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All of us want to learn.  It used to be taken courses on computers – desktops and notebooks.  Today, there are smartphones.  Not a new idea, but we have always talk about closing the digital gap between the savvy and non-savvy members.  If only, we have a place. Many of our members have the knowlede and the experience.  Learners can pay a fee, and the proceeds can go to pay the cost of the venue, the instructors, etc.   Yew Kwong has suggested that we draw up a list of members who are interested to conduct e-sessions.  I too think this is a good idea.  Hew Lee is one good example. Let’s draw up a list of topics, and if you think that you can teach a particular topic, raise your hand here.  Once we have a sizeable team of instructors, we would look at a team of people to organise these courses.  Feel free to add the topics that would be of interest to seniors and Singaporeans in general.

  • Instant messaging – Viber, Whatsapps, LINE, WeChat, facebook
  • Skype
  • Games
  • Emails – smartphones,
  • Android system – Internet browsing, Maps
  • Storage – dropbox, google box, etc
  • Online TV, radio, songs, karoake, youtube
  • Online transport – IRIS, SG All bus

And, if you have suggestions for a venue, please let us know.  Members can offer to conduct these above courses, find a venue, and also charge a fee.  Please go ahead.


Terence Seah

5 thoughts on “IT, computer and smartphone courses – Sharing and teaching

  1. Sharing and Teaching …
    Anybody interested in a home visit to learn about Facebook?
    it will be a 3 hours lesson in a SHC member home with WI-FI.
    Below are the details of the FB meeting …

    Event: Using Facebook (hands-on)
    Date: 29-08-2014 (Friday)
    Time: 2pm to 5 PM
    Venue: in Toa Payoh
    Meeting Place: will be sent by email to the two invited guests
    PS: please bring your laptop if you have one.

    The hands-on will include, but not limiting to, the following:
    1) How to put an image or yr face to the FB account.
    2) How to post a comment including uploading a picture or video
    3) How to add a comment to a post
    4) How to add a FB APPS to your smartphone

    For the first two that responded (in this post), I will seek approval from the host and let you know the outcome.
    It will be good if you already have an FB account.

    Reason for the meeting – the host requested me to show him how to use Facebook properly. Since Wi-Fi is required, he offered his house as the classroom. Disadvantage is, participation is limited.

  2. Hi Hew Lee,
    Not too long ago, I met a number of members, and they admire your dedication to share your computer and smartphone knowledge. Looks like you have shown the way for other members to share their knowledge.

    With so many apps today, learning together is a great way to catch up with the times. For me, learning from others saves me frustration and time. Thank you Hew Lee.

    I hope that those who learn from other members, and Hew Lee is one of them, please show appreciation to the sharer and the host.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi-Bro Hew Lee
    Is your REDHILL CC still available for IT training.
    Is it possible to use as a “permanent” venue for SHC IT training discussed above.
    If yes then we can look into the retrofitting of venue such as provision of wifi and costs etc.


  4. Peter:
    If u know our govment well, dealing with any private or unregistered party is deemed as a commercial arrangement and is chargeable based on their approved rates.
    The govment already has in place opportunities for seniors (50plus) to pick up IT skills through the PA, NLB and RSVP (through iDA). All their courses organized charges nominal fees (I think it is about $10 per topic).
    I hv worked with NLB on one instance where I designed a 12-sessions IT course for the 50plus in Bukit Merah Library where NLB only charge $24 for 24 hours of IT lessons.

    Now I am working with NLB to come up with a 3-sessions hands-on course on using your photos to make into a movie. Please refer to my previous post on same topic. If they don’t buy my idea, the proposed course will be cancelled.

    I can start any IT topic with the library provided there is demand and participants are able to attend the lessons on Friday afternoon (this is the time slot I hv set aside).

    For those SHCians out there, if u are interested to pick up any IT skills, do let NLB know. You tell them better than I do as I am only volunteering my service to NLB as a Friend of the Library (FOL).


  5. Hi-Hew Lee
    I agree with you that probably it is not necessary to have SHC conduct its own IT courses as govt has all the resources to conduct IT training at all levels for interested members.
    The main thing is all courses are not free and you need to pay to attend.

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