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Hi All Members,
Some of the members here had joined the group called SG FreeCycle in Facebook including me.  I had been blessed by others for some items that I need for free and vice versa also.  I hope that this idea can worked out for SHC here also.

I hope that SHC can achieve a same goal to reduce waste by connecting SHC members who are giving goods to others who are seeking the same goods.  This should be entirely a non-profit movement of people who are giving and/or getting stuff for free.  We are looking for goods, eg. computers, furniture, clothing, magazines  – all these said items must be in working and/or useable condition.  These items must be 100% free and not subjected to exchange or sale.

All members are welcomed.  But any forms of advertisements, or posts that are deemed unrelated to this group by moderator, will be removed.

This is how we can make it worked:

  1. Member to post what they want to give away free.  Items that can be included are clothings (must be at least  6/10 condition), working used electrical applicances, costume jewelleries, shoes and many others – either new or hardly used
  2. It can be self collection at the convenient of the givers, paid postage and SAE (self addressed envelope) for those small items – All arrangements made must be agreed by both parties.
  3. Once item is being posted online, there is no such things as FCFS (First come First Served) basis and the giver had the final say as to how the item will be given
  4. However, the receipent, upon receipt of the item, concluded that item received is not required anymore, can re-blessed again within this group to re-cycle this item to bless to other members whom might have the use of this item.

Would appreciate your comments for this….


Author: Dolly Lim

ACTIVE 2005 / UPDATED - 31.03.2021_SF

18 thoughts on “SHC Freetorecycle”

  1. Very good idea EOs. I will always have good-as-new clothes to give away as I get tired of clothes I bought very quickly. Sometimes I wear once and sianz liao. Unfortunately I don’t go for branded boutique clothes but that doesn’t mean I go for pasar stalls’ clothes. Nothing wrong with pasar stalls’ clothes lah but I don’t like the feel of cheap quality fabric and poor workmanship mah.


  2. Yes yes, Ros Jie, agreed. You are also another active member on FB SGfreecycle. I had also benefitted from some of clothings that you had blessed me so far. Whatever given to me but cant fit me, I had also re-blessed to others too.

    Hope that we can hv this kind to be in SHC – I usually get hand-down from my sister for clothings and bags – some branded and some are not… some I can keep for use and some can blessed to others. I must said that a substantial amount is being saved to buy these. So Ros, whether branded or no band, is ok la, so long, they serve this intent lor.. tio bo?

    Hope that other members will support this also.

    Best regards,

  3. Dolly/Karen,
    I support this idea too. Many times, I have items that are still in good condition but afraid to ask friends if they want them lest they feel insulted or offended. So I usually put them into clean plastic bags and put them next to the bin near the lifts on y he ground floor if my block. So if there is this movement, I can offer them to anyone who needs them.

  4. Tks Dolly/Karen for starting this meaningful cause. I always believe in recycling/reusing stuff and saving the environment. Like Caroline, i normally put in boxes near the bin for the cleaners or give to the maids to send home thus you have my support. Lisa

  5. Aiyo, Karen-mei mei,
    I did asked you if you are able to help me with the necessary admin should I have others adhoc projects that I need to handle mah and you agreed to mah…

    So I had decided to include your name next to mine so that if this will to take off, at least, if any members cant get of me, at least, you can help them mah.. tio bo?

    Cheers.. .Dolly

  6. Hi Ros,
    Yes, possible to include pics/photos for those items to be blessed.

    Both Karen and me intend to kick start this coming March.

    Cheers… Dolly

  7. Hi All,
    1 member told me that perhaps, members are paiseh to request from other members itself by posting their comments on the forum. I will be checking on the possibility of pte msg to email is approved by admin first. However, I want to share with you that I dont feel shy to request what I can see on facebook on items that were be blessed by others and requested from them openly in FB. What I felt is that items that we requested must have their usage value. Todate, I had been blessed by both FB and SHC members….

    So perhaps, some of you can give us some pointers with regards to this. It is always very sad that some of these good stuffs were being sold to karang guni for a very small amt instead of putting up for good use..

    Hope to hear from you soon… Cheers… Dolly

  8. Recycling is a civic-conscious act of enabling one’s personal or home items to be re-used by others. Everyone of us will have something we have kept in our storerooms for months and even years – items that are still usable but somehow we don’t use them arbo we wouldn’t have kept them for so long. We also have items that are still in good condition but we sianz of them.

    Instead of becoming hoarders, it is good to clear our homes of unnecessary items we don’t or hardly use. There will always be someone who can have a use for them.

    There’s nothing shameful about taking other people’s things when it is offered for free. The recipient will have a use for whatever is offered arbo ask for what right?

    The parties involved in recycling are saving our earth and also extending the life of the material possessions we own. Clothing items, furniture, knick-knacks, kitchen electrical items are just some of the things that will be recycled.

    The important thing about the spirit of recycling is not to offer something that is totally and completely koyak. Torn, broken and irreparable items that really need to be thrown away because they cannot be used anymore should not be offered to be recycled. Of course, when it comes to electrical or electronic parts, someone might just want it.

    Another thing I, as a recycler practice is to stick to this credo. Once an item that once belonged to me is passed to a new owner I no longer have any claim on the item. I also do not tell anyone or everyone if I see the item in the new owner’s home that ‘that one was mine’. To me that is not recycling, that is lending.

    The recipient can recycle items over and over again as long as the items’ condition are still good.

    Do not dispose your unwanted items on the void decks. There are chiak pa bo tai chi cho people who will pry open your paper/garbage bags and let everything spill out onto the floor without putting it all back. Donating to Salvation Army or Red Cross is good but you don’t know what they really do with your donated items. Recycling or passing to friends here is much more satisfying as you know your donated items are going to be used.

    Sorry for the long-winded reply.


  9. Have a long time not in the site, Today when I am in, read this post and like to say something

    Our Chinese has one saying “????, ????, but this sure cannot be applied to recycle. Recycle is a good practice and should be support, but my opinion is NOT MAKE IT A HABIT

    There are many reason to recycle – for environment, for money or for feel a bit comfortable in mind)

    To me, I always classify recycle into 3 categories – needed, reasonable, unreasonable.

    Needed – for those things we use everyday and leave some parts which can be recycled – newspaper, softdrink can etc, etc. Our government is doing this for the environment.

    Reasonable – something we really need them when we buy and become not suitable to use later, then we recycle them, to give a few examples:

    After I do my cataract operation, I don’t need my spectacles, so I can recycle them
    I become fatter and fatter (poor me), my old clothes not fit to me any more, I can contribute them to some charity organization when they asked
    A couple bought a cradle for their baby, when their baby grow up, they don’t need the cradle, so they can recycle them
    Someone upgraded to a new house, he can recycle his using furnitures

    All the above examples (and much more) are they buy when they need, but become not suitable to use later.

    Unreasonable – Someone (actually many) buy just for the sake of buying not for need. Then later (may be they just use the things one or two times or never use them) they recycle them (may be just for some comfortable in mind – I am not wasting the things. After I recycle it, someone waste is their problem, what have these waste done to the world is not my matter). Just give one example (and this is why I write this comment):

    Nowadays, a lot of electronic equipments (smartphone, tablet, wearable gadget etc) come out. Many people tracing for the new products/models. For example, when the Samsung Galaxy S5 come out later this years, many people are already waiting for them even now they have a Samsung Galaxy S4 of Notes 3. Actually the S4/Notes 3 can do the same thing they need to do, why they want the new model. Because they have money, they want to be popular (to ?? in front of their friends)!!!

    But do they know how many electronic garbages are created each year because of this, and how the recycle of these garbages have done to contaminate our world (especially the poor countries, including some countries in China)

    With a last saying – Think before you buy. Support recycling, but don’t make it a habit.

  10. After a couple of posting for recycling, the only consolidation that I had is at least some members did wrote to my email requesting them. But some really took so long to write me an email eventhough I had stated that these items were taken and closed. Maybe not many ppls are reading the SHC forum these days besides few regulars or like me, eng eng bo tai zhi cheo…

    But I was hoping to see openly at least 1 requests openly in this website. Is this request too much to ask… I really wander????

    Cheers.. Dolly

  11. Bravo… I am glad that this activities finally hv a couple of hands-up to post their request here in SHC forum.

    Sending thru’ postage does carry certain risk of not receiving the items – I had checked with requestors today with regards to the reading glasses that were sent via post but was sad to hear that they had not recd yet which I had posted them out on Monday before 5pm and would expect them to receive by today. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that they will eventually recd them. So far, for my case, no missing casuality but slightly damaged were observed at my end. Hopefully yours not… :)

    A kind favour would be required for the requestors, please make it a point to check here or your mail with regards to the item that you had requested so that both parties can settle them asap. I dont want to see those givers giving up soon due this lor.. ai sai bo?

    Best regards,

  12. Terence asked me today why I had stopped posting those white elephants of mine after a few rounds of recycling. Run out of them???

    I had to stop for a while as I am currently working on some part time works that I need to be away from SG hence this weeks I defintely dont hv the time to post any.

    But if there are other members that wanted to post for recycle, please feel free to go ahead to post them personally. Kindly note that I am not the only one that is allowed to post this.

    So, if you hv couple of white elephants at home and need to dispose of, you can try here…


  13. Please be informed that Freetocycle items can now be placed under the Online Flea mart which will come up monthly. It can no longer be a separate post.

    Thank you to Dolly and Karen for initiating the Freetocycle at SHC.

    Terence Seah

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