Room for friend’s daughter near Tanjong Pagar

Hi all,

Looking for a room, for a  friend’s daughter who
is working in Singapore.  Preferred area near Tanjong Pagar. She
just graduated from Australia and is wanting to share this room with
her girl friend also graduated from Australia.  They are well
behaved Malaysian ladies. 

Ideal for a couple or lady staying alone to have company while earning some returns on property. 

Starting from 15 May.  Email me or call me . Cheers 

LATEST Update: – Charcoal BBQ & Steamboat International Buffet at Sunset Way , Sat 3rd.May 08 (Adhoc)

Calling all Westerlies / others ,


 The photos of the BBQ cum Steamboat Dinner Buffet at Sunset Way is posted below. Click the link at 

THANKS for your unaminous support and for making this gathering  a success. 

I had one request, please find your own replacement should in the
event, you are unable to attend BBQ buffet that nite. This will not deprive others a chance of attending the buffet.


Pls. scroll below to see the confirmed name list .

Due to overwhelming responses from SHCians, I have decided to take in another 10 more pax under the kind leadership of Catherine Yeo.

The boss has promised us    2 Complimentary Red or White Wine worth $58++ each and a BIG jug of Beer  to be shared among us during the buffet dinner. 

Price : $22.80++ round up to $27 Nett per pax.( Sharing basis )

Max: first  ( 21 + 10 ) registered member.

Your early response is appreciated to ensure advance booking. 


Date : 3rd May 08. ( Sat)

Time : 7.30 pm

Place : Fortune  Cuisine  Restaurant  ( Sunset Way)  ,      

           Blk. 106, Clementi Street 12 , # 01-38 A / B , Singapore 120106.

To ease payment by electronic transfer :-

Those under Group A , pls. transfer the correct amount in to Steven Chan’s POSB Savings Account No: 086 – 15021 – 2. by ATM. After transferring pls. quote your and date of transaction. in the comment.

 Registered to attend:-

 Confirmed  ( Group A )
1. Veronique Lee ( Paid )
   2. Ann To ( Paid )
   3. Steven Chan ( Paid)
   4. Charles Chua ( Paid )
   5. Jie L. H. ( Paid )
   6. Alice Seah ( Paid )
   7. Grace Wong ( Paid )
   8. Joy Chuang ( Paid )
   9. Christina C L Chan ( Paid )
  10. Andrew Yeung ( Paid )

  11. Gingko ( Paid )
  12. Eyvonne Chew ( Paid )
  13. Manomani Manoo (Paid )
  14. Linda Chang ( Paid )
  15. Alice ( Paid )
  16. Ron Lai ( Paid )

  17. Ronald Wie ( Paid )

  18. Julie Guan ( Paid )

  19. Douglas Chan (Paid )

  20. Yew Kwong ( Paid ) 

  21. Alan ( Paid )

Those confirmed under Group B , pls. transfer the correct amount in to Catherine Yeo"s  UOB Savings Account No: 134 – 121 – 368 – 7 or   DBS Savings a/c No. 014-0-041309 by ATM.After transferring pls. quote yr and date of transaction in the comment.

***  Should you not able to attend, pls.find your own replacement in advance. This will
NOT deprive others a chance of joining the dinner buffet.Thanks for your kind understanding.

Confirmed Group B

1. Eileen Lee (Paid )

2.Bessie Lam ( Paid )

3. Ann Bok ( Paid )

4. Gywneth Lee (Paid)

5. Wee Chin (Paid)  

6. Catherine Yeo ( Paid )

7. Robert (Paid)

8. Kristy (Paid) 

9. Helen Wong ( Paid )

10. Grace Kok ( Paid )

***Pls. check to ensure your name has been confirmed.  From their buffet menu,

i) Japanese Counter:-  Sashimi,sushi , Korean cold noodles, tempura, fried soft-shell crabs,

ii) BBQ:- ( lamb, pork, chicken and beef)

ii) Desserts :- cheese cake, brownies, carrot cakes, Swiss roll.

v)Steam boat :-  Meat and offal – 16 varieties. 

                         Vegetables:-      13 varieties           

                         Seafood:-          15 varities

                         Noodles :-           3 varieties 

v) Special Dishes:- Ma La crayfish, Chilli crabs, Delicious Fried food

Plus free flow of coffee/tea/ice cream. Finally, it is time that we meet again to have our residential area activity since last year.

Other members from other areas are also kindly invited to join.  As part of a pilot project, the Govt. has specially chosen Sunset Way shops to be refurbished and decorated  with the " TRENDY upmarket  style"  similar to that of the atmosphere of "Holland Village"  Very packed on Saturdays and Sundays. I had checked the SHC calendar before deciding on that date so as not to clash with any SHCians actvities. 

If interested to join us . pls.register under comments.                                                      


Thank you and awaiting your responses. emoticon
How to get there ?

i) *** For those who are new to Clementi, I will wait outside the Clementi MRT control gate at 6.45 pm and escort all of you to Sunset Way using the short cut.

ii)  With the MRT, stop at Clementi Stn.Walk to the new Clementi bus interchange beside MRT stn and *** take shuttle bus 284 .

Alight at 2nd. bus stop . You see a long bridge with a white canvas cloth. Walk across to the other end of the bridge and you are on Sunset Way fine dining cuisine restaurants.

iii) By bus, bus 75,196,52,105,147  travels to Clementi Stn. and refer*** (i) or (ii).

iii) For those who drive, you can either park at Sunset Way or at Clementi Ave 4.




Makan Trail West – Update

Hi Westerlians, n oso extend to Easterlians & Centralians,

From the word “Bali”, everyone can associate it as a resort in Indonesia.  Ah.., do you know we too have a Little Bali which u don’t have to travel far to enjoy n is right here at our door-step, Spore?emoticon

This makan trail has a little unusual from the norm n yet blend very well to the event – fun, good food n pleasant chill out – from the day spectacle to the delicious dishes for dinner n finally settle in a tropical peaceful Balinese style enclave for chill out till 2:00 am.emoticon      Check it out:
If u have a car hope that u drive.  The details r being updated as follows:

  • Date              :  27 October 2007
  • Meeting place:  Bt Merah Central,  McDonald
  • Time             :  4:30 pm sharp
  • Car driver     :   Park at multi-sty car park nx to Bt Merah Bus Int’chg (ensure to insert cash card)
  • Bus-no          :  Alight at Bt Merah Bus Int’chge – 16, 16A, 123, 131, 132, 139, 153, 167, 176, 198, 272, 273, 274, 275, 605, 608, 851 or At the main rd, Jln Bt Merah – 14, 147, 196, 197, 855, 961

Agenda for the event:

  1. Mix around n chit chat at McDonald
  2. Drive up to Telok Blangah Hill Park – to jalan, jalan, picture snap, snap & group foto.  Parking is free h’ever no escalator so climb the steps to the top and view.
  3. a) Dinner at Alexandra V cancel ‘cos of large crowd dinners n parking problem
    b) Dinner at Villa Bali (Ala carte style – around $22+ pp).  Chill out time – drinks on your own, std charges apply.
  4. Remarks:  Parking is free at Little Bali premise.   Map to Villa Bali will be given out to driver on that day.
  5. NOTE: If U drive, don’t drink.  If U drink, don’t drive.
  6. Registration: If your name is not in the list below, Pls register by writing a comment here.
  7. Event Organizer: Lawrence Khan.  Helpers needed – to take fotos; to mark checklist.

List of participants n supporters confirmed going:

  1. Alice Seah
  2. Andrew Yeung
  3. Boon Liang
  4. Catherine Yeo
  5. Dan Huang (Photographer)
  6. Gingko Tay
  7. Grace Wong
  8. Gwen Lee
  9. Jane Yeo
  10. John Howe
  11. Joy Chuang – (helper – checklist marshall)
  12. Linda Chang
  13. Marg Tian
  14. Margaret Tune
  15. Maria
  16. Mary Chan
  17. Veron Lee
  18. Peng Peng
  19. LH Jie
  20. Pauline Chew
  21. Dolly –
  22. Lily –
  23. Bessie
  24. Grace Kok
  25. June Lim
  26. Eyvonne Chew
  27. Peggy Ho
  28. Eliza Chua
  29. Agnes Tan
  30. Veron Chua
  31. Clara Chay
  32. Jane Wong
  33. Lin
  34. Benson Koh
  35. Charles Wee
  36. Lina Ng 
  37. Yew Kwong –
  38. Wee Chin
  39. Christina (Guest)

Your support help to make this event an enjoyable one, 

Lawrence Khan

Members residing in the Heart of Singapore – AMK, Bishan, Toa Payoh and it surroundings

Calling all members residing in the Heart of Singapore (Central Area).  Perhaps we could also have our very own group!emoticon As a starter we could have a meal together – be it at the famous Casurina Roti Prata or Thai food at Chong Pangemoticon.  Any other food venues are most welcome.  How about having it on a Saturday evening?  We could share our common interests, future events and frequency in greater depths.  Please do join me with your sharings.emoticon

Dear Residents and Friends,

The HAPPENING IS ON  emoticon   … N the date is now firmed up emoticon !

Our first initial meeting is being scheduled for dinner ….   emoticon

  • Date : 5th October 2007
  • Time : 7.00 pm
  • Venue: Botak Jones@Toa Payoh  emoticon   Promise you will still have your hair after the meal.
  • Discuss: Common interests (and future events)   emoticon
  • Food and Drinks
  •    emoticon

  • To avoid cash collectiion on food/drinks payment, may I suggest that you handle your individual order/s and settle direct with the vendor/s.  THANK YOU.
  • Join us : Please register on this post  Come join, dine and drink  emoticon 

    I hope to see you on that night.  Cheers … and good night   emoticon    …  

    BTW … need camera and photo taking for memory keeping … may I please have a volunteer


    Those confirmed going :emoticon

    1. Grace Kok
    2. Kenneth Tan
    3. Margaret Tian
    4. Peggy Ho
    5. Josephine Wang
    6. Charles Wee
    7. John Howe
    8. Molly
    9. Susan
    10. Mary Chan
    11. Ronald Lee
    12. L.H. Jie
    13. Maria
    14. Ann To
    15. Gingko Tay
    16. Veron Lee
    17. Ah Nee
    18. Joy
    19. Andrew Yeung
    20. Kwong Wah
    21. Dan Huang – thanks of helping as Fotographer –
    22. Alice Teo
    23. Peng Peng
    24. Esther Wong
    25. Dolly Lim
    26. Any more coming ???  emoticon