Using Microsoft Words and Excel – the fun way

I am conducting a 3-hours workshop (physical class) on using the Microsoft Words and Excel programs, the fun way.

I will show you how to create a Christmas card (Using Words) and a Family budget spreadsheet (Using Excel).

All participants must bring along their laptop computers installed with Microsoft Office.

Date: 21st Aug 2021
Time: 2PM to 5PM
Venue: Jurong Regional Library (nearest MRT station – Jurong East)
Cost: Free (no charge)

Interested, please register early with link given below.
Note: As seats are limited owing to safe-distancing requirements, please do NOT register if you are not committed.

Zonal Meet-up Buddy Hoagies Steak & Grill Restaurant (East Point)

The 6th Zonal meet-up finally landed on Friday, 19 March 2021 at 3 Simei Street 6, #02-06 East Point, Singapore 528833.  The session is from 1:30pm – 3:30pm which stretched beyond till 4:15pm.

We had 14 members signed up and turned up for lunch and friendship bonding.  They are:-

  • Chan KN – EO for Table 1
  • Vincent Hee
  • Bobby Bok
  • Doreen Ong
  • Ann Giri
  • John Howe
  • Eve
  • Anne Choi – EO for Table 2
  • Janet Loo
  • Agnes Seow
  • Sandra Chuah
  • George
  • Sherry Wong
  • DollyL

Many interesting discussions on shares, wellness & health, tours & holidays when borders open were shared and discussed among members.  Of cos, not forgetting the affordable set meals at Buddy.  Everyone was too engrossed in the bonding moment where time to leave was no longer important.  hahaha….

But, sad to say, all happy moment still needs to end at 4:15pm.  However, nothing seems to hold back couple of members to accept the invite from AnneC to adjourn to DBR – Home Dining whereby we had a jolly good time served with special brewed healthy blue pea tea and pomelo fruit.

Thank you, AnneC and ChanKN for making this meet-up possible as we can see from photos of many smiling/laughing faces.  Don’t believe, see for yourself lor…

Cheers… DollyL

ANG POW Origami – easy & personalised CNY Decorations

Lunar New Year is just around the corner – so we better bulldoze our way to spruce up our home with beautiful handmade décor.  Head to your storeroom to dig out past red packets and be hands-on on paper folding a form or Origami.

If you are looking for quality time with your grandchildren, why not ZOOM in and let’s share this unique decorations using Ang Pow – might do a passable job making the place look festive, nothing spells effort like making your own CNY décor.

Demo by EO Catherine Soon. Join us tonight, Thursday, 04 February @ 8:00pm.

You can easily get the materials at home…

Usual Materials Required: –

  • Red Packets (different colours)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Regular Scissors
  • Scissors with fun shape (optional)
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • Cardboard

Catherine Soon aka Malyne

Monthly Gathering : 27 December 2020 (2.00pm to 5.00pm)

Monthly Gathering amidst the Zoom Holiday – Keen? Well, I am and if you also as keen as I do.  Let’s keep 27 December 2020 from 2.00pm to 5.00pm for this…. See you soon ya…

Do join us on the last Sunday Gathering of Year 2020. Bring along your own kakis to chit-chat or celebrate this year end inside Main Room or a Private Room either to reminisce year 2020 on what is your greatest achievement or happy moments in sharing with your SHC Buddies : You name and you have it lor..

So this happened to be on 3rd day of Christmas… be it a partridge, 2 turtle doves and 3 French hen… tell us what your loved ones sent to you or have done for u…

But of course, if you have any other suggestions, share with me lor… otherwise, this is a free-for-all meeting. Looking forward to C U all this Sunday.

EO – Dolly Lim

Zonal Meeting – Kopitiam @ Hillion, Bukit Panjang – 30 November 2020

This is our 2nd Zonal Meeting that we organized in Kopitiam @ Hillion located in Bukit Panjang – a good place for gathering, offering many varieties of food and beverages which can catered for every members’ whims and fancies.

Both WK Cheng and myself were there as early as 11:15am followed by the rest of the participating members at different time interval. WK Cheng couldn’t resist the food court spread and decided to start the ball rolling…

Below is the list of participating members: –

  1. KN Chan (EO)
  2. WK Cheng
  3. Dolly Lim
  4. Sandra Chuah
  5. Nellie
  6. Melissa Khng
  7. Doreen Ong
  8. Barbara Ong
  9. Marie Chong
  10. Sherry Wong
  11. Sue Chan (taking much effort to attend despite of her busy work schedule).

The group had a fantastic and enjoyable time with new members whom we met for the first time.  Many shared their interests and mingled around.  Not forgetting social distancing and was well maintained between the members. Kudos to all….  A big THUMBs-up!

MarieC, thank you so much for sharing your homemade Apple Enzyme Drinks – love her initiative appalling effort to bring along her own glasses, cups and bottles for this tasting session.  She goes the extra mile to highlight us the advantages of consuming such drinks.  Regrettably, due to her current work schedule, she is unable to conduct a Zoom session to intro the enzyme drinks.  Nonetheless, she had graciously agreed to share her secret recipes with us.  Looking forward to receiving it.

BarbaraO also introduces us Lingzhi Coffee (less sugar and no sugar) – she mentioned this beverage works wonder for most people especially great for health benefits which I lost track while busy socializing with the members.  Feel free to look for her for further information.

Other discussion during this meet up were our Zoom and Telegram correspondence making this event more fruitful and some know-how techniques were covered.

We definitely hope more members will engage in this Zonal Meeting at their respective zones – An absolute support like we did in Bukit Panjang Zone.  Looking forward to other zonal meet up, as far as or maybe near as, Hougang, Tiong Bahru, Bukit Batok, Yishun and the Eastern part of Singapore making this Zonal a HAPPENING…

Chan Keng Ngee

Sharing/Giving @ Zoom

Since there is no taker here, I will be giving them away thru FB now.  I will be deleting this post by April 23 2020 by 5pm.  Thank you

Dear Members,
I have numerous ‘white elephants’ which is my trash now but someone’s treasures to be shared here. But I would like to share these giveaways during the Zoom session. Pictures will be added in later

However, I would prefer these to be given away to those members that I can see them via Zoom even though I might not have meet you in person before. If any members see anything you like here, you may want to consider to meet me in Zoom. I have yet to plan a date for this. But my preferred timing will be after 7pm weekdays. I will definitely choose a day whereby most members can meet me lor.. These giveaways will be mailed out once you are selected, however, you will need to pay for postage and other expenses incurred. Rest assured there will be no overcharged as I gave away very often thru my FB page. But for this time, I decided to give a try at SHC instead

Till then… Cheers… Dolly

Forming An Acoustic Music Group

I am looking for acoustic guitar,ukulele and cajon player and vocalist to form a new acoustic group. Currently I am the lead acoustic guitarist of such a group but wish to form another to meet up with others. We play vintage 60s and 70s Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and English songs.No need to be very good as practices will make us better. I have tutorials in soft and hard copies to help.
New member must has keen interest to learn and is committed to practise on weekdays during office hours only. We plan to tour old folk homes and rc centres.

SHC Aquarium fish hobby

Feel young, feel refreshing, feel good

I guess some of us do not have the time to keep aquarium fishes when we were younger. Maybe because we are busy working or we have not develop the interest.

Today, some of us have the time. We may have grand children to entertain. We may start with a bowl, buy some guppies or some goldfishes. Only to see the lively fishies swimming around the new acquarium and bringjng a whole new world infront of us. A great way to enjoy ageing.

Then, we realise we have to get fish food, what to do when they swim upside down, refuse to talk with us, or refuse to make love and create babies. Sometimes, they grow too big and what do we do with them?

For some of us, we not happy with just guppies. We want to see sword fishes, fighting Siam fishes, Koi’s and $500 Red heads.

We adventure into JB to look for exotic aquarium fishes, find cheaper feed, pumps and filters. And we find friends to go with.

I would like to start a SHC Aquarium fish hobby group for members who have at least one fish in their homes or who have kept an aquarium before, and like to revive this hobby.

This hobby will start as a WhatsApp group for numbers to communicate. Strictly no URLs, no videos, audios, and copy and paste. ONE fish or acquarium accessory picture a day is allowed.

Plse WhatsApp text 9489- 4360 to participate. Strictly SHC members only. Registration closes 25 Oct 019 and participation starts 26 Oct 2019.

* SilverhairsClub will help develop hobbies for members from time to time. Do let your group leader GL know or any senior SHC member know. They will help you get registered too.

Terence Seah

SHC monthly gathering Sat 10 Aug 2019 SRIVILLE RC

Besides being a regular monthly gathering, the Aug 2019 event will be a get-together for members who wish to present and demo their craft skills. This will be a great opp SRIVILLE opportunity to pick up a new hobby or craft.

This is a big venue. Come meet new and old friends.

* Event date: Sat 10 Aug 2019 (day after National Day)

* Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Scheduled program as follows
6.00 -7.00pm Craft demonstration
7.00- 8.30pm Line Dances lead by Sockie and listed below are those that she prepared for us to boogie on…  If more add on – Another update will be given out soon…

1. Take the first step
2. Electric slide
3. Little thumbs
4. Simply mine
5 wherever you may wander
6 silver threads
7 back track
8 magic cha cha
9 JB Waltz
10 stroll along cha cha
11 rock around the clock
12 waltz across Texas
13 bossa nova
14 sweet joanna
15 hit me

* Venue: SRIVILLE RC-Blk 2 Geylang Serai Multi Carpark #07, Roof Garden, Singapore 402002

(bus 154 from Eunos bus interchange 2 stop at Joo Chiat complex n use the overhead bridge to cross over to the hawker center

* Charge: $5/pax – collection at the registration table upon signing in.

Activities- $5 collection is only for rental of the place n the hot drink – not inclusive of demo craft which is $5/set (optional)

** craft demo by Karen Thio – beginner pack at $5/full set

** line dance : lead by Sockie.

** pls have your dinner b4 u proceed to the monthly gathering (coffee n tea will be provided.

Karen Thio – EO
Dolly Lim : Co-EO

Registration : Pauline Khoo

Craft sale : Anne Chee

Registered Members

  1. Karen Thio – EO
  2. Dolly Lim
  3. Anne Chee- sale of craft
  4. Pauline Khoo- registration table
  5. Sockie Neo- line dance lead
  6. Caroline Gee
  7. Yoong Chin- admin
  8. Howard Yong
  9. Terence Seah – SHC Founder
  10. Angeline Tong
  11. May Lee
  12.  Agnes seow (will be late)
  13. Thomas Loh
  14. Doreen Chan
  15. Joan Ang
  16. TaiLor / YKK /Loh yew kwong
  17. Sally Kang
  18. Evelyn Ong
  19. Patrick Sin
  20. Stella Sheng
  21. Dan Huang

Hope to see more members coming forward for registration.. Cheers..

Sexy Salsa Beginner Dance Workshop -No Partner & No Experience Required

I am EC(Event Co-ordinator)

Sexy Salsa Beginner Dance Workshop & Practice Session:


A: Salsa Workshop

Date : 15/09/2018

Day : Saturday

Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm

No partner nor experience required!

During the workshop, there will be rotation of dancers so that you will have an opportunity to dance with all the dancers of opposite sex.

It is possible to learn enough steps and moves in this dance workshop to make you feel that you could go to a club and dance the night away.

B: Dance Practice Session:

Time : 8.30pm- 9.00pm

It is a golden opportunity to practice the dance steps, learned during the workshop, with other members. The instructor and his assistants will be there to help you and answer any queries.

Fees: S$12/- per pax

Sexy and Hot SalsaSalsa Dance

There is no doubt Salsa is one of the most rewarding dances you can learn. So what is it? It is a brilliant, hot and spicy dance that will inspire Latin rhythms in everyone.

The steps are super-easy to pick up. So the time it takes you to learn your first few steps and be able to dance Salsa is far, far shorter than you might think.

It’s probably the easiest and quickest dance to pick up.

That makes it the perfect dance for complete beginners.

It’s a great dance that’ll make you smile and give you confidence, all set to a hot Latin beat.

Invitation to A Private K session (31/8/2018 Friday , 7pm to 11pm)

Hi friends,

Tentatively I’ve  booked the below venue for max 15 pax (min 10pax)  for our private k session. Pls. respond by dateline 10/8/201(Friday). If the respond is less than 10pax. . I may hv to cancel it.

Address : The Singapore Chyun Athletic Association . (No. 16 Beng Wan Road, Singapore 339848. Opp. Elim Church Off Serangoon Road 3 m/s. ).

Reference :

Cost charges : $120 ( To be shared among attendees)

Drinks are provided . There will be a KJ to assist you . K vcds and thumbdrive can be use for this session. There will be various song books for reference too. I’m a regular here and i love the evergreen oldies songs and the sound system is good. Do respond ASAP if you are  keen and your commitment to this event is needed. Your attention and co-operation is much appreciated. I’m looking forward to the session to sing with all.

Cheers, Clara (EO/Event-coordinator)

<< Attendees >>

  1. Clara
  2. Maureen
  3. Pearl Wong
  4. KC Lau *
  5. Rick Chay
  6. Cynthia
  7. Ronnie
  8. Ronald lee
  9. Judy Lim
  10. Philip Ong
  11. Thomas Loh
  12. Sarah *
  13. Bernie
  14. Lydia T *
  15. Raymond Hsu

Hi friends, thanks for your support to this k session!  Im counting down the days to meet all n sing with you too. Till then ….

—————————- END ——————————-


Waiting List :

  1. Sally Foo
  2. David & Lilian




Stone Art Decoupage

8 attendees’ output shown above.
If you are interested in art craft and like to try stone art, you may come and join me in this hands on sharing session to create gifts or showpieces with stones. No artistic skills required, just patience and focus.

Venue : Peninsular Plaza
111 North Bridge Road, #06-30/31
Date : Monday 14 August 2017
Time : 3 to 5 pm
Material fee : $5

1). Marie Sng
2). Sylvia Chan
3). Gillian Lim
4). Theresa Lee
5). Helen Soh
6). Stella Sheng
7). Steven Chan
8). Elsie Ho

Stone Art Decoupage

If you are interested in art craft and like to try stone art, you may come and join me in this hands on sharing session to create gifts or showpieces in stones. No artistic skills required, just patience and focus.

Venue : Peninsular Plaza
111 North Bridge Road, #06-30/31
Date : Monday 19 June 2017
Time : 2.30 to 4.30 pm
Material fee : $5
Limited slots. Please register your interest here:

Lim Joo Tian
Janice Lim
Laura Wee
Rosalind Chan
Helen Soh

Introduction to the World of Acrylic Painting

Hi everyone,
Let me first introduce my humble self – Adeline Yeo – have never written to silver hairs club besides attending a few get together. I am wondering how many of us have always wished to give personalized yet relatively affordable gifts to people whom we get in touch with. Well let me introduce you to the world of acrylic painting, which both young and old, with or without artistic ability can learn easily.

When I first picked up acrylic painting 15 years ago, I had no idea that it would not only bring much joy, creativity, freedom of expression, more friends and best of all extra monetary gains. Acrylic can be painted on most surfaces such as: fabric, paper, cards, fiberboard, wood, plastic and even stones. Thus I hope to share this skill and interest with others who are equally passionate about learning crafts.

The internet, schools and books expose you to a world of both knowledge and confusion about acrylic. Here I list just some of the few subjects:
• Different objects: sceneries, birds, flowers, still life, portraits, landscapes, etc
• Different family of colors within the colors, burnt sienna, raw umber, etc
• Different types of mediums: Retarders, glaze, etc
• Different types of brushes: flat tipped, round, ferrule, liners etc
• Different types of surfaces: Paper, plastic, wood, etc

Internet Links like this:

Schools that teach basic acrylic painting:

Books: Acrylic Painting for Dummies, Acrylic Painting with Passion
The list above is not exhaustive as you can always google or even borrow books from the library. As I was fortunate in the sense that I blindly followed what was taught because I was attracted to the final product that my colleague introduced. So questions like, what should I paint, what kind of brushes should I use, How do I start? These did not hinder my passion. It was much later that I learnt from Arts of Crafts (a school at Orchard Road) and Spotlight that I further increased my interest, but I should add I am still in the process of fine tuning

So without much further ado, let me show you some of my completed artworks, which were ordinary looking pieces of wood and stones which I had them painted as decorative items, given as personalized gifts and some that helped me make some extra income.

I hope this helped in your decision in taking up a hobby that is both therapeutic, relatively cheap and an enjoyment with your kids and a favorite past time.
Adeline Yeo





Dear Members,
Hi everybody, I am Calvin Low.  I was introduced by James SS Tan to this wonderful club.  So far, I had attended a monthly gathering at Hans Chinatown and the recent D&D in JB.

So, in return, I am organising an EC event on Wine and Dance.  Details as follows:

Time : 7.30pm till 11,00pm
Cost : Buy own drinks at the counter  (Happy hour, before 8pm 1 for 1)
Indicative drink price as follows:
1) $15++ for single drink
2) $20++ for double drink

As for dinner, feel free to try to their seafood buffet inside the hotel, otherwise,  there are many other eateries outside the hotel too.  You will be spoilt for many choices of food.

Kindly register your interest here if you are keen to join me for this event.

PS: Those like dancing, there is a dancing space to spin your nite through.

  1. Calvin Low – EC
  2. James SS Tan
  3. Terence Seah
  4. Susan Lee
  5. Betty Ang
  6. CMChan
  7. Yat Sing
  8. Edward
  9. Connie
  10. Boon
  11. Bee
  12. karen lim
  13. John Howe
  14. linda
  15. Judy Tay
  16. Robert Ong
  17. sue chan
  18. Hong Jeng
  19. mega abdullah
  20. Jane Tan
  21. Sam Huat
  22. more to come to join in the fun????

Mahjong anyone?

Hi all,
Mahjong helps to exercise the mind, like Sudoku, Scrabble, Chess etc.
I am not a good or regular mahjong player.
My aim is to have a non gambling game, that is, chips will be used. The idea is to learn to build on the doubles, not just to game small. To exercise the mind and also to socialise.
I would like to start with a small group of 4.
You may be a beginner, a regular or someone who has not played the game before.
I have a mahjong set and table at my place, which is in Pasir Ris.
I’m willing to teach the game if you are a beginner.
If there are people who wish to add some excitement to the game and not use chips only, I’m not averse to it but I play very small.
Do let me know your preference and I can have a separate group for that.
Just email me at .

Dance Exercise Classes for over 50s

Dear fellow members,

Dancercise together for a healthy lifestyle with me as a SilverHairs trainer with 23 years’ of training experience :

1)  Dancercise 50plus – program designed for both ladies and men of age 50 and over, to maintain their physical and mental fitness. Participants will be taken through a series of warm-up movements, dance steps and a variety of rhythms during each session. These moves help to develop good posture, stamina, coordination and alertness.

Attire: Sportswear and exercise shoes (suitable for dance moves)

Program Fee
$85 (Passion card member); $90 (non-member)
* Thursday, 2 July to 27 August (no class on 6 August)
* 9.30am-10.30am (8 sessions)
* Course code: C23082900
* Venue:  Queenstown CC (sign up online at or at any ccs)

2)  Zumba Gold – Dance Fitness program for seniors

Program Fee
$45 (member); $50 (non-member)
* Friday, 3 July to 31 July (4 sessions)
* 9.30am-10.30am
* Course code:  C23132381
* Venue:  Queenstown CC (sign up online at or at any ccs)

Attire: Sportswear and exercise shoes

EC and trainer, Shirleen Cheong.

Registration list:

  • Moving from DayCare to SHC Orchids

    shc-logo  orchid2  orchid1

    If there is anything some of us are good at, it has to be dreaming.  Dreaming is a great activity.  First, we dream about Day Care.  For some of us, we have been with SilverHairsClub for 10 years.  Now, we think about what we will do when we get older, and less mobile.  We conceptualise a few ideas.

    Next, we move on, and we conceptualise “SHC Orchids”.  A nice pretty word, less hostile and more welcoming than Day Care.  Essentially, the same activities as what we are doing now, but with more focused activities, suitable for SHC members who have difficulties with mobilty.  But, still working on the same platform to allow us to meet new friends and catch up with old friends.

    Maybe SHC Orchids will expand to more Singaporean seniors.  Maybe arts and crafts, hobbies, indoor activities.  I dont know.  But, we will keep developing.

    I like to encourage members who have arts and craft skills to come forward.  You can teach, conduct short courses to interested members, and we can expand your skills and training as part of SHC Orchids programmes.  You can charge a fee for your training, nobody would expect you to do so for free.

    There are a number of you with arts and crafts skills.  Do let me know if you are interested to work along such a plan.  I am sure a number of us would be interested to hear from you.

    Terence Seah



    Dear friends

    We, the same team as last year are going to hold another lohei gathering.
    Date: 28 Feb 2015 (Sat)
    Time: 14.30-22.00 (tentative, depends on available slots)
    Place: Parc Oasis, Condominium. 55 Jurong East Ave 1(tentative, depends on availability)
    33 Mount Sinai Rise S(276954) (about 200 meter from Dover MRT
    or 7-10 mins walk)

    POSB Saving Account : 038-02874-0

    Cost:$28/pax (include high tea,dinner, yu sheng, million $$ ang pao, bingo tickets)

    Program: bingo, bun luck, lohei +makan2, chat2, lucky draw

    As we can only book the venue 1 month in advance please indicate your interest here by 27th January for us to gauge the interest. we will take in 50pax first. Lets repeat the fun!See you! REGISTRATION N PAYMENT BY 5TH 12th FEB OR 48 SEATS ARE FILLED WHICHEVER COME FIRST.

    The BFSTAMP (Bira Frisna Susan Theresa Ann May Peggy)

    1.Bira (committee member)-paid
    2. Frisna (EO) – paid
    3.Susan C H (com mbr)-paid
    4. Theresa (com mbr)-can’t join party
    5. Anne Lim (com mbr)-paid
    6.May Woo (com mbr)-can’t join party
    7. Peggy Yap (com mbr)-paid

    8. Maggie Teo (paid)
    9. Albert Tan (paid)
    10. Lillian Teo (pd)
    11. Lam H T (pd)
    12. Bee Gek (pd)
    13. Susan SW Tan (paid)
    14.Karen Phoo (paid)
    15. Irene PohBARBARA ONG (pd)
    16. Marge Tian(pd)
    17.Gingko (paid)
    18.Eyvonne Chew (paid)
    19.Bobby (pd)
    20.Richard Wong(paid)
    21.Alice Seah (pd)
    22.Christina Chan (pd)
    23.Grace Kang (pd)
    24.Shawn Soh (pd)
    25.Maureen Lee (pd)
    26.Dan Huang (pd)
    27.Karen Thio + Wati(pd)
    28.Lily Lim (pd)
    29.Yatsing SALLY KANG – paid
    30.Arthur Yap (paid)
    31.Charles Wee (pd)
    32.Jennifer Leong(paid)
    33. Winnie Tan(paid)
    34. Joan Ang(paid)
    35. Rosalind Lee SOCKIE (paid)
    36. Lydia Chin (pd)
    37. Teresa Lee (pd)
    38. K F Lee(pd)
    39. Christina Yeo (pd)
    40. J J Wong (paid)
    41. David Leong (paid)
    42. ALice Tan (paid)
    43. Pauline Khoo (paid)
    44. Moon Wong (paid)
    45. Freda Lim (paid)
    46. Leon
    47. Wendy

    Use Tennis balls to relieve stress and tension

    Hi All

    People who saw tennis balls on my bed are often puzzled and asked why?

    I accidently discovered this trick and it had helped me and so would like to share this simple tricks with you folks who might be interested. It cost nothing – only the tennis ball and the weight of your body will do the trick. It is relaxing and it’s easy to do.

    Get hold of any tennis ball/s – it doesn’t have to be new. Used and discarded ones will do as long as it is still in one piece and firm. You can start with one or 2. I use two.

    For the shoulders :
    – Lie on your back on your bed (your mattress should be firm and not too soft). Place tennis ball/s between your shoulder blades and relax your arms to the sides. Relax and you will immediately feel the relieve of tension on your shoulder. You can even fall asleep in that position.

    – Wiggle a little and you will feel the massaging effects.
    – Raise both arms straight in front of you and draw circles in the air (you will hear crackling sound. Where the sound comes from?…. who care?…. as long as you feel shiok).

    You can use the same method for the lower part of your back, or lie on your side and place 1 ball in the hollow of your hip (between the hip bone and the thigh). This will relieve the “sng” feeling.

    For the neck :
    – In the lie back position, place 1 tennis ball on the spot at the back of your neck where you feel tension….. because the back of your neck is not as broad, you will need to hold it in place with your hand or place the ball in your palm.

    For the leg :
    – In standing position, place tennis ball under the arch of your right foot. Try rolling the ball in small circles while still standing, weight on the left foot. Not so easy to do but will help with blood circulation of the legs. Repeat with the left foot.

    Try it. Hope it help. If you tried – share your feedback so others and I can learn from it.


    Pickleball – Let’s Play This Sport Together

    My name is Eric Leow, a new member to this Club.

    I am playing pickleball for the last year and there are players who are playing this for the last 20 odd years. Many players across all skill-level have claimed that it would be “very hard” to stop playing the game, with some saying that they are “very determined” to continue playing.

    Briefly pickleball is a hybrid of Badminton, Tennis and Table-tennis, a three in one game, played with a wooden, graphic, or composite paddles and a perforated plastic ball. It can be played on a normal Badminton court or on any hard surface. The net is lowered to 3 ft high.

    If you find badminton, tennis or squash too strenuous for you, then pickleball is an excellent introductory game. It is very easy to learn and is quickly played and enjoyed by everyone, men, women, children and benefiting people at all ages. It is a low cost game. Badminton courts are easily available in our CC or sports hall. All you need is to buy the paddles and balls.

    From my personal experience, I found that most pickleball clubs do not want to take in new players who have not play this game before.

    I know the organizer of a pickleball club, and I think I should be able to convince him to recruit new players. Subject to SHCians expression of interest, I am considering to introduce pickleball and EO this sports here.

    If this is on, it would be on every Tues and Thurs 9.30am to 12.30pm. However, if the CC required the use the hall for activities then that session will be cancelled.

    You just need to get your own paddle, and contribute towards the purchase of balls. Not to worry about the amount, it is very affordable. It is about $3-$4 per month.

    The place is in the vicinity of Hougang.

    Expression of interest:

    1. Eric (already playing)
    2. Jassmine Teo
    3. Ann Giri
    4. Kristy Quek
    5. Jacqueline Wong
    6. Frisna Tan
    7. Julian Mok
    8. Peter Goh

    Activity posted on behalf of Eric Leow by Yew Kwong

    Life is like a Mountain Railroad. April 5 (Sat) 1.00-5.00pm (Cancelled)

    Life to us is like going on a journey by train to our destinations. From day one it may not be as smooth as we expected. We meet with all kind of challenges and people. To some of us it may be near the end of the journey but we accepted the good and the bad and make the most of it. Do find time to share and lift up one another.

    We meet again at same place same time and hopefully more enticing foods! There will be kok and singalong and board games like chess, mahjong(cards) and Big Two (Cards game). You may bring along your own cds and snacks for High Tea.

    Venue: Kolam Ayer CC/Geylang Bahru/From Lavender MRT Bus-stop on Lavender Rd Bus 107 and 61. alight 5 stops later.

    Time: 1.00pm -5.00pm

    Cost: $6.00 if we have 10 pax. $3.00 if we achieved 20 pax.

    EO, Dan


    SHC Free-Cycle 1

    Reading Glasses

    Hi Members,
    As promised, this is first blessed items for SHC Free-Cycle.

    These are all reading glasses blessed by another members whom she no longer needed them.  I dont know what is the reading power but if you are interested, please indicate there or drop me an email

    Depend on the requests that I recd, these glasses will be given out fairly.  However, if only 1 request is recd, then, 1 take all.

    This blessing will be for 1week after that, we will advise members accordingly.

    Hope to receive responses from you soon…

    Cheers.. Dolly

    Fun with Nail Arts Design Cum High Tea get-together !! (For ladies Only) Sat 5 April 2014



    Hi all ladies,

    Lily Ho have offered her humble home for this Hands-on Nail Arts session & High Tea gathering  mentioned by Dolly in the earlier posting.
    Join us for a fun afternoon learning/sharing how to play with Nail Arts and follow by a high-tea chit-chat session.
    Date        –  5 / April / 2014 ( Saturday)

    Time       –   2pm – 5pm (3 hrs)
    Fee         –   S$15/pax (includes full set of material with 3 different                         nail arts  design)

    Venue    –   Shunfu Lane (once payment recd and event confirmed                      – full address will be provided thru email)
    Nearest MRT – Marymount – walking distance to Lily’s place.
    Payment  – $15/pax to POSB 121-86818-0
    By bus – 52 , 130 , 132 , 162 , 162M , 163 , 165 , 166 , 167 , 855 & 980
    EO – Karen Thio 
    1.   Karen Thio (EO)
    2.   Lily Ho (Paid)
    3.  Dolly Lim (Paid)
    4.  Sally Kang (Paid)
    5.  Jane Tan (Paid)
    6.   Alice Yap (Paid)
    7.   Dora Lim 
    8.   Kristy Quek (paid)

    Venue venue and still venue – Where to conduct classes

    Hi All,
    While we are aware that there are lots of talented members willing to come forward to conduct classes charging a minimal cost for materials and some extra.  It is always a great challenge as to where they can find a venue to host these classes.

    This morning, while having breakfast with Karen – she was showing me those nail arts that she had done on her nails.  Wow, is really beautiful and she is willing to teach but again venue is another setback.

    I always wanted to try putting a false eyelashes but yet to master this skill and always hope that someone will be able to guide me along.. todate, had been unsuccessfully discard at least 10 pairs of falsies due to no proper guidance given.

    Of cos, some of you will definitely tell me, aiyah, go to youtube and watch video, sure ai sai 1.. well at least, I know that this does not worked out for me…

    Having said all these, are any members out there able help to provide any info for venue (FOC) or cost at minimal charge – we want to hear from all of you….

    Cheers… Dolly

    What A Wonderful World – March 1 Sat (1 – 5 pm)

    Have we taken the time to appreciate the life given to us? As Louis Armstrong sangs ‘I see trees of green…red roses too, I see em bloom…for me and for you, And I think of myself..what a wonderful world’, and Tom Jones would sings ‘Every time I hear a newborn baby cry, Or touch a leaf, or see the sky, Than I know why, I believe’.

    Come join us for a hilarious time of karaoke, singalong and fellowship!

    Date: March 1, 2014 (Saturday) 1.00pm-5.00pmVenue: Kolam Ayer CC, Geylang Bahru./ Cost: $6.00 if we have 10pax, 20 pax at $3.00.

    Those coming may contribute snacks and titbits for high tea.   Disposable plates and utensils needed    Hot beverages provided

    You may also bring your own cd.

    So many reasons to come together to give gratitude for all the gift of life that we took for granted.

    EO, Dan

    Who’s coming:

    1. Dan
    2. Joy
    3. Gabriella
    4. Lily Ho
    5. Bobby Bok
    6. Lily Lim
    7. Patricia Low
    8. Susan Tan
    9. Goh Ah Lam
    10. Vincent
    11. Shirley
    12. Daniel Chan
    13. Peng Peng
    14. Robert Ong
    15. Freda
    16. Tony Ang
    17. Ronald Lee
    18. Lydia Chin

    Cookie Exchange Day – 18 Jan (Sat) 2 – 5 pm

    Start a New Year with sharing among members…..

    We will meet to share homemade cookies.  Each of you will have to bring some to eat and also a bottle of homemake cookes to exchang with one another.  At the same time, we can share baking tips (which I am sure that we can benefit from each other thru this).  Catching up with one another and get to know all better.

    Coffee/Tea will be provided and this occasion is only to the first 20 members who sign-up.  Looking foward to seeing you…

    Event: Cookie Exchange Day
    Date: 18th Jan, Sat
    Time: 2pm-5pm
    Venue: Blk 103 Bishan St 12 S’pore 570103

    EO : Kristy Quek….

    Interested members as follows:
    1) Kristy Quek
    2) Richard Lean
    3) Karen Thio (baking demonstration)
    4) Lily Ho
    5) Dolly
    6) Amy Ko
    7) Fred Heng
    8) Lillian Teo
    9) Anne Chee
    10) Sally Kang
    11) Yew Kwong
    12) Susan CH Tan
    13) Caroline Gee
    14) Yatsin
    15) Eileen Thean
    16) Ann Lim
    17) Gingko
    18) Paul Kong
    19) Peggy Kong
    20) Nina Choo

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow : Jan 4,(Sat) 2014. 6.00-10.00pm

    There is in each one of us a wish for a better tomorrow. A hope that life will be smooth sailings with no worry of ailing health or a weak heart. A desire for good companionship and unfailing friendship.

    The story of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is the story of mankind struggle for existence. The Scarecrow wish to have a brain, the Tin man for a heart and the Lion for courage. Let’s look forward to the New Year with excitement, meeting and cherishing new friend.

    Join us for a time of singing and singalong as we celebrate another year coming to an end. We shall have High Tea, bring snacks to share. After the session we may adjourn for Steamboat Fish Head nearby and a leisurely stroll on Orchard Road. Alas, I wish for red wine but not with High-Tea!

    Venue: Kolam Ayer CC, Geylang Bahru, 11 minutes walk from Potong Pasir MRT.
    Date: December 28 (Saturday), 2013
    Time: 1:00-5:00pm

    Cost: $6.00 if we have 10 pax, $3.00 if we achieve 20 pax. Balance of $44 from last gathering will be use to defray snacks or reduce contribution from each of you.

    EO, Dan

    1. Dan
    2. Geraldine (Tentative)
    3. Daniel (Tentative)
    4. Lily Ho
    5. Skchua (Tentative)
    6. Lydia Chin
    7. Barbara Ong
    8. Bobby Bok
    9. Anne Chee
    10. Tony Ang
    11. Ronald Lee