Forum Moderator Wanted

Forum Moderator Wanted.

Why the need for a Forum Moderator?

We never had one before, why now? The answer is yes, we had but he was called Fairy God Mother. With his magic wand, he can deny access or remove membership quietly.

Now we have Lily Ho, the beach, the lunatic, the f…k… Goddess Almighty who has to be seen to do the job or else the chief will text reminder to do this or act on that. Not only it is a thankless unpaid job but a role people love to hate and call names in the face and behind the back.

Nobody likes to be moderated. Am I stupid to take up the role? Yes, but according to the chief, someone has to do it.!

So, if you are interested in taking over the role from me, please contact Admin immediately. Until then, you have no choice but to put up with me till I am being replaced or the 2 years term is up whichever come first.!

Duties encompasses but not restricted to :

1) Daily checking of the forum to ensure no taboo subjects, tel numbers, offensive or name calling of fellow members.
2) If necessary, post reminder or warning to offending member.
3) Full authority to delete or edit posts or comments of the above.
4) Ensure EO and EC events have date and time indicated on the subject title.
5) Ensure all general post to be in Forum General and/or relevant categories but not on Main Bulletin.
6) Review all posts, comments and links that came under moderation and release them when deemed non offensive and within compliance to club policies.

Requirements :
Must be prepared to spare the time, be thick-skin and dare to challenge.

Sincerely look forward to your application soon.

Lily Ho

Author: Lily Ho Willocq

Divorced - 1 grown daughter - love dancing.

3 thoughts on “Forum Moderator Wanted”

  1. Sighhh……………

    By the way, your beach is spelt wrongly. Kekekeeee.

    You know, since we came on board, members of the club have no idea what we have gone thru and still going thru with the Chairman.

    They seem to have this perception that we are calling the shots and can do whatever we want. The truth is the Chairman is giving INSTRUCTIONS as and when he fancies (not forgetting changing his mind according to his moods) and still loudly screams that he is ALL READY TO LET GO. Whatever that means……….

    Should I also put up a post for Readership and Media Contact Wanted? Bwahahahaa.

    ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ indeed………

  2. This Post doesn’t seem right. I am wondering what went wrong!

    In Aug 2013, I called for member to participate in the SHC committee. A number of members responded, and 4 ladies volunteered to take up 4 different roles. We have Lily Ho who then agreed to take up the role of Forum moderator. I am aware this is not an easy job, as Lily has pointed out. Like the other committee members, Lily took up the role since Aug 2013.

    Now, she has put up a “Situations vacant” for the role of Forum Moderator. Nah, this cannot be right. Not that I agree, but it will be nice to hear your say over Lily Ho’s idea. Where I am concern, I am happy with what Lily has done so far. She has taken a good load off my shoulder; and she is learning fast what it takes to be a SHC Forum moderator. I think that there are still a few more things that Lily needs to learn; but at 45, I rather think she is capable enough to adjust accordingly.

    As to Geraldine’s comment that the Chairman is giving all the instructions, I would rather say that this is partially correct. it’s like a half-blown fuse. As you will see, the Club is relaxing many of its policies, as long as there are available EOs. The committee has been operating since Aug 2013, and I think that we are slowly adjusting. Members may not know totally what goes on in the background but the committee have strong opinions too, and they are not shy to speak out during our monthly committee meetings. They have the right to over rule certain policies, in a vote of course. And, recently they have voted 4 to 1 over a policy which I insist on adopting.

    If you speak out, we will listen.

    In short, I am surprised to read this Post, and altho I disagree, I think it is also an interesting out of the way suggestion.

    Terence Seah

  3. MY observation, which I believe many members have similarly noted. The following are the titles of several public announcements in November, in quick succession.

    1. Appointment of Robert Ong in the role of “New members Relations”
    2. SilverHairsClub Facebook – our link to the outside world
    3. SilverHairsClub adopting the true kampong spirit
    4. SilverHairsClub announcement
    5. Announcement to EOs and ECs
    6. Would you like to volunteer to help organise activities for the Club?

    We do not doubt they are policies and proposals for the good of the Club as a whole. We do not know what have had transpired in the “background”, but the text contained therein, and the lack of supporting remarks from other committee members, suggest that the Chief is unilaterally calling the shots.

    Without the benefit of (meeting) minutes, members at large digest what is dished out here and decipher the state of affair. It leaves us to wonder, what then, is the role and function of the committee?

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