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I’m keen to know more about your silverhair programme. I’m retired Education Officer and presently employed by MOE as a part-time school counsellor.

Thank-you for enlightening me on the proposed activities of the club. I’m interested in travelling and social activites ( get togethers ) among like minded senior citizens.
Do keep me informed if you’re going to organise such activities.

Author: Terence Seah


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  1. Hello Kalimuthu,

    This is Gibson. Believe you are welcome on behalf of the SHC & Terence.

    It is very interesting to know that you are a retired and presently employed as a pert time school counsellor.

    As for club next get together activities, keep your self free on the 30th Dec 2005 as we’ve plan on our last meeting subject to changes but nevertheless look out for our mail or Terence’s sms.

    As for travelling, maybe some time early next year after chinese new year?

    Tell us more about your self, some basis such as beside your name, your age, where do you stay and what are your strength to contribute! As forjob you’ve mention that you are on a part time employmnet, that is good, any other that you want to share without obligation.

    As for me, I’ve briefly mention in one of teh above forum, check it out, if not call or drop me a mail .

    Gibson Tan
    Hp: 90271398

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