The Internet and You

What can the Internet do for You?
How is the Internet governed?
How do you get entertained through the Internet?
How do you avoid getting trouble using the Internet?
How does one get a domain name?

These are, but, some of the questions we will touch on in the first session and through the 12 sessions IT course in Bukit Merah Library.

Details of the IT Course:
Title: InfoComm Skills Package for the 50plus
Venue: Bukit Merah Library
Duration: 12 sessions starting 3rd April on every Thursday (except 1st May)
Time: 6.30PM to 8.30PM
Fee: $24 for the 12 sessions
Prerequisite: You need to bring your laptop if you intend to get involved in the four hands-on sessions.  (Internet, Email, Entertainment & Skype)

Requirements to starts course: Minimum 8 participants. Max.=20
Registration: Those interested must get registered through the NLB web site or go personally to any library to register.

Those registered coming (excluding the public)
1) Alice Seah
2) Peter Goh
3) Winnie Tan
4) Lilian Teo
5) Yew Tiong
6) Andrew Koh
7) Ronald Lam
8) Sylvia Ang
9) Richard Wong (Seat given to friend)
10) Olivia Ros
11) Registration CLOSED – Maximum of 20 is reached)

NB: Registration reached full capacity with a few still on waiting list.

8 thoughts on “The Internet and You

  1. Hi Hew Lee,
    The course contents are what I am keen to learn but don’t have a laptop at the moment other than home computer.
    Ideally gd to have one as a prerequisite for the four hands-on sessions.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

    Eddy Lee

  2. Hi Eddy, out of the 12 sessions, 4 are on hands-on. The balance 8 are knowledge base. You can always sit besides one person that has a computer and don’t forget to bring your note book to take down some notes.
    Do you know, Bukit Merah Library has an iPad loan scheme (not sure for how many weeks). You can always borrow one and play with it. Bring the iPad to the class and we will show you how to use it to send emails and connect to the Internet. I am not sure how often the NLB will do a re-run of this course, but it is an opportunity not to be missed!

  3. For those who don’t have laptop or tablet, u can make use of your cellular phone. Good if you have data plan in place to enable you to hook up to internet. Data plan is addition n not expensive. Good to have because time n again u will use it very often on the go.

  4. Hi Nguk Min,
    This inaugural 12-sessions class on IT for seniors has already reached full capacity of 20 (I think is on Saturday). In order to maintain quality learning, I believe the NLB will not accept any more participants. Thank you for your support to this venture for seniors.

    What I would suggest is requesting you to let the NLB know that you are interested and request them to put you on the waiting list. In turn, I will work out with them when is the best time to start a re-run. You have to understand that the library facilities are constantly engaged with activities and assignment of rooms need to be worked out properly.

  5. Hi Nguk Min,

    Direction to Bukit Merah Library …
    Nearest MRT – Tiong Bahru. Exit MRT, turn RIGHT, up escalator, take bus number 5, 16 or 851 to end, Bukit Merah Bus Interchange, then a 5-minutes walk to library. (Ask for directions if you are still lost).

    If you drive and uses the GPS, the Postal Code of the destination is 159462.

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