Dinner and Dance for Y2014

Hi All Members,
Y2013 is coming near to end soon… so we will be looking forward for Y2014…

I know that I had been very inactive these days despite the fact that I am in the committee due to personal matters at home.  Thankfully, all my other buddies/ committes are very understanding and help me to cover all these area of responsibilities which I did not fulfil…. Thank you very much

So Y2014, I must start the ball rolling liao…

Anyone keen to volunteer to be EO for Y2014 D&D.  Any good lobang for venues to host this event… we want to hear from you also….  Of cos, not too expensive would be ideal and at least can take up to 100paxs minimum.

Any themes that come in your mind, please share with us also….

Want to be in the D&D working committees, we welcome you also… just put your names here that we will contact you directly in due course…

I wont have full access to internet till mid December 2013 as they are undergoing some repair work here so if my responses are slow, please be patient with OK

Thus, your comments and/or any proposals are very important to us.. let us hear from you soon…

Cheers,… Dolly

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8 thoughts on “Dinner and Dance for Y2014”

  1. Wahpiangz, reli bo seng li… Was hoping tha I can get some ideas for the coming D&D but bo le..

    Geraldine and Audrey, thank you very much for the support…..

    Let’s hope that we will ge to hear from other members too…

    Cheers… Dolly

  2. Hi Dolly
    I like to raise my hand here not to EO a Dinner & Dance event but a Chinese New Year Lohei event.
    Terence approached previously but my schedule was tight. Promised him verbally that I would do it another time and this is the time. I can’t eat my words, hor…. Terence.
    Please lock in your calender for 8 Feb 2014, Saturday. Venue is confirmed and paid for.
    For a change, we will do an evening lohei. Please look out for more details in early January 2014. Maximum capacity: 50 pax only
    Interested volunteers to assist me in my maiden EO event, please raise your hands sms me if you have my number or wait for a few more weeks when my post is up.
    Thank you and regards,

  3. Dolly, there are two suggestions for the theme.

    1) Retro Night – dressing/dancing to the music of the 80’s. For e.g. Abba,
    Pet Shop Boys, etc
    2) Hawaiin Night – grass skirts and lots of leis (garlands round the neck)


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