Well – known EATery Sites in Singapore

Hi all,

Pls. be free to share with us , SHCians your favourite makan stall in any parts of Singapore. The food can be anything under the sun as long as it is edible and sold in Singapre. If possible, tells more of the "unusual "  Ala Carte  dishes you may have experience eating in the heartlands.


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54 thoughts on “Well – known EATery Sites in Singapore

  1. Hi all,

    Let me gets the ball rolling first.

    Killing 2 birds with one stone.

    If any of you happen to pass by Clementi Town Centre, do NOT miss the yummy THAI Beef noodles and famous Chinese Rojak in the same coffeeshop directly opposite the OCBC bank.

    i) THAKSIN Thai Beef Noodles ( Halal )
    :- promises authentic HOT n SPICY kway teow noodles with tender beef,tendons etc with some mint leaves on top prepared by Thai chef.

    The soup contains NO MSG yet the taste is so delicious. It has been recommended under one of Singapore’s favourite food hunt.

    ii) The famous Halal Chinese rojak stall is again HIGHLY recommended under Singapore Favourite Food haunt. Their style of prepn is similar to those of M’sia.

    They use har koh or thick prawn paste with a mixture of sliced vegs / bbq tau pok / yau char kwai / bbq cuttlefish depends what you want to put in the rojak.And finally with finely grounded fried pea nuts as a topping.
    cost range from $3 to $6.

    Very YUMMY! but be prepared to face a LONG Q. At any moment after 7pm,there will be at least 5 to 8 customers in the Q until abt 10 pm. It takes abt at least 10 to 15 mins before you are served.

    In the day time, the situation is better.

    And so whenever after eating the Thai beef noodles , I always keep an eye on the rojak stall.

    Saw a SHORT Q quickly and VERY HAPPY “dash” to join the q and tau pau the rojak home otherwise give it a miss unless I really crave for it then bo pien ie what I meant by killing 2 birds with one stone.


  2. Hi all,

    Can anyone let me know where to eat herbal pig’s brain soup ?

    My favourite centre at People Park Complex had closed shop.


  3. Hi Wong KT,

    …….Pig brains at Maxwell hawker center and Amara Hotel food court. Tell me if they are still there.

    Will try both places before reverting to you. Old Airport Rd, a bit too far but will also try one day.


  4. Hi Ron Wie,

    Remember you brought us,Gywneth,Terence,Linda and me to eat the famous yummy yummy Peranakan Chendol with thick gula Malacca and fresh coconut milk in Jongkar Street in Malacca town ?

    Do you know of any place in S’pore that sells the same version of the M’sian chendol ?

    I am craving for it for a long time.

    Sometimes,I even dream of it. No kidding!


  5. Hi all,

    Does any one know where I can eat the famous M’sian cooking style Hokkien THICK black mee in Singapore ?

    I had tried several stalls at hawker centres and restaurants in Spore but far beyond my satisfaction.

    They do not put NOT enough of chee yoa char ( pig lard)and garlic to give the OOOOoooMMP factor.

    Btw, the Spore version of Hokkien mee is Hay Mee ( Prawn Mee) different from the M’sian style.

    And so whenever I visit JB or KL, Hokkien mee is my top priority.

    It was once so GOOD in JB that Robert,Kristy and myself ta pau the fried Hokkien mee for supper in spite of having eaten our Hokkien Mee for dinner already.

    Any one for Malaysian style Hokkien Mee Food Gathering at JB ?



  6. Ha…ha…ha….Steven is in his third month pregnancy, craving for Peranakan Chendol, Pig brains & Hokkien mee. Hello Steven, you love to eat and you eat a lot…how come you still so thin, growing upwards and not sideway…ha…ha…ha….disturb disturb you only hor, enjoy your food!

    Ah Nee

  7. Hi Steven,

    You are right I myself to crave at least once a week for that Malacca, choc like brown sugar c with snowy white coconut cream, with big kidney beans and pandan leaf flavored chendol. Another trip with Dennis, and Janet’s husband and we just could and had chendol before lunch.
    Maybe we should try to bring this chendol to Scoreboard, add another special with Durians for the gourmet special dessert, and called it “D’ Chendol”. The ‘D’ stands for the historical Malacca version from early Portuguese time, believed they are the experst in sugar cane refining into sugar or beer.
    Anyone interested, then we can even franchise it to selected outlets, as it would be more economical when operating at least 5 to 6 outlest. Steven in the West, Dennis or Mary in the East, KT Wong in the central ???

  8. I love chendol so much, all the comments on the malacca’s chendol make me feel like eating it now.

    Ron , let plan a trip there on one weekend just for the chendol for all that is craving for it – Anyone know where to eat the “round ball chicken Rice” in Malacca – they are very yummy.

    Steven – u should also mentioned the “Po Pian”
    and “tu-tu” next to the Rojak Stall in clementi.

  9. Steven & All,

    Anyone knows where to get good Peranakan/nonya food ?

    My family loves “Itek Sioh” & we always have it at Ivin’s Peranakan restaurant…though sometimes it is not available ;-(

  10. Jonathan @ 11

    There is one at Binjai Pk, always crowded but worth e trouble 2 wait n go rd e plc 2 get a parking lot.

    Karen @ 10

    Round ball chicken rice – u can find one, at a coffee shop opp Sim Lim Tower n oso within walking distance 2 Sg Rd flea mkt.

  11. Hi Karen #10 & #12,

    I knew of 1 kopi-tiam, previously located 1 bus-stop away from Lavender Food Centre, but now moved to the kopi-tiam (the other side of Lavender Food Centre) next to Hotel 81. I have tried once more than 20 years ago. Wanted to try but each time, by the time I reached there, the store is closed. Operating hours I think around 4p. Pls try and let me know. Also the abalone noodle costing $8 is good. For small eater, with half capacity, is just nice but for the rest, be prepared to have more than 1 helping or order other side dish. Also the crab beehoon is nice.

  12. Steven@7

    I also crave for the KL black Hokkien mee. I was hoping for someone to reply to your 17 but it looks like maybe there is none in Singpore.
    Can you tell me where in JB did you have yours?

  13. #7 & #14

    Steven & Lim Tian Soo

    Just take a ride 170 to JB custom – just directly opp the custom , there are alot of food stall along the narrow lane – it like the old stall of chinatown in the 70. The Hou fan and hokkien noodle is very nice.

    Thanks Susan for the “chicken Rice” info, I don usually go down to Lavender area, I will let u know if I try the rice. Thanks again

    happy eating to all .

  14. Additional info to #15

    The JB stall sell very fantastic sambal stingray and seashell stuff – I don know what they call it – all those BBQ prawn, cockerel cuttlefish… most of the chinese food there are very nice .

  15. Hi Ron W @ 9 and Jonathan @ 11,

    You can get ‘pengat’ or durians with chendol in Peramakan. They were in Joo Chiat but now relocated to the Keppel Club near Alexandra Rd. BTW you don’t have to be a Keppel Club member to eat there. It is quite good, especially the rendang.

    Hi Soo @ 14,

    The KL ‘hokkien mee’ is available at “Lau Hokkien”. This is the original ‘Lau hokkien’ stall from the old mkt in Shenton Way, the neighbour of Beng Hiang in OCBC. After the renovation by Scotts in old mkt, they went to Pahang Str. After a dispute I think they relocated to town. The other partner is still in a coffeshop in Pahang Str selling the usual hokkien zi char. If you are that hungry, you can go there for ‘entry level’ Hokkien mee and progress to the restaurant in town, then perhaps to JB and ultimately KL. Bon appetit.

  16. Hi Charles,

    Thanks for the info, will try that when I golf at Keppel, once in a while. The closest chendol to what I want is at Lavender Eminent Food court, it is about 33% close to the D’ Chendol Malacca.

    For Hokkien Black sauce noodles, try Old Airport Road, back stall on the right coming from the front, stall no. 100+ . Check what others are eating to confirm the right kind and stall.

  17. RonW & StevenC :
    Kenny Chan, the celebrity chef of Malacca, 1 2 franchise his Malacca style chendol in s’pore. R u interested or any1?

    Jonathan @ #11 : U can try True Blue Peranakan rest at Armenian St (nxt to Peranakan Museum).The food is good but be prepared when the bill comes..hold on to your chair. Another good 1 is Blue Ginger at Tj Pagar (near the tj pagar mrt stn)

    CharlesC : RonW & StevenC r lookg 4 the real genu Melakan style chendol not “pengat” or durian w/chendol.

    Cheers, Dennis

  18. Hi Jonathan at #11,

    …Anyone knows where to get good Peranakan/nonya food ?My family loves “Itek Sioh” & we always have it at Ivin’s Peranakan restaurant…

    Pls.ask Ron Lai or Dennis Wee.

    Both are Peranakan Food Experts.


  19. Hi Steven n Jonathan

    I find both of you are very interested in Peranakan food, Peranakan food outlets are aplenty, whole of S’pore. The places mentioned by DennisW are good no doubt, but a bit pricey.
    The Peranakan outlet at GUAN HOE SOON RESTAURANT, situated at 214 Joo Chiat Rd, serve the “itek sioh” on catering order, but on special request they may accept order for dine-
    in, $38/- per duck for 10 pax, call first. Jonathan you can bring your family to try. as this establishment is more than 30 year old, passing from father to son/daughter. They also have a very popular dish “Babi Sioh” available only on weekends, Sat n Sun, have to call to order, price reasonable.

    Karen #10 – As regards to Chendol, you can try at the Rendezvous Restaurant, Bras Basah Rd, they serve with thick Malacca sugar at $4.90 per tall glass.

    As what Yew Kwong said abt the round-ball chicken rice stall near Sim Lim Tower, there is another stall at the corner coffee shop, Jalan Besasr Rd,corner to the stadium.


  20. Hi Ron Lai,

    I always pass the shop but there’s no place to eat. It looks like they are just taking orders. Or have I got the wrong part of Joo Chiat?

    If its a restaurant, do they serve babi pangang?

    Last time a friend of my mum used to bring us babi pangang from Jakarta, For a muslim country,I can honestly say its the best I have tried.

  21. Charles

    Are you talking about the babi guling (I think it is spelt like this). Its very famous in Bali and its very delicious.

    I tried making it using sam chan bak (over there they use the whole pig) and with all the herb and spices smothered on the bak and roasted until the skin is crispy – very tasty.

    Also when we were young, there were so many children in the family, my mum used to make chicken rice and pressed them into balls so got less plates to wash mah. We eat the rice balls with our lau kuay boo (Hainanese love the rubbery texture) – so delicious.

    The correct way to eat chicken rice ball is to hold it in one hand and the other hand holds the piece of chicken. You take a bite of the chicken followed by a bite of the rice ball and then chew them together. We use a lot of strength to press the rice into balls in our palms so that they are compact and would not crumble when we bite into them.

    But I noticed people buying the rice balls and put them on the plate and use a fork to mash them – it defeats the purpose of making the rice into balls.

    Actually all the food you mentioned, very susah to find, then go and look up the recipe and cook your own. Thats what I normally do so no headache.

    For chendol, you want the thick coconut milk, you can go to Geylang Serai market where they sell freshly squeezed milk. They do it to order so its always fresh :)

    As for gula melaka I usually get mine from a stall on Jalan Bunga Raya in Malacca.

    Happy searching and eating.

  22. Hi Caroline G @23,

    All I know is that the babi pangang was hand-carried from Jkt. It was frozen and wrapped in foil. Whenever we ate, we would cut a piece off and amazingly it was still very crisp.

    You must be a true Hainan native if you can say the proper way to eat the chicken rice balls was as you described, without cutlery and 1 hand holding the rice ball and the other the chicken.
    Must bring back good memoriesfor you.


  23. Hi Charles

    My comments on top to Steven n Jonathan is meant to be one of the same thing : “Babi Sioh” or “Babi Pangang”, the addr given above ist the one you went? #21. The item is served with marinated “Kiam Chye”, the meat is grilled with spices n herbs. I repeat, available only on Sat n Sun, must tel to order this item before hand.


  24. See U tomorrow at 1.00pm at the Singapore Council of Women Organisation (SCWO, Watereloo St., for the Eurasian food, “Devil Curry”. Coming with us will be DennisW n Alan Bok.
    Wed. 7th May.


  25. Hi Ron L,

    I just caught a flu bug today and my body is aching all over. So be forewarned, you might be eating with a contagious bug tmr. If not, I can defer my lunch. It’s up to you.
    Thanks for the address of Guan Hoe Soon. Is it nearer the East Coast junction or the Haig Rd junction?

    I like to eat the babi pangang, especially with the kiam chye. I am sure theirs is better than the ‘Yet Con’ chicken rice stall in Purvis Str. The price is a big ‘con’ there but I suppose they have to make up for the rental.

    Cheers and cu tmr(unless you object).

  26. Yes you are correct Charles. I am “pure” Hainanese.

    From the description given by you and RonL, I think the babi pangang and babi guling are two different thing.

    The babi pangang must be really good for someone to take the trouble to carry all the way from Jakarta to Singapore.

    Enjoy your Eurasian lunch tomorrow :)

  27. Ron

    I tried chendol at the place u mentioned but still think the Malacca one is good. I tried a road-side stall in Jb , not bad too. Maybe they get better coconut milk over in Malaysia.

    Thanks again


  28. Hi Karen,

    I did tell you it is only about 33% to the real D’ Chendol Malacca style, that is about as close as i can get around town.
    But the black sauce Hokkien mee at old Airport road is good and cheap too if it is still $3 only.
    But The one in Malacca is at Jonker street and is called Jonker 88 if i am not mistaken, try the laksa also, someone in the group can finished two bowls and come back again the next day for lunch and chendol again. Hymm, seems I have to plan a golf trip there and have chendol, laksa and also satay chelup ???

  29. Hahaha!!

    I’ve planned to go to Mary Gomes today (Wed 7th), too.

    So see you guys, although I might have finished my lunch with my friends by 1.00pm!

  30. Steven and Ron Wie,

    Reading your posts also makes me yearn to eat the chendol in Malacca and also the chicken rice balls. So can we arrange for a weekend trip there when I come back from the US?

    YK-the peranakan restaurant you are referring to is probably Ivins at Binjai Park.

    Foodies – we shall have more makan trails organised by Steven soon?

  31. Hi Catherine,RonW and Steven,

    Catherine, when are you due back from the US.??

    My tenant in M’cca is on a month to month lease now as he is just completing his project after a couple of years here. If it works out we can put up in the condo. We can have that great makan at Jonkers, and maybe beat that record of going for seconds the next day. We’ll go for a third if time permits.

    Let’s work it out………..Jie

  32. Hi Jie,

    Thanks for your invitation and offer. You are on if our schedules are ok. Fyi I will be back on June 21st. Now we must find out if RonW can take leave so we can go on our makan trail.

    Over to you, Ron and Steven?

  33. Hi Catherine Yeo and others at # 34,

    MAKAN again so soon.
    OK lah this time,I take a break and you be EO of next coming food event.I am serious.


  34. Hi all,

    When it comes to food, SHCians are “seak siow” – ie. food experts.

    Yes,keep the comments coming and thanks for all those who had recommended their favourite food haunt.


  35. Last year you were FM. When I next saw you in April 08, you hv gained and it wd be doing justice to add a T to the FM.

    And now you’re looking forward to another makan fiesta to slurp it up?

    Hahaha, it has to be VTFM soon……………

  36. Hi Jie, Cat and Steven,

    Ok will take note of the June period, time to have some Melaka food again.

    Dennis, are you going to make an appt with yr friend Kenny, to try his specialities and negotiate the Chendol franchise ?

  37. Hi Dennis,

    Supppose to be a makan trail so must try out his cooking, chendol, etc then consider that and get KT involved to be the OM. My vote is still Jonker 88 until we try Kenny’s.

    Charles and Tian Soo, you can join us but not sure if Jie can put you all for the night too.

  38. Hi RonW,

    I’ll try to put things together.
    But subject to considerations:-

    1. Cat is only returning end of June, from my experience, especially of late, getting over the jet lag is no joke. So let’s say July is a better bet. What say you Cat????

    2. I have to check with my tenant as to exactly when they are vacating the premises. Right now, no fixed date subject to their project.

    3. 2 or 3 carloads of 4 pax each, is ideal I think.
    I have only 4 beds in a 3 bedroom flat. So since we are going by car, beg, borrow or steal some sleeping bags. There is plenty of room, if we use the living room too. I may entice Ping and Daniel from their new home, and come to M’cca for a break.

    4. Hey, we can really have a party if there are no time constrains.

    Let’s work on this……I will be in touch as to the timing as soon as I know………..Jie

  39. Hello Jie, CatY, RonW and DennisW

    I would like to join u gals and guys in this overseas makan fellowship cum…?? trip. Please keep me posted on the date earlier so that I can block a day or 2 if it falls on a weekday.


  40. Hey DennisW,

    Why just arrange….try to make the trip { to be Advised}. It will be good to have you. This time ,….promise to go to Kenny’s. No more mess-up like the last time.

    Will be in touch……………….Jie

  41. Dear Jie,

    Thanks for the kind understanding about the jetlag and for opening up your place for us to camp haha.

    Tentatively July is fine but why don’t we wait until your tenant gives you notice first then we can plan the date from there.

    Looking forward to chendol, chicken rice ball and Kenny’s ?


  42. Hi Cat & Bira,

    We will get the dates before we proceed with further plans.
    I will put up a posting on it before Steven kicks me out of his.

    Will be in touch………….Jie

  43. Hi Jie

    Following our last trip to JB a few months ago with a group of the Silverhairs, enjoying ourselves shopping and “makaning”, especially our trip to SINABONG, a coastal seaside seafood centre, for the marvelous crabs. Is high time to enjoy ourselves with another Makan Trial in Malacca, like Ronald Wie put it in a proper prospective. Alice and I will join you and the rest for the trip. Please keep us in tag, for further outcome.

    Excuse us Steven for using this “food” thread for food eatery outlets , out of Singapore, but to our neibouring country, not so far and yet so near.


  44. Hi Jie,
    Did I hear Kenny? is he the actor for the Peranakan shows? I enjoy his acting and would love to watch him in person. Please keep me in the loop,,,,, thanks ,,,,,, :D.

  45. Hi RonL/Alice and GraceK,

    Let’s see what we can do first on this M’cca trip. Will keep you posted.

    Grace, I have not met this Kenny. You have to check With DennisW, whether he is also a Peranakan actor besides a caterer.

    TKS & rgds……………..Jie

  46. Hi Jie n GraceK

    True enough, Kenny is a great cook in peranakan dishes. He acted in Peranakan shows in TV serials quite sometime ago. Many of us definitely want to taste his cooking in Malacca and meet him in person.


  47. Hi Everyone

    Sorry 4 the delay in replying.

    Jie: Please let me knw the actual dates so dat i can arrange a appt wif Kenny.

    RonW: Agreed, u must try 1st b4 commit

    GraceK: Yes Kenny is the Peranakan actor/chef.

    Ron Lai: thanks 4 the info on Kenny.

    StevenC: Sorry 4 using ur thread..i haf 2 reply if not dey tink i m sombong (proud)hahaha!!

    Cheers, DennisW

  48. Hi Dennis Wee,

    ….Sorry 4 using ur thread..i haf 2 reply if not dey tink i m sombong (proud)hahaha!!

    Next time, service charge $10 for intruding into my territory. Ha! Ha!

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