Looking for Indonesian domestic help

The agency that I have been using for years is getting out of the business!  Now I have to look for another agency.  Does anyone have any good experiences with any agency and can share with me?  Look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Dear Joy FULL,

    Right timing. We can go to the agency hand in hand because my current Indonesian domestic help who is with me for the 5th year is thinking of going home. The same agency supplied my last 3 maids and so far so good – may be is luck and also how well we treat them.


  2. Hi both gals

    I m available after office hrs. Can take care of your household chores at attractive rates. 1st hr is free but subsequent hrs are “+++” inclusive supper.

  3. YK is just trying to be cute. Don’t pay too much attention. You just can’t get him to be serious about anything.

    Here’s the real deal.

    I’ll look after your trading accounts provided you have lots of cable, snacks and TV dramas at home.

    With the money you can make you can relocate to any chateau in the world attended by a personal entourage of butlers, governess, maids, gardeners, service providers etc.

    With the money you can lose you don’t have to worry about maids either. You’ll have to do everything yourself.

    Either way you’ll solve your maid problem.

    Hee hee

  4. Dear Veronique

    After the shocking news, the first person I thought of was you. I called you before noon, but the call went unanswered. Maybe you don’t answer calls from private numbers or maybe you were engaged.

    That was when I decided to post this in the forum.

    I am still hoping to persuade the helper to renew her contract when it expires in Jul 08. She is intelligent and she devours our books, like Harry Potter, Charm, Archie comics, etc. Fantastic! I can’t imagine myself reading these in Bahasa Indonesia.

    But hey, Yew Kwong’s offer is good. I can hire him for one hour every night for free! I will get the critical stuff settled in that one hour, with free dinner thrown in. Then he can go on his way, perhaps to your place, which is pretty close to mine. You will get the first hour free too. Then you can send him on his way, or maybe not huh? Hee…

    KT’s offer is good only if his trading makes money. If not, I am back to square one with having to do everything myself!


  5. Joy @ #4 ,

    Try to attend the expert’s conference on 18 April


    You will be surprise what these guys are making without having to really work a decent day for the balance of their obscenely self-indulgent lives.

    Anyway, I can claim to be quite an expert in maid selection. I always have a maid or two since I was born except for the time I was studying abroad.

    No, no, no. Those maids don’t really count….

    Anyway, back to the main plot. If you really have a problem, just check with me at the Geylang sojourn on Wed. Provided it is on. Otherwise, you can email me.

    It is on provided we can find Tim, our lead social escort for Geylang. Some say he is “tarek harga” (Malay: play hard-to-get).

    He was last heard seen quality checking the hot spots before the trip. Perfectionist he is. He takes his work and temperatures too seriously.

    (BTW. In case, you think I was born and continued to have a golden something in my mouth, you are wrong. Smart man, my father. He passed away taking everything with him and left us virtually penniless. He believed in the zero sum game and leaving us to fend for ourselves. Makes us strong. He is actually right.)

  6. Wkend is over & tim is back.

    The domestic helper my ex engages doesnt need light to work in so it’s savings, esp when fuel cost translated into electricity bill is up up up all the time.

    Sometimes a bit siao tho.

    A digress. KT, my territory covers only G’land Lor 1-18 but I think you’ll hv a problem – a very big one – this wed evening.

    In the last stage of yr HFMD, the g’land see-yehs hv told me to mask you up for the visit, most effectively if you’re shrouded in soiled thongs to keep you breathing hard……..so pls pls prepare yrself otherwise I’d hv an explanation to the tai-kor singh.

  7. Tim,

    Don’t “gabra” (colloquial street chinese + army speakeasy + mix-mix for confused) Just because you took Simon Wong’s maids, you can’t hold yourself steady and walk in a straight line.

    This is not the place to talk about Geylang and your MIA. Hop over back to the Geylang royong thread.

  8. Hi

    Not that you all would be interested in my domestic affairs, but I thought I would close this post by sharing with you that I have got a new maid.

    I sent the old one off yesterday. The new maid had been understudying the old one for two weeks. The new maid showed her appreciation by giving the previous maid her shoulder bag. So sweet and touching!


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