Getai event, Fri Sep 11 from 5.30 to 7pm.

Thank you very much to the members who have taken time to practise for the Getai event on SHC Zoom. We are unable to have a real life event, and as such, we have to entertain ourselves on Zoom.

We have now set the date for Getai event. Fri Sep 11 from 5.30 to 7pm. This session replaces our regular Fri Happy Hour.

Confirmed singing participants are Sally Foo, Cheryl Tiong, Vincent Hee, Sally Tan, Lilian/David Ong, Barbara Ong and June Peh.

Our Getai entertainers will be singing 3 songs consecutively. Music source is up to the singers, and played by the singer only. The focus will be on entertainment, and all members are encouraged to sing along, although you will be muted.

The entire program is recorded LIVE and featured in Youtube and the Club website.

Other details are still being worked on. We will have audience participation too. To participate in the audience, and win a prize, please RSVP whatsapp 9489-4360 GETAI .

The LIVE recording.

Terence Seah

Stars-in-Concert #3, early Aug 2020 evening over SHC Zoom

In 2009 and 2013, SHC organised two 2 Stars-in-Concert respectively.  These two events bring out the singing and entertainment talents of our SilverhairsClub members.

This year 2020, we have set the dates for Stars-in-Concert #3.  The event is open to all SilverHairsClub members, SHC Ordinary and SHC Facebook members.  There will be prizes for both singers and home audience.   You are encouraged to participate.  This event will be held LIVE over SHC Zoom.

  • Date:  1st week of Aug 2020
  • Time:  after dinner, approx 3 hours.
  • Venue:  SHC zoom.  New password will be issued after registration.
  • Judges:  3 members plus audience participation.
  • Singers and Audience open to all members, Ordinary and Facebook members.
  • Requirements:  All singing participants are required to use their own Desktop PC, with Windows 10, speakers and an external microphone.  You should also have a singing or song application.  You can choose to have lyrics if you wish.  Ideally, you have  5mm from the microphone, for best results.
  • Top 5 winners will be judged based on voice clarity, music and vocals broadcast stabilty and entetainment.
  • Practice sessions:  regularly from now to 15 Jun 2020
  • Registration closes 27 Jul 2020.  Enough time to practise before registration closes.

More updates from organisers.  Keep in touch.

Terence Seah


Invitation to A Private K session (31/8/2018 Friday , 7pm to 11pm)

Hi friends,

Tentatively I’ve  booked the below venue for max 15 pax (min 10pax)  for our private k session. Pls. respond by dateline 10/8/201(Friday). If the respond is less than 10pax. . I may hv to cancel it.

Address : The Singapore Chyun Athletic Association . (No. 16 Beng Wan Road, Singapore 339848. Opp. Elim Church Off Serangoon Road 3 m/s. ).

Reference :

Cost charges : $120 ( To be shared among attendees)

Drinks are provided . There will be a KJ to assist you . K vcds and thumbdrive can be use for this session. There will be various song books for reference too. I’m a regular here and i love the evergreen oldies songs and the sound system is good. Do respond ASAP if you are  keen and your commitment to this event is needed. Your attention and co-operation is much appreciated. I’m looking forward to the session to sing with all.

Cheers, Clara (EO/Event-coordinator)

<< Attendees >>

  1. Clara
  2. Maureen
  3. Pearl Wong
  4. KC Lau *
  5. Rick Chay
  6. Cynthia
  7. Ronnie
  8. Ronald lee
  9. Judy Lim
  10. Philip Ong
  11. Thomas Loh
  12. Sarah *
  13. Bernie
  14. Lydia T *
  15. Raymond Hsu

Hi friends, thanks for your support to this k session!  Im counting down the days to meet all n sing with you too. Till then ….

—————————- END ——————————-


Waiting List :

  1. Sally Foo
  2. David & Lilian




Digital Photo Management

My monthly library talk in March will be on “Digital Photo Management”. If response is good, I do also organise a “Photo Walk”.

This year, I will also include how you can edit your photo (using free software) to make a Photo Haiku Poem.

Haiku poems are generally consist of three lines of words with 17 syllabuses to creatively express your love, thinking on nature, life and others.

Details of the talk are as follows:

Topic: Digital Photo Management
Date: 10th March 2018
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library (Nearest MRT, Tiong Bahru). Take bus numbers 5, 16 & 851 to Bukit Merah Bus Interchange and 5 mins walk to venue.
Course fee: No charge

Registration with NLB is required. You can register online if you have NLB Mobile App. Otherwise register in person in any library branch.

NB: I do also conduct online (with WhatsApp) tutorials (free of charge) on Scratch Coding (or programming) – for seniors only. For further clarification, my email is

hewlee ho


Hi all

“The Future of Us” Exhibition cum Showtime on Monday, 7 December 2015.

Show Time: 1.30pm.  Please reach the Arrival Plaza at least 20 minutes before your
showtime. Latecomers may need to rebook another timeslot. The nearest MRT station is Bayfront MRT Station (Exit B). You can either take the Circle Line (CE1) or the Downtown Line (DT16). For directions to the exhibition, please log in to their website at

Attending List (limited to 20 persons) :

1) Daisy Phua


BACK TO THE 60’S / A date with Friends – Sat, 9 Nov from 7.30pm

Join William David and friends as they return to the outdoor theatre to perform more hits from the 60s onwards for you! Sing along to the songs of Andy Williams, Paul Anka, The Platters, 3 Degrees, Elvis, Cliff Richard & more!!!!

Date; 9 NOVEMBER 2013, Saturday
Time: 7.30pm; 8.45pm; & 10pm
Venue: OUTDOOR THEATRE (Esplanade)


Mid Autumn Kok and High Tea – 29 Sep (Sun) 1 – 5 pm

Mid Autumn festival is traditionally held annually in the month of September and October. The official date for year 2013 is September 19. Moon cakes abounds in shops all over towns and carrying of lanterns lends gaiety to the occasion. What is the significance of this festival and how does it affect the life of each of us? Many folklore are told and it would be good to hear from those who are familiar to share with us here. One fable was those how it came about.

‘The Zhuang people, for example, have an ancient fable saying the sun and moon are a couple and the stars are their children, and when the moon is pregnant, it becomes round, and then becomes crescent after giving birth to a child. These beliefs made it popular among women to worship and give offerings to the moon on this evening’.

Well, that only half of the story. We are here to join in the celebration and I have booked a nice place.

Date: September 29 (Sun) 1.00-5.00pm/Kolam Ayer Community Club, Geylang Bahru/Nearest MRT Potong Pasir (11 minutes walk)

Bring Moon cakes and snacks for High Tea. We shall have singalong and fun. Hot water only provided, bring hot beverage packages.

Cost: If we have 10 pax each at $6.00, if 20 pax $3.00 each. We especially appeal to new members to join us…………

Who coming:

  • 1.Dan
  • 2 Gabriella
  • 3 Lily
  • 4 Caroline
  • 5. Dolly
  • 6. Patricia Low (new member)
  • 7. Lydia Chin
  • 8. Bobby Kok
  • 9. Noelle Tan
  • 10. Barbara Ong
  • 11. Janis Han
  • 12. Christina Pan
  • 13. Anne Chee


Hilarious Hours of Fun and Song – 29 Sep (Sun) 1 – 5 pm

Now that the Mandarin class is under able hands I shall focus on another topic of interest. Book reading seems out of place for us oldies. Back to the drawing board and losing more hair in the process. Singalong session will be encouraged throughout. Everybody will have to sing in groups.
One of my policy from day one was to organize event that can reach to as many member as possible. How else can we get the new member to come forward to become active and to play a greater in adding vibrancy to the Club?
Four hours for singing.  An opportunity to meet new friend here.

Date: September 29 (Sunday)
Time: 1:00pm-5:00pm
Venue: Kolam Ayer CC, Geylang Bahru (11 minutes walk from Potong Pasir MRT)
Cost: $6.00 if we have 10 pax, $3.00 if we achieve 20 pax or pro-rated.
Hot water provided, bring your own beverage packages and some snacks for High Tea.

Depending on respond, we may have it on monthly. Please indicate whether you are coming for one or both session.

EO, Dan

Should EO enjoy a free ride?

Our intention for the event in question was to pro-rate the cost based on the number of participants. One of us suggested to collect $5.00 from each, why?. The cost was mentioned in the post and 33 pax signed up to attend but what if we don’t achieve this number, who will bear the difference. The EOs are at risk here because no money was collected upfront.
Actual person attended was 29 with 25 pax contributing and 4 abstained. Leftover of $25 was used to defray part of the dinner cost. Was the EOs justified to do that? Let’s us consider other considerations, 2 of us went to recce the place at our own cost and the unsung hero here is Susan who borne the cost of preparing porridge and mee-hoons for about 30 pax which I figure may amount to $25 considering she took a train from Jurong and catch a taxi from Kallang MRT to the venue.

What I can say here is we answer to nobody but for future events we like to invite ideas and opinions.

Not guilty!

Mind your language.

To avoid any confusion I shall start a new post here. How many of us have a desire to improve ourselves whether to speak a new language, a new hobby or a new pastimes. Do we live with regret that certain things in our life should be achieve and experience but due to our laziness and procrastination we lose sight of our dreams and desires.

Learning Mandarin have been a goal I have set out to do but I did nothing and nothing happens. Now we have our own Daniel Chan who have kindly step out to help us. The date and the time was set.. Daniel being a lecturer himself will make it easy for us. Whether learning by rote or through karaoke singing he will guide us.

This is also an opportunity to meet and learn and laugh our hearts out. Who want to join us?

Venue: Kolam Ayer Community Club/3188 Geylang Bahru
Nearest Bus stop: Bus. 26,61,107,107M,853 and 853#
Nearest MRT Station: Potong Pasir MRT (NE10) Walking 11 minutes from Exit B to here.
Date: August 25, 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 1.00-2.00pm. Lesson time/2.00-3.00pm. Learners sing/3.00-6.00pm. All sing.
Dinner: 6.30pm, at the Fish-head Steamboat Restaurant on Serangoon Rd(Corner of Opal Crescent) Optional.
Cost: $60 for four hours. If we can achieve 10 pax, it $6.00 each. If 20 pax $3.00 per pax, where to find? All to pay the same whether you are early or late.

If you just love to sing, do join us as we have booked the karaoke room for four hours. Hot water provided, bring your own beverage packages. A guy will be on standby to play our songs selection and you can bring your own cd or dvd.

Those comings:
1. Dan – learner
2. Daniel Chan
3. Daisy Yeo
4. Gabriella – learner
5. Sbkoo
6. Susan Tan – learner
7. Goh Ah Lam – learner
8. Eunice Tay
9. Bobby Bok – learner
10.  Seok Cheng – learner
11.  Ronald Lee – learner
12.  Robert Ong
13.  Mega
14.  KK Yeo
15.  Peggy Low
16.  Myra Chia
17.  Ann Lim
18.  Ann Giri – learner
19.  Evon Lim
20.  Meng Wai
21.  Peng Peng
22.  Gingo Tay
23.  Joy Chuang – learner
24.  Freda Lim – learner
25.. Grace Kang – learner
26.  Christina Chan
27.  Amy Ko – learner
28.  Fred Ho – learner
29.  Marg Tian – learner
30. Jessica Barbara Ong
31. Janis Han – learner
32. Anna Lee – learner
33. Henry (3.00pm)

EOs, Dan/Daniel

Time to gather ourselves at Life Matters this Sat and Sun 27 and 28 Jul

I attached the table of members who have volunteered to take care of the booth (Booth-in-charge) and co Booth-in-charge).  Members doing meet the public sessions with or without presentations are also listed.

Helpers (with definite times) are also listed.  Do register here to help.  If I miss out some info, please let me know.  thank you.


Terence Seah

Taipei Cabaret Night will be here this month, thanks to the members who will add to the night’s entertainment, Sat 20 Jul 2013

cabaret taipei

Cabaret Night 2013 committee met for the first time last Sat, 29 Jun 2013 at Orchard Central.  Leading most of the work to make this event a success and as entertaining as possible for ever guest is Mega Abdullah.  He pieced together Jeffrey Gan who will provide all the live music (almost more tha 4 hours of live music) during the opening event.  And he has also added the local DJ who would be playing all the dance music and memorable songs to keep us dreamy, nostalgic and romantic.  Thank you Mega, we would not be able to coordinate all these work without your planning and running around.  Well done, considering this is mainly a Hokkien/Mandarin Cabaret.

There is another group who has been working more than just hard.  And these are the singers.  If you know me, I cannot sing, neither can I dance.  I cannot hear the difference between tempo and a tune.  But, there is a very capable lady who has made this possible, and she has come forward to accept the role of recruiting the singers, putting them through practice sessions and sequencing the songs.  I dare not try to figure out what are all the pains, criticisms and arguments she has faced so far, with the group and committee.  She is Judy Lim.  She is fluent with Hokkien and Mandarin songs.  Besides, Judy, we also have Janet Chan who loves singing, and helps Judy out with the Cantonese and Mandarin segments.  HI Tian Soo and Lai Fong, our two co-owners of this refurbished Cabaret, these are the two ladies who have started work way more than two months ago.

Let’s also bring in our stage managers – Pat Oei and Lyndy Chua.patandLyndy

Now, let’s look at our line up of Singers.  Many of the singers will be flying in from Hong Kong, Shanghai,  Singapore and Tokyo to bring us an evening of good fun and sheer music delight.  Let’s bring them in.  Please give them our applause for coming on stage.

(To the participants, my apology if you find your stage picture errh, “it cannot be me” Terence Seah


laifong1  catxsally3shirleen3janet3







A Rock Concert in the works

And, as if we don’t have enough song and music events in SHC, I like to start exploring having a  Rock Concert.  I know what is a Concert, but I do not know what is Rock music.  Here are some vague ideas what I think the event will turn out to be.

  1. The venue is likely to be at the Hong Lim Green, but instead of political speeches, we  will have a Rock Concert.  There is a stage there.
  2. Time wise, it is likely to be in the late afternoon, say 4 – 6 pm.
  3. We would look out for either one or two rock bands and singers.
  4. The event will be organised by the SilverHairsClub, under the umbrella of the SilverHairs Enterprise Pte Ltd.
  5. Participants will have to be SHC members, but attendance to listen to the music will be offered to the public.
  6. The theme has not been decided yet, but we will work with the Rock band, musicians and singers.
  7. This will be a wholly English language event.
  8. Access to the Park will be from MRT station.  Just exit and that’s it.

In reality, nothing has been decided yet.  It’s a thought.  But,. if you know me, and I bring up the topic, it is likely 51% a yes, Let’s do it.  I am opening for discussion on this forum, any questions, ideas, suggestions or considerations for this event.  We will take two months, and close discussions and major decisions on 31  Aug 2013.  Let’s go.

Terence Seah

SUNSET MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013 Tip of Borneo – Kudat, Sabah 28th June to 1st July 2013 (extension stay – optional) Closing Date is April 28 2013 – *Limited Places

CYCLISTS will ride while MUSIC LOVER (Non-Cyclists) will take the coach

DAY 1        Arrive in Kota Kinabalu, relax and cycle around Kota Kinabalu city

DAY 2        Commerce the journey to Kudat stopping along the way. Check in hotel or guesthouse. Freshen up and attend the sunset music festival. Be serenaded with classical favorites and contemporary tunes by the renowned Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra and other artistes as the sun sets in the horizon.

DAY 3        Ride and/or visit Rungus Longhouse and vicinity. Take a coach to Kota Kinabalu, check in hotel, free and easy.

DAY 4        Free & Easy then transfer to airport for return flight to Singapore

Programs offered by license travel agent EXCLUDES AIRFARE

Raise your hands and/or email:

Halloween night, Tue 30 Oct 2012

Halloween night is a night out for monsters and eerie things.  For many years, I have noticed Halloween nights being celebrated and enjoyed in clubs by young people all over the world.  However, I have not attended any one of them.  I know participants wear eerie attire, carrying with them a spear on one hand, and a arrow tail behind their back.

I think this occasion can be a fun time to get together, squeezed ourselves in a small pub, with tight opportunities for dancing and talking loudly and closely at each others ears to share a conversation.  And, when the music stops or the singers decide to take a rest, wow, we have some minutes of rest intereval.

I had been invited before to a pub next to and just after 112 Katong, and I thought it would be a nice place to celebrate Halloween night.  The music and songs on Tues is nostalgic and rather suitable to most of us.  Most drinks are at $10 each, pay upon delivery of the glass.  I think they do not serve coffee, tea or soft drinks. Many tables and stools, and yet can be cramped for a SHC crowd.  There is a 2 piece band, with a singer, likely he can entertain us if we make a request.  Did not see any food, so likely we have to eat before coming.

Well, if you like a night out, one day before 31 Oct, come together for a drink or two, listen to some great music and catching up the weird ones among us celebrating Halloween night, come join me at this place, I think the name is 57 Chevvy at 8pm.  You can leave anytime before the clock strikes 12 or sneak out if you find the tempo too soft or hot for you.

No attendance will be taken.  You dont have to register if you prefer not to.  Yu can come with anybody, any dress, anytime or sneak in ans out quietly.  Simply come in, find a seat, if you can get one, pay for your own drink and figure out who’s there that night.

See you on 30 Oct night.  Registration NOT needed.

Terence Seah 

Silverhairs Club Charity Lunch – February 18, 2012 (Sat)

It’s time we do our part for charity. With Terence’s encouragement, we have fixed this date for the event. Trying to find a charity home to help is no mean task as there are too many to look at. I have identified the Queenstown Community Club as they have a special department looking out to the underprivileged in the vicinity.

It’s always more blessed to give so let us take this opportunity to play a small part. The Queenstown area comprises the lower income group from Tanglin Halt to Mei Ling St to Stirling Rd. Most are rented flats. Those who live here are the older folks. Our target are those 60 years old and above.

Venue: Queenstown Community Club, Commonwealth Avenue (Air-conditioned hall, can accomodate up to 300pax and has a big stage)

Time: 11.00am-2.00pm,103.801590

Cost: $5.00 per pax (Each member who signs up must sponsor one or more elderly residents)

Menu: Food catered by Sin Kee Famous chicken rice includes white and roasted chicken, an egg dish, a toufu dish and a vegetable dish. We need a sponsor for soft drinks.

A medical point will be set up from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm for those coming to check their glucose level, foot scan and blood pressure.

Programme : 11.00am – 12.30pm Karaoke Singing (Judy assisted by Jeffrey)

                     12.30pm-1.30pm     Stage singing by our singers led by Jeffrey and Irene and opera singing by  the CC Opera Troupe.

We need ushers and helpers to make the event a success!

Joy Ah Long will be on standby. Please pay to Joy’s POSB Savings Account: 159-131645.

Please register early.


Generous donors :

  1. Tian Soo ($500)/received 10 Jan
  2. Rosalind Lee ($50)/received 9 Jan
  3. Pauline Ho ($100)/received 10 Jan
  4. Irene Poh ($50)/received 8 Jan

  5. Judy Lim ($50)/received 8 Jan (manning the karaoke selection)

  6. Kenneth Tan ($50)/received 9 Jan

  7. Peggy Tan ($100)/received 8 Jan

  8. Lam Hoy Tzee ($88)/received 13 Jan

  9. Bee Gek ($50)/received 13 Jan

  10. Wong Wai Kheng ($50)/received 11 Jan

  11. Gabriella Chua ($50)/received 9 Jan

  12. Caroline Gee ($50)/received 10 Jan

  13. Janie Leong ($100)/received 10 Jan

  14. Aaron How ($100)/received 10 Jan

  15. Angela Straaten ($300)/received 10 Jan

  16. Bira ($100)/received 10 Jan

  17. Richard Wong ($100)/received 10 Jan

  18. Clara Chay ($50)/received 10 Jan

  19. Daisy Yeo ($50)/received 11 Jan

  20. Jane Tan ($100)/received 12 Jan

  21. Boon Liang ($60)/received 12 Jan

  22. Susan CH Tan ($50)/received 13 Jan

  23. Mega ($50)/received 18 Jan
  24. Patrick Oei ($118)/received 17 Jan
  25. Lisa Ong ($100)/received 17 Jan
  26. Lilian Teo ($50)/received 19 Jan
  27. Josie Yow/Allison ($50)/received 20 Jan
  28. Grace Wong ($50)/received 4 Feb
  29. Jassmine Teo ($50)/received 22 Jan
  30. Lydia Soh ($32)/received 26 Jan
  31. Susan Tan SW ($20)/received 29 Jan
  32. Jane Ong ($20)/received 29 Jan
  33. Dolly Choo ($200)/received 31 Jan
  34. Terence Seah ($200)/received 9 Feb
  35. Felice Lim ($50)/received 10 Feb


 Kind helpers coming on the day itself :

1) Dorine Tan #9 tbc

2) Peggy Tan #12/medical team/drinks

3) Janie Leong #32/thermos flask/tea and coffee bags

4) Caroline Gee #36/cookies

5) Dolly Lim #48/help

6) Gabriella #49/help/sing

7 )Winnie #51/help/cloth bags

8 ) Joan Ang #56/help

9) Daisy Yeo #63/help

10)Boon Liang #70/help/photographer

11)Susan CH Tan #74/help

12)Bee Gek #78/help

13)Judy Lim #14/drinks

14)Dan/event coordinator/help

15 )Joy/usher

16)Kristy Quek #81/help

17)Lily Ho #83/help

18)Wong Wai Kheng #84/help

19)Janet Chan #90/help

20)Audrey Wong #99/help

21)Lilian Teo #103/help

22)Josie Yow #105/help

23)Allison Ong #105/help

24)Lydia Soh #118/help

25)Susan Tan SW #141/help

26)Jane Ong #141/help

27)Jane Tan #79/help

28)Thomas Loh

Kind contributors in kind :

1) Jeffrey Gan, music

2) Irene Gan, music

CLICK here to view PHOTOS 


“2-IN-1” WeekDAY Event 15/12/11 (Thursday)


Hi friends,

Sorry.. I’ve lost my original posting on the "2-In-1" Weekday Event when im doing my editing.  


Below is the summary of the participants options :

(A)  Ala-carte buffet lunch  at Ban Heng Seafood Paradise @ Aranda)  –  < EVENT CANCELLED >

Time  : 11.30pm to 2pm   ($21.55/pax)

1.  Clara

2.  Charles Wee

3.  King Seng



(B)  Karaoke Session at "Ten Dollar Club" Family KTV  – < EVENT PROCEED @ REGISTRATION CLOSED >

Time  :  2pm to 7pm   ($10/pax)

1.  Clara  (Paid)

2.  Charles Wee  (Paid)

3.  Annie Loh  (Paid)

4.  Ann Lim  (Paid)

5.  Zahriah  (Paid)

6.  Alice Seah  (Paid)

7.  Jassmine Teo  (Paid)

8.  Janet Heng  (Paid)

9.  Terry Tang  (Paid)

10. KC Lau  (Paid)

11. Robert Ong   (Paid)



** Kindly make your payment to Clara Chay (POSB savings account 060-19689-3) by 4/12/2011 Sunday.

Thank you for your support and looking forward to meet up with you soon !

Cheers,  < CLARA, EO >

Kopitiam Play + Canto Karaoke + Afternoon Tea Get-Together, 27 Nov 2011

Hi SHC Friends,

Join us for an afternoon of food, fun & laughter, YAY!!

    1/A Tampines Street 92, Basement 

  • ( Nearest MRTs are Bedok MRT & Tampines MRT )
  • Buses to Safra Tampines: Nos 5, 8, 15, 18, 21, 23, 28, 59, 65, 67, 168 & 518.
  • Date : 27 November 201
  • Time : 1.30pm to 6pm
  • Check In : 1.00pm
**You can bring your own KRK Disc as there will be an ‘in-house’ KJ to help you with your songs.
Beer can be served at $4 & $5 a glass.

Free flow of coffee & tea.

Strictly for SHC Members Only. Please bring along your name tag.
Cost: $10 per person
Payment: Please transfer money to:
POSB Saving Account no. 085-46543-0.

Account Name: TAN SOK CHENG

Dress Code: Weekend Happy Colors….whooh!!

EO: Pearl Wong. Co-EO: Sally Tan.
Friends coming for a wonderful time are:
  1. Pearl Wong – EO   (paid 27 Oct)
  2. Sally Tan – Co-EO  (paid 27 Oct)
  3. Catherine Koh  (paid 27 Oct)
  4. Shirleen Kao  (paid 27 Oct)
  5. Judy Lim   (paid 27 Oct)
  6. Andrew Yeung  (paid 27 Oct)
  7. Ronnie Sow  (paid 27 Oct)
  8. Daniel Chan  (TT 28 Oct)
  9. Lai Fong  (TT 29 Oct)
  10. Thomas Loh   (paid 31 Oct)
Click here to see Photo
  1. Sarah Kassim  (paid 31 Oct)
  2. Ivy Lim  (TT 31 Oct)
  3. Rene Leong  (TT 2 Nov)
  4. Rose White  (paid 2 Nov)
  5. Hamidah  (paid 3 Nov)
  6. Steven Chan  (TT 5 Nov)
  7. Bernie Chung  (TT 5 Nov)
  8. May Lee  (TT 7 Nov)
  9. Alex Woo  (TT 7 Nov)
  10. Janet Chan  (paid 8 Nov)
  11. Boon Liang  (paid 8 Nov)
  12. Lydia Poh  (paid 8 Nov)
  13. Dan Huang  (paid 8 Nov)
  14. Henry Yip  (TT 10 Nov)
  15. Bobby Bok  (TT 10 Nov)
  16. Alyn Lee  (TT 13 Nov)
  17. Clara Chay  (paid 15 Nov)
  18. Ann Lim  (paid 17 Nov)
  19. Rose Chuang  (paid 17 Nov)
  20. Bernadette Lee  (paid 17 Nov)
  21. Ronald Lam  (paid 18 Nov)
  22. Vincent Lim  (TT 19 Nov)
  23. Debbie Oh  (TT 20 NOv)
  24. Janet Loo  (TT 21 Nov)
  25. Allan Lim  (paid 21 Nov)
  26. K C Lau  (to pay on 27 Nov)
  27. Lilian Teo  (to pay on 27 Nov)

“SilverHairsClub Awards night”, Oct 2012

We have many members who have contributed immensely to SilverHairsClub.  Many members have a strong desire to help fellow SilverHairs.  Others are excellent entertainers. For some, their contributions comes in the form of friendship and support.  We have some die-heart forum contributors.  Others may just have the sweetest of smiles.  I am receptive to all kinds of awards, eg the oldest SHCian, or the youngest SHCian, most meaningful picture, or even Mr/Ms Grouchy,  although I will leave this to the committee of judges.

Do you think it is a good idea to have the "SilverHairsClub awards night"?  It is a great way to show our appreciation to the people who have contributed to making SHC successful, and in fulfulling its objective of providing a platform for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends.

We could have awards like "Best EO of the year", or even "Best performing actress", or "Highest contributor to the SHC forum’.  Well, the list of awards can go on and on.  I was thinking that we could list the type of awards, from now to end of 2011.  For this first awards night, we can look back all the way to Oct 2005.  Then, we have the SilverHairsClub awards night in Oct 2012.

SilverHairsClub awards night is likely to take the form of a sit down stage/audience.  Presentations will be given to the winners of these awards.  There will also be stage entertainment.  Award winners would most likely be dressed in evening gowns, suits, or as appropriate to the event event.  The venue preferred would be an auditorium or a concert hall.

Unlikely, there will be dinner.  Other sides activities may be considered.

Nominations for winners of these awards will likely start around June 2012.  It will likely take the form of a postcard to be sent to the judging committee.  No mention of nominations will be published on this forum.  A committee will be formed to decide on the winners; and the results will be announced that very evening of the event.

So, for now, please share what’s inside your thinking cap as to what kind of awards we can have?  Comments are always welcome.  Please respect each others’ views.  Feel free, but please do not mention names.  Your comment may be deleted.

Terence Seah

Direct Selling is one of SHC’s taboos

Direct selling is one of SilverHairsClub’s taboos.

Organising a talk or seminar with the intention to promote or sell a product
or a service to members is considered Direct selling. This taboo was
implemented in Oct 2005, when SHC was started, as a platform for
SilverHairs to meet and make more friends. The idea then was to prevent a
situation whereby members use the Club’s platform to promote and sell
products and services.

While some audience do benefit from the talks, other audience may feel
they have been falsely led into buying a product or service by attending these
talks. As such, the club had made direct selling a taboo.   The same
applies to MLM.  This taboo may sound silly and narrow-minded to some
members.   But sitting in an audience towards the end of the talk when
you know that a product is going to be pushed to you can be discomforting.

Members who fail to observe this taboo may be removed from the club’s
membership or may not be allowed to use the club’s forum.  If in doubt,
please contact

Terence Seah

Health Talk on Cell Defense: Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods, 18 Aug 2011

Staying young is easy… when you understand the science behind the aging process.

You’ve probably been hearing about the role of antioxidants to fight  against free radicals – the main enemy of our cells and thus, our body.

The good news is: Our bodies has the ability to produce a Master Antioxidant – glutathione. There are more than 96,000 studies on glutathione worldwide, yet you have probably never heard of it.  The reason is, up until now, there was no easy way to get additional glutathione into your body. If you tried to take it like a supplement, t gets destroyed in your stomach and G.I. tract before it reaches your cells.  I shall share with you simple ways you can eat, enjoy, and stay young!

Participants will learn:

– The Anti-aging Miracle of Glutathione – Your Body’s Master Antioxidant.
– 3 Easy Ways to Stay Young
– The Top 10 Age-Erasing Foods that are delicious and great for you!
– How to power up your organs so they stay young and you stay healthy!
– Discover why your body needs to reset your biological clock
– Learn how to build a younger body

Date:     Thu, 18 Aug 2011
Time:     7.00 to 9.00pm
Venue:   10 Anson Road, International Plaza #33-07 Singapore 079903

This will be FUN, informative and definitely what you need to know to stay young and healthy. Limited seats only. Free for all SHC members.

Registrations start here :

  1. Yat Sing
  2. Ronald Lee
  3. Pauline Tan
  4. Joyce Tan
  5. Jeremy Lee
  6. Peggy Ong
  7. Lydia Soh
  8. Thomas Loh
  9. Judy Tay
  10. Clara Ho
  11. Ah Nee
  12. Eunice Tay
  13. Robert Tan
  14. Serene Leow
  15. Seok Cheng
  16. Peng Peng
  17. Pearlynn Tan
  18. Dolly Lim
  19. Wee Chin
  20. Lawrence Lee
  21. Jessie Khor
  22. Gingko Tay
  23. Helen Wong
  24. Rosalind Soh
  25. May Tan
  26. Rene Leong
  27. Ronald Lam
  28. Marg Tian
  29. Richard Wong

“Always Slim Always the Venus”

Having  a perfect body is not a legend and no longer just a dream.  A toned & well-shaped body allows you to shine & feel confident about yourself.  I am a trained professional body designer and I have achieved a body shape that sure make heads turn and I want to share my secret with you.

You are invited to come to a FREE workshop :
Date & Time :       (option 1)     25th Feb 2011 (Friday)   7 pm to 10 pm (20paxs only)
                                (option 2)     27th Feb 2011 (Sunday)  2 pm to   5 pm (20paxs only)

The contents of both dates are the same and only the one with the higher number of registered participants will be conducted.  If interested members are available on both dates, please indicate both dates and I will confirm to the registered respondents as to which date will be conducted eventually.

Venue :                   169C  Selegie Road  Singapore 188322
                                  (directly opposite Block 9  Selegie House)

Light refreshments will be provided throughout the workshop and every participant is welcomed to enquire as much as they wish to know.  This workshop is opened to all SHC LADY MEMBERS ONLY.  Ladies, wait no more……. Get to your device and respond right away to my e-mail at & indicate which date you are available to attend (25th Feb [evening], or 27th Feb [afternoon], or both).

The closing date for registration is on 23rd February, 2011 (Wednesday).

  1. Irene Lee (Speaker)
  2. Dolly Lim – Fri only
  3. Jessie Lee – Sun only
  4. Gabriella – Both dates flexible
  5. Debbie Oh – Fri only
  6. Judy Tan – Both dates flexible
  7. Clara Ho – Both dates flexible
  8. Agnes Seow – Fri only
  9. Caroline Gee – Sun only
  10. Clarice – Sun only
  11. ANee – Sun only
  12. Lily – Fri only
  13. Yat Sing – Fri only
  14. Gingko Tay – Both dates flexible
  15. Karen Wong – Sun only
  16. Seok Cheng – Both dates flexible
  17. Lilian Teo – Both dates flexible
  18. Rene – Fri only
  19. Susan Tan SW – Both dates flexible
  20. Lai Fong – Fri only
  21. Lina Ng- Friday only
  22. Esther Mok – Sun only
  23. Josephine Yap – Sun only
  24. Daisy Yeo – Both dates flexible
  25. Hamidah – Fri only
  26. Angela S – Fri only
  27. Maria Tan – Sun only
  28. Sarah Z – Sun only
  29. Clara Chay – Sun only
  30. Peggy Ho – Sun only
  31. Helen Kuek- Sun only
  32. Priscialla Wee – Fri only
  33. Audrey Cheong – Fri only
  34. Sharon Tan – Sun only
  35. Chris Ng – Sun only
  36. Linda Leong – Sun only
  37. Dolly Choo – Fri only
  38. Theresa Goh – Fri only

A Date with Friends @ The Esplanade on Sunday, 7th Nov

Hi friends @ SHC,   emoticon

I’ve some wonderful news to share …. There’s a free concert this Sunday @ The Esplanade’s Outdoor Theatre.  It’s non-stop “Back to the 60’s” type of music by one of Singapore’s singing sensation. There’ll be plenty of Elvis type of songs, and hits by other singing legends of the 60’s. There will be a live band and the outdoor ambience will be good.  But be prepared for a crowd.  If you’re coming, let me know, and I’ll reserve seats for you.  Drop me an email/sms or register your interest here.

It’s free seating, first come first serve.

The schedule is as follows:

6:15 – 7:00 pm   1st session
7:30 – 8:15pm    2nd session
8:45 – 9:30pm    3rd session

Venue :     Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

If this type of music is not your cup of tea, you can also cross over to the Concourse for another music group “Music Dreamer”  … I’m not sure what type of music they dream… but we can always check it out together?   emoticon

Check out this weblink for more details:

Hope to see u there!  emoticon
Cheers,  Lydia Chin

Should we have an agenda for the monthly meeting?

Most of us are glad to be a member at the Silverhairs Club and appreciate what Terence has done in providing a platform for us to meet. So far Terence has suggested and introduce many activities and carry it through in the last few years. As member we are happy to be part of this and look forward to more participation to come.

Is there something we could do or suggest to bring the club to the next level? Out of this Club many smaller groups are formed and they in turn meet up privately and persue their common interest.

The September meeting will be different from what we had previously. Live singing  by Jeffrey Gan on the keyboard and karoeke singing where member brings their own cd wll be the happenings of the day! Board and card games will also be encourage where member can look for other member sharing similar interest.

I would like to see more participation from member, how about meeting up and have a time where various member can share their thought and mission in life, something in line with Toastmaster International. Having our meeting in Han’s may not provide the privacy needed in such sharing by public speaking. We need to find a place more enclosed for such.

We all come from various background, there will be something exciting to share. Having to make comment on the post may be prohibiting as certain topic may be sensitive. When we meet and listen to fellow member share their goals and ideal in life, a certain bond are created.

Volunteers will be ask to share something about their life that  is memorable and enriching. Do you know that I have tried bungee jumping just because I was trying to get someone’s attention. Oh, there are so much to share and talk about.

It may be just meeting up and sharing each other profile and ideal in life. So, fellow member come to this September gathering. I would want to try something out where we allocate a time frame for each of us to speak out and suggest what they want to see happening in this unigue Club! So many thing I would want to share, my life, my passion and motivation in life and of course some of you may want to share too. Let’s hear from you?

Desperate Dan

Online trading chit chats – every Tues and Thurs

It’s been a long time since we chat about online trading.  In our earlier days, we had talks on shares and currency markets.  We had speakers. Small groups were formed and some are still on-going.  Our good old Ben Foo used to conduct online trading courses.  A number of SHCians trade online on a daily basis.  Some make some money; others, we will never know. 

I just spotted a new member reviving an old post by Ronald Wie.  It was titled "Group strategy" vs "Individual investor".  Maybe this would have made a lot more sense than the title itself.  I wonder how many SHCians are doing online trading, be it stocks or currencies.

The MPH cafe is pretty quiet in the afternoon, and ideal to discuss online trading tips.  There is WIFI connection, so you can have a good internet link with your broker’s server.  For a start, I like to invite 4-5 SHCians to come together, link up to their own broker’s server and share and enjoy trading tips.  So sorry, the cafe has only one or two power points.

My office is just two blocks away; so I shall come and see see.  Rene is also there; so she can learn from the more experienced ones.

Days:  Every Tuesday and Thursday, 2pm to 5pm sharp; except public holidays.  It starts after 2pm as lunch hours would be over then.

If you are keen to share online trading knowledge, tips, warnings and surprises, please register your name here, so we can expect your coming and allocate a corner for you.

Terence Seah

Do you have a topic that you can stand up and share with us?

Many of us have wide expereince and skills.  Especially after reaching 45, we must have collected a lot of knowledge.  Some of us have also  picked up social skills and entrepreneurial experience.  Then, there are others who have picked up CARE skills, crafts and hobbies.  Talk about dogs, flowers, plants, deep sea fishing, vitamins, herbs, aeroplanes, dress, cakes, bakery, computers.  Talk about find a friend or a soul mate, a favourite topic of mine.

You too can share these skills and knowledge.  Tell us what you can talk about, we will organise the ideas and then have a session on it.  Anybody who is interested can come along.  You can listen, and you can share the thoughts, views and comments in return.

Only members can talk.  We will co-ordinate the topics,  but you have to submit them here on this forum by 30 April.  I believe we can spread all the topics from now to end of 2010.  Go ahead, and speak your mind.  Please do not send me any emails on this subject.

Terence Seah


Hi all

There are not a lot of things that comes free in life.  Thanks to Robert, we get to see free movies almost every month :-)

Now I have great news that we can watch Andrea Bocelli for free for those opera fans.  His last visit to Singapore was in 2004 at Singapore Indoor Stadium.  His tickets are super expensive as he is in the same class as Pavarotti.

A Malaysian tycoon has generously brought in Andrea Bocelli and this is not the first time he has done such a charitable act.

Please note that tickets are only given out by ballot and you need to register yourself at and only a pair will be given.  For those successful applicants, pls put your names on the SHC forum and we will make a picnic out of it.  Of course, now I am crossing my fingers, legs, toes everything to hopefully can be one of those successful applicants.

WHAT YOU WAITING FOR ??!!!  Cheers (*_*) !!!

Talk on diamonds – nature and value

Hi All

I met a certified gemologist at a friend’s place, who shared information of how to tell a real diamond from a fake, its quality and valuation. He’s willing to give a free talk.

Details as follows:

Talk 1 : Diamonds – story and evaluation

  • Date: Thu 26 November
  • Time: 2.30 – 4 pm
  • Venue: Coronation Shopping Plaza (same building as NTUC Fairprice), along Bt Timah Rd, #03-42, Bukit Timah Rd

This will be a 1 hr talk with hands on session to differentiate real and imitation diamonds.

Talk 2: Diamonds – certification (a continuation of the 1st talk for participants,if keen)

  • Date: Sat 28 Nov
  • Time: 2.30 – 4 pm
  • Venue: as above

Both talks are free. Max = 15 people (due to air-con classroom seating space)


Interested members please register here –

Talk 1.

  1. Joan (Event Coordinator)
  2. Lisa Ong – Not sure will attend
  3. Ivan Lim
  4. Constance Wong – Will attend once venue/date is confirmed
  5. Terence Seah
  6. Steven Chan
  7. Anna Seet
  8. Sam Goh
  9. Mary Ng (non member)
  10. Steven Chan
  11. Lily Ho
  12. Eyvonne Chew

Talk 2.
     1. Lisa Ong ?
     2. Susan Tan
     3. James Tan

Cancelled!!! – SHC Carnival Day October 31, 2009

This is going to be the event of the year! Maximum participation is needed. We appeal to all of you to give us your support to make it happens.

Hightlights of the day:

  1. Flea Mart
  2. Fun Fair
  3. Singing Jamboree
  4. Line & Social Dance
  5. Buffet Dinner.

The Flea mart and Fun Fair will be in charge by Joy. Patrick Chan and, Jeffrey Gan will take care of the singing event. James Tan will help with the Line and Social Dance. Dan will look into the buffet spead!

There will be live band performance, SHC singers/dancers,  afternoon T-Dance, musical tributes and talent quests!!!

Cost per head: $18.00

Venue:     Safra at Mount Faber, 2 Telok Blangah Way

Time:        2.00pm to 12.00am

Those who want to clear any excess goods can contribute to the Flea Mart. Fun and games of all kinds are welcome. We are looking for sponsors to donate prizes for the fun fair, kindly give us your support! 

Cost per table is $20 for Flea Mart and Fun fair. Chairs and tables are provided.

We are only 2 months away, please give us your support and participation!

EOs, Dan, Joy, James Tan, Patrick Chan, Jeffrey Gan.

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah – taking a booth
  2. Dan Huang – taking a booth
  3. Joy Chuang – sharing and taking a game booth
  4. Ronald  Wie
  5. Patrick Chan
  6. Jeffrey Gan
  7. Jane Wong
  8. Eileen Thean
  9. Jassmine – taking a booth
  10. Susan Tan – taking a booth
  11. James Tan – sharing
  12. Anna Seet – taking a booth
  13. Feztus – taking a booth
  14. Gingko Tay
  15. June Lim
  16. Frisna – taking a booth
  17. Nor
  18. Ah Nee
  19. Rene
  20. Sam Goh
  21. Dolly Lim
  22. Sockie
  23. Ann To
  24. Janet Chan

Active Ageing Carnival 2009 from 20-21 Jun 09 Suntec City

Event : Active Ageing Carnival 2009 (For Seniors)

Venue : Suntec City Mall

Date : Sat 20 – Sun 21 Jun 09 (11 am to 9 pm)

More Info :

This Carnival since 2007 encourages active ageing lifestyle among seniors including young seniors.

What U Get : enjoy many games, stage performances, goodie bags and lucky draws just meant for seniors over the two days

Highlights :

  1. Disco Night on 20 Jun 09 – Dance n sing wif Rahimah Rahim, Vernon Cornelius, Matthew and the Mandarins and many more at the Fountain of Wealth
  2. Father n Son Lookalike Contest on 21 Jun 09 – Prizes await u if u have the right carbon copies

Of course, I will be there as a volunteer at one of the booths. Come n spot me. Anyway no prize but hugs 4 the gals n kisses 4 the guys.