Calling all Clementians. This is my residential area

Let’s start with another residential area.  Steven Chan, Jane Yeo and Michelle are from the Clementi residential area.  Steven loves to bring his dog for walks at the East Coast.  Michelle is eager to keep her legs dancing. 

If you live in Clementi, go ahead and join Steven and Michelle.  There is Jane Yeo, too.  What’s the excitement at Clementi?  Are there many SilverHairs in Clementi?

Author: Terence Seah


72 thoughts on “Calling all Clementians. This is my residential area”

  1. Hi Margaret Tune,

    What an “UNIQUE” name TUNE? Reminds me of a melody tune.

    Anyway,thanks for your SUPPORT and GOOD to see that you enjoy our walk.

  2. Hi YLMa,

    Not to worry, Edwin will organise a Westerners Walk cum dinner later using the Maju Camp trail and you can join and have fun.

    Watch out for his post.

  3. Hi Edwin Ong, Catherine Yeo, Margaret Tune,Alice,Lawrence Khan,Yoke Long /others.

    Finally the Westerners Review Bukit Batok Leisure Walk photos taken on 22/09/07 is ready for viewing.

    The photo link is at comment 65
    Pls click photos to view.

    Happy Viewing,
    Steven Chan

  4. Review ;-22/09/07 Clementians /others
    Bukit Batok Leisure walk cum Dinner

    At about 4pm, Alice,Catherine Yeo, Margaret Tune,Lawrence Khan,Yoke Long and myself9 Steven) gather inside Mc. Donald and chit chat.

    Instead of walking to the Ulu Pandan Connector to Holland Village as posted, the plan was changed to a leisure walk at Bukit Batok forest reserve at the request of our members.

    We reached there around 4.30p.m. and started to walk up a step inclined slope while enjoying the lush greenery and bright sunshine.

    Along the way, we visited the Japanese Memorial for the dead, the two transmission towers built on top of the hill and the “Kwei Lin”quarry and pool.

    At 6.30 p.m.,Edwin Ong join us for dinner at the Rail Mall.

    Thanks to all of you for the evening of fellowship well spent.Catherine for the courtesy of hosting us at your home and being so hospitable and Michelle for sending us men home.

    The world has changed quite significantly in the 21 Century since I was taught in the 60s to make sure I send the girls home.

    Event Organisers,
    Steven Chan / Edwin Ong
    Pls. click the link and view photos at

  5. There are 2 good PAU stalls in Clement. One behind Esso Petro Station the other beside Clementi Police STation or next to SHOP n SAVE.
    If you cant find ask the police.

    OK lah, if you cant find, you treat me pau I bring you there. What about one morning we meet at the coffee shop to enjoy the pau. Cheap n good No 7% GST or service charge.

    All friends hope to see u

  6. hey guys, while at Queenstown, don’t forget also to check out the char kuay teow stall on the ground floor. Always long queue. And, there used to be a very good chicken rice stall on the 2nd floor too, but they have now moved to the Stirling Road hawker centre, so it’s kinda out of the way.

    Back to Clementi, don’t forget the porridge stall, fried carrot cake, satay, western and hokkien sotong mee at the town centre’s hawker center. Then, the rojak at Blk 449 is a must try!

    Cheers :)

  7. Hi Cyeo at 54.

    (…. I would like to recommend Queenstown hawker centre, second floor – claypot chicken there pretty good.)

    Will patronise it one day.

    Thanks for your info.

    Steven Chan

  8. Calling Cyeo @ 54 and
    Dolly @ 55.

    NOT at Ave 4,wait till I get its name card and broadcast on SHC .

    Good in terms of Singapore standard of cLAypot chicken rice.Initially was BETTER, but now with such a huge crowd,ITS Quality has dECLINED.

    $18 for 6 pieces of MISERABLE chicken,8 shreds of mushroom,4 PIECES OF Mui Hoing salted fish, 6 THIN slices of liver sausageS and litttle rice nOT enough for 2 diners.

    WAIT till you tried those stalls in K.Lumpur , 1/2 THE PRICE AND SUPERB quality, Mo Tak Theng.

    STRANGE ,no HOKKIEN BLACK Thick Mee fried with a lot of pig lard remnants for its FRAGRANT smell. sold in S’pore?

    Instead, you have the S’pore version, “HAIR Mee” .
    Really “hair” lah.

    Nearest I can eat is from JB.Brought Kristy and Robert to the Hokkien mee stall at JB behind Jln. Wong Ah Fook.

    It was so GOOD that Kristy and me “TA PAU” to bring back to Spore to eat 2nd. round.

    ( ….makan trail Steven and we can take it from there hehe………)

    NEXT CHANGE. Have to do RESEARCH Go round to collect all the name cards 1st.lah. then put on web site post.

    Happy Go LUCKY Eating,
    Steven Chan

  9. Hello Dolly,

    Wow you even have the phone no. ‘lay hai tak ke’! Now that you have mentioned the name of the stall I can vaguely remember the word lucky!

    Shall I bring you to go try the stall in Queenstown? After that you can give me your verdict on which tastes better. Yeow pu yeow?

  10. I think the claypot rice you all are refering 2 is at Blk 328 Clementi Ave 2 (New Lucky. Doe hv 2 wait but can call to chope 1 la. . Tel: 67787808. But the very best but ok lor… Dolly

  11. Hey Steven,

    This claypot chicken stall, is it situated somewhere in Ave 4. Not visible along main road and along a row of shophouses which includes shop selling fishes?

    If its the same one, I don’t think it is really so fantastic although I have eaten there a few times. And yes the waiting time…….

    I would like to recommend Queenstown hawker centre, second floor – claypot chicken there pretty good.

    Why don’t you start a makan trail Steven and we can take it from there hehe………

    Catherine Y

  12. Hi Joy,

    Hi Jane, i do not know much abt the pau but there is a famous stall selling claypot chicken in Clementi and STRONGLY RECOMMENDED by Channel U, Makan Sutra.

    Sometimes esp. weekends, you have to queue for 45 mins to 1 hr. to get your food served.RIDICULOUS! that’s the price we have to pay for GOOD YUMMY food.

    Go early at 6.00 pm for your dinner or slowly all the tables will be taken by 7 pm. esp ,.weekends.

    A HUNGRY man is an ANGRY man.

    ENJoy the Chicken Aroma,

    Steven Chan

  13. Hi Jane,
    i do not know much ant the pau but there is a famous stall selling claypot chicken in Clementi and STRONGLY RECOMMENDED by Channel U, Makan Sutra.

    Sometimes esp. weekends, you have to queue for 45 mins to 1 hr. to get your food served.RIDICULOUS! that’s the price we have to pay for GOOD YUMMY food.

    Go early at 6.00 pm for your dinner or slowly all the tables will be taken by 7 pm. esp ,.weekends.

    A HUNGRY man is an ANGRY man.

    ENJoy the Chicken Aroma,

    Steven Chan

  14. Hello Benson,
    I agreed with Joy. Where is the stall selling freshly steamed pao?
    I live off ayer rajah, just next to clementi estate. Let me know whereabout is this delicious pao.


  15. hi Michelle,
    Ok. I shall call you when I cannot sleep.
    But what about your sleeping time. You could have been tired after the day’s work.I may be disturbing or waking you up.
    My hp no. is 90620001.


  16. Hey westernees,

    There is a coffee shop in Clementi making and selling very nice freshly steamed “char shao pao”.
    Try and you will know. Better than those popular and branded ones.

  17. jane
    the time now is 10pm.
    Offically I not working on Sat and SUn BUT>>>>>> SIGH
    I try not to work on Sunday.

    CAll me anytime. I singled so no problem….heheh if you can’t sleep can call me chat…………… anytime of the night

  18. Hi Michelle
    My office is next to Somerset MRT.
    You are saying that the market stall at clement ave 2 but which block no is that?
    If am available, will call you. Are you working on Saturday and Sunday?

  19. Hi Jane Great Me found a coffee drinking Friend

    Yes I am working, what about you. My office is in town. Marina Square. Join only 2 months but looking around for other oppportunity. AT our age, money is no end, life is short. I marry to my job all these years time to slow down.

  20. hi Michelle, if cant sleep better not drink tea. It worsens. BTW are you working, Michelle?
    Ya if i want to go there, i shall call u for a cup of tea. Email me your hp no?
    best rgrds

  21. Yes

    this Indian coffee stall in the market very clever, they opened 24 hours and many night owls go there to chat and have supper.
    Very safe there because in the late hour there will be many police also tanpau the nasi lemak…………
    They dont sell Beer so there will be not many drunkard around……………
    Jane if you cant sleep call me and I met you there to drink tea

  22. Hi Michelle
    No problem. How come they sold in the evening. Thought its always in the mornings.
    Is this a stall in the market or in coffeeshop? This market at ave 2 is near the ntuc isnt it?

    best rgrds

  23. Hi Morning Jane

    Hahaha are you going to treat me nasi lemak this weekend? They are sold in the evening, ready pak in bananas leaf.
    Yes, I sinerely wish to form a linedance class? hope SHC could suggest the place where wew can dance?

  24. Hi Jane
    $1 nasi lemak is at clementi AVe 2 market. Sold by the Indian COffee stall. the giner tea is good, not so sweet.Somewhere nearby also have nice homemade Paus……………

    Look like SHC dont like watching movie, many enjoying makam…………

    ANy response for linedancing………

  25. Hi Jane & Catherine,
    It is nice of you to let me and other Westerner belong.
    I am footloose and fancy free for now. Let’s get together for coffee and a chit chat. Unfortunately, I am not much of a movie buff and it has been ages since I’ve been to a movie.
    Regards from another Westerner…..Jie

  26. Of course Jane, Jurong is definitely in the western part of Singapore and besides I know Jie too. So Jie wanna meet for coffee and then go watch 881, all Clementian participants?

    Btw, maybe we should change our district to ‘Westernees’ so as to envelope a wider section to include Jurong, Bkt Batok, Hillview, Woodlands etc…….. :)

  27. Hi Jane and Michelle,

    Sorry I did not turn on my computer the whole day yesterday and so did not see your messages. We should have coffee and later start our very own district’s makan trail? What do you think? We may even come up with a little guide book on good makan places just in the Western part of Singapore. hehe

    Catherine Y

  28. Hi All Clementians,
    I feel like we westerners,….{west of Clementi} are orphans or homeless. The only members I know living in my neck of the woods {Jurong East, Jurong West, Bukit Batok} are Joy and Ann To….are there enough of us to form a group, or should we ‘tompang’ with you in your activities and makans. Would you welcome us to your enclave. I don’t know about the others but I sure hate to be left out…..Jie

  29. Hi, everyone (Hougangers,East Coastians,
    Clementians,Bedokakilangs). I am laughing inside me with the last named residential area, very funny but quite an ingenious name. Anyway, thank you all for the tips on where the good makan places are located. Will be busy taking note of all these places. Wow what a good Saturday morning to begin with.

    Cheers and have a good day…Philip

  30. Hi EdwinOng, re the railway track…Great, they are developing it… I use to cross over to Sunset Way across the canal and vaguely, I remember that site. I’ll catch up with you on this. Thanks very much indeed. We welcome all SHCians to drop us some leads and info, for this, more hands makes light work :D

    We are always on the look out and exploring new trails, and have found and tried several.
    Our little Red Dot has many good trails, more are ‘akan datang’… but no willows, great lakes le… heck the ‘buts’& ‘not haves’, Look and enjoy what we have! … that’s one of my mottos… this is my home, my country… ;)

  31. Hi All (Clementians – sound belly much like a pedigree dog). Anyway, I’m new just join SHC very recently. Talking abt makan, I love it. In the West also hv many famous stalls in areas like Alexandra V, Holland V, Ghim Moh HC(hawker ctr), Clementi HC, JurEast, Magarat Dr, West Coast HC, Hong Leong Est HC, Redhill HC, etc. U name it, we hv them over the west too. Btw when can this grp b meeting? – Steven/Michelle. Thks.


  32. Hi Jane/Michelle

    Both of you should try our EAST COAST Nonya Nasi Lemak at $2 per package, inclusive one big Otak, with lots of chilly ikan bilis, obtainable at ROXY SQUARE shopping centre.The famous Malay version at Changi Village Hawker Centre is a must to try at $2/50 per plate, with fried crispy chicken wing, usually there will be a long line of people, at least 10.


  33. Hi Christina and fellow Clementians, along the railway track just slightly inside Sunset Way, people are clearing a path parallel to Clementi Road towards Ngee Ann Polytechnic direction. On the right of that path are some nice durian trees. Further in is a secondary forest that that path is going to traverse through and possibly come out of Maju Camp. Will be nice to do an evening walk. Bear this in mind when the next walk is being plan……….Edwin ONG :>)

  34. Hi Michelle,

    In K.Lumpur now at internet cafe , Cowboy would love your pork chop but he cannot take HALAL food.

    Thanks for your generous thought.
    He is ALLERGIC to pork and worse still after the meal he will having a good time scratching all over his body.

    Nasi lemak thanks but I HAD CUT down on this lately for fear of too much CHOLESTEROL in coconut.
    Me Health Conscious lah.

    Wanna a SLIMMER body and outline.Ha! ha!

    Saw 881- the Papaya sisters. If you love Hokkien Getai songs, you will love this movie. It is a TOUCHING story that will move the audience to TEARS. Eric Khoo of Money No enough fame helps Royston Tan to direct in this movie.Read from the Malaysian Movie review, Budget S$1.3 million.

    Although, i do NOT understand Hokkien songs,I LOVE its MELODY and Catch tune.
    Self rated 4 ****.

    Till then ,
    Steven Chan

  35. Hi CAtherine, which part of clementi are you. Me near Mosque. End of the month NO MONEY will eat the $1 nasi lemak and 80cts Indian tea……………. join me. Delicious

    Steven, you can bring your cowboy along………… i buy him PORK CHOP and you nasi lemak

  36. Hi CAtherine, which part of clementi are you. Me near Mosque. End of the month NO MONEY will eat the $1 nasi lemak and 80cts Indian tea……………. join me. Delicious

    Steven, you can bring your cowboy along………… i buy him PORK CHOP and you nasi lemak

  37. Hi CAtherine, which part of clementi are you. Me near Mosque. End of the month NO MONEY will eat the $1 nasi lemak and 80cts Indian tea……………. join me. Delicious

    Steven, you can bring your cowboy along………… i buy him PORK CHOP and you nasi lemak

  38. Hi Catherine
    Yes, the good nonya stall is still at BTP. The ntuc has been renovated far have you been there yet?

    So you hve shifted from faber estate to clementi? still closeby though.
    take care,

  39. Hi Michelle,

    You MUST bee kidding for Cowboy to walk to Orchard Road when he already PANTED HEAVILY to
    Weat Coast Park.

    With another lift from your car, he is able to accompany you along to Orchard road to KAI KAI.

    Steven Chan

  40. Hi Terence,

    THANKS so much for putting up this post on
    Clementians. And this will set the ball rolling for other districts as well besides HOW GANG and CLEMENTIAN.

    With Appreciation.

    Steven Chan

  41. Hi Michelle,

    i am interested in SWIMING and MAKANING.

    Can you put up a post that you can bring us to Spore polytechnic swimming club as a member?
    Surely you can spare a few mins from work to put my the post? Thanks .

    I am sure by NOW all the Clementians or other districrians has already woken up and ready to DIVE in.

    Steven Chan

  42. Hi Jane,

    I used to reside at Faber Estate which is across from Hong Leong Gardens. Also have shopped at BTP way before the renovation. Like the nonya food near the maid agency on the 2nd floor (I think) Yes, we might have bumped into each other and not know then.

    Edwin, I dine at Chin Huat Seafood at Sunset way once in a while but since there are so many new restaurants there now, I will definitely check them out.

    Catherine Y

  43. dear ladies

    Glad many SHC stay in the west.
    SHall we all work hard to hunt for a suitable palce where we can start our foot swaying.
    I believe everyone can dance lah. You will be surprise I dance like a horse, galloping around no stylish but I dont care I enjoy and a good form of exercise. Any one interested in swimming let me know, I arrange BUT I CANT SWIM so you got to bring a float for me.

    Steven you so tall so if you swim with us, we got to swim 3 laps while we swim 1…………

  44. Hi EdwinOng,
    The running path you mentioned is the Ulu Pandan Connector. We the walkist did that trail in Apr07. So we or you might have missed us there hheehe

    had resided in Clementi for a cool 21years, still goes there regularly, even for my marketing! when I feel like cooking.
    So,… if something is boiling, cooking, whatever, if time permits, I will join u fellas. :D

  45. Hi Folks, I live at Sunset Way, near where the “fine dining in the tranquil” setting said to be as narrated on Straits/Sunday Times last week. There are running path stretching all the way along Clementi River (really it is a “longkang”) from Jurong Town Hall Road to Bouna Vista; aircondition Indian Muslim Roti Plata near to Clementi MRT and if you like to coffee shops all over for a chat or a breather. Let me know when there is a group function in the Clementi sector – Edwin ONG :>)

  46. Michelle,
    I am staying off ayer rajah,Hong Leong Gardens. Belongs to the West Coast Grc, including clementi.
    I am interested in line dancing but hasnt started one yet. Wonder whether can dance or not leh?haha.
    Catherine,i go to ntuc supermarket, now called the finest ntuc supermarket at bukit timah plaza.Go abt 9am then done by 10am.sometimes got to rush to do some other errands too.Probably we have seen each other but didnt know each other yet.

  47. Meow x2

    My crave over linedance is over but taught if I can pick up again from Michelle. So I patiently wait lor. About the curry rice hor, no longer there already, as Joyce mentioned it should be the “Hainan curry rice” opens 24/7 at that stretch of shophouses along Upper Serangoon Rd. Meow meow…Not a bad idea leh, got cycling group, walking group, linedancing group and now eating group :)

    Ah Nee

  48. Ah Nee,

    You want Michelle to be everywhere even before she has even started any group in the West. Must be patient lah and wait your turn. Meanwhile come join the Clementians first if a group is started and then maybe you will be proficient enough to start your Hougang group LOL. Btw how is the search for the curry rice at the shophouse going?

    Maybe we can start an eating group – going around the different areas trying out the yummy foods starting with Hougang, Bedok, Clementi …… wat say u?

    Meow x2

  49. Hello all the Clementians,

    The Clementians seems to like walking and dancing. Michelle, you said you dance everywhere in Singapore, so you must have a lot of “kang tow” on line dancing. Is there one at Hougang, I love to dance also leh. How about starting one at Hougang pls, convenient for me mah :) Xie xie

    Ah Nee

  50. Hi Michelle,

    I am staying near Clementi MRT (abt 5-7mins drive away) It is so near but there doesn’t seem to be a bus that plys from my plce to the station. Anyway, have been reading your post and would like to join you if you start a line-dancing group in the West. I am currently dancing with the group at Toa Payoh but find it quite a rush for me.

    Jane – have been reading your comments and I shop regularly at BTPlaza’s NTUC too. Next time you come by maybe we will hv coffee before we shop yah?

    Catherine Y

  51. Jane

    Steven will being his dog walk from Clementi to Orchard Road, then go shopping and walk to East Coast………………

    WIll take him 3 days..

    Hi Jane Where are you staying?? Shall meet up for cofi. Many nice food in Clementi. But If you wish join me in the pool.
    Any interested pals to join us…….if you wish I can share some simple dnaces with you……..

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