Calling all Hougang guys and gals

I live in Hougang Avenue 5, and I like to form a Group.  Sometimes for weekend breakfast, or afternoon beer.  Hougang mall is a central point, and there are many coffee shops.

Please let me know if you live in Hougang.  Dont need to leave your address here.  Just the road name will be great.

(For those living in other areas, please start your own Post).

Terence Seah

91 thoughts on “Calling all Hougang guys and gals

  1. Will be glad to be part of the Hougang Gang. Learnt today that Ah Nee is a Houganger too, right, Ah Nee.

    Then again, we have Shirley’s Sausage Stall at Hougang too….. What a great place!

  2. Hi hi,

    Terence, I live in Kovan and I know Joyce Tan and Daniel Kang also live in Hougang.

    Joyce and myself are Hougang Teochew “Ah Niah” you know. So many happening at Hougang, the latest being the opening of Shirley’s Sausage Stall. Calling calling anymore Hougang “Ah Niah” and “Ah Chek” :)

    Ah Nee

  3. Hi Terence,

    One more Hougang Teochew “Ah Niah” here. I live in Hougang Avenue 1 near the market.
    Being staying in Hougang for about 50 yrs.
    Will be glad to join you for a cup of kopi or Teh Si.

    Warmest regards,

  4. Daniel,

    The market is at Lorong Ah Soo. Many nice food there especially the “Kway chap” and “lor mee” you mentioned. The famous is still the “Nasi Lemak” very looooong Q also. The “Prawn Noodle” and “Wan Tan Mee” is not bad either. So many choices to choose from…..Terence, shall we have a makan makan outing there. Btw the food centre only open in the morning till about 3.00 pm only.

    Ah Nee

  5. Hi Ah Ne,

    Long time no see….:))

    Nie to hear from you again.Agreed there are lots of good food there, and the things at the market are relatively cheap too. A kg of prawns only $8/-.


  6. Hi Douglas, Steven,

    Please do go ahead and start a community in your residential area. Feel free to discuss eating places in your area.

    Terence Seah

  7. When Charles started the cycling activity, I bought a used bicycle. I still have the bicycle, and so I can cycle around the Hougang area.

    Daniel, Ah Nee, Ann, Melissa, go ahead, and meet one another when you have time. I shall also do so when I am in Singapore during the weekends.

    Terence Seah

  8. What about beyond the witching hour like now.
    Which are the best eating areas opened 24/7.

    Makes sense to be nocturnal in Spore. It is cooler, less crowded; no queues, pollution and cars. Parking is free and no CBD/ERP.

    I am highly passionate about trading at night. You engage the world with broadband. The world engages you with international cable news. You play high stakes against the planet’s best. There is so much more to do in so much more time.

    Day people waste a lot of time getting there and coming back. In between, they waste more time in queues and mindless prattle. Many people find that they are most productive and creative outside working hours.

    How nice will it be to share this phenomenal experience with friends.

  9. Hi Wong KT,
    Wong wrote…
    ( I am highly passionate about trading at night. You engage the world with broadband. The world engages you with international cable news. You play high stakes against the planet’s best. There is so much more to do in so much more time.)

    Wong, can you SHARE with us your “NOCTURNAL” trading experiences.

    We Silverhairs would like to know more.

    Steven Chan

  10. Hi Daniel,

    Last Sat morning, I went to Loring Ah Soo market and bought all the ingredients to cook “Assam Fish. Guess what, my family members like it so much! I forget to add the “blacan” as stated in the recipe but hor, its turns out ok and “sedap”. Next round I cook again with “Blacan” and I see if its even better. I love “Mee Siam” and “Laksa”….ha…ha…can give me your recipe. :)

    Ah Nee

  11. Some 15 years ago, there was a 24 hour teochew porridge along Upper Serangoon Road, between Simon Lane and Lim Ah Pin. Now, I dont see the teochew porridge shop.

    Anyone know where they have gone to?

    Also, there was this char kway teow stall, manned by ann old man, near the Simon Lane junction. I miss his Old Pear leaves, which he used to wrap the Kway Teow. Also, where is he?

  12. Near Simon Lane is Florence Rd where streams flowed with clear clean water, where a 4-year old gal helped her g’ma to wash siblings’ diapers, where she was raped-battered to death by a 19 year old baboon lookalike who was charged for murder who denied killing the gal who was freed on the hearing day after a 30-mth remand in prison (no bail for murder charge) who then broke down and admitted to his diabolical sin.

    Hougang too was not spared of things sad…….

  13. Wow, Tim, a one sentence, whole story thing. Makes for interesting reading, but really breathless before the full stop!

    Is the story for real, or are you pulling our legs? When did this happen, and what happen to that baboon?

  14. Ann, it was for real……..I dragged him by the nose out of the noose but facing up to the victims’ family was difficult, nay, impossible……….

    Corporate manoeuvres where you cheat & outfox the big fraudsters seldom involve life-and-death and thrill one to bits…….

  15. Its ok Steven. Just glad you enjoyed the kueh, whether kosong or koswee.

    Enjoyed chit chatting with you too.

    The weather is not so good but have a nice day anyway :)

    Warmest Regards
    Caroline Gee

  16. There should not be any regrets, even if you are the zoo keeper. Maybe its good now, we do need a slower pace, otherwise there will be too many seniors having heart attack! Bad statistics for our country.

    Do, let us know when this incident happened, and its ending. Skilled storytellers like you cannot end with a cliff hanger like this!

  17. Hi Terence, Ah Nee, Joyce, Daniel,

    Didn’t know there are so many SHCians, happenings and good food in Hougang leh. Must think of relocating there. Any idea what housing prices are like so that I can compare? I am also Teochew “Ah Niah”, but only 51% and from elsewhere. ;)

  18. Ann, I wished I too read zoology like the ex-chairman of a big local bank did, and so spend my life playing & teasing dogs.

    It was a tragedy, unplanned, an act by a oyung man who cdnt control his hormonal urges….very sad.

    The protagonist may still be alive & wished to be forgiven so I wd only say it happened late 70s-early 80s……but the issue really was, it was difficult then to convict a person merely on circumstantial evidence (Sunnyang-Jennycheok was quite a remarkable exception). Thankfully, no more as was the case of took who took wangna’s life.

    Haha, I dont want to be mistaken as casting a pall on Terance’s proud Hougang…….want to hear story, another time, with good food, good beer and a good location in Hougang in the company of that Hougang yen dao aka T’rance.

    Ai mai?

  19. Wei wei Gingko,

    Housing prices are rising everyday, think is not the right time to move. Just ring ring the Hougang gang if you want to join us. We are most welcome to bring you around to enjoy the good food, but first of all, pay a visit to Shirley’s hotdog stall at Blk 631, Hougang Ave.8 :)

    Ah Nee

  20. Hi everyone

    I am also an Hougang Teochew Ah Niah considering that I was born at Charlton Road and then at age 25, moved to Lorong Ah Soo. Raised by a Teochew lady from China and so I am Teochew in many ways. BTW, I/C has me stated as Teochew.

  21. Hi, anyone stay aound YIO CHU KANG MRT station
    can considered as Ang Mo Kio estate.

    Last week the HDB tai tai programe recommended a cafe at Blk 151 AMK which have a pub decor and serve english food, wonder anyone try the food.

  22. Hello hello Ah Nee my pal,

    Must keep tab. What goes up, must come down, so the saying goes.

    You will be the first Teochew “Ah Niah” in Hougang I ring ring ‘coz still cannot forget your HuaTiao chicken wings. Am now eyeing your Blachan Assam Fish… heehee. Gournmet like you will not get a chance to fade from my radar screen. When is party party time??

    Ya, ya, ya coming to Shirley’s hotdog stall very soon…

  23. Ah Nee Niah

    Do I have the honour to savour your “Nee Niah” signature dishes soon. I am thinking of your Assam Fish now and I also like Mee Siam, Chicken Wing, you know. I am very hungry now leh after cycling for 2 hours in the rain. When har? I buy the ingredients and you cook ‘cos you attended Daniel’s cooking lesson and I did not. Deal or no Deal?

  24. Aiyoh Rene Mei Mei, cannot cycle in the rain with lightning and thunder. Dont want to lose you in the rain hor.

    Next time wan to cycle in the rain call me hor. Aiyah, I can make Mee Siam for you. No need to go so far to Hougang to look for Ah Nee.

  25. Mmn..yummy

    Thank you for saving me a trip to Hougang. Shall have a barter trade with you. On? (Mee Siam from you, Kuai Leng Gao from me)

    To relish my kampung days lah. Real FUN to owe the whole East Coast Park cycling track early this afternoon. Weekday and rainy – Quiet and no crowd.

  26. Dear Rene,

    You don,t need to work huh? Cycling in the rain, I like it also. I once cycled with Norlinda under heavy downpour with thunder and lightning around 7.00 pm along EC, racing very fast to get a proper shelter. Wow! what an experience!
    Lai a lai leh, let,s party party. My “Assam Fish” ai sai liao, I can cook for you lah but now you go and eat something hor….don’t torture your stomuch. Oh yes, have you put your name for 15 Sep cycling at EC.

    Ah Nee

  27. OK on Rene. I will tell you when then we xchange ok?

    I used to play in the rain when I was a little girl and enjoy it very much.

    Must go and buy myself a bicycle too so you, Ah Nee, Norlinda and me can all go out and cycle in the rain Yippeee!!

  28. Caroline,

    We better “chow lor” from this post hor before all the “Ah Niah” and “Ah Chek” chased us away with their brooms. Go back to our East Coast thread leh? Start one lah!

  29. Hey Caroline and Rene,

    Got any “Ho liao” at EC or not? Though I reside in Hougang but I am eyeing East Coast area leh. Last Sunday, after viewing “Villa Marina”, I am very move liao. It is also my dream that one day I will move to EC, so need you gals to update me the situation there leh. Like that hor, Nor, Carol, Rene and me (each of us own a bicycle), then ring ring…come lets go EC and cycle…hopefully this is not a dream…ha… :) pls start a East Coast thread leh.

    Ah Nee

  30. Ah Nee, wait a while can? I have to ask Dolly how to do posting.

    The last time I did for my profile, I wanted to pull my hair out trying to get it to appear on the forum.

    Then, when the East Coast thread is up, I will tell you all the good things you can find here, be it food or recreation.

  31. ya lah…lets start EC thread..
    then we can be the best pals till our hairs turn grey…hahaha :)
    just imagine, every morning we go walking or ‘qi gong’ & enjoy the fresh sea breeze, then makan breakfast..sit around & chit chat….hhhmmm, wat a beautiful life hor??
    ah nee…that time u wanted to buy the house near my place,now its been bot & renovated by the new owner..quite nice & cosy..yet to meet my new nebor.
    nvm ,now u day when u decided to move from Hougang, let us know..we’ll help to carry yr barang barang!..hehehe

  32. Hi Steven
    I know abt the stalls that you mention in Clementi Town Centre. Is it opposite the ntuc supermarket?
    I use to go there too but as you said the rojak is really long Q.


  33. Hi Jane

    You stay in Clementi too.

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, anyone interest to try linedancing. I can share dances with you if you wish. SOrry till todate I unable to find a suitable place, any suggestion. I knew a session was on going at Toa Payoh, if we can find another location, I OK to share with you.

  34. Hi Michelle
    I am staying off Ayer Rajah.Its near clementi. I belong to the west coast grc.

    I am interested in line dancing.Wanted to join as beginners but cannot find suitable time and location till today.Also I am already already above 50s. Is it okay to join in?haha.

    Are you staying in Clementi?


  35. Hi Terence,
    another brilliant idea! Soon, we will have a number of hubbers… Hub Challenge! hahahaha

    hi Michelle,
    I am in Queenstown now but had stayed in Clementi for 21 years. Last year, was there almost every week visiting friend, still like this place. However, this year, I couldnt visit as often.

    Should there be dancing, I will join when time permits. Practice in Toa Payoh is on a week night (Wed or Thur) so by the time it ends, adjourn for a drink/food, commute home, could be quite late.. just thinking of doing it every week hmmm quite sian and taxing esp next morning gotta go to work on time, me not so sud, buay dong!

    Jane are u working? If not, perhaps could fish out some ideal location in Clementi?
    Could kick start a West Coast hub! :)

  36. Too many non-Hougangers hogging this thread. You can follow a similar post like this one for West Coast, East Coast, Semei, Clementi, Queenstown, …

    Terence Seah

  37. Terence

    Should be 20 years ago not 15, if I remember correctly there is an old market along Upper Serangoon Rd at the current traffic light junction of Lim Ah Pin Rd towards Simon Rd. The 24 hour teochew porridge is situated in the old market then. It has been pull down and taken by the LTA for redevelopment. Recently I past by and I saw the signboard said “Project for Condominium”. Good location, next to Kovan MRT, also near Kovan Melody. I think it had moved to somewhere opposite Serangoon Junior college that stretch of shop houses along upper serangoon Rd, now many Teochew porridge stall there. Also the famous “Yong Teochew Kueh” is there. The “char kway teow” stall at the coffee shop near the junction of Lim Ah Pin Rd, not Simon Lane, now changed to “Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle”. Nowaday where got Old Pear leaves, wrap with paper can? You said you missed the Old Pear leaves and asking where is the old man? (probally he “kong kar keow already). That’s not important, you should go there and try the “Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle”. You get your bicycle and ride along upper Serangoon Rd, you will see many many eatery, if you not so sure where to start, I can cycle with you :)Oh yah, forget to mention, the famous “Punggol Nasi Lemak” also situated there.

    Ah Nee

    Ah Nee

    Anyone know where they have gone to?

    Also, there was this char kway teow stall, manned by ann old man, near the Simon Lane junction. I miss his Old Pear leaves, which he used to wrap the Kway Teow. Also, where is he?

  38. Hi Christina
    Yes I am still working.Working from Mon to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Saturday mornings to ntuc at bukit timah plaza.Sunday is free.Will retire in a few years time. But the govt is now encouraging re employment.Ha.I continue to work to get the days go by as both my two grown up children are now in USA working.My husband is away overseas often due to his work nature.
    Thus I came across this Club only recently. Hope to meet up with you all when time permits. Needs more friends as one grows older, isnt it?
    I live in West Coast off Ayer Rajah.

    What about the SCS at Bukit Batok. Dont know whether can rent the space for line dancing? I am not too sure though.


  39. Hi Ah Nee, Terence,

    Me too started cycling around Hougang neibourhood recently. The stretch of eateries opposite Lim Ah Pin Rd besides ‘Teo Seng’ Teochew Muay also includes ‘Ah Li san’ Taiwan porridge and Hainan curry rice all opens 24/7.
    The food courts near Hougang police post too opens 24/7.


  40. hullo there! *waving*
    another houganger here! pls include me for any gathering. since I don’t drive anymore, meeting around here is a boon for me.
    wahhhh! heng-ah, suddenly got this hougang-div.

    those famous eateries that I know of are:
    simon rd – cha hokien mee [not bad]/ ba-chor mee besides the punggol nasi lemak [can do lah]/ nasi lemak [forget it! the Q is impossible!]/ midnite curry-png [think it is the 3rd round of owners now. standard dropped like hell. eaten their food since when they were at the old simon rd market]/
    and my fav fish ball ta-mee @ coffee shop next to hillside drive, and a few more….


  41. Yes you are right, the hai nam ”curry png” standard has dropped alot.
    There is a fairly good beef noodles near the NTUC, can’t remember the blk.Used to have a long queue, but ever since the change of owner need not have to wait that long liao…

  42. Hello Jeremy,

    Yes! welcome to the Hougang hub gang. We are so fortunate to stay here right? When food is concerned, we have everything! yummy yummy….
    I also like the fish ball ta-mee @ coffee shop next to hillside drive, but have not been there for a while because parking is a problem there.
    Daniel, I agree with you the “beef noodles” near the NTUC is not as “sedap” as before, think there is a change of ownership. Btw Jeremy, which part of Hougang you stay huh?
    ha….ha…ha….looks like have to gather all of your to a makan feast :)

    Ah Nee

  43. Wow all you Hougangians, you are making me green with envy! So much talk about the food there and making me wish I am residing there. The only food I remember when I had good friends staying at Rosyth was a shophouse near Simon Place area and they were very popular with their curry rice and they sell right up to the wee hours of the morning. Lots of people eating there whenever I popped in. Wonder if it is still there?

  44. Hi Catherine,

    Jeremy & Daniel also mentioned about the curry rice. I know where is Simon Place, but hor, never see shophouse sell curry rice leh. Let me check it out :)

    Ah Nee

  45. Hi Jane & Christine,
    I am staying in Clementi, near the mosque.
    Let me know if you love to know some dances. I will be happy to share.

    Hope more SHC join CLEMENTI, WEST COAST CLUB….. hahaha, maybe join me swimming or chatting at Singapore Polytechnic Guide House on SUnday. It a wonderful place, swim (wet or dry), spa, tennis, bowling and of course makam………. (but the food sososo, lah. Clementi market better food. We can ask our dear brother Steven to cycle to tapau. I better dont suggest otherwise our dear Steven will run after me. Dont forget he TALL man, me fat ans short

  46. helo Caroline, Rene..
    lets start our EC thread lah..
    this is Hougang teritory, Terence brot his broom out oredi….better run fast!cepat cepat!

    Yew Kwong, can teach us how to do pls..on our private email ok…we waiting :)

  47. Hi Michelle
    Oh so you are near the clementi central. I will normally pass by your place if i go to bukit timah ntuc on saturday mornings.

    So you must be a good dancer. Gosh I am zero though.

  48. Hi Christina
    I am Jane Yeo.emailed u rgrding the steepness of mt faber,remember?afraid my week knees may not be able to climb. Steven volunteers to piggy back too. haha.

    There is one good indian rojak stall from the old waterloo street at west coast drive.Usually very crowded.Are you aware of this?

    Steven or Michelle may know about it.

    Best rgrds

  49. Hi Ah Nee & All Hougang friends,

    Just to share. I met a friend today who is also a Hougang Teochew “Ah Niah”. She said there are many makan stalls in the hawker centre behind Heartland Mall. Some popular stalls are Carrot Cake, Orr Luart (Oyster omelette), prawn noodles, fish ball noodles, etc. and are “always long long queue, especially on Sundays”. Also, the Char Kway Teow stall in a very rundown dingy shophouse at the corner of Simon Road. Just listening to her made me hungry and drooool.

    Hougang gals & guys – try try must try…

  50. Dear Gingko,

    What your friend said is true. The hawker centre behind Heartland Mall and is near the Kovan MRT, have many popular stalls, one being the famous “Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice”, which your friend did’nt mentioned. The last time after Daniel’s cooking class, Susan, Molly and myself were at the Heartland Mall and Hawker Centre, but did’nt eat because we just had a sumptuous “Assam Fish” and “Sambal Petai with Prawn”, go with rice at Daniel’s place. Are you thinking of moving close to me…ha…ha…ha…. :)

    Ah Nee

  51. Goodness gracious! Ah Nee, you are Hougang, Frontgang, Leftgang, Rightgang and Everygang. Tak boleh tahan!

    I don’t want to MOVE close to you… but come LIVE with you. Now, you are in trouble, haha.

  52. Wei hello Rene,

    So early call for GE rally already huh. How Gang still on the lead leh. I comments on How Gang thread so as to gain 1 more vote, now 64 votes…ha…ha…ha :)


  53. Hi all Hougangers!

    I think you missed the great chwee kuay at Lorong Ah Soo food centre, above the market… this is the best!!

    Teochew muay at Teo Seng is challenged by Alishan next door which has raw cockles and raw fish… but you must order your coffee from the neighbour!

    It’s also true that the standards have dropped for many of the original stalls like the char kuay teow, fried prawn noodle, etc. No longer like in the “good old days”.

    There’s an aircon place next to Simon Road/Upp Serangoon which serves dishes from $4.80… anyone been there?

    Nasi lemak is now so complex with luncheon meat, fried chicken, sausages…, it is no longer the simple meal of great-tasting rice with ikan bilis, cucumber and tantalising sambal. However, the stalls along Up Serangoon and Kovan bus interchange are popular.

    Let’s have a great Hougang foodfest!

  54. Hi Kenneth,

    I wonder if you know me. just to recap…. remember the morning walk organised by the SGCC, Ronald Lee, Oi Cheng, Molly, Susan and myself (Ah Nee) said hi to you when we past by your house. Yes!
    The “chwee kuay” at Lorong Ah Soo is superb. I think it is the franchise from the famous Tiong Bahru “chwee kuay”. The dishes from $4.80…at that aircon place along Upper Serangoon Rd has always been long Q during weekend, so no chance to try yet. When is the appropriate time huh? With so many SHC events on the line, it’s so difficult to find time leh.

    Ah Nee

  55. hi ah nee,
    I’m staying at jalan naung area. 1 bus-stop before hougang plz.
    yes there is the chwee-kway at lor ah soo. there used to be a very good char kway teow in the HDB blk area, forgot the blk no., but unfortunately the old man retired due to poor health and a lady taken over. I tried but the standard cannot make it leh.

    of course, there is always the chomp chomp.

    looking forward to meeting all you guys!


  56. Hello Jeremy,

    So you are staying near Hougang Plaza, which I think is also near Hougang Mall. I remembered watching the 1st movie by Jack Neo, “Money not enough” with my “Ah lau” at the cinema in Hougang Plaza. Also once celebrated Mother’s day at Jack’s Place at ground floor of the Plaza. Never been there for so long, wonder if the cinema still there. I seldom do my shopping at Hougang Plaza and Hougang Mall, except paying parking summons at the HDB office near the Mall. Care to share some nice food outlet there?

    Ah Nee :)

  57. ah nee,
    I believe the cinema is closed for sometime oledi. I seldom take notice of that plz but usually head for hougang plz to do my groceries shopping in NTUC supermart.

    at the 24hr kopitiam/hougang plz, there isn’t any specially worth mentioning stalls that I can think of. though the che-cha is ok lah.

    the coffee shop next to it, lower level, used to have very nice cha beehoon but lately I found that it tasted different, so is the vegetarian stall.
    so all in all, nothing to shout about at these 2 food outlets. rather move to other areas in hougang. of course hougang mall has a new food court, think it’s 3rd or 4th level, haven’t check it out yet.


  58. Calling all Hougangers,

    Yesterday, Tues 19 Sep, we had our monthly gathering at Hans@Great Eastern. The pokers were asking what happen to the Hougangers, as we were the first to post Hougang, as our residential area.

    I stay at Hougang Blk 320, and am eager to visit the Lorong Ah Soo market this Saturday morning 29 Sept, 0800 hrs. So, I start first, let’s join if you can make it. Better still, cycle there. Make sure you can cycle first. Meet at the Lorong Ah Soo market. Read from you about the excellent “Kway chap” and “lor mee”, famous “Nasi Lemak” very long Q, “Prawn Noodle” and “Wan Tan Mee”. I am going to look for a nice smooth Soyo beancurd.

    So Ann, Ah Nee, Melissa, Daniel, Jeremmy, Joy and all others who wants to cross territory, come Sat 29 Sep, 0800 hrs. Let’s have a good eat.


  59. Terence @#71 para 2

    “…this Saturday morning 29 Sept, 0800 hrs..”

    You are no where to be found this Saturday, 22 Sept till they find you 7 days later at 0800hrs.

  60. Aiyah, Rene, Joyce, my calendar is hopeless.

    It’s Sat 29 Sep 2007, at 0800 hrs at Lorong Ah Soo market.

    Yew Kwong, happy birthday. No wonder I didnt see you yesterday.


  61. Terence

    Yo! don’t blame it on a non-living thing.
    Maybe, you are rite! It may takes me 7 days to cycle to Hougang and arrives Lorong Ah Soo at 0800hrs.

    Timing is perfect ya, and my face will be longer than the “Prawn Noodle” Q and “Hum Tan You” instead of “Wan Tan Mee”. Cheers

  62. Yes, On lah, all the makan Kakis. So is on Sat 29th Sep at 8.00 am right? Terence, I buy you the nice smooth Soyo beancurd with Gingko Nut on that day, ok. What I want to eat huh? So many nice food leh. Hey! Daniel, you good good friend with the “Kway Chap” stall or not? he…he…he…no need to Q mah, shall we eat “Kway Chap”.

    Ah Nee :)

  63. Hi Terence,

    Ooops…someone has remind me of my commitment on 29th Sep morning. Sorry, I can’t join you guys and gals for breakfast. Hope to buy you your favourite beancurd in the next outing. Joyce, Lorong Ah Soo Market is at Blk 105, you won,t miss it bcos it’s situated along the main road. Enjoy :)

    Ah Nee

  64. Dear Hougangers

    I stay in Serangoon North Ave 1 (neighbour of Hougang) So can join join also? Do keep me posted n will join u guys when my schedule permits.


  65. Hi Hougang Ah Nia’s and Hougang Pai Kiah’s,

    Sat 29th Sep at 8.00 am at Lor Ah Soo market is on. Will be there till 09.30 am. Let’s meet one another then.

    I am cycling there. We can have Soya bean, carrot cake (white one), U char Kuay.

    See u then.


  66. Keneth, Eliza, Ah Nee, Rene, Jeremy, Jane, Norlinda, Molly, Tim, Yew Kwong, Ann, Daniel, Melissa, and anyone who is awake,

    If you are awake, come wake up and join us at the Lor Ah Soo Market. 8.30 am to 10.00 am. I am cycling there now. Come in shorts, bed clothes and slippers.

    I will keep my mobile on 9489-4360.

    Terence Seah

  67. HI Guys!

    I was at the Lor Ah Soo market and did enjoy my “chwee kuay” with Terence, Ah Nee and Joyce… too bad no one else turned up.

    Terence leaves for Europe tonight and I wish him and those with him all the best. Have a great time!

    Meanwhile, we have our next makan at Botak Jones next Friday… and there are already more than 15 signed up! Keep up the spirit, Hougang, Central and Serangoon!

  68. Thanks Kenneth for the good wishes. I shall enjoy my trip with Ann Giri, HK Cheong and my wife Nok.

    The small “soon kueh” was good, but I thought at 50 cents, it was expensive.

    Just after we left, Ann called, and she turned up. She couldn’t control her waking up time. Hmm, next time.

    Cheers to the Hougangers and Serangooners.

    See you at Games Day.


  69. Terence, by this time (now)that I read yr #85, you must be resting snygly in the arm nooks of yr ever so angelic Nok…….lucky you.

    You promised me a beer the nite b4 and I’ll hold you to that……….but not on a workday if you’re really minded to deliver it………

    Meanwhile, enjoy…….if you want to drive, dont think. If you want to drink dont forget yr wife….

  70. Hi, it took me 45mins to reach Lor Ah Soo Market on my bicycle this morning. The Soya bean with Ginko nut is so silky and reasonably priced.

    Kenneth shared with us his knowledge and experience in Thailand particularly Chiangmai where he will be visiting again pretty soon.

    Bon voyage Terence, enjoy and bring back your memorables.


  71. Tim,

    First, I think you are not a good beer or whisky drinker. Each time, when we meet, you take only one glass. So, really doesnt matter where we drink.

    But, the next time, let’s have a little more than 5 bottles. I am back on the week of 16 Oct. Let’s think of one or two places. Beer only. We have two weeks to think.

    And if anyone wants to join us, Tim and me will be pleased to received you. But, we wont send you home; or bring you there. We dont drive.

    A bottle of beer should be less than SGD 6. Any body knows of a places that will sell beer at less than 6 dollars, on a weekend, as Tim can only get out on a Saturday.

    Terence Seah

  72. Ah Tim,

    Don’t worry. I had a friendly weighing in with Ah Ter at one bottle each on Fri. Unless you depend on your date to drink for you, you should have no problem.

    Tell me when and where. I will run a book. Last man standing. Winner-takes-all. Odds on you. Of course-lah. What are friends for….

    Go for it.

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