Most of us have a phone, some phones are smartphones. But, there are so many features in these phones. Tues 21 Jan 2014 (1700 hrs – 2030 hrs)

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As the subject heading goes, most of us have a telephone.  And,some are smartphones. Many of these smartphones have so many features, that we rarely use all of them.  But, many of us use the phone to communicate, in voice or in text.

I had chanced upon a few members during the Yangon trip, and they know so many features that I found valuable.  Bobby Bok introduced me to the talking dictionary which helps to translate one language to another in audio.  I had checked with Hew Lee, and he felt a gathering where we share smartphone experiences would be useful to members. There is whatsapp, viber, talkKao and line.  These applications are broken down by the type of systems eg Androids, Iphone, etc.  Mine is the Blackberry; I refuse to give it up.

I also appreciate Yew Kwong, who thinks a gathering of smartphone users sharing and chatting about its features, and applications would be useful too.  I know there are many things for all of us to learn; but I was thinking of smartphones.  So, how about a gathering strictly for smartphone users.  We can break down by Android users, IPhone users, Blackberry users, and others.  And we can break down by the phone brands eg Nokia, Samsung, HTC, etc.  Each group sits around a table, and try to show one another what we have, what we know and what applications we have.

Once you put your name down here, we know which group you can join, and put you together.  Let’s max it to between 4 to 10 persons per group.  But, we leave it to you.

We can call this a gathering of Smartphone users.  Details of the meeting are as follows:

  • Date:     Tuesday, 21 January 2014
  • Time:     5 – 8.30 pm
  • Venue:  Han’s Restaurant, Upper Pickering Street
  • EO:         Bobby Bok

So, if you are game, let us know your smartphone brand, model, and we will try to arrange you by groups.  Each group can have a leader; you can raise your hand later.

A great way to know one another better, and learn something which we may not know.

Terence Seah

Registration List: (Grouped according to brands of smartphones used)


  1. Terence Seah
  2. Daisy Yeo
  3. Charles Chua
  4. Bobby Bok
  5. Rosalind Lee
  6. Maureen Lee (tentative)
  7. Lawrence Lee
  8. Angie Ng
  9. Peter Lim
  10. May Woo
  11. Evyonne Chew
  12. Becky
  13. Gingko Tay
  14. Kristy  Quek
  15. Daniel Chan
  16. Marg Tian
  17. Peggy Yap
  18. Arthur Yap
  19. Steven Chan
  20. Winnie Tan
  21. Tan Li Li
  22. Rosalind Soh
  23. Theresa Seow
  24. Ann Lim
  25. Ng Meng Wai
  26. Evon Lim
  27. Maria Tan
  28. Paul Kong
  29. Peggy Kong
  30. Nina Choo
  31. Pat Oei
  32. Lisa Ong
  33. Fred Heng
  34. Peri Liew
  35. Dolly Lim
  36. Sock Cheng
  37. Leow Soon Huat
  38. Andrew Koh
  39. Susan C H Tan
  40. Hou Chong
  41. Lina Ng
  42. Caroline Gee
  43. Judy Lim

Apple Iphone

  1. Hew Lee
  2. Gabriella Chua
  3. Annto
  4. Barbara Lim
  5. Zara
  6. Mega Abdullah
  7. Johnny Pow
  8. Helen Yeo
  9. Lin Chuah
  10. Dan Huang
  11. Ronald Lam
  12. Freda Lim (for future mtg if any)
  13. Kenneth Tan
  14. Wee Chin
  15. Grace Kok
  16. Doreen Leong
  17. Thomas Loh
  18. Norlinda
  19. Susan Chang
  20. Lily Ho


  1. Charles Wee
  2. Frisna Tan
  3. Amy Ko


  1. Christina Pan
  2. Malcolm Chen


  1. Anne Chee
  2. Annie Loh


129 thoughts on “Most of us have a phone, some phones are smartphones. But, there are so many features in these phones. Tues 21 Jan 2014 (1700 hrs – 2030 hrs)

  1. Let me start. I have a Samsung Note 1, and i want to learn how to use the phone. It’s has an Android operating system. I want to find out what other apps, members use on their Samsung.

    Terence Seah

  2. Mine is a LG android. I have started using smart phone about a year ago and have tried to maximize its value although I am not sure I could justify its usuage. Want to learn more tricks and add on more useful apps.

  3. Mine is a Samsung S3, Android. Had it for 9 months only and had wondered where I had been before this “revolution” of mine. It’s really mind exploding but certainly wonderful. Always discovering and learning. Hope to share and learn more tricks so can monkey more and hopefully, delay the dementia too.

  4. I would like to join the group too as I have a Samsung #. But I must confess that I know very little about this phone and am attending to leech off others.

  5. I have an Iphone 4S. Have been using it for apps messages, chatlines, storing pics, safari for surfing the net. Yes, I’ve Viber and Tango too but seldom use .. deleted as the software is taking up too much memory space. Can use the applications only.


  6. Hi Terence,
    I have a Samsung Note 2, there are many interesting features in this smartphone. One very useful feature is the screenshot in which I use quite often to capture photos or other messages on the screen and then wat app or email it to friends or colleagues . It is also available on the iPhone but I noted that some are still not aware of this useful feature. Yes it is a good idea to meet & share knowledge with one another. Suggest that we can initially go through ourselves over the features available on the smartphone. So when we meet up we can know exactly where to search & how to apply the features on our own phone during the discussion. There are also many interesting apps available for the smart phones. You may try to search or google for this apps which are usually very popular with more stars , read the preview and try out some of the apps that interest you. Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

  7. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2…I must confess I am still very blur about the many functions and apps to install. I once threw it on the floor in exasperation but the phone didn’t break. :(

  8. Hi-Terence I possess a China made Samsung equivalent N9970-Mk. I only use it to read news and check my stock watchlist. I am more a windows laptop guy and would like to learn more about Android apps. would like to learn more from the experts.

  9. I am using a China made equivalent to a Samsung Mega with slots for two sim cards. Heard a lot that the radiation level is quite high. Now using a used 4S i-phone. I like the i-phone because of the i-pod which is good for listening to songs. You can synchronize the i-phone to your desktop to backup all your data and contacts

  10. Hi

    I’m keen to join the Samsung group. I must agree with Terence that Bobby has a good working knowledge about Samsung phones. During the Yangon trip, Bobby was helpful in guiding me how to use my phone when I ran into problems. In October 2013, I switched service provider and naturally, I also chose a smartphone. Whenever my phone plan was due for re-contract, my family members would bug me to upgrade my phone plan to ‘update’ myself. Like Christina, I was an old faithful and loyal Nokia user. I was a Nokia user for umpteen years.

    I’m always reluctant to make a switch as I would usually have technical issues with a new phone or a new electronic gadget. It has always been like that with each change. Less than a week of getting my Samsung S3, the phone camera went out of focus, the screen shot function didn’t work, etc. It was very troublesome to visit the service centre so many times to rectify the issue.

    For now, I’m happy with what I have as I can check my emails, check available parking lots, parking rates, etc. All while on the go! Would love to meet up with SHC ‘Samsung’ users.


    • Hi everybody,

      I should have tried to fix the date first, but because I am not in Singapore, I can only pick a date for our monthly gathering today.

      The date shall be Tuesday 21 Jan 2014, at Hans Restaurant, Upper Pickering. Time 1700 hrs to 2030 hrs. If this gathering is successful and more members are interested in figuring out how to use their smartphone, we can always have another date with the same agenda. But, this date is on.

      After the gathering, we can go to Chinatown to buy some goodies for the Lunar New Year.

      See you.

      Terence Seah

  11. Hi-Terrence
    Pls put me under the samsung group. I believe most if not all smartphones are
    manufactured in China. My phone looks and works like samsung. Hope my request
    can be remedied.


  12. I’m still struggling to learn so many new tricks frm my iPhone. I have always been longing to learn more how to operate. Pls squeeze me in. Tks
    Ronald Lam

  13. Hi Terence/Gabriella,

    Unfortunately, I have a prior appt on this date, so regret I will not be able to attend.
    Will look forward to the next meeting.

  14. Hi Terence,
    I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab. But do not have a data plan. Can only whatsapp, email n access internet at home using wi-fi connection. Can l tap on the wi-fi system in Han’s cafe if there is one. I wld like to join.
    Kristy Quek

  15. Terence
    I just got my HTC 601 Smart phone. A lot of functions to learn. Grate to see this post, it will be a lot of help to us.
    Please register me. Thank you.

  16. Hi Gabriella:
    21 Jan is a working day I usually knockoff @ 6:30 pm
    By the time I reach Hans it will be quite late in order not to hold up
    everybody I shall give it a miss
    Should there be another session possibly on aSaturday
    I shall then be able to join with some rescheduling of my other appmts
    Regds & tkx
    Maureen Lee

  17. Hi Kristy
    We spoke and you’ve decided that you still wish to attend. I’m sure you can learn some ‘tricks’ from the members present :-)

  18. Hi Kristy and members planning to come to this smartphone gathering,

    I believe that most smartphones have a function call “thethering”. This means that if someone has a dataplan, others can also share the same plan without incurring additional charges. Those around can also log in, with a password, and enjoy the internet just like wifi.

    Of course, we go to be nice to the person sitting next to you on the table.

    Something you may learn too, from those who are coming.

    Terence Seah

  19. A “Smart Phone” is as smart as the person using it, but the smartest person is the one who gives you the free apps and later make you PAY in some ways. No need to push yourself to follow the trend. There are some very useful applications though – like direction finder, code scanner, health check monitor and fare-card top up etc.

    Still more than a month away and I cannot commit now. New Year, new semester and new time-table – I can only be certain on or after Jan06. If I go, I shall bring along my mobile modem and wireless router. If Han’s is kind enough to let us tap into an AC outlet, that will be our Wi-Fi. I can use up to 15GB per month so many people can use it simultaneously (with the correct password, of course). I must add that it is at a relatively crawling speed so no crazy wild games please.

    By the way, I have a Samsung Tablet3 with LTE (7”) and a Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTE, both on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean).

    • Hi Daniel,

      It’s very nice of you to bring along your wireless modem and router. I am sure many will benefit during this smartphone sharing.

      In the past, our parents and grandparents did not have the convenience and the advantages of communiicating with friends and relatives while stuck to the house or bed. Today, the internet and smartphones have made all this possible.

      let’s spread the joy and knowledge of the smartphones.

      Terence Seah

    • I think all of us are happy that there are many experienced smartphone users who can come together and share their knowledge at the coming “Smartphone gathering in January”. I encourage you to get other fellow membe to come and join us too. I am sure this event will save you tons of time trying to learn the applications within your smartphone.

      Bobby Bok and myself have been talking about this event. He is knowledgeable, frank and friendly. I have asked his help and he will EO this event from here. I will be present but I will only be flying in on the morning of this event. Thank you Bobby. And I look forward to your guiding us through during that day.

      Hans at Great Eastern Building is convenient and a huge place that can accommodate us. See you soon and have a great holiday season.

      Terence Seah

  20. Hi Terence,
    Thank you for the kind words and some what flattering introduction. I am sure that there are also many other SHC members who are also very knowledgeable and IT savvy like Hew Lee, Yew Kwong, Boon Liang, Daniel Chan etc just to name a few. I am sure Hew Lee will be able to guide the Iphone users while I will share with what I know for the Samsung Android users. We would like to welcome every one interested to know how to make the most use out of the smartphone. Daniel will provide free Wi-Fi if there’s power supply otherwise alternatively we will provide mobile Wi-Fi by tethering from those smartphone with the data plan including mine. This tethering service will also be a topic we can share and discuss. We can also share on how to adjust to a bigger font size on your phone for easier reading and other features of interests. We will also introduce some interesting & useful apps for both Samsung Android & Apple iphone users. Look forward to meeting up with the members on 21Jan 2014. Cheers. .
    Bobby Bok

  21. Hi Bobby/Terence/Gabriella

    I am not sure of my schedule next month but you can put me as tentative. For those non-Samsung or iPhone owner, they can choose to join either group. 

    About Smartphones …
    All brands do have some form of security arrangement to safeguard the owners’ interests but the effectiveness is totally dependent on the lifestyle useage by the smartphone owners. Different brands do have a difference in Apps user friendliness, availability, functionality, security, battery life, picture quality, quality of processors,  etc. However most of the common Apps are available in ALL brands (some are free, others are payable around $5). 

    Every smartphone owner should ask himself/herself these questions – WHO (which brand) is in a better position to help me to reduce my risk of downloading a PHONY APP?
    What designers of phony Apps want from us?

  22. Thank you for this brilliant idea to get together and talk on smart phones.
    Please register me. I am a Samsung S3 user.
    May I also take this opportunity to wish one and all, a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  23. Hi Hew Lee,
    Thank you for your note on the security aspect and the various factors such as friendliness, availability, functionality, security, battery life, picture quality, quality of processors, etc of the different brand of smartphones and hence attracting more users judging from their performance etc. We hope that you are able to attend the session and share more on iphones features etc.
    Also like to thank Gabriella for helping to update the list of members interested to attend this monthly meeting cum smartphones sharing session. I noted that you also have many interesting apps and I am sure other members would like to learn from you too. So in the event that Hew Lee really cannot attend the meeting we may need your help in leading or facilitating the sharing session for iphones users.
    Hi Winnie/all, welcome to the session meeting and here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

  24. Hi Bobby

    Tks for your note. My attendance is only tentative as I’m not too sure whether I’ve got GM’s duty that evening. Can only confirm nearer the time. Moreover, I’m still on the learning curve for smartphones. Even if I attend, it’s only to learn.


  25. Hi Hew Lee, I like your comment about PHONY APPS. Phone, phony, phones and phonies. Thanks for the reminder.

    Indeed, users ought to be aware. Briefly, when we use a smart phone – or even a not so smart phone- there are always 3 parties involved – the caller, the Telco (telephone company) and the recipient.

    Not so long ago, we simply talked to our friend through the only telephone company we had. That completed the connection. I am sure many among us will remember how frustrating it was trying to communicate with those stone-like hand phones 20 or more years ago. But I felt important hanging a “brick” on my belt then.

    Today, we have 3 main Telcos, also known as Internet Service Providers. In addition to talking on the phone, we can take pictures in high resolution, send messages and images, record video and sound, chit chat, browse the INTERNET and most important of all, use the thousands of APPS (applications) freely available. Welcome to the Smart Phone.

    Be aware that there are many “clever” people out there cracking their heads on how to create an App such that money from your pockets will go to theirs. The irony is – the party making this possible, namely your ISP, will tell you, “We cannot be responsible for any 3rd party products or services”. So we still have 3 parties but things have become more complicated.

    No worry Gab. We are all learning. Every App is a new discovery. Teenagers are often better than us in finding and using the right App. Has anybody ever bought a can of soft drink from a vending machine using your smart phone?

  26. Hi Li Li,
    Yes, you are welcome to come to our monthly meeting cum smart phone talk/sharing session. It is best that you get hold of one of this smartphone and hand on for yourself. Cheers..

  27. Hi Terence,
    Thanks for the arrangement. I am using Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. Please
    include me in the appropriate category. Once again I thank you .

  28. Greetings everyone,

    Thanks Terrence, Bobby and Gabriel for this get together arrangement. Please list me as Iphone and Samsung user for future talks (not available in January) as I may change my phone when d contract expires. My problem with Iphone 5 is that I cannot take good pictures in the dark. Meanwhile, wishing everyone a MERRYCHRISTMAS …………

    Cheers – Freda

  29. Hi guys!

    What a great start to the New Year!
    I look forward to joining the ”i” group… Yes, the “idiot” me with the smartphone that starts with “iA”. And yes, I would like to take pictures in the dark… although I can’t figure out what for?
    I belong to the majority “smartphone-stupider” group and only want to use my phone for my phone calls, SMS, email, some apps like WhatsApp, maps and bus guides, couple of investing websites, travel sites, Safari, Yahoo… Hey! The list is getting long!
    But I avoid Facebook, Twitter, and all those social sites… sorry!!
    So, come Jan 21, I shall look forward to joining all my SHC friends for the smartest event of the year!
    Now, how do I key in a reminder in my phone??

    • Hi Kenneth,
      You have dusappeared for some time. Where have you been?

      There are some alarm apps free from google. Can remind you to attend the gatherings.

      See you soon.

      Terence Seah

  30. Hehehe! Season’s Greetings Terence!

    Yes, I’ve disappeared….but still hold dear the club and its many members: We’ve made many friends, and groups have formed and partnerships forged. Many interest groups congregate regularly…on the whole, a very successful club!

    I’ve also just returned from a week in Chiang Mai savouring the food and culture, enjoying the coolness of the weather, and revelling in the simplicity of life and the charming respect of the Thais for seniors. My greatest wish for the Thais would be that they resolve their political differences and work together for their country’s progress.

    I just saw a “senior moment” in my previous post: In my hurry, I confused iPhone and Apple… And put down “iA” as my smartphone; so please include me with the iPhone users.

  31. Hi Grace/all,
    Yes all are welcome as this meeting is also our monthly meeting gathering. Please note that the meeting is an informal meeting and we shall discuss and share notes among ourselves. I will give the links for both the iPhone and Samsung smartphone users manual and perhaps all who would like to learn more can browse through this video/ instruction guide to get a better understanding on how to operate or use the various features available on your smartphones. You can also Google on your particular model if you so desire. For those iPhone 5S users you may like to click to this link & for those Samsung smartphone users please click the link below and then look for your Samsung model for further details/tips on using your smartphone

  32. Wah…so many Samseng (I mean Samsung) users!
    We, the iPhone users are outnumbered… but I count myself among the veritable group of blur users…what do you think the “i” stands for?
    There’s a pathetic Nokia and Hard To Call (HTC) and Long Gone (LG)… we’d all be smashed by the Samsengs!

    • Kenneth,

      And what about the Blackberry users? I just love it.

      Yes, I think Samsung is fashionable snd trendy.

      See u folks.

      Terence Seah

  33. Happy New Year Everyone. Just enjoying Jazz music from my Wi-Fi World Radio.
    Kenneth -if you think on the negative side, together with all the samsengs, hard to call and the long gone people, then, only idiots buy iPhones. Why pay so much when you can do the same job with a cheaper one.

    Ahh, if you think on the positive side, a smart phone is more than a phone – it is a portable computer. Question is – do you need to carry a portable computer wherever you go. How user friendly are the different brands?

    What type of mobile device is good for me? This question can best answered if you ask yourself what lifestyle I want and how much I am prepared to pay for it.

    Bobby/Terence, I think I can make it on 21/01 around 5.00PM. I can help out with the iPhone (smaller) group.


  34. Heehee!
    I hope I didn’t ruffle a few feathers…but please take my commiangs as just in jest. I know the benefits of a smartphone…that’s why I have an iPhone and an iPad.
    I think that a Samsung offers a better choice for non-iPhone users… It’s built-in starter apps help the new users to quickly use the features of the phone compared to other Androids which may need a more savvy user. The resale price is also good for Samsung compared to the other brands.
    I recognize that there are avid followers of other brands, like Terence with his Blackberry, and that there are brands that use Windows 8 which may be an alternative.
    Whew, that was quite an effort to be serious!
    I think the welcome news is that Hew Lee will be there on the 21st…let’s all look forward to a great learning experience!

  35. Hi Hew Lee,
    Thank you so much for the good news that you are able to come and lead us for the iPhone users. Yes , I agree with you and also with Kenneth on the pro & cons of both Samsung Note and the iPhone . For those who are still thinking about getting either of these phones below hyperlink give you a good comparison between the Samsung Note 2 and the iPhone 5 specs..
    For those iPhone users you may like to view this video on a complete beginner guide to your iPhone by clicking on the hyperlink below..
    By the way , may I also request for two volunteers to help out in the registration of the members coming to this smartphone cum monthly meeting on the 21st January 2014. Look forward to meet up with all of you. Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

  36. Hope to come on 21st.
    We are crasy about hand phones, smartphones and iPads

    Owned the 1st G phone by Google made by HTC for them. And owned a few HTC Smartphones too. Fell in luv with Androids since. Still holding on to one as a spare.

    Do u know I cloud is a copy and adaptation of the Android.s capability.

    We’ve dumped iPhones since. Linda jus dumped iPhone 5 for S3 and now Note3. Didn’t imagine I bought so so many Samsungs till I registered my Note 2&3 recently.

    We still luv the iPads cos many companies esp for trading start with iPad first…
    So can’t beat them join them.

    Recently bought China made ones from Singapore Expo which was not even 15% of what they claim processors are. Beware ..don’t buy from these stalls or at Sim Lim. It’s the same 2 stalls. Camera functions are really junked.

    Bought one from China ..and visited them to really test.. And this one measures up in terms of performance..though no support. But so far performance v v good…and it’s slightly above half the price. They are asking me to market them..haha..

    Anyone keen on buying over a Samsung S3? I Just sold off a S2 & a S3

  37. Anyone tried out having tempered glass screen cover for yr smartphones? Just did it for my Note 2 & Note 3… Typically cost $27 to $35 instead of the normal plastic screen at $8-15. Thought it was good .. Somehow I suspect Samsung glass are better…cos it hasn’t cracked on me.. But my IPhones and iPads have cracked on me many times….

    Managed to get the tempered glass at a much cheaper price. Will be glad to share…

  38. Thanks Bob for suggesting this educational meet up on 21 Jan. I have a Samsung Ace 2 model n only know how to watsapp n SMS. Would love to learn from you n all pls register me for this meet. Thank you. Lisa Ong

  39. May i ask if anyone of you has a few diaries, medium size, to spare. It would be nice you can give me during this Jan monthly gathering at Hans.

    Terence Seah

  40. During this monthly gathering, those who would like to chat with me re Thailand as a place to retire, can meet up at 7.30pm. Feel free to ask questions.

    And if you like to buy a colour copy of Home buyers guide, it is in thai. You can see what’s available, pricing and location. $3 per copy. I shall bring it straight from the airport to the monthly gathering. Available only to those who attend the monthly gathering.

    Terence Seah

  41. Hi Terence
    Please reserve a copy for me… I am keen to learn what’s new in property developments in Thailand. Now where can I find a Thai translator…must be pretty and attractive…no trans, please!
    Aiyah you looking for diaries… hey, this is Smartphone era! Heehee, just kidding! Anyone can help? Even insurance agents don’t give out diaries now… Can we ask them for a smartphone?
    Anyone also considering retiring in the Philippines? You need to deposit US$10,000, show a monthly income of $800, and they even have a special category for non-contagious diseases applicants. I think we need to practice our marksmanship first…

  42. Iya Terence, I think you stay out of Singapore too much. Popular @ Jurong Point had tons in mid Dec and you are spoilt for choice. I bought a slim desk diary for $7.00 only. Very cheap and easy to use. Hope they still have!

  43. Hi Kenneth,
    Yes, Tian Soo did have a diary for Terence & his cute remarks below made me laugh haha..

    Lim Tian Soo on January 11, 2014 at 9:10 pm said:

    Terence. I have a book diary which you can have but I don’t know how to pass it to you. At my age I hardly have any appointments, only 5 each day, one to sit on the toilet bowl and 4 to stand over it. I don’t need any diary for that.

  44. Hi Bobby
    Tian Soo “did” have a diary…?? You mean he doesn’t have it now??
    Haha, I’m sure it is still available…maybe with a few pages missing…used for his first daily appointment.

  45. Hi Terence,
    Please register Thomas Loh for the iPhone group discussion and Peri with the Samsung group.
    I will bring along a diary for you.
    Thank you.

  46. Thank you to members who are giving me a desk diary. I have a few work tables, and desk diaries are useful to me to record notes. See you at the next monthly Hans.

    Terence Seah

  47. Hi Bobby/Terence,
    As I recently changed to Samsung Note 2 and still struggling to use – so the best way to learn from here lor.. Kindly register me under the Android group.

    Thank you and best regards,

    • Members coming to the monthly gathering on Tue 21 Jan, please ensure you bring along your name tag.

      Please register here if you have not done so. No walk-in. If your name is not on the registration list, it means you have not registered.

      Terence Seah

  48. Hi all, I have changed my phone from a basic Nokia to a new Sumsung Note 3 about 3 months ago. There seems to be a lot of apps in the phone with all the instructions to read up and follow and it seems a daunting tasks. It is wonderful of Mr Terence Seah to come up with such a terrfic idea for us to mingle and learn more about our phones. See you guys soon. Cheers!

  49. Hi Lisa, Amy, Dolly, Sockie & friends,
    All of you are welcome to attend this smartphone cum monthly meeting. Our Samsung group is too large for a meaningful discussion & probably we shall break up into 2 or 3 groups and perhaps those who are more familiar with their Samsung phones like Terence, Paul, Anne or Daniel may like to help to lead & facilitate a smaller group of about 10 members. I am sure we can always learn from one another and at the same time make new friends and exchange notes/ideas. For those Samsung users who have not install additional micro SD memory card yet, I would suggest that you buy this micro SD card with capacity of 16Gb or 32 Gb and bring it to the meeting. We can also discuss on how you can save your internal memory for other apps and store most of your photos and video into this external SD memory card. For those who have different phone models please Google your particular model and learn from those YouTube video. It will be easier for you to follow up and discuss with your fellow phone users during the meeting. Would like to thank Ann Lim and Lynn Chua for volunteering to help in the registration of members on that day. Please do not have a high expectation that you can learn everything within that short period because our meeting place is a restaurant and do not have the facilities to really show and display those things or features that we will be talking about. Probably in the future we may try to book a place with audio visual facilities and conduct a more comprehensive session and for those who are not able to attend like Johnny & Gingko, you can always come or meet another time. Anyway we look forward to meet everyone of you this coming Tuesday 21 January 2014 from 5pm onwards. Also take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year. Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

  50. Sorry I can’t make it

    Maybe I can share these with you :
    1. Download CLEAN MASTER from Google Play or your Apps store on your smartphone. It will clean up the phone regularly all the junk files and cache.. And for the many times you are frustrated because the phone is lagging and don’t seem to work, it will also help you Boost it. Try it today and share it on Tuesday.

    Rgds Pat

  51. Hi guys!
    The meeting’s this Tuesday! And don’t forget to charge your smartphones… and don’t forget to bring them as well!
    I’ll be looking forward to learning more about my iPhone from our sifu Hew Lee; and many more will be Samseng exponents under master pugilist Bobby Bok.
    Also expect a few diaries to be present… it seems we still cannot get rid of these stone-age, eco-unfriendly, battery-less ancestor of the smartyphone!

    • I am glad to see more members registering to come for this monthly gathering.

      For those who have not registered, please not that the monthly gathering is strictly for members only. Do not bring any friends or unregistered members.

      Please also bring your name tags.

      Terence Seah

  52. So sorry dearies
    After registering and so looking forward to this meet, I cannot attend due to an urgent matter. My apologies but do have a great time all you newbies, phobies and savvies!
    And Terence, do check for missing pages in the diaries!

    • Thanks Kenneth for the reminder. I hope to catch up with you over the Lunar New Year period. Please keep in touch and share your vision on Thailand as a place to retire.

      Teerence Seah

  53. Hi..Bobby. You can take away “tentative” from my name in the list above.
    I shall be there, with my Wi-Fi router. I want to discuss with “Samsung” fans about connections and connectivity.

  54. Hi Bobby,

    I have missed an opportunity last Sun to learn from AnnLim how to download the KRK using Android network, hopefully can add me in the Samsung user and look forward if you could share with us in this interesting topic.

    Thank you


  55. Hi everyone,
    Thank you all for coming to the smartphone cum monthly meeting. It was a very fruitful meeting and everyone managed to learn the various features and how to make better use of their smart phones. Many even those who came down at the later part of the evening like Judy also managed to download the software that they are looking forward to like this karaoke app which provide 35000 songs and it is completely free of charge. Some have express their desire to have more of such meetings whereby we not only learn new skill from each other but also promote good bonding among our SHC members. Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

  56. Hi Bobby,

    We should thank you and Terence for organising this event. Thanks to you I now learnt a little bit more about my Samsung. Like 1 of the attendants yesterday, I have to learn at a slow pace, and practise it, to internalise the lesson. Otherwise I get overloaded, sad to say, as I get older.
    I look forward to the next instalment.

  57. Thank you to the organisers of this gathering.
    And thank you Paul for the torch light, Ann Lim for the Karaoke download and Bobby for making sure my Karaoke download was done properly.
    I think its good to have regular gatherings like this to learn of the latest downloads etc but maybe split into smaller groups. I could not muscle my way into the big group so I waited by the side for my turn.
    It was a good outing, meeting some old time members and some new ones.
    And Lisa, it was good to see you again and you are looking good. Also Andrew and Daniel for saying hi and shaking my hands, and thank you Charles for the delicious nasi padang and Nor for the smooth ride home. And thank you everyone there for supporting the event.

  58. Dear Carly

    Aiyoh I missed it…….even after taking tips from Hew Lee I still hv questions on taking Good picture from my Iphone. About downloading of songs, be careful not to be addicted to it hahaha…..we had a travelling fren whom we discover that she need music to soothe her to sleep! no wonder she chooses not to share room when travelling!

    On a different note, may I enquire if anyone have any memorable B & B stay in Milan or Rome and are also planning a trip in May to Europe? Must I open up a post in order to receive reply or can I “tong pan” the Travel Venture post because we have no fix plans just go with the flow……….. No worries if u do not wish to confirm I understand…….

    Cheers and ?????

  59. Dear Freda
    I stayed in a hotel when in Rome and Milan. No b + b.
    Lily would be able to answer your question with regards to a new post as I am not the forum moderator. My apologies.

  60. Hi Freda
    If you wish to look for travel partners for your travel venture, it is best to start your own post indicating your place/s of interest and open or preferred date/s. If you intend your group to be strictly SHC members, then it will be an EO event otherwise, an EC event will do. With your own post, you will be alerted whenever someone responded / commented on your post.

    Until you actually started a post, there is nothing for me to moderate. And once your post is being released, it will come under the jurisdiction of either Dolly or Caroline depending on whether it is an EO or EC event.

    If you are not sure how to, or need further assistance in putting up a post, please feel free to write to us at :

    Wishing you success and looking forward to your new post soon.

  61. You are welcome, Freda.

    Wow, foldie huh…..congrats. Cycling should resume after CNY. I am still waiting for cycling leader/s to give me instructions. So see you soon.

    Apart from the pro / long-distance cycling, we want to revive the beginner and medium range cycling because many members have voiced their concern on the varied levels of cycling skills. Hopefully, the leaders will take note on this.

  62. Interesting, I was going through the attendance list for the smartphones gathering.
    The following persons have registered to come but did not turn up.

    1. Dan Huang
    2. Fred Heng
    3. Leow Soon Huat
    4. Maureen Lee
    5. Ng Meng Wai
    6. May Woo
    7. Peter Lim
    8. Steven Chan
    9. Ann To
    10. Helen Yeo
    11. Amy Ko
    12. Anne Chee
    13. Christina Pan
    13. Annie Loh

    Terence Seah

  63. Freda,
    Just curious, what foldie did you get? Are you happy with it?
    Annie Loh was there that night. I saw her. She wanted to join the HTC group but not many people have HTC, unfortunately.

  64. Hi Terence
    Maureen Lee and Helen Yeo’s names have been cancelled as indicated in the registration list. They have informed on this forum page that they cant make it this time.

  65. Hi Terence
    I must apologise for not informing you personally that I couldn’t make it for the ‘smart phone’ gathering. In fact, I was looking forward to it but I was held up by family matters.

    However, I did send an apology to Bobby Bok and Winnie Tan the same day.

    Regards, maywoo

  66. Hi Terence,
    May Woo did messaged me that she was not free and unable to join the gathering. Some may have forgotten about the meeting but anyway we can always hold another session and update our software and also introduce more interesting and useful apps.
    I am also please to inform those Apple Iphone users that there is way to install the karaoke app with 35000 songs which was only available to Samsung Android users initially. We can always discuss and share on all this for our next session or installment. Cheers..

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