Wine and Song – 19 Oct ( Saturday ) 6.15pm – 10.00pm

It may not be the ideal venue but as a compromise we have place to seat up to 40 pax and at a neat cost. Once again a time to croon and singalong to all our favorite evergreen golden oldies. No worries if you can’t sing alone, we will sing in groups. You are encourage to bring your own cd or dvd.

Our DJ is a very obliging guy. He can sing duet in Chinese or English with anyone. With his great voice he will guide us if we start on the wrong keys. Bring along board games like chess, scrabble or rummikub and look for kakis to play with.

Venue: Kolam Ayer CC/Geylang Bahru/11 minutes walk from Potong Pasir MRT. Those coming bus check with gorgeous Google
Date: October 19, 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 6.15- 10.00pm
Cost: $6.00 each if we have 10 pax and if we have 20 pax each at $3.00 only.

Bring only red wine for our happy hours and foods (Potluck). This will be an EO event, if turnout is slow I will change it to an EC event.

A place and a time to relax and chat and ‘ketchup’ with new and old friend!

EO, Dan

6 thoughts on “Wine and Song – 19 Oct ( Saturday ) 6.15pm – 10.00pm”

  1. Hi Dan,

    Sure I’ll be there. Will be more than happy to bring chicken curry + french loaf + surprise item – everybody most welcome to tuck it in. If just 2 of us only, you da bao home lor.

    See you.


  2. Dan,
    Hope you dont mind if I piggy ride on your thread.

    Samsung handphone users may wish to register at the Samsung Smart Workshop on 20 Oct (Sun), 2.00 – 4.00 pm. It’s FOC for the first 20 Samsung hp participants only but must be a U Live member (NTUC Union member).

    I have registered through U Live, organiser for this workshop.

    Kindly email me to get more details.

  3. Thanks Susan, very kind of you. I can do with the da bao by going to the highways and byways getting all the cats and dogs to dip in with me.
    Piggy ride is fine, anyone one else for a free ride?


  4. Sad to inform that this event is put on hold on this date and will resume on November 29 Friday. Seem not many have something to croon about though the charges is pretty low. November date may be an EC event. I may be working closely with PP and probably migrate over.


  5. HI Dan. Are u saying that this event is cancelled on 19th Oct? Actually, Saturday may not be a popular night, as many members hv other “dates”.

    Yes, I would prefer a Friday night. Perhaps you can reschedule it to 1st November? And change it to an EC event, so we can invite our non SHC frens? And have it every 1st friday of the month? So ppl can keep their diaries updated…. We have it as an on-going basis. And can even throw in birthday celebrations, christmas etc.. And bring wine & simple snacks will do. No need for elaborate pot-luck, unless we have kind sponsors. What say you?

    cheers, LydiaC.

  6. Hi Lydia,
    Yes Oct 19 date is off, we will resume on Nov 29 Friday. Just as you have suggested we will meet in a small group and croon away our blues and express our hope and aspiration through our songs.


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