Talk on Photography for the Novice (28-12-2013, Saturday 3 to 5 pm) by Paul Kong

Chinese New Year is just round the corner (after 28th Dec). Are you one of those who are not happy with your present skill of taking good pictures or are desperate to upgrade your current skills and don’t know who to ask? Now you can, ask Paul Kong!

Paul Kong has kindly accepted to conduct a workshop/talk on taking good pictures. He will enlighten most of you on your questions and demonstrate the right and wrong way in going about taking pictures.

Topics of discussion will include the following:

1) Understanding your digital camera, its functions and limitation.
2) How to capture good indoors pictures for family events. How to capture good outdoors pictures while on a tour.
3) Repair jobs i.e. photo editing (basic) for that perfect shot.
4) Storage of your memories. Tips available for novices.

All participants are encouraged to bring your cameras. There will be hands on session (time permitting) for indoor shoot on perspective photography.

Topic: Photography for the Novice
Date: 28-12-2013 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Leng Kee Community Club (5-minutes walk from Redhill MRT)
Course fee: Free (no charge)

The classroom can only accommodate 20 persons and registration will close at 20.

Those registered coming:
1) Judy Lim
2) Jassmine Teo
3) Jacqueline Wong
4) Constance Wong (not coming)
5) Pauline Chew
6) Lin Chuah
7) Peggy Yap
8) Arthur Yap
9) Annie Loh
10) Gingko Tay
11) Peh Bee Huah
12) Audrey Wong
13) Maria Tan
14) Nina Choo
15) Peggy Kong
16) Peri Liew (not coming)
17) Ann Lim
18) Jimmy Tsin
19) Eyvonne Chew
20) Cindy Wee
21) We have reached the class size of 20, Registration is now CLOSED.

33 thoughts on “Talk on Photography for the Novice (28-12-2013, Saturday 3 to 5 pm) by Paul Kong

  1. Hi HL/Paul
    Please register me. Actually I was quite happy with my ‘point & shoot’ skill but after hearing what Paul said about good and bad pictures, I’m now starting to feel dissatisfied…lol.

  2. Hi Hew Lee / Paul
    Im interested in this workshop/talk to learn how to make full use of my digital camera, please register me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Hew Lee / Paul,
    I suppose my earlier message didn’t catch your attention,
    appreciate you include me in the namelist before registration
    closes. Thank you.

  4. Hello, after the 3 Js, another 17 persons (from SHC) have indicated their interest to attend. They are Constance, Pauline, Lin Chuah, Peggy Yap, Arthur Yap, Annie, Gingko, Bee Huah, Audrey, Maria, Nina, Peggy Kong, Peri, Ann, Jimmy Eyvonne and Cindy – welcome. I am sure you all will learn something from Paul Kong. There are two non-SHC member through the CC route has indicated their interest too. As we have now reached the class size of 22, registration is now CLOSED.

  5. Hew Lee,
    If there is still room to squeeze me in please let me know. I can stand around to listen if available space too. I am interested to learn more from Paul for further improvements to upgrade my skills and knowledge.



  6. Hi Paul / Hew Lee,

    I noticed Cindy was within the 20 pax she has registered for herself and me. But how come my name was not reflected huh? ;)

    Just asking only, not an issue, there’s always another round, thank you.
    Ah Nee

  7. Hi Hew Lee/Paul,
    Thank you for organizing. Wanted to attend this talk earlier but clash with Dan Huang under the rainbow karaoke gathering. Now that the rainbow gathering is postponed I am able to attend this talk, would appreciate if you could put me on the waiting list. Also dun mind standing at the back la if there is not enough seats. Cheers..

  8. Dear Hew Lee & Paul,
    Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I will not be able to attend the session. Hope to attend the next session.
    My apologies for any inconvenience caused.
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Paul,

    I note that Constance Wong & Peri Lew are not coming for the Photography session. If there are still vacancies, can I join the class?

    Thank you.

  10. Dear EOs,

    Thanks for organizing this event.
    As noted this classroom is full.
    Wonder if there might be any class in the pipeline though may not be too soon?
    Would very much like to attend (I am completely poor at this).

  11. Hi Paul
    Thank you very much for giving us an interesting and educational talk on taking good pictures. I particularly benefited from your tips on focussing and the use of flash. :) The editing demo (add/delete) was dramatic and it showed how photos can be easily tempered with.
    I wonder if it’s possible to have a hands-on where you look at our cameras and show us how to use the features present that we don’t use due to unfamiliarity? The instructional manual is theoretical. Hands-on is where we really learn.
    Would appreciate such a practical session but it’s only a suggestion.

    P/s. A few of us were trapped in the transparent lift! It was getting scary when we were rescued. Grist for a story? lol!

  12. Hi Paul and Hew Lee

    Thank you for the very interesting photography talk. It seems there are so much to learn but there is not enough time. I look forward to some hands-on sharing session in time to come.

    Have a happy and blessed New Year.


  13. Jassmine & Jacquiline,

    There is no short cut in learning photography. Practise make perfect. Join as many photo walk as possible. As you stroll along, ask those who are better than you. Shoot as many pictures as possible in different ways or settings. Soon, you will know what is right and what is wrong in taking pictures on different situations.

    Come January, just before CNY, I am considering to organise a photo walk around Chinatown to capture the atmosphere, the mood and colour of people preparing to welcome the Year of the Horse.

    Make yourself available to take some night photography (without flash). Not all cameras can do this.


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