Starting Aug 2014, we launch “Boom Boom”, a monthly online game on this forum


Starting Aug 2014, we shall have a competition in the Club each month.  It’s easy for members to participate.  Simply answer two questions, and if you are the first to answer the two questions correctly, you will get to win a prize.  The winner is decided, based on the first person to respond correctly.  Only one prize per member per year.

  • One of the questions is likely a general or current affairs question.
  • The other question is related to the Club and the answer can likely be found in the Club or in the Club forum.

We have a number of prizes which have been kindly donated by members, responding to our requests.  They are mainly vouchers, which can be sent to the winner via registered Post.  Some are entry tickets, perfume vouchers, restaurant vouchers, etc.  Winners will be asked to send their address to Thank you for the gift donations.

So, watch out for the first game.  It will be announced as a Post on this forum.  You are invited to help me organise this game.

Strictly for members.

Terence Seah

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