In our twilight years at 65+, we may have put a comma in our life. But hey, it is not a full stop yet, we still have some petrol left in our tank to move on.Some of us not only have done our national service, but also have raised a family. Some who are singles or living alone may have travelled wide and kept a lot of photo records.Whoever we are, there must be times we bring out our photo albums (Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and so on) and recollect the good times we had. The joy, the satisfaction, the achievement we had done to the nation, the family and with friends etc.In the spirit of sharing, do your children know what you have done, how you or your parents look like when young like your children or among friends how you all look like in your youth.In this digital age, there are better ways to share our memories. We can join all our photos with background music and create a slide show, playable with any IT equipment, DVD player or even with your smartphone. You can also burn your records into DVD disks.Let’s be forewarn, this is A PROJECT. It may take months to complete, depending how much photos you have and what story line (or theme) you have decided. A coffee meet is being organised on 27-09-2014, 3PM to 5PM @ City Hall Food Court. Also, a preliminary course of 3-sessions is being considered sometime in Oct-2014. It will be on three Fridays from 2PM to 5PM. For this preliminary course, a maximum of six participants are invited. Registration for this preliminary course is OPEN now. It will closed when six is reached.
The following have indicated interests in this Project:
1) Jassmine Teo
2) Freda Lim
3) Karen Thio
4) Angela Straaten
5) Judy Lim
6) Winnie Tan (registered for course – 1)
7) Joan Wong (withdrawn)
8) Bobby Bok
9) Roland Leow (withdrawn)
10) Caroline Sit (withdrawn)
11) Oi Cheng
12) Cindy Wee
13) Dolly Lim
14) Lilian Teo
15) Pearl Kwan & Simon
16) ChristinaCL Chan

21 thoughts on “Familymemory.SG

  1. Good morning Hew Lee…
    I can see that you mind is still going strong and actively engaged… Yes.. your suggestion of a Project on Familymemory is a meaningful one.
    Maybe at our wake which eventually will take place, the video created out of this project about our life and family could be shown. Our friends and relatives attending the wake will find it interesting …. someone who came, lived and pass on.

  2. Hello Charles:
    In marriage, we introduce (with slide show) how we are brought up and live the life until we say, “I do”. 

    When our petrol tank runs dry, wake may not be the right occasion. Maybe quarter tank is the right time to think what more we wanted to do before we turn to ash. Do not wait until the doctor says … it is a bad news, you only have about six months more to live. Actually my brother only lasted four months after the dreadful statement was announced.

  3. Hi Hew Lee
    I’m interested in the project. Will attend the coffee meet for feedback if I can make it. Thanks for being so pro family. :)

  4. Hi HL

    I am interested in this :-

    ” playable with any IT equipment, DVD player or even with your smartphone. You can also burn your records into DVD disks.”

    I am confused with the format of the video and I want to learn how to convert the AVi format to other format where I can play it on DVD player.

    Pls include me if this is one of yr topic. Thanks


  5. Good Morning Hew Lee
    Am interested to learn more about such applications. At the moment, not very savvy with all these latest gadgets and applications. Hopefully the timings and venue for your project tutorials will fit into my schedule (will try very hard to make it).
    Thanks and keep me informed.


  6. Hi Hew Lee, yes I’m interested in this project too. Will try very hard to attend if the timing is right. Pls keep me posted thanks.

  7. Dear HL,

    Interesting project! Thx again for sharing your knowledge,
    Kindly keep me in the loop. Hope when date(s) is rolled out my schedule can sync into your sched.


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