Tai Tai Nite DnD 2014 & Mr SHC and Miss / Mrs SHC 2014

Tai Tais and darlings

Another idea for next year.

We have had 2 cabaret nites so it’s time for we women to have a Tai Tai Nite.  What does it mean?

Am thinking we ladies will be there in our finery and diamonds, of course, and this time we shall have our HOT MALE MEMBERS on hand to pamper us etc.

The climax of the evening will obviously be Terence performing in his G-string on the pole.  We will have our US dollars ready………..

Let’s partayyy!!
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This idea just popped in my mind.  Our very own Mr SHC and Miss/Mrs SHC 2014.

Anyone cares to organize this? Obviously, I would like to be invited to be one of the Judges. Heeeheee.

I will not be able to EO this due to my duty calls besides my other commitments.
There are many awesome event organizers in our club, so let’s hear from you.

We can narrow down to Prejuding (Q&A) and the Grand Finals to simplify the pageant.

Let’s do something exciting in 2014!!

10 thoughts on “Tai Tai Nite DnD 2014 & Mr SHC and Miss / Mrs SHC 2014”

  1. Dear Geraldine,
    Wow..yes, love to see all the Tai Tai or Ladies being pampered by the hot bods or sweet gentlemen…when can this happen?
    Congrats to the newly crowned Mrs SEA!


  2. Ooh, Janie, you are still up like me!!

    Thank you!

    Just an idea for members to organize. How about organizing for us? It would be awesome if you do!

  3. Tai Lo,
    1 DND already kepala busing.. 2 DND, siow liao… but hor, Tai Tai, never been 1 b4 leh.. so dont know how to plan lor… follow Taiwan ‘Ai’ all Tai Tai always busy scolding here n there.. no class la… Follow Hongkong drama, walua, heavy expenses to buy barang barang to beautify hor… chin jia lat leh..

    I am still waiting for more ideas to pop up lor…

    But got volunteer here hor… then, Tai Tai nite it shall be lor..

    Ar bo den, still waiting n waiting lor…

    Cheers.. Dolly

  4. Hi My King Yew Kwong

    Just tossing ideas around.

    Our dnd can be any idea any member comes up with. The 2 ideas of mine – Mr SHC and Miss/Mrs SHC and the Tai Tai Nite can be the dnd or not. Or one idea can be the dnd and the other another event in 2014. Or both are not going to happen.

    Just like what Dolly said, we hope more ideas will pop up.

    Submitted on 2013/12/02 at 8:03 pm

    Geraldine, and fellow members,

    I guess the event idea will work. You are a good example of that a Ms SHC will work. May a Mr SHC too. In the contest where you participate, how did the organisers attract particpants. Besides the crown, what kind of prizes did the organisers give? The one year call of duty sounds demanding, but exciting.

    Many of these events come with sponsors, which is something SHC has not done before. I think we require more than a typical SHC event to attract members to participate. It’s an interesting idea.

    Geraldine has come up with the idea, but the details will get all of us crazy. What do you think would be attractive enough to get female participants, and also men participants? A bottle of red wine is not going to take us anywhere. Dream along further, we could land up with two travel tickets for two to Cape Town, South Africa for 7 days or to the USA where the winners of Ms SHCand Mr SHC can see the first panda, borned outside China. The second prize could be the latest Playstation 4.

    Dont think it is impossible. How about taking the first step to think about the prizes?

    Terence Seah

  6. Terence on G-string on the pole? nah, Mega and Thomas Loh are better!
    Am not a tai tai but can be tai tai’s maid to carry make up bag, long gown, powder the nose, fanning etc. interested to employ me? the bidding is on!!

  7. Wahhh, Frisna, only you are brave enough to say Terence is not hot enough to do pole dancing in his g-string. Heheheee.

    The Bravery Award goes to……..drum roll……Fabilicious Frisna!!

    By the way, how can a Tai Tai’s maid be more attractive than the Tai Tai?

    I bid for YOU to be the EO of the Tai Tai Nite!!

  8. Ha ha you learn fast from terence-whoever suggest it, appoint her to be in charge! The project is too time consuming for me to handle. Will help next time when am semi retired ya

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