Whatsapp now used to announce Club News updates

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From today, we are now able to use Whatsapp to announce Club updates to all SHC members. This is in line with the social media trend. The 1st announcement was made today.

If you did not get a SHC news update today, it means you have not completed your membership registration with SilverHairsClub. Or your registered tel is either wrong or not available to the Club.

Please email admin@SilverHairsClub.com if you have not receive the Club news update today. Or you have not add SHC to your Whatsapp contact. And finally, if you do not have Whatsapp, give it a good. Need to catch up with the times.

Terence Seah

20 thoughts on “Whatsapp now used to announce Club News updates

  1. Hi Terence
    Unfortunately, my basic mobile phone is unable to support WhatsApp. So, will still have to rely on reading the usual newsletter.


  2. Hi Ann,
    Watsapp worked thru either wireless or dataplan if wireless is not available. U hv to turn on your data plan to chat thru’ watsapp so that anytime wireless connection is not available, at least, you still can do so using data plan. However, you will need to monitor your data plan usage sub plan to avoid hefty sum when billing received hor…. This can caused a hole in your pocket especially when you are oversea…

    Cheers… Dolly

  3. Thanks Dolly for the info. I am already connected to use whatsapp, but according to Terence, members are supposed to be in the group (SHC?). I do not see any such group, or how do I get into this group?

  4. Dear terence/ dolly
    I do have a dataplan on in singapore.
    If terence is the admin for watsapp i believe all contacts should be receiving the newsletter but yet todate i have not been receiving anything.
    Dont understand pls clarify, thks

  5. Hi Anne,
    Our system works accurately. If your details are correct and updated with SHC, you will be informed of the regular news updates.

    Terence Seah

  6. Hi Terence,
    I remember my PW, can I still rec’d updates from SHC thru email. I do not have a smart phone and my iPod and iPad do not Whatsapp.

  7. Whatsapp has been used to keep members updated on some of SHC’s events. I am hoping to find someone who can attend to members’ queries. In the meantime, if you are not receiving Whatsapp’s update, you may have to put +65 94894360 into your smartphone. This will ensure you receive the updates.

    Terence Seah

  8. Last one year, SilverHairsClub has been using Whatsapp to announce activities to members. This has worked well, as more members are using the phone than the PC or desktop.

    However, some members have not been receiving our announcements. Please ensure that you have the Club’s Whatsapp number +6594894360 in your phone contacts. Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  9. Our IT guys installed “Share this on WhatsApp” which allows you to share your post with other Whatsapp friends on your smartphone. This feature works only from a smartphone; it appears at the bottom of each post. We are introducing this feature because of the tremendous popularity of Whatsapp among Singapore’s smartphone users.

    Some members use only their smartphones; and rarely use the PC or a Mac. Catching up with the times.

    Terence Seah


    1. Switch off your friend’s phone by sending out a text message?
    2. Download a payable app and charge to your friend’s account?
    3. Send out a text message from your phone but using your friend’s number?
    4. Eavesdrop a phone conversation that your friend is engaging in?
    5. ….and some others.

    Yes. You can. It is technically possible, commercially plausible, morally reprehensible, legally indictable and personally (sorry to say) remarkable.

    HOW to protect yourself from becoming a victim of such “high tech manipulations” ?

    1. Don’t give your number to strangers
    2. Don’t use phone to make purchases in countries you are not familiar with.
    3. Don’t store sensitive banking information in your phone
    4. Download and install security software
    5. Check with your Telco if you hear consistently clicking noise when talking on the phone.


  11. Whatsapp Chat groups are very popular, among close groups. Participants find close group chats a great way to share private information among the the members. As for me, such close group chats are full of gossip. It is a way for me to know more about members whom I am not able to spend the time with. However, I cannot tell the difference between realities and rumours. So, I rarely participate in close group chats now.

    I have other observations about Whatsapp special interest groups. Members generally join special interest groups because of a genuine interest in a hobby or topic. Along the way, some members tend to over-send videos, files, hellos and deviate into other topics. As a result, the genuine participants leave the special interest groups. Some participants feel the group admin should control the situation. Most members do not want to be group admin.

    Another interesting observation is some members ask to participate but they keep quiet all the time. They say nothing. This makes the other participants wary of this quiet person. Of course, the participants do suggest taking off this quiet person off the Whatsapp chat.

    Interesting, what do you think?

    Terence Seah

  12. In line with modern trends of communication, we have been supporting Whatsapp as a means of communication, socialising and networking. This social media trend is not stoppable. Personally, I use it for my social and business needs. Especially, since I travel 80% of the month.

    Many members have created small groups. However, some members have noticed that our SilverHairsClub.com forum is now quieter, in favour of Whatsapp private discussion groups. As such, some members felt left out, and disappointed they are unable to join other interest groups, and felt that something should be done.

    For SilverHairsClub, we will continue to use the SHC forum as the ofrficial channel for members’ activities and news updates. We will also adopt emails, whatsapp and SMS. We can also use pigeons and word of mouth. Got some new ideas.

    Terence Seah

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