Morning walk on Sundays

Any SHC members living in Sembawang area? Want to join me for morning walk on Sundays from 6.45 am, either at Canberra or Montreal Park?


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About Norhayati

Hi folks. My name is Nur, short for Norhayati. I came across SHC website by chance on 7th April 2008 and decided to join the following day, after reading the many activities organised by the club. I take this opportunity too, to thank Terence for his warm welcome. I’m working in a senior citizens’ home (so, anybody who wants to chope a bed can call me, just kidding). I’m not a nurse, just working in the HR office. I used to enjoy reading (thrillers, legal, criminal and of course romantic love stories) but after being 'diagnosed' as being long-sighted several years ago, I began to cut down on my leisure reading, as I tend to get headache if I put on my reading glasses for too long. Now, I’ve switched to watching Korean series, travelogue and documentaries on television during my free time. I used to travel with friends too but after one by one they got married, I didn’t want to be a lamppost and stopped traveling with them. I’m hoping that by joining SHC, I would be able to make and meet new friends and to join in some of the activities. I may not be able to attend all the activities though, as I’m almost the main caregiver to my 70plus mum (being the only unmarried sibling). Another thing I must confess to. I’m one of those hopeless persons with VERY poor sense of direction. If the activity is being held in Tampines, don’t be surprised if I end up in Clementi!! Don’t be surprised too if you find a foreigner in Singapore probably knows Singapore better than I do. So, please bear with me OK if I need detailed directions of how to reach a certain destination for the activities. My other interests include morning walks on Sundays (I work alternate half day on Saturdays). Want to learn to play badminton like a pro. Right now, I can anyhow hit the shuttle. My 10-year-old niece can play better. So, at the next activity, if you see a tudong-wearing lady, that would be me. I'm looking forward to meet the other members and join in the activities organized by SHC.

6 thoughts on “Morning walk on Sundays

  1. Hi Nur, I will join you one Sunday morning when I am back. Is there a MRT station or bus stop, at the starting point?

    Usually, I wake up too early, so a 6.45 am starting is refreshing.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Nur

    First welcome you to the SHC.

    I am not living anywhere near Sembawang, but this May, the montly walk is at the Sembawang Parks and I do no know how to go there.

    It would be great if you can advise which is the nearest MRT Station to the park and from this staton what buses will bring us to the park.

    As this is your ‘kampong’ I spposed youwill join in the walk. See you there.

    King Seng

  3. Hi Terence

    That’s great. Let me know when you’re back. The nearest MRT station is Sembawang. There’s a bus stop in front of either Park but errrmmm, I’ve never bothered to look at the bus numbers as I usually walk to the park from my home. We can meet at the station and walk to either park.


    Hi King Seng,

    Thanks for your welcome note. Which bus to go to Sembawang Park? Hmmmmm, that’s a good question as I too don’t know how to go there. Let me find out and I will get back to you OK? It’s my working day that Saturday but I might swop Saturday duty and join you all, provided the walk is in the morning.

    Anyway, as I told Terence, the nearest MRT station is Sembawang.


  4. Nur

    Thank you for your reply.

    Should be able to ask people how to get to the park when I reached Sebawang Station.

    The walk is usually in the afternoon by which time you would be off duty.

    Look forward to see you at the walk.

    King Seng

  5. Hi Nur,

    A warm hearty welcome to SHC!

    I believe you might have explored all the categories and know the activities we have had as well as the up & coming.

    Our monthly walks are on the 2nd Saturday monthly unless otherwise advised. It usually starts at 4pm. Browse the category ‘Walk’ for more information & updates. You are most welcome to participate whenever you are able to.

    See you sometime, somewhere.

    Warm regards,
    ChristinaCL Chan

  6. #2 Lee KS,

    for your information, approx 2 weeks before each walk, one of us(leaders/EOs of Walks) will post the details of the walk, which includes how to get there… no worries ;)

    Perhaps, you would also like to browse thru the category ‘Walk’ (found at our homepage, right hand panel) to view more information of previous walks, etc.

    If need be, please do not hesitate to send me an email: (not recommended to put our mobile contact here in the website).

    ps: Nur, borrow this thread for a sec.. :)

    Warm Regards,
    ChristinaCL Chan

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