he had bought the IP and he said his insurance agent told him it was good to have that and that  the premium would be paid from medisave which savings he  could not touch anyway. (A little knowledge is indeed dangerous).

My conclusions – IPs are for :

  1. People who want to be warded in B1 or class A ward. They can choose their doctors.
  2. People who want to be treated in private hospitals. 


Interesting info from MediShield Life website:

“60% of Singaporeans have integrated shield plans but many end up not staying in the ward their coverage entitles them to.”  No reason given but I thought it was strange.




Haiku, anybody?

About the previous post …

Once a year we meet
Not too much we ask from you
Hope to see you soon

Friendship is what we after
In this Christmas Walk we come
Hope one will last forever

Event needs no cash
Only find and pay with time
As simple as that

If I have more than five interested in haiku poems, I can start a chat line to share. This chat line has rules to keep focus – no video uploads and unnecessary “alarm” postings just to circulate around the world and coming back to you time and again.

NB: Haiku is a type of poetry that can be written on many themes, from love to nature to life experiences.

Resources can be found from the Internet and the library.
We can share our findings and at the same time exercise our brains besides playing mahjong or sudoku.
hew lee (EC)

Those interested:
1) Registered
2) Registered
3) Gabriella Chua
4) Tan Li Li
5) Joy Chuang
6) Jassmine Teo
7) Maureen Lee
8) Registered
9) Daisy Tan

If you have a hearing problem, your mobile can be a great help

hearingaid     I like to share an accidental experience with a hearing problem.

Most of us carry a mobile phone.  Inside the mobile phone, there is a microphone and an external jack for a headphone.

  1.  Look for an apps with the name “hearing aid”.  Install it.
  2. Plug a headset to the external jack.

When you have a chat with your friends, put the mobile phone on the table.  Start the app.  Hear the conversation clearly and loudly with the headset.

Share your experience.  Which app works well.

Terence Seah


Dance Exercise Classes for over 50s

Dear fellow members,

Dancercise together for a healthy lifestyle with me as a SilverHairs trainer with 23 years’ of training experience :

1)  Dancercise 50plus – program designed for both ladies and men of age 50 and over, to maintain their physical and mental fitness. Participants will be taken through a series of warm-up movements, dance steps and a variety of rhythms during each session. These moves help to develop good posture, stamina, coordination and alertness.

Attire: Sportswear and exercise shoes (suitable for dance moves)

Program Fee
$85 (Passion card member); $90 (non-member)
* Thursday, 2 July to 27 August (no class on 6 August)
* 9.30am-10.30am (8 sessions)
* Course code: C23082900
* Venue:  Queenstown CC (sign up online at or at any ccs)

2)  Zumba Gold – Dance Fitness program for seniors

Program Fee
$45 (member); $50 (non-member)
* Friday, 3 July to 31 July (4 sessions)
* 9.30am-10.30am
* Course code:  C23132381
* Venue:  Queenstown CC (sign up online at or at any ccs)

Attire: Sportswear and exercise shoes

EC and trainer, Shirleen Cheong.

Registration list:

  • Discussion: MediShield Life

    medishield life

    “MediShield Life” is a much talked about topic among Singaporeans and PRs today. It is the new national health insurance scheme, providing wider protection than MediShield.  And, it affects all of us.

    Please do not treat this Post as a discussion of right or wrong. This discussion is for sharing and understanding. Do not use URLs.  Copy and paste text may be deleted from comments.  Let’s share based on our knowledge and understanding of MediShield Life.

    What is MediShield Life, how different it is compared to MediShield, What it covers, What it costs, When is it effective, and How to register for MediShield Life?

    How does it affects private insurance premiums?  Etc …

    If you are stating a point of fact, and you are sharing information from an insurance organisation, hospital, CPF or govt-related organisation, please indicate the organisation you work for.  We should minimise rumours and inaccuracies in this discussion.

    Members, please feel free to ask the floor; and please feel free to share your understanding too.

    Terence Seah (Moderator)


    What would you do if you are alone at home, and you had a serious fall?

    fall2    fall1 I was with a few friends in Petaling Jaya last night.  My Malaysian friends have retired; and we discussed life during retirement, and getting old. Many of my friends were fit; they play golf, and travel extensively. Two weeks ago, I attended the wake of a long time friend of mine who has been with me in the newspaper industry for almost 30 years.  He was only 55, and he suffered a stroke, I understood no one knew about it, until it was too late.

    Many of us are alone at some times of the day.  As for me, I travel a lot, staying in hotel rooms most days in a year.  Well, I sleep alone most nights.  How I wish I had company every night; unfortunately it is not the case.  Guys, I swear by what I say.

    Seriously, dont meant to joke about being alone.  But, many of us are alone at times, at home, in the office, while travelling or at an unknown or familiar place. Husbands, wives, girlfriends are not around to help or may have switched off their phones.  We may have a fall; we may sleep through and not wake up.  We could have locked the room door.  The chest was getting breathless and the pain was spreading.  We may have only 10 minutes; and we dont know what to do.  The only thing we have is our phone or smartphone.

    Really, guys and gals, what would you do?

    Terence Seah

    Hearing Aids

    Dear all

    Anyone here have experience purchasing a pair of hearing aids?

    Yes I am looking for one for myself as I beginning to have hearing difficulties with High pitch frequencies.  I was told its better to start using it now as it will be harder to get use to it as years goes by.

    I have tried the middle range by Simens and Banform both The Receiver in Cannal and Behind The Ear type.  I m looking for a pair which give less static and not too expensive to discard in case its like the pair of bifocal glasses which I have made but did not like using it.

    Appreciate your comments or share with me via my email

    Thank you

    Ageing Gracefully

    Hi Fellow SHCians,

    The following Post is composed and written by Lau Eng Seng (Leon). I hope the SHC committee and Terence wouldn’t mind if I re-post for Eng Seng as suggested. Excuse me, if it is.

    “Hi every one,? I am trying to create a new post to share about aging gracefully but don’t know how. So I post it in this reply. Perhaps some one can re post it in a forum where it can reach all members. Also teach me how to create new post.

    7 Important Ways to Age Gracefully?:

    1. Accept it, but don’t give in to it.
    2. Realise that it’s never too late. As John Barrymore said, “A man is not old until regrets replace dreams.
    3. Being moderate and regulated with how we treat our body is one of the smartest steps we can take.
    4. Realise what you have and be grateful for it.
    5. Laugh often. In George Bernard Shaw’s words, “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”
    6. Do what you can to look your best, and then forget about it. There’s a lot more to life than how you look.
    7. Find meaningful activities. Follow where your passions lie.

    I hope each day finds you growing old gracefully, with health, happiness, and fulfilment.
    And may all of you live long, live strong, and live happy.

    I have seen how this club grown and happy for all new and old members to have now wider scope of activities. Wish I have more time myself to participate.

    Will want to get to know more of all of you one day


    Small Group Gathering (6 pax) on 21-11-2013 (Thursday) from 3pm

    Over a cup of coffee/tea, drink or with snack, we have two solid hours of networking and getting to know each other better. All SHC members or non-members are welcomed.

    The details:
    Date: 21-11-2013 (Thursday)
    Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
    Venue: Swissbake Cafe @ Marina Bay Link Mall
    Meeting Place: After coming out of Raffles Place MRT Station, turn left, up escalator and wait nearby Jollibean Stall.
    (We will start walking to the cafe at 3.05PM)
    [For those who missed us, you can meet us at the cafe itself at 8A, Marina Boulevard,
    #B2-47].For those who still have time to spare, we can have our dinner at Marina Bay Sands Food Court and continue to chat and/or to experience the nightlife there.

    hewlee (EC)

    Those registered coming:
    1) hewlee
    2) non-member
    3) Alice Seah
    4) Jassmine Teo
    5) Paul Kong
    6) Johnny Pow
    7) Anne
    8) Gingko Tay

    Registration now closed.


    Rehabilitation Community Hospital

    I borrowed Douglas Chan threats in the cycling post and upon consideration perhaps should share the experience with my senior friends, when and if having to warded in a rehabilitation community hospital. This experience also taught me to have better knowledge of rehabilitation community hospital rather than just naively listened to doctors’ ardent recommendation. I sincerely urge everyone please reconsider seriously in choosing rehab community hospital as we had very bad experience

    As a result of a fall, my mum had internal bleeding in the head and was warded in SGH on September 29 and upon discharged was transferred to Bright Vision Hospital for rehab on Friday Oct 11 and was admitted at about 1030 hr. The standard of patient care was atrocious beyond words. In fact, the neighboring patients too had loads of grievances.

    On Saturday Oct 12 at about 1500 hr she had high temperature and was gasping for breath…..momentarily she appeared on the journey GOING HOME. The On-Call Doctor attended and IMMEDIATELY recommended she be transferred back to SGH. As usual we went through the A & E procedure and was warded for infection in the chest now this is in additional to the neuro situation ……….. please pray for her and the wisdom of the doctors to administer care for her recovery. Thanks

    Anyway, at an appropriate time I am considering to share the experience in Bright Vision Hospital in greater details in the social media. Meantime, perhaps you may also like to contribute your comments and suggestion.

    14 – 17 Nov 2013 – UPDATE from previous post – ECO CYCLING ADVENTURE – Kuching

    Date: 14th to 17th November 2013

    Are you looking for a cycling adventure with a distinct difference?

    Green on Bikes!!! Nothing is quite like touring on bike for an ecological, cultural, culinary and experiential experience!!!!

    We synergize with the hotel and a team with the best of local knowledge and an insatiable passion for cycling to envision and provide adventurous experience in SARAWAK.  With moderate, achievable riding on charming small roads through village communities and lots of local interaction, you will have a chance to learn about the country and the people who live here. Food is a highlight.

    Fortunately, cycling offers a low-impact form of physical activity that appeal to a wide range of the population. As long as you’re reasonably fit and familiar with your own limits, you’re a good candidate for a cycling adventure.

    TENTATIVE PROGRAM*Program subject to change

    November 14 2013 [Thursday] DAY 1 Upon immigration and custom clearance will transfer to check-in at Riverside Majestic hotel and prepare bicycle. Freshen up. Subjected to time and circumstances will then experience an evening ride (20km+-) and have dinner (own account).

    November 15 2013 [Friday] DAY 2 – B/L/Commence cycling journey firstly to local kopitiam for breakfast. Continue to Fairy Cave (55km +-) Explore the cave and then have ethnic lunch. Rest and relax and continue to Lan-E-Tuyang home stay. (25km +-). Check in, explore the garden for durians. Wash up and then have dinner. Relax and enjoy the environment, culture and ethnic music. Overnight is at home stay.

    November 16 2013 [Saturday] DAY 3 – B/D After breakfast at home stay, commence cycling through the village roads to Mt Singai – CMPC is a historical site. Although one needs to walk up the steps for more than 30 minutes, but upon getting to the centre with a chapel, longhouse, and amphitheatre et cetera, the feeling of fresh air and lush, green scenery that surrounds the place greets you with a calm and peaceful feeling. All you hear is the sound of the small jungle creatures that was left to live undisturbed. Perhaps may find durians too. Then continue cycling journey through scenic roads and stop for lunch (own account). After lunch continue cycling to Riverside Majestic hotel (30km +-) check in relax and freshen up and adjourn for seafood dinner.

    November 17 2013 [Sunday] DAY – B After breakfast at the hotel, free and easy Check out of hotel and transfer to airport for flight back to Singapore

     Suggested Flight Malaysian Airline

    SIN / KCH                 MH0642                    1250 / 1415
    KCH/SIN                   MH0643                    1040 / 1205

    Please note the luggage allowance is 30 Kgs The air ticket base on group is SGD250.00 and you can purchase through the travel agent Muhibbah Travel –Tel: 62942011, however, you may also check with other travel agents. But most important is to purchase the air ticket immediately if you have decided on participation. Please advice upon booking your flight

    Anyway, I have already booked my air ticket online which was relatively cheaper.

     Bike Rental

    You may rent bicycles in Kuching at RM70.00 per day. Through our experience we encourage participants to bring their own bike as one will enjoy much better knowing your own bike.

    Cost is SGD 295.00 (10 participants & above) SGD 345.00 (6-9 participants) – EXCLUDES AIR TICKET, INSURANCE & personal expenses. Inclusive of 2 nights @ hotel and 1 night home stay; return airport/hotel transfer; marshals; support vehicle; meals as indicated; entrance fees; and activities.

    Confirmation is upon payment of SGD295.00 and balance (if any) to be paid on day of departure. Group will be a minimum of six (6) and maximum twenty (20) participants only.The closing date is October 18 2013

    Please indicate your interest in this post or email if you require further details.

    EC Event – Line Dance Class – Starting 15 Sep (Sun) 4 – 5.30 pm

    Dear all

    Hope to have some of you join me in the line dance class starting this Sunday :)))

    Course : Line Dance (Upper elementary/12 lessons)
    Period/Day/Time : 15 Sep 2013 to 8 Dec 2013/Sun/4pm to 5.30pm
    Venue : Bukit  Batok CC (near West Mall/Bukit Batok MRT station)
    Fees : $53.90 for Passion Card holder paying with Passion Card
    $55.00 for Passion Card holder paying with cash or ATM card
    $60.00 for non Passion Card holder

    See you this Sunday!


    Last call for help – Dementia Project

    Dear All, this is my last call for help with my project. I have so far received 3 responses (via personal email) from members who shared their experiences and completion of the questionnaire (not-so-professionally designedemoticon). If you have previous experience or is currently a care-giver, I’d really appreciate your help to complete the questionnaire. Please email me at for me to send you a copy of the questionnaire. (We need about 10 responses from each group member to make up the sample size of 50).Thanking you in advance..inez

    Qi practice, Wed 30 Jan 2013

    There is a meeting up with all practitioners of the YiXue and will be transmitting the traditional Lotus-Hand from the Lotus Great System.

    Venue: Amara Hotel in Tanjong Pagar (MRT – Tanjong Pagar),

                 3rd floor, Function room

    When:  Wednesday, the 30th January 2013

    Time:   commences at 7.30 pm

    The meaning of the Lotus-Hand 

    The Lotus-Hand is the direct transmission from the teacher / master through the Laogong acupuncture point to the practitioner. The energy transmisson helps to raise the vital life energy of the practitioner or recipent, boosting the immune system, and enhancing it.

    It is given for health purposes, especially for the weak and those who are chronically ill.  It regulates emotional disharmony and stabilizes yin and yang.  For good health, longevity, happiness and good fortune

    This is a free workshop, with open minded, I think it’s no harm going, call me if u r there. (sorry for the last mins).

    vivian Lai



    Home-based marketing as a secondary source of income?

    Mention MLM and there will be a lot of people screaming ‘no no’! Can a taboo be broken? I know I am treading on the precipice but I feel that this is something that need to be discuss.

    Multi-level marketing utilises a combination of direct marketing and franchising. MLM have an image problem because of difficulties in distiguishing between legitimate network marketing and illegal pyramid selling, "ponzi scheme" or scam.

    Life is about choices, then came MLM, work hard for three to five years and then you never have to work again. Is this possible? The answer lies in the one word "leverage". MLM is also about personal development and and business education.

    A new and powerful trend is emerging, the marriage of MLM and internet maketing to connect with their distributors. The internet is a 24/7 and accessible anywhere and anytime. Physical contrains is no longer an issue. Cross borders business are now possible so is overseas recruitments

    The questions now is why, is it because we worry most will take advantage of free advertisements on this post or? Most MLM distributors have their own websites, they can tap on Facebook, Twitters and so many other blogs to promote their ware.

    I hope we can have a lively discussion here and should there be any qualms, let put is down here. Why deny us an opportunty to earn a secondary source of income in our twilight years?

    Desperate Dan

    Medicines, health products and medical accessories – a discussion

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to start a discussion, and would like to hear from you.  What you do and your experience can help some of us decide where we can get our medications, health products and medical accessories.  Do not discourage the discussion with what you think is improper or even illegal.  But, if you have experienced any good or bad, then, that’s it, we should hear from you.

    Here goes.  Cheaper or better?

    Many seniors and elderlies suffer from some long term sickness.  We see a doctor, get a prescription, and we get most of our medication from polyclinics, private clinics, general hospitals and specialist medical centres. For some of us, the medisave allocation gets used up, during the first appointment with the doctor during the area.  Some medication is expensive, and requires life long consumption.

    Where do we get medication, especially the specialised and expensive ones on a continued basis?  We can also buy generic medication, instead of original branded medication.

    Where do you buy your medication?  Do you go get them from JB, KL or Thailand? Numerous pharmacies in JB.  Or do you get them from India, where there are lots of generic medication. Or you try sourcing them from the US and Europe.  Give some examples and price comparisons.  Have you good experiences or bad ones?  Share with us your experience and observations of differences.

    Again, please do not discourage anybody from sharing their experiences or recommendations.  Be open, and expensive does not mean they are always good or the best.

    Terence Seah 



    I believe that most of us have read about the rising incidence of dementia.

    Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. It affects memory, thinking, language, judgment,
    and behavior. Most types of dementia are nonreversible (degenerative). Dementia
    symptoms include difficulty with many areas of mental function, including:

    • Language
    • Memory
    • Perception
    • Emotional
      behavior or personality
    • Cognitive skills
      (such as calculation, abstract thinking, or judgment)

    Dementia usually first appears as

    There is growing evidence that some kinds of mental exercises can help slow down dementia. To this end, I
    am contemplating developing a series of mental exercises which may be used
    hopefully to help slow the effect of dementia.

    I have a series of mental
    exercises which help children improve their learning abilities , you may want
    to visit to know a little more. I intend to modify certain portions of the training protocol to
    suit senior citizens who may worry about the onset of dementia. 

    What I have in mind is not something commercial, but a social outreach—with trainers (SHC members) going
    down to centres or elderly groups to train the centre helpers to run these programs.
    So, it remains for me to size up how many SHCian are interested to do such
    social outreach programs.


    Badminton is back on Sunday

    Hi folks,emoticon

    Badminton this Sunday at Safra Mount Faber, Telok Blangah Way

    Time: 0700am-0900am on Court 1.

    After badminton we shall adjourn at Ya Kun or Subway for breakfast.emoticon

    Sorry, this is the only slot I could booked. Next round I will try to book a later time preferably from 10.00am-12.00pm if more are in agreement. 

    All are welcome whether you are a novice or a good player.

    Please do let me know whether you are coming. Come and join us for this social badminton and stay healthy.


    Old Age – The Last Lap

    • How does one want to spend the last lap of one’s life? with angst? with upset when one’s pride/ego is bruised? gripe? …
    • The ‘king’ in *Eccl. thought he was a superior being as he was very clever and good at acquiring power and wealth. Then he realised Death would come for him and LEVEL  him with the poor and the foolish he despised. Defeated, he lamented in agony "all is vanity and a striving after wind" 
    • I would like to have serenity in my old age. Question is – how to acquire/have this state of mind  (serenity) in old age? What personal qualities/character traits would be an advantage in this quest?

    * a non-secular book

    Constructive comments and feedback are welcome. :)

    Swimming, anyone?

    The doctor give me six weeks to improve my diet and bring down my glucose level from 13 to 7 otherwise I will go on the needle. This is a challenge to myself whether I can avoid it.

    Last night I dream of the dread needle and break out in cold sweat and this morning I pull myself out of bed and headed for Safra Mount Faber for 10 laps of freestyle and breast stroke. I reckon I will need to do it every morning from 8:00am to 8:30am. No more late nights as I normally sleep at about 2:00am, have to hit the sack before midnight. 

    I need moral support here, anyone with similar concern would like to join me? We will have it here at Safra and if there is any other venue convenience do let me know. We may consider any other day of the week or other timing.

    Swimmingly yours,


    How was your first time?


    They say TEENAGE is the time when we are curious about our body and there are many first experences. We were curious, inquisitive and experimental. The romantics  say we must treasure our first experience. Practical people like me just try to get more experience and be good at it.  At that age, we often talk about it, speculate about it and mostly the boys boast about it.

    Of course not everyone is dirty like me. I am aware that there are  ‘respectable ladies ‘ here in this forum who do not even want to read about IT. I think they are still waiting to savour it.

    I believe this saying is wrong. When we are past 45 years old you would find that there are more  first time experiences that will happen to your bodies then you had when you were  a teenager. And we should talk and learn more about them, less we are lead astray.  For example, the first time your hairs starts to turn silver, the first time your hair disappears, the first time we waited till the bus stops completely before we ambark, the first time you walk up the overhead bridge instead of running across the road, the first time you notice you cannot run . Than comes your first heart attack, your first stroke, your first catarac, the first time you make sure to stand very close to the urinal or your feet will get wet.

    I am therefore intrigued that there are so few people here willing to share their first experences here.  Are they just waiting for them to happen again than get better at it the next time. Or maybe they want to savour it because it will be their first time. 

    I hope, like Jacqualine, Kenneth and others you will be more willing to come forward to share your experiences. There is nothing to be shy about your first time experiences. We are not a teenager anymore and we should learn as much as possible and early. Then perhaps we will not turn frigid  when the next  ‘First Experience’ comes. 

    Health Talk on Cell Defense: Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods, 18 Aug 2011

    Staying young is easy… when you understand the science behind the aging process.

    You’ve probably been hearing about the role of antioxidants to fight  against free radicals – the main enemy of our cells and thus, our body.

    The good news is: Our bodies has the ability to produce a Master Antioxidant – glutathione. There are more than 96,000 studies on glutathione worldwide, yet you have probably never heard of it.  The reason is, up until now, there was no easy way to get additional glutathione into your body. If you tried to take it like a supplement, t gets destroyed in your stomach and G.I. tract before it reaches your cells.  I shall share with you simple ways you can eat, enjoy, and stay young!

    Participants will learn:

    – The Anti-aging Miracle of Glutathione – Your Body’s Master Antioxidant.
    – 3 Easy Ways to Stay Young
    – The Top 10 Age-Erasing Foods that are delicious and great for you!
    – How to power up your organs so they stay young and you stay healthy!
    – Discover why your body needs to reset your biological clock
    – Learn how to build a younger body

    Date:     Thu, 18 Aug 2011
    Time:     7.00 to 9.00pm
    Venue:   10 Anson Road, International Plaza #33-07 Singapore 079903

    This will be FUN, informative and definitely what you need to know to stay young and healthy. Limited seats only. Free for all SHC members.

    Registrations start here :

    1. Yat Sing
    2. Ronald Lee
    3. Pauline Tan
    4. Joyce Tan
    5. Jeremy Lee
    6. Peggy Ong
    7. Lydia Soh
    8. Thomas Loh
    9. Judy Tay
    10. Clara Ho
    11. Ah Nee
    12. Eunice Tay
    13. Robert Tan
    14. Serene Leow
    15. Seok Cheng
    16. Peng Peng
    17. Pearlynn Tan
    18. Dolly Lim
    19. Wee Chin
    20. Lawrence Lee
    21. Jessie Khor
    22. Gingko Tay
    23. Helen Wong
    24. Rosalind Soh
    25. May Tan
    26. Rene Leong
    27. Ronald Lam
    28. Marg Tian
    29. Richard Wong

    What is it that we dont know about personal insurance?

    I wonder how Sinigapore has become one of the fastest elderly
    growing population in the world.  Either our medical system has
    enabled the elderly to live longer or we just eat good food, and live longer
    than our grand-parents.  The baby boomers are reported to be
    richer and will be better financially than future generations.  Our
    age group is believed to be better prepared for old age and retirement.

    Many of us have some form of personal life and
    health insurances.  I like to raise this topic for discussion, so
    that all of us get a chance to share what we know or dont know about the
    insurance policies we have kept somewhere under our pillows.

    Let’s focus on personal, health and accident policies. 
    Keep out corporate insurance. 

    This topic can be sensitive, especially those policies
    paid out of our CPF.  But, please stay cool.  I
    hope we can benefit from better understanding of our insurance
    policies.  Let’s talk about choices, differences of the different type
    of policies.  Please do not copy wholesale from the web. 
    Keep your comments short, and in easy understandable English or

    There may be some insurance experts around us, your
    contribution is invited.  We share.

    Terence Seah