SHC’s first Teresa Teng sing-alike activity, Sun 15 Feb 2015

teresa teng   Teresa Teng lived during our time. Unfortunately, she has already left us. Her heart is still with many people in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. Her songs are varied, wide and memorable. Some of us sing just like Teresa Teng, either in Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese or English. Music makes the world go rund. Music brings people together, and I hope this program will bring Singaporeans and PRs (esp members of SHC) together.


Some of you have suggested on this forum to have a Teresa Teng sing-alike activity. The idea of this event is still vague. However, I see this event as an opportunity for those who love to sing Teresa Teng’s songs on stage. If you sing like Teressa Teng, or at least close to Teresa Teng, and would like to sing for us, we would create a registration list here for you to let us know..

If you like to compere this event, please let me know here. For comperes, you may write to me via email or Whatapp.

The date of this event has been set for Sun 15 Feb 2015. Singers will have to be SHC members only. As long as your songs have been sung by Teresa Teng, the song will be accepted. Although Teresa Teng is a lady, men are encuraged to participate too.

We shall have Daniel Chan who has kindly volunteered to be the compere.

Some ideas include a “What you know about Teresa Teng” quiz.  You suggest and if we can create the idea, why not?

  • Date:  Sun `15 Feb 2015
  • Time:  1400 – 1800 hrs
  • Venue:  Le Danz, 222 Queen Street #01-01/02, Singapore 188550.
  • Music:  Minus one, provided by KJ musican.  Singers bring own VCD
  • Cost:  $15 (Open to all members and singers)
  •            $12.50 (early birds and non-contestants).  Register, pay before 31 Jan 2015
  •            $15.00 (late birds and non-contestants). Pay after 31 Jan 2015.
  • Include:  coffee, tea and finger food.
  • MC:  Daniel Chan.
  • Music (minus-one) provided by Jeffrey Gan.

Please pay to POSB CURRENT ACCOUNT 951-00428-6 (ref number and date of transaction to be indicated on this blog


  • 1400 hrs – Registration
  • 1400 hrs – 1500 hrs – Social networking
  • 1500 – 1630 hrs – Teresa Teng Sing-alike slot
  • 1630 – 1800 hrs – audience participation
  • 1800 hrs – Event ends

Closing date for registration is 15 Nov 2014 or when the first 20 members are registered.

Terence Seah

Singers registration list:

  1. Sally Tan                      )
  2. Helen Wong-Pow         )   Pl advise whether you’re coming and singing on 15 Feb
  3. Lydia Chin                    )   (new programme indicated above)
  4. Catherine Koh              )

Terence Seah

Those attending:

  1. Terence Seah, EO
  2. Daniel Chan, MC (Pd)
  3. Jeffrey Gan (music provider)
  4. Susan C H Tan
  5. Jane Ong (payment due)
  6. Susan S W Tan (payment due)
  7. Ann Lim (Pd)
  8. Lilian Teo (Pd)
  9. Judy Lim (Pd)
  10. Esther Mok (Pd)
  11. Anne Chee (Pd)
  12. Theresa Seow (Pd)
  13.  Ann Giri  (Pd)
  14. Gabriella Chua
  15. KK Yeo        )   singing (Pd)
  16. Peggy Low  )    singing (Pd)
  17. Sally Tan     )    singing (Pd)
  18. Catherine Koh ) singing  (Pd)
  19. Thomas Loh  (Pd)
  20. ?? Who else…. come and join in an afternoon of singing and fun

teresa teng event


95 thoughts on “SHC’s first Teresa Teng sing-alike activity, Sun 15 Feb 2015

  1. To the many lovers of Teresa Teng’s songs, DanielC, LydiaC, DanH, SusanT and many more,

    I have decided to make your dream come true. Let’s make Teresa Teng come alive in our first Teresa Teng sing-alike activity. And, to DanielC, I like to openly invite you to be the compere for this event. I hope you will accept this invitation.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence,

    I hardly write any comment in the post, am glad that you would like to organise the activity for ????”Teresa Teng” as her memoriam 20 years anniversary.



  3. Indeed, Teresa is a wonder, a legend and an icon; as far as Chinese songs are concerned. Many of us grew up (and grow old) with her songs.

    Terence, it is wonderful of you to think of such a meaningful activity. I accept your invitation to be the MC, with pleasure. I shall sing one of her favourites, “?????” (Only you matters)

    To honour this deity of our life time, I shall assist in every possible way to make this event happen. As the project is at such a preliminary stage, there are many things to be done. Helpers are needed.


  4. Terence

    Quote ” If you sing like Teressa Teng, or at least close to Teresa Teng ”

    I read this sentence over n over again – if u don sing like her or close to her – u cant perform ? How many can sing “close to her” . Tong Yao from Sichuan Province-China won the best singer cos she sound very like Teressa is not even close at all.

    Hope anyone who love her songs can sing in this event too..

    Two cents chat chat !


  5. Thank you DanielC for accepting the role of compere. I am sure you will make this event memorable with your English and Cantonese skills.

    We are looking for ideas. In fact, I would say that if you like to EO this event, please whatsapp me. This will give you the opportunity to format the evening or the afternoon the way you would like it and bring memorable entertainment to our Club and members. Get in touch with me quickly, so that planning can go ahead.

    Karen, I know you meant well, do rest assured I meant well too. Lydia, Lai Fong, Gabriella and Judy, your speaking up will give me, Daniel and the organisers the energy and excitement to make this event an entertaining one.

    Terence Seah

  6. Hi Terence,
    1. Cantonese “skill” does not help much because Teresa’s songs are mostly in Mandarin
    2. Due to work, I cannot assume the role of EO. My apology. But I shall give my best help to the person who has the patience and time to co-ordinate.
    3. I sing like Teresa as we both hold the mic with our right hand. So no worry I am sure you can find something common.

    Let us all put aside our differences, preferences, reservations and restrictions, if any; and come together to remember and honour this grand songstress of our era.

    The place to hold the event will be determined by the number of performers.

    ?????, ?????.
    ?????, ?????.


  7. Hi Terence

    Just would like to alert you that you might have, in your haste, posted your latest comment addressed to DanielC and Members on “Teresa Teng sing-alike activity” on the “Benefit from Buying in Bulk post”.

    Thought I let you know so that you can make the necessary adjustment.


  8. Yes, Myra. That piece was obviously misplaced. I did tell Terence to put it back to its rightful post. He said, “I will”. I am particularly concerned because my name was addressed and he ended by saying, “So, guys and gals, what do you think?”.

    Where shall we reply now ?


  9. Hi DanielC and members,

    I had in mind to hold the event in Feb, because Feb may be “Off peak” except during the Lunar New year which is end Feb. Some members are so excited about the Teresa Teng sing-alike activity, that they wish the event can be brought closer. Maybe this is the reason why I am looking for an EO; if not, I shall be contended to work with a team. You are one of them, as compere.

    Currently, my thoughts are something like this:
    A setting in a Chinese restaurant, with stage and sound system. It could be a dinner or even a afternoon tea. Am not ruling out an afternoon dim sum. Am hoping we can find a place where the venue will allow us singing and entertain the diners.

    On the stage will be our Teresa Teng performance. It can be a talentime or it can be just good singing. The focus is Teresa Teng sing-alike, meaning able to sing like Teresa Teng. Which means, when the audience listens to the song being sung, without knowing who the singer is, he/she will quickly think that the singer is Teresa Teng back again.

    I would think we have 10 singers, if we are going for a talentime, or maybe 3-4 singers of really good Teresa Teng music and songs. In this case, each singer may sing a few songs. The event should bring back memories of this songbird.

    I have in mind an idea how to select the singers, but let’s keep it open, and members can come up with their ideas.

    So, guys and gals, what do you think?

    Terence Seah

  10. As an idea to the Teresa Teng sing-alike, we shall take in 20 registrations on a “first registration basis”. Our plan is to select 10 singers on the day of the event in Feb 2015.

    A qualifying system is being worked out, and I shall keep you update as we go along.

    Closing date for registration is 15 Nov 2014 or when the first 20 members are registered.

    Terence Seah

  11. I have yet to discuss any proposal with Terence. But as promised, I will help in every possible way, besides being the emcee for this event.

    If there is no participant, there shall be no show. So let’s start the ball rolling.

    Thinking aloud, the time line is:

    Oct 2014 – Week 1 to 4: Open for registration. ALL SHC members are welcome. First come first accepted. Please state name and 3 songs (must be Teresa Teng’s songs)

    Nov 2014 – Week1: Registration continues
    Week 2: Registration closes on 15 Nov, or 20 participants have signed up (whichever earlier). Look for judges, sponsors, contributors, well wishers etc.

    Dec 2014 – Week 1: Practice 1
    Week 3: Practice 2

    Jan 2015 – Week 1: Practice 3.
    Week 3: Select 10 singers for the final event.
    (All practice sessions will likely be at Kolam Ayer CC, unless alternative venues are suggested and available)

    Feb 2015 – Final showdown (Date and venue to be decided)

    Details, like costs, charges, prizes, souvenirs etc are to be discussed. Hopefully we can have a lady or 2 to help in the handling of funds. This is just me thinking aloud. Suggestions welcome.

    Oct 6 (Monday) – Haji
    Oct 23 (Thursday) – Deepavali
    Nov 15 to Jan 4 – School Holidays
    Dec 25 (Thursday) – Christmas
    Jan 01 (Thursday) – New Year
    Feb 19 (Thursday) – Chinese New Year

    (Hmmm…so many Thursdays?)

    If you have 90 min to spare, watch this


  12. Hi Terence

    Teresa Teng is my beloved idol and diva, and I would like to participate in singing. I would not want to miss such a rare event.

    Sally SC Tan

  13. Hi Sally and members,

    One of the characteristics of a SilverHairsClub member is he/she will not put up the right hand up first because he/she may receive a negative comment. I guess as we get older, we fear losing face.

    What you have done by saying you would like to take part means a lot to many members. Someone should put up the right hand up first. I wish some members should learn how to encourage other members and speak positively of one another. Perhaps, getting old means being critical of others. Look around and you will know who the critical and negative members are.

    Thank you for leading the way and taking part. I hope more will participate because this will encourage others too.

    Terence Seah

  14. DanielC, and members,

    I am very happy you are giving the Teresa Teng sing-alike program a good kickoff. Let’s now see who from our membership can come forward to give a helping hand. And, of course, the number of participants. I think we will have a good number, considering you are a good singer, so is Sally Tan, and many many more.

    We would need a place, and considering end Feb is the Lunar New year season and my trip to Kerata. Anyway, I would think we can decide on the date, once we have identified a venue.

    Terence Seah

  15. For the Teresa Teng sing-alike program, we can have it in the afternoon at one of the many Chinese restaurants in Singapore. Most restaurants are pretty empty in the afternoon, and some many have a stage with sound equipment.

    If you know of a place, a restaurant, even a dim sum restaurant, on a Sat or Sunday afternoon, between 2pm and 5pm, we can consider holiding the event there. Preferably with music equipment on stage, thereby saving us some costs.

    Please do share a place that you know.

    Terence Seah

  16. Gab, some one whatsapp me to ask what is GK? I told her, “Gabra King”. Not far off I hope.

    Back to the issue. Thank you, Terence for the enthusiasm. We need not go around coaxing people to participate. Registration is open and closes 15 Nov. As an ex-army officer and a current lecturer, I always stick rigidly to timeline. We shall discuss other details after 15 Nov, if necessary.


  17. Hi Terence,

    I’m sorry that I cannot be the EO but I can only suggest a venue. A few weeks ago, I attended a Chinese dinner at a restaurant in Hotel Royal in Newton Road. The place is not “Orchard Road” standard but the food was quite good and I was told that they charged only $25/- per head. You can bring your own liquor but have to buy your beer from them. There is a stage and a small dancing area.

    Angela Straaten

  18. Dear Angela,

    Thank you very much for the suggestion of the place. When I get back to Singapore next week, I shall go visit the place. Good you mentioned there is a stage. Sounds ideal today.

    Again, thank you for the initiative.

    Terence Seah

  19. Dear Terence

    I agree with Angela that the restaurant on 2nd level at Hotel Royal Newton (if that’s same one) would be appropriate. More than decades ago I went there for steam boat buffet for cockles.

  20. Helen,
    Since you also think that Hotel Royal Newton is a nice place to host the Teresa Teng’s sing-alike, we shall try to hold the event at this place, subject to acceptance by the restaurant and our resources.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Terence Seah

  21. Hi Terence

    There is a place at AUPE, Upper Paya Lebar Road, not sure if it is appropriate. There is a karaoke system there and can book the whole place, from 2pm to 6pm or 6pm to 12pm, price about est $60 – $70. There is also a zi-char stall and our members can order food. Drinks about est.$2.50 each. This place need to book in advance. NTUC members get $10 off.

    Sally SC Tan

  22. Thank you Sally and Helen for registering to participate. Yes, a few more and we should be up moving. Trying to finalise a place now.

    Terence Seah

  23. Hi Terence. Pls register my interest to participate in this event. Also register for Catherine Koh.

    There are also a few other interested members, but they waiting for more info on venue/date, before they can commit.

    I’ve been to that place in Royal Hotel @ Newton.. it appears to be very nice & high end type of place, complete with good sound system & lightings, etc.. But can be rather expensive. Anyway, can check it out. It’s run by a Chinese restaurant, not sure what’s the name. Maybe someone can provide name/tel no?

    I’ve not been to AUPE at Paya Lebar, hence can’t comment. Maybe Sally can organize a looksee karaoke session there one day?

    I think there are a lot of other suitable venues. Just need more members to speak up.

  24. Re the Teresa Teng singalike event in Feb 2015, we have been considering a evaluation round. In other words, to have a prelimiinary round whereby singers are selected to go into the Feb 2015 event.

    Response have so far been slow coming. So, we are hesitant about the preliminary rounds.

    Terence Seah

  25. It was 1978. I was with my platoon in a “battlefield” in Taiwan (Kaoshiong). Life was tough for about 3 weeks. On the last day of “battle”, the “enemy” was kind. They invited us to a grand feast and a cultural performance. There was no major casualty during the “fighting” but at the end of the performance, hundreds of young hearts were lost – stolen. We met our “first love”.

    Today, our “first love” had passed on, but her image and her voice will forever remain in the hearts and minds of many retired soldiers.

  26. There are a few places which have been suggested as the venue for our Teresa Teng sing-alike event. While we are considering the venue, we seeing very few responses. How shall we decide? Kind of difficult to decide, it is important we hear from you.

    Terence Seah

  27. Hi everybody, and members who love to sing Teresa Teng songs and listen to her sweet memories.

    We have almost finalized the venue where we will hold the Teresa Teng sing-alike event. The place is likely to be Le Dance studio, located at the middle road area, opp the Royal Queens Hotel and next to Oxford Hotel, where we had held some of our previous events.

    Le Dance is more for Dancing, and has an excellent dance floor. But we will use it for our Teresa Teng event. It has an excellent sound and music system.

    The place has limited capacity, and I think it can only take 40 pax. We will be holding the event in the afternoon. No Lunch, but we will have a small afternoon tea.

    Music for the Teresa Teng event will be either minus one or keyboard. We will decide on this based on feedback, availability and costs.

    Thank you very much to members who have made the effort to show me some of the places. We shall announce our musician sometime next week.

    Meantime, we have Daniel Chan who has kindly agreed to be our MC for this event.

    As of now, we have 4 singers who have registered to sing. They are SallyT, LydiaC, Catherine and HelenK. So, if you love Teresa Teng, and love to sing your favourites, come register and join us.

    Of course, if you love a goo relaxing afternoon with friends, also come join us. Place is limited.

    We shall announce the price next week.

    Terence Seah

  28. Update on the Teresa Teng sing-alike event:

    Date: Sun `15 Feb 2015
    Time: 1400 – 1800 hrs
    Venue: Le Danz, 222 Queen Street #01-01/02, Singapore 188550.
    Music: Minus one, provided by KJ musican. Singers bring own VCD
    Cost: $15 (Contest participants)
    $12.50 (early birds and non-contestants). Register, pay before 20 Jan 2015
    $15.00 (late birds and non-contestants). Pay after 20 Jan 2015.
    Include: coffee, tea and finger food.
    MC: Daniel Chan.
    KJ will be announced at a later date.
    Judges: 3 not known yet.

    Strictly for members only.

    If you have a request for an item to be inserted into the program, please write to me here. I will try our best to meet your request. Please do not call me as phone calls are expensive.

    Terence Seah

  29. Hi Terence,

    I can’t sing alike like Teresa Teng as nobody will able to sing like her, however I don’t miss an opportunity to sing her songs as a memorable of her, pls include me.

    Thank you


  30. Judy, and members participating in the Teresa Teng sing-alike event,

    Singing like Teresa Ting is only one of the categories in selecting the close sing-alike. There are other categories eg dress, how entertaining and audience participation.

    Potential judges, let’s hear from you too.

    We shall look at how we can have prizes for the contestants and the audience. Suggestions welcome.

    Terence Seah

  31. We will make some arrangements and changes to our Teresa Teng sing-alike singing event. From the lack of hands-up to sing, and feedback, we have decided the event will be a social Teresa Teng singing event.

    In other words, there will be no competition and no judging.

    Jeffrey Gan will be managing our minus-one singing event. Singers would just need to bring along their minus one CD, the queue would be based on your queue number on the registration list, subject to time availability. Please register asap.

    Payment details will be announced 1 Feb 2015.

    Thank you to the members who have given their feedback.

    Terence Seah

  32. This year Chinese New Year falls on Thur/Fri 19/20 Feb 2015. A good time to create the mood towards this festival and tradition. A good time also to bring our parents, families and friends togethr to enjoy the tradition. Teresa Teng songs will dfinitely set the moon. I am inclined to open this event to your parents, families and friends. A chance to let them sing too.

    If you like to engage your close relatives and friends, this is a good occasion. Please register yourself and the number of your guests here. They will enjoy early birds rates too.

    This event will close at 40 pax or on payment due date.

    Terence Seah

  33. Hi Susan,

    Will you, Jane and Susan SW Tan be singing.
    Prepare the minus one VCD and to see the lookalike Teresa Ting too.
    I cant wait.

    Terence Seah

  34. Hi Terence,

    Please register Ann Lim, Lilian Teo, Judy Lim, Esther Mok, Anne Chee and I. Do advise payment to which account pls? Btw you indicated above that payment details will be announced on 1 Feb. Afraid this contradicts with your early bird discount date of b4 20 Jan!!


  35. Hi Teresa,

    Thank you for spotting out my inconsistencies. I am usually not so sharp on many things. I would make some adjustment to encourage participation.

    Cost: $15 (Open to all members, family members and friends)
    $12.50 (early birds who are members). Pay on or before 31 Jan 2015
    $15.00 (late birds). Pay after 31 Jan 2015.

    I shall announce payment account tomorrow.

    Look forward to seeing all Teresa Ting”s friends..

    Terence Seah

  36. Hey..Terence. I really admire your determination to make things happen.
    How can I forsake you? I shall be there as MC, as promised.
    There are things to be sorted out – the hardware and software for the music. Will work closely with Jeff. Hope more members will come forward to provide the heartware. No competition. Simply SING in memory of Teresa Teng (not Ting).


  37. Hi DanielC,

    Yes, we would all love to see you as MC for the relaxing Sun afternoon Tea party cum celebrating Teresa Teng’s love for music. Yes, Jefrey Gan is our musician, and he is organising the minus-one system for us. Feel free to talk with him for some early cordination.

    I do not make things happen; its members that make the event happen.

    The numbers are coming in very quickly, and I believe very soon, the event will be fully booked. We have booked the place for 40 pax. It is free seating for that day; the venue will provide us snake food plus coffee/tea.

    Singing members would need to bring along their minus one disc, and hand over to Jeffrey to set the queue.

    I think we will have a fun and relaxing and memorable afternoon.

    Terence Seah

  38. Hi DanielC and members,

    I am looking at ideas on how to make the Teresa Teng singalike afternoon more exciting. Yes, we are going to hear from singing members. And I am thinking about how to take this further.

    There are some Teresa Teng songs that I like to hear; but I do not know who will be singing what or if they have the minus one disc. How do we encourage singers to prepare and sing a song which a member would like to hear? Some ideas? Flowers?

    Terence Seah

  39. Hi Terence
    Ref para 3 in your first note to DC, it would be interesting to know what ‘snake food’ you’ll be providing for the event.


  40. Dear members,
    I do read almost all comments in the SHC forum. I remember most of what members write here. This includes all registration. I do not acknowledge all registration; but if your name appears in the registration list, take it as acknowledged.

    Gabriella Chua handles most of the work of putting the names in the registration list, for all events which I organise. This is a lot of work which I am not able to track. This is a volunteer job, and I appreciate it very much.

    On this note, if you can do your share to keep the support functions of the Club running, please raise your hand. As a member, please also make effort to organise one activity for fellow members during the lifetime of your membership.

    Do register for this Teresa Teng singalike event asap. Daniel and I look forward to seeing you sing Teresa’s songs.

    Terence Seah

  41. Hi Terence

    Pls register me and my wife ( as singers for the event.)

    She is a fan of Teresa Teng and loves to sing her songs. I have to give support too and try my croaking best, Daniel Chan, you have company now !

    Terence, you will get more publicity and participation if you move this event news from old post to current,

    KK Yeo & Peggy Low.

  42. Hi Terence,

    Group of us would like to arrange transfer fund for the Teresa Teng’s event in order to get the early birds offer by today. Could you kindly advise what is accounts number we can arrange it.

    Thank you


  43. Hi Terence,

    Pls be inform transaction ref :3818 for amount of $75 value date on 20 Jan 15 paid by :

    Ann Lim
    Anne Chee
    Esther Mok
    Lillian Teo
    Theresa Seow
    Judy Lim

    Thanks for organising the Teresa Teng event.

    Judy Lim

  44. OK. KKY. Welcome to the “croak”.
    You are right to say we should move this post to current. Otherwise it is buried below the pile. Once a while must write something to make it surface.

    To all the crooners and croakers – I have a Teresa Teng Karaoke DVD disc – 2 discs actually that contains 80 of her favourite songs. Almost all her favourite numbers are there. HD video and hi-fi sound. The moving images feature Ms Teng during her boom time. More importantly the subtitles to follow are BIG and CLEAR. Especially easy for senior citizens.

    I shall find time to test it with Jeff at Le Danz.

    Meanwhile, please register your name. An afternoon of entertainment and

  45. Terence, for your info –

    From Account DBS Autosave Account Daniel Chan
    Latest Available Balance NOTHING – BROKE
    To Account POSB Current Account
    951-00428-6 Terence Seah

    Transfer Currency and Amount S$15.00
    Transaction Reference 13982009850


  46. Hi Terence,
    Inform on behalf of Catherine Koh had arranged $12.50, transaction ref no: 13982149783 on 21/1/15. She unable to log in the website due to her password issue.



  47. If your parents, family members and friends who are over 45, love to listen to Teresa Teng’s songs, please invite them to come for this event. Please write to re membership. SHC has the simplest membership registration and approval process.

    Please prepare your minus-one disc, so that Jeffrey Gan, our musician, can finetune your key.

    I also think we may need to queue your song so that everybody gets a chance to sing, our musician knows your turn, and our MC can introduce the right person to the song.

    Some of you asked me if they cannot sing like Teresa, can they sing? Surely yes. But, I think that it is only fair we all sing songs that Teresa Teng has sung. At the event, Daniel Chan will have the last say on what can and what cannot.

    So, please prepare your disc, and register before 31 Jan 2015 to enjoy the early bird price.

    Terence Seah

  48. Seems we have very few participants for the Teresa Teng event. Guess this is one of the risks in organising events, and we have committed to the venue operator. Well, whether we have one or 50, the Club will have to pay $500 for this event.

    We have no choice but to go ahead. Guess those who turn up will have more opportunities to sing. And, maybe our MC will have to sing his favourites too.

    I thought about what to do, as I sometimes got nothing to do, but to crack my brain. I think importantly I like to thank all those who have registered early, so the last number is 18.

    As an appreciation, participating members who hold the registered Q-number 1-18 are invited to invite one fellow family member, one colleaque or one close friend to this event at no charge. They must be over 45, and are NOT SHC members. Simply indicate here if you are bring a family family, colleaque or friend. Family members can be parents, uncles or aunties. This is valid until 7 Feb 2015, so that the organisers can plan accordingly.

    Terence Seah

  49. Hi Theresa,

    I am glad to see you help to get the Teresa Teng event going. We have about 11 days more to the event; and our numbers are still small. Thomas is a vibrant singer; so I hope to see the Teresa Teng in him. Please remind him to prepare a music CD minus one.

    I hope to see more members coming.

    Terence Seah

  50. I think a big misnomer for this activity is the word, “sing-alike”. I have spoken with many members off line and their concern is, “I cannot even sing properly, let alone sing like Teresa Teng”. Indeed, this has turned off and turned away many who simply like to sing.

    At Karaokes held in other places, there were participants who simply sat, listened and watched – and of course enjoying the chit chat with friends.

    Very very few people can sing like Teresa. But many would like to sing in remembrance of this songstress of our era. And more would just like to listen to reminisce about the good old days. If there was a prize for the “least sing-alike” voice, quite certainly I would win it.


  51. Hi DanielC,

    I dont really mean that one must sing like Teresa Teng to participate in this event. I was probably just trying to stay focused on Teresa Teng when I used the word “sing-alike”. Teresa Teng’s songs can be heard all over Asia and the world. I remember her songs are always heard in Chinatown, Bangkok every night.

    As you are the MC and Jeffrey Gan is our minus one musician for the day, feel free to adjust the way songs are being sung and played. Guess we just have to stay organised. I leave you to work this out with Jeffrey.

    I am kind of stuck with my travel schedule to Chennai; and I hope I can squeeze in this day to listen to you and the other singers sing. Maybe you should get Jeffrey to sing a Teresa Teng song too. Look forward to seeing members enjoy this afternoon.

    Terence Seah

  52. Hello Terence/Daniel/Jeffrey,

    Can I request to have this POST to be refreshed to “Current Page”.?
    to reliven this interesting POST
    Is sort of hidden, forgotten, poor thing.
    Can ?

    Thks n regards

    • Hi Lilian,

      Noted your suggestion to bring the Teresa Teng event to the top of the Club website. We have always had requests by EOs to bring their posts to the top position. Technically, it is possible.

      Bringing a post to the front confuses the regular reader, as he/she expects the post to be at a certain position. Other EOs will feel this is unfair because their posts will go further now.

      Some posts may have a hundred over comments, and the post may have been created more than 6 months ago. In this case, we may allow a new post to be created. 99% of the time, all posts stay where they have been created; they cannot jump queue.

      Your suggestion has good intentions, and I could do that; but many EOs and ECs will be unhappy. As a blog and forum, we keep to the chronological order.

      But if you or any member has a solution, maybe we can change this tradition.

      Terence Seah

  53. Hi
    Yes, I think some may have overlooked this event cos it does not appear on the front page.

    Just a sharing with those who may not know how to turn to this post quickly.

    Go to ‘Search’ at the top right hand corner, type in Teresa Teng event and the post will appear immediately.

    Happy viewing…….


  54. Hi Terence, I was told about this post when wanting to request about “bringing up our 28th Feb lohei post” hence I search and found it.
    If you must put it in chronological order and yet “live” post not “buried” too deeply, how about filing the “completed events” into a folder? Or don’t mix events/activities post with reflections/general comments?

  55. Hi Frisna,

    For a long time, I have always looked at filing our posts into different folders. But, after almost 10 years, I observe most EOs and ECs do not use “Categories”. This is similar to filing into folders. If we consistently use categories, we can use folders. We may have to wait another 10 years.

    Terence Seah

  56. Our Teresa Teng event is on this coming Sunday.

    The venue at LeDanz, this Sun 15 Feb, is ideal for dancing, besides singing. If you bring your music disk, we can have dancing and singing too. Look forward to your participant this Sunday afternoon.

    Do register, if you are not spring cleaning or going to JB. You can sing and dance your heart and legs out.

    Terence Seah

  57. I was at Le Danz yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.
    Met Jeff and he showed me around. OH DEAR, WHAT A PLACE !!
    Never expect to see such a huge indoor place for leisure in the heart of the city. The Bras Basah mrt station is a stone throw away.

    Tested the sound system – Superb (where is that thumbs up icon?)
    Many Teresa Teng songs in the system hard disk.
    Lights – Ready
    Camera – Roll…


  58. Hi Terence

    Since I’m updating the registration list cum payment for you, I thought I should just give a simple summary to you ~ only 13 members have paid up as indicated although the event will be held tomorrow, 15 Feb.

    Thank you.

  59. Thanks Gabriella for the info.
    We have still to go ahead, as the place and services are committed.

    for those who are coming, we will have a good time singing and getting to know one another.
    And DanielC and Jeffrey will have a good time entertaining all of us too.

    terence Seah

  60. Hi Terence, the 2 ladies are withdrawing, sorry for the late notification due to an oversight. Iya these 2 girls are excommunicado from the blog, most times registering through me.

  61. Thank you Susan for the update. I guess the two ladies are busy with the Lunar New Year preparations. Maybe next time, we should avoid events a few days before the CNY.

    Well,for all those who are coming, I am sure we will have a whale of a time singing. May, after two drinks, I would be singing and dancing too. Jeffrey and myself had planned this event quite some time ago, and we thought Teresa Teng would also bring in the New Year festives mood. Well, Daniel, I look forward to see you get us to sing too.

    I am leaving for Chennai on business, the day after our Teresa Teng event. And then meet up with the travel party in Kerala on the 19 Feb.

    I would think we would have quite some spare food. If we cannot finish the food, please take them back home, and you can eat them while spring cleaning. Dont forget to bring a few plastic bags.

    Not too late to join, if you are game.

    Terence Seah

  62. Some members want to know who is who….
    From L to R — LK Ong, Terence Seah, Jeffrey Gan and yours sincerely, DC.

    Wishing all SHC members a healthy and wealthy GOAT YEAR

    Chinese characters below
    ????, ????.

  63. In memory of a everlasting songstress (1953 to 1995)
    Teresa passed on May 8th 1995
    It has been TWENTY years
    Her songs live.[image=???.jpg]

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