SilverHairsClub Dinner and Dance, Sun 21 Dec 2014 at Singapore Recreation Club

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Dear members, We can now safely confirm this year’s D&D will be held in Dec. It will be themed along “Prehistoric Times” during the Flintstone era. Please watch this Post for updates.

  1. Venue: Singapore Recreation Club SRC
  2. Date/Time: Sun 21 Dec 2014, 1800 hrs to 2330 hrs
  3. Theme: Anything Goes.  Christmas is Here”
  4. Ticket price: $55 per ticket (inclusive of an international buffet)

Team committee:

  1. Event Organiser – Terence Seah
  2. MC – Pat Oei
  3. Co-MC – Lynda Chua
  4. Band – Charles Cher and band.
  5. Venue Coordinator – Pat Oei
  6. Gifts and Prizes  – Peggy Yap
  7. Gifts and Prizes – Judy Lim, Susan Tan, Bessie Lam and Ann Lim.
  8. Reception desk – Daisy Yeo, Linda Oei
  9. International food buffet desk – SRC F&B
  10. Game item 1 –  Confirmed.
  11. Game item 2 –  Confirmed
  12. Hats, whistles – Rosalind Lee
  13. Danny Lye – Photography
  14. New SHC song – Sompho and Caroline

Please make payment to POSB current account 951-00428-6.

Number of pax: due to space limits, 80 pax. Strictly SilverHairsClub members only. Tickets are sold, subject to registration on this Post, and subject to ticket availability. **

For the first time, this event will be organised by SilverHairs Enterprise PL. It will be the first test case for SHE. Members who like to participate as a committee member of this project are invited to contact

Terence Seah

Registered List:

  1. Dolly Lim                         )       Dolly’s table  (Fully paid)
  2. Rosalind Lee                   )      
  3. Alice Yap                         )
  4. Dorine Tan                      ) 
  5. Eyvonne Chew                )
  6. Sarah Kassim                  )
  7. Patrick Oei                       )
  8. Linda Oei                         )
  9. Lilian Teo                         )
  10. Caroline Gee                   )
  11. Gabriella Chua  (Pd)       )      Gabriella’s table (Fully paid)
  12. Kuah Siew Tin (Pd)         )
  13. Susan Tan  (Pd)              )
  14. Philip Yeo Tiang Hui(Pd) )    
  15. Edwin Tan (Pd)                )
  16. Sue Chan  (Pd)                )
  17. Wong Hong Jeng   (Pd)   )
  18. Ronald Lam (Pd)             )               
  19. Veronique Lee (Pd)         )     
  20. Joe Choo (Pd)                 )
  21. Ah Nee                             )      SS’s table  (Fully paid)
  22. Judy Lim                           ) 
  23. Lina Tan                           )
  24. Jazz Soh                          )
  25. Rina Tan (new member)  )                                   
  26. Michael Tay (  ”    )           )
  27. Andrew Koh                      )
  28. Jeffrey Wong                    )
  29. Robert Ong                       )
  30. S S James                        )
  31. Terence Seah (Pd)          )      Peggy’s tables (Fully paid)
  32. Sompho Homjumroon(Pd)     
  33. Richard Wong  (Pd)         )
  34. Daisy Yeo (Pd)                )
  35. Molly Chua (Pd)               )
  36. Charlie Teo  (Pd)             )
  37. Jennifer Lim  (Pd)            )
  38. Aloysius Ng (Pd)             )     
  39. Mega Abdullah (Pd)        )
  40. Joy Chuang (Pd)            )
  41. Danny Lye   (Pd)            )
  42. June Tan (Pd)                )
  43. Hamidah Ishak (Pd)       )
  44. Angela Straaten  (Pd)     )
  45. Arthur Yap (Pd)              )
  46. Peggy Yap  (Pd)            )
  47. Christina Chan (Pd)       )
  48. Irene Poh  (Pd)              )
  49. Bobby Bok (Pd)             )
  50. Jimmy Ibrahim (Pd)       )
  51. May Yoon                      )       Ann Lim’s table (Fully paid)
  52. Leon Lau                       )
  53. Dave Chong                  )
  54. Fida                               )   
  55. Anne Chee                    )
  56. Esther Mok                    )
  57. Irene Tan                       )
  58. Barbara Ong                  )
  59. SK Chua                        )
  60. Ann Lim                         )
  61. Eileen Thean (Pd)         )     Eileen’s table
  62. Gerry Ong (Pd)             )
  63. Lily Ho  (Pd)                  ) 
  64. Charles Cher  (Pd)        )
  65. Ben D Silva  (Pd)          )
  66. Steven Chan (Pd)         )
  67. Dan Huang  (Pd)           )
  68. Ong Lin Khim  (Pd)       )
  69. Angeline Ong (pay cash at the event)

Registration is now CLOSED.

Please note registration after 23 Nov 2014 will be put on the waiting list. – Terence Seah


Waiting List:

  1. Doreen Tay
  2. Doreen Tay’s friend (SHC member?)


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122 thoughts on “SilverHairsClub Dinner and Dance, Sun 21 Dec 2014 at Singapore Recreation Club”

  1. To kick off registration, besides myself, Sompho Homjumroon, our Thailand member, will be attending our D&D at SRC.

    He will also be giving a song performance.

    Please register to put yourself on the list.

    Terence Seah

  2. Now that the D&D date has been set, we will start to look for a band. This year’s D&D will be ALL English.

    We are planning a one-hour slot specially to bring in members from the Flintstone Era. I believe this will be fun, and will be the central focus of this dinner and dance.

    Terence Seah

  3. Dear Soon Huat,

    We are planning to have this D&D as a SHC members only affair.

    However, for the purpose of contingency, in case we do not have enough participants, we shall put your sister and husband on a standby list. I shall announce availability at a later date; I recommend your sister and husband join as a SHC member.

    Terence Seah

  4. Update to our Dec Dinner and Dance:
    We have confirmed with Charles Cher to have him and his band, playing for us during our Dinner and Dance.

    We are working and planning out an one hour item entitled “Flintstones and his friends”. You will be invited to particiapte. Our dress will be themed around Prehistoric times – Flintstones Era.

    A singing slot has been targetted, You are welcome to discuss with Terence, if you have something in mind.

    Terence Seah

  5. Terence, your post is informative but there’s no call for registration of participation leh….. :p

    Cheers and have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Hi Rosalind,

    True, registration has not started yet. We are preparing the tickets. I am hoping to have about 30 tickets or more presold at the coming monthly gathering on Sept 6 at CSC. Seats will be available on a first paid basis.

    Honestly, I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder. We are trying to tie up the loose ends with the venue.

    Terence Seah

  7. A few membes have expressed to me that the theme of this year D&D may be exciting and unusual; but difficult practically. Their views are if you are a family member of the Flintstones family, and wearing a Pebbles dress, a Bang Bang attire of even a Wilma’s dress, it will be kind of odd for SHCians to get into a MRT with a prehistoric uniform. This is besides the fact that Flintstones dresses are difficult to come by. So, there is a group who feels we should change the theme.

    As for me, I see an element of fun. An event that brings us back to the good old younger days. And something for us to make it happen. I believe it will be exciting, meaningful and a fun year-end event.

    What’s your view?

    Terence Seah

  8. Our year-end Dinner and Dance has always been intended a a fun event, where we get together, dress up beautifully and smartly. I thought that it would be fun and even more fun, if we have a theme linked to our childhood days, The Flintstones family. I did mention I went to a toy shop and bought two dinosaurs about 1m long each, made of solid rubber. They are beautiful.

    Of course, quite a number of members were excited over the theme. What’s that Flintstone song? Who’s Fred Flintstones? Who’s Fred’s wife, and what’s her name. And, then there is Pebbles, Bang Bang, …..

    Unfortunately, everywhere I go, members hint to me that this theme is not going to work. They tell me that no one is going to wear like the Flintstones family to the train station. Neither can they find any of the dresses in the shops. Got to say, I was stubborn, and still think that our theme should be Prehistoric.

    During the recent Fleamart, a few members sat with me and expressed the difficulties of having such a theme. Same today, a member told me to reconsider as he feels this theme is not going to work for seniors. He told me no senior wants to look funny. Most members have nice beautiful dances and great clothes for dinner and dance.

    Well, the views are genuine; the members who have raised the issues with me meant well. Yes, let’s have a fun Dinner and Dance. No Flintstones.

    Terence Seah

  9. Sigh.. .Terence.. I cheo and cheo quite a fair lot of them to attend this D&D but bo sheng li leh.. But will still continue to cheoing to see if I can a form a table lor … So far, only Ros and me are confirmed to attend.. All others that I had cheo so far, had already their prior arrangement due to year end holiday plan lor ….

    That rite, many of us had supported and enjoyed very much the past years’ D&D, hence I really hope that more will come forward to sign up for this event. I really miss those active vibrant party lovers’ members and hope to see them again in this coming D&D….

    Cheers… Dolly

  10. Bookings for the D&D 21 Dec 2014 at SRC is now opened for registration. Payment details will be announced in Oct.

    Tickets are only confirmed upon payment.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hi Terence
    I’m trying to form a table of 10. So far, the following are interested:

    1.Gabriella Chua
    2.Kuah Siew Tin
    3.Susan Tan
    4.Philip Yeo Tiang Hui
    5.Edwin Tan

    Will try and fill up this table .. Would anyone like to join us?

    Warm regards…….

  12. Hi Terence

    Further to my note above, I’ve managed to fill up my table .. there are now 10 members. Yippee :-)

    6. Sue Chan
    7. Wong Hong Jeng
    8. Alfred Ang (Steven Chan)
    9. Veronique Lee
    10. Joe Choo

    Warm regards…..

  13. Hi Gabriella and members,

    I appreciate your effort to sell 10 tickets to our Annual Dinner and Dance. With yours and Dolly’s efforts, we would have sold 20 tickets. I am sure this will be an all sold out event very soon.

    Please add Sompho Homjumroon, our thai counterpart. He will be giving us a performance. We can add him to any table, preferably to a drinkers’ table.

    And, to fellow members, please quickly form a table, and have their names registered here. Do not wait until the last minute.
    Get ready your best suits and dress. We have decided it wont be a Flintstones theme.

    Terence Seah

  14. Another member is close to forming a table of 10. This means that 3 tables are being taken up. I am confident that all tickets will be sold soon. I encourage you to form a table, and if not, book your tickets on this forum now.

    Terence Seah

  15. Dec 21 2014 shall be our Annual Dinner and Dance. Call up your friends, and book a table of 10. I see we have 15 registered here. 35 tickets to go.

    Terence Seah

  16. The shape of our Dinner and Dance on Dec 21, 2014 is coming in slowly. Another table of 10 is being formed, and I hope it will be concluded soon.

    Payment will start next week. If you have not done your reservation for a table, please do so now.

    Terence Seah

  17. I have come to understand that the reason why the D and D listg is not filling up yet, is because the table leader is waiting to fill up his/her table.

    If you plan to come along or in small groups of less than 10, please register now.

    Terence Seah

  18. Hello there,
    Good day,
    My name is Doreen.
    I would like to register for two persons for this year D & D on the 21 Dec.
    This my first time joining , I am hoping to join more activities here.
    Thank you.

  19. Hi Doreen,
    Since my table is yet to fill up, you are welcome to join me lor… But is your friend a SHC member also… the event is for SHC members only… Cheers.. Dolly

  20. I am glad to hear a number of members are coming together to form a table each for this year’s Dinner and Dance.

    Gabriella seems to have completed the table. Well done. I see many dancers on this table.

    Then, there is SS Tan who has also started to form another table. He has reserved a table of 10, and is focusing on keeping a balance on the FM ratio. I appreciate the effort; something which the club is trying to do all along with small success. So, a table of 10 to SS Tan.

    Only through the chat groups did I come to know that Dolly Lim is also forming a table of 10. Again, looks like all dancers. Good luck Dolly, and I look forward to you forming your table of 10 very soon.

    And finally, what shall I do? I love dancing events, not that I can dance, I simply dont know how. Yet, I love the dance floor and I love to encourage dancing events for members. I hope everybody will try to try to have a balance FM ratio on their table.

    Now, which table leader would like to include myself and Sompho on your table? We both simply cannot dance, but we know how to gelek.

    The SRC ballroom can comfortably take 50 people. No decision has been taken to see if we would extend beyond 50. I shall decide on this with Pat Oei who is a member of SRC. And, I appreciate Peggy and Arthur Yap for sharing with me the option of using the SRC ballroom as venue for our D&D. Add to their suggestion, they have advised me on the intricacies of working with SRC. Thank you.

    Finally, this event is strictly for SilverHairsClub members only. Please ensure that all participants are registered SHC members. We will have a fun event, because this Dinner and Dance will be organised by members. Music makes the world go round. What about dancing?

    Terence Seah

  21. Pls include Sarah Kassim in my table.

    Terence, regret to say that I had lost enthusiasm to try getting members to form a full table. I just don’t want to listen to whatever reasons given now for joining d table… After all, this is not a free event lor…. I hv my own judgement and they have their own prerogative also… So, if there is no enough members form to this table, I am fine also. After all, 50paxs event, how bad d seats arrangement can be right… Just make sure that allocation is fair enough, that all I will asked for.

    But if this event is going to open to non members due to poor response, then, I will not be going…. For those currently on my table list, pls take note of this hor, feel free to join others now to avoid being played out by me hor…. Thank you…. Dolly

  22. We are now closer to our date for the D&D on Sun 21 Dec 2014.

    Please make payment now to POSB current account 951-00428-6. Let me know when payment has been down.

    Whether you are into dancing or not, the Dinner and Dance is a great time to get to know one another better.

    Terence Seah

  23. Hi Terence
    Tks for organising this D & D for us ~ we’re now in the Christmassy mood!

    Just transferred $275 to your acct no. given above. The payment is for the following:
    Gabriella Chua
    Kuah Siew Tin
    Susan Tan
    Philip Yeo Tiang Hui
    Edwin Tan

    Dancing friends seated at my table.

    Payment done at the ATM machine at Tampines Mall (ref: 5230).

    The other friends at my table will pay direct to your account.

    Looking forward to the D&D. We’re going to have fun.


  24. Updates on the Dinner & Dance on Sun 21 Dec 2014.

    I like to share with you the thots behind this D&D. Unlikely previous D&Ds, this D&D has a strange process. It started with the idea of having the theme “Prehistoric Times – The Flntstones”. Lots of chat in the background that this is a bad idea; and that no one will attend because nobody knows or remembers Flintstones. Some members felt they cannot associate with Flintstones. I was quite hot about it; and even went ahead to buy a set of Flintstones characters. Of course, some members told me they wont attend if the theme is Flintstones. How are they going to take public transport with the prehistoric costumes. Well, I finally agreed to change the theme.

    Well, we are now 6 weeks to the event. The date is fixed; and we are having the event at SRC on Sun 21 Dec 2014. We wanted a date close to Christmas, but many places were booked, or the venue was priced far too high. Finally, after asking members around, Patrick Oei offered to try the SRC ballroom, and finally we managed to get an inprinciple OK. We selected a menu and a price. But,, the place is limited to 50 people. Todate, we have about 30 pax confirmed. Only 20 more to go; but i believe it will be booked and paid for very soon.

    As the MC for the evening, I have asked Patrick Oei, and he has accepted. As of now, we may do with one MC, as no one else has volunteered. I am hoping Patrick will be a co-MC. Many things will happen in the coming weeks.

    On this forum, we have asked our members for suggestions on venues. Got to thank Susan CH Tan, Lily and MayW for reviewing the Club at AMK Hub; but finally we decided the venue was not acceptable. We tried CSC Club, but after many rounds, we dropped it too. So now, we have the SRC ballroom.

    Now for the serious part of it. Besides, Patrick Oei who is our MC, we shall also have Charles Cher who will be coming with a 3 piece band. I am no musician, but I am told CharlesC is good, and will give us a good show. So CharlesC and team is confirmed.

    As for the games and items, I rather we keep this hush for now. Not much fun knowing what’s in store, as we may have expectations. But, now we should talk about it every day. I have learnt something about SHC members. It appears it is difficult to decide coming or not, as most members have holiday plans. We know many members are still in Singapore; but only you know where you will be.

    Before I forget, Sompho from Thailand will also come for the D&D. He is not dancer, like me; but we love to have fun, have some drinks and maybe try dancing after a couple of rounds. His wife is also coming to Singapore; but unfortunately we cannot have his wife to come, as she is below 45.

    So, now is the time to have some activities for the night. If you have an idea; and like to organise a game item or something, please feel free to whatsapp me directly.

    Please start your payment now. The account is on the website. If you have organsied a table, great. If you are coming alone, also great. Dont wait until next week, you maynot get a seat. have fun.

    Terence Seah

  25. My table will consist of 1) Dolly Lim 2) Eyvonne Chew 3) Sarah Kassim 4) Alice Yap 5) Rosalind Lee 6&7) Patrick and Linda Oei 8) Lilian Teo

    Not sure about Doreen as she did not respond to my comments leh.. so I will still continue to llss for other members to join remaining 2 lor…

    So Doreen, r u coming to join me bo? I sure can guarantee you hor.. our table consists of many many fun loving members hor… So whatever you are, pls comment leh… Cheers.. Dolly

  26. Dear Terence,
    Our table is practically filled but we still have people who show interest in joining the D n D. So the numbers are coming along nicely and would not be surprised if you can hit 60 pax, which would make it a good sized crowd for your party.
    Will arrange to make payment to your above mentioned account soon and look forward to a great Christmas party!


  27. Pls register Irene Poh – Both Peggy and me will decide the table arrangement later as we are still trying to get members to join in as much as we could lor… Cheers… Dolly

  28. I have spoken with Peggy Yap that we are coming for the D&D. All arrangement will be carried out with Peggy. The following names are :-
    1) Danny Lye
    2) Tan June (Spouse)
    3) Hamidah Ishak
    4) Angela Straaten

    Payments will be made via POSB.

  29. Hehe! Thank you. Thank you buddy. My pleasure. Good to play catch up with friends. Glad that I can make it back in time for Sunday. This time cannot bring dance partner never mind lah since its an all SHC members affair. Most importantly, there will be good food (have eaten at the club before) and good company.

  30. Dear Terence,
    Some good news for you on the D n D front.
    I am now able to confirm the attendance of a significant number of attendees for the D n D . Collectively they will take up close to two tables. We are still awaiting the response of several potentials and I hope they will be able to take up the remaining seats in the days to come. Below are the names for the 2 tables:-

    1. Terence Seah
    2. Somphi Homjuroon
    3.Richard Wong (Pd)
    4. Daisy Yeo (Pd)
    5. Molly Chua (Pd)
    6. Charlie Teo (Pd)
    7 Jennifer Lim (Pd)
    8. Aloysius Ng (Pd)
    9. Mega Abdullah (Pd)
    10 Joy Chuang
    11 Danny Lai
    12Hamidah Ishak
    13 June Tan
    14 Angela Straaten
    15 Arthur Yap
    16 Peggy Yap
    Apart from yourself and Somphi, I will be collecting the money from the rest and sending to you directly to your account. Some of the participants have already paid but I am waiting for the rest to do so, after which I will consolidate and remit to you in one lump sum rather than piecemeal.
    Peggy Yap

  31. Our Dinner and Dance on Sun 21 Dec 2014 is coming on fine. This D&D may be considered disorganized, but I am pleased with the members who are pulling together a full table. Please ensure you have a payment transfer number to indicate payment.

    On the side, we have Danny Lye who will be our official photographer for the night. I am sure he will have some nice photographs of you during this D&D. Thank you Danny. I look forward to seeing some exceptional photos.

    Terence Seah

  32. Our theme for the Dinner and Dance has changed a few times, and has evolved itself. From Prehistoric times, to Flintstones and now to something very Christmas. 21 Dec gives us the holiday mood. I am thinking of the theme “Anything goes, Christmas is here”. Dress your best for the festive season. And I look forward to seeing you.

    Let’s now ask Charles Cher, our band to give us the mood of the season. Just another month to go.

    And if you like to organise a game or an item, feel free to discuss directly with me.

    Terence Seah

  33. Peggy,

    Wrong surname – Danny LYE not Lai.


    Thanks for your encouragement and acceptance. I will do my best to give you all the best shots of the night for your rememberance. As this is my 1st time taking an event with SHE, I hope there should there be no “misjudgements” on my parts, please excuse me as I am still learning to improve my photography skills.

  34. Hi Terence,
    The following members are keen to attend this year’s DnD, please register them. Thank you.
    Bobby Bok
    Leon Lau
    Dave Chong
    Anne Chee
    Esther Mok
    Irene Tan
    Barbara Ong
    SK Chua
    Ann Lim

  35. Hi AnnL,

    It’s always exciting to see you bring a group together, especially with familiar faces. The number of tables is limited at this ballroom. I have to admit I have not seen the venue, as I trusted the judgement of Patrick Oei and Arthur Yap. They are the ones who briefed me on everything they think I need to know.

    This said, I think I will close registration soon. And focus on the program for the night and theme “Anything goes. Christmas is here.”

    For the purpose of registration for this event, as usual, I have Gabriella who has been consistently updating the name list, and this time, the payment updates too. Thank you Gabriella for agreeing to do this task.

    Of course, I am looking for someone to do the Registration Desk on the 21 Dec. Please free to raise your hand. This is one way for u to know other members.

    This morning, I am about 150 Km northwest of Bkk, in a quiet province and town. My doc told me not to eat Ter Huan Kiam Chye with all the goodies, but I settled for slice pork and minced port, same soup and rice. Quiet relaxing town, fresh air and for a few days. This is a big rice field industry here. I look forward to you and other members join me here for a few days of local thai food in Singburi province.

    Let’s enjoy our D&D.

    Terence Seah

  36. Hi Terence

    Payment of $550 for 10 pax at SS’s table has been made. ATM at Tamp Mall (ref: 9290) at 12.57 pm.

    He is away and has asked me to pay for him first. Kindly ack receipt.

    Thanks & regards,

  37. Pls remove Doreen from my table as I still hv yet to receive any reply from her… I will try to find another 1 to fill up the table soon.

    Cheers… Dolly

  38. Terence, I had make payment for my table of 9paxs to your assigned acct of $495.01. (Ref# 13587426340).

    OK gang, we r all ready to be siao siao party, dressed in red, white or green hor.. Wow.. will start looking for swee swee party dress to wear liao…

    Cheers… Dolly

  39. OK, last member to fill up my table is Dorine Tan… and she will make payment personally since I had already paid ours liao…

    Welcome, Dorine, to our table of super duper gang… cheers.. Dolly

  40. Hi Terence,
    May Yoon will replace Bobby Bok as he is only able to confirm his attendance nearer event date. We cant wait so please delete his name from my table. I have xferred $550 to your POSB acct today ref 0694 @ 1159hrs. Please update. Thanks.

  41. Hi

    I have one vacant seat at my table as at today, 16 Nov. Steven Chan has just informed that he will not be able to attend.

    Would anyone like to take over his seat?

    Tks & regards,

  42. Our theme for this year’s Dinner and Dane is “Anything goes. Christmas is here”. I am hoping it will draw ideas and creativity. So, if you have an idea, a game, or a show, please whatsapp me at +65 94894360 directly, if you are unsure. If you have something solid, do speak it up here. Give yourself the chance to to do something for fellow members.

    Being “Anything goes”, it is nice to have a “dress contest”. Probably something unique for the evening. Like to help with this contest?

    If you have a mystery game or show, also feel free to let me know.

    This activity is strictly for members only. Please ensure that all members participating in this D&D are on the list. Sorry, no exception. All members, please bring along your nametag. You can put on your lovely tag or you can also have a nice sticky label on your dress or shirt.

    Hi DaisyY, thank you very much for accepting the role of managing the Registration desk during the evening. Feel free to have another few ladies or guys to help up at the table too.

    So, let’s surprise one another with this theme “Anything goes. Christmas is here”. My best known surprise is I arrive Singapore from Hanoi on 21 Dec 2014 in the morning. See you in the evening”.

    Some members have expressed to me that we should try to allow more members to attend this D&D. Although not decided yet, I am thinking of closing registration on 23 Nov 2014 OR when 60 pax is fully paid whichever come later.

    This is our party. “Anything goes. Christmas is here”.

    Terence Seah

  43. Hi Gabrielle,
    I will be able to attend this Shc DnD. Appreciate if you could put my name to replace Steven. Will made payment when i m back to Spore from my tour. Thank you.

  44. Hi Bobby
    There’s one seat available at my table – replacement for Steven Chan.

    So are you joining my table or Peggy’s table?

    Pl advise urgently.


  45. Hi Terence

    Spoken to SS this morning. He will be submitting ALL the names at one go, later on. He is still awaiting confirmation from some of his kakis.


  46. Hi Gabriella/Peggy,
    Thank you for organizing & coordinating, I would appreciate if you could put me in at Peggy table as it seem to have 2 more vacancies. I will transfer payment soon. Best regards..

  47. Terence,
    Dorine had paid $55.05 to your acct, ref 9158, pls update status accordingly.

    Do you need to pay corkage for wine or do you need to get from SRC – Can I know this pls… Cheers.. Dolly

  48. Hi Terence/Peggy,
    I have just made atm transfer payment of $55 to Terence Posb current account no:951-00428-6 . My reference no:0996 transfer at 21.01hrs. I have also informed Peggy about the direct payment to you and will join Peggy table. Thank you.

  49. The last day for registration for the D&D is 23 Nov 2014. I will discuss with PeggyY and Pat Oei if we can handle up to 80 pax. Honestly, I have not been to the place, but I will accept their suggestion. If yes, we shall stop at 80 pax. If no, we shall stop at 60 pax, last paying person.

    James, please have all the names of your table members before 23 Nov.

    Registration after 23 Nov 2014 will be put on waiting list.

    Terence Seah

  50. Next year 2015, I am hoping to feature two of our members as Mr and Ms SHC. I have spoken with Danny Lye who will be taking portrait shots of members during the night. If you would like to represent SHC next year, please come forward to the front of Danny’s camera. I am sure he will do more than just a beautiful and handsome shot of you.

    The theme is “Anything goes. Christmas is here”.

    Terence Seah

  51. Terence, as this will be the MAIN event to round off Year 2014 may I suggest you place this post on the top of the front page? I had a hard time locating this post leh.

    Also, please specify the dress code and colours.


  52. Hi Everybody,

    Yes, our Dinner and Dance is coming fast and close. Usually, I would like a member to be the EO. This is because I plan not to be in Singapore in Dec. However for this event, I will flying in 21 Dec morning back to Bkk on 22 Dec.

    Some of you feel I should be hands-on for this event, as it is a major event. Instead, I have asked many members to help out with various tasks. I am not shy about it, in view of my work and personal travel.

    As long as you are happy, and have the opportunity to get together, I am happy too. But, I will not go all way out to. Make any single person or group happy. It must be in the interest of the Club.

    Like with many events, I have not held a single committee meeting. Haha, I have not even seen the place. But some members have, and I am happy with the situation. A number of members have initiative and drive, and I have communicated with them. In time, maybe one day before the D&D, I shall share the program with you.

    Who get’s to be in the committee? It’s you. If you discussed with me, I will readily accept you into the committee. This is the essence. Anything else, I am not the right person to argue, complain, criticise and do negative talk.

    We are doing well with the numbers, and I can confirm now that registration closes on 23 Nov.

    Now, it is interesting. No one asks for any singing item, dance performance or…

    See u folks very soon.

    Terence Seah

  53. Our Dinner and Dance is coming close; and I feel that I am losing touch with what is going on or more what I forgotten. We want a fun event. So, if you think we forgotten something, please let me know here.

    Two members have offered to look after gifts and prizes. They are Peggy Yap and Judy Lim. If you have nice door gifts or prizes that can be given awqy, please give them to either Peggy Yap or Judy Lim. Both love to wrap gifts and prizes. Please indicate your name on the gift. In advance, I like to thank you. Please arrange to deliver the gifts and prizes to them to them.

    Thank you Judy and Peggy.

    Terence Seah

  54. Hi D&D participants,
    Panic stations, for the D&D. Should we have Christmas hats, whistles and grenades? Do you go into Johore regularly? If you do, can you volunteer to buy 80 varied hats, whistles and grenades.. I will leave it to the one who volunteer. We will pay for it. But, you have to bring it to the SRC that night.

    Any one?

    Terence Seah

  55. Terence, do you want party hats or Santa caps? I will be going to Manila next month, the week before our D & D. I can get the items you want as Philippines celebrates Christmas in a BIG way so it’s easy to buy them. Let me know ya?


  56. Hi Rosalind,

    Please go ahead with buying in Philippines. I think 50kg weight is ok. Hats, party or Christmas hats are ok. Perhaps, a mix is also fine. Leave it to your discretion.

    Don’t forget those things that look like elephant trunks when u blow it. Max, for 80 pax.

    And of course, if your flight is delayed, we keep them for next year. Thank you for offering to help by the accessories.

    Terence Seah

  57. Hi Peggy,

    Both Terence and Sompho have paid to the account.

    I hope to see Sompho entertain us with the launch of the SilverHairsClub new song. Sompho will be playing the guitar, while Caroline Gee will do the singing. I hope all of you will join in the song.

    To hear the song, please click on the right arrow, top right of

    Thank you Caroline. And don’t get mix up with Sompho’s thai ascent.

    Terence Seah

  58. Thank you Terence for giving me the honour. I will try my best not to disappoint.
    Hmmm…wonder how I would sound with some foreign accent.

  59. Hi Terence,
    Have made payment today for Gerry Ong and myself.
    Appreciate if you can put Lily Ho,
    Eileen Thean & Gerry Ong on same table.

    Lily will be making payment soon.


  60. Re payment for the D&D, please be informed that transaction ref no as payment for the D&D and mentioned on this forum, are considered official.

    Please do not message me via other channels, as these messages are not tracked.

    Closing date is 23 Nov 2014. Names after this date will be put on a waiting list.

    Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  61. Terence,
    Eileen payment of $110 is ref# 13611431612.

    As spoken, Eileen, Gerry and Lily had requested that they will be prefered to be sit together in the same table – Kindly look into this request,,, Thank you…

    Cheers… Dolly

  62. Hi Terence, the names are as follow:
    Ah Nee
    Judy Lim
    Lina Tan
    Jazz Soh
    Rina Tan
    Michael Tay
    Andrew Koh
    Jeffery Wong
    Robert Ong
    SS James
    Thanks for organizing and am sorry for the delay!
    Have a great day, cheers

  63. Hi Terence,

    Payment of $110.00 just made to your POSB C/A @ 12:23hrs under ref: 4512 today for myself & Wong Hong Jeng. Kindly update accordingly.


  64. Hi SS

    I can’t find your posting on your table kakis. Wd you like to redo or alternatively, jus apps me the names and I’ll put them on the registration list for you.


    Warm regards.

  65. Hi SS

    Ref your sms to me, I’ll put in the names of the dancing kakis at your table as follows:

    Ah Nee
    Judy Lim
    Lina Tan
    Jazz Soh
    Rina Tan (new member)
    Michael Tay (new member)
    Andrew Koh
    Jeffrey Wong
    Robert Ong
    SS James

    You have informed that Rina and Michael are registered as a couple and they have been given the password and are able to login already.

    Registered for you.

    Thanks &

  66. Thank you participants of the D&D. Registration is now closed. Those who are still interested, would be put on the waiting list. Please do not make any payment.

    Let’s look forward to the day.

    Terence Seah

  67. Hi Ronald Lam

    Ref our telephone conversation. Yes, there’s a vacant seat at my table. I’m glad that you’ll be joining my table. You’re most welcome. Wd appreciate if you could credit your payment by tomorrow.

    Tks and regards….

    Hi Terence
    There are only 9 pax at my table as Steven Chan has withdrawn his reservation. Ronald Lam would like to take over this seat, making a total of 10 at my table. He will make payment of $55 by tomorrow.


  68. This year, we shall have a smaller and cosier Dinner and Dance. Instead of our usual 120 pax, we shall have this time, less than 70 pax. To have more space for dancing, we shall keep to a smaller table area, and the dancing area shall be surrounded by tables.

    I am hoping to learn from this event organising. Next year, we shall adopt a similar concept of organising, and I am hoping we will have a larger dancing area, with a participation of 300 pax. This shall be a dream, hopefully come true.

    Today, I like to announce that Lynda Chua will be the co-MC for the night, together with Pat Oei. Thank you Lynda and Pat, for accepting this roles. I look forward to your hosting an enjoyable event.

    Terence Seah

  69. Hi Terence
    Our D&D is on the 21 Dec which is 4 days from Christmas.
    In order to light up the spirit of the festive season, you might want to arrange someone to sing a few Christmas carols.
    If you do, I would like the following song to be included:
    “O Holy Night”.
    Your compliance would be much appreciated.
    Cheers and regards
    Robert Ong

  70. Hi Robert,

    Thank you for the suggestion for the D&D. As discussed with the team, the program from the start of the program to the end of the D&D is already full and packed. There is no space for an extra item.

    However, I do see a space during registration, and you are welcome to organise the song item from 5pm to 5.20pm. Gather your singers at the door, and perhaps bring along a portable music player, and you can have this item at the door. Let’s me know if youi wish to have this item.

    Terence Seah

  71. Hi Terence
    Thanks for the arrangement of the allocation, but due to the time slot and its short duration, I am afraid we have to decline the offer.

  72. Hi Steven

    Good news! Registered for you… see registration list/table seating above.

    Wd appreciate if you could credit $55 for the dinner to Terence’s account number given above. Pl indicate the ref number on this blog when you’ve paid.

    Tks & c u then……

  73. Our Annual Dinner and Dance is coming soon, and I know that many of us, including myself, are excited with this event. Organising a D&D without seeing the place and better still, without having a committee meeting, can be frightening. Luckily, we have a number of experienced organisers in the team. Most of them you may already know, and you shall see them during the evening.

    This year, our theme is “Anything goes, Christmas is here”. We let you have a go at your imagination, as to what to dress for the night. Be it green, or red. If you come as a Santa Claus, we shall enjoy your company. If you dress very short, that’s nice too. So, think about your dress.

    We start the evening at 5pm, with Daisy Yeo and her team taking your registration. Come early as we shall have a good segment of pre-dinner dancing. Charles Cher will also be entertaining us, throughout the evening.

    Not forgetting Danny Lye, who will be taking photographs. I understand he can make you more handsome or more pretty than your daily self. I have requested Danny to take some nice portrait shots for our Club; so dont be shy to stand in front of him.

    If you have got some prizes which you can donate to the Club for this evening, please pass them over to Peggy and Judy. They will make a nice prize out of it. The more, the merrier.

    And for me, I have a little problem. I have not bought my ticket back to Singapore, they are so expensive, being a holiday season.

    Pat and Lyndy Oei are our MC and co-MCs, and they will give us a good time, besides the other team members who are preparing their games, song and entertainment items for our entertainment.

    This is your event.

    Terence Seah

  74. Hi Dan
    Good news! You will be seated at Eileen’s table. Pl see the registration list above.

    Wd appreciate if you could transfer $55 to Terence’s acct (given above) urgently. Please indicate the ref number on this blog once payment is made.

    Thank you……

  75. Our D&D is coming very close, this weekend. Not so sure what will go right or what will go wrong. But for sure, the team is getting excited. A few points for you to make it more fun.

    1. Wear what you think fits. “Anything goes. Christmas is here”.
    2. Your name tag, please bring it along, so that we can recognise you in the dark.
    3, First thing to do when you come in. Go straight to the registration desk.
    4. We have pre=dinner dancing. Plenty of dancing. Come in at 5pm, and register your self first.
    5. Carparks – We know there are some carpark tickets at SRC. Ask the registration desk, on a first come basis. Soprry, if we dont have enough.
    6. We wont spent a lot of time on prizes or gifts. We will think of a way to keep it short.

    Finally, this is your dinner and dance. Enjoy yourself.

    Thank you to the team who are working in the background.

    Terence Seah

  76. Allow me to introduce the registration team, ladies who have said “Yes” without hesitation:
    1) Anne Lim;
    2) Linda Oei;
    3) Judy Lim (on “SOS” back-up alert)

    Thank you, ladies!

    To all attending, do bring along your personalized name tags if you would like to be distinguished prominently otherwise, a sticker tag will be provided upon registration.

    For a speedy registration, please assist with your table “host” when asked. Do refer to the Registered List on this post for a refresh.

    A draw will be done for table assignment to the respective “hosts” (rest assured the draw will not be rigged) but, the seat you occupy at the table shall be on a first-come-first-served basis.

    So, do come early and see you soon for a delightful evening!

    Daisy Yeo

  77. Our annual dinner and dance is coming close. Everybody in the team is working hard, and spending a lot of time thinking and making sure all nuts and bolts are in place.

    Importantly for you is to come at 5pm. Register and get to meet your friends and members at 5pm. Come early, we have pre-dinner dancing.

    1. Dress: No Jeans, No Polo T shirts.
    2. Free flow of soft drinks.
    3. Corkage chargeable for liquor and wine, beer.
    4. Limited car parks available. If you need and we have available, we shall give u a ticket at registration. First come basis, after helpers.

    Our MCS are Pat and Lindy Oei. Registration is headed by Daisy Yeo. Prizes by Peggy Yap and Judy Lim. Bouncers, we don’t have.

    There is a musical quiz. A musical performance and a game item by members. Our new SilverHairsClub song by Sompho and Caroline Gee.

    Dinner is international buffet. I am sure you will enjoy it.

    The place is well decor’d by SRC. So, the mood is there. “Anything goes. Christmas is here”.

    Thank you and see u all soon.

    Terence Seah

  78. Before you leave your place for the dinner and dance, here’s the program for tonight.

    4.00 pm – SRC opens for setup.

    5.00 pm – Registration by Daisy Yeo. Please bring your nametag.
    Check out your table host (7 tables)
    Pre-Dinner gathering
    Photography by Danny Lye

    6.00 – 6.45 pm – 1st dance segment by Charles Cher to welcome

    6.45 – 6.50 pm – MCs Pat and Lyndy welcome you to this year’s D&D.
    6.50 – 7.00 pm – Our SilverHairsClub song by Sompho Homjuroon and Caroline Gee

    7.00 pm – 7.45pm – International Dinner Buffet by SRC

    7.45 – 8.05 – Musical Quiz by Peggy and Arthur Yap. Take your seat.
    8.05 – 8.15 pm – Performance by Gabriella Chua

    8.15 pm – 9.30 pm – 2nd dance segment, starts nonstop by Charles Cher
    9.30 – 9.40 pm – Game item by Dolly Lim. Take your seat.
    9.40 – 9.50 pm – Some time to adjust ourselves for the rest of the evening.
    10.00 – 1130 pm – 3rd dance segment, non stop dancing by Charles Cher
    11.30 – 12.00 pm – Welcome 2015. All members welcome to sing along and dance till midnight.
    12.00 mn – See u next year.

    ** Lucky draw – We have a lucky draw, specially planned by Peggy and Judy. No official draw on stage to save time.
    Come early to find out. Thank you very much to the individual and corporate sponsors.

    ** Dress – No jeans, No polo, no slippers.

    ** Corkage for bring in items. Liquor, Wine, coffee/tea chargeable.
    Soft drinks – free flow.

    To all dancers, and non-dancers, let’s enjoy ourselves tonight.
    Feel free to print out this program. We all will forget our watches tonight.

    Terence Seah

  79. Last night’s Dinner & Dance was absolutely enjoyable for me. I enjoyed every bit of the evening, even though I did not dance. Maybe that’s why I just woke up.

    As with every event, for every nice things, there are also a few oops. I know many of you have good things to say; but let’s also allow some room for feedback and wish lists for next years and future similar events.

    I do like to hear your feedback. But, let’s keep the good memories by not focusing on individuals but on the events or issues. But of course, if you have good things to say about any person, go ahead. it’s nice to feel good too.

    Thank you. I am preparing to travel again, Look forward to hearing from you.

    Terence Seah

  80. Dear Terence

    Thank you for letting me sing the Silverhairsclub song together with Sompho – very nice guy. Thank you Sompho. I hope to sing with you again. But I know I should have done better. Nonetheless, it was a good experience.
    It was a good party – meeting members for the first time and some whom I have not seen for a long time. I enjoyed it too. The game put up by Dolly and Alice was hilarious and the guys were so sporting. And the quiz section by Arthur and Peggy was great at jolting our memory and getting the “old brains” to work harder. Danny Lye must be the busiest guy last night. Thank you. Also thank you Charles Cher band for the music that I danced to. The friendly registration desk with Ann and Daisy. Gabby, thank you for the lovely rendition of Jambalaya and Seven Lonely Days. Thank you Mega, Bobby, Robert and Pat for the dance. And of course, our MCs for the night – Lynda and Patrick – lovely pair who dressed to “kill”.

    I wish for a bigger venue with more people and more games.

  81. Hi Caroline

    Wow, yr write-up has covered it all! Tks for your kind words .. albeit I didn’t do as well as I wanted cos I was having stage-fright! (ha ha). Tks to the audience’s support as they clap and sing along … important thingy is we have FUN ~ TQ Terence for giving me this opportunity ~

    Wd also like to thank all the HUNKS who danced with me .. Oohlala …

    Cheers to all as we look forward to our next D & D in 2015.

    Warm regards,

  82. Hi Terence! As the EO of this year’s SHC Annual D & D, I must say the event went off well enough. Minor hitches are always to be expected but as we’re like a big ‘family’ the hiccups didn’t matter very much.
    I would wish for SHC members to really ‘let their hair down’ and not be too fussy about the programme or fellow members who were happily enjoying themselves. If you cannot accept that it is after all a PARTY where everyone and anyone can break out into loud laughter, tomfoolery and impromptu dancing, then be quiet and keep your personal opinion to yourself. Or stay at home. :)
    Sorry Terence, my evening was marred by snide remarks from a fellow member. Hope he/she knows I am referring to him/her. Merry Christmas.


  83. Gabby, if you did not tell, I think most of us would not have known you had stage fright. And I enjoyed singing along too. No wonder members are flocking to your coffee sessions. Its a pity they are held during office hours.

  84. For this year’s Dinner and dance, we had alocated 3 segments to dancing because I am aware many members love dancing. Yet, I am conscious that there are many non-dancers. For the dancers, I think most enjoy the evening. For the non-dancers, I am not sure, although I believe many of the dancers make good performance.

    My wish is for members to respond earlier, so that we can finetune to your needs;. If you make a special request, we will try to entertain you. If you request late, unfortunately the organisers cannot help.

    And finally, I like to thank the people in the team. and to all who came to make it fun.
    Not sure what happen to the other photos. We will find them.

    Terence Seah

    [image=table 6.jpg]

  85. Did I miss out anybody?

    It was a pleasure to see Steven Chan. And, it is always nice to see Sarah who has always been very supportive. I have asked Sarah and Hamidah to help us organise a Malay festival event, sometime this year. Let’s crack out brains for a jogek item.

    Terence Seah

  86. Hi Terence

    I think it would be better if we can alter the size of the pictures rather than having a standard fixed one? The pics are too ‘captivating’ ? Unless you like it that way.


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