East Coast, East Coast, calling all SilverHairs in this residential area

Rene, Norlinda and Caroline live on the East Coast.  They are eager to know more SilverHairs living in this residential area.  Come and join them.  I shall let them introduce the East Coast to you.  Share with us your knowledge about the East coast.  Form your own group.  Any body know how many SilverHairs live here?

On behalf of Rene, Norlinda and Caroline.

Author: Terence Seah


46 thoughts on “East Coast, East Coast, calling all SilverHairs in this residential area”

  1. Now, Allrounder, you can forget abt combing yr hair for the blue helmet when you hv this green cap to wear and make you lots of $$$…….

    Advertise the terrace house for sale. Price it to sell. Collect deposits…cash, like what devil rust-stiff did, or cash cheques. I can let you hv simple options to give out but you provide the paper.

    (The house isnt yours so how the wrangle entangle (ment)is unwound isnt yr concern).

    Then make a confirmed booking for the next midnite flight out, on SIA not a budget airline which breaks down frequently, then head straight for that exotic retirement village which will no longer be yr exhorted dream but a reality comes true.

    Then & only then, truly “a front porch after dinner chat, BYOB or wine and titbits, can potluck too…..a playground, very conducive and nicely tucked away, and serene……..”

    I’ll be there to collect back my unused option forms.

  2. Hi Easterners,

    The Terraced house i rented comes with 2 good size kitchnes (indoor and outdoor) and large covered drying area too. A little garden in front with a porch, and big size hall and dining area. The house is empty most of the time and can easily be used for a small cooking lessons group or small gatherings.

    It is Siglap Opera Estate quite close to Upper Changi Road, and MRT. There is no owner around ,only 4 other bachelors that you dont see at all most of the time.

    Anyone thinking of co-renting it with me, as i will away, most of time and give me a call or email. Cost is not more than $400 a month inclusive of air-con and utilities. CAble TV and internet facilites available too on cost sharing basis. Free car park available too. Use it for whatever you want , a hideaway from HDB life or from in-laws , or for guests ,etc but not another Joo Chiat.

    Also anyone in the East want to meet every Friday evening for a front porch after dinner chat are welcome, BYOB or wine and titbits, or can potluck too. House is facing a playground so is very conducive and nicely tucked away, and serene.


  3. Hi Caroline, Ah Nee, Nor,

    I get schizophrenic trying to read every response here…just thought I’d drop a few lines (so I don’t get schizoid over my own rambling :) )

    I love food(can take mild spicy, but not crazy over it) and I would enjoy the company of those who do but I would never count myself in for any marathon eating. I like to feel reasonably enough what is going down my gullet rather than stuffing them down.

    east-end gal,
    Hannah :)
    *no blading this week, got work, already missing it, but next week will be on.

  4. Norlinda sayang

    U will c “Cycling family day” in 2008. Maybe overland n nite cycling 2. Strictly 4 cycling membership. “Membership has its privilege”.

  5. Hi Rene,
    What creepy crawlies? I’m curious.

    Oh what I suggested is nothing like the Amazing Race or Fear Factor. It’s actually something I had participated in before, Entree at one person’s place, then Main Course at another and Dessert at a third place. There were several groups all happening at the same time, at different locations and the evening culminated in a gathering of everybody at a “watering hole”. I think it involved about 50 people and everyone worked in pairs to prepare their dishes. It was a lot of fun but quite expensive.

    I thought modifying it by doing it at hawker centres or food courts would be less costly. Just a suggestion.

  6. Hi Terence

    Thanks for interest of the EASTCOASTIANS, your idea of camping is great, if not fun, under the moon and stars, with sea-breeze blowing around you through-out. Camping is no problem in any area of the EAST COAST beach, but preferablly near toilet facilities, where there are a few. I presume, for the BBQ pits you may have to obtain a permit to make use of the pits.

    In beach camping nothing like a BBQ, the meaning will be lost without one, no doubt you can always add in a dish or two of your pot-luck, and someone can bring along the radio/cd hi-fi set, that will bring music in the air.



  7. Hi East Coastians,

    To me, East Coast means the beaches. I am surprised that so many of you know all the great eating places. Well, I am not going to ask about food or makan place.

    I had been talking with a few members for an overnight camping at the East coast. I guess reasonably convenient area, on the beach would be great. The idea, for each group, is to pitch a tent by lunch time, and return home by the next day, before lunch. BBQ may be great, but if not, potluck also ok. Those who don’t camp also can come.

    Going to crack your heads and test of local knowledge. Can you recommend a location on the beach? Preferably should not incur too much cost. Cheers.

    Terence Seah

  8. Hi Nor, long time no see since trip to Pulau Ubin where I was distributing smiley face mozzie patches, which somehow didn’t work for Susan and me.

    No, me not the one leading the walkists. They are Veron, Christina and Charles. Me leading the creepy crawlists. Heehaw…

  9. helo Rene,Caroline..
    looks like not many pple stay in the east leh??..how come?..where are all the girls & boys?..wanna go picnic one sunday at east coast beach?..we can ‘pot luck’ food & just sit around hv small gathering…maybe BBQ or hv a swim in the ‘open air’ natural pool!..while Yew Kwong lead the cyclist & Joy ( is it ) the walkist..sit around till midnite under the moon & shining stars…hehehe!

  10. Calling all Eastians,

    Todate, EC has 35 and Hou Gang has 64. We are still 30 votes behind our Op..position – How Gang! inorder to beat them leh. Am sure our GRC has more makan sultra than the North rite? Keep your makan votes coming leh and at day end, we wanna thank all our residents of EC GRC for their support and guarantee a life better & improve recreation.

    Lai ah…lai ah.. Kin leh.

  11. Mary,

    Our very own SHC “Amazing Race” or “Fear Factor”?

    For a start, go thru’ the audition with Terence’s Creepy crawlies first.

    Rene :)

  12. Terence,
    What do you think of the idea of each area organising a makan marathon and getting as many SHCians to participate as possible?

    The organiser could pick out 1 or even 2 or 3 places and we could all have a “running dinner” or lunch for that matter. This could be done on a monthly basis or fortnightly if some prefer.

  13. Hi all non East Coastians, we will let you know when we are going to have makan marathon then you all can jump ship for a day and night. So dont you worry Susan.

    All SHCians will be welcomed :)

  14. Hi All, sorry made a mistake. Talk about wine already mabok, cant imagine after drinking.

    Anyway, at the coffee shop next to Werners Oven, it is the Vaday that is super delicious not dosay.

    Yes Mary, I like the ju her eng chye at the hawker centre opposite TJC but then the queue starts even before he opens his stall at 5pm. There is the Hill St Cha Kueh Teow. I like the Hokien Fried Prawn Mee (Rochor Mee) at Bedok Interchange. The stall is on the same row as Hollywood Dessert.


  15. Hi East Coastians

    To add to the yummy food list in the East, are the fried hokkien mee, “Ju Hu Eng Chye” (kangkong cuttlefish) and the “cheng tng” at the hawker centre at Bedok Road/Upper East Cost Road, opposite the Bedok Camp. Another place to eat sedap “Ju Hu Eng Chye” with lots of cuttlefish, cheap and good is at the hawker centre, Blk 16 Bedok South Road opposite Temasek JC The fishball noodle here is popular, perpectually long queue at the stall. Eating places at Joo Chiat Road, include the wantan mee and prawn noodle soup in the coffee shop next to Kim Choo bakchang. For lor mee and kway chap, go to Old Airport Road hawker centre. Both stalls have long queue on weekends and lunch hour weekdays. The hawker centre at East Coast lagoon also have very good hawker food…to name a few beef noodle, satay, fried oyster, “yu sang” raw fish.

    Mary Tan

  16. Wah, Ah Nee Teochew Niah, so ferociously trailing me from Back-Alley to East Coast well past midnight… headache, headache. It’s about time I went to sleep…Zzzzzz

  17. Alamak Gingko, you go jumping jumping….from Hougang to East Coast. Now thinking of moving to East Coast is it? East Coast housing prices definitely are more costly hor. Now you support Hougang or prefer to pay and pay :)

    Ah Nee

  18. Rene, your enthusiasm in campaigning with all the statistics, such warm reception and good homework will absolutely get my ardent support. I will LEAP in requiring not much thought.

    Cik Norlinda, Rest assured I will jump in, dive in, plunge in quicker than lightning speed.

    Together, we shall form a record-breaking makan lead which our “Back-Alley” friends can oppose, but not defeat.

    To Bedok, Simei SHCians, Rene invites. Come on, come on join our league.

  19. Wei, wei, Nor, Caroline & Rene

    I am from the Central, so boleh jump in any direction hor…. whether North, South, East or West, right ? Don’t forget to call me when you all go makan-makan ya.


    Is very nice of Terence to make a head-start for those who live in the EAST. I was orginally from Farrer Park, where the famous Indian Rojak was, eating Rojak and watching football in the field every evenings.
    You will love EAST COAST area, with all the happenings around here, vast varieties of food to choose from, home of the Peranakans food. Recreation is aplenty in the East Coast area, especially in the East Coast Parkway, you can find Sailing, Boating, Wind-surfing and now the latest is Surf-board Ski attraction. During some of the weekends, you can find singing and band playing in the open area near Big Mac. Swimming, Camping and BBQ are the “in-things”, not to mention cycling and roller-bladding.



  21. wah!..Rene, u can remember exactly how many electors ah?…did u work that time…I did, at Opera Estate Pri Sch as PO.maybe we’ve met but not kawan yet hor!..
    Caroline..I must salute, u r the ‘makan sutra’ of EC, even i myself dont really know so many places,wow!…of course I know Hagan Daaz area, not forgetting the Killiney Kopitiam near Jalan Tua Kong where their nasi lemak & otah otah are power!..weekends morning, so packed!..but ‘secret’i know their supplier..its Mackerel Otah at Joo Chiat Rd..its cheaper lah, if u want to order for parties, shud go there
    Gingko & Alice Teo..boleh join our teritory lah..as Mary Chan said…just jump lor!..hahaha :)

  22. Daniel, did you try the black sotong or spicy boneless chicken. Very nice. Yes but expensive. We usually eat the meat that cost about $9 per piece of fish but he is very generous with the ladies fingers and brinjal.

    I like it because it doesnt have coconut so not lemak.

  23. Yes the fish head curry @ Rajah’s is indeed pretty steep.

    Had it one sunday and it cost us $32/- for a large head.Didn’t think it was worth it…


  24. Hi Alice, certainly. When we are ready, we will have a call up and those interested can join in the makan marathon.

    Will discuss further.

    If you like the hot stuffs, then try Rajah’s curry, price a bit steep for coffee shop but worth it.

    Oh yes one more thing. I like the mee siam at Parkway Parade basement foodcourt. Cheap and good – $3.30 enough for two.

  25. Hi Caroline, Norlinda & Rene,

    I am staying at Geylang, can I also join the East coast thread, please……

    I like to visit the row of makan places near Siglap Centre, just like Caroline mentioned, there are Cafe Cartel, Coffee Club, Hagan Daaz,etc etc… very crowded on weekend.

    Caroline, I like super hot stuff also, call me when you go for that ok? Kam sia.

  26. Based on GE2006, there were total of 116,653 electors under East Coast GRC. So, calling all Bedokians, Changi, Simei SHCians Lai leh..you are part of this area under Pay And Pay.

    Gingko, we don’t mind to extend it to Ma’s territory and include TPE. WE need strong support. Together, we can achieve SHC longest makan thread record and beat our Op..position – Hou Gang! haha!

    How about that?

  27. Hi all East Coastians,

    Kim Choo’s peranakan restaurant is quite good and reasonably priced.Patronised a few times and happy with the food….just my 2 cts worth


  28. Hey good morning Gingko.
    Aiyah, just jump in lor, like I did, hehe, although I wasn’t talking about Pasir Ris actually.
    I’ve seen the same awnings with the same inscription somewhere else, forgot where.
    What can you tell us about Tampines?

  29. Hi Caroline, Norlinda & Rene,

    How about Tampines? Is this town considered to be in your “East Coast” zone? Though having lived here for the past 10 years, Katong, Siglap, Marine Parade and East Coast Park have always been my preferred haunts. Eateries sprouting and chill-out spots are aplenty all over Katong & Siglap areas. Always regard myself as an EASTern island lass. Would love to join you gals in the “territorial” East Coast makan and fun.

    Mary, “Seductive Wine at Indecent Price”, very catchy, attractive and sexy sign ;-) They have(had?) another outlet at Novena Square. Am not sure if it’s still there though.

  30. Hehe Caroline,
    Looks like we are the same with alcohol. I get very sleepy and it usually spells the end of the evening for me….zzzzz.
    I think the Big Fish must be quite new but I haven’t been around Siglap for quite a while now.
    Aiyoh, I’d rather not burn holes in my stomach anymore. My mum used to eat every HOT HOT HOT and ended up with “pits” in her stomach lining, according to the doctor. That really scared me.
    Yes we should get together one day and go eat ourselves silly at some place there, hahaha.

  31. Hi Mary, I am zero alcohol person cos I go wonky if I drink tho not the violent type.

    Yes, I know the Hainanese coffee shop. I used to like the food there but the standard seems to have dropped so I stopped going there. I dont really enjoy the food at Secret Recipe. Tried some dishes there but… If you love lamb shank, try the one at Big Fish – same row of shops as Pasta Fresca.

    Hey, for good food, even cross causeway also die die must go right. Dunman Hawker Centre is just down the road so its not far. Really if you like soon kueh and png kueh, try this stall at basement of the Dunman Hawker Centre. You will go for more.

    I know what you mean about super hot. I always get the runs when I eat Eng’s but I just love it so eat first suffer later.

  32. Waaah Caroline! You’ve set my memory buzzing!

    The yong tau foo next to Siglap centre is yummy! I used to try to beat the queue by going earlier.In the same coffee shop there’s a “mee pok” dry that’s yummy too, but the chilli is super hot, to use your words, haha, waaay too hot for my tummy to tolerate.
    Have you tried the oxtail at Werner’s. Good too, but I think the lamb shank at Secret Recipe is delicious.Then there’s the little Hainanese coffee shop, next to where the NTUC supermarket is. They can cook up almost anything you request and prices are reasonable too. If you are a wine person, there’s that place next to it, ….can’t recall the full name…something like….”wine and indecent price”.
    I think I will be making a trip to that area real soon, haha.

    I think you know more about the “eating” places than I do.All the way to Joo Chiat and Dunman???

  33. Many thanks to Terence for helping us set up this thread.

    Hi Mary, I used to live in Pasir Ris Way, a stone throw from the beach. I enjoy my morning walks there. However, the food there is just so so.

    Yes, I love Siglap. It takes me 15 minutes to walk to the East Coast beach. About the food, there is so much that I dont know where to start.

    Opposite my place, there is this mee pok ta. My favourite. Noodles got that “spring” when you bite into it. Only problem is must wait for half an hr to 45 minutes.

    Further down, there is Rajah’s curry – super sedap fish curry, black sotong and spicy boneless chicken. Norlinda you ever try at Jalan Tua Kong? If not, you should.

    Opposite side of this coffee shop, I enjoy the Naan and the delicious dhall gravy and mutton curry at the coffee shop next to the Werner’s Oven. This is the budget Naan. If you want the sedikit atas one, then go to Chat Masala – very good food. The same coffee shop, the dosai is super yummy! I also enjoy the char kway teow where it is served with a huge serving of vegetables piled on top.

    Further down, there is this yong tau hu stall in the coffee shop next to Siglap Centre. Served with a brownish gravy.

    The breads at Werner’s Oven is really good. Fresh from the oven, you can eat it on its own. The sausages – Whoa! There is Cafe Cartel, Coffee Club, Hagan Daaz, Pasta Fresca, Japanese Restaurant, Thai Restaurants, Hong Kong Cha Chan Ting. The Big Fish restaurant serves very good Lamb Shank and fish dishes. My favourite restaurant. If you want to cover Joo Chiat area, then there is “Engs Wanton Mee”. The chilli is super hot but I like. Also there is this stall that sells very nice soon kueh, gu chye kueh and png kueh. Very generous filling and the skin texture is very good. Both at the Dunman Hawker Centre.

    Also along Frankel Ave, many good eating places too. The list is endless.

    So East Coasters must, we get together for makan2 then we can compare notes :) How?

  34. Terence,

    Thank you so much for helping us (Nor, Caroline and myself) to initiate an EAST COST POST. Shall start listing the number of famous eateries and 24/7 activities here, not to be missed.

    Coming soon….

  35. Nor,
    Downtown East is an interesting place to go to. There is halal food there.
    Oh yes the Jap place in Whitesands, forgot the name, but it’s related to Sakai sushi, is also halal.
    So, there you are, these are some halal places for you to try.

  36. Hi Norlinda,

    The golf driving range is still there but the open air restaurant seems rather uncared for. Last I heard, it was taken over by someone who was planning to give it a makeover and that was around the middle of this year, but I haven’t been there since.
    My girls have outgrown their interest. Now the beach is no longer their number one interest. Other things like boyfriends and “more ladylike activities” are, haha.
    Must say there are very few halal places there, or at least I don’t know of any there. More in Simei and Tampines though. Even in Pasir Ris. Most of the “Kopitiam” outlets are halal I think.
    Then there are the “Sakura” places where you can get a plate of horfun for about the price of what you get in food courts. They are halal.

  37. helo helo…
    First and foremost I would love to thank our COE Terence for helping us to start this thread :)
    Looks like u know this area very well, think u r rite Katong,Siglap,Frankel .Bedok/Chai Chee also boleh lah..same GRC lah hor …just next town.
    I live in Opera Estate,only abt 10yrs ago…before I was from Sunset Way in the west.
    We decided to move to the east bcos at that time, our children love the beach,& hence i know the beach area very well..where we hv our mthly cycling…Yew Kwong wud agree with me…this beach is a ‘happening’ place now..lots of eateries & activities!..very lively especially weekends & school holidays..
    Nearby the McDonald area there’s a golf range..Singa Inn, where Ah Nee & me use to practise our golf lah..we will cycle from my place thru the Linear Park to Ford Road & end
    at NS Resort & Country Club….the seaview is breathtaking!
    There’s wind surf & sailing clubs too for those who love water sports..no need to go Batu Feringgi in Penang lah…hahaha!
    I’m not very sure about sedap makan places…only know Mak’s Place where chinese cuisine is halal…
    maybe Caroline & Rene wud know better?..
    common girls….lets cakap2…its our thread now!

  38. Hi Terence,

    East Coast is a large area. I used to live in the East Coast and the EC beach was my girls’ playground. Are you talking about Katong, Siglap, Frankel, Bedok or even further east?
    I’m quite familiar with these places although not so much with the eateries.
    Siglap is a favourite with many of the East Coast residents as there are numerous food outlets, even a few wine bars.
    Parkway Parade is one of the places I used to haunt when my girls were growing up. The basement has a wide variety of food ranging from hawker fare to restaurant style fare.

    The seafood centre at the spot where the swimming lagoon used to be, is still there but it has undergone a face lift, with the result that the prices have also undergone a “lift” too, haha.
    Then there are the outlets around McDonalds but some can be quite pricey. There used to be a Pasta Fresca by the beach where one can dine or have a drink just by the waters, rather like Koh Samui. Don’t know if it’s still there.
    I have since moved much further east to Pasir Ris. Is that considered part of the “East Coast”? After all, we are about a 10 to 15 mins walk to the beach where the Fisherman’s village is. ;-)
    So, Rene, Norlinda and Caroline, perhaps we could reminisce or rather I can reminisce about them with you gals?

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