SHC Talent-Time pictures, 24 Nov 2007

Dan Huang has sent us the photographs for the Talent-Time.  If you have other photographs of the evening, please email them to me.  We will publish them too.

Click here.  Enjoy.  Which pictures do you see as interesting. Hope you can count all 79 turn-ups.

On behalf of Susan Chang, EO for SHC Talent-Time.

7 thoughts on “SHC Talent-Time pictures, 24 Nov 2007

  1. Dan, thanks for giving us some nice shots in rememberance of our Talent-time.

    Hi Terence, thanks for uploading it. I am sure there are more to come….


  2. Enjoyed?

    Sure, I did………where else can I find a singer standing on the wall, defying gravity to sing horizontally ?

    The Ren Ci monk has somethg to copy liao, provided he is cleared from the accounting irregularities he’s now embroiled in.

    Or was it some kind of camera tricks?

  3. In another foto appearing after a contestant, Justice Daniel K frowned & sat up as if to say “Knn, do chanting next door lah.”

    Thanks, Daniel H for reliving the memories with us but then huh, how come not one foto of the cleavage which was so seeable & was seen again & again that evening?

    Daniel isnt so tall afterall……………

  4. Steven

    Yes, sure fun at TT night, to dance with so many charming ladies.

    Surly, please forgive my laziness to say thanks. Thanks for the exciting TT 2007.

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