Sorry Terence, did not get a chance to talk to you yesterday……. you were too busy mixing around!  I enjoyed last night’s session, with lots of enthusiastic sharing. But really,  we ought to bring back the practice of starting and finishing on time…. well, maybe not too far off time. 

My trip to Fraser’s Hill is simple enough affair.  A trip on one of those aircon coach to KL, then a car trip up the Hill.  The arrangement is done by my friend who frequently travels there.  Anyone interested in joining me can email me, so that I can forward the itinerary.

I certainly love adventure travel, but prefer anywhere nearby, and reasonably affordable ($$ constraints due to retirement!).  Must look for that potential tour guide and the Rompin regular!

Author: Ann Giri

Interests: Small business and scrabble.

6 thoughts on “Travel”

  1. Hi one and all, Thank you for all your compliment in the area of organising the sharing, hope this can encourage others to come forward to take up the challenge in any future meeting.

    Of course if you are lacking in experience, tongue tight or stage freight etc, this can be over come. There are many courses that can helps, for one that I know is Toastmastering.
    The movement teach ones in the art of listening, communicating and presentation at about S$10.00 tp S$15.00 per session or about S$200.00 fr a year membership. Need to visit one, I can help. Drop me a call at Hp: 90271398 or email:

    First of all, come with a positive mind set that and ready to contribute and share.

    As we all know, the club is newly form, all feed backs are welcome, If possible complete with some suggestions or ideas to improve, please send to Terence and he will organise together and make improvements for future meeting.

    Thanks again for teh patience although we went over time.

  2. Ann, would you join in a discussion with Vincent Khoo and Evelyn on Thailand. Vincent, as I have always complained, does not have an email address. Am planning Jan 11 or Jan 12 for a meeting.

    Terence Seah

  3. I agree with Ann’s comments regarding timeliness at meetings. Like her, I too would like to visit Thailand in the company of friends who know the place, their way around and of course, the language. Do count me in if there is another trip for people who are interested.
    By the way, the 30 Dec meet was interesting for me, a first timer. Would like to go to next meet if timing is suitable but of course, I’ll be happy to give up my place for other first timers. Happy New Year to all Silver Hairs.

  4. Of course, Gibson did a great job… there’s no doubt about that. My apology if I sound like I am complaining, but really I am not, just a comment.

    About the lunar ‘throw-aways’, how should we pass them to you, and is there a dateline?

    Oh, about that too…. since you frequently trip up to Thailand, how about getting some of us going there too?

  5. Ann, I agree with you the need to keep to time. The key is to keep to 1.5 hours. Fact is our gathering concept does not look into food, only coffee and tea. So, many would be hungry, if we over-stretch. I shall remember this point for future meetings. Gibson need a great job, and professional too.

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