SHC Travel on Zoom every Thur 8 – 9pm

We had started a series on travel where members get to share their holiday pictures, videos and commentaries on places of interest, food, locations and itineries.

Members get to find other members who are interested to go on trips together, plan itineries and arrange travel partners.

This post on SHC Travel also features presentations and recordings of the LIVE zoom discussions. This program is EO’d by different members.

Members wishing to share their holiday trips can contact Jessie Ow who is the travel program scheduler at Whatsapp 9846-1089. Laura Wee has kickstarted this program, and we look forward to a permanent EO for SHC Travel.

See inside for recordings of SHC Travel.

Terence Seah

Talk3 Talk4 on Minimalism (Zoom Chat – August 14 2020)

Hi All members,
I would be glad that you are able to attend this 14 August 2020 Zoom Chat from 1-2pm to touch on this topic.

This is an interesting topic to discuss on

  1. Why someone’s trash can be somebody’s treasures.
  2. Go Green
  3. Excessive buying? – Do you really need them
  4. Other topics which can be discussed.

In conclusion, whether or not, you become any form of minimalist is entirely up to each individual. But I would definitely love to hear from you..

Cheers… See you this Friday… Dolly

How to get our Wills and LPA done while we are still alive?

Today, 11 Aug 2020 during Lunch chat at 1.00 pm on SHC Zoom, John Chua presented “Why it is important to do our wills and LPA”.

Our next program on Wills and LPA will be discussed LIVE and presented over SHC Zoom. These 2 sessions are open to all members who have not done these 2 important documents.

The dates are not fixed, although it is likely to be held at 1.00pm on the next Wed and Sunday.

Please update here or whatsapp 9489 4360 RSVP “Wills and LPA”.

Terence Seah

Peranakan & ASEAN cooking. A SHC Zoom LIVE recording. EO Catherine Soon, 11 Aug 2020

Here’s a LIVE recording of the Peranakan & ASEAN Cooking, conducted every Tue at 10.30 am on SHC Zoom. Session last 1 hr.

To join the cooking session, contact Catherine Soon by leaving your contact here, or Whatsapp RSVP “Peranakan Cooking” at 9489-4360. You can also contact your Group Leader for details.

Terence Seah

Let’s exercise and dance together every Sat 4pm. Lose 1kg this month

Disco dance exercise (Chinese music spinned by VJ Candy) is on every Sat 4pm (1 hr of non-stop beautiful disco dance music.

Come in exercise gear, on your mobile or computer, and dance F&E. Stand 1 metre from the screen. You can see everyone dancing. A good break before dinner and geat exercise as we spend so much time in front of computer and mobile. You can sing with the music too. Join us and let’s aim to lose 1 kg this month. See you all this Sat 4pm.

One easy click. No password.

Terence Seah

Saturday and Sunday Morning Breakfast LIVE on SHC Zoom 7.30am

As we move into the new Normal, SilverHairsClub (SHC) will continue to host Morning Breakfast. Here, members meet other members, have your breakfast and share updates on the latest happenings.

** Every Sat 7.30am, Catherine Ho is the EO on Saturday Morning Breakfast. A SHC member since 2007, Cat is a relief teacher, fluent in Malay and Chinese dialects and someone with life experiences. A regular participant during the weekday Morning Breakfast and Lunch time chat.

** And every Sun 7.30am, Sally Foo is EO on Sunday Morning Morning Breakfast. Sally is an active member of the Cooking and Baking goup where she shares her experience on cooking, receipes, where to find food items and all the fine details in the kitchen.

SallyF loves singing. She has powerful vocals and great with Chinese dialects. A joy to listen to as she switches from topic to topic. A good start to a beautiful Sunday.

Come make Morning Breakfast your regular date every day 7.30 am.

Terence Seah

New SHC Travel presentation and discussion LIVE on Zoom every Thur 8pm

SHC Travel presentation is ON, every Thur 8pm (1 hr). 30 mins per location for general travel chat and 30 mins for presentation. Gardens, markets, sceneries, eateries, shopping, hotels, maps, friends, etc

Plse share your travel holiday pictures and video via screen share. Whatsapp Jessie Ow at 9846 1089. Tell her which city/country you are presenting as she is scheduling the topics. We will then announce to the club. Plse inform your friends.

EO Laura Wee
Password shc

Terence Seah

“Ladies Only” on SHC Zoom Thu 18 Jun 2020

“Ladies Only”, our 2nd session is ON Thur 18 Jun 2020 at 3pm. Members can come at 2.30pm to set up their video and microphone.

Hosted by EO Sandra Tay and co-host Jean Lim.

This program aims to enable Ladies to discuss personal, private and unique issues among ladies. This will take time, and members need time to find friends and be comfortable with one another.

Sandra has accepted the role to kick-start a Ladies Only discussion and sharing. There are games, intro and getting to know one another.

Plse note this session requires participants to show their faces and enable the microphone. There is no video, sound or text recording on all SHC Zoom events. Main room closes at 3.10pm. No discussions on politics, religion, race, direct selling and MLM.

Terence Seah

“The Jokers” – an entertainment program, EO Frisna Tan and team. Sat 6 Jun 2020 1300 hr

Covid-19 is a creative time for all of us.  Some of us have gone crazy, others keep forgetting we are at home.  Some of us have lost our jobs, some of us get $600 from the govt, others get only $100.  Lucky ones get to keep our jobs while many seniors are happy to stay at home.

This Sat, 6 Jun 2020 at 1pm, we have Frisna Tan and a team of jokers to entertain us, and help us forget Covid-19.  Frisna hold the Club’s longest tile as the Xiao Xiao girl.  She had promised to host an entertainment channel some 10 years ago.  This Sat shall be the 1st planned event.

Come log into SHC Zoom and be tickled from your sofa, your bed or your bathroom.  The group has made plans for practice this week.  I guess there will be many hiccups, but let’s all enjoy the jokes, the laughter together and the unplanned scenes.

TQ Frisna and team.  I am already laughing.

Terence Seah

Pyjamas night

What’s it like to wear our pyjamas and zoom in bed? I guess we put on our ear piece, cuddle our bolster and tie a band aroun our head.

Maybe we can recognise one another.  Who?

Think about it and share.  Dreams work well if we think hard.  We need ideas.

Terence Seah

“Wine, women and song” Happy Hours at the SHC Lounge, every Fri 1730 – 1900 hr. 29 May 2020

Wef Friday 29 May 2020, the SHC lounge will be open to all members.  Feel free to drop in every Friday after 5.30pm; we close at 7pm.  Make a date with other SHC members, after work.  Enjoy your beer, your soju or your favourite tequila drink.

This is Happy Hours and this event will continue even after covid relaxation.

Pre-loaded relaxing singalong English songs on stage.  No DJ available,  Sing LIVE as many times as you like, as long as you have an USB micophone.  Just raise your hand when the song is about to start.  Just have fun.

No screen share.  Textchat available.

Venue:  Password shc.

Suggestions, ideas and comments welcome.  We need plenty of ideas as covid will be relaxed next month.  Dont be offended if the title offends you,

Co-host: Terence Seah

Stars-in-Concert #3, early Aug 2020 evening over SHC Zoom

In 2009 and 2013, SHC organised two 2 Stars-in-Concert respectively.  These two events bring out the singing and entertainment talents of our SilverhairsClub members.

This year 2020, we have set the dates for Stars-in-Concert #3.  The event is open to all SilverHairsClub members, SHC Ordinary and SHC Facebook members.  There will be prizes for both singers and home audience.   You are encouraged to participate.  This event will be held LIVE over SHC Zoom.

  • Date:  1st week of Aug 2020
  • Time:  after dinner, approx 3 hours.
  • Venue:  SHC zoom.  New password will be issued after registration.
  • Judges:  3 members plus audience participation.
  • Singers and Audience open to all members, Ordinary and Facebook members.
  • Requirements:  All singing participants are required to use their own Desktop PC, with Windows 10, speakers and an external microphone.  You should also have a singing or song application.  You can choose to have lyrics if you wish.  Ideally, you have  5mm from the microphone, for best results.
  • Top 5 winners will be judged based on voice clarity, music and vocals broadcast stabilty and entetainment.
  • Practice sessions:  regularly from now to 15 Jun 2020
  • Registration closes 27 Jul 2020.  Enough time to practise before registration closes.

More updates from organisers.  Keep in touch.

Terence Seah


SHC Zoom monthly gathering wef 31 May 2020 (last Sun of the mth, 1400-1600 hrs)

Wef 31May 2020, SilverHairsClub will introduce an online LIVE monthly via SHC Zoom.  This monthly event aims to provide a platform for members to find new friends, more friends, and catch up with old friends.  Find your interests. Chat on travel, plan your lunch outing. Find close friends for coffee chitchat and mahjong kakis, sudoku and cycling/walking. Or meet your JB group to go shopping and massage.  Find friends to go Europe, China or Canada. Guys and gals, all up to you.

2008 Gosh 2008 picture. Blurred to look good.

If you arrive before 1415 hr, you will be given 1 min to introduce yourself. Eg your name, what you do, what are your interests, where you work or boyfriends, girlfriends.  Haha, I can give you more ideas.


Date: every last Sun of the month

  • Time: 1400 hr to 1600 hr.
  • Venue:
  • A new Password will be sent to participants.
  • For security, only participants, who have downloaded the app, can participate. Full First and last names are required.  Those without camera, without video are required to obtain prior approval.
  • Dress:. Appropriately dressed from waist up.
  • Rules: No singing, karaoke, presentations and sales talk.  Club rules on No politics, race, religion, sex, direct selling a d MLM apply.
  • If you arrive on time, we can break the group into small rooms of 4 – 6 pax each.  More quiet.  You can also stay in the main meeting room.

Meantime, download Zoom.  Join us for breakfast or lunch.  Check out zoom diary in

We are planning to discontinue sending club events via email.  Plse text “WhatsApp” to 9489 4360 to receive activities via updates.

Have fun.

Terence Seah

SHC two new Zoom entertainment – the Xiao Xiao and the gossip channels during Covid-19

For a long time, SHC has been looking out for members who stand out to make other members happy and entertainment. These members usually can talk, non-stop.

Frisna Tan does customer surveys with passengers at the Singapore airports. Some of you may have bumped into her at the airport which waiting to enter the gates. Frisna is also a keen gardener. She is a member of SHC Gardening group. Join her if you have green fingers. Frisna will be hosting our Xiao Xiao channel.

Howard Yong is a Baba. Once he starts on a topic, he can carry on non-stop. His speciality is gossip. Talk about foreign wives, dealing with govt agencies, squeezing his duck rice seller and buying a BTO flat. Any topic to gossip, he is game. But you must be prepared to sit down and listen. Toss him a question, and he will be able to get you engaged for the next one hour. Howard had an unusual sleep pattern. He sleeps at 9pm, so no program latter than 9pm.

We shall be scheduling these two channels. Stay tune.

Terence Seah

CANTO Karaoke on SHC Zoom, Wed 2 – 4pm. EO Daniel Chan, Co-host: Catherine Soon


Daniel Chan is hosting the Canton Karaoke on SHC Zoom on Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 2pm – 4pm.

Come, whether you can sing Cantonese or not . Who knows you can learn some Cantonese words?

Perhaps you will love to listen to us singing your favorite songs too. Just join in the fun during this Circuit Breaker period. Stay at home , stay safe.

Let us know you are coming, or Simply click here to enter Karaoke room.
Karaoke room
Password shc.

Catherine Soon

LIVE Practice Zoom sessions, every M-Fri 1.00 – 2.00 pm until end of CB

Some members are very conversant with Zoom. Others have completed a 4 day course on using Zoom to tearning online. Most are able to do basic Zoom. SHC Zoom is a LIVE video conferencem.

We can use it for meetings, chat with friends and colleaques, discuss and make travel plans with pictures, form hobby groups eg tropical fishes, dogs, do demos, play chess, shudoku and mahjong, listen to music, and many “How to?”. You can discuss Stock market, show charts and current affairs, and talk at the same time.

Many people have heard of Zoom, and more than 200m people use Zoom every day. But one difficulty is to get started. Where to find friends to practise with? SilverHairsClub will assist to make practice possible.

How to start a free account?
How to set up Zoom?
Finetune audio and video settings.
How to use a white board. We know school days black board.
Breaking up the class to small groups.
How to secure tour class?

Every Mon to Fri, 1.00 pm to 2.00pmm we have our main forum “Lunch time”.
During this period, if you wish, we can form many small groups to practise the above. If there is a demand, we can have Mandarin speaking sessions.

1.00 pm Doors open. 10 mins grace before doors close.
1.15 pm Breakout rooms are open. Main forum will continue to discuss Lunch time news updates.
1.55 pm Everybody returns to main meeting room.
2.00 pm “Lunch time” ends. Back to work.

These sessions are free to join for SilverHairsClub members.

To participate, Whatsapp 9489 4360 and RSVP “Zoom Practice”. Members may contact Howard Yong, Catherine Soon, Dolly Lim, Daniel Chan, Lydia Chin. Or you can register here.

Terence Seah

Learn how to use Zoom for teaching online. Experience online teaching among friends

Using Zoom to teach online
Covid-19 has created new and huge opportunities for seniors to teach online. From home to learners, all over the world. Not just getting friends, and colleagues together online.

If you wish to learn how Zoom works, and how you can teach online, lets gather together to experience Zoom. Especially when you have the skills and knowledge. To share this learning tool, rsvp by WhatsApp “Zoom class”. We will set the class dates this week. Closing date 22 Apr 2020.

As of today 43 members have refistered to attend this learning session.

This 4 day program is ideal for members who have used Zoom before.  If not, try to come and join Morning Breakfast or  “It’s Lunchtime”.  at the start of each session, we will have a video program, followed by practice and sharing by experience members.  Be comfortable, you are among friends.

Registration closing date 22 Apr 2020.   Members only.

After you RSVP “Zoom class” by whatsapp to 9489 4360, we will send you the password to participate.  You can register here too.

Terence Seah

Let’s have “Morning Breakfast” together. Every Mon – Fri 7.30am – 8.30am

Hi everybody,

Every Mon to Fri, we have Virtual “Morning Breakfast”.  Just pop in anytime, from your mobile, between 7.30am and 8.30am. Let’s have Kopi and nasi lemak together.

Don’t be shy.  Quickly introduce yourself as not everybody knows you, Share the latest news you heard the night before or any global news early in the morning. If the US market has collapsed, this is important news.  Any important govt announcements, this is the best time to update everyone. Update yourself, and ourselves at the same time, finish your kopi quickly and off you go with your day’s work and errands.

If you are at a noisy food court or a dim sum family restaurant, or in a bus,  just join in.  Say “Good morning”  to new and old friends, and show your face.  We want to know you are around.

If you are going out shopping, marketing, or out for lunch or dinner later in the day,  and you are looking for company, this is the best time. “Morning Breakfast” is on for 1 hour only. That’s all the time we have to catch up.

Easy, just drop in at

Terence Seah

“Yummy Yummy” a Cooking group:  Every Wed 1130 – 1230 hr on SHC Zoom

Each Wed, we shall feature a food or dessert item. Ladies and guys wishing to share their receipe and cooking method are invited to participate. This sesson will be conducted LIVE over Zoom video conference.

Session starts at 1130 hr sharp, follow by a live demo or Youtube cooking video. Members get to discuss the receipe and cooking. We hope you will find friends among likeminded casual and serious cooks. We leave you to mingle among the group.

You can also whatsapp 9489 4360 if you have a dish item in mind. We hope this start time suits you well, before you start cooking lunch.

To participate, just click here 5 – 10 mins before start time.

Terence Seah

“Sunday Rise and Shine”: Sun 0700 – 0800 hr

SilverHairsClub members are creative and have brilliant ideas. Here’s one suggestion which we picked up recently. How about getting up early from bed on a Sunday morning? Quickly tidy the bed, make a cup of hot coffee, squeeze in a small pau and look at the mirror.

It’s already 7am. Quickly, pick up the mobile phone, and let’s meet up on SHC Zoom, and wish those around us “Hi everybody, It’s Sunday Rise and Shine”.  Make sure you have space to swing your hands around your body.

Time for a 10 mins exercise together to stretch and loosen the bones. Everybody is muted, except for the Shifu and video.

Zoom unmutes everybody. Time to relax and cool down. Finish the coffee, with some youtiao. And maybe, share your hot soya bean milk with friends. A quick chat with friends, and off we run to start the day.

8.00am: Event close.

** If you are a Taichi or slow stretch instructor, please contact any senior member, we would like you to co-host this regular event.

** It’s fine to speak Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew,  Malay or Tamil.  The fun is being together.  Bring your friends.  “Sunday Rise and Shine” is open to non-SHC members.

Join us at

**  Latest:  This Sunday event is discontinued,  Feedback:  too early to wait up on a Sunday and not easy to exercise together online.

Terence Seah

Ukelelee jamming on SHC Zoom, Tue 14 Apr 2020 8pm

This evening, we had an impromptu Ukelelee session with group singing using the Zoom app. Calling all Ukelelee players, come join us for a jam session on Tue 14 Apr at 8pm, after dinner. Members who like to sing together, are also invited. Just join in and relax. Bring along your glass of red wine, beer and nuts.

As this is a 1 hr session, Ukelelee participants will get to play at least 2 songs each. Practice sessions start at 7.45pm. We might be out of sync at some point, but the fun is to play and sing together. And of course, to meet new and more friends.

Register here or Whatsapp 9489 4360 for password.

Terence Seah

Let’s bring our grand children together. Let’s have a Talentime for them

Many of us have young grandchildren, and it is indeed tiring keeping them busy all day and night. We had a Zoom gathering this week, and often, we could hear children busy in the background. At one recent event, a young sweet girl popped up besides Charles Wee, curiously looking at cute seniors having a chat online.

It strikes me that it would nice if we organise a Talentime for our grand children. They can be singing, dancing, showing a magic trick or hobby.

I was thinking we keep the age to 10 years and below. Grand parents get to dress the kids up.  and maybe prepare some music in the background. We can work out the prizes.

The audience can do a vote at the end of the Talentime to determine the most entertaining show.

Likely date/time: Sat 11 April  1 pm to 3.30pm. LIVE on SHC Zoom.

A practice session will be organised this Sat 4 Apr from 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm. Simply join in at  Password is available from co-hosts Howard Yong  and Catherine Soon or via whatsapp +65 94894360.

How about this idea? Like to help me? Contact me at 9489-4360.

Plse standby to register your name and grandchildren to participate. Recording is not allowd and recording is disabled in all SHC Zoom events.

Terence Seah

SHC Zoom Diary 2020

Our SHC Zoom events are listed above at SHC Zoom Diary.

Members wishing to organise a zoom event can contact your Group Leaders committee members. Approved zoom trainers are Howard Yong and Catherine Soon.

Recording of events, text, audio and video are NOT allowed at all SHC Zoom events. This feature has been disabled.

Wef 5 Apr 2020, all SHC Zoom events are now password protected,

So, 5 mins before start, join us at

Terence Seah

Calling all Cantonese songs lovers. On SHC Zoom, LIVE at 3pm – 5pm. 30 Mar, 31 Mar 2020 EO Daniel Chan

Today and tomorrow 3 pm, Daniel Chan will lead in a singing session on Zoom. Prepare your music in the background, and let’s hear from you LIVE.

Click here to enter the singing room. We wait for u.

Password is available from co-hosts Howard Yong  8521-6831 and Catherine Soon or via whatsapp 9489-4360.

Terence Seah

SHC Zoom – Current affairs, Sun night 1930-2030 hrs

Every Sunday night, we run a 1 hour Zoom event on current affairs in Singapore and around the world. You are invited to contribute and share your observations and comments with fellow participants. Members only.

See u Sunday night.

Time: 1930 – 2030 hrs.


Password is available from co-hosts Howard Yong  8521-6831 and Catherine Soon or via whatsapp 9489-4360.

Terence Seah

An insight into How Ng’s garden, Sat 4 Apr 2020, 3-4pm

The Gardening group has been very active, focusing on fruits trees, in door gardens and the occasional trips to nurseries.

Look into How's garden

How Ng is one of the group’s members with keen interest on gardening. On one of SHC Zoom’s groups, I had the privilege to see his garden live streamed from his mobile. Truly beautiful, well organised and ideally suited to the home gardener. I encourage you to join the SHC garden group.

On Sat 4 Apr 2020, starting at 3pm, ending 4pm, How will offer an insight into his home garden via SHC zoom.

If you like to know How better, and get an insight into home gardens, join us just before 3pm. Just click on

Approx 20 mins presentation and 40 mins Q&A.

Terence Seah

SHC Zoom ‘It’s lunch time” Mon-Fri 1300 – 1400 hrs

Every day Monday to Friday 1.00pm to 2.00pm while Singapore is still not free from COVID-19 and we are required to social distance, we will organise a lunch time event, titled “Yeah! it’s lunch time”. Members from year 2005 and 2006 are invited.

Let’s meet face to face on SHC Zoom at 1pm today. From your mobile or desktop, come learn how we can say hello to one another and share our day.

Today’s topics: How is Covid-19 affecting your life and work? What are your stock picks in today’s market.

I am stucked in Bangkok, with 2 cancelled flights and now undecided if I should come here or extend my stay for another month. I will enjoy meeting you. See you later today.

Click below to start.  Password is available from co-hosts Howard Yong  8521-6831 and Catherine Soon or via whatsapp 9489-4360.

Terence Seah