Latest news: Sporeans do not need visa to enter Myanmar

Singaporeans now do not need visa to enter Myanmar. I am very happy with this news; so convenient to me now.

I am now planning to go to Yangon in July. with the new govt, open door policies and fast developments going on, this is a good time to see Yangon.

if you like to visit Yangon on a free & easy trip, you can join me. fly Sin/Ygn/Sin, stay in one of the 3 stars China town hotels, try Myanmese food and see Yangon before it becomes another modern Asean city.

Find your own room-mates, book your own flights, book your own hotels. we will meet one another there. No visa required.

Our PM Lee is in Yangon tomorrow.

let’s me know if you are interested to meet in Yangon.

Terence Seah

North Philippines Tour Sat 20 Feb to Sun 28 Feb, 2016

Updated Post
 photo NPhilippines-To-SHC-5Jan-1.jpg
This itinerary has been revised close to 10 times in the last 2 weeks to suit the SHC community. I have also listed the Difficulty Levels. I planned the entire itinerary.
 photo NPhilippines-To-SHC-5Jan-2.jpg
 photo NPhilippines-To-SHC-5Jan-3.jpg
For those who are interested, please register by this Saturday, 9 Jan if possible. If you are keen, but need more time, do let me know else we will close the registration.

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 photo NPhilippines-To-SHC1.jpg

If you are interested, please register by replying to this post or personal message (pm) me. If the itinerary is too small for reading, press the Ctrl key and the + sign key simultaneously to enlarge. Press the Ctrl key and the – sign key simultaneously to reduce.

Moon Wong (EC)

1. Moon Wong
2. Jane Chua
3. Ann Giri
4. Andrew Yeung
5. Daisy Phua
6. Friend
7. Pauline Chew
8. Johnny Pow
9. Annie Pow
10. Friend
11. Friend
12. Friend

Short getaway to Batam – tentative dates 20-23 Nov 2015

I’m planning a short getaway to Batam, either 2 or 3 nights.

Tentative dates are 20-23 Nov 2015. These dates can be adjusted to suit your schedule, either 4th week Nov, or even December.

Activities will be free & easy.  Karaoke, good food, massage, music, cycle, etc..

Room will be basic, but comfortable enough, with breakfast thrown in.

Karaoke can be either arranged in a room or out in the open stage!

Food guaranteed good and cheap.  And massages also good and cheap!

And of course, the fun fun company … laughter & jokes all the way !

Depending on the response, I will arrange a 6 seater car, so that we can all travel together.   Yes, I am intending to keep the group small.

Any takers? Pls email/text me for more details, or post your query here.

Cheers, LydiaC.

Would you like to go to Delhi and Mumbai this Nov 2015?

I am in Delhi and Mumbai this whole week.  In fact, I have been to these two cities more than 20 times in the last 20 years.  I plan to go again in Nov 2015.  After doing what I am doing, I am able to extend my trip and bring a group to travel Delhi and Mumbai.

Many of us may not know; but Mumbai is the largest city in the world.  It is a very vibrant city, with many historial sights, colourful markets, millions of people and exotic Indian food.

Delhi is the capital city of India.  It’s most well known site is the Taj mahal, which many of us must have known and studied during our school days.

When was the last time you were in India? and what were your feelings and feedback about visiting India.

Terence Seah

gate to india taj mahal



Perth a place for holiday or for retirement. What is your experience?

australia     One of the most sought after activity after retirement is travelling.  Some of us are contented to say in Singapore; while others are forever looking out for near places to live their retirement. In the last two weeks, the Straits Times carried two articles on Perth and Western Australia.

For some members, their children are studying in one of Perth’s universities. For others, it is a golfing outing with friends.  Many just love the open air and wide space. Families may go there to see dolphines and whales.  And for others, a chance to own a 450 sq metre piece of land with a landed property at about AUD 450,000 freehold.

Some years ago, SilverHairsClub organised a homestay among Singaporean homes, enjoyed Fremantle and its wide and beautiful coastline, moved leisurely around Perth city, and mixed with the Singapore community.

Perth is 5 hours from Singapore, same time zone, and with Scoot, jetstar,
Quantas, Singapore airlines and Air Asia, many can buy their air tickets between S250 to 900 return. Hotels starts from AUD100, and rentals of an apartment or house are around AUD 450+ per week..  Car rentals are pretty cheap, and available at around AUD50-70 per day.  Coffee is expensive, at about AUD 4 per cup.  A single dish is big sized, and likely to cost AUD 10 – 18 each.

What are your experiences and considerations when it comes to holiday or retirement in Perth?  Share and discuss.

Terence Seah


Whatsapp Chat – Cruises

cruise2  cruise1

Whatsapp has become very popular, and almost all smartphone users have the Whatsapp application.  It is use for fast communication, and interests groups find discussions on Whatsapp fast and meaningful.  At the same time, one can drop out of the chat if they wish to, anytime.

At the request of members, I would initiate a Whatsapp cruise chat, and members can join the chat.  Simple register here, and we will put you in touch with the chat.  Please make sure your registered telephone number with SHC is correct.

Terence Seah


  1. Terence Seah – non-participant, only moderator.
  2. Zara Lim – Alaskan cruise and Barcelona cruise
  3. Freda Lim
  4. Gabriella Chua – Alaskan cruise
  5. Kenneth Tan
  6. Daisy Yeo
  7. Daniel Chan
  8. Mary Chan
  9. Susan Sia – Alaskan cruise
  10. Laura Wee
  11. Angie Chiaw
  12. Karen Phoo
  13. Bobby Bok
  14. Melissa Khng
  15. Malyne Suen
  16. Magdalene Phey
  17. MaggieTeo
  18. Jane Chua


Introducing a weekend of adventure at Khao Yai National Park, 10-12 Oct 2015

khaoyai nat parkmap      khao-yai-national-park

Some of you have joined me at Khao Yai National Park. This will be the first event dedicated to SilverHairsClub members and children, aged 26 and above. We intend to hold this exciting event in Oct, from a Friday to a Sunday.

Khao Yai is located some 1.5-2 hours north-east of the old Donmuang airport. It is ideally suitable for young adults, beautiful waterfalls in October, a good place to look out in its natural habitats for wild elephants, deers, junglefowls, Asian bears, and bird watching.

I plan to stay in tents, which we can buy on our own or rent from the National Park. We will arrange a cook to handle our dinners and breakfast. Ideally suited for members and their adult children.

For ourselves, there are grape plantations, where we can enjoy fresh grapes, juices, red and white wines. Also a good local beef steak.

There is adventure land, with horse riding, ATVS, rides. Our adult kids will enjoy time together, and they will find btheir own time to mingle with one another and get to know one another better. Car racing, and other trills which we used to enjoy when we were young. Bring your sons and daughters along. You have to make the effort.

Quietly located, Khao Yai air is fresh, the morning is cool and a good time to spend with family. Important our children can mix with other children.

Golf. Loves, we can play as the famous “Forest hill” golf course, where many tee offs start from a height. It’s easy.

I intend to make it easy, as we will have helpers to make our trip fun, enjoyable and meaningful.

This trip is for you and your adult children. Our plan is to arrive at the airport, and head straight for Khao Yai, 2 hours away.

Confirmed date:  Meet at DonMuang airport at 10am morning and 10am at Survanabhumi airport (if a group is formed) on Sat 10 Oct and we arrive back at Don Muang airport on Mon 12 Oct at about 5pm.  Others can proceed to Bangkok for other activities.

More details will come up. Express your interest here.

Terence Seah

Those interested:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Moon Wong
  3. Helen Wong-Pow
  4. Leon Lau
  5. Gabriella Chua (tentative)
  6. Andrew Yeung
  7. Yatsing
  8. Christina Chan (tentative)
  9. Irene Poh
  10. Marg Tian
  11. Shirleen Kao
  12. Lina Tan
  13. Pow TK
  14. Ronald Lam
  15. Charles Wee (Paid)
  16. Steven Chan
  17. Bobby Bok
  18. Grace Ng
  19. Daisy Phua (tentative)
  20. Thomas Goh (Paid)
  21. Ann Giri (Paid)
  22. Maggie Teo
  23. Albert
  24. Lily Ho
  25. Sockie
  26. Eileen Thean

Young adult family members:

  1. This list is for young adult family members of SHC members. From 26 years and to below 45.
  2. .

Tentative plan for the Khao trip:

  • Sat 10 Oct 1000 hr – Tour guides will pick us up at DonMuang airport. At the new airport, if there is a group.  Tour guides are a legal requirement to protect the tourism industry. We plan to have one guide per van, besides a driver.
  • 1300 hr – 2 hours drive, followed by Lunch in Khao Yai, followed by Khao Yao sights. Winery and waterfal. This is almost the end of the raining season, so weather is dry; but plenty of greens and beautiful waterfalls.
  • 1600 hr – Check into to tents before night fall so as to enjoy the scenary. Enjoy the beautiful sights of KhaoYai. Also, can have an open air swimming pool. Walks and cycling.
  • 1700 hr – For those who are keen to join the night safari to look out for National Parks night animals, the group will leave at 5pm. Gate close at 6pm.  Your registration required. Return to base camp at about 7.30 pm to 8 pm.  1-2 hours. Participants sit on open pickups. Torches not required. Need to be quiet and follow the instruction of the Parks guides.
  • 1900 hr – Campfire plus rustic Barbeque dinner.
  • 2230 hr – Back to enjoy the skies, continue with food and drinks. Crawl into the tents and snore the night away. Closing 12 midnight.
  • 2400 hrs – Back to room and sleep for the night.
  • 1900 hrs – Dinner, Karoake and dancing in the hotel.
  • 1200 hrs – lunch. More sights of Khao Yai.
  • 0900 hrs – Sights of Khao Yai National park.
  • 0630 hrs – Breakfast and checkout. A simple placing of your luggage, tagged, at the hotel lobby. The porters will place your luggage in your resort bedroom.
  • Sun 11 October 0500 hrs – for earlyrisers to catch the first rays of sunlight. May need to drive out. Enjoy the mountain scenary.
  • Monday 12 Oct 0630 hrs – Breakfast.
  • 0515 hrs – To Khao Yai Golf course, for players only. Tee off 0600 hrs sharp.  Only for golfers.  Maybe we organise some eggs for you with coffee.
  • 1000 hrs – For non-golfers, we go to Premium Outlet, if you like shopping your years supply.
  • 1130 hrs – Those who would like to shop their whole years supply of clothings, we will go to Premium Outlet. Save your money now for fashion shopping.
  • 1200 hrs – Visit to ChokChai farm, the largest diary farm in Thailand. We can have the famous ChokChai steak here. And try local Thai steak.
  • 1600 hr – leave for Don Muang airport. For those going to Bangkok, we can arrange for you to go to Bangkok (selected spots only).

See you at another trip.

10 Days Guizhou Cultural Tour (Sat 6 – Mon15 Jun)

I am organizing a trip to Guizhou, China. It is a package tour. The details are:

Cost: $1498 (package) + $350 (airport tax) + $50 (tips) = $1898

Flight details: China Southern
CZ 352 06JUN SINCAN 0800/1200 (SIN – Guangzhou)
CZ 3692 06JUN CANKWE 1515/1700 (Guangzhou – Guiyang)
CZ 3691 15JUN KWECAN 1245/1420
CZ 351 15JUN CANSIN 1830/2230

No compulsory shopping trips.

I have picked this package for its comprehensiveness and quality. The cost is slightly higher due to the domestic flights. The tour is conducted in Mandarin. Itinerary in Chinese is available upon request. If you are interested, please register by replying to this post before 31 March if possible. If the itinerary is too small for reading, press the Ctrl key and the + sign key simultaneously to enlarge. To reduce, press the Ctrl key and the – sign key simultaneously.

Moon Wong (EC)

1. Moon Wong
2. Jane Chua

 photo 10D-Guizhou-Crop_Page_1_1.jpg
 photo 10D-Guizhou-Crop_Page_2.jpg

Our trip to Kerala is confirmed for 19 – 24 Feb 2015

kerala1  kerala2  kerala3

This has been a long awaited trip to Kerala, located at the Southern most tip of India.  Here are some pictures to tempt you to come. It’s very countryside, coconut trees, beaches, boats, winding roads, bananas, mangoes, massages, herbs, fishing villages, and Kerala food which is very unlikely the Indian food we get in Little India.

Pictures: Click here.

  1. Date:  19 – 24 Feb 2015.
  2. Flights:  we shall fly Sin/Cochin and Travandrum/Sin.  Altho there are many combinations.
  3. Mode of transport (internal):  Jeep or mini coach.
  4. Schedule:  We wont have a schedule, as this is not peak period. But we will travel from town to cities.  We start at Cochin and ends at Travandrum, capital city of Kerala.  We will only travel at night.
  5. What not to expect:  Kerala is not Singapore. It’s all about culture, traditions and scenary.  With me, you are not likely to enjoy 4-5 star dining.  Most nights, we will stay in 3-4 star hotels.  The only thing that may be comfortable is transport, altho you are likely to hit your head against the roof of the jeap with bumpy roads.  Cockcroaches are about to mature, and they are now 2 months old.
  6. Food – you bet most of it will be Indian and Kerala food, altho most of what you see locally in Singapore will be available. Please do not expect Chinese food, Bring some packets of instant noods, if you are really unable to eat Indian food, which is not chilly hot, but have a lot of spices.  Water – Kerala is one of the cleanest state in terms of hygience. Bottled water is easily available. But, we shall keep our eyes open for fresh vegetable salads and some street food.  Maybe the last day, we can have a down pour.
  7. Visa – Now, Singapore need a visa.
  8. Cost:  I cannot firm a number, altho I know it will not cost a bomb. Hotels, food, transport, driver, tips.  I would ask you budget USD 80 a day, altho I think it will be more like USD 60 per day.  Flight excluded.
  9. Language – Kerala has one of the best English speaking population. In fact, many speak British English.
  10. Trip is confirmed.  Please keep these dates if you are able to go. Please have +6594894360 in your Whatsapp. I am in Bkk for almost two weeks. Communication via Whatsapp in our group will start Monday.  If you like to join the Whatsapp group, please register here.

Register here.

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Ann Giri (keen to go)
  3. Moon (very keen to go)
  4. Freda Lim (join chat grp only)
  5. Maria Tan (join chat grp only)



Sushi Making Class – March 7,2015 (Saturday)

This is an opportunity for those who want to try their hands at making sushi.

Venue: Sushi King KSL City ,  Johore Bahru.

Cost: $20.00 for Bento Lunch and Class fees.

Please make payment to Susan Tan’s account: 102-15222-0 Posb Savings.

Closing date: February 22nd, 2015.


9.00am      Meet at Kranji MRT Station.

10.00am       Sushi Making Class – A competition will be held and prizes to be given.       Attendance certificate will be presented to you. All will receive a goodies bag.

12.00pm       Bento Lunch (Free)

2.00pm       Shopping/Massage at your own cost

4.00pm       Back to Singapore or overnight trip to Desaru.

EO,  Dan.

Those coming:

  1. Dan (Going overnight trip to Desaru)
  2. Alice Yap (paid)
  3. Susan Tan (paid)
  4. Susan SW Tan (paid)
  5. Cat Yeo (not coming)
  6. Yew Kwong?
  7. Grace Kang (paid)
  8. Shawn Soh?
  9. Jane Ong (paid)
  10. Daisy Phua (not coming)
  11. LK Ong (Driver for Desaru trip) – paid.
  12. Tan Poh Heng (joining Desaru trip) -paid.
  13. Ivy Low (paid)
  14. Karen Phoo (paid)
  15. Winnie Tan (paid)




I am looking at 16 D/15N Tibet n Silk Road with Dynasty Travel in mid June Twin sharing is $3068 nett/pax
Single supplement $700 for not sharing a room.
Interested please let me know. We can arrange a date to go to Dynasty Travel .

Name Capt Jimmy Tsin Yeong Cheng
Email :

Yangon trip, IN Fri 03 Oct 2014, OUT Mon 06 Oct 2014

temple1  temple2  temple3  temple4  myanmar marketI shall be in Yangon again in early Oct 2014.  And I shall extend my my trip if there are members wanting to visit Yangon. The dates are:

  • IN Fri 03 Oct 2014 – you have to arrive on or before 3 Oct, although 3 Oct will be spent in Yangon.
  • OUT Mon 06 Oct 2014 – You can leave anytime on or after 06 Oct 2014.

Note:  06 Oct is a public holiday.  We are likely to stay in the Chinatown area because the hotels are cheaper, and a few were newly rennovated.  The hotels will have internet WIFI, although I cannot guarantee the WIFI is stable. Chinatown is vibrant, full of food and busy from morning 5am to at night 9pm. Check with your friends who have joined me to Yangon before. Participants will have the option to book their own hotels, and these can be organised together as a package by the travel company which we use during our last trip.

USD or Kyatts are accepted in Yangon.  Credit cards are very very very limited in use, and incur surcharges.  Money exchange difficult to find, rates at hotel are unattractive.  Bring USD, that’s for first timers.

Please contact or send your queries only via this Post.  I shall bring some brochures on Yangon.  You may have a look at my fleamart stand on Sat 6 Oct.

Min-ga-la-bar (good morning, afternoon or evening), Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah – Arriving Yangon 3 Oct; Departing Yangon 7 Oct.
  2. Susan Tan and friend – Arriving Yangon Thu 02 Oct 1255hrs by SilkAir;
    Departing Yangon Tue 07Oct 1035hrs by SIA.
  3. Jenny Lee and Choy Kum Weng – SQ5033 departing Sin 2 Oct 11.35 am
    Departing Yangon 7 Oct 10.35 am
  4. Ann Giri – Going Tiger Airways 2 Oct 1705/1825 hrs, Returning 7 Oct 1905/2340 hrs.
  5. Eleanor Chan (confirmed)
  6. Join this trip to Yangon.  Confirmation based on airtickets confirmation.

Terence Seah


Yangon 3D2N In 18 Aug Out 20 Aug 2014

myanmarmap    yangon3  Hi guys and gals, I am going to Yangon, Myanmar again, this time on 18 Aug 2014 and back 20 Aug 2014.  If you can organise your air ticket, you can stay with me. There is Jetstar, tiger air and airasia.  Try it.

My next trip is IN Fri 03 Oct 2014 OUT Mon 06 Oct 2014.  Have to do it quick as 06 Oct is a public holiday. I have time to extend my trip to organise a trip for fellow SHCians, similar to the one we last organise.  Yangon is growing fast.  Come see the place before it becomes another Ho Chi Minh.  Say a few words if you are interested.

Terence Seah

Oct trip

  1. Laura Wee + friend (tentative – to be confirmed)
  2. Lily Ho
  3. T K Pow and Helen Pow
  4. Jenny Lee and Choy Kum Weng (?)
  5. Susan Tan and friend – ETA Yangon Thu 02 Oct 1255hrs SilkAir, ETD Yangon Tue 07Oct 1035hrs SIA



Trip to Yangon, Myanmar in July 2014 (tentatively 8 – 14 July)


Dear fellow members,

I am going up to Yangon in July on business. I will be there for a few days. I shall also meet up with other fellow Singaporeans who are living, working and doing their business in Myanmar.

SHC members who would like to visit Yangon for the first time, and get to experience Yangon, its culture, its people, its sights and its vibrance, can join me at the end of my business trip. For those who are looking at opportunities, you can also join.

I will likely use the same travel group to organise the travel itinery. Please register your interest here.

Terence Seah

Interested list:

  1. Jane Chua

At S$215 pxn ,Don’t Miss this 40% sponsored Tour Package ( 5 Days + 3 Nites )with Hotel Accomdations, All meals , ChartedCoach with Tour Guide

travel3ON 18TH JUNE 2014

Have you been to the 370 meter granite cave with a hidden garden? Keen to know how our suger is being produce – from cane plantation-suger?  We shall visit the largest Cultivation and Processing factory once owned by The suger King-Mr. Robert Kouk.

know how and history of rice are cultivated ?

Visit the Only Snake Garden in Malaysia featuring difference spices and other crawling creature

An Exhibite centre of Gifts presented to Malaysia’s Ex-Minister from different countries

Join me for the 5 days 3 nites Tour the Northern Malaya Triangle of Perlis, Kedah and Penang in a Chartered Coach – The meaning of chartered coach means we stop at any intervals, go shoping without the hassle of leg work and heavy things to carry around like “Siao”

To the first 8 SHairians , Pay only $215.00 . Register here and I will contact you for your passport details for adminstrative necessaries.


Tour Itinerary:

2014 June 18th   @ 8.00 pm     

Assemble at Chinese Garden MRT, heading for Immigration clearance. Travel leisurely towards Perlis ( Malaysia’s smallest state ) , Will  stop at various interval for snacks and clearing one’s system. This SVIP Coach provide reasonably condition for you to doze off.

2014 June 19th

Arrive in Perlis in the morning; after breakfast proceed to Hidden Cave- walk through the 370 meters pathway to discover the secret GARDEN . Visit the Robert Kouk’s cane plantation and Refinery to learn the process of sugar. Next will bring you to Natural Garden and Snake Garden. Will stay for a Night at Hotel in Perlis.

2014 June 20th

After breakfast, travel to Alor star ( Kedah State ) to visit the Padi Museum to learn the History of Rice cultivation. Next will bring you to The Mahathir’s Exhibition centre to appreciate collections, gifts presented to the EX-Primier by different countries. Next to the Famous Alor Star Viewing Tower. Stay at Alor Star Hotel

2014 June 21st

Travel to Penang in the morning . Visit the Asia’s biggest Buddish Pagoda. Next we learn from the famous Penang Wall Paintings to discover the Local culture and early living enviroments. Historic preservation of the Local Chinese Buildings. Stay ONE night in Penang.

2014 June 22nd

Proceed to Ipoh after breakfast. Will shop for Local produce. End the Tour and head for home.

List of interested member

1. Lilian N partner- With  drawn and replaced by  Lilian Tan ( Paid 2 shares to hv room to herself )and  Connie Tan

2. Inez (Paid)

3. Ginko ( Withdrawn due to problem with room arrangement )

4. Dorine Tan

5. Tony Ang



Genting Highlands – 4th to 7th August 2014

Hi All
Although it is still two months away, I’d encourage SHC members to block the above dates for a relaxing and refreshing time at Genting Highlands.
Our corporate member has “lobang” to book packages (under MICE) for 3 nights stay with 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners and 2 lunches and 2-way transport in deluxe rooms at less than S$300 per person (4 pax per room, Maxims/Resorts Hotel).
If you think it is a good deal, please register your interests here (with your email address) and we will get back to you.
Once the available vacancies are filled, late registrants will stay at First World instead.
Hope to catch up with you.

May Monthly Gathering and Travel planning on Sat 17 May 2014 at Oxford Hotel Skylight cafe


Our May monthly gathering will be held on Sat 17 May 2014.

Venue: Oxford Hotel, Skylight Cafe
Time: 6pm to 9 pm
Dinner Buffet: from 6.30pm

  • Please make payment transfer to Karen Thio at POSB account 207-31089-1. Let us know your transfer reference number.
  • Charge: $15 (if payable before 15 May, $20 for walk-in and unregistered).

Come and meet other members. The monthly gathering is a good opportunity to know new friends.

Some members will be discussing their travel plans. Join the different groups, cruises, European, US or regional Asian countries. Look for travel partners, exchange contacts and make your plans.

Let us know your travel interest, and we try to group you into groups.

If you are planning to come, do let us know early. This helps with planning. If you cannot make it for last minute reasons, do let us know by 15 May.

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Susan C H Tan (Paid)
  3. Mary Chan (Paid)
  4. Esther Mok (Paid)
  5. Peri (Paid)
  6. Theresa Seow (Paid)
  7. Ann Lim (Paid)
  8. Wong Yoke Moon (Paid)
  9. June Chin (Paid)
  10. Lilian Teo (Paid)
  11. Evon Lim (Paid)
  12. Susan S W Tan (Paid)
  13. Jane Ong (Paid)
  14. Wang Tiew Jee
  15. Sock Cheng (Paid)
  16. Janie Leong (Paid)
  17. Helen Kuek (Paid)
  18. Helen Wong (Paid)
  19. Beverly Tan (Non-member)
  20. Kenneth Tan (paid)
  21. Irene Tan (Paid)
  22. Vincent Khoo
  23. Leow Soon Huat (paid)
  24. Ching Sok Tin (Paid)
  25. Kristy Quek  (paid)
  26. Shawn Soh (paid)
  27. Vicky Siong
  28. June Lee


12 Days Mount Everest Tibetan Plateau (9 – 20 June 2014)

I have looked at more than 15 Tibet packages and was looking for one that include Mt. Everest in the itinerary. Most travel agencies offer 9 or 10 days packages that do not include Mt. Everest. The reason is that a side trip to Mt. Everest base camp will add $400-$500 more to the package and there is little demand for it. Most people want a shorter and cheaper trip. So far, I have found only 1 travel agency that offer a 12D Tibet tour that includes Mt. Everest and the tour is confirmed. Let’s call this agency A.

For agency A, the departure date is 9 June, 2014. The cost is 2888 (package) + 350 (taxes) + 72 (tips) = $3310. It was more than I initially expected. But, after talking to the agent, I think the cost is justifiable and reasonable. She promised that there will not be any compulsory optional tour, no shopping tour and the cabin for the train ride is 4 to a room with soft beds. Some travel agencies provide 6 to a room with hard beds. For those with 6 in a room, the door cannot be locked (security is compromised) and the windows are dirty (cannot take photos through the window).

Beside the above mentioned travel agency, there are 2 other agencies that offer 12D Tibet tour with Mt. Everest. None of them have received any booking. Let’s call these 2 agencies B & C, and the details of the packages are given below.

B: Depart 5 June, Requires 10 to depart, Estimated cost $2900 (includes package, taxes, tips and compulsory optional tour), Shopping stops on the trip

C: Depart 5 June, Requires 6 to depart, Estimated cost $3050 (includes package, taxes, tips and compulsory optional tour), Shopping stops on the trip

In 2008, three of my friends (with one of them from Xian, China) have decided to visit Tibet in April 2008 on a Free n Easy trip. Due to the riot in March 2008, the Tibet trip was cancelled. Since we have already purchased our air tickets to Xian (we plan to take a train from Xian to Lhasa), we decided to fly into Xian and spend most of our time in Xian and the surrounding regions. At that time, we estimated the cost to be about $2000+ on a shoe string budget and plan to stay at budget inns.

So far, Jane Chua and I are confirmed going. If you are interested in any of the packages, please reply with your preference (indicating A, B, C or no preference), preferably asap as we have to make a decision soon. If we can get enough people, we can consider the lower cost package.

EO: Moon Wong

The itinerary of Agency A is given below. The tour is conducted in Mandarin. Its Chinese version of the itinerary is very detailed with names of hotels given.

Tour Highlights:
Potala Palace, World’s highest palace / Jokhang Monastery – sacred place of worship for the Tibetan / Barkhor
Street – characteristics of Tibet local folk art-crafts & Tibetan-style daily goods / Yamdrok & Namtso Lake, heavenly
beauty lake
Nyingchi – The Jiangnan of Tibet / Lhasa River / Niyang River Scenic Area & Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon
Shigatse – Tashi-Lhunpo Monastery: Panchen Lama’s residence
Train Journey Highlights
– Ride the most luxurious train on the world’s highest railway
– The world’s most advanced oxygenized cabin
– Marvel at the snowy landscape at the top of the world
Mount Everest : The highest point on the Earth’s continental crust

Day 1: Singapore Chengdu (L/D) CA404 SINCTU 0200/0630
Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for our flight to Chengdu, provincial capital of Sichuan. Upon arrival, visit
Kuan-zhai Lane where is a conservation of old architectural structures that have been implanted with modern decoration in a bustling
Chengdu city. Enjoy Sichuan spicy hotpot for dinner. After dinner, proceed to check into hotel.

Day 2: Chengdu Nyingchi CA4431 (07:20/08:50) (B/L/D)
Transfer to airport for your domestic flight to Nyingchi. Nyingchi is also known as the Jiangnan of Tibet with an average
sea-level of 2,500m. After lunch, proceed to King Cypress Natural Reserve. King Cypress is located near the village of
Bajie, about 7km from the town of Bayi and it has a history of more than 2,500 years. In the afternoon, travel 70km north in
the Yunnan-Tibet highway to the fairty-tale world ‘Lulang Forest Area’ which is known as ‘Little Switzerland of Tibet’. It is
the most impressive is the forest of Tibetan cypresses of about 10ha at the Bagyai Village in Nyingchi County at 3,040m
above sea level. Take a distance look at Najiabawa Peak. The main peak of Nanjiabawa is 7,782m high and famed as “the
father of icebergs”. The Nanjiabawa Peak is the highest in the Prefecture of Nyingchi and the 15th highest in the globe. Its
colossal triangle body is covered with deep snow and mists all year around which makes people hard to see its real face.

Day 3: Nyingchi / Lhasa (8hrs drive to Lhasa) (B/L/D)
Before depart Nyingchi, proceed to the most beautiful Kadinggou. Drive over the 5,013m above sea level Mila Mountain and
arrive Lhasa. Check-in to hotel after dinner.

Day 4: Lhasa/ Potala Palace / Jokhang Monaster / Barkhor Street (B/L/D)
After breakfast, we begin our exploration of the famous Potala Palace, perched on the northern side of Morburi Mountain.
Throughout the ages, it had been the winter palace of Dalai Lamas. Its name means ‘sacred Buddhist site’ in Tibetan
language. This palace-like complex of buildings was first built in the 7th century by King Songtsen Gampo to mark his
marriage with the Tang Dynasty’s princess Wencheng as well as to house the Buddha images brought by Wencheng and
the Nepalese princess Bhrikuti Devi. Over time, the palace was restored and expanded. The buildings are built of wood and
stone over 13 levels that span a height of over 117m, and a width of 400m from east to west and 360m from north to south.
The 130,000m2 architectural wonder has more than
1,000 gilded rooms and halls. The palace also houses priceless artefacts and artworks. Continue to Jokhang Monastery,
situated in the centre of Lhasa. It was first built in 674AD to celebrate the marriage of King Songtsen Gampo with Princess
Wencheng and Bhrikuti Devi, both devout Buddhists. This monastery underwent expansion over the years and today, its
four-level main hall sports a gilded roof and a blend of Han Chinese, Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian architectural styles. The
centre hall is supported by 20 beautifully carved wooden beams, while the under the eaves of the second and third levels of
the main hall are intricate sculptures of sphinxes and woodcarvings depicting animals. The corridors and halls are also
densely adorned with colourful murals of a total length of over 1,000m, which portray historical episodes and mythological
legends. Buddha images, including one of Sakyamuni at 13 years old, preside over the main hall, while the side halls feature
lifelike statues of King Songtsen Gampo, Princess Wencheng and Princess Bhrikuti Devi. Proceed to Barkhor Street in the
old city, which offers glimpses of traditional Tibetan life. The faithful chant and circumambulate around Jokhang Monastery.
In this circular street there are also shops selling a wide variety of crafts such as Tibetan knives, bangles, shoes and more.

Day 5: Lhasa/ Namtso Lake (B/L/D)
After breakfast, coach to Namsto. When you arrive Na Gang Kou, you can see the bright lake surface of Lake Nam-tso in the
western side. Follow the smooth road down the mountain, you may then see the lake. However, the road is heading for Nam
village government at the north side. You cannot see the other side of the shore of Lake Nam-tso..

Day 6: Lhasa / Yamdrok lake / Shigatse (B/L/D)
After breakfast, we depart for Shigatse. Along the way, we pass-by Yamzo Yumco Lake, whose name means ‘swan lake’.
Also known as Baidi Lake, it is wedged between two mountains, hence like a swan spanning its wings. The crystal-clear
lake, located over 4,000m above sea level, has an area of 638m2, about the size of Singapore. It is the largest freshwater
lake in Tibet, with a depth of up to 59m.

Day 7: Shigatse / Dingri (B/L/D)
In th morning, visit Tashi-Lhunpo Monastery, the largest monastery of the Tibetan Buddhist Yellow Sect and seat of the
Panchen Lama. This monastery, whose beauty is on par with that of Potala Palace, is located 2km west of Shigaze. It was
founded by the first Dalai Lama, Gyalwa Gendun Drup, in 1447AD. Its name means ‘all fortune and happiness gather here’.
Built against the mountain, this complex of overlapping buildings looks like a little town from afar. Covering 300,000m2, the
complex is enclosed by a wall of 1,500m. The oldest building is the Main Chanting Hall. Constructed over 12 years, it is
fronted by a courtyard where Panchen Lamas presided over Buddhist lectures. The courtyard walls are covered with
Buddha images. The Main Chanting Hall houses the Panchen Lama’s throne and several chapels, including a Sakyamuni
chapel, Bodhisattva chapel and Tara chapel. Don’t miss the Tenth Panchen Lama’s Stupa. The Tenth Panchen Lama was a
highly respected Tibetan Buddhist leader.

Day 8: Dingri/Mount Everest/ Shigatse (B/L/D)
Zhumulangma Peak (Chinese: ????? Zh?mùl?ngm? F?ng) or Mount Chomolangma – is the highest mountain on
Earth above sea level, and the highest point on the Earth’s continental crust, as measured by the height above sea level of
its summit, 8,848 metres (29,029 ft). The mountain, which is part of the Himalaya range in Asia, is located on the border
between Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal, and Tibet, China.
We’ll go to the highest Mount Everest nature protection area and watch sunrise by early morning.
After that going to Mount Everest station by walk, it will take about 1 hour. Feels the nature grandness, also may see
fortunately has Mount Everest flag cloud which like fire of the life flutters. Across the Mount WuJiaLa(5200 m), we can find
out Mount ZhuoAoYou (8201 m),Mount LuoZi(8201 m),and Mount MaKaLu(8463 m) around the Mount Everest. All the white
world, stand here, Life, even the whole universe is absolute reality.

Day 9: Shigatse /Visit Tibetan Family /Lhasa (B/L/D)
After breakfast, we proceed back to Lhasa. On the way, we can enjoy scenic views of the Yarlung Zangbo Gorge. Upon
arrival, visit the Tibetan family. Continue coach to Lhasa.Stay Overnight in Lhasa.

Day 10: Qingzang Train: Lhasa/Xining (B)
Transfer to Lhasa railway station by Train start at 12:45pm.It is a high-elevation railway that connects Lhasa, Tibet to Xining,
Tibet Autonomous Region, in the People’s Republic of China.The length of the railway is 1,956 km.

Day 11: Xining (B/L/D)
After breakfast, a site not to be missed is the Dongguan Mosque, one of the biggest mosques in northern China.

Day 12: Xining Chengdu Singapore CA403 CTUSIN 2000/0040+1
Train arrival Chengdu at 08.00am.Enjoy free time in Chengdu until transfer to airport for our flight back to Singapore.

1. Moon Wong (No preference)
2. Jane Chua (No preference)

How many places in the world would you like to see before the legs say No? Europe and Eurail.


Travel has always been a top activity of SilverHairs.  We have worked all our lives, and we have not seen so many places. Some of us yean to go to Bangkok every year.  I go every month, and it is still exciting.  But there are so many other places.  There is China, India, Callifornia, Mexico (World Cup comng), Artic cruise, around Vancouver, etc, etc.  No end, our dreams and our pockets will decide.

An European Train travel 14 countries, How about Genting, Penang, or even Bali, or even Perth, Brisbane.  Too many, where do you want to go.  Your wishes, make it come true.

All your travel dreams will work well, if planned in advance, and you go with friends, people you know.  Maybe you want to go to Europe next year, but dont know who to go with.  Well, there is always someone who wants to go to Europe too.  Talk about it.  Let’s others know where you would like  go.  Maybe, both of you will pair up.

Well, we will set a date where all interested in travel can come together.  We will gather you in groups, by cities or groups, or …. The rest will be up to you. So, speak up and register your interest here.

This event is strictly for SHC members only.  However, you go with finally, is up to you.  Have fun.

Eurail global passes, click here:  Organise yourself in groups of 4.

Terence Seah

Spending SongKhran in Bangkok next week and 12, 13, 14 April 2014

songkhran1songkhran2thailand2thailand5   Next week, Mon 7 April,  I plan to go to Bangkok.  Will be there until Monday 14 April.

SongKhran is the Thai New Year, and is the most important year in Thai festivals and traditions.  Most Thais would take their holidays from Fri night 11 April and return 14 April. Bangkok will be quite, the roads are fast as there are few cars.  Tradition way of respect to the elders is to hold the palm of the elder and pour slowly water over the hand, until the container is empty.  Young people and every other person would splash water onto you.  It will be a fun week.

If you like to join me in Bangkok, and have some fun time enjoying the place, do let me know.  I see air tickets to Bangkok are attractive, so you may like to consider.

Terence Seah

Paradise on Earth?






UPDATE  5 JUL 2014

This offer by the deal company is still on.  It’s even cheaper at $388 and I can’t believe it and it includes Silkair Return Flights!

Email me and I’ll give you the link to buy the deal.


Spot on, Ah Née!  Looks like you’ve been to this beautiful country haven, a UNESCO Heritage Site, but poor me, it will be my first time there.   I thought the colourful scenes came from the movie “Avatar”!  We can feast our eyes on the rich colours and backdrops of the mountains and lakes of Jiuzhaigou just by googling and I hope this will tempt you all to visit this sanctuary with me and some others in Oct, the most ideal time to visit.

My buddy, Ann has sussed out a deal from a deal company but I thought I’d better call them to clarify and confirm the financial costs and other essential details, so here they are:

Period of Travel:           19-26 Aug (8D 7N) Jiuzhaigo

26-28 Aug (2N) Hong Kong free ‘n easy

Cost (estimated):         $1,100 estimated (5-star hotel, food, airfare, guide/driver tipping $6.00 per day)

Places of Visit:            Jiuzhaigou, Mt E’Mei, Lesha, Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Panda Breeding Research Base

Airline:                         Silkair or Cathay Pacific

EXCLUDES:                Airport/hotel porterage, travel insurance

Compulsory:               All passengers must follow tour throughout; penalty of $100 per day per pax applies should passenger deviate from tour.

Tour conducted in Mandarin and Cantonese.

No amendment or cancellation allowed once booking has been sent to Travel Agency by email.

Above is my summary of what’s given in the deal printout but there are few other details, too much to be spelt out but no less important, and I will email you the link, once you have registered here, so you are advised to double check.

I think that for $1,100 to pay for everything including 5-star hotels and Silkair flights  is a pretty good deal, hence sharing this with you.   What remains to be seen is how is the service from the tour guide as we’re buying at a bargain price, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope not to be disappointed, but the plus point is that we will have strength in numbers and can look out for each other as in all our SHC travels.   So what d’ya say?

As we must redeem our vouchers soon, I need to have your expression of interest by 8 April (1 week’s time).

We’ll start with the following interested parties:

1.    Susan CH Tan

2.   Ann Lim

3.   Evon

4.  Meng Wai

5.  Leon Lau

6.  Jane Chua

7.  Wong Yoke Moon

8.  Bobby Bok

Thanks to the confirmed group above who have all fund transferred $487.00 each to me (excluding airfare) to me.

We can still accept more members as I have secured the tour agent’s agreement for the late-comers at the same price but there is a limited time.   It will be easy for us if members can register as a pair for rooming purposes but not to worry even if you register singly and we’ll wait for the  next one to join in and will automatically be the room partner.





Genting Highland- A Cooler Place to Fun and Relax, 14th to 17th April 2014

During the last Monthly Walk, some suggested to go relaxing at a cooler place . Singapore is a liittle hot. Daniel Chan and I will EO this Event. Kindly advise your interest by 25th March 2014.

Date : 14th to 17th April 2014 ( Monday to Thursday )

Interested participants kindly indicate the type of accomodation required.- Resort World Hotel ( Delux ) OR First World Hotel.- Standard, Delux OR Super Delux.

Programme : Mountain Trecking ( Dry season good to treck ); Explore Kuala Lumpur ; Durian Hunting; Kara-ok and Good Makans


Tony and Daniel

2D1N Batam Extravanga – 3 & 4 May 2014

Hi Members,
We are thinking of organising a 2D1N Batam trip leaving Singapore on 3 May and return back from Batam on 4 May 2014 – This is a very exclusive tour package that we managed to secure and hope that some of you are keen to join us for this holi.  FYI – we just back from 1 Day Batam tour with the same tour agent and their service was really fanatastic.  Not only the tour guide is experienced, attentive and caring, tour itinerary was even more interesting….

Our tentative schedule for these 2 days program is as below subjected to change if any.

Day One
Take the 8.45am ferry to Batam from Singapore Harbour Centre to Batam Sekupang Terminal.
Upon arrival Batam Terminal, our dedicated Batam Tour Guide will collect passport and guide us thru Express Check In without any hassle or waiting time at custom.

City tour which inclusive of kueh lapis home maker and birds nest shop, dry goods market, shopping mall at Batam City Square and not forgetting to try their roadside rojak stalls (an eye opener).  They might even extend further should time permits to Polo Ralph Lauren shop, Batik shop and others.

Lunch at Sari Bumbu buffet Indonesia Food or Sundanese Food

Check in hotel near city

Followed by Dinner at Shangrilla Chinese Restaurant

Breakfast at Hotel and Check out followed by last minute shopping at wet market

Lunch at Kingsway Chinese Seafood Restaurant and if time permits, will stop at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall before our return to catch the 4.00pm ferry to Singapore.  Here again, the tour guide will help to do express check out with us without any hassle or rush with others.

Tour fare is $160/pax not including tips for both guide and driver. This itnerary is only for 12paxs and it will be based on first paid members only…

Kindly make payment to our POSB Saving A/C# xxxxxxxxxxx soonest possible.

Interested members, please indicate here
1) Dolly Lim – EO (Paid)
2) Rosalind Lee – EO (Paid)
3) Caroline Gee (Paid)
4) Sockie (Paid)
5) Kristy (Paid)
6) Lily Lim (Paid)
7) Alice Yap (Paid)
8) Jeffrey Gan (Paid)
9) Edwin Tan (Paid)
10) Eyvonne Chew (Paid)

Screening Movie and e-Entertainment (15-02-2014, Saturday 3-5pm)

The movie, titled, “Alone in the Wilderness”.

This “Alone in the Wilderness” is a 60 minutes movie about one man, Richard Proenneke, who after retirement at the age of 50 in 1967, decided to build a cabin on the shore of Twin Lakes up in the Alaska mountain wilderness. The first summer he scouted for the best cabin site, cut and peeled the logs he would need for his cabin. He returned the next summer to finish the cabin where he lived for over 30 years with nature.  Only when his health was failing him that he returned back to civilisation and lived the remainder of his life with his brother in Hemet, California. He died in April 2003 at the age of 86. He left his cabin and legacy to the National Park Service and it remains a popular visitor attraction in the still remote Twin Lakes region.

You can view with 360° perspective, the surrounding cabin site and interior of the cabin by visiting –

The Movie …

“Thousands have had such dreams, but Richard Proenneke lived them. He found a place, built a cabin, and stayed to become part of the country. This video “Alone in the Wilderness” is a simple account of the day-to-day explorations and activities he carried out alone, and the constant chain of nature’s events that kept him company.” – Sam Keith

e-Entertainment – it is an IT skill to get yourself “entertained” through surfing the Internet. Though certain sites (especially those marketable movies) require a small rental fee for viewing, but there are also a lot of short videos, also entertaining, out there for FREE viewing. I will also touch on the meaning of “Smart TV” and “Home Intelligence”.

Program: 1st hour – See “Alone in the Wilderness” movie
2nd hour – e-Entertainment
Date: 15-02-2014 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Movie Start at 3.05PM sharp
Venue: Leng Kee Community Club (5-minutes walk from Redhill MRT)
Attendance Fee: Free (no charge).

The classroom can only accommodate 25 persons and registration will close at 25.
Hewlee (EC)
Those registered coming:

1) Richard Lean
2) Vivian Lai
3) Peri Liew
4) Thomas Loh
5) Winne Tan
6) Joy Chuang
7) Lilian Teo
8) Judy Lim
9) Irene Poh
10) Joyce Kwok
11) Bobby Bok
12) Lim Tian Soo
13) Aaron How
14) Maureen Lee
15) Ronald Lam
16) Joan Ang
17) Ronald Lee
18) Gingko Tay
19) John Howe
20) Myra Chia
21) Peng Peng
22) HC Lee
23) Lina Ng
24) June Koh
25) Charles Chua
26) Registration is now CLOSED.

Travel venture

Hi All Members

Many of us travel and join tours, either package or free n easy ones. Some members are very knowledgeable about some countries as they spend years/months there.

I am wondering if Silverhairs can come up with, for a country: recommended sightseeing places to visit, shop, eat and also stay with costs, itineraries etc. With them as the contact persons and even acting, where possible as guides, I think members feel safer (especially travelling single, small group etc) as the contact person is another Silverhairs member.

Can this be handled by a travel coordinator/s in the club who is a keen traveller with time and perhaps even turn it into a business venture for himself/herself/themselves, catering to Silverhairs members?

Just an idea.
Joan (Perth)

Early Next year 2015, we will go to Chennai and Kerala, South India

India map1   Indian food

sandy beach1    beach1

During the last Yangon trip, I mentioned to participants that we may go to Chennai and Kerala, South India (click on the map for a better view).  Chennai is one of the most famous and populated cities in South India.  I have been to Chennai and Kerala more than 30 times, although I am not able to speak Tamil, the language spoken by Indians who migrated to Singapore many years ago.

The attractions in Chennai are its beaches and beach resorts, the South Indian food, its culture and heritage.  Kerala is really back waters, relaxing, coconut trees, rice boats, shapely or shapeless mangoes, massage, spa and its unique food.

Over the last 12 years, I visited Chennai and Kerala, due to my work and business with the Indian newspapers.  The people of Chennai and Kerala are very nice, pleasant and cheerful.  I remembered not too long ago, I took a boat ride, only to be allowed to take over the wheel.  It’s always like this, if we are nice, others will be nice too.  We can have a holiday.  I am currently planning with a friend of mine who works in Malayala Manorama.  He is helping to piece together a program which most European tourists do not get to see.

For some of you, you may not believe it, but you can get cool winter in India.  Wear a jacket too.  I plan to go in March 2014.  You don’t have to buy tickets or book your hotels yet.  More details will pop up in this Post.  Keep in touch.  And, of course, if you are interested, simply put your name up for registration.  Going as a group is always fun.

Terence Seah

Registration: If you have interest, doesn’t mean you are going.

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Ng Meng Wai
  3. Evon Lim
  4. Daisy Yeo
  5. Ann Lim
  6. Gabriella Chua
  7. Zara
  8. Lin Chuah
  9. Marg Tian
  10. Lilian Teo
  11. Gingko Tay
  12. Jacqueline Wong
  13. Yuit Leng
  14. Catherine Ho
  15. Annto
  16. Christina Chan
  17. Annie Tang
  18. Eileen Thean
  19. Sockie (Sock Cheng)
  20. Bira
  21. Frisna
  22. Lily Ho
  23. Pauline Chew
  24. Evyonne Chew
  25. Julie Guan
  26. Winnie Tan
  27. Theresa Seow
  28. Irene Seet (Kiv – membership lapsed – awaiting approval from Admin)
  29. Jimmy Tsin
  30. Lee Ah Nee
  31. Cindy Wee
  32. Pearl Kwan
  33. Simon Lee
  34. Susan Chong
  35. Dolly Lim
  36. Audrey Wong
  37. Bobby Bok
  38. Charles Chua
  39. Tian Soo
  40. Daisy Phua
  41. Dorine Tan
  42. Alice Yap
  43. Mary Tan
  44. Chengpun
  45. Caroline Gee
  46. S K Chua
  47. Helen Wong
  48. T K Pow
  49. Esther Mok
  50. Grace Wong
  51. Lawrence Lee
  52. Jessie Lee (Mrs)
  53. LydiaChin
  54. Helen Yeo
  55. Irene Chua
  56. Yoke Moon
  57. Foo Jock Khim
  58. Jane Tan
  59. Pat Oei
  60. Linda Chua
  61. Peri Liew
  62. Thomas Loh
  63. Mega Abdullah
  64. Steven Chan
  65. Serena Tay

Urgently looking for a female room-mate to Ho Chi Min, Vietnam 17-19 Jan 2014

We have secured 4 places for a 3D2N tour to Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.  I am looking for a female room-mate.

Travel Period: 17 to 19 Jan 2014 (Fri, Sat and Sun)
Depart SIN:    17 Jan 2014 – Singapore to Ho Chi Min, ETD 0740
Arrive SIN:     19 Jan 2014 – Ho Chi Min to Singapore, ETA 2055

Tour Price: S$358, twin sharing includes the following:
a) 2-way airfare and taxes, travel by budget carrier
b) 2-way airport transfers by luxury coach
c) 4-star hotel stay
d) Guided tour with English speaking guide
e) Meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner (total number of meals provided unknown but was told all meals included)

FYI, this is a customised trip and we will be travelling in a group of 60 persons.  If you are keen to join us (Alex Woo, my sis-in-law and I), please post your interest here as soon as possible.   Alternatively, you may write to me at:   If no takers by 14 Nov Thu (1600), we will have to cancel 2 places.  Then I will travel with Alex only.

Closing date:  14 Nov 2013 (Thu), 1600

Payment by:   15 November 2013 (Fri), 1200

Yangon trip – Looking urgently for a lady to replace.

Hi Friends,

Due to some circumstances, I am unable to go for the Yangon trip schedule from 6-10 November 2013. Number of confirmed persons going including myself is 21.

It is a twin room sharing with another lady. I have already purchased my air ticket with jetstar worth $164.60. It is transferrable and I am selling it for only $50. You would have to pay the difference between the current ticket price and the amount I purchased ($164.60) plus a transfer fee of about $50.

If you are keen on going for this trip, kindly email me at for more details.

Thanks & Regards

14 – 17 Nov 2013 – UPDATE from previous post – ECO CYCLING ADVENTURE – Kuching

Date: 14th to 17th November 2013

Are you looking for a cycling adventure with a distinct difference?

Green on Bikes!!! Nothing is quite like touring on bike for an ecological, cultural, culinary and experiential experience!!!!

We synergize with the hotel and a team with the best of local knowledge and an insatiable passion for cycling to envision and provide adventurous experience in SARAWAK.  With moderate, achievable riding on charming small roads through village communities and lots of local interaction, you will have a chance to learn about the country and the people who live here. Food is a highlight.

Fortunately, cycling offers a low-impact form of physical activity that appeal to a wide range of the population. As long as you’re reasonably fit and familiar with your own limits, you’re a good candidate for a cycling adventure.

TENTATIVE PROGRAM*Program subject to change

November 14 2013 [Thursday] DAY 1 Upon immigration and custom clearance will transfer to check-in at Riverside Majestic hotel and prepare bicycle. Freshen up. Subjected to time and circumstances will then experience an evening ride (20km+-) and have dinner (own account).

November 15 2013 [Friday] DAY 2 – B/L/Commence cycling journey firstly to local kopitiam for breakfast. Continue to Fairy Cave (55km +-) Explore the cave and then have ethnic lunch. Rest and relax and continue to Lan-E-Tuyang home stay. (25km +-). Check in, explore the garden for durians. Wash up and then have dinner. Relax and enjoy the environment, culture and ethnic music. Overnight is at home stay.

November 16 2013 [Saturday] DAY 3 – B/D After breakfast at home stay, commence cycling through the village roads to Mt Singai – CMPC is a historical site. Although one needs to walk up the steps for more than 30 minutes, but upon getting to the centre with a chapel, longhouse, and amphitheatre et cetera, the feeling of fresh air and lush, green scenery that surrounds the place greets you with a calm and peaceful feeling. All you hear is the sound of the small jungle creatures that was left to live undisturbed. Perhaps may find durians too. Then continue cycling journey through scenic roads and stop for lunch (own account). After lunch continue cycling to Riverside Majestic hotel (30km +-) check in relax and freshen up and adjourn for seafood dinner.

November 17 2013 [Sunday] DAY – B After breakfast at the hotel, free and easy Check out of hotel and transfer to airport for flight back to Singapore

 Suggested Flight Malaysian Airline

SIN / KCH                 MH0642                    1250 / 1415
KCH/SIN                   MH0643                    1040 / 1205

Please note the luggage allowance is 30 Kgs The air ticket base on group is SGD250.00 and you can purchase through the travel agent Muhibbah Travel –Tel: 62942011, however, you may also check with other travel agents. But most important is to purchase the air ticket immediately if you have decided on participation. Please advice upon booking your flight

Anyway, I have already booked my air ticket online which was relatively cheaper.

 Bike Rental

You may rent bicycles in Kuching at RM70.00 per day. Through our experience we encourage participants to bring their own bike as one will enjoy much better knowing your own bike.

Cost is SGD 295.00 (10 participants & above) SGD 345.00 (6-9 participants) – EXCLUDES AIR TICKET, INSURANCE & personal expenses. Inclusive of 2 nights @ hotel and 1 night home stay; return airport/hotel transfer; marshals; support vehicle; meals as indicated; entrance fees; and activities.

Confirmation is upon payment of SGD295.00 and balance (if any) to be paid on day of departure. Group will be a minimum of six (6) and maximum twenty (20) participants only.The closing date is October 18 2013

Please indicate your interest in this post or email if you require further details.