Monthly cycling -23 Aug 14


Hi All Cyclists

Meet at : Pasir Ris Car park C
Time : 1600 hrs
Route : PCN to Punggol Waterway.
Bike rental: 2 hours @ $6

Joining :
1. Fiona
2. Freda Lim
3. Lily Ho
4. Lina Ng
5. Ah Nee
6. Charles Chua
7. Yatsing
8. Malcolm

11 thoughts on “Monthly cycling -23 Aug 14

  1. Hi Douglas
    I am so looking forward to this ride.
    May I please confirm Pasir Ris Car park C is at 51 Pasir Ris Green 518226? Is it possible to advise how many km is it from Pasir Ris Park to Punggol Water way ? (are u guys ending at Jalan Halus wetland?)
    Yes…. Say “Bye to spare tires” reali reali cycling help loose your tummy fat, come everyone let’s cycle!
    Attached a pic of Punggol Park Connector (not sure it is pops up)



  2. Hi Fiona
    Welcome to the cycling group.
    Rental bike has to be returned personally, if you are not sure of the way back, we will escort you.

  3. Hi Fredalim


    above is location for Paris Ris Car park C.

    I am not sure of the distance but we are expected to cover a distance of 15-20km.
    I think the distance is rather short for you.

  4. Just read this
    Quote “When the spirits are low, the day appears dark, work becomes monotonous and hope hardly seems worth having…………..just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking” Arthur Conan Doyle

  5. The weather has been lovely these past two days at the Waterway; I hope it remains so on Saturday.
    Hou Chong mentioned a vendor selling ‘potong’ ice-cream at Punggol Point. If there is time, let’s stop for a cool treat, and also get two for Fiona, to welcome her to our cycling group.
    Looking forward to meet up with all the fit and fun cycling kakis. Catch up with you all on the other side of Halus Bridge!

  6. Hi Yatsing

    The ice cream seller is usually stationed at the same location most weekends.

    Once we reach there, we will take a break from cycling so as to taste the ‘potong’ ice cream.

    See you

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