Zonal Meeting – Boleh Boleh! In The Clementi Mall

The 7th Zonal meet-up managed to make its way on Friday, 16 April 2021 to Boleh Boleh! located at 3155 Commonwealth Ave West #04-20/22, Singapore 129588.  The session starts from 11am and end slightly after 3.30pm with the 2 EOs at their helms to make sure no one was left out.

We had 11 members signed up and all turned up for this makan and friendship bonding.   We had to split into 2 tables to observe safe distancing measures.  They are:-

  • VincentH – EO
  • ChanKH – Co-EO
  • AnneC
  • ChengWK
  • DollyL
  • FongWC
  • JessieO
  • StellaS
  • MargaretS
  • SherryW
  • EveC

Many interesting discussions on wellness & health, tours & holidays and current activities besides Zonal meet-up, were shared and discussed among members.  I must say that mission accomplished for each and every one especially for me, longing for this catch-up with ex-colleague cum friend of 25years, MargaretS was to no avail till now.

Some of us need to leave by 2pm but both 2 EOs together with Cheng were still chatting while waiting for the remaining members to turn up.

Lastly, kudos to VincentH and ChanKN for their efforts towards this meet-up as well as Cheng for his company, we can see from photos of many smiling or laughing faces.  BTW, do make a guess, where and when will the next Zonal meet-up be?  Or why not give us an option or suggestion and liaise with ChanKN and he will create a future meet-up link…  the continuation will be ongoing and happening again…

Cheers… DollyL

Zonal Meet-up Buddy Hoagies Steak & Grill Restaurant (East Point)

The 6th Zonal meet-up finally landed on Friday, 19 March 2021 at 3 Simei Street 6, #02-06 East Point, Singapore 528833.  The session is from 1:30pm – 3:30pm which stretched beyond till 4:15pm.

We had 14 members signed up and turned up for lunch and friendship bonding.  They are:-

  • Chan KN – EO for Table 1
  • Vincent Hee
  • Bobby Bok
  • Doreen Ong
  • Ann Giri
  • John Howe
  • Eve
  • Anne Choi – EO for Table 2
  • Janet Loo
  • Agnes Seow
  • Sandra Chuah
  • George
  • Sherry Wong
  • DollyL

Many interesting discussions on shares, wellness & health, tours & holidays when borders open were shared and discussed among members.  Of cos, not forgetting the affordable set meals at Buddy.  Everyone was too engrossed in the bonding moment where time to leave was no longer important.  hahaha….

But, sad to say, all happy moment still needs to end at 4:15pm.  However, nothing seems to hold back couple of members to accept the invite from AnneC to adjourn to DBR – Home Dining whereby we had a jolly good time served with special brewed healthy blue pea tea and pomelo fruit.

Thank you, AnneC and ChanKN for making this meet-up possible as we can see from photos of many smiling/laughing faces.  Don’t believe, see for yourself lor…

Cheers… DollyL

Join the new Zonal Hawker Centre group. Closing date 15 Mar 2021

Zonal hawker centres is a new SilverHairsClub program to enable you to meet old and new friends. From members’ feedback, we have collated the first 10 favourite and nearby hawker centres, near the MRT.

If you like to join one (1) Zonal Hawker Centre group, we will connect you with other members’s favourite or nearby hawker centre.

  1. Zonal Bedok hawker centre
  2. Zonal Bendemeer hawker centre
  3. Zonal Bugis waterloo street
  4. Zonal Clementi hawker market
  5. Zonal Chinatown complex market
  6. Zonal Commonwealth food centre
  7. Zonal Fok Hai Food centre
  8. Zonal Redhill market
  9. Zonal Pasir Panjang hawker centre
  10. Zonal Tanglin Halt hawker centre

Eg, simply whatsapp text 9489 4360  RSVP “3” to join Zonal Hawker Centre Bugis Waterloo Street.

One option only. Closing date: 15 Mar 2021.

Terence Seah

2021-03-05 Zonal Meet Up @ Toa Payoh HDB Hub

I would like to take this moment to thank both ChanKN and DollyL to initiate and organize Toa Payoh Zone as the 5th location. It is a food paradise within walking distance.

Original plan to hold it at TPY KouFu was switched to Fork & Spoon at the last hour due to mid-afternoon crowd bombarded mostly by seniors in a matured estate. Both ChanKN and myself were early trying to secure 2 long tables of 8 pax but failed. A quick decision to switch location was made coz I am confident there are afternoon vacant tables there… I quickly rushed over to recce and manage to get 2 long tables by 3:00pm.

After much hiccups, we [3] managed to gather 11 members to join us at Fork & Spoon. The remaining 5 stayed at KouFu and ordered their food instead which is good for us coz it is indeed a big group.  Namely, DavidO n LilianC, AnnieS, SherryW and RichardW.

Photo images of both locations and food ordered showed a successful bonding amongst the members, from initial Koufu to Fork & Spoon and later adjourned to Gourmet Paradise for famous Soon Heng Rojak shows it all.

Meanwhile at Fork & Spoon – we received a SOS call that some of them were unsure of the location. Hence, we took the initiative to go and ferry them here. Though a bit disorganized in the location but am glad we can see smiling faces amongst them gleefully enjoy the remaining hours in deep entertaining discussion on travels, gardening tips and not forgetting SRVouchers on how to redeem it.

I must say to shout out loud or applaud to SherryW, our ardent Zonal fan, who took the effort to join the remaining team at Fork & Spoon.

Overall, this Zonal catch-up bonding is a salute to all participating member who made it happen. Images shows it all as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Looking forward to the next bonding…

Our Organizing Committee – ChanKN, DollyL n SallyF


Zonal Meeting @ NEX – 28 December 2020

Our 4th Hangout at Food Junction – NEX with EO Melissa Khng assisted by ChanKN [from 11:30am to 03:00pm].

Our darling, EO Melissa, was there at 10:45am, putting bag, water bottles to chop 3 section of 6-pax seating arrangement to ensure that all members can be seated comfortably upon their arrival.  But, regret to say that at times, situation just not in our favour, so, very unreluctantly, we finally decided to say bye bye to 1 section as the lunch crowds kept increasing and every eyes were staring at our sides liao… paiseh lah!

At strike of 12.15pm, members were seen coming towards us with Melissa busy allocating seats for them since there was only 9 seats reserved instead of the original 15.  Then came a member with shiny armour (Bobby Bok) had graciously offered to buy each and every member a drink.  Sue Chan and Lina Ng were also sharp enough to spot on another table near to us to make the group complete in 1 corner.  It was indeed a show of cooperation among these members to ensure a safe distancing.

What happened next – Aiyo!!!  Of cos, chatting, networking and taking of photos lah.. and not forgetting our lunches too.  It was indeed an afternoon well spent.  Till we meet again…

Dolly Lim

SHC community in postal codes 60, 61, 62, 63 and 64. 1st 2 digits of 6-digit postal codes

IMM Spore
Come join SHC Jurong, Tuas group

Since SilverHairsClub was first established in 2005, all our activities and venues were centered within the CBD and East Singapore regions.

Although our bus and MRT network have made it easy to meet, there has been a reluctance from members leaving in the West and North to join activities because of distance. Very often, it can take one hour to travel between East and West Singapore, more so if activities are held on weekdays for working members.

We are looking at ways to make it easy for West Singapore members to meet in smaller groups. We reviewed our postal code system, and see that using the 1st 2 digits of our 6-digits as the community group can help members get together more frequently and conveniently.

We shall start with postal codes 1st 2 digits 60, 61, 62, 63 and 64. Mainly in Jurong and Tuas.

If you are living in these postal codes, as per your NRIC, and would like to join this community, please whatsapp text ‘zone 60-64’ to 9489-4360. The Club hopes that this project will help members meet new and more Silverhairs friends.

Terence Seah

SilverHairsClub – Westend Singapore

One suggestion that came out from recent brainstorming ideas on “Bringing SHC to the next level” is to have a regular gathering for members who live in West Singapore.  Reason given was many of our activities are centred around the city or in the East.

We had a couple of gatherings in the West; but this gatherings did not continue due to a lack of follow-up.  Some members would like to continue with Westend gatherings; and I thought we can give this suggestion a kick again.

Past few gatherings were held at JEM or Jurong East, where JE MRT is located.  Please recommend a venue.  It does not have to be at JE, but as long as it is located where a MRT is, I guess the suggested venue will work.

From experience, it is difficult to mix retirees and part-time working members with full time working members.  So, we may need to have two gatherings; one on a weekday for retirees and one on a weekend for working full time members.

Thank you for the members who have met and contributed to this suggestion.  Look forward to suggestions of venues and date/time.

Terence Seah


EC Event – Line Dance Class – Starting 15 Sep (Sun) 4 – 5.30 pm

Dear all

Hope to have some of you join me in the line dance class starting this Sunday :)))

Course : Line Dance (Upper elementary/12 lessons)
Period/Day/Time : 15 Sep 2013 to 8 Dec 2013/Sun/4pm to 5.30pm
Venue : Bukit  Batok CC (near West Mall/Bukit Batok MRT station)
Fees : $53.90 for Passion Card holder paying with Passion Card
$55.00 for Passion Card holder paying with cash or ATM card
$60.00 for non Passion Card holder

See you this Sunday!


The Westerly wind beckons – July 27, 2012

Another opportunity for the Westerlies to meet again. This time round we hope to introduce more activities for you, Swimming as usual from 10:00am follows by lunch and bowling from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and karoeke from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.emoticon

We hope to order nonya foods for lunch, those in favour please indicate early as prior booking is required. We  have booked a room from 12:00-4:00pm, after lunch we can play games, and chit chats. I will share about a trip to Penang and will be getting Pat to share on his experiences as a senior Toastmaster member.

Kaoreke will be another exciting time for us as the room is free of charge and we only need to order a soft drink or beer at $5.50.emoticon

There is fun for anyone, we look forward to your participation.

Venue:   Singapore Polytechnic Graduate Guild, Dover Road, enter by gate 4, nearest MRT Dover Station

Parking is free!

Time: 10:00am Swimming/12:00pm Lunch/2:00pm Bowling/Karoeke 4:00pm.

EOs, Dan & Patemoticon

Those coming"

  1. Dan
  2. Pat
  3. Susan Tan
  4. Terry Tang (No lunch?)
  5. Barbara Lim
  6. Tan Seok Wah
  7. Lim Tian Soo
  8. Gabriella Chua
  9. Charles Wee
  10. Ron Teo
  11. Tan Li Li
  12. Peng Peng
  13. Goh Ah Lam
  14. Gingko Tay
  15. Cat Yeo
  16. Richard Kee
  17. Jane Kee
  18. Primrose Kok
  19. Angela Kok
  20. Shawn Soh
  21. Grace Wong
  22. Feztus
  23. Jacqueline Han
  24. Evelyn Ong
  25. Johnny Pow (No lunch)
  26. Annie Pow (No lunch)
  27. Caroline Gee – tentative
  28. Simon
  29. Pearl
  30. Bobby Bok
  31. Lydia Soh

The Westerly gale is blowing – June 29, 2012 (Friday)

It’s time for  us to meet again Westerner, this time round we shall have a burst of activities!!!emoticon

Venue: Singapore Polytechic Graduates’ Guild, 1010 Dover Road. Gate 4.

Nearest MRT: Dover. Pickup can be arrange from Dover or Clementi MRT

Time:  10:00am             SwimmingemoticonBadminton

           12:00pm             Lunch

Stir-Fried Sliced Pork with Black Bean Paste $9.00
Black Pepper Beef Steak $9.00
Sliced Beef with Bell Pepper in Hot Plate $9.00
Stir-Fried Chicken with Asparagus in Hot Bean Paste $9.00
Wok-Fried Ginseng Chicken in Clay Pot $9.00
Prawn Paste Chicken $9.00

           2:00pm               Karoeke or Bowling

Those keen on playing with the One Arm Bandit (Jackpot machine) also welcome.

Please indicate whether you are coming for one or all the activities.

EOs, Dan & Pat Oeiemoticon

Registration List:

  1. Dan Huang
  2. Pat Oei
  3. Johnny Pow
  4. Annie Pow
  5. Barbara Lim
  6. Steven Chan
  7. Tian Soo
  8. Terry Tang
  9. Peng Peng
  10. Charles Wee
  11. Mike Tay
  12. Catherine Yeo
  13. Primrose Kok
  14. Angela Kok
  15. Yoonchin
  16. Lena Wang
  17. Susan Tan
  18. Janie Leong
  19. Richard Kee
  20. Jane Kee

A regular SHC meeting point in the West, for retirees

I have been exploring the possibility of having other SHC regular gatherings outside the central area in Singapore.  Last week, I spoke with Vincent Khoo, who lives in Jurong East.  In general, since he is retired, and would also like to gather and coordinate SHC members together on a regular basis.

In general, I have some agreement and understanding on having a monthly gathering there at Jurong East, for those members who live in the West.  Key points are:

  • Place – Jurong East
  • Venue likely a food court.  This is being explored by Vincent. Food court Kopitiam, 2nd floor, IMM
  • Time – 10 am – 12nn or 2pm to 4pm, a weekday
  • Frequency – likely once a month
  • Date:  Fri 10 Feb 2012
  • Residents – those who are retired and live in the best.
  • Transport – MRT, Jurong East.
  • Food – As you would buy from the food court.
  • fees – there are no charges.
  • Topic – Vincent will lead.  But, participants can suggest topics.

Soon, I will announce the start of these gatherings.  Note:  The usual monthly gatherings for all members will still continue; although this one will be in the West for retired SHCians.

For your info, thoughts and comments.  If anyone has suggestions, and would like to lead in the East and North, please share your thoughts here.  This is to be a regular happening.  We will take it from here.

If you are living in the West, and would like to be part of this grouping, please register here.

Terence Seah

  1. Vincent Khoo
  2. Inez Lim

  3. Peter Lim
  4. Primrose Kok
  5. Susan Tan
  6. Steven Chan
  7. Lim Tian Soo
  8. KC Lau
  9. Catherine Yeo
  10. Terence Seah
  11. Peng Peng
  12. Jane Tan
  13. Linda Chan
  14. Josie Yow
  15. Pearl Kwan
  16. Simon Lee
  17. Cheng Pun
  18. Richard Lean
  19. Tan Seok Wah
  20. Mega Abdullah
  21. Grace Wong
  22. Lilian Teo

Click Here to view Photos

The Westerlies wind is blowing – Jan 30, 2010 Update!

After visiting various eateries we have decided on Safra Jurong, recently buillt to the tune of $43m. It is located near Boon Lay MRT and Jrong Point just across from the bus interchange.

Dinner from 6.00m – 8.00pm at the Japanese food Street, a wide selections of cuisines from $3.50 – $8.90 and Safra members get to enjoy a further 5 % off.

Karoeke at KBox from 8.00pm – 12.00am. The rate is $25 ++ and includes two drinks.

Mahjong from 4.00pm-10.00pm at $10.70 per hour per table in a private room.

Those who have other interest may go for or dip or laze st the poolside.

Finally,if you are still undecided how about we catch a movies at Jurong Point?

Please indicate your area of interest early.

Dan & Joy

Those confirmed coming for dinner:

  1. Dan
  2. Joy
  3. Kim Leong
  4. Helen Wong
  5. Gwyneth Lee
  6. Kristin Leong
  7. Thomas Lau
  8. Veronique
  9. Richard Kee
  10. Annto
  11. Jennifer Lim
  12. Steven Chan
  13. Vivian Lai
  14. Helen Kuek
  15. Jane Kee
  16. Pauline Chew
  17. Feztus Lim
  18. Freda Lim
  19. Lena Ho
  20. Thomas Loh
  21. Yeshe
  22. Jane Ho

East Zoners’ Get-together – Latest Update

A heartfelt thank you to all who have indicated their interest in attending this first East Zoners’ Get-together.

Kindly note that additional information will be sent via email to the members in the list below this weekend.


Day/Date      :  Saturday 16th January 2010

Time              :  3 pm ~ 5 pm

Venue            :  SIDEWALK TAVERN, 924 East Coast Road 

Reserved Seats  :  26 



01.  Rosalind Lee

02.  Lee Ah Nee

03.  Rene Leong

04.  Andrew Koh

05.  Sam Soo

06.  Maggie Teo

07.  Alice Seah

08.  Frank Kaw

09.  Eileen Thean

10.  Pauline Ho

11.  Daisy Yeo

12.  GingKo

13.  Marilyn Tang

14.  Ronald Lam

15.  Angie Ng

16.  Belian

17.  Susan Zhang

18.  Bernie Chung

19.  Pauline Tan

20.  Norlinda

21.  Caroline Gee

22.  Terence Seah (THE Towkay :p)

23.  Steven Ng

24.  Tang Yat Sing

25.  Boon Liang

26.  Judy Lim

Add-ons (those okay with seating on laps :p)

01.  Alice Ou

02.  Phillip Ou

03.  Ping Hock

04.  Steven Chan

05.  David Anthony Samuel

06.  Caroline Loh

07.  Gabriella Chua


Click here for photos

Any SHCians from Northern Part of Singapore?

Dear members,

I would like to initiate this thread for those who are residing in the Northern region of Singapore, since members from both the Western & Eastern regions have created a separate thread for their respective group.   Special thanks to Ah Nee for calling ‘the Northerners’ out too… 

Members who are residing in Upper Thomson Road, Yio Chu Kang, Seletar, Sembawang, Yishun & Woodlands areas; you are welcomed to pen your thoughts or give any suggestions to hold a small gathering , to kick-start the beginning of a New Year 2010!

Wishing everyone Joy, Peace & Happiness as Another New Year rings in!emoticon


The Westerlies wind is blowing. January 30, 2010

The idea has been brought forth by Rosalind and Terence and some others. We had some territorial group formed before but it faded off into the horizon!

Before the Easterlies came up with some show, the Westerlies want to be the first to jump up the bandwagen. Those who are from the West may show your interest here. We would need to locate a place to meet or possibly a member’s home, whether for lunch or dinner? 

New members are encourage to come forward and we look forward to hear all your suggestions!

Dan & Joy

  1. Dan
  2. Joy
  3. Thomas lau
  4. Vivian Lai
  5. Steven Chan
  6. Lim Tian Soo
  7. Veronique
  8. Ann To
  9. Gwyneth
  10. Jennifer Lim
  11. Eyvonne Chew
  12. Boon Liang
  13. Sam Goh
  14. Kristin Leong
  15. Pauline chew
  16. Charles Wee
  17. Kim Leong
  18. Feztus Lim
  19. Tim Liu
  20. Freda Lim

‘Soo Kee’ Clan is back!

Since our last lunch together in November 2008, some of you are wondering if we will make a comeback. Well, here it is, our next gathering to meet and indulge in some Hainanese cuisines is here.

  • Date:   February 28, 2009 (Saturday)
  • Time:   12.00pm
  • Venue:   Chin Chin Hainanese Restaurant, 19 Purvis Street. (Five minutes walk from City Hall MRT)

The menu as follows:

  1. Hainanese Mutton Soup
  2. Curry Fish Head
  3. Hainanese Pork Chop or Roast Pork
  4. Hainanese Prawn Roll
  5. Egg plant with salted fish
  6. Fish Maw Mix Vegetable
  7. Fish Maw Stew
  8. Yee Buah (dessert)

Rice and Chinese Tea included at $15.00 nett!

Payment to Joy’s POSB Saving Account: 159-131645 by February 21, 2009. 

Non-Hainanese entry requirements: Must be able to speak a smattering of Hainanese dialect!


 LiangShun,Dan & Boon Liang, Alan

Those coming:

  1. Dan Huang          (Paid)
  2. Joy Chuang         (Paid)
  3. Caroline Gee       (Paid)
  4. Boon Liang          (Paid)
  5. Andrew Koh        (Paid)
  6. Mary Chan          (Paid)
  7. Veronique          (Paid)
  8. Patrick Chan       (Paid)       emoticon
  9. Gwyneth Lee      (Paid)
  10. Lim Geok Suan
  11. Annie Goh
  12. Alan Bok            (Paid)
  13. Ann Bok             (Paid)
  14. Charles Wee     (Paid)
  15. Wong Hong Jeng (Paid)
  16. Helen Wong
  17. Lina Ng               (Paid)
  18. Wee Chin             (Paid)emoticon
  19. Jonson Tan          (Paid)
  20. Ivan Lim               (Paid)
  21. Frank Kaw
  22. Helen Kuek
  23. Suzhang             (Paid)
  24. Gingko Tay          (Paid)
  25. Dennis Wee         (Paid)
  26. Anna Seet
  27. Ronald Lee          (Paid)
  28. Molly Chua          (Paid)
  29. Douglas Chan     (Paid)
  30. Douglas’s friend  (Paid)
  31. John Howe          (Paid)
  32. Nelly Soh
  33. Lee Patrick
  34. Ah Nee                (Paid)
  35. Karen Wong          (Paid)
  36. Pharis Saleem       (Paid)
  37. Chris Chiew           (Paid)
  38. Elizabeth Tan        (Paid)
  39. Agnes Seow          (Paid)
  40. Andrew Lim
  41. Agnes Lim
  42. Dolly Lim                (Paid)
  43. Oi Cheng               (Paid)

  44. CJ                          (Paid)

  45. Chin Boon

    Click here for photos

Soo Kee ‘nan’.

The territorial westerlies and easterlies winds came and gone. Nothing much have been heard since then about coming together for gatherings or feastingsemoticon

We, the Hainanese clan felt a need to gather together. Most of us may have forgotten to speak the dialect. This is an opportunity to share our cultures, to improve our dialect before it goes into extinction!

We have Hokkien karoeke mooted by Terence and waiting to get off the ground. Why not having the Soo Kee ‘nan’ get together. An initial plan is just to meet up and discuss ideas. Maybe get someone to teach how to cook Hainanese Chicken rice or visit to our motherland in Hainan!emoticon

There is so much to do and share and we invite contributions from fellow Soo Kee ‘nan’. To start off, let’s get those keen to participate come together for a lunch gatherings to get it going.

Date: November 29, 2008 (Saturday)

Venue: Kim Moh Restaurant, 5000F Marine Parade Rd #01-22 Singapore. Tel: 64428900

Time: 12.00pm

Those coming:

  1. Dan
  2. Joy
  3. Douglas
  4. Boon Liang
  5. Freda and cousin?
  6. Grace Kok
  7. Geok Suan
  8. Alan Bok
  9. Ann Bok
  10. Ann Giri
  11. Frank kaw
  12. Ivan Lim

Dan & Joyemoticon


Click here for photos

My Western Side K’OK group

These are all the Western Side K’OK group from SHC.

Just want to share the photo with all . They sing very well and those who are interested to get them sing in the "Mid Autumn" or the Music Jam…  Please do contact the manager karen Thio @ email karenthio@hotmail.com.

Hi all Kaki – just a joke. Happy viewing.  http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y64/lohyks/Karen%20Thio/Karaoke%20by%20Karen%20T/

karen Thio

Room for friend’s daughter near Tanjong Pagar

Hi all,

Looking for a room, for a  friend’s daughter who
is working in Singapore.  Preferred area near Tanjong Pagar. She
just graduated from Australia and is wanting to share this room with
her girl friend also graduated from Australia.  They are well
behaved Malaysian ladies. 

Ideal for a couple or lady staying alone to have company while earning some returns on property. 

Starting from 15 May.  Email me or call me . Cheers 

Members residing in the Heart of Singapore – AMK, Bishan, Toa Payoh and it surroundings

Calling all members residing in the Heart of Singapore (Central Area).  Perhaps we could also have our very own group!emoticon As a starter we could have a meal together – be it at the famous Casurina Roti Prata or Thai food at Chong Pangemoticon.  Any other food venues are most welcome.  How about having it on a Saturday evening?  We could share our common interests, future events and frequency in greater depths.  Please do join me with your sharings.emoticon

Dear Residents and Friends,

The HAPPENING IS ON  emoticon   … N the date is now firmed up emoticon !

Our first initial meeting is being scheduled for dinner ….   emoticon

  • Date : 5th October 2007
  • Time : 7.00 pm
  • Venue: Botak Jones@Toa Payoh  emoticon   Promise you will still have your hair after the meal.
  • Discuss: Common interests (and future events)   emoticon
  • Food and Drinks
  •    emoticon

  • To avoid cash collectiion on food/drinks payment, may I suggest that you handle your individual order/s and settle direct with the vendor/s.  THANK YOU.
  • Join us : Please register on this post  Come join, dine and drink  emoticon 

    I hope to see you on that night.  Cheers … and good night   emoticon    …  

    BTW … need camera and photo taking for memory keeping … may I please have a volunteer


    Those confirmed going :emoticon

    1. Grace Kok
    2. Kenneth Tan
    3. Margaret Tian
    4. Peggy Ho
    5. Josephine Wang
    6. Charles Wee
    7. John Howe
    8. Molly
    9. Susan
    10. Mary Chan
    11. Ronald Lee
    12. L.H. Jie
    13. Maria
    14. Ann To
    15. Gingko Tay
    16. Veron Lee
    17. Ah Nee
    18. Joy
    19. Andrew Yeung
    20. Kwong Wah
    21. Dan Huang – thanks of helping as Fotographer –
    22. Alice Teo
    23. Peng Peng
    24. Esther Wong
    25. Dolly Lim
    26. Any more coming ???  emoticon

Calling All SHC Members living in Pasir Ris, Tampines n Simei

Hi Everyone,

Please come forward and let’s form a group where we can have  a.m./p.m. coffee chit-chat or beer drinking or cycling/walking at Pasir Ris Park.

We can go fishing at Pasir Ris Fishing Pond. We can also organise other activities together.

Hope to hear from you soon.



East Coast, East Coast, calling all SilverHairs in this residential area

Rene, Norlinda and Caroline live on the East Coast.  They are eager to know more SilverHairs living in this residential area.  Come and join them.  I shall let them introduce the East Coast to you.  Share with us your knowledge about the East coast.  Form your own group.  Any body know how many SilverHairs live here?

On behalf of Rene, Norlinda and Caroline.

Calling all Clementians. This is my residential area

Let’s start with another residential area.  Steven Chan, Jane Yeo and Michelle are from the Clementi residential area.  Steven loves to bring his dog for walks at the East Coast.  Michelle is eager to keep her legs dancing. 

If you live in Clementi, go ahead and join Steven and Michelle.  There is Jane Yeo, too.  What’s the excitement at Clementi?  Are there many SilverHairs in Clementi?

Calling all Hougang guys and gals

I live in Hougang Avenue 5, and I like to form a Group.  Sometimes for weekend breakfast, or afternoon beer.  Hougang mall is a central point, and there are many coffee shops.

Please let me know if you live in Hougang.  Dont need to leave your address here.  Just the road name will be great.

(For those living in other areas, please start your own Post).

Terence Seah