Overview of our Talent-Time held on 24 Nov

Firstly, I must apologize for my tardiness in posting this overview of event after 2 days…… Could have been too tired and so need 2 days to recuperate….ha…ha…..nay, just an excuse… that’s all.

Before I go on, let me say a very big "Thank You" to all my working committee, KJ Ronald, the two comperes and our judges for last Saturday’s Talentime held at the Oxford.   Hey, you guys were fantastic and a great help ! Without you, the talentime wouldn’t be so successful.  I can’t deny that there were little hiccups along the way….. nonetheless, the overwhelming response and fun throughout, was all worthwhile.  emoticon

For those who have missed the fun, here’s an overview/summary :

We have an overwhelming response of 81 pax registering for this event. Out of that, only 2 did not show up due to personal reason.  Thus, we have a 97.5% attendance that night.  I must admit all the 16 contestants (7 females & 9 male singers) did their best and performed much better than expected. 

Results : 1st runner up : Dan Huang sang "Your Cheating Heart".  2nd runner up was Ronald Wie who gave us a number "Don’t forget to Remember".  Caroline Gee who sang "I Only Want To Be With You" was the champion who walked away with 3 prizes.  Besides being the best singer, she was also voted the most popular and  most comical performer by the audience. Congratulations Caroline. You deserved the winnings ! emoticon 

After the contest, Ronald took in requests from some of them who wanted to sing just for fun. Many were also very sporting when Lily and Ron started their little line-dance jam. Some who are new to line-dance was curious to learn and was following steps instructions from Lily, while others were just enjoying their dance.  Eventhough it’s a little disorientated, all were just merely having fun..  Hey, you’ll be surprised that many SHCians were actually young at heart……even though we are known as silverhairs…..he..he..

Next, we have Ron Lai leading us in the "Chicken Dance". As the place cannot accomodate everyone, the group was split into 2 and most did joined in this fun dance. In a way, it helps to warm up everyone as we need the ball rolling for dancing…… and most continued dancing the night away with Ronald’s specially selected music of cha-cha, disco rock, rock & roll and even waltz.

The Talent-time came to a close with Terence giving out the prizes for all the contestants. Everyone of them walk home with something… thanks to all the sponsors. emoticon 

Lastly,  we wish to thank all contestants for their participations and hope to see you again next year.  We also wish to thank all those who came for this event….. you make a difference too as without your support and enthusiasm, this Talentime will not turn out to be what it is…..so lively & fun !! emoticon   We hope to see you guys next year !

The committee wishes everyone happy holidays ahead !! emoticon



46 thoughts on “Overview of our Talent-Time held on 24 Nov

  1. Ha ha, our EO is finally up and about after 2 day’s rest. Stress over liao right?

    Now, it’s Caroline’s turn to get stressed up as we start our count down to the D&D….. hee hee.

  2. Hi Terence

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn, to lead and to organise. Thanks for your confident and trust in me. This 1 over month has been a great experience for me.
    I must admit I did not do as much as I suppose to as most of the initial leg work was already being done by you. So honestly,
    give yourself a pat on the back too.

    Credit & recognition should also go to Dolly & Lily who has given me much guidance and advise throughout. Also, to all my buddies who have helped me… “THANK YOU” !!



  3. THE TT nite was very enjoyable and I did have fun!!! The competitors were let down by the poor audio system tho!! they can barely be heard!!! BTW where can I pick up lion dancing oooops line dancing!!! Do Lily and Ron teach?? and Where???

  4. Special thanks to Veron, Gingko, Anthony, Eileen, Andrew, RonaldW & Clara who one way or the other, gave us a helping hand in the early part of the afternoon….your help is much appreciated !



  5. Ha, ha this is hilarious. Talking about tardiness. Rushing to post my “thank you” comments to Susan, only to see “REGRET THIS POST WILL BE CLOSED FOR COMMENTS” and actually got “locked out”. Tsk, tsk. Anyway, it’s better late than never and I shall just post it here.

    Hi Susan, I share Phillip Pong’s sentiment and want to thank you and your committee for an enjoyable evening. Thank you for all the hard work and for organising this memorable event.

    To all the talent-time participants, bravo, well done! You belted out those catchy songs, filled and liven up the tiny Oxford lounge with the beautiful sound of music and had us all entertained. It was obvious that the audience got carried away. All joined in the fun… singing,clapping and chorusing harmoniously along. Everyone was so on, like a big extended family. At some stage, one must had wondered who was the contestant and who was the audience.

    I was enjoying myself without reservation humming and singing out-of-tune and tapping my feet away.

    Caroline, without doubt you were the lady of the night. Congratulations! Here’s another warm hug from me… HUG.

    Hi Joy, you looked pretty in that red hot dress. Like a walking angpow (hehe), you appeared cheerful, refreshing and bright. Often I hear about kissing under the mistletoe, but being hugged under the deflating colourful balloons?? Wow, Christmas must have come really early for you.

    Ron Lai, your Chicken Fun Dance indeed was so much fun. If only the dance hall was a teeny bit bigger. For once, I realized how “small” I was. Several couple of heavy feet came stamping down on top of my dainty bony ones. Big hips, strong hips bumming me from left and right. Almost fell out of the coop and chicken out. Must be watchful next time. One thing for sure, our SilverHairs are so enthusiastic and full of energy when it comes to chip4, flap4, wiggle4, clap4…

    In short, it was a wonderful evening spent with fellow members. Look forward to more such happy events where we can come together again and share in the joy and fun.

  6. Hi Susan,

    I must thank u for the 1-derful evening of fun and enjoyment and also thanks 2 Terence since u said “I must admit I did not do as much as I suppose to as most of the initial leg work was already being done by you (Terence).” I reli njoyed myself. Lily Ho, thanks for trying 2 teach me the liondancing steps. Wow, didn’t know it was so complicated. Molly, thanks 4 being such a nice whisky and coffee liquer pourer and every-1 who, 1 way or another, had made dis occasion a memorable 1. Once again, Susan & Terence..THANK U 4 JOB WELL DONE.


  7. Arithmatically, eighty one minus two equals seventy nine which, converetd to a percetage, is ninety seven point five three zero eight six four one nine so it misses AA-distinction by a whisker zero point four six nine one three five eight one……….

  8. Long long time ago, mathematics was my best & favourite subject. Todate, I have read enough of accounts & numbers to pick out what appears not quite correct.

    Heeeee, of cos ninety nine point eight is exciting and it will be the case next year……I hv put a $1 bet on that.

  9. After reading the posts on the postTalentine, what chicken dance lah, the finale dancing lah…I REGRET REGRET REGRET not attending the Talentine…..:-(((….HaHa :-)))

    Now “cee cee” (die die) must go the the D & D!!!
    But “haiyah” what do I wear ? :-)) bellbottoms, pantaloons, what? what? but definitely no red hot dress as that has stolen the limelight already :-)))Let me guess what Caroline will put up as theme for the D&D…..mmm..Rocky 60s, Hippy 70s??? If the former, must go look for metal and if the latter must keep my hair long man!!!! :-))) I am having fun already whilst waiting for more news on the D&D :-))))

  10. The 2008 D&D theme will take you back to the days of the Long March so come in samfu, wear a straw hat, sling a changkul on yr left shoulder & a large basket on the right, keep one hand busy with a sickle and the other waving a little red flag………..like that even the fleshless mao will rise fr his sleep to laugh.

  11. It’s now and never or rather it’s better late than never…..So June, remember to put your name down for the D&D huh. Don’t worry about what to wear. Ben’s son said: “cheng something simple lor, yet look elegant xiang hor”. But…. but, can forget about what the naughty Tim said: it’s easy “seo lai seo ker….cheng dey kor siang hor”. Apa macam ???

    Wow! Susan has said it all, what a night of joy and fun, every one was eating, drinking, laughing, joking, singing, dancing, waltzing……..

    Ah Nee :-D

  12. Ok, Ok ANee has the last say. So expect not gal to wear any dey kor come D&D nite.

    Ben’s son, go wash yr camera with dettol to prepare it for the shots of this century……….hahahaha, puan semua kosong, tuan suka kosong and everyone will be high in a song………..lalalalalala………….

  13. Har nor.. June, si mi oso can cheng la.. most impt is dat u must felt dat u r swee n cheo la.. tio bo?? Regardless what theme will b 4 dnd, is d fun n crazy lots of company dat u r hvg dat nite rite… so dun missed out d fun again, ok… cheers.. dolly

  14. Hi everyone

    A BIG THANK YOU to Sue and her capable team for putting up a great event.

    Many thanks to all of you who voted for me. It was really overwhelming for me. It was really nice to see all the happy faces. Its really yester years once more.

    Thanks Tim for that lovely duet. Shall we do it again?

    Thanks for all the lovely messages.

    Now that we have the very successful conclusion of the Pot Luck and TT, I think I have very big shoes to fill. Yes Lily, I am already feeling the pressure. Trying not to pull my hair out.

  15. Hi June Lim,

    ….So June, Don’t worry about what to wear during D n D …Pakai Apa??

    Wear a
    high- split cheongsam and come complete swinging a jasmine wooden fan and tintillate our SHC senses with yr renditn of the song,
    ” Lor Hon Parn,
    Lor Hon Lau ” bring us back to memories of …Shanghai Bund,Chow Yun Fatt and J Yin and Lisa Wang.

  16. Hi All

    Thanks Susan for giving a good run-up of the Talent Time event. Appreciate your hard work in making the TT a success, HATS off to our Terence for formulating this event and many other events to come.

    Margaret, our Silverhairs are having their sessions at Toa Payoh Hub, please check with Oi Cheng or Andrew Yeung for further details in line dances

    Gingko, so sorry to hear that you almost fell out of the chicken coop….koc, koc, koc…kei??
    Hopefully, next year, our Terence will be able to find a bigger COOP to accomodate all in one big circle. As of that day we were having a rectangle space, which was not accomodating for such a dance, but had to make do.

    June, you had missed out the CHICKEN DANCE, don’t worry, our next DnD in 2008, if our
    E.O. Caroline wished to incorporate in the program, no problem.

    Tim’s idea is a good one for the next year 2008 DnD…….THEME PARTY. It can be anything, like Hawaiian theme, Chinese Costume & Cheongsam theme or Cowboy & Cowgirl theme.



  17. Not a bad ideas leh, wearing Samfu or Cheongsam for the D&D night. I may consider wearing Cheongsam but without that jasmine wooden fan hor, machiam “sam koo lok paw”. So what is the 2008 D&D theme? How about Samfu (can match with jeans or bell bottom), Elvis Presley (leather jacket & apok apok hairstyle), A Go Go (like Sakura & Rita in the 60’s), Cheongsam (like the movie “in the mood for love”) or “Fong Fei Fei” (top up with all the nice hats)…..heee…heee..so interesting

    Ah Nee

  18. Hi Ah Nee,

    ….So what is the 2008 D&D theme? How about Samfu (can match with jeans or bell bottom), Elvis Presley (leather jacket & apok apok hairstyle), A Go Go (like Sakura & Rita in the 60’s), Cheongsam (like the movie “in the mood for love”) or “Fong Fei Fei” (top up with all the nice hats)…..heee…heee..so interesting …..Ah Nee

    Looks like Ah Nee can be a “director” as well with all your CREATIVE ideas for our D n D event.

    Ang Lee has uncensored
    Lust Caution,

    Ah Nee has censored
    SHC Caution. Ha! ha!

  19. hullo Susan,

    juz wan 2 tku n ur xcellent cru 4 givin us such n njoyable ivning. it was so nice 2 c members so relaxed, so spontaneous (Dolly, got simpler word or not?) n o so happi. evry1 had such a good time. Like dis sure 2 see 85.

    dis my first time writing in lbk (liak bo kiu) stile. chin kang kor sia leh. June Lim, Lina, Gingko dun mind hor. i juz try try n c how hor. tink i will get cheng chi coming my way. Dolly, Yew Kwong can gif coaching or not? na si bo ho hah, i will next time try Tim Liu stile. ah si chin kang kor leh. Norlinda, apa macham sekarang?

    selamat berjumpa lagi!

  20. Hi Caroline,

    Congratulations on Winning 3 in 1 go. :-

    i) 1st. prize winner

    ii) Most Popular singer

    iii)Most Comical

    Congratulations again.
    You DESERVED all three.
    Well done!

  21. Closing accounts for the SHC Talent-Time:

    Collection for 81 x 17 = 1,377 dollars.
    Oxford Hotel charged us 17.50 per pax.
    We pay them for 70 pax. Total = 1,225 dollars.
    Receipt #28296, #28298.

    Balance: 152 dollars. We keep for the Jan 2007 event.

    Should anyone got any queries, please do ask here on this forum.

    Terence Seah

  22. You are right Tim! I never take the trouble to count that night as I was almost dozing off while doing it. Thanks for pointing my mistake. I am no good in maths. I have reflected the correct percentage….. so hope not another mistake again??

  23. RonL, tim where got suggest theme party leh………all he has wished was a dey kor party but ANee threw a damper when she confirmed that they dont wear dk…… Myabe we guys wear our red ones over leotards abd start fluttering, flying……

    Terence, you’e again riding on yr time machine & at the rate you’re going soon you’;; be shaking hands with mao tzetung and then piling bricks to build the china wall for shihuangti.

    Sue, me KL lah….whatever the % is, it’s a great success, an endorsement of your, and yr tim’s efforts.

  24. Hi Tim tai loh says “The 2008 DnD THEME will take you back to the days of the long march SO COME IN SAMFOO……..”

    So we will definitely presume that the THEME will be SAMFOO for the 2008 DnD, leh…..

    Anyway, we will leave it to the E.O. Caroline to think about it, whether there will be a theme party or not. If there is, will be wonderful, as theme party will generate alot of interest. As what I have had came across in other clubs, we did have such parties quite often, and lots of fun.


  25. Susan dear,

    You are most welcome. Speaking for Dolly and myself, to be able to serve a leader who is easy-going and modest, the pleasure is ours. You did a good job!

    Cheers! ;)

  26. It was wonderful to meet all the Silverhaired ones!! Tho ironically I couldn’t find a single silverhaired!!!It was indeed a job well-done!!! Sue n Comtee!!! Looking fwd with much eagerness to DnD 2008!! Wld be a runaway success!! The pleasure’s (pressure)on Caroline now!!gotta pick up cha cha steps n line dancing shoe, I mean, too!!!
    Please Oi Cheng and Andrew, please help!!!!

  27. Hello John Howe,

    Your Comment #22, how to mind when I don’t understand a ding. What talking about? Might want to take up sign language instead since it is more interesting. What do you tink?

  28. Hi Susan, a Big Thank You to you and your working committee for the enjoyable evening last Sat. Really appreciate all the hard work you pple put in. I had enjoyed myself tremendously, be it the singing, dancing or interaction.

    Such a pity I cldn’t participate in the dancing as I have yet to learn my steps. Dan, when can you bring the dance class to Wed nights so I may begin learning which is my left foot and which is my right. Yes, and make sure I am ready for the next big thing – the up & coming D&D.

    And Caroline, you’re going to make D&D the next Talk of the Town, aren’t you? Bet you will!

  29. Hahaha, Ron Ron so you actually dug deep into the archive & there it was, tim did propose samfu……….!

    Ok, it was samfu then it became no fu – not even d-fu when it was so admitted on the gals’ behalf so I thot the theme was lost.

    Poor AnnTo, she cant tell the left foot from the right and will hv to learn it from Dan his his den-dancing. In the intwerim, try this simple guide……..look at any of your feet. The one with the longest toe nearer to the big toe in the direction of your spelling Seah Kim Seng’s name backwards is your right foot……….

  30. Hi Sue, #7 I was told about the 99.8%. So, felt I should verify. It must have been in the sms I have sent you, so sorrie about it. Trust TimL to be as ‘sharp’ as ever. I was not thinking of the % per se but more that TT was a great success! :D I would probably need some maths tuition from Roland Tong heehee

    #27 it was most gracious of you, indeed! very happy to be in your work comm, though my contribution is small; glad to know you and the others in the team better ;)

  31. aiyo… chin chai lah…. silverhairs meh… salah calculation sure 2 have 1.. at least % start wif 9 mah… mai waste tx tuition la.. spend more tx dancing la.. prepare 2 cheong 4 nex yr DND lor.. rite..

    weiwei john john, wahpiangz oi, u si mi s/f har.. walau reli short short until i oso hv 2 struggle 2 ustnd hor.. vry li hai u hor.. simpler word 4 si mi har??

  32. My apologies, Gingko for “locking you” out while you want to send your comments. I have experienced that once and I know it’s frustrating… hmmm… how come you can still laugh huh ? Shouldn’t you be kinda mad ? ..he.he.. anyhow, I want to thank you too, for giving everyone a detailed commentary about what happened that night… I know I can count on you to do that…he..he..


  33. Ha..ha.. John, U reli mk me lol w/ all yr s/f la… I gave up writing it as I find harder to think of all the s/f. I wud rather type out as per normal lor..but kinda cute though…

    Thanks to Dennis, Steven, RonL, Gingko, Caroline, AnneT, Chris, Lily and everyone who hv sent in yr comments. Am glad that everyone are happy and hv an enjoyable evening with us…. We hope to be able to see more people participating in future. :)

    Yes, Caroline… all of us will be looking forward to the next D&D in March.. Jia Yu!!

  34. Hi Chris, thanks for verifying.. no worries at all. It was nice working with you & Oi Cheng too.. hey, don’t think your contribution is small as it’s important, u noe :)

    Thanks for the team work.


  35. hey Susan

    sorry you found difficulty reading my message. ya lah, you’re so right! so hard to write with shortened words. as some fellow member pointed out, a shortened word can be interpreted in more than 1 way. my earlier message was to register my thanks to you and to all the members in the committee for giving us all such an enjoyable evening. thanks again, Sue.

    hi Dolly,

    I surrender. No more writing in the lbk style. You are right also. So li hai that I had to struggle to read my own writing. it’s easier to do rnr with you and twirling you round n round. si boh? see you in school, Dolly.

    keep smiling…….john

  36. Wow John Howe.
    So that’s what you’ve been doing. Twirling Dolly round and round. RnR eh? No more interest in MJ or perhaps too small for your liking? ;-)
    Yes, keep smiling John. Be happy. :-)

  37. aiyo, mary, john hor, not oli twirl me leh… he simply like 2 twirl evry cha bo in d dance class la… but all others liak wu kiew, wa bo lor… hehehehe… c u on Dec 3…

  38. Hi Dan, what is this dance class ann to is talking abt?? Cha Cha Char kway teow?? anywhaere near CCK bishan or TP,? me keen to pick up for DnD!! but only weekends cos weekdays FT Grandma!!!

  39. hi MaryC,

    sorry so late to respond. by now I think you would know why already. don’t say like that leh. so pai seh. next MJ session we play 10c\20c ok? but you are going for holiday again soon right?


    the last time at SGCC, I sat at one corner and you went far far away to the other corner. and when they played rnr music, you quickly disappeared with Andrew. and then I realized why. some other lady also requested that when she does rnr with me, there should be only 20% twirling. yours you want how many % Dolly? hahaha…can’t keep this promise, I think.

    Got to rush off now to an SHC appt. Will see you both in Bali tomorrow. Adios and take care…..john

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