Calling All SHC Members living in Pasir Ris, Tampines n Simei

Hi Everyone,

Please come forward and let’s form a group where we can have  a.m./p.m. coffee chit-chat or beer drinking or cycling/walking at Pasir Ris Park.

We can go fishing at Pasir Ris Fishing Pond. We can also organise other activities together.

Hope to hear from you soon.



96 thoughts on “Calling All SHC Members living in Pasir Ris, Tampines n Simei

  1. Dennis,
    Good on you. You did it. :-)

    I am game but like I said, it depends on whether I can drag myself out of bed if it’s too early.
    As for cycling, I want to try it but I don’t have a bike right now. Gotta go and get one first.
    Fishing? Do they have nice fish at the fishing pond?
    Another activity could be exercising at the gym in the Pasir Ris East CC. It costs only about $2.oo per session for Passion card holders. A few cents more for others.
    There is also an archery range at this CC, but I will have to find out more. I’m keen on that.

  2. Dennis,
    I know there is a group of people who exercise almost every day at the Pasir Town Park, early in the morning. A friend of mine has been asking me to join in but I like my bed better, haha so haven’t done so. Perhaps you and/or your wife might be interested? Anyone can join in.

  3. Mary, just saw yr message.Sure I will definitely lend support to our park activities.Dennis, we can get together and have coffee.9 am is quite a good time, wat say u?Let’s start this Wednesday and hope for a very fine weather.


  4. Mary, last i hf succeeded in posting. Yes i knw tir is a group of people exercising vry close 2 the fishing pond.
    Tir is also a group of people doing yoga which is free. The instructor is a lady. I tink her name is Catherine. It is conducted in mandarin. Near the mangrove area, tir is also a group of ladies doing yoga.

    Janet, sure, y not..dis wednesday at 9am

    Mary, how abt u? at 9am? come on lah. move ur butt and let’s go 4 a walk and breakfast after dat..wat say u? U say u get up at 7am rite? So no excuse leh.

    Hey Gingko, Clara..where art thou? Join us in the walk, later breakfast.

    Ladies, 4 lunch, we can go 2 Simei ITE but must b b4 11am 2 avoid the crowd.



  5. Good morning Dennis,

    I get up around 7am, have my breakfast, watch some CNA news, still in my nightie, see my girls off to work about 8, then…. after some more yawns, haha, start planning my day.

    But if there are plans to walk, I will do my best to join in, even if it’s 7 or 8am, but will not “drag my butt”, as you say, out of bed for more than twice a week. Fair enough?
    I’m game for an occasional 6am one as long as it’s along Sungei Api Api and not somewhere far like Mac Ritchie.

    So, ok, I will join in tomorrow, Wed, 9am. if you can form a group. At the moment, it’s only Janet, me, you and your better half, who else?

    Lunch where? Don’t know where the Simei ITE is.

  6. Gd a.m. Mary

    There is no response frm other members and my wife is wrkg so there is only 3 of us (u, Janet and me) so, wat do u tink? on or off?

    Janet, do u still 1 2 mit up?

    As 4 myself, i’m ok. I m not wrkg 2moro.



  7. Dennis,

    Good of you to be the lord of yr protectorate where you shall enjoy a no-need-election-one tenure………smthg habesingh dreamed of but nvr saw it materialise.

    Seems like you still cdnt come out with a name for yr subjects ?

    As the best of yr pest friends, I had been thinking hard for you so if you’re prepared to put Simei-Tampines-Pasir Ris in this order, then the name “Sampan Risers” might appeal.

    The “S” denotes Simei. For Tampines, it’s sad to “pine” so “pan” (as in people panning for gold) it shall be, and “Risers” reminds of its sun rising east location where, long time ago, fishermen started their days in fishing sampans ……..

    Chew on it………the name, not the sampan.

  8. Dennis Wee,
    If Janet is game, I am too. I want to go and check out the bicycle rental too.
    Janet is probably at her gym, so she will reply later, but she told me that she will be meeting us. So I guess it’s on.


    Hehe, only trying to help Dennis. ;-P

  9. Tim

    Thks 4 the thots. The name sampan, i m not sure but Risers, i like it bcoz of the reasons u hf given. Will chew on it

    Thks, my fren..after all “wat r frens 4” 2 make….haha.

    Cheers, Dennis

  10. Dennis,
    If the weather is fine tomorrow morning, I will be meeting Janet at the bridge at blk 603. From there we’ll walk along the river bank to the beach. Where would you like to join us? Perhaps you could let us have your mobile number? You could email it to me.
    I will re-confirm this evening when Janet gets back to me.

  11. Hi, stay home today.Now reading yr comments.Tmr we meet at the elias cc bus-stop 8.30am, ok? Then, a casual stroll along Api2 and…. anywhere u go, I go.If lunch is still on at Simei ITE, I’m ok.Hope those not working can join us.Also hope for a good weather.

    Have a good day,

  12. Hi Janet, Shall we meet at the bank of the Api Api, just at the bridge at block 603? Then we can stroll along the bank towards the beach. Otherwise we, or perhaps I, will be backtracking from Elias Mall to the river.

  13. Mary, sure.Did not see yr comment when I submit mine.So, tmr 8.30am, I wait at the designated point.Yes, u are right, I will be backtracking if it’s the elias cc.Hope Dennis join us at the bridge.C both of u tmr, Janet.

  14. Oh, dear.Forgot to update.Ya, will see u at the junction point 8.30am as spoken.Dennis, hope u know where is the junction point.Waiting for yr confirmation.Thanks.Janet.

  15. Well, Dennis, you’re the doorkeeper (zhang men ren), you decide but how come so far, within 3 huge satellite towns, only 3 representatives are chatting away?

    Terence, seems like after my raping (ooops, sorie, double p) you for the deletion, we hv discovered more of each other, hv given good testament to the saying ying xiong si (or zhung) yin xiong, and will hv no qualms sharing a pair of underpants… like the donald duck pattern, yeah?

    Tim, hv you changed, it was asked in 1 of my latest fan mails.

    No, I just got myself breathing more fire when i see hypocrisy permeating the larger scene.

    “You deserve a slap” for once being my gf? Yet the same speaker was a cider of sweetness in my presence. Huh…………haha.

    But I do believe, and believe fervently, that aristocrcy too is in abundance here, and will not easily give up the good cause of SHC, its objective as put forth so resoundingly by you, with courage, distinction and conviction.

    (Btw, my definition of aristocrcy has got nothing to do with one’s station/stauts in life : it’s that exuding inner beauty).


  16. Hi Mary C..
    U sound like so senang & carefree…wake up, eat breakfast & watch TV ( no need to bathe ah?..hehehe!)then see yr girls to work, can still yawn some more?..wah!…shiok hor!
    Me..wake up 6am, do my am thingi,send kids to school..then cepat2 hv my bubble bath & off to work,must beat the ERP timing 8am…zoom!
    hhmmm…wish i cud join u all for am jalan2 :)
    sori..i’m ‘intruding’…just wanna chat office now..need a break! hahaha :)

  17. Wow Nor. Still got time for bubble bath in the morning. Morning cepat2 must take shower only. In the evening then got time to slowly enjoy the bubble bath lah.

    Sori tompang to talk bcos this one is the Pasir Ris, Tampines and Simei thread.

    Btw I am ex-Pasir Ris resident.

  18. yes C, Caroline..morning need a little perk lah!..okie lets go to our zone & plan our picnic & makan2..better run cepat2!…sori :)

    Mary C & the rest also boleh join..the more the lagi bagus!

  19. Hi Mary & Janet,

    Sori 4 cmg bak 2 u gals so late. Juz cme bak frm work. Didnt go bak 2 office so no pc. Nxt tym must carry a notebook.

    Ok will mit u gals at the bridge at Blk 603. Will email u my mobile nbr.

    Wat do u tink of the name “Sampan Risers”

    Tim, mayb u r rite. It looks lyt tir r 3 SHC members in these 3 satellite towns

    Nor, ke sian lah, u hf 2 work so hard. Tek it easy man, i mean lady, again finger mistake haha. Greja plant2, jangan cepat2, nati, janton jatoh, ma nyet susah. I hope my malay is ok uh?

    Anyway u r not intruding, u r most welcome 2 join us in our conversation or action(s), sori i mean activities, again finger mistake. Must go 4 a fingers check-up hehehe.

    Carol, thks 4 joing us in our column. Dont say tompang, u r most welcome..pls continue 2 contribute 2 kip this thread alive, also Nor

    Thanks & Cheers


  20. Dennis,

    Thanks.Got yr no.Mary and I will meet further down the river at the junction of the river and Drive 3.Hope we see u there.If not, we can always call each other.Thanks again for yr thoughtfulness.

    Norlinda and Caroline

    Hello, thanks for tombang.Any way we can meet up?Nor, u working mum. Carol, u working or retire?Please let me know and we can get together one day, wat say u? Thanks.


  21. Hello Nor, sorry I missed your chat. I was out teaching. See, I’m not as free as you think. Still work lah, only part time.
    Don’t feel that you are intruding. Not at all. You are very welcome to chat here.
    Will you be going for the cycling on the 15th? Hope to meet you there.
    Hey what picnic and makan? I haven’t been to a picnic in ages. I would love to join in. Please keep me informed ok? Thanks

  22. Thanks Dennis and Janet for allowing us to tompang.

    I used to live in Pasir Ris Way. Sold my house 2 years ago and move to Siglap. Miss the beach. My children think the place is so ulu but I love the peace and quiet, except the weekends of course. But its nice to have the crowds at the beach during the weekends.

    I used to fish by the beach. Only caught pasir2 as its too near to shore.

    I am still working but would love to meet up. I am available only on Saturdays as Sundays I am at ECP for roller blading with Ah Nee and Nor with Hannah as coach.

    If you have anything planned, pls let me know and if I can make it, I will definitely join you all.

    Btw, is the coffe place by the beach still there? The seafood restaurant is side by side with it. Cant remember the name.

    Usually every Sunday mornings, my late husband and I will walk in the park early in the morning and then stop for kopi and roti and sometimes the nasi lemak. Miss those times :(

    Hope to catch with you all.

    Sweet dreams and warmest regards

  23. Hi Dennis

    Since we last met at Capt.Beer’s party and our JB outing, I have not heard from you until now, that you are wanting to form the Pasir Ris/Tampines/Semei group. I still remember your lovely cookies we shared at JB trip, and the tasty durians we brought back. Just like Caroline, am also an ex-Pasir Risian, shifted to Marine Parade now, and is still living near the sea, just as in Pasir Ris. Hope to meet up with you someday.



  24. Hi Caroline,

    The coffee place u mentioned, i tink is still around but different owner. I was told is it not as good as the previous one but we will “investigate” 4 u 2moro.

    We will kip u in touch when we hav any activities.

    Btw, do u lyt dancing, line or social? m tinkg abt organising 1. Will b talkg 2 Mary and Janet 2moro.

    Grace, the place is at Simei ITE itself. There is this food stall not restaurant dat sells fusion-western style food. It is cheap and good.

  25. Hi Ron Lai,

    Nice 2 hear frm u. How abt joing us in our a.m. walk by the Pasir Ris park/beach 2moro at 8.30? After walk, breakfast then lunch at Simei ITE. How abt it?

    Cheers mate


  26. Hi Janet, Mary & Dennis

    I always miss the boat, now then I read the comments it is already midnight. Anyway, tomorrow I have appointment to go to Gym at Fengshan Community Centre at $2/- per entry. I would like to join the Pasir Ris Park walk, do keep me inform next time.

    Annie Loh

  27. Hello hello everyone,

    Since my Hougang constituency is so quiet and so many happening at Pasir Ris, can I jump in your “sampan” and join the “Risers” group. I am very familiar with Pasir Ris also as my parent are staying there. On weekend I used to help out at my sister florist shop at Elias Mall few years back. I wonder some of you can remember “Ban Keng” florist and Trading at level 2, near MacDonald. The shop has since rented out, selling mobile phone. On some weekend, if I visit my parent, I will cycle along the Pasir Ris Park / Beach. I never eat at any of the places your mentioned because my mother will always cook “good food” for me if I visit her. So if I have a chance to meet you all, perhaps I can join your for a sumptous meal. :)

    Ah Nee

  28. Dear Caroline and Ah Nee

    Please join us.Want to get to know u too.Dennis will definitely arrange another gathering for all of us.He is a nice gentleman, I heard.It’s morning now.Better get some sleep.zzzzz…


  29. Hi Dennis,

    Sorry I will not be able to join you guys on wednesday as I have to go down town. Was out the whole day so just managed to read the post now. Will join when time permits. Just keep me in the loop. Have a good time.

  30. Hi Dennis,

    thanks for volunteering to “investigate”. The coffee used to be good, no sour after taste. Too bad if the place has changed hands. We can always pack our own coffee in flask and bring coffee mugs(not disposable ones otherwise Wong KT will breathe down our necks) and da bao some food and we can picnic by the beach. There are many benches available there. I could bring some home baked cup cakes.

    I like social dancing. Good if you start a group, I would like to join in the fun. Will watch out in this thread.

    Many thanks and warmest regards

  31. Hi Annie
    Pity you couldn’t join us. We had a very invigorating and interesting walk, followed by a lovely lunch at Simei ITE. The food was good and the Chocolate Fondant was something to die for! YUM! I will go there again for that.
    Do join us on our next walk.
    See you

  32. Hey Dennis,
    Thank you for arranging this morning’s walk. It was as I said to Annie, very invigorating and interesting. The food at Simei ITE was really good and the Chocolate Fondant was fabulous.
    Next time round, I hope more will join in and perhaps we could try Bakerzin at Suntec, hehe.

  33. Molly, it’s ok,,tir will always b another day. Will kip u posted.

    Caroline, sori we r not able 2 “investigate” the coffee place u mentioned. It was closed. Ya, i was tinkg of organising a picnic as wat u hf mentioned, laze down at the beach and talk n talk n talk and hf some game(s) Dat will b good.
    Hey Carol, u must try the Chocolate Fondant at Simei ITE as wat Mary hf said, It’ so shiok n yummy um! um! Its cheaper than Baker Zin Cafe. I brought the 2 ladies 2 try. Dey loved it I dont knw y my fren(the owner) calls it fondant when tir is no fondant icing.

    Janet, thks 4 the compliment and the company (the walk abd the lunch) I reli appreciate. It was nice 2 hf met u. Thks again

    Mary, it’s was also nice 2 hf met u and reli njoyed ur company in the walk and lunch. Thnk u vey much.

  34. Its ok Dennis. I am not a chocolate fan but since you said its so yummy, will try it someday if you are arranging and if time permits.

    Yes a picnic by the beach with food and lots of talk will be good.


  35. Hi Mary,

    Aiyoh, I envy all of you. Poor me got to work but planning to go for an early retirement sometimes in the middle of next year. I would like to join all of you if it falls on Saturday or Sunday. Cycling – long time no cycle, so got to master it again. Wow, good company and good food, that’s where I like – fond of good food, sounds greedy right. I am staying in Tampines but don’t know how to move about in Pasir Ris. Well, do keep me inform for the next activity. Got to get back to work or else…..??? Have a nice day. Cheers!!!!

  36. Hi Nora,
    Good to hear from you again. Yes if we have anything on Sat or Sun, be sure to join us ya?
    I hope to see you Sat at the ECP cycling. I don’t know if I can even manage the bike, so you may have to keep me company, hehe.
    I will definitely think of you when Dennis has his next event planned.
    Cheers and a nice day to you too!

  37. Hi Joy, you are more than welcome to join in our activities, especially if you are willing to come all the way here. Hope you will come to our next event. :-)

  38. Hi Dennis

    Sorry to reply late. I have intendedto join you and the rest of the Silverhairs for the activities at Pasir Ris yesterday, but I have my usual Bowling session on every Wednesday at Orchid Country Club, that’s why am not able to join you. Will be looking forward to next time, if time available, as I am in Pasir Ris area at my daughter’s place every Friday.



  39. Hi Mary,

    Alamak this Saturday cannot, sister is having a BBQ, so got to help out. Next round will make atry my best to join the fun. Anyway enjoy yourself.



  40. Nora,
    Hope to see you on the 18th then.
    I will be in the early session, but will try to stay a little later, as I have a class at 7.30pm in Tampines Sec.
    Enjoy your BBQ :-)

  41. Hi Mary, Janet & Dennis

    I really envy your last get-together walk and lunch. I hope I can join you all in the next walk before I fly off to Xinjiang on 23 Sep 07 for 9 days holiday.

    Janet – you have my weekly commitment and hope that you can plan a day that I can join you all. Do contact me earlier so that I can find out how to take the public transport to Pasir Ris particular blocks, Seimi ITE, etc.


  42. Hi Norachia

    Since Alice and I last met you and Vincent at Zouk (Mathew n the Mandarins) and previous to that at Changi Sailing Club for dinner together, is high time to meet again, this is what Silverhairs for. In retirement, life is made to enjoy, as “time waits for no man”,or the capital “G” will say 62 now, 65 tomorrow, 67 the next day…….till the day he’ll say you retire at 95???


  43. Annie,u really missed our leisure walk, makan, coffee.Yes, will discuss with Dennis, Mary and Jie (hopefully, she ok) for the next session.Time to c one another since the last time together with u.Will get back to u b4 yr Xinjiang trip.Me better sleep now …zzz.


  44. Hi, hi Dennis,

    I am here! So sorry I missed your Shakespearean call.

    I was four days MCC in hibernation. Finally, today I am up and well and my chatty self again… heehee. I am lagging behind on the SHC news, bad!

    I love to walk along beaches especially in the early mornings and evenings, and the one at Pasir Ris is nice. Also enjoy walking along the boardwalk that leads into the mangrove swamps. There’s also a “watch tower” which I have been up there once. It overlooks the park and gives a bird’s eye view of the beautiful, serene and lush surroundings.

    Ever thought of organizing a walk to these areas? After the walk, we could go makan by the beach, enjoy the sea breeze and watch the sun set. There are several cozy little restaurants lining the stretch of beach and some of these serve good seafood.

    Would love to join you guys for the morning walk followed by breakfast, but prefer to make it on weekends. Do let me know when the next one comes along.

  45. Hey, hey Teochew Niah Ah Nee,

    Others jump ship, you jump sampan. Stylo milo eh? If you must sink, please don’t keel over or capsize the sampan… o!o I want to go onboard too.

    Seriously, I have been wanting to go cycle at Pasir Ris Park, but have been putting it off over and over again. Perhaps we could do that sometime. Bring a picnic basket of food, have a break and enjoy the lush greeneries and tranquility around. Game? On one of my visits, I actually saw some squirrels racing across the branches and a couple of yellow canaries (I think) perching on the tree, twittering merrily away. Cycling here would be quite different from East Coast. Think about it.

    Dennis, what say you?

  46. Hi Gingko

    Juz came bak frm Malacca abt 1hr ago Read ur articles.

    We will have our a.m. walk and mayb cycling dis cmg Wed 19 Sept.

    Meeting Place : Pasir Ris MRT Stn (outside control stn)

    Time : 07.30 Hrs

    Please bring ur normal gear(s) for walking/cycling if u 1 2 join us

    After the walk/cycling, we will have our breakfast at Downtown East or at 24 hrs coffeeshop at corner of PR Drive 6 and PR Drive 1

    Hey, u hf missed the 1-derful lunch and company we had at Simae ITE. I was 1-dering wat has happened 2 u. No sound, no music.
    Hopefully u r able 2 join us dis Wed.
    Btw, annie is joing us.

    Wif regards 2 picnic , yes we r thikg of organising 1 at Pasir Ris park. Nid 2 check wif the SHC monthly activites as we do not 1 2 clash wif the program(s)

    Ron & Alice Lai

    Wld u care 2 join us in the walk or cycling dis cmg Wed 19 Sept?

  47. Hi Ron/Alice,

    Quite sometime since we last met. Waliking can’t join you guys, got to work to earn some money since we may outlive our savings ha, ha!!!!
    Will be attending tomorrow’s gathering – second seeion. Will try to join the walk if it falls on Saturday or Sunday. Pasir Ris or Bedok Reservoir no problem. Anytime want to meet in the evening, just let me know. BTW will be going to China from the 28 Sep and back on 7 Oct. Catch up when we return. Until we meet again.

    Nora Chia

  48. Caroline Gee, Lee Ah Nee, Molly,

    Do join us on Wed the 19. If you can’t make it early, perhaps you could join us later for breakfast?
    We’ll leave the breakfast venue for Dennis to decide.

  49. Hey Grace Kok,
    Where are you and how are you? Haven’t heard from you for quite a while.
    Have you recovered from your bout of flu?
    Take care and keep in touch,


  50. Hi Norlinda,
    Are you still planning to organise a picnic? I guess you can’t join us this Wed but I hope I can get to meet you tomorrow.
    Looking forward to that,

  51. Dan Huang,
    If it’s not too “easy” for you,hehe, would you care to join in our walk/cycle on Wed the 19th? Then again, you ARE living quite far away and we are meeting at 7.30am.
    Anyway, do join us if you can,

  52. Good Morning Mary,

    So envy you all leh, jalan jalan, chating chating and wow! sumptous breakfast. But hor, I am confine to a cubicle from Nine to Five leh, how to join you all? Anyway thanks for the invitation and please don’t forget me if the walking/cycling/makaning are on a weekend. Xie xie :)

    Ah Nee

  53. Hi Ah Nee,
    Yes, I will be sure to inform you if we have any on the weekend.
    Did you have fun at the Sat cycling meet? I couldn’t make it so I must have missed the fun.
    You are most welcome, :-)

  54. Mary, you surely miss the fun on Sat cycling with the ly’s family and the rest. Now, I think you envy us, tell you what’s happening last sat. First the Bowling kick off at 1.00 pm at Marine Bowl (for me & Caroline, we practised our roller blading). Then the cycling starts at 4.30 pm followed by steamboat for dinner at around 7.00 pm. The night is still young, after dinner, all except me, proceed to Changi village for a drink. See how interesting it is !!!!!

    Ah Nee :)

  55. Ah Nee,
    Yes it must have been interesting, but I had quite an interesting weekend with my girls and my soon to be son-in-law. He moved in to his new apartment, just a stone’s throw away from where I am, something I’m very glad about. He did it on his own volition, knowing that I would prefer to have my girls close by. A thoughtful move on his part.
    Then we had a small gathering at the new apartment the next day, Sunday, after which, my girls and I went window shopping for evening gowns.
    I will see you tomorrow I hope,

  56. Hi Dan Huang

    Yes, how abt joing us for the walk/cycle and later breakfast, then a game of international or chinese chess with a can of beer in one hand. I m not a good player. I have not played for quite sometime.
    How abt it man?


  57. Hi Dennis/Mary,

    Ha! just manage to force myself to read your forum. Very envious that you are organising meeting without me.

    I moved from Tampines about 6 months ago after my divorce. Will be glad to join in any outing you are planning.

    Early morning to watch the sun rise, no problem. Distance also no issue.

    I would love to create a post here where I live, Just worry that I am carrying too much on the shoulders.

    Dennis, would love to play chess and having beer with you.

    Mary, if I have read your forum earlier, I definitely will be there to join all of you. Anyway, it was nice meeting you, howbeit our feeble attempt at Disco Roak.

  58. Dan,
    Good that you can make it to join us. We will be meeting at the Pasir Ris bus terminus at 7.30am. We will be walking from there towards Downtown East and may do a bit of cycling. Then have breakfast or brunch, depending on how long we take.
    Jie may join us later for breakfast.
    Haha, I may show you a few steps of Disco Rock if you want to learn.
    Frankly, I find it quite a boring dance. Rock n Roll is more interesting, but for a beginner, Disco Rock is good.
    So, see you tomorrow morning.

  59. Hi Dan,

    Mary has said everything, the meeting place, the timing 4 the walk/cycling and the agenda for the day but 1 correction. The walk is Wed morning not 2moro morning.

    Thanks 4 joining us. Btw, i nid 2 noe ur cell fone nbr in case the weather does not permit us 2 have a outdoor function in the morning. We can make plan 2 have other program 4 the day once the rain has stopped falling.

    Please email ur cell fone nbr 2 my personal email address.

    Looking 4ward 2 hear and c u


  60. Thanks Mary for the invitation.

    Have to work. Like Ah Nee and others who are still working, will have to wait for the weekend one then only can we attend.

    Btw, congratulations on having such a thoughtful son-in-law. Its very sweet of him and your daughter is one lucky lady :)

    Warmest Regards
    Caroline Gee

  61. Hi Dennis, Welome back to the real world!

    Much as I would like to join you guys for the Wednesday morning walk cum breakfast, weekdays would be difficult.

    Ya, let’s have a picnic. Laze around, makan and chit-chat.

    Well, Till I catch up with all of you, have
    fun and make hay while the sun shines…

  62. Not able to join the “early-risers” walkist this morning..instead made a short trip to Century Square for an exciting and action-packed movie “ROGUE ASSASSIN” .
    Like watching movies .. look forward to meet up with some keen movie-goers for future outings..
    cheers *

  63. Dan

    Thanks 4 joing our walk team dis morng and also lunch. I hope u njoy our company. We did njoy ur co. Hope u will join us again nxt week.

    Annie Loh

    Thanks 4 joing us in the walk, Join us again when u r bak frm your holidays.

    Grace Kok & John How

    Thnaks 4 joing us 4 lunch. We hope the nxt tym u can join us in the walk


  64. Aiyoh, Dennis,
    You thanked everyone but me. :-(
    I was there too. Anyway, no need to thank me. I should thank you for keeping this going.
    Otherwise I will still not have “dragged my butt” out of bed, hehe.
    Sorry for cutting the day short for all. Gotta get used to rising so early again. ;-)

  65. hi Dennis, Mary C, Janet, Grace, Dan and Annie, whom I didn’t get to say hello:

    it’s a pleasure indeed to have caught up with you guys and gals again at PR, although brief. early morning walk? I’m trying to adjust my body clock to try and make it to PR by 7.30am. frankly, it’s a bit of a task at this point in time. I’ll see what kind of a progress I can make. keep in touch.

  66. Hi John,
    It was very nice of you to come all the way to join us for lunch. Such a pity the day ended so quickly, but we were all droopy with sleepiness.
    Do join us again and the next time, we might make it a little later, so everybody won’t start feeling sleepy by midday. Then, we might have a game of Mahjong or Scrabble after lunch. :-)

  67. Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for the invitation to join your morning walk. I do enjoy our time together with Mary Chan, Janet Heng, Annie, Grace and John Howe.

    You found the perfect place to walk or cycle. Good to breathe in the morning air and witnessing how the waves are constantly hugging the shore.

    I am trying to adjust to be up early and not to sleep late at night.

    On the way back I was feeling so sleepy that I stop near the beach to take a cat nap before continuing my journey home.

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