Somewhere Over the Rainbow : Jan 4,(Sat) 2014. 6.00-10.00pm

There is in each one of us a wish for a better tomorrow. A hope that life will be smooth sailings with no worry of ailing health or a weak heart. A desire for good companionship and unfailing friendship.

The story of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is the story of mankind struggle for existence. The Scarecrow wish to have a brain, the Tin man for a heart and the Lion for courage. Let’s look forward to the New Year with excitement, meeting and cherishing new friend.

Join us for a time of singing and singalong as we celebrate another year coming to an end. We shall have High Tea, bring snacks to share. After the session we may adjourn for Steamboat Fish Head nearby and a leisurely stroll on Orchard Road. Alas, I wish for red wine but not with High-Tea!

Venue: Kolam Ayer CC, Geylang Bahru, 11 minutes walk from Potong Pasir MRT.
Date: December 28 (Saturday), 2013
Time: 1:00-5:00pm

Cost: $6.00 if we have 10 pax, $3.00 if we achieve 20 pax. Balance of $44 from last gathering will be use to defray snacks or reduce contribution from each of you.

EO, Dan

  1. Dan
  2. Geraldine (Tentative)
  3. Daniel (Tentative)
  4. Lily Ho
  5. Skchua (Tentative)
  6. Lydia Chin
  7. Barbara Ong
  8. Bobby Bok
  9. Anne Chee
  10. Tony Ang
  11. Ronald Lee

28 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow : Jan 4,(Sat) 2014. 6.00-10.00pm”

  1. Hi Dan

    Please register me as tentative. Will certainly try to be there and why shouldn’t we have red wine?

    Happy hour starts at 1pm……….

  2. Hi..Dan, here we go again. And that was fast. I don’t know what they have “somewhere over the rainbow” but I do know that the Kolam Ayer CC is somewhere below the rainbow. For the last 2 occasions, it rained when I was walking to the CC for our gathering, and the rain stopped when we started singing. Anyway, I think we can treat this place as our de factor Club House. Who said you need to pay hefty charges to enjoy Club facilities? And the food is “sinfully” abundant and delicious.

    I would like to share an observation – it is very demoralising that at the end of your singing and when you look up, you realise a group of people are happily talking in one corner and an individual snoring in another. The only person who applauds is the DJ. So much for support from friends. Let’s appreciate each and every singer for his/her efforts, if not voice. Clap lah !!!

    I would also like to suggest that we have a half hour or one hour break. LIGHTS ON and we eat (snacks), drink and talk. When we have not seen each other for some time, there are many things to talk about. We need not constantly shout at each other over the loud music.

    I must add that it is not all about singing. I have feedback from members who said they could not stand the very loud “screaming” and “screeching” noise while enclosed in a small room. Indeed, there are places where one can listen to REAL music and singing. Different folks different strokes.

    Hence, come to the “Club House” to wild your time away doing other things. There are tables and chairs below where you can sit, eat and chat – things that we always do at a coffee shop or cafe. You can read newspapers or play chess without somebody asking you whether you want to buy another drink. 3 in 1 coffee sachets and light snacks are available at the KRK room free of charge. Contributions are welcome, of course. We just want to get people together, crying their hearts out on stage or otherwise.

    If I am not out of Sg on the 28th, I will certainly go to “somewhere” under the rainbow to meet my friends and talk rock or sing song. If you are going, remember the umbrella.

  3. Hi Gabriella,
    Thanks for being the first to sign up.
    Geraldine, really, I thot happy hours starts from 5.00pm. Well, the Queen has given the mandate, red wines there shall be. Christmas is still in the air, come and join us for singing carols and Christmas songs. Dun spend Christmas alone. And G, I shall text you my ‘sinful’ guess!
    Daniel Chan, appreciate the feedback. This is our mini Clubhouse to relax and get together. Rain or shine we shall be there. On that very day while waiting at the MRT, Susan, Bira and me were caught by the rain. We waited almost an hour to get a taxi.

  4. Hi Lily, Carly, Skchua and Dolly,
    Wow the four SHC bigwigs coming, so glad for your kind support.
    Skchua, been a while, see you.

    It says, ‘the blue birds can fly and sings, why why can’t I’.

  5. To those who have signed up a thousand apologies as this date is not available to us due to a mistake made by the operator. She has given us another date and that is the following Saturday, January 4, 2014 from 6:00-10.00pm. Please indicate here if you can still join us?

  6. Hi Gabriella,
    No worries, another time.
    Come and join us in singing and singalong. Some of the songs I would want to sing together are: By Rod Stewart – Sailing, I dun want to talk about it. By Eric Clapton -Wonderful Tonight, by Elton John – Candle in the Wind and Hey Jude by the Beatles and a lot more!

  7. Hi Dan
    I thought I was seeing things. My apologies. I may not be able to attend on 4 Jan. But just leave my name there and I will try to make it. Even if I cant, I will pay for my share.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi Lai Fong,
    Glad that you can join us.
    Dolly, noted you not able to come.
    Certain songs can bring back sweet memories. We shall have more singing in group so that no one is left out.
    Let’s have some fun here, I will list here some songs, try to guess the singers and the titles?
    1. .. is he holding you the way I do…….
    2. .. and when you feel the pain, refrain…
    3 ….hold me close, never let me go…
    4. .. loving both of you is breaking all the rules…
    5. ..I sold my soul, you brought is back to me…
    6. ..dun lose your way each passing day…
    7. is ended before it begin…

  9. Hi Anne,
    Good that you can join us.
    Tony, welcome and I dun think we met. This would be a wonderful opportunity for us to meet and to get to know the rest of us.


  10. Hi Dan

    Firstly I would like to apologize – I read it as in the afternoon cause I presume it. Night unable to join, kindly delete my name. Sorry :-(

    Thank u

    Lai Fong

  11. Lai Fong, sad that you are unable to join us.

    A gentle reminder to all who signed up for the kok and singalong session this Saturday from 6:00-10:00pm. Come and join us if you love to sing, bring foods to share, two bottles of red wines will be available for us to celebrate and usher in the New Year!

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