Planning our year-end do at Scarlet City, AMK Hub on Fri 5 Dec 2014







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We had an earlier plan to have a D&D at CSC Tessensohn in Dec 2014.  However, for various reasons, we are unable to hold the event there.

A few members have recently recee’d Scarlet City at AMH Hub and found the place suitable for our year-end event.  We do like to have your feedback before deciding further what to do. It is expensive to find a venue during the month of Dec when corporations and individuals are looking to celebrate the year end.  Prices are also steep, and especially when we are looking to have the event on a Friday evening.

Well, Scarlet city has a slot for us, if we are interested.  The place is well setup for night entertainment.  We can have the place from 6.30pm, and enjoy ourselves until 2 – 3am.  Scarlet city will put up a buffet dinner, with free flow of soft drinks.  The plan is to have our own program from 6.30 pm to 9.30pm; followed by Scarlet City’s own music, entertainment and star performances from 9.30pm to 2am. During the second segment, there will be other guests who will come for dancing, music and performances.  We will continue to stay until 2am.  Cover charge included.

We need to guarantee 100 pax, so your feedback would help in our decision.  As Scarlet city requires a deposit to be made, in view of the busy period, we like to hear from you.  It is likely that the evening will cause us $65 per head, if we meet the minimum number of heads.

Terence Seah


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  1. Hi Terence

    I’m having a bit of a problem with this new system. When I insert the pictures, the paragraphing of your whole write-up disappeared. Hence, I’ve edited the paragraphing as shown above. Hope it’s ok.

    Tks & Regards…

  2. Hi Terence,
    Permit us to be the first to make a comment on your proposal to hold a function at the Scarlet City.
    To begin with, let us say that we believe SHC’s D & D is an event that many SHC members look forward to annually as it is the organization’s major do.
    Without actually seeing the setup and facilities of Scarlet City, prima facie it seems to us that $65 per pax even with buffet dinner thrown in is on the high side. This is particularly so because 6.30 to 9.30 pm is really a non peak period for clubs and probably the reason why they are prepared to offer you the exclusive use of the club. After 9.30 pm you become just like any ordinary customer who comes in for drinks.
    Further more the need to guarantee 100 pax means serious money as deposit , so we are not sure whether that would be a wise bet.
    As a comparison, we had a Christmas function last year at the Singapore Recreation Club and they were able to offer a ballroom/dinner package for $42 + tax or so with only a guarantee of 50 pax on a weekend. Further you have exclusive use of the room for the party from 6 pm to midnight or so. The room would also need minimal decoration, because the club itself would already have some basic decoration done for the season
    If you do ask around some of the SHC members who attended our function, we believe that you will find that they had generally positive experiences with the facilities and location ambience. Not to mention that SRC is close to public transportation.
    We are not promoters of SRC. In fact we are not even members and we had to rely on the grace of an SHC member to book the place. It is also not too late to make a booking especially if you don’t mind having the function on a week day. We actually made a booking for our Dec function last year in Oct/Nov though we would not advise you to wait till then, because it was really touch and go whether we could secure the room or not.
    We hope we have contributed something to your deliberation and of course look forward to your D & D if we are in town and not involved in the varied activities that one tends to have during Christmas time.

    Peggy n Arthur

  3. Hi Peggy,

    Thank you for your feedback. For our D&D, we are still exploring venues, cost and organising team.

    Can you help to speak to SRC to see if we can get a similar price, for a date in Dec?

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terence

    Just to add my 1 cent worth…
    I was at the Christmas D & D hosted by Peggy and Arthur last Dec. The ambience at SRC ballroom, makan and location were Purrfect for the event.


  5. Dear Terence,
    Good to hear that you are still open to suggestion on venue. However we would not delay too long on choice because as you rightly pointed out , quality locations during Xmas month are often expensive and quickly booked.
    We could make the enquiries for you as you suggested of course but rather we would suggest that the decision maker(you) or the decision makers( your pro tem D n D committee if you already have one )actually call the F&B Dept of SRC to arrange a meeting to see the premises if upon enquiry by phone you discover that they have a date suitable for you.
    The SRC rents out the ballroom as a for profit business , so their staff are geared to answering your enquiries. If you however make a booking through a SRC member, you get a discount. The SRC member need not be involved in your D n D planning and details if you so wish. He is there merely to lend his name for your booking and then you can deal with the F&B staff direct after.
    The way it works is that if you and SRC agree on a booking date they will hold
    the booking for about a week at no cost after which a contract will be drawn up for signature upon which the booking becomes irrevocable . We mentioned that the cost was about $42 but in fact they have several packages of different prices, so you or your committee really need to go down and talk to them to sort out some details before you even think of confirming a booking date.
    Good luck . If you need to know the SRC member in SHC who lent his name to our booking last year, please let us know by sms.
    Peggy n Arthur

  6. Hi Peggy,

    Can you please speak with the member, and ask if we can book the SRC ballroom, under his/her name?

    If ok, I shall contact SRC Mon or Tues, as I have an early flight. Our priority is to see if the room is available on the dates we havce in mind, and also if we can get a workable price.

    Thank you for suggesting this option.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi Terence/Peggy
    Please reconsider to hold the D&D at SRC.
    I have attended the event organised by Peggy and Arthur last year. It was well attended for its good location, ambience, international buffet, and the programme. Further the cost was $43 per person.
    Robert Ong

  8. In this year’s D&D, and if we are able to hold it at SRC, or somewhere, we would sell tickets, in tables of 10. Members are encouraged to start identifying their table participants. Once we have firmed up the venue, the date and price, you may book a table for yourself and your friends.

    This will be more exciting.

    Terence Seah

  9. Terence
    Is this party strictly for members or are we allowed to bring friends to this event – ie EO or EC event?
    Many thanks.

  10. Latest update: The SRC ballroom is booked during Dec 2014. Let’s try to find another place.

    Meantime, we have decided to cancel the booking at Scarlet City for the D&D, as members have no support for holding the D&D at this venue.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hi Terence,

    Maybe we should book SRC ballroom for next year D&D. This will minimize the problem for venue sourcing as Dec is a festive month for celebrations. Just my thought….Thanks


  12. Hi Terence
    You may want to try Singapore Swimming Club as the D&D venue.
    The food and the band music are good and also it is cheaper except
    the public transport is not so convenient.
    Robert Ong

  13. Hi Robert,

    SSC is a nice place. I had been there once. Transport is a hassle for those who do not drive. I won’t be able to lool at it as I will be away. But if you know there is a slot Fri, Sat or Sun in Dec, please let me know.

    We may have to scrap our fun plan to hold a D&D in Dec.

    Terence Seah

  14. Terence, if I may kaypoh a bit. Can the D & D be held on other months other than December?


  15. Hi Rosalind,

    You are not kaypoh, u are just helpful. In previous years, we have not tried December. This year, thot we could be backside itchy, and try Dec.

    We are giving SRC on more go, if we cannot get the place, we will try another month. Dec is a good mood month.

    Terence Seah

  16. This post will be closed when we put up the next post on the D&D.

    We are close to finalising our venue for the D&D in Dec. I like to thank the members who have mde this possible. Patrick Oei who has done the booking of the venue on our behalf and Peggy & Arthur who have given the suggestion.

    The Date is Sun 21 Dec 2014. We have booked for 50 people, and we may increase ithe number to 80 pax. Tht’s the limit. Ticket purchase will be confirmed upon payment, on a first come basis. The exact amount will be announced soon.

    This event is strictly for SHC members only.

    Terence Seah

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