Talk by Sam Goh on “Living in JB during retirement” via SHC Zoom, Sat 14 Mar 2020 1900 – 2100hrs.

Sam Goh, also know as Ah Huat or the laughter yoga teacher, joined SHC in Jan 2006. Well known as our contact guy in JB, Sam just crossed 60, and has always been involved in recycling and charity activities in JB. In the club, Sam had participated in different roles, one as a bouncer in SHC Dinner & Dance “One night in Taipei” and as a young school boy in SHC Prom night.

Sam is street smart. He speaks Bahasa Malay and Mandarin fluently. Having lived in JB for more than 20 years, he knows many nooks and corners, including good food, karaoke and special buys. He also knows many naughty places.

We have invited Sam Goh to give a talk on “Living in JB during retirement”. He is ideally suited to offer his views and recommendations on JB.

The talk will be presented over SHC Zoom. Date and time not fixed yet. This will last about 30 mins, followed by Q&A and discussion. You are welcome to participate.

We will have more SHC Zoom talks and discussions. To prepare your self, please click to join in at the designated time. No password required.

Terence Seah

4 Short F&E trip to Thailand 2020

In 2020, I plan to do 4 F&E trips to Thailand to explore the country.. The broad details are:

1. Each trip will last at least 7D 6N. Start and end dates will be announced at least one 1 month ahead. Every body buys own airtickets.

2. Starting city: A major city eg Phuket, Bangkok, Chiangmai, Udonthani or Hatyai.

3. Ending trip: Another major city or same originating city.

4. Format: Drivers only. We drive where the heart takes us.

5. Accommodation: budget 500 baht a room night (tenting included). Usually no warm water, no breakfast, no room accessories. No prebooking, as we check in when like the place.

6. Itinery: no program, plan on a next day by day basis. No shopping in plan.

7. F&B: very Thai and local. Only strong stomachs can participate. High veg diet. Local markets.

8. Suitable for retirees or would be retirees

Interested, plse register here. We will get in touch with you.

Terence Seah

Ageing together in JB

We are setting up a group for SHC members who have considered or decided on ageing together in JB. This group is not for those who are not ready to consider retiring or are anti the JB area.

We will start as a Whatsapp group, strictly no URL links, copy and paste, videos and pictures. Club rules apply.

Here, the platform would provide participants the opportunity to find other fellow members with similar interests eg:

1. Pooling of maid or domestic help services eg keeping the place tidy and clean and cooking.

2. Sharing of transport or cars, so as to keep mobile.

3. Sharing cost of place of stay, a house or a condo. Rental or purchase.

4. Sharing of day to day marketing and household costs.

5. Plan outdoor trips, to keep in touch with the outside world.

6. Discussion on hospital, doctors, medical services, clinics, nursing, maids and ambulance availability and costs.

7. Rooming needs eg double, single and facilities.

8. How to keep living costs down in JB while ageing together as a group?

9. What the group can do to keep healthy and active?

10. How to help and support one another, in cases of disabilities, difficulty in movement and need to go for medical treatment?

11. Malaysia – my second home as a retirement visa.

If you like to join and meet fellow members on the above topics, contact us at +65 9489 4360.

** Registration closed. Next session: 1 Dec 2019.

Terence Seah

SHC trip to North Thailand, 20-29 Nov 2018

12 pax have confirmed flights for this trip. Once 20 pax is reached, we will stop. Hotel and transport will be confirmed for 20 pax only. As this is peak season in view of beautiful weather, please whatsapp +65 9489 4360 to participate in discussion.

Terence Seah

* * * * * * *

This year, Loi Krothong is celebrated on the 23th Nov 2018 which is the full moon of the 12th Thai month.

The travel period will be 10D9N, with Loi Khrothong included. This date is very romantic, and the plan is to celebrate the occasion in Chiangrai. Participants will get to loi a floating Krothong along the river and watching it float away. There will be fire crackers, fireworks, floating upwards lighted lanterns and a Loi Khrothing dinner. I hope members will be able to dress traditional thai costumes during the evening.

Our trip will start from Chiangmai city 1N, then up to Chiangrai, the Golden Triangle, cross the Laos border and back to Chiangmai city. We are planning to go to Doi Angkhang and Doi Mae Salong. An overnight in a tent is also in plan plus a cross over the border to Laos.

The rainy season is over, and weather is cool. Beautiful sceneries, mists and clear skies. This period is the most romantic time of the year in Thailand. Nov is also the beginning of the peak seasons. No school holidays.

Guys and gals are encouraged to come join this trip which also aims to help you evaluate living in Chiangmai, Chiangrai and Northern Thailand.

All participants will buy their own return airtickets. You may arrive on 20 Nov in Chiangmai. We spend the 1st night in Chiangmai. You will book your 1st night.

From 21 Nov, everything else will be booked as a group. We stay in Chiangmai on the 28 Nov and leave CNX on 29 Nov. Those who wish to stay later, fine.

I hope this trip will bring members closer together and getting to know new and more friends. Strictly for SHC members only.

If you are interested to join this trip, please indicate your interest here. There will be an early bird pricing, which will be announced mid Aug. Good to find your room mate now.

To participate, whatsapp SHC Chiangmai Nov to +65 9489 4360.

Terence Seah

Focus group discussion : To find out what does a retiree need for him/her to want to live in Thailand

Hi Silver Hair fellow brothers and sisters

I am holding a focus group discussion for individuals who are interested to retire in Thailand to talk about the needs and wants that are important to living in Northern Thailand.

Date : Sun, 15 Jan 2017, 2pm to 4.30pm.
Location : Blk 495C, Tampines St 43, #08-384, S522495.
Duration : 2.5 hours
Number of participants : 10

The following is the agenda.

1 What do you like about living in Singapore ?
2 What you do not like about living in Singapore ?
3 Do you think you will enjoy the same lifestyle in 2 years’ time and beyond if you choose to remain in Singapore ?
4 Team Presentation
5 If you are given a chance to retire in Thailand, what you must have and what you wish to have ?
6 Team Presentation
7 An example to illustrate the lifestyle you will have if you choose to live in Thailand
8 Q&A

Total participants : 10 max
Facilitator : 1

Light refreshments will be provided.
Please write to me on “” leaving your name and mobile number if you need any clarification. Thank you.


Hong Jeng

Participant list :
1. Terence Seah
2. Jassmine Teo
3. Stella Sheng
4. Jeffrey Lim
5. Zacman Chiam
6. Richard Lean
7. Lilian Teo
8. Bobby Bok
9. Daisy Wee
10.Theresa Seow
11.Ong Lin Lhim

Registration closed.

Direction to my place :
Take bus 293 from Tampines Bus Interchange, located next to Tampines MRT. There are 2 buses of 293. Take the one bus going to Tampines St45. Count 4 bus stops from Tampines Bus Interchange. Alight at Blk 493B. Look for Blk 495C behind bus stop.

Studying conversational Thai in Singapore via Skype

study2   study1  skype

For those who wish to stay short term in Thailand and wish to learn conversational thai, i would encourage you to take up live learning, direct from thai people.  With today’s internet, you can learnt thai over Skype.  You can see the teacher.  You will use a common thai conversation book.  Two adult students can learn and speak and listen together.  You will be corrected if you pronnounce wrong.

These is a great way to learn from your own desktop or even mobile.  Right from Singapore from Central Thailand.  Good Thai schools charge about 30,000 for one-one coaching.  But I think we can get teachers for less than 50% on a twin sharing.

As part of my ongoing plan to encourage retirement in Thailand, i encourage you to start learning thai now.

I look forward to have some Singapore friends in Thailand when I retire.  Especially when you have some thai language skills.

Let me know if you wish to learn thai.  BTW, another way is to have a thai boyfriend or girlfriend or to go for slow thai karaoke.

Terence Seah

Trip to Bangkok to look at condo properties, 3-6 March 2014

thailand1  thailandcondo2  bus3

This is not a trip to look at retirement opportunities.  This a trip to view new properties in Bangkok and Pattaya, both of which have changed dramatically over the last few years.  I cannot make Chiangmai due to my schedule, maybe early next year.  So, for whatever your reasons, if you wish to see many properties within a short time, join this trip.

James SS Tan and wife are the first to confirm the dates, and i have already booked a 9-seater coach to take us around.

3 and 4 Mar 2014 – pattaya
5 and 6 Mar 2014 – bangkok.

Arrival and hotel:
Please book your flights and hotel to arrive bkk by Sun 2 Mar.  And departure, earliest 6 Mar.

Coach, guide, driver, tips and petrol will be shared.  Food shared or individual.  There will be no planned sightseeing or entertainment.  The trip is scenic and varied in the new Pattaya region.

So far, these names are confirmed.  If you wish to join the trip, book your tickets and you are confirmed.  If you stay outside the Sukhumvit, please try to stay near a train station, so you can get to our meeting points.

I have no plans as to which properties we will visit, but we will discuss during the next monthly gathering at Hans on the 21 Jan.  If you wish to buy the Home buyer’s guide magazine, let me know.  It’s $5.  If you wish to buy the English book on Buying properties in Thailand and i would recommend you to buy it, it’s about $50.  I shall bring it on 21 Jan.

On this trip, we shall only view 4 and 5 star properties.  Likely 1 0r 2 room apartments.  If you have a specific property, we can go too.

If you have interest to join the trip, please register here.  Only 7 seats left.  Strictly for SHC members.

Terence Seah

Registration list:
1.  SS James Tan
2.  James Tan wife
9.  Last pax

Kenneth Tan has booked the Home buyers guide.

Thailand as a place to retire

In 2004, my close friends, William Chew, Richard Ng and Vincent Khoo got together regularly to talk about retiring in Thailand. That’s 10 years ago. We have been living in the region for more than 20 years. Today, Richard stayed on and worked in Bangkok. Vincent Khoo moved back recently to Singapore due to health reasons; he is eager to get back next year. William Chew stayed on in Myanmar, having lived there for almost 30 years. I have been living in Thailand for more than 20 years, and today, I am extending my plans to live in Thailand for an indefinate period of time.

There are many Singaporeans living in Thailand, enjoying their retirement. They can be found in Chiangmai, Phuket, Bangkok, Korat, Pattaya and HuaHin. Most have either a house Upcountry or an apartment in key cities. Many live on a modest lifestyle, enjoying the vastness of Thailand, the beautiful shores, the wide range of medical facilities, the modern supermarkets, the friendly culture, and importantly, the low cost of food, transportation, housing and travel.

Language is easy, most Singaporeans can pick up day to day communication within 3 months. I went to school for 6 months, Thai karaoke every week and speak Thai in my best with anybody around me.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find friends to help you make Thailand a place to stay, even for retirement, short term or long term. It’s for you to build the relationships.

There is a Singapore Club of Thailand (SCOT) and there is the Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce (STCC). I was the President of SCOT for two terms and a co-founder of STCC. The first is social and the latter is more business. Either one, you can join.

You may be able to get a job in Thailand, or you can start a small business with a local partner. Both of which are not complicated procedures. A small business can make your stay beneficial and worthwhile.

While Thailand has a growing middle class, many Thais are still very poor. They are mainly in agriculture. If your heart is to help the poor, you will find doing charity projects meaningful as our contributions to the less fortunate.

Here in Thailand, you can easily have a maid, a kitchen help or a driver. On a shared basis, among friends, you will find the cost of living in Thailand workable and within the means of a small calculator.

I shall lead this Post on Thailand covering issues on retirement living, including short term living. Each week, I shall cover an issue, and you are free to ask a question or make a comment.

Please stick strictly to Thailand and retiring in Thailand issues. For members who wish to join in on this topic, please feel free to join in.

Terence Seah


Yunnan trip, 18 to 27 Sept 2012

emoticon This is the time of the year for Yunnan trip. The date is from 18 to 27 Sept 2012. I can only take a few this year. Please read the previous years’ trip for details and basic understanding. Those interested please email me or write here immediately. Very limited space. Must confirm as soon as possible. Good for those who has never been to Yunnan, loves nature and culture, has limited Mandarin ability, free and easy and not comfortable with package tours. My email again is  

Join a team to prepare a feasibility paper on “Short-term Retirement homes outside Singapore for Seniors”

On this forum, there has been many discussions on the setting up of "Short-term retirement homes outside Singapore for Seniors".  So far, we have many ideas and suggestions; but we have not been able to put up a feasibility paper.

Perhaps, this is a good time to bring together SHC members who like the idea, are interested in promoting this idea, with the aim of setting up facilities and services and also investing in the project if feasible.

Assuming we take 4 months to prepare a draft paper, the team can bring these ideas together, consolidate the discussion and finally write out a paper that is viable and feasible, practically and financially sound.  All participating members must have roles in the team.

If you have interest to work in this team, please let me know, and we will organise physical meetings and offline discussions.  Please indicate the role you would like to participate.

If the team can put up a feasibility paper, we can use it as an investment paper.  If you have experience and would like to participate, join the team.  I will coordinate the team; but if there is someone with experience in a similar project, do let me know.  Closing date for the formation of this team: 30 Apr 2012.

Terence Seah 

For those who like to see Yangon, enjoy the water festival 12 – 16 April 2012

Many of us have not visited Yangon, let alone see the rest of Myanmar.  I have visited Yangon at least 10 times, the last was with Ivan Lim last year.  Myanmar has been close to the world for many years; and it’s only in the last 10 months that there are signs of the country opening up.  Today, Myanmar has many visitors, all wanting to have a look at this unexplored country.

I have just returned from Yangon, and I am planning to go back this time to celebrate the water festival, which will fall on 12 – 16 April 2012.  Actually, it is a weeklong holiday, and I am hoping to have a few good water splashes.  This period is expected to be very hot.  The local currency is the Kyatt.  However, most hotels and tourist areas transact in USD.  Current exchange rate is about 1 USD = 850 kyatt.   1 SGD = 650 kyatt.

5 star hotels are expensive and limited.  However, 3 and 4 star hotels can be available for around USD 40. Some of you may have gone to Myanmar for meditation; Others for the temples; while others for the shopping. There are good Singapore and Malaysian food; these are easily available as many Singaporeans venture there for business and excitement of the unventured.  

The trip is not confirmed; subject to hotel availability.  However, the likelihood of me going is high.  If you like to visit Yangon, I like to invite you to join me and a few other Singaporeans.  Tourism wise, it does not have many of the tourist places we see in other countries.  You will also get a chance to meet William Chew, one of SHC co-founders who has been there for the last 20+ years.  Enjoy the local food and get a taste of local shopping, morning markets, catch a glimpse of the lady, the lakes and local culture. 

A tourist visa is needed, SGD 35, taking two days to apply.  Flights are not cheap, you can fly direct or you can fly via bkk.  Time wise, it is 1.5 hours behind Singapore.  There are plenty of cockcroaches, and there is no hot water.  If you like to join, simply indicate here.  You can withdraw at a later date. 

And, for those who have been to Myanmar, in particular Yangon, feel free to share your experience and knowledge of this golden country. 

Terence Seah

But seriously …. are you serious?

Recent comments/postings have prompted me to put up this

Regarding retirement in other (cheaper) countries:

Like many Silverhaired members, I was attracted by the
wonderful prospect of “doubling my retirement funds”. Imagine this – Take my Singapore
dollars, change them into ringgit or Thai Baht or Rupiahs, tah-dah, I have
twice/thrice the amount of money – to spend in these countries. I can buy a cheap(er)
property, employ a cheap(er) maid, eat cheap(er) food…. You get the idea –
living cost is a lot cheaper in these other countries.

What’s the catch?


Our neighbouring countries are “politically and economically
less stable”.

Yes – go ahead and have a good laugh. I have modified this
statement to be “politically correct”.

Yep – I don’t want the gahment OR other countries’ gahment
to hantum me.

But seriously – back to point one –

Several months ago, I tried to organize a day trip to recce
JB for retirement living.  The response
was quite dismal. Only four people put up their hands. The trip was
cancelled. These are the mistakes I have made –


I was misled by the NATO people.

People kept talking about “retiring in another (cheaper)
country”. Do they really want to do something about it? I guessed not. When the
opportunity arose for these people to check it out, only five people (including
me) were seriously interested.  


I tried to draw a lively discussion on the (THAT) forum, by
inviting people to share their experiences on line. People were shy. If they
share their bad experiences, they feel embarrassed. If they share their good
experiences, they fear that they will draw unnecessary attention upon

BUT – they did write to me privately – and I thank them –
thank you for sharing.

These pointers are gleaned from their personal feedback to
me (not in any particular order) –

The immigration ppl will play tricks on you; make you “do
naked squats”, will not stamp your passports…

Don’t show off your Rolex watches; don’t drive your
Singapore registered cars; don’t open your mouth to speak (they’ll know you are

Live in “gated, and gurkha-guarded communities”.

“Live in” – literally. DO NOT leave your property
unattended. When you buy the property, live in it.  

It is NOT a good idea to buy a property and then leave it

To really have a good idea about how you will adapt to the
foreign country:

Rent a unit for one
year. Live in that country for one year. If you enjoy your stay, then you may
consider buying a property. BEFORE YOU DO – ensure that you know everything you
need to know about “foreigners buying a local property”. Ask for detail. If you
don’t understand a vague print, use a magnifying glass. DO NOT be intimidated
by legal jargon. You have the right to understand the terms in layman language.

Do not buy a foreign property for the purpose of renting it
out.  It is NOT easy to rent it out.

Do not buy a foreign property for use as a “vacation
home”.  DO NOT leave your house vacant.
Thieves will break in.

Some of us have already moved to JB, successfully. They say,
“Blend in, don’t stand out.” 

Thus, you
will not see them waving a red banner with yellow print proclaiming, “We are
Singaporeans living in JB.”

End of their feedback.

Silverhairs members have toyed with the idea of retiring in
Chiang Mai, Yunnan, JB, Penang, Batam, Bandung…

The most important consideration – are you willing to leave
your family and friends in Singapore?

Even if the answer is vaguely “maybe….” I’d encourage you to spend a little more time to re-evaluate your

That was all I wish to share with you.

I wish you all the best.

Exploring JB as a place to spend for retirement and healthcare

Hi guys and gals,

Once in a while, some members have expressed interest in looking at JB properties.  Their idea is to rent the properties for retirement or to buy, if the economics make sense.  Unfortunately, some of the organisers with good intentions, withdraw the trip plans, due to lack of support for their suggestions.

There is true the media has reported crimes in JB, theft in non-gated communities in JB, etc etc.

I like to take a different approach.  I think that the situation of many retirees and soon-to-be retirees warrant a relook at JB as a destination for retirement living.  Many Singaporean retirees have nice big or medium big HDB flats, which are probably fully paid.  However, many retirees, not all, see that they are not enjoying the lifestyle that they want.  Got asset, but little cash.  Why not rent the place out, and move to another cheaper place with more space and maybe conditions worth reviewing.

There, then is the possibility of looking for a nursing home, not for now, but maybe the future for ourselves.  Or may be for our old parents, relatives and friends.

I hope we can support those members who want to give JB a look at retirement and nursing opportunities.  Find out what it costs, how safe they would feel confortable with at different places, the good food, the ugly side, the bigger houses, etc etc.  The media has reported the negatives; and some of us have experienced negatives.  But, let’s not let these negatives prevent us from going to have a look.  There are other Singaporeans who have successfully stayed in JB, and come back once a month, to see their friends or for medical.  So, again, Let’s gives others a chance.

As such, I have requested Daniel Kang, who lives in JB most of the time, to coordinate this activity, from JB.  It is likely we will adopt the following approaches.

  • Daniel will assist to organise a van, likely a 9 seater from morning to late afternoon.
  • He will make arrangements to view some properties, maybe the Iskandar project and a nursing home.
  • He will arrange to meet some condo and house representatives, so that those who attend can get an idea of the possibility in JB.
  • The nursing home for Singaporean is also of interest, and I have asked him to work on this.
  • Towards the end of the day, we can land at some makan places, have a good meal before going back to Singapore.
  • All transport to JB and return will be organised by the individual.  Daniel’s task will be to pick up in JB and return you to JB.

I think that this activity would not suit everybody; but it is for those who wants to explore the possibility of another option.  Everybody has different situations, so, give every body a chance.  Dont let our experiences with negatives discourage other members from seeing the other side of the river.

Daniel will get back to us soon.  I thought it would be nice to inform you of this plan.  More later.  And, of course, if you live in JB and like to help us with seeing JB from the same angle, send me an email.  If you have interest to participate, please put your name down to register, and once the details are available, you can decide if you can make the date.

Terence Seah

Life in Perth

2012 is round the corner! Many of us will be thinking of plans to do. I wish to bring up a travel plan for ladies who would like to visit Perth or its surroundings but lack friends to travel with. I know that sometimes we put off trips for lack of finding someone to travel with and may not feel comfortable travelling alone. As I spend about 2-3 months in Perth when I am there, I can provide B & B homestay accomodation in my home of 1 furnished room for single or 2 ladies sharing. You can have a free and easy stay, moving on your own or join me sometimes for activities eg golf, walks, eateries or short trips to nearby towns eg Mandurah, Margaret River. You will need to arrange your own flights to and from Perth but airport transfers can be arranged. For details and costs, contact can be by email. Cheers Joan

Surabaya as a retirement destination

Among members, there are a few who are knowledgeable with Indonesia as a destination to spend time relaxing, mixing with the local culture, enjoying the tasty food as well as a possible place to spend valuable retirement time.  I was in Surabaya last week for about one week, and I have this to share with you.

I find the city of Surabaya rather homely.  If one can speak bahasa Indonesia, or bahasa Melayu, this will definitely help communicate with the local community.  I guess for many of us, many of us would have learnt this language in school. 

Due to my short period there, I could only see the city.  I didn’t get a chance to see the sunrise at Mount Bromo or even Mount Penanjakan.   Being a tourist, I could only see the Russian submarine monument, the Sampoerna cigarette factory, Chinatown and reluntantly Tunjungan Plaza, the largest shopping mall in Surabaya.  It is good shopping paradize.  I remembered there was a Pasar Atum, with loads of local goods.

For men or women who admire the beautiful Surabaya ladies, this is a great city to envy.  They just have great charms, smiles and looks.  The traditional costumes are very attractive.  I believe it’s the Javanese history and culture.

Part of the reason why I was there in Surabaya was to visit an Indonesia plant.  But, I also took advantage of the time to visit the city.  The mayor of Surabaya provided a fabulous dinner, coupled with live entertainment singing and dance.  I was impressed with Indonesian hospitality.

There are direct flights from Singapore to Surabaya, only less than two hours away.  I wish some of you especially those with Indonesia connections, or having lived and worked in Indonesia give us more insights into what it is like to consider one of the Indonesian cities as a place to retire or even for a short 3 – 6 months.

What is it like to retire in Surabaya or in any other city in Indonesia?

Terence Seah

Shanghai, as the base for one full month this year

I cannot be too sure, if this concept will work.  But, sometime ago, I had a chat with Charles Chua, and we were talking about going to China.  We have not agreed on the month, but the concept goes like this.

I shall book an apartment in one of the major cities in China, for one whole month.  Perhaps, a 3 room apartment with cooking facilities, in a gated community.  Likely convenient to supermarkets, train stations or bus stations.  I was thinking of Shanghai or Beijing because of cheaper flight connections.

Participants can block by weeks, we can only announce after we find the apartment or house.  You can even block for a whole month.  Costs will be pro-rated.  Participants can travel anywhere they like.  There is no itinery or schedule or plan.  Participants make their flights to and out the residence.  Buy your own food, and get use to local Chinese way of life in Shanghai or Beijing.  Food can be as cheap as you want or as expensive as you desire.  You can even buy or rent a bicycle as China roads are great for bicycles.  Go see the little lanes, also practise your potonghua, have a hairdo, and drink tea the whole day.

China has long term visas for us, so you can even stay 3 months.  And, if you have a friend who has a house, ready to be rented out, do let us know. 

This trip is not ideal for those who are thinking of short stays like 3-7 days.  Not ideal for those who cannot walk.  Not ideal for those who enjoy Singapore toilets.  Not ideal for those who do not enjoy road side stalls.  And, not ideal for those who are sensitive to being lost.

Now, let the dream starts.

Terence Seah

Thailand a place for 3-mths short-term retirement

I would like to start a topic on short-term retirement in one of our neighbouring countries.  And, as I plan to spend most of my retirement time in Thailand, I would love to see more SilverHairs considering Thailand as one of the locations.  Do note I am not encouraging you to migrate.  Singapore is our home.  I hope others who are familiar with neigbouring countries and who are familiar with the country and wish to take the lead to do likewise, a new Post on that country.

Thailand is a great tourist place, but this post would not dwell on shopping, holidays and eating.  Your travel agent can take care of that.  Of course, in discussing short term retirement, we can cover medical, residence, retirement visa, acceptance by the community, friends, costs and enjoying the country.

Of course, some of us are critical of the country for various reasons.  In this case, Thailand is not for you.  If you are positive, join this forum, and I believe we can exchange good information.

Terence Seah

Happenings in Perth

Hi SHCians

Thought I will post some happenings that that you can join in when you are here in Perth. These include:

Mar – fishing again at Cervantes, maybe with Mary joining in. Buying of lobsters if still in season.
Ongoing fishing at various places and golfing.
Aug/Sep – My Self-drive across Nullabor Plain to Adelaide, Great Ocean Rd to Geelong, Victoria, etc and back to Perth.

There are 4 of us here – self, Mary, Linda and Hou Chong. So you can join up and also meet some of our friends here. Quite a number came from S’pore, Malaysia etc. So far, Mary and I are into fishing and I have  yet to do other things eg golfing, visiting markets etc with Mary and the rest.

I’m very certain the Apr group led by Terence and Mary will have lots to do and see here.


New Year Resolutions, Reflections, RV plans, dreams, etc

Hi Terence and all,

Reflecting on our RV plans of the past which have not materialise, I cannot help but to post this idea of an RV alternative.  I am looking to rent a condo unit either in JB or even Malacca  that can be a 2nd home for me, as I think it wil be much cheaper living there.   So I am  thinking of renting such a unit that is within easy reach of public transport and is in a good safe location.  

I am prepared to let out a room/rooms for SHC members for overnight stay either enjoying shopping, massage, makan or even for overnight MJ or for travel stops on their way up north.  This condo unit should or will be set up with cable tv, internet  and all necessary facilities like washing machine, kitchen for cooking etc.  This idea came about too from the very good response of my weekly JB trips that I had at times had to make 2 trips in a week.  

So anyone in a group wanting to really feel what is like staying in JB can book the room at a very reasonable cost to stay over for a night or for as long as they want.

Will also welcome any ideas to expand such a plan, as I think  there are quite a few things one can enjoy in nearby JB besides the cheaper food, massage, karaoke, dancing, hair styling, tailoring, car services etc, is the slower pace of life there, or taking up cheaper courses in JB.  Some special courses that cost $3000 in Singapore cost the same amount in M$3000 and therefore can be quite a saving. 





A likely trip to Perth in Mar/Apr 2009

The fishing adventure on a kelong seemed to have been invaded by a likely trip to Perth.  So, let’s start a new Post here.

Joan, Mary, Hou Chong, assuming we have a group of say 7 – 14 pax coming to Perth, and of course, besides meeting you and catching fishes and abalones, we also like to travel south, along the coast and then back to South Perth.  Assuming we come to Perth in Mar or Apr this year.

Assuming we are all blur kings, what would be reasonable form of accommodation and transportation to move around Perth and the southern coastal towns.  If my memories are right, I once took a 7-seater, so an ideal target would be 7 – 14 pax.  I have a preference for a large single house.

Todate date, Jetstar airways are around $420, all tax inclusive.

What do you think are the possibilities of large accommodation, with flexibility to contain 7 – 14 people, with cooking facilities, laundry facilities, a garage, jogging track, a romantic facing of Perth city or a quiet feeling of the ideal retirement, facing a part of the swan river.

Guys, gals, keep the chat on the Perth trip here.  And, if you join the trip, you will be very loved if you can take some hard work like can you drive a 7 seater, be left side navigator, cook spagetthi or hae mee,  prepare eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast, do shopping eg buy orange juice in a supermarket,  go buy the morning newspapers, or clean the car, walk the dog, think of coming to Perth.

Or if you are thinking of 3 month short term retirement living in Perth, consider joining this likely trip and start putting  more money in the kitty box.  I hope we can make this an annual adventure, and meet up with our friends from Singapore.

Terence Seah

Indications (only) of interest to come for this trip:

  1. Terence Seah – (wk of 5 Apr), and lead driver.
  2. Lily Ho – can only give instructions, turn left and turn right.
  3. James Tan – (Week of 15 Mar). Main driver for second car.  Driven in US thousands of miles from California and everywhere.  Hopeless navigator.  Recent cataract.  Can cook fried rice/fried noodles, Terayaki chicken and bee.  Useless when it comes to fishing.  So must go supermarket.
  4. Norhayati  – can only cook maggie mee.  I think can wash car too.
  5. Patrick Lee – He needs a GPS.  Guess can co-drive. (week 15 Mar), can be lead driver.
  6. Sasan Tan – Cannot do any work, only dancing.
  7. Gwyneth Lee – ooh, can cook chicken rice.  yummy.  OK, we get some large Australian chicken.
  8. Veronique Lee – only fish, cannot do work.  Maybe be maid of the house.
  9. Ronald Wie – Jie trusts Ronald, he can drive left or right side.  So, can drive.  Cannot cook. Prefers to go Perth on another date.
  10. Nancy Major Tan – Can drive, but not navigate.  Careful she said short journey only.  Sounds like a great own style spagetti cook,  simple chinese dishes eg curry chicken or nasi lemak ok.

  11. Oi Cheng – hopeless driver or navigator.  But, at least can cook nice dishes.
  12. Karen Thio – cannot do anything.  Just want to be with fun ppl.  When did we start using short forms like ppl?
  13. Grace Wong – ooh, sure can cook, can wash, but I suspect we should share the kitchen washing.
  14. Charles Chua – a driver alright.  Prefers to leave the maggie mee cookers.
  15. Raymond Low – another co-driver.  A golf kaki too.  Any golf kakis enthusiast?
  16. Philip Wee – hoping to join us if the dates are right.  Hope he can do something.
  17. Priscillia Wee –  Hope she can do something too. last tri[ 1983.
  18. Catherine Ho – if holidays coincide.
  19. Annie Loh – if timing is right, and there are ants and toilets.
  20. Lawrence Lee – (wk of 15 Mar), can drive and cook and navigate.
  21. Lawrence Lee’s wife – (wk of 15 Mar).
  22. Bira Lupolo – chief eater.
  23. Ann Lim – can be the breakfast preparer and waitress.  Almost morning call alarm.
  24. Anna Set – can consider.
  25. Mary Chan – (wk of 15 Mar). needs school holidays. 
  26. Chengpun – can drive, (week of 12 April).
  27. Lisa Ong – loves to join Apr group
  28. Lisa Ong’s husband, not sure can do what?
  29. Kristin Leong – (wk of 29 Mar or 5 Apr).  Not sure can do what.
  30. Venika Leong – (Anytime), so nice to volunteer as chicken helper.  No body wants this job.
  31. Helen Wong – (Week of 29 Mar or 5 Apr), did say what she can do? 
  32. Neo Seok Cheng – (any week except 7 – 15 of mth), can do breakfast.
  33. Gwyneth Lee – (all dates ok), dont know can do what tasks).
  34. Paul Kong – can drive, dont know what dates
  35. Paul Kong"s wife – can shop., dont know what dates
  36. Ivy Low – (Week of 5 April), can clean chicken.
  37. Mega Abdullah – (week 5 April), can drive, prefers 10 days.
  38. Lydia Chin – (dates not decided).

Mary (Perth) can join the April group, she can drive and cook.  Oops, she volunteers to do washing.  Aiyah, our holidays and you do the washing.  We shall pick the youngest one in our group to do the washing.

Joan (Perth) can join the March group.  Can provide 2 couples B&B facilities.

Update of 2009 campervanning trip

Hi All SHC members who are waiting for more news

I’ve been surfing the internet for info and maps, getting brochures etc and am posting an update. Those who are interested may form a group of your own, coming in from Singapore. From Perth, there are three of us and my sister, from Melbourne may join in. Therefore we may rent 2 campervans. All 4 of us drive and so can share in the driving. We are thinking of getting a Britz Hi-top which takes 2-3 people.

It will be a 13D/12N trip from Mar 7 – 19 Mar 2009. Itinerary planned is pick up of campervan from Melbourne, then to Canberra, down to Victoria towns, Great Ocean Road to Adelaide. From Adelaide, we leave the campervans and fly back to Perth/Melbourne or Singapore depending on where you plan to go after that. For us, it will be a flight back to Perth. Those who want to know what the itinerary is, please indicate in your comment and I will reply as it will be too long to post here.

The cost of the trip will be approximately AUD 1000 (hopefully less) per person to cover campervan rental, petrol, food etc. The additional expenses will be airfare. There are budget carriers like Tiger Airway, Jetstar, Virgin Blue etc that will connect you to the Aussie cities. Cost of airfares may be an additional AUD 700.


Joan (Perth)

Campervanning in Australia

Hi All

Is anyone interested in joining in this adventure experience next year?So far, Esther has expressed interest. We met in S’pore during the vegetarian lunch at Chinatown Point. The others are self, hubby and his cousin. So 3 of us are from Perth. We have no experience in campervanning nor even self-drives outside WA. So any tips or interest in joining up, especially if there are a few campervans will be fun.

A campervan is a vehicle which you drive and has sleeping berths, toilet, shower, cooking facilities etc. It’s not a caravan which you tow and is preferred by some. With a campervan, you can stop to take rest, save a bit on motels and cook your own simple meals. It can take 2 – 6 people, depending on range and price.

To cut petrol costs, we fly 1 way and drive 1 way between Melbourne and Adelaide. From Melbourne, we can drive to Canberra, Sydney and explore the outback – Ayers Rock, Alice Springs etc and make our way back to Melbourne.

So if anyone is game or has tips to offer, I welcome comments. The 3-4 week trip is planned for Mar/Apr 2009.


Joan (Perth)

Short-term retirement abroad

I have been keeping a copy of the Straits Times, dated Mar 17, 2008 with the article "Retirement city: Develop low-cost retreat abroad", and think it is still relevant to toy with this subject again.  Please note this thread is not about giving up one’s citizenship or packing up and say goodbye.

Over the last 24 months, I have been asking around, and came to some conclusions why Singapore is the ideal place to retire in.  I may be wrong; but I tend to think there is truth in this observation.

  1. Most of us have families, children or relations in Singapore; and it is not possible to just uproot oneself.
  2. Between the men and the women, almost all women will not even think about the possibility of leaving Singapore for good.  For the men, the percentage is slightly higher, but as a family unit, the family will not leave Singapore for any of the nearby countries.
  3. The idea of selling the Singapore property may sound attractive, and together with the CPF can make one feel like a millionaire in another land.  Reality is the roof is still a required shelter for many years to come, for the children, parents or even ourselves.
  4. Health insurance, other kinds of insurances tend to provide cover, if one is living in Singapore.  Depending on the T&C, hospitalisation and other health care may not be covered under existing insurances.
  5. The idea of short-term living overseas, maybe 3 months, in nearby countries, sound like an attraction because of lower cost of living, lower medical costs and travel opportunities.

I tend to like short-term living overseas; yet, I feel sometimes it is not practical because of the above factors.  Lower costs overseas and travel opportunities are not enough drivers.  Shorter-term of 7 – 14 days overseas seem to be more practical and feasible.  What are your views?

Terence Seah 

Do you know of a house/condo for rent?

If you know of a place for rent, not for a few days, but from 1 month to 1 year to a few years, please let us know here.  I shall get someone to organise this availability to members. 

The place can be a house, condo or a townhouse.  Location can be Singapore, China, Philippines, India, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos or Indonesia.

Get one digital picture of the place, the street name (exact address not required), city, number of rooms, no. of bathrooms, dates availability, TV, internet, proximity to hospitals, markets and department stores, contact email address, mobile tel (optional), distance from airport and interesting sites and places of interests around the place, and finally the rate on a per week or per month basis.  Dont worry if the place is on the tree top, somewhere up in the mountains, on some rice fields, remote beaches or right in the middle of the city. Once you have the above details, you may email me all the above, at one time please.

Compilation will be done on the internet (  Responses will go directly to you, via your mobile number or email address given.  When we reach approx 50 locations, we shall invite one or two members to manage this project professionally. 

Hopefully, this will be another way of getting short-term retirement living or holidays started.  This idea came about from yesterday’s monthly gathering.  Have fun.  Let’s get started.

Terence Seah

Trip to Singapore


I will be in Singapore from 31 Oct to 5 Nov and I am looking for accommodation for 4 persons – 2 rooms in a HDB flat.  Prefer Hougang or nearby areas.  

Also looking for car rental – 5 days from 31 Oct to 4 Nov.  Please email

Looking forward to meeting SHCians at Shirley’s Sausage outlet.  Available on one of these days – 1 Nov Thurs or 2 Nov Fri or 4 Nov Sun – early morning or late evening.    My interests include fishing, water-wise gardening, cooking, flower arrangement, charity events, small business, real estate and retirement planning.  


Mary Lee (from Perth)


Return to Perth

Hi All

Just got back from Singapore. Met with a few SHCs to talk about wildflower tours and retirement in general. Am making a 3 day self-drive trip and hope to see some wildflowers and do a spot of fishing up north of Perth.

Perhaps some of you may wish to visit Perth and do some things here. Let me know if you need some assistance.

Regards to all


Stay & explore Shanghai & surrounds

Hi everyone. If you’re serious about staying outside Singapore for short while (min 1 month but longer also OK), why not try Shanghai ? Chance now given to someone (male/female) for rent of a single room for S $300-00 per month (facilities excluded) only!. Imagine, only S$10-00 per day!!. Its a central location, close to MRT, shops & safe environment. Of course, from this global & exciting city, you can always explore day trips to nearby resort areas too. Needless to say, its cheap eating in China. The space available presently maybe till end of month but any delay later, cannot say for sure. If keen pls drop a line but sooner…. the better