Sep monthly gathering at CSC, 6 Sept 2014

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SilverHairsClub will continue to play a role to enable SilverHairs to meet new and more friends. In September, we shall have a day gathering on a weekend. Our monthly gathering has been one of our most successful gatherings; and we will make effort to hold it monthly.

Hjere are the details.

1. Venue: Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road. MRT – Farrer Park

2. Date: Sat 6 Sep 2014.  Time: 1100 to 1600 hrs.

3. Meeting area: At the cafe area and the CSC Lobby area, where the fleamart is being held.

4. Participants: Open to all SilverHairsClub members, families and friends. As this is CSC Club, there will also be CSC members and public.

5. Charge: Free to members and friends.

6. Food and drinks: available at the CSC cafe, near the swimming pool.

7. Registration: we will have a registration desk at the fleamart area. Please contact the registration desk when you arrive. Do put on your name tag so that other members can recognise you.

8. SHCians who are CSC members can invite fellow members to the swimming pool, jackpot room and other activities available at CSC.

Please indicate here your coming and the number of friends you will be coming with. See u there soon.

Terence Seah

Those attending the monthly gathering:

  1. Kristy Quek
  2. Jenny Lee
  3. SS Tan
  4. Vincent Khoo
  5. Ong Lin Khim
  6. Shamin Moledina
  7. Lily Ho
  8. Terence Seah
  9. HC lee
  10. Susan CH Tan
  11. Rosalind Lee
  12. Frisna Tan
  13. Gabriella Chua
  14. Caroline Gee
  15. Peri Liew
  16. Dolly Lim
  17. Jassmine Teo
  18. Joan Ang
  19. Yu Yu Chiu
  20. Theresa Seow
  21. Vivian Lai
  22. Lam Hoy Tzee
  23. Bee Gek
  24. James Tan TH
  25. Helen Cheong
  26. Bobby Bok
  27. Bernie Chung
  28. May Woo
  29. Yatsing
  30. Grace Kang
  31. Robert Ong
  32. Gingko
  33. Alice Seah
  34. Ann Lim
  35. Evon Lim
  36. Susan Tan
  37. Lina Ng
  38. Freda Lim
  39. Alice Tan
  40. Peng Peng
  41. Janie Leong
  42. Moon Wong
  43. Sock Cheng
  44. Daniel Chan
  45. Shawn Soh
  46. Mary Chan
  47. Veronique Lee
  48. Ann Giri
  49. Ronnie
  50. Randy
  51. Chan Keng Ngee
  52. Richard Lean
  53. Barbara Ong
  54. Willie Low
  55. Peter Goh
  56. Leow Soon Huat
  57. Lina Tan





78 thoughts on “Sep monthly gathering at CSC, 6 Sept 2014

  1. HI Terence,

    I can post a comment, but still unable to create a new post.

    Can you or someone pls help. I need some simple step-by-step instructions for dummys!


  2. Lydia,

    I suggest you check with some of your SHC friends who are able to post.

    On the right side of the homepage, look at the dashboard and then Site Admin. Click on Site Admin, and look for Post. Try it.

    System records indicated you are able to post, and you have already done so 10x.

    If not, bring your laptop on the 6 Sept, we can go over it at the monthly gathering.

    Terence Seah

  3. To encourage your participation at the Sat Sept 6 monthly gathering, members whose name appear in the registration list and who puts on his/her name tag during the gathering, will at random be given a SilverHairsClub cloth tag. This tag can be sewn on your T-shirt, pants or bag. Available while stocks last.

    We have usually organised our monthly gathering on a weekday; this time, we are having the event on a weekend. Hopefully you will meet new and old SHCian friends.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Bernie, Bobby, Lam, Bee Gek and everybody.

    Welcome to the Sept gathering. I look forward to seeing your participation. Please also bring some money and support our fleamart.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hi Terence
    I will be there in the afternoon about 1.30pm to support fellow SHC’ians.

    Dear Rosalind,
    Please reserve 1 bottle of your home-made sambal belachan. Thank you.

    Dear Hou Chong
    I like to order 1 tub of kumquat. Thank you.

    See you all next week! Cheers!

  6. Oh mama mia, feeling very lethargic after such a long trip to Jiuzhaigou, now having second thoughts.

    Anyone having sudden thoughts – take over my table?



  7. Hi All,
    I will be selling organic and natural curry pastes, salad dressings and sauces. And also natural spa and hair products. No chemicals or preservatives. If you wish to pre order, please visit Mekhala Living website and you will see all the goodies there. If you are into healthy living, that’s the website to visit.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi Terence
    Thank you for asking Terence. Its organic Thai curry paste and it comes in green, yellow and red. One of my colleagues used the yellow curry paste to make laksa and he said it was awesome! The coriander ginger dressing is very good as a salad dressing or used as a pour over sauce. My youngest daughter came out with this recipe and the taste is so good. Also, the sauces and dressings and paste I will be selling are free from preservatives and artificial colouring. They are big in taste but low in calories. Sweetening for the jams and sauces are from fruit juices. Yes! Organic Coconut oil is available too! All the pastes and sauces are very easy to cook with.

  9. Hi Caroline,

    I like to make Laksa prawn noodles. Please let me have one bottle, if there is a spicy hot one, ok too. So, one bottle for me.

    Terence Seah

  10. Monday Oct 8 is the lantern festival or the mid-Autumn festival.

    Our monthly gathering is on Sat Oct 6. If you have some moon cakes, which you are unable to consume, and would like to share with other members, i shall open one table, where you can place your mooncakes for share. Everybody can come and share the moon cakes. Please keep the place clean, or I havce to clean up the place.

    If you have other items to share, do let me know here. We will find a way for you to place them and share with members.

    Terence Seah

  11. Since I am still left with one table – the show must go on, so I’ll stick to it and offer my latest “food production” from my home kitchen – the nyonya zhang -spices all personally toasted and hand-prepared,

    Will be bundled in 5’s for $10.00 per bag since each zhang medium size is more easy on the stomach from the feedback I received at the Taipei night.

    Now I hope I can source for the blue pea flower!

  12. Thanks for your order, Lina.

    As I’ll be making a limited number only, maybe 50 – 100 zhangs just on the night before, it will facilitate smooth arrangement for both parties if you can make pre-payment to my bank account at posb savings 102-04923-3 and I will reserve your orders for you on that day. Kindly let me know when money is transferred so that I confirm that it has been successfully credited.

    I will be at my table from 12 noon to 3.00 pm.


    [image=Nyonya Zhang basket.jpg]

  13. Hi Susan CH Tan,

    I wan to support you with 5 pcs. Will transfer these 2 days. Collection 12 noon, ok with you?

    I will be going to Yangon. Hey, maybe catch up with you on the fun part of your trip in Yangon. Tell me what not to miss and what to watch out.

    OK cu.
    Susan Tan

  14. Thank you for your pre-order Terence.
    Susan, I would like 10 pcs (2 packets) of your nonya zhang please. Will let you know once I transfer the money to you.
    Thank you.

  15. Thanks v much for your support, Susan and Caroline. Caroline, you’ve earned a name in SHC as a foodie expert and I’d like to try one of your creations when I’m there, and I expect it to be excellent.

    Ros, you’re a true blue Peranakan, so I’m pretty sure your sambal belacan will be very sedap, pl reserve one for me. But not too spicey, please. Thanks.

    Hou Chong, though I have not met you, I’ve been hearing people rave about your kumquat marmalade since the first day I stepped into SHC, The picture of your marmalade looks very pretty, and I used to combine orange marmalade and butter on my bread, but this time I’m curious how kumquat marmalade tastes like and would like to give it a try.

    Yes Susan, I will always remember Yangon market for the 1 kg shallots for a mere $4.00 that I bought out of curiosity to see how different is their specie from ours. And how fragrant and sweet they were – my family savoured them in no time! I also remember a lot of the girls buying the nice stone bangles probably as gifts, and the tree bark and the stone grinder to make the powder for their skin when they go back. Hmm wonder if they used it after that.

    And how we rocked the whole bus with the quick-thinking whacky antiques of Ms CNN channel. Frisna that we forgot we were on a long long journey which ended too soon because of the free hilarious entertainment on board.

    You must ask Terence to bring you to Hotel Sedona since dancing is your passion – that’s where our whole group had a lot of fun when we re-lived our young days at the dancing floor – have you ever seen Terence do the boogie?

  16. Thank you Susan. I have also heard the ravings of your nonya zhang n I am sure you will delight us with your specialty. I have transferred $20 this morning ref 1045 at 8.18am. Looking forward to enjoying your zhang.

  17. Hi Susan CH Tan,

    How I wish I was there last year joining in the fun but due to my leave last year, have to give it a miss. When I saw Terence’s post this time, I immediately ‘cheow’ my friend. But this time, at this moment only 2 of us, excluding Terence. Hope this lady Jenny and here hubby can join in. Also calling the rest who have not been to Yangon can jump on the wagon.

    Thanks for your info on where to go for night life. I shall bring my dancing shoes along.

    Terence – you have to bring me there and we can boogie boogie away the night.

    Rosalind – can I have a bottle of sambal sambal belacan? By the way, how much it cost? Ok to bring you there.

    Susan Tan

  18. Hello friends
    This hand massanger is one of the things am selling. Outside selling about $90 we are selling at $25 brand new. Pre order is required as i dont want to carry too many. Thanks

  19. SusanT,

    Whatever the number, we will go as planned. We definitely can go dancing too, but you know my weakness. I shall organise a coach for the few of us.

    Terence Seah

  20. We are also selling jewelry ex major airline in-flight sales items that we designed n handmade personally. Jewelry are semi precious stones to jade of good grade. All at 30-70% discount. We are wholesale n retailor.

    The Aroma diffuser is one of the best in the market : it operates on 5 power sources – usb, power banks, car, 220volts n 110 volts (usa). Original at $70, now @$30.[image=IMG-20140903-WA0003.jpg]

  21. Hi May Woo,
    Thank you for your order. Look forward to seeing you at the Flea Mart.
    Hi Susan CH Tan,
    Yes, you are right in that my Kumquat Marmalade did earn compliments over the years. Must admit that commendation should go to a Eurasian family from Singapore, who gave me the original recipe. Some slight variation has since been made to that recipe as I continue the quest for the perfect marmalade..haha.
    We shall have a chance to chit chat soon..look forward to that.

  22. Hi Terence
    I will be selling Pineapple Tarts, Nonya Achar, Chicken Pies (all home-made). Hand-made items are crochet & Knitted pieces (cushions,
    slippers etc) and also jewellery.
    Would like to know whether chairs are provided,
    Thanks & regards

  23. Hi everybody,

    This is the first time, we are organising a monthly gathering cum fleamart on a weekend, after many years. Having a monthly activity on a weekday has its advantages, but many members have expressed wanting to have it on a weekend too.

    We have been asking members for suggestions on venues, but unfortunately, we have few or almost no response. Perhaps, it is because of the costs of using members’ clubhouses or the convenience of available places.

    After much hunting around, we do find CSC Tessensohn as a convenient place, a few minutes from the Farrer Park MRT. However, the charges for using the place is high, and the rules are rigid, in view of its use for public officers. If we do not have members participation, it is meaningless to pay a few hundred dollars just to use the venue. The event this weekend is a trial. When we committed to use the venue, and the tables for :rent company”, we had less than 15 responses, it was disheartening to see the money go to waste.

    The activity is a few days away, and I am seeing the numbers increasing, but it is still mile away from a financially viable activity.

    So, in short, this is a weekend activity. We are organising this event so that we can meet the club’s objective of providing a platform for members to meet new and more SilverHairs. Bring along your family members and friends. See you soon.

    And, of course, feedback is always great.

    Terence Seah

  24. Thank you, Yatsing for your support. Yes, your payment has been received, so are those from Lina and Caroline.

    Those who pre-order will get theirs packed prettily, with a small gift inside as an appreciation for your kind thoughts.


  25. The onyx n jade necklace i failed to post yesterday. Copying susan i will also throw in a free gift for order of any of my products![image=CAM01167.jpg]

  26. The onyx n jade necklace i failed to post yesterday. Copying susan i will also throw in a free gift for order of any of my products![image=CAM01170.jpg]

  27. Hi All
    Our table would be selling mainly pre-owned, children’s story books e.g. Geronimo Stilton, some tee shirts and a few pieces of retro, pre-owned costume jewellery, shown in the picture.

    From L to R;
    *unisex necklace , centrepiece is bone and has a carving of an elephant. Bought in Egypt. $15
    *ceramic necklace. $5
    *multi-coloured plastic ‘nuggets’ necklace $5
    *long, big,purplish ‘pebbles’ necklace. $10
    *genuine Charles Jourdan multi-coloured gemstones necklace. $60
    [image=costume jewellery 004.JPG]

  28. Dear all

    Surprise surprise ~ will not be telling yet. Come and visit my stall and see what ‘fleas’ I’m selling.

    Cheap, cheap, cheeeeeeeeep ~ everything must GO!


  29. Hi Susan CH Tan
    Last evening, I have transferred $20.00 to your POSB
    Savings Account (Ref: 5950) for the purchase of
    20 nos. Nonya Zhang,
    Thank you
    Joan Ang

  30. Your orders noted, Joan & May. You two will also get a gift in the bag and think it’s fair to say what it is – these are tupperware items which I bought by the dozen some years ago but so sayang to open up and use – so keep lor.
    Glad to offer as a gift to you, and the other customers who have pre-ordered..

    I will be making 80 in total – iyo a lot of work and time when it’s a labour of love. Best thing is my blue pea flower turned out beautifully – tested it last night and made a few zhangs to try out.

    Terence, anything to do with cooking will always be welcome for me. I’ crazy with this hobby that i even have a few sets of party size food warmers Maybe if someone (just need one or 2 more) with the same passion as me in cooking is willing to team up with me, we can put up a breakfast one day – congee maybe, fried bee hoon, wu tao gou, chee cheong fun. Why, I even have a drink dispenser suitable for a party size.

    Nyonya zhang can still be on the cards.- you know I never say no to your request.

    Talking about venue, there are multi-purpose outdoor pavilions in HDB flats which should not cost too much to book. I used to visit these places in line dance jams and they are very big. Unfortunately my area does not have this facility – otherwise I will be too glad to offer it.

  31. Hmm.. talk about line dance jam at the multi-purpose outdoor pavilion, we can also do a line dance party at the same time. But I’ve thrown away the whole album of line dance music cds – thought I wasnt ever going to dance again after my slipped disc operation but my surgeon did a good job so I’m back to action. If someone can provide the cd players and the cds, we can do a mini jam there.

    Just some food for thought, Cheers!

    By the way, Joan, received $20 in my account (10 pcs). Thanks v much.

  32. Hi Susan CH Tan,

    So sorry, I have placed an order for 5 pcs but till now I have not made the fund xfer. Hope it is not late. Maybe do it late this evening or tmr morning. If you don get to see the fund-in in yr computer, will bring the ibanking slip as proof for payment.

    haha, hope I will also get the little lovely gift with my MOQ. CU tomorrow.

    Susan Tan

  33. Today we have a Club gathering.

    Take a picture of what you see today as fun, and representive of the members of SilverHairsClub, and send it to Admin via Whatsapp at +65 9489-4360. Preferably the picture should be landscape and good resolution. Do get approval from the person/s being taken.

    The nicest picture will be placed in the Club website banner today. Closing date: today. Have fun.

    Terence Seah
    (Telephone calls to this number are not answered. Whatsapp, maybe, if you have something to discuss).

  34. Hi Susan CH Tan,

    l hv already xferred $10 to ur POSB Saving at ard 8.30a. Unfortunatelly l can’t produce the receipt n also no ref no. as the mc cannot printed out receipt.

    Cu later.

    Susan Tan

  35. Hi Terence

    Thank you so much for organising this flea market cum monthly gathering. It was a time well spent. I managed to sell some fleas (big ones, small ones, fat ones and scrawny ones) amidst the mingling and camaderie among fellow SHCians.

    The finale was ‘lagi best’ when our veteran member, Mr Loh brought up his Victoria secrets for sale. We had the best laughter therapy ever …. unforgettable indeed. Some may have missed the fun. Nonetheless, I’m sure there’ll be another time? :-)

    Meanwhile, be happy, stay healthy and enjoy life ~ till we meet again. Hugzzz to all.


  36. Thanks Terence for organising the flea mart and thanks to all members who patronize my stall. Nice meeting new and old members in a different setting and environment! Cheers

  37. Thank you Terence for organizing the flea mart. I had a good time. Although my sales was not enough to cover my three table cost, it was a fun filled day. Meeting new and old friends. Friends stopped by to say hello! And before I left, a group of us had so much fun and laughter, trying out the outfits at Thomas Loh’s booth. Another flea mart? I want to be there.

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