Northern Indian HEALTHY Vegetarian Buffet at Annalakshmi Restaurant(Adhoc)

Calling all Westerlies / others ,


 A FEAST for your EYES beside good food ! 

Pls click here to see the hidden “BEAUTY” inside the Annalakshmi Restaurant at
to view.

Date :  24 May 2008 ( Saturday)

Place:  China Town Point, Basement

Time:  1.00 pm sharp 

Price per pax:–  Thanks for the feedback from members. Both Tim Liu and Wong KT have their points too because they may be some who abuse the system.  And to set a miniumun price is not right either as even Annalakshmi do not have a price. As this is a voluntary organisation,I appeal to those attending for the buffet to  DONATE GENEROUSLY for a good cause.

To have a glimpse of their beautiful  "artistic" restaurant  pls. click at

The picture shown in the web page is from another outlet while the one you will be attending is shown on the above photobucket link. The text of Anna’s Home still applies here.

Maximun :  ( 20 + 1  pax )


1. Steven Chan

2.Terence Seah

3. Caroline Gee

4. Karen Thio

5. Oi Cheng

6. Alice Seah

7. Lee Ah Nee

8. Lee King Seng

9. Sally  

10. Grace Wong

11. Jie  

12. Peng Peng

13. Robert 

14. Kristy

15. Ron Lai

16  Alice

17. Amy Kor

18. Dan Huang

19. Susan Chan

20. Janet Heng

21. Liu

22. Tian Soo 


Pls. check to ensure your name has been listed . If you can’ t  attend pls. inform me through  the comment so as not to deprive others of a chance to join us but NOT at the last minute. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Annalakshmi is an artistic and charitable organisation dedicated to serving the society though Arts,Music and Dance in Singapore.

Polished, privateand yet utterly unpretentious, its success is the result of its underlying philosophy – SERVE, LOVE, GIVE. With ingredients prepared specially by chefs from India , each item on the elaborate menu reflects the ancient culinary art of India. Its success is the result of its underlying philopsophy.

If you love AUTHENTIC Indian dishes like papadam,nasi branyi, tosai,chapati ,dhal ,sugee,yogurt,etc…,you come to the right place.  

Event Organiser : Steven Chan  


72 thoughts on “Northern Indian HEALTHY Vegetarian Buffet at Annalakshmi Restaurant(Adhoc)

  1. Hi Steven

    I have been to Annalakshimi several times and I like the food there very much.

    The a la carte meal is good but the buffet is so so.

    It used to be at the Excelsior Hotel shopping centre. Have not tried it at the new place.

    I would like to join in if the date and time do not clash with any of my other engagements.

    Many thanks Steven.

  2. Hi all,

    Thanks to my nephew,Wesley for taking nice shots of the Annalakshmi restaurant.

    Pls click here to see the hidden “BEAUTY” inside the Annalakshmi Restaurant at to view.

    Thanks Wesley for helping me to upload the photos in the photobucket and my non-SHC friend,Jason for telling me of such an “unusual restaurant”

    I couldn’t believe what he told to me initially. So I decided to explore the place and found it to be true.

    A FEAST for your EYES beside good food.


  3. Hi all,

    When I was first outside the restaurant, I was held spellbound.The exterior with its royal red sign and huge wood crafted doors looks very HIGH CLASS.

    My first thought that this place looks grand must be expensive like the ex-Taj Mahal Restaurant at Victoria Street.

    I hesitate to enter until I was put at ease when I saw their poster pasted outside the wall that says “EAT as you want,GIVE as you FEEL.”

    I have been to this restaurant 3 times and I like the good ambience,music and efficient service.

    Although this place is run by volunteers,they are always there to serve with smiling faces.

    Will update more by next week to CONFIRM ACTUAL DATE,TIME, LUNCH or DINNER. In the meantime,pls.wait.


  4. Steven,

    So this is the Northern Indian Vegetarian restaurant you mentioned at the last Sat’s Karaoke session at CSC right. You planning this makan thrill soon, when is the auspicious date.

    If this Annalakshmi restaurant is the same as the one at the Excelsior Hotel previously, then I also tried the vegetarian buffet before. I remembered gave S$10. I don’t mind eat again, the concept and cooking of this Indian restaurant is very different from other restaurant.

    Ah Nee

  5. Hi all,

    Ha! Ha1 Save me from all the hassle of collecting money thru e-payment and checking with printed details of payment every day.

    You pay what you feel to the cashier beside the door.
    It is ENTIRELY up to your heart’s content.


  6. Actually, you are suppose to pay market rate. No one will challenge you, but shy or not?

    The place is run by volunteers and proceeds are meant for charity. Don’t take advantage or abuse a noble endeavour if you can’t help.

    Suggest that you collect for the group. $15 to $20 pax would be more appropiate.

  7. Hi Wong KT,

    ….Don’t take advantage or abuse a noble endeavour if you can’t help.

    Suggest that you collect for the group. $15 to $20 pax would be more appropiate.

    Annalakshmi’s philopsophy is ,eat what you want, pay what you feel. I cannot force SHCians to pay a flat rate of $15 to $20 per pax as this is against Annalakshmi’s policy and unfair to SHCians.

    I leave them to pay ANY amount they wish to pay and we are NOT abusing a noble cause.We are helping a noble cause instead.

    Well, Wong KT, if you think you want to pay $100 or $1000 on behalf of Score bods , go ahead and do it voluntarily and no one is stopping you for your generosity. Annalakshmi would be very HAPPY to have such generous customers like you ?


  8. Hi Steven,

    I’ve tried this Indian food at the Festival Market during lunch. As the stall is small there are only a few items and the sign board also have the same wordings. Food is nice. Will await your Post on the date. Cheers

  9. I seldom sat long for KT’soney talks but this time, I stand on the side of KT and will be for as long as his message rings.

    If, as we are told, the chef comes from India and the service good, and I assume the food as well, I think paying an average of $15 is fair.

    If one likes the restauranteur’s philosophy, one should also be imbibe by his own philosophy which shd not be any less noble knowing that the restaurant is run as a charity.

  10. Steven @ #10

    “Annalakshmi’s philopsophy is ,eat what you want, pay what you feel.” Actually you missed out the last part. “We believe in you. We trust in you”.

    Even then, this is just their restaurant concept not philosophy. Their philosophy is embodied in the current Temple of Fine Arts. It is a Hindu related movement founded by Swami Sivananda Saraswathi or in his more secular past as Dr.Kuppuswami a Malaysian doctor who started his mission known as the “Shiva Family” in early years.

    There is another interesting part
    “There is one way you can help us. Kindly perceive Annalakshmi as your dining home and bring in your family friends & guests. Keep providing us more and more opportunities to serve. That is our very purpose.”

    Now we know where to host our future SHC meetings. Everyday.

    They have a stage. Perphaps we can request to stage Princess Cheung Ping’s “Perish In The Name Of Eating Too Much for Free”


  11. Hi wong KT at 14,

    …..“There is one way you can help us. Kindly perceive Annalakshmi as your dining home and bring in your family friends & guests. Keep providing us more and more opportunities to serve. That is our very purpose.”

    Sorry,my home is NOT big enough to host so many guests ,why NOT had it at Score bods instead and after they had eaten your food they can choose to attend or not to attend yr FREE investment talks on ATMS , DVDs , XYZ or what’s not? LOL


  12. Hi Dolly,

    Thanks for rectifying it so promptly.

    It is back to normal. I think your calender is having a short beak due to too much traffic.

    See all of you tomolo at RTC.


  13. Hi Steven,

    Would you know what is the max seating capacity of this restaurant? Saw your figure of max 20, and thought this is fairly small then.

    You set the date, I am keen to attend. Is it true no beer?

    Terence Seah

  14. Hi Steven

    The place look very interesting, hope u can post the date and time so that Sally & myself will decide if we can join u ppl.


  15. Hi Steven,
    I oso agreed with KTWong on collectn a fixed amt from attendees shd u r organizing the activity. U told me dat u r in idea of passing a cloth bag 2 tose goers to contribute any amt aft d dinner. I dun tin dat it is a good idea as I explained 2u, tis restn evendoe is run by volunteers, still nid 2 hv certain overhead to maintain, e.g. rental, foods, logistics, etc.. If u think dat $15 is 2 much den propose a minimum cost den. Of cos, if there r others who will willing to part wif more amt den stated, this will b a bonus 2 them.

  16. Hi all,

    As quite a number of your are “excited” over this food event,I had just UPDATED the post.The ANNAlakshmi LUNCH Indian Vegetarian Buffet has been FIXED on
    24 MAY ( SAT) at 1 pm.

    PLs. REGISTER at Comment and NOT thru my email please. Max (20) pax,

    Thanks for your support and interest shown. For those who has shown your interest, pls. REGISTER again now that the date has been fixed.


  17. Hi Terence,

    SHC are very HAPPY that you could join us after all despite your hectic work and family commitment schedule.

    The number has been set at Max 20 to gauge how the response is like as they are some who do NOT like Indian Veg Buffet.
    ” One’s man meat is another man poison.”

    Reservation has to be made in advance too.

    Well when we are dining there, we could ask the cashier what is the Max capacity of ANNA restaurant.

    A good suggestion by Oi Cheng that we could use it in future to have a SHC gathering here as a refreshing change from Hans.

    Pls. see my updated post on ANNA.


  18. Hi Manoo,

    This is a good opportunity for you to join us.

    I remember you once told me you were a VEGETARIAN and have NOT been to ANNA. This organised food event at ANNA will suit you fine.

    Pls. REGISTER at comment if you are able to join us as you too had a hectic work schedule.

    With us actively busy,at times “crazy” SHCians around ,Manoo,life will NEVER be bored.

    Thanks for giving me your kind support at Sunset Way BBQ dinner too as you were seen munching greens only.I hope you enjoy the company of your 1st meeting with SHCians.




  19. Ter

    Guess who’s paying for my dinner at Anna’s ? I can be very generous when I am not donating my own money.

    Lucky 8 days before 20 May. Then we can probably declare a Black Christmas this year in the USA.

    Don’t say I “no fair”. $8 to fold if you throw in the towel now.

  20. Hi Steven

    As spoken last night, I said I agreed with KT@9 and Tim@12 and KT@14
    “Annalakshmi’s philopsophy is ,eat what you want, pay what you feel.” Actually you missed out the last part. “We believe in you. We trust in you”.

    While payment is voluntary, let’s just say, let’s not let them down in their trust in us. KT has given a good guideline.

    After some thought, may not be a good place for monthly meet as not many will like north indian vegetarian food.

  21. Sori, OiCheng & Steven, do u reli tin d idea of hosting monthly gathering at Anna is a good choice har, I reli hv my doubts lor.. Like I stressed earlier, doe, Anna dun impose a cost but rather on voluntary payment, but they still nid cashflow 2 cont doing this practise. Unless of cos, a fixed cost must b in enforced 1st so as 2b fair 2 d owner. I can ustnd Steven’s idea of voluntary donation but let’s face it, how much is voluntary, couple of cts to couple of hundreds???? is vry vague lor.. Tese days, vegatarian meals at hawker stall oredi cost $2.50 – $3.00 liao, so I reli wander how much is amt Steven said is voluntary enuf for this meal lor..

    My input mit sim 2b vry money-minded but I think I can ustnd wat is in d mind of tis kind of voluntary establishment, they r hoping dat we r generous 2 contribute fair share or beta even more so dat they can cont running 2 help tose needy. Been 1 2 Anna under ‘old folks’ home recreation project’ b4 n they reli dun mind acceptg vry vry small token of $$$ frm tese old folks as they r fully aware dat they were tose dat nid their help badly.

    So btmline, mthly gathering there ok but pls enforce a fixed payment on members la..

    They hv a sitting capacity of 100paxs, timing from 11am to 11pm except on Monday, only at 6pm – 10pm.

  22. Steven

    What time are we suppose to meet 12 or 1, King Seng and some other will be at the IT with Yew kwong. Why on 20 person …. resturant look very big to me???

  23. Hi Steven

    I would like to join in for the lunch but what time are we meeting.

    For the “donation”, I usually give $15 for my meal on previous visits.

  24. Hi ANNAs,

    Lunch will start at 1 pm. Be there 5 mins before 1 pm.

    I am now at California Fitness Gym at Novena for weight training. I tried twice to edit my post here but it does NOT allow me to do so at their internet station. Try to restart , same problem.

    Anyway will go back home after gym to update the post to include those who are coming.

    PLs. ENSURE your name is listed down now that the date has been FIXED. If the vdate is not suitable pls. inform me too if you happen to see your name on my list.


  25. Hi WongKT at 28,

    Re: ANNAs

    1 ) ….Terence , Guess who’s paying for my dinner at Anna’s ? I can be very generous when I am NOT donating my OWN money.

    2)…..Actually, you are suppose to pay market rate. No one will challenge you, but SHY or NOT that you expect Terence to pay $15 to $20 for your vegetarian lunch buffet meal when you yourself cannot even make a GENEROUS donation of say $100 to $1000 on Score bods behalf.

    KT, STOP contradicting yourself.
    Be a man that “We BELIEVE in you.We TRUST in you ” ???


  26. Hi ANNAs,

    The who’s attending is listed in the post. Pls. check to ENSURE your name is there if you had REGISTERED NOT thru my emails please.

    Thanks for your kind support Alice Seah who participated in most of my organised events ,the Bkt Batok Westerlie Walk, Sunset BBQ and now at ANNA.


  27. Hi Robert,Kristy,
    Ron Lai and Alice,

    Remember at my home visit , you told me you wanted to dine at ANNA but the date wasn’t fixed.

    Now that the date is confirmed on 24th May ( Sat) 1 pm Lunch ,could you pls. let me know whether all of you could make it?

    Will be sending an email to you soon in case you missed this comment.


  28. Hi Grace Wong/ANNAs/others,

    Thanks for your support.

    10 more VACANT seats. Pl.s REGISTER and not thru emails.

    Manoo where are you ? Coming ?

    You being a vegetarian and an Indian would appreciate the veg lunch buffet much more than some of us.

    Coming ?



  29. Hi ANNAs, Andrew Kuan ,Robert,Kristy, Tim Liu,Veronique,Gingko,Nor,Zahria, Mary Chan,Lily,Tian Soo,WongKT,Dennis Har,Alicia,Mike,Jeffrey Gan,Susan,Thomas Loh,etc….,

    Coming ?

    9 more VACANCIES.


  30. Hi Steven,

    Please count me in. I see that my name was mentioned in #37. My main interests are Bowling, Walking, Eating, Travelling and will participate if I am free. See you.


  31. Hi Steven,

    Wonder if you are referring to me when you type in Susan….anyway, thanks for your kind gesture.

    I will be joining you for this healthy lunch, see ya!

  32. Hi StevenC,

    I see you have been very active, organising makan sessions, and getting other SHC members together. Do not overpush your targets. Give yourself sometime, and take some rest too. I look forward to seeing your during the Men’s nite. Have fun too.

    Terence Seah

  33. Hi Susan Chan,

    Thanks for joining us at ANNAs.

    I will go BANANAS soon for a healthy diet. LOL. Bananas yogurt anyone?

    3 more vacancies.


  34. Steven @ #45,

    Have to give this a miss. I won’t be home until end May. To those of you who are attending, enjoy your makan2 and donate generously lor… :-)

  35. Hi Steven,

    To quote Dolly Lim “half way to Heaven” ;)

    Jokes aside, I am taking a short holiday to Israel. Don’t ask why.

    Would you like me to bring you some sand & a bottle of holy water?

  36. Hi Steven

    Thanks for the invite – very sorry can’t make it. Thouroughly enjoyed their food before they re-located. Hope you guys enjoy it too.!

    Join me later @ ECP to cycle away those extra samosa, pillaf rice, dhal, etc.,,,,, ok?

  37. Hi Steven,

    Sorry, the last times at the BBQ I have to withdraw at the last minute. This times count be in!

    You can’t goes wrong on a vegetarian meal besides doing your bit for charity!


  38. Hi Robert & Steven

    Thanks for registering Alice and I for the luncheon date at the Annalakshmi Vegetarian Restaurant yesterday, together with your goodself and Kristy.

    Calling JanetH and your hubby Liu, would both of you like to join the gathering, and experience true and authentic Indian vegetarian “makan” for a change, and at the same time to help a worthy cause.

    Terence # 21 & 25 – Normally vegetarian restaurants, either Indian or Chinese do not serve beer or other liquor, is somewhat a taboo.


  39. Hi Ron

    Thanks for calling us to join the group. Ok, and I hope that Steven can include us both.

    Hi Steven

    Kindly include Liu and I in your group. If we are too late, maybe the next time. Thanks very much.


  40. Hi Mademoiselle Lily Willocq ,

    OK. You may join us at our next Food Event . Btw, any SUGGESTIONS where we can dine with beautiful environment from you or others ?

    NOT too expensive leh! , max $30 as we want to cater to the rest of the SHCians as well and some of them are not working.

    …..Join me later @ ECP to cycle away those extra samosa, pillaf rice, dhal, etc.,,,,, ok?

    Sure, I had NOT been cycling in ECP since the Pengarang Affair.

    See you there or be SQUARE!

  41. Hi Ron Lai,Janet and Liu ,

    Thanks Ron for helping me to spread good words of “wisdom”
    to others.

    Thanks Janet and Liu for join us at ANNA’s.

  42. Hi ANNA’s /others,

    MAX 21 pax. on board.

    THANKS to all ANNAs for your kind SUPPORT and we look forward to having a WONDERFUL and MEMORABLE time again.

    Don’t forget yr apptment next 2 Sats. Coming very soon.

    24th May 2008, (Sat) at
    1 pm.SHARP at ANNALAKSHMI RESTAURANT at China Town Point

    Who can pls. volunteer to be my official photographer for this event ?

    We will meet INSIDE the restaurant. I will talk to the manager personally to make the advance booking and also to ensure they RESERVED 21 seats for SHCians and if possible 10 and 11 to a LOOOONG table.

    NOT to over commit myself as this place is catered mostly to the Indians and not give the impression that we, SHCians are “invading ” their territorial space.

  43. Hi Tian Soo,

    Thanks for your email and that you are joining us at ANNAs.

    Registration is DEFINITELY CLOSED.
    Max : 20 + 2 pax on board.

    As you are a NEW member you may not be aware of our regustrn rules. In future, pls. REGISTER at the comment post.

    Pls. do NOT email me for registering. I am already “SWAMPED” with 442 emails at present.

    Every day I delete them but the more I marked them as scam to yahoo, the more furious they were with even more scams.Pengsan!

    I had lots of scams,personal mails,SHC mails and auto trigger SHC emails whenever each of you place a comment at my post.

    PLs. REGISTER in future. Tolong !

  44. “Very kind of you to take us in. Thank you very much”.

    Heee, Janet, the way it’s put, you & Mr Liu seem to be some kind of refugees or the Selamat type. Insofar as the restaurnt is concerned, you pay a fair price, they wont take you in but welcome you with open arms subject only to availability of space.

  45. Dear Tim

    Nice to hear from you again. You know, I like to thank the organiser for all the hard work. How are you? I remember you as the very nice gentleman.


  46. Dear Janet,

    I seldom write this formally but to you a lady so nice and happily married to Mr Liu, it’s my pleasure.

    I have paid my fine and so think I should be fine. Thank you for remembering Tim Liu the way he is often remembered.

    Yes, I do agree with you that it takes a lot of effort on the part of the EO to organise the makan besar pun susah, and that is why I have been saying that StevenC is now a reborn & recharged “nin”……..a ninjafood. He hasnt paid his fine yet but he too is a fine man no less.


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